【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP28 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

Mr. Song Sit here Where do you think is suitable for me to sit? Anywhere Okay The view here is good Chen Chen You go out first No In the future We are all colleagues Do you need myself introduction Whatever Don’t be so hostile From today on, we are no longer competitors I’m really sorry for that I’ve purchased fifty one percent of WanFeng’s share Your efforts are all nothing Luckily you can be a good employee of my company It looks like credential cannot compare to money Trust and friendship are rare nowadays, so they are even more precious Stay and add to the worth it’s the best thing I can repay for them Mr. Song Have a cordial working relationship We have nothing to cooperate WanFeng is a child you raised Are you willing to give it to others Or, you want to leave Sorry, with your shares, it’s not easy to find the next company Unless you are willing to sell them to me at a low price Mr. Su If you are here to talk about transferring shares, please go back Go out

Song Lin, you lost That’s it Yes Five years I finally get my Siyue back I didn’t expect that I purchased you company together It looks like a good deal Yes You are successful as a business You mean I’m not a good person? Song Lin, do you know why did you lose You lost because you are always superior You want to be a perfect person without dark sides The business circles are like the battlefield If you can separate a business man from a normal people, it’s a miracle that WanFeng can go this far Lose It’s simple and it’s plain I don’t have enough ability I will have chances in the future I respect you You lost decently But later I won’t find such an enemy any more Don’t say too full! We will meet sooner or later I look forward to it The waist needs to be tighter Does this look better Right? Mark Here I gotta pop out, Tang Jie OK Mr. Song No problem with it, so go and get it stamped Then you gotta give the Environmental Projects a little nudge It can’t be postponed any more Inform the Marketing Department that we’re gonna have a meeting in half an hour Go ahead Go! Come on I’m happy to do things for you regardless of all hardship and tiredness But I’ll quit if others ask me to do so What do you mean? You’re not working for me now The company is about to change it’s boss with it’s name changed So why are you so hardworking? Maybe I can bear fruits and yield good results because of my relentless working hard They’re gonna attributed to others But now we’re at WanFeng Group And I’m still the boss So we still have to do our business We can’t irresponsible in the end If we throw up our job now Then we leave all our efforts of these years go in vain Got it? Go ahead

Luoluo Well, is your brother home? No, he hasn’t come back yet What’s wrong? Your brother has been tired lately So play nice Call on me whenever you need help You can rest assured Go in. It’s too chilly Okay Now, hurry back Bye Mr. Song You two come over Sit down, sit down, sit down OK What for? Mr. Sun and I come over on behalf of the senior executives of our Group to express our determination Yes We after careful considerations decide to follow you waiting for you to stage a comeback And lately you don’t have to worry a lot about the businesses of WanFeng Group Over the past many years, I’ve experienced ups and downs Till today, I can hear your heartfelt words I really appreciate it But it’s not the right time But, Mr. Song what is weighing on your mind? We were lifted up by you So we are willing to follow you thinking about how to fight a wonderful turnaround It’s not an easy thing and I even have no idea In recent years, I’ve preoccupied with Group businesses and had no time to think of anything else It’s a chance for me to relax and seriously think of how to plan for the future It’s all right. When I figure everything out You will be busy then I’ll get you all back Okay Well, we’ll stand by waiting for your call Wait for me OK Then we’re off Bye See you, Mr. Song You’re having affection and faith Song Lin Are you waiting for me? How’s it going? Did you copy it? I’ll tell you if necessary, I won’t be impersonal and too proud Let me tell you something Su Yushan is the largest shareholder of WanFeng Group So I’m gonna get my shares of WanFeng Group transferred out And then I’ll leave the Group Tomorrow is the last day I will work at WanFeng Group Later Su Yushan is the

