LAVC Town Hall for Students – Monday, September 14, 2020, 1:00 pm

>>Hey, Monarchs! I am president of LA Valley College This week I am delighted to be joined by Doctor Jeanette Martin and a heavy air with our Dream Resource Center In just a few minutes we will be able to take some questions so feel free to type them in the chat at any time But first let me provide some updates I have been providing updates on laptops that we are making available for students that have applied for them As I mentioned in my last town hall update, we are switching over because there was a problem in ordering the laptops It was delayed by a couple months We didn’t want all our students to have the delay in receiving the devices We are making cash awards available so students can purchase their own devices Those were reviewed last week We are just about to finalize the process of awarding Students should receive an email Students with complete applications should be receiving an email about that in the next couple of days On Wednesday we have Parade Fast Many of our special programs are going to be providing students with some kids to help them in their first semester as well as other college swag If you are part of a special program, look for more information about that We do have a lot of late start classes that are added to the schedule We are even adding a few more By late start we mean classes that don’t start the first day of the semester, but they start later in the semester If you are interested in picking up an extra class, there are going to be some additional opportunities In total, we are going to have more than 100 late start classes We will have more than 100 classes that will be starting later in October Keep an eye on our scheduled classes on our homepage for more information if you are looking to pick up a class Also, if you are going to be

registering for classes and you need some assistance, our student services folks are going to continue to make a variety of ways of contacting them available to you and on our homepage is more information about how to contact student services, whether that is through Zoom or through the phone number or email All three will continue to be made available to students for registration assistance and other types of assistance Our bookstore continues to provide free ground shipping So if you are interested in purchasing textbooks from the bookstore, you can purchase those online and they will ship the textbooks to you for free Lastly, we have in LA Room and Board pilot program for students experiencing homelessness There are a variety of resources, but this one is another way of providing support to our homeless students More information is available from our home page Go to LAVC COVID-19 link Book on that and then student updates There will be a variety of resources available for basic needs including this pilot program called LA Room and Board I would also like to give you some announcements of upcoming events that are happening in the next couple of weeks Today and tomorrow we have virtual open auditions for Love and Information That is today at three and tomorrow at six Our Ask a Monarch Power is happening Thursday at 2 o’clock We are having an astronomy lecture, the LAVC Astronomy is having a lecture called What The Light Tells Us on Sunday We are having a speaker series on the 24th at 1:30 Lastly, we have nursing evaluations happening by appointment until the end of this month Again, please post any question you might have We will get to them right after the information about our Dream Resource Center With that, let me turn it over to Doctor United Martin >>I am the associate Dean of student equity at Los Angeles Valley College In this role I provide leadership and direction for campus student equity goals and work toward reducing our equity gaps I am very proud of the work we have cultivated at this college over the last five years that I have been in this role In this role I was the founding director for the Mosaic Center which houses the Dream Resource Center among other support programs which include our Black Scholars and Veterans Resource Center As the proud daughter of immigrants, a first generation college student, and a product of the Los Angeles community College District, I feel humbled and privileged to be able to be in this role and serve you all I can relate to many of you 20 years ago I embarked on my college journey at Los Angeles City College Because of that strong foundation that I received there, I was able to transfer to UCLA, which was my dream school, and I later earned a PhD from UCLA In between that time I also was able to earn a Masters degree at Harvard at their Graduate School of Education None of that would’ve been possible without the foundation I received within the Los Angeles community college system Upon completion of my studies, I returned to the system that gave me most and embarked on a journey to give you all whatever it is we can do As I mentioned, in my role I provide leadership over the Dream Resource Center Today you will hear more from our counselor and coordinator Javier is taking the lead of all the resources in the Dream Resource Center I want to share that we are located on the second floor at this beautiful building, virtually behind me, the Student Services building, and you are welcome to join us in our new virtual platform that you will learn more about in the presentation Thank you again for joining us We will be here for any questions that you might have >>Hello, everyone Thank you I am pleased to be here sharing the resources we have at LA Valley College indefinitely the resources to support

