Hearthstone: My suffering journey begins! (Episode 1)

Hearthstone: My suffering journey begins! (Episode 1) hearthstone free to play legend Hearthstone series Hearthstone journey What is up guys and welcome to this new series Which is going to be called my suffering why it’s going to be called like that. It’s because There are two reasons first one is I’m really bad at this game and Second one. I’m really bad deck-building like even worse. So I Had this brilliant idea That I should reach legend with my own build decks so Here we go. We will try to do that and I’m starting not on like fresh account because I I believe if I would start the pressure count. It’s going to be way too far into the expansions that I would simply not be able to catch up and This is a free-to-play account. By the way. I don’t like spending money on games so Yeah, let’s go and build the deck. I have no quests at the moment. I have very little gold I have very little dust so what I’m thinking now, I will try to approach the matter with like something defensive and I’m thinking about warrior since I Played a group Aldon which was back. Oh pardon and I rage quits at like rank 12 Because I’m I’m really easily triggered guys. Like I’m Way too easily triggered. So I will try to approach this game defensively and what I’m thinking is I will build some kind of warrior deck The problem is I don’t have a quest and like the only thing I have is Baku so yeah Let’s let’s try and see how it’s going to be. I I will try to like go something like Control or Something like that Like I don’t even know how the decks are properly built so Yes since now I don’t have any gold I cannot enter the town troll and I need 30 gold to Actually go to arena which I will do a lot because I’ll try to squeeze out as much value as possible Out of my gold to actually open the back. So I Will try to get the hero of this warrior which is dr. Boom the mad genius. It’s probably one of Few cards I know of this expansion Since I believe it’s it fits control warrior. I’m not sure but it has those like +7 armor and stuff. So yeah, I maybe I will try to build a mech deck. I don’t know but Yeah, I have back. Ooh, and I don’t like getting hit in the face. So basically, what I will trying to do I will try to do is build a defensive deck and You know roll with it so For this like if I want to get to win I need some kind of wind condition Which is I not sure What what is my wind condition? So I’ll just try to roll defensively now and like play a couple games and try to understand how it goes. So I See these guys like I opened them from the backside guards when this expansion launched which was like I logged in today for the first time like and Three months or so. So this guy’s pretty good. It gives me a look. It’s on Turn one, so it’s excellent and Thiago card Omega assembly is Good value cards. I only have one shield slamming as you can see. I don’t have enough dust for the second one I don’t have warpath I believe let’s check that actually and Yeah, that’s the reason why I will roll to word wounds well wins, I can’t talk Since I can only add odd cards I cannot add driver armor. I cannot add Execute which is like really sad. But yeah, I will try to you know, put some Good cards in general in my opinion. At least I I definitely need shield blocks. I need rabbit organs. I need bro. I need what this guy does The part I run. Okay. I need this guy which is 5:01. Hmm. I

Guess I could put something like fireflies Actually, no, I actually I need like big stuff because I need to win you know by beating my opponent down instead of Getting him bored to death. So yeah recruit innate cast minion afraid. I cannot use those Which is like sad because there is Lich King there is you know violet warm and stuff so I’ll add some sleepy dragons which are you know big I Think my best that would be not to out fatigue my opponent since I’m like really weak at this stage of the game but to actually beat them down so I will try to do something like defensive but at the same time I Need to swarm the board. It’s it’s the only way I can win and Yeah, a lot of pain is it’s like really good Blackwall pixie I Add to because it has real good stats and my eyes at least This guy’s not really worth it. This guy’s decent I guess But is it good enough? I? Need five drops. I need to actually I need more bigger stuff Global-scale Bane is not bad, but it’s like running temple decks and this deck is no way sample deck Fungal monster rotten apple bombs could be good Stranglethorn Tigers, maybe but Let’s see what I can craft. It’s five. I I’m probably doing a mistake by doing this to be honest, but as I said I will try to do my best without using like Google or things like that because I feel like this game Was made to play, you know not copying the decks and just To know be creative and try new new things Someone – one – max with taunt and divine shield, so this guy like makes to annoy electrons, which is I Guess I Will make one Because I want a lot I like that one Because I need big stuff. So let’s see what I can do in seven Okay, we have a bunch of legendaries say – thresher gun volcano sword, hmm What I can do online Bulldozers I kissed it even good in a giant master dance I’ll just oh, I can’t even use ultra so I guess I’ll make like It pains me it really does but I I need big stuff If I even want to try to win and where I’m at Hmm I Actually need more big stuff. Oh It Hurts guys, I I completely realized that this card is bad But I can’t really do much about it. So I guess I’ll toss it in I’m I’m almost like I almost want to add core hounds but it’s it would be like just plain stupid, right? It really would be hmm Maybe I’ll add you know, the guy that destroys secrets And the Cobleskill me and I believe it’s gonna be good enough. So let’s call this guy a Punching bag because I feel like he’s gonna be a punching bag. So Yeah Let’s see how it goes By the way if you I don’t know if you Think that I’m talking too much you’re talking too less. Just you know, roast me in the comments go on I’ll go on ranked. Yes. I’m at rank 15, but I Can assure you I will drop ranks like a motherfucker like I will go to I Don’t know 20 to rank or something like that. I will go as low as I can’t lose stars I’m always guaranteed about that one because as I said

