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He is Madhur Where are you going? I am going to Mauritius Even I am going there I am going to be there for 7 days Even I Madhur and his wife are going on their honeymoon. Congratulations to both of you You must have understood by now about my destination! its 4:10 am today is 9 July 2018 I am at Mumbai airport This airport is so amazing! I am going to visit Mauritius for 7 days My last trip was to the US. lasted for a month However this trip is going to be a bit different If you have watched my Bali series, then you will understand the difference I am going to travel with some more people this time Now, I am feeling excited, as always, before starting a new trip I am also excited because right now I am in Mumbai Till now I have been flying out from Delhi and Kolkata But this is going to be my first experience of flying out of the country from Mumbai I am feeling good I am travelling between 9 July to 16 July 2018 in Mauritius Its a small country only 1.2 Million people Whereas, Delhi’s population is around 20 Million quite a small country, Mauritius is Just like Bali trip, this trip is also going to be organised So I will keep sharing information with you If you have enjoyed my Bali series, then I am sure you will like Mauritius also which will help you to plan a trip to Mauritius for eg, flights, hotels, places to visit, etc Just like Bali trip, this trip has also been organised by Mauritius Tourism They called us to promote their tourism and culture I am sure Mauritius Tourism must have planned a good itinerary for us So that you can also travel to Mauritius in the same way As of now, I am just impressed by this airport The only problem is that the music is quite loud though the music at Delhi Airport is louder Radio Mirchi should take this feedback seriously Though there is a speciality of Delhi Airport They announce in Hindi, English and the language of the flight’s destination country I am not sure they do announcements in Hindi or Marathi at Mumbai airport I am also excited because I am at this airport after a long time I spent my childhood in Tarapur, near Mumbai I can understand a little bit of Marathi Though I am not able to speak Marathi I think on this trip, there are a few people from Maharashtra with whom I can speak in Marathi So, lets begin the trip I have got the boarding pass They ask some questions while giving the boarding pass They ask for Hotel bookings and return tickets So airline staff may ask you for this document you may be denied boarding, if you don’t have these docs now I am going for the immigration formalities

They also asked be some questions Where are you going? What is the purpose of your travel? When are you going to come back? I said, on 16th July Can I see your tickets? I showed the e-tickets in my mobile phone Then I started asking questions Do you speak in English with everyone? He said, No So if you are traveling for the first time, don’t be afraid He said, we can speak in English, Hindi or Marathi I am sharing this information for all of them who can not speak english You can ask for help from any airport staff You can request them to speak in Hindi and they will talk to you in Hindi if they know the language Then he asked me to take off my specs to click a photo after clicking the photo he stamped my passport Now I am here! This is Mumbai airport’s duty free area Nice! This is public computer area and charging stations are very nice I can edit my videos here this is near apollo pharmacy so I hope its clear that if you are traveling domestic, there are two formalities and three for international travel first take your boarding pass then security check and third is immigration in case of international travel This is my first experience of Mumbai airport and I am liking this This reminds me of Rome airport in Italy This is gate number 69 in my right and on my left its apollo pharmacy I am going to buy a toothpaste from here I couldn’t find toothpaste here this is a Relay shop, no toothpaste here as well now I am going to express So hard to find a toothpaste! 🙂 do you sell toothpaste here? Oh, no luck here as well! Can I click a photo with you? my son will be very happy! he watches your videos everyday where are you going? I am going to Turkey, where are you going? I am going to Mauritius and my son says that wherever you go first watch his videos how old is he? he is 11 years old only 11 and he watches the travel videos? That too with so much interest? your camera is very nice oh this is one plus 6 wow this is very nice, this is the second time I am seeing this phone he is showing the the latest video of USA Suyaansh and Prakash thank you very much for your love and support so my journey with air Mauritius is about to start lets see how it goes how are the services how is the food specially veg food aircraft looks nice from inside I like the seat color and overall ambience its about 8.15 am and its been half n hour since we took off