undocumented students across our school and indefinitely across our district My name is Javier ramose I am a counselor and coordinator My job is primarily to serve our undocumented students while they are seeking resources at the Valley in the Dream Resource Center As a former undocumented student at the community college level, I would encourage every student to seek services and get involved in these types of conversations because it brings forward a conversation that needs to happen across our country about welcoming or undocumented students and supporting their goals I was fortunate enough to be part of a conversation when I went to school from Marcantonio that brought about AB 540 a couple years back Part of this conversation is about how you can be involved President, with your permission I would like to share my screen We have this presentation for you all We are located in the Student Service Center on the second floor, as the documentary, and the building right behind her We are also located online in multiple ways Our Dream Resource Center is open to all students Not just undocumented students We know that students have questions about the undocumented community and the resources available to them We welcome every single student that may want to seek information or just have a conversation about undocumented students at LA Valley There are plenty of other people on our campus We have a number of allies and support for our undocumented students Within our community we have the support of former students It is myself at the campus and then also our assistant for the DRC She used to be a Dream Resource Center student at Valley We definitely have the ability to have a conversation with you and definitely help you out You can actually just go on to our website and email us or schedule an appointment directly with us That brings about one of the first resources we have right now during our time away from our lovely home We are definitely actively available on our website, which is the one you see right there, It has a number of content including legislation policy, financial aid support, but we definitely have everything for you to be able to get started at Valley We have all the processes that an undocumented student would need to take or can take in the future to be able to be eligible for everything that the state has into the valley has for you So definitely check out our get started section if you are seeking to take classes at Valley in the future or if you’re one of those students that is going to take classes for our late start classes that begin shortly We have a number of resources including academic and legal resources We are pleased to be partnered with a local organization for legal support services that are available on our webpage You can click and make it appointment directly No need to have a conversation with everybody You want your privacy They do not charge to see for the first time They can definitely have a conversation about how you can pay for how they can help you pay for any type of legal aid you may have We are very fortunate that last year we began a conversation and a partner step with C a HIRLA We welcome our awesome lawyer She’s awesome helping students with questions and DACA status She is our lawyer who helps us and has everything monitored through CHIRLA which is a large organization here in Southern California and throughout the United States We are happy that we partnered up with them and that we have her as part of the Dream Resource Center Again, you can make that appointment at no charge just by going onto the LAVC DRC patient scheduling an appointment We have a number of other information How to qualify for AB 540, information about the Dream Act in California, how to pay for tuition We want to make sure you know as well

We provide information for the entire campus to make sure that we have the correct information and that we work with CHIRLA to make sure that if you qualify for D a a sealer a or what, then at least you can know it and take action We have support for Canvas If you are an undocumented student or community member and want support throughout, you can actually join our Canvas groups This is the link itself You can copy the link and join our loop group You get announcements or notifications Whenever we have access to resources like book rents or free laptops, we are able to promote it on there We have modules that you can actually take This is one of our classes on financial aid for undocumented students and the type of financial aid offered so definitely take advantage of it We have learning about resources, learning about DACA We actually have resources that will help you save money and definitely see what it takes to get even into a credit score and what does that mean for undocumented students We are also on social media If you want to follow us on social media this is our tag This is our handle He regularly offers services the campus has for undocumented students and all other students Also any updates we have about DACA and just in our community We would not be there without making sure that everybody feels safe We make sure that within all of our modes we keep our privacy for all of our students and we make sure we are including all of our methods of conversation We make sure that we follow-up with the guidelines We also have a student club The student club is actively on campus Digitally on campus They are called Rising Monarchs You can definitely join our student club and join the conversation They are still being chartered right now We are trying to figure out when we will regularly meet Most of the time we meet at Tuesday’s at 6 PM It is one of my office hours So if you have interest you can come and join us We are looking for cabinet members So if you want to get involved with your student organizations, this is a club important for undocumented students in one of the primary reasons why the DRC came about We are part of a district We are part of a community Our little circle that we have here We have resources across the entire district Not only do we provide just health and human resources about food insecurity, financial aid, career and transfer, but we also celebrate our students and accomplishments Make sure they’re updated with information about what is happening in our community We get together as a community across our district with all of our sister colleges We have a conversation about what is happening in our community and how that affects our undocumented students and how can we support them You want to show a couple of her students that have made their way successfully across our campus and obviously to the next level This is one of our students actively at UCLA This is Danielle Wants to be a counselor in the near future We hope that she can be and will be And then there is Nadia Nadia is a community member This is one of our sashes Our sashes that we give out with graduation She is displaying it proudly when she graduated two years ago Like I said, we are part of a community We have active things going on in our community This is our DACA immigration task board that happens by our chancellor in the district and joined by our of our colleagues These are the next meetings You can take part of the conversation if you need to We regularly have all of the district coordinators there and students as well join and definitely committee members In October we also have action week You can get not only involved at the district level but the state level In California, action week is going to be dedicated to undocumented students across California At Valley we are definitely planning a series of events Please make sure you sign up for all of the modes of conversation we have We can get the information directly to you Thank you >>Thank you Wonderful information How we support our undocumented students Thank you We have a few questions that have come in