CEO of the Group Help me fix it Why? I’m the designer contracting with you I’m also your girlfriend You don’t mind my working for others? It’s not necessary Business is business Never mind, I’ve thought about it Now, major online shopping sites are owned by Su He couldn’t be a better partner I can work with other smaller websites What’s the point? It’s fine You’re my girlfriend I wanna you to be better and I wanna care for you and help you I don’t wanna hold you back Right? You’re in trouble now but you still worry about me Your things matter a lot Got it? Get back home, it’s too cold Go ahead You go first You go first Just go! Come on I’m seeing you home Then I’ll be relieved Go ahead Don’t tell anybody my resigning thing I will just get off work as usual then walk away quietly Come on Mr. Song As soon as you leave, I’ll quit at once Work hard Hey guys, cheer up! This company needs you all Mr. Song

Even one day you get nothing with no money in your pocket, you still have me I’ll be always with you Let bygones be bygones Only the end can breed a new start Come on Go home I’ll support you at the worst Go How come you know that I’m hungry? Because I know you’re exhausted Which flavor do you prefer? Is there too much water in it? No really. Just right Or can we add some hotpot base? Does it work? Nice Nice Nice OK Where is it? Why are you so happy? I don’t know why Too happy to be unambitious I was ambitious But since I met you, I’m less and less ambitious I have little time before to accompany you because I’m so busy Now I have a lot of time to be with you Go for the hotpot base OK I remember I put it here Welcome to CRD OK Lawyer Shen How about Qin Qing? She is inside Okay. Thank you She is busy What are you doing here? I see, I’m not welcomed No I’m just passing by I have something to do Whether you are free or not? I wanna invite you for dinner Well You’re busy now? You’ve been here How could I decline your invitation? Go Let’s go Let’s go for dinner

OK Go! Go. Go Come on, Linzi, let’s have dinner I’ll pass, thanks I tell you You’re crossed in love and you have to go out more I’ll pass You just go Remember to eat I’d like to have this OK with a vegetable OK I’d like to repeat your order A Sea Bass, Australian Wagyu Beef Seafood Beef Supreme Pizza German Pork Ribs Green Mussels Braised in Liquor Slow Roasted Beef Ribs at Low Temperature Razor Shells Roasted with Black Truffles How’s that? Anything else? That’s enough We can’t finish so much food That’s OK, thanks OK Thanks My parents and I have visited uncle My father told that he got several bottles of wines to celebrate his discharge from hospital The two are aging, but they are just keen on wines It’s OK to drink a little if they feel happy I’ve been thinking about these days to celebrate that we can go out for a trip when the weather is favorable Or we can find a chateau to live for several days So you can relax Let’s play it by ear Okay Then I’ll arrange it I’m really sorry to bother you Our payment will arrive soon We can keep in touch at any time OK, as soon as you could Yeah, I’m really sorry for that You should do some adjustments within limited time OK I’m really sorry bother you Miss Fang, are they the last batch Yes Will we come to bankruptcy for compensation for others? It’s exaggerated But we still come at big price For me, we just spent money on a lesson But it costs us a lot money It’s so costly I think the money is worth, if I can be better and it’s worth if it makes our company do well Miss Fang What are you going to do? Actually, I’ve got to know that problems abound in sectors like industrial dyes So I think we should consider how to make clothing safer and how to make the materials we are exposed to every day healthier and more comfortable Problems of these kinds can’t emerge any more in the future So you wanna adopt more natural staining method In the fact, I’ve known vegetation dyeing I think we can regain the technology Vegetation dyeing? It is an ancient technology It’s natural and healthy Also, I think we can We can take this opportunity and make our company’s positioning more accurate Previously, the brand structure and brand concept and other aspects are a bit vague We just did whatever comes to our mind For the company, the future plan lacked special aim Wonderful I see Miss Fang has been enlightened this time Indeed Miss Fang Now we have the ready-made clothes production line and high-end customization production line How do you plan for it? For ready-made clothes production line, we can use and feature the vegetable dyeing technology Morandi colors with high gray level should remain the style of simplicity and ego Because I suppose that everyone is simple, deep down inside So as before,