now its a bit stable sometime back, we faced bad turbulence due to bad weather in Mumbai I was scared others were also scared we have been given some items just now let me show it to you first they gave this bag, its same like the bag given in Air Astana I will show what is inside this is my neighbour’s, who is asleep right now it has these socks and this time I know why these are given in an aircraft plane is shaking really bad due to bad weather and my camera is shaking a lot This is a toothbrush and toothpaste This is a pen These are ear plugs so I got these items in this small bag and then they gave us these two forms first one is disembarkation form you will have to give this to immigration authorities in every country you have to give this to immigration officer I did the same thing in Thailand, USA and Egypt etc I have filled my details so basically you have to fill your passport number, your date of travel, flight number etc apart from they have given this another form to declare your health condition which is not very common this is Mauritius government form I have to fill this as well There is 1 and half hour time difference between India and Mauritius its 8.30 AM in India and in Mauritius its 7 AM because I had requested for a Veg meal so I got served before everyone else generally special meal requests are served first so I will show what I got served This is my food tray one tropicana juice, mixed fruit jam, butter, creamer, some cut fruits and bun now they are serving beverages in most of the international flights they also serve alcohol I have started to love flight food I remember while coming back fro USA, Jet airways served me Upma And that was the best Upma of my life because I was very hungry again I got Upma, chutney and sambhar, Uttapam Turbulence again! they are making announcements for passengers to go back to their seats I am not using my microphone right now I am going to throw up! almost after 6 hours flight now we are about to land in Mauritius they gave some snack before landing what they gave us? kathi roll? no idea! It was like a cottage cheese roll! It was something like a cottage cheese roll what is your name? Shailesh Shailesh is from Vapi and how many times you have been to Mauritius? this is the fifth time! So this was our 6 hour journey from Mumbai to Mauritius with air Mauritius This Airport’s name is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport I am sorry that I am pronouncing it in Indian accent otherwise it is pronounced differently He was the first president of this country

it got its independence in 1968 Now Mauritius is celebrating its 50th independence day in 2018 Such a nice occasion to visit this place All the formalities of immigration are now done I had shown you two forms one was immigration and another was for health now I am going down there you can collect your baggage from there and clear customs on this airport you get free wifi for 30 mins and 3 hours I could not understand the 3 hours package completely some people were saying it does not work fine So I used 30 mins internet package informed my family about my whereabouts sent some nice photos and now my mom is relaxed! During immigration they ask why are you visiting here what is the purpose from where are you coming they check return flight ticket and hotel bookings I had pdf file of both so I showed it to them in mobile and then they stamped my passport Mauritius provides free visa on arrival to Indians also for many more nationalities no cost for visa Just like Bali in Nepal there is no need for visa however here you need visa but its on arrival and free Unlike Nepal you must bring your passport here So to enter Mauritius you need a valid passport, hotel bookings and return tickets after getting my passport stamped, I went to submit that health card I asked them about the card purpose they told me if someone is sick they send the sample for checking and then if required they contact that particular passenger They were very friendly this is the luggage belt where you can collect your luggage you get your luggage after clearing immigration after coming out most important thing which I do is to take help from tourism counter but this is the organized trip so I don’t have to do that this time This is the Mauritius tourism counter You can take help from them it opens at 5 AM and closes at evening 9 PM so many hotel counters are available here this is money exchange how much was the exchange rate of Indian currency? is it okay if you come in the frame? no okay thanks so we are going to stay together on the trip for 7 days you will see many other faces during this trip same as Bali trip so we went to a same kind of trip in Bali so you will have to give 180 INR to get 100 Mauritian rupee so you will get 55 Mauritian rupee for every 1 INR Here you will get only 0.40 Mauritian rupee in exchange of 1 Indian rupee Usually at airport you get bad exchange rate so if you need the foreign currency in emergency you can take it from here otherwise it is advisable to exchange it from outside I am going to do the same this as usual I will use my debit card to withdraw and swipe in shops lets see what exchange rate I get if it is a loss for me, its going to be a valuable information for all of you! 🙂 Hi Rahul Varun so we all will be together for the next 7 days its lovely meeting you all

so the start seems to be very interesting I hope the entire trip is going to be fun-filled and entertaining! So now I am out of the airport and the weather is very pleasant