Let me go ahead and answer some of them Eileen asked about the laptop scholarships and whether or not they have been distributed Just to recap, we initially were planning on giving Chromebooks or Surface Go devices The delivery date for those was delayed and delayed far too long to meet the needs of all of you, our students, so we switched over to a cash award and last week we had folks go through the applications There were well over 700 applications that were reviewed and we are just finalizing that review right now so we can make disbursements and make the awards in the next few days and then get the disbursements out to all of the students You should hear within the next few days Again, we are moving from providing devices like Surface Go or Chromebooks to the cash support because of the delay and we want to make sure we get at least some resources into students hands while you can still use them There is a question on one financial aid is going to be dispersed It will get some information and postop for all of you for the next disbursement date Let me see if we have some more questions One thing I should note, if you are a new LA Promisor Valley Promise student, there were some pro books Chromebooks that were received Promise students are receiving Chromebooks We had one distribution last week If you haven’t yet received one but you are a Promise student, please contact they can provide you with more information about the Chromebooks Michael asked if the application deadline has passed for applying for an award to get a Chromebook or other support The deadline has not passed It is an open process Folks last week went through interviewed the applications that were received by September 1 Once they finish making those awards then they will circle back and keep making awards while there is still CARES Act many that is available Susan asked about other funding opportunities that are available Susan, one thing you would want to do is check with the financial aid department They can identify some funding sources morning star specifically related to COVID-19 One is for technology like Chromebooks, but I mentioned we will be providing a cash award Another is for technology needs folks might have including internet access We will be making some financial awards available for that Lastly, emergency grants Those aren’t loans, but emergency grants Those will also be available I might also make a comment that there were students who applied for some of the CARES Act awards in the spring but have not yet accessed the money so we want to make sure there wasn’t a miscommunication and that students know they have access to those resources We will be sending out an additional announcement to students who have awards in their accounts so they know they can access that money The process for applying for a laptop or one of the other awards, so for a device or the cash award for a device, you apply through the student portal If you go to the college or district system and log on to the student portal and under the financial aid you will be able to make the request for the financial award for the devices If you are interested in an award for other technology support or for emergency grants, we will post a link to the application for those There’s a question from

Francisco about spring 2021 and whether or not it will be online The district just announced last week that winter and spring will continue to be remote for most classes or online for most classes The exception, just like the fall, are four classes that help train folks inessential infrastructure areas That includes nursing, respiratory therapist, manufacturing or machinist classes, and EMT There’s a handful of classes that are currently in person Those will continue to be in person Most will be online If the LA County Department of Public Health changes there their orders and we will continue to reevaluate them and see if we can bring back more in person activities But currently the LA County Department of Public Health orders do not allow any activity in person other than for classes for students to complete essential infrastructure training The LA County Department of Public Health is also indicated that they do not anticipate making any changes to their guidance before Thanksgiving So we know for the next few months that they are going to continue with the same orders I see also a question from Diego or a comment regarding meeting to access counseling Counseling resources are available If you go to our homepage you will be able to see links right in the center for contacting student services One of those will be contacting counseling, counseling services So you will be able to access counselors either through Cranium café, or by email If you are also participating in programs like the Dream Resource Center or at Black Scholars or other programs, they also have access to counselors too You will be able to contact them directly through the programs TOPS is another one A question from Kurt Teresa about when Cal Grant will be dispersed We will post that on her website We had a question about clubs being available online Yes, the Office of Student Development is working hard to have a lot of activities and programs the available online Please do check in on our website for different clubs and other programs that are available online There is a comment from Martin that you have not yet received any information on your financial aid If you have been expecting information about your financial aid application but haven’t heard back, I would encourage you to contact the financial aid department The different ways that you can contact them, whether it is through email or Cranium café, is available on our homepage There is a question from Martin that you filled out an application for a laptop and you have to fill out another one If you applied for the laptop this semester within the last few weeks then you are good That information is being processed and you should hear back in the next few days If the application was back in the spring then you will want to fill out another application I don’t see any additional questions being posted If we missed any questions we will add them to our student FAQ and we will also see if we can add more information to the YouTube chat Again, I want to thank you all for joining us I hope you have a terrific semester

Again, if there is anything we can do to help support you and ensure that you know we are here to do everything we can to ensure you have the best possible college experience, please let us know Take care, everybody Have a terrific day