the ready-made clothes production line should be featured by simplicity And for the high-end customization production line, I think customers’ personalized needs should be taken into consideration In addition, the handcraft art should be also improved because the high-end customization one is featuring man-made designs So obviously we’re undermanned to handle those big orders introduced by Quanye this time So, if you meet some good tailors in the future, welcome them! Okay, no biggie So then let’s embark on our new journey Yeah Miss Fang is working hard God will award you We should work hard Come on! Come on! Cheer up! Come on! Bye Thank you very much You’re back Make yourself feel at home Are you planning to move in? I’ve told you that already You’re ready? Watch a movie with me Which one? It’s up to you Sit over here Closer It’s more comfortable What do you take me for? Why are you leaning on me? What would you like to be? You wanna charge me? Well, pay me Deal It’s just half yuan I can’t give you more Then leave me alone I’ll pay you in cash on the spot Here you are It’s too out Wang He Are you earning money by polishing my car Sister-in-law What are you doing here? Mr. Wang also here? It seems to be that you two bonding well with each other I tell you It’s the first time he takes a girl to visit us Really Really Mr. Wang He comes here with a girl for the first time Mr. Song The new coming Harley motorcycles look good Can you give me one of them if possible? You can ride one as you like Your words make me rest assured You’re so nice. I’m off It’s really something new It’s really something new It’s really something new Alright, I’ll believe in your words Come over here What for? Look How’s that? Is it beautiful Yeah Do you like it? I like It’s yours I can’t ride it Can you ride bicycle? Yeah Almost, come on, I’ll teach you Step on here Hole here They are accelerator and brake Then it is Power Press it then you can ride it Why did you kiss me? I just can’t help doing so I’ll pick you when you’re off work

OK Give it to me. I wanna take it inside What are the odds Mr. Song and Miss Zhou Hello, Shen Are you dating? Yeah How about you? Why are you here together? He wanna talk about the compensation follow-up thing with you I just accompany him Song Lin, thank you for the supplements for my father No worries, we are a family Well, we’ll get in first Waiting for you OK Say it What’s going on, lawyer Shen? I’m confused I don’t know Lately he tries to be close to me Scary! Go ahead Put it down See you Bye I think the color matching needs some adjustments Hello OK We can make it more fitted in terms of tailoring Yes Also, the consumers’ needs are taken into consideration And the color Zuo Lin, why are you here? Mr. Song Come on I wanna chat with you Okay Well, go ahead OK Office Go This way Have a glass of water, Lin You’ve been not okay recently I’m under the weather You’re still haunted by your relationship ghost? I saw Qin Qing today Qin Qing? How is she? Quite good Better than you That’s great I wish her a happy life Hey man! You’re gonna give up? What can I do with it? I just started my own business She thinks I’m immature mentally But in the short time, I’m beyond the reach of her requirements for her spouse The only thing I can do now is not to bother her Alright, Lin How is it going? Do you get a proper buyer for your shares? Almost there OK The cut of investment has arrived I didn’t use it Why do you keep it? I know the money is from your personal bank account You’re having a very tough time So I plan to keep it for you I don’t need the money Spend it! Zuo Lately you should prepare a business proposal It’s about financing? Now we have poor sources That’ll be easier with a external capital Don’t worry! I’ll give you my full supports See Think about it I don’t want talk much about the domestic market I’ve been doing with the overseas market for years and the overseas warehouse has been established and it’s about to be put into use And if so, we can earn promising foreign profits I just invested a new project and I want to do it myself So I have to sell my shares Mr. Song We really want to take them over But you know that BaiSai keeps putting pressure on us Yeah, I understand In spite of the pressure, it is definitely a

rewarding project Let me tell you the truth, Mr. Su is our long-term cooperative partner So we don’t want to offend him and we can’t do so I’m really sorry What are the odds Yeah, indeed Why are you here? I come here to talk about business How about you? I work here You work here? Alright, bye bye Bye Song Lin How about your shares? I’ve hear about it Are you free? How about having a drink and having a talk? OK I’m free now Let’s go I’ve heard about you from Zhou Fang She told me you’ve been known each other for years You were her classmate on campus It’s been nearly 10 years since university So many years You must know her well Well, kind of But honestly speaking, I’ve never seen such an expression in her eyes when she is looking at somebody for so many years