I’m bad at egg building. And as you saw that I am battle dog building and I am probably going to Lose a lot. So yeah I’m a guest against the Drude what the droids play at the moment. I Saw some like combo decks, which was Now the goes druid I believe that With a card, that’s new For droids something something I will not Use like anything for research. I will just you know try to Experience it myself and probably cry myself to sleep and put my head through the wall at the end of the day, but hey You know You little cheeky buggers enjoy watching people suffer. So There we go. And I like making videos and I enjoy editing them. So yeah If like gameplays to allowed at the moment I will fix it if you wanna me, you know cut the Cut the parts where my opponent is thinking just let me know in the comment section So I can you know Make it more enjoyable for you. I Think I will drop acolytes since I don’t have anything on like four or five and This guy doesn’t have any Board presence actually, I will silence a bit. I Will lower volume I mean Let’s see what this guy does. Oh, and actually I will Squatch the emotes So for the sake of my mental state because this is me off when people talk shit Okay, that’s reasonable That’s my five drop that’s wrapped worgen I Think I’ll play rabbit organ instead of black wold pixie because black wall pixie could give me eight armour Later in the game So I’m thinking about saving it And actually I don’t know what should I How do you like click these to make the volcano though? You know crazy. I I have no idea so Make sure to let me know in the comments. I Think I have to play back black wall pics egg could heal block but it’s it’s good for shield slam and Yeah, I need a board present so Since this guy is playing really slowly. I Don’t know why but it’s just the way it is. Oh, look, he just played our King Thailand for five man So yeah, he really doesn’t have anything nice. I could pull rabbit of Oregon with this is It good, though Yeah, I think I need to play play this This guy’s probably thinking what the fuck this guy’s playing and you know what I Don’t know what the fuck am I playing? What I’m gonna do in turn six Maybe Omega assembly, but at this point I’m pretty positive that I can survive to turn them to get three mechs and I don’t really want to play this Unless it’s like really necessary I’m a play. She’ll block just draw a card, you know But yeah, I’m not really happy with that Okay, is that it Okay, I’ll just play a weapon I have to war access I’ll gain some armor since this guy’s not pressuring me enough, so I don’t really have to do anything and I’ll hit it because you know I have one durability extra and I have a second war axe in the deck. So I’m not

Like afraid to break this one. Oh He plays in their way Wow and I the problem is I can’t Execute this guy and I have only one shield slam. So I Think I’ll need to try to find shield slam and I did not so Hmm I’ll need to send everything and I’m I’m afraid actually Yeah, because it’s just yeah And I will play this guy because my board is dying and I’m not like committing too much to spreading plague and Alarm are up Like I know you guys probably screaming at the screen and saying that you fucking dumbass you should have played that or that but Yeah I’m probably just an average player, you know, so it’s gonna be the raw experience of an average player And I’m to be honest with you. I’m probably below average. But yeah, I think you Should I play mega sembly like can I skip turn aides? He has this thing and I believe if this thing breaks it will break my fucking spine so I Guess I have no choice And he has no armor so he cannot attack with this so I will try to save my guy While Israel taking his time Right, let’s be real if I play this he’s going to naturalize it right But I probably need to play this since it can one-shot the Ironwood Rowland and I don’t see any point in attacking right now because it would you know Kill this guy leave this guy at 1 so it’s not really worth it Yeah, he needs three eight three armor to attack with it Yeah, that’s natural ice Hey, at least I get two cards Bro I got a shield slam that’s nice Yeah, okay I am feeling like I need to kill him and like two turns but it’s no Fucking way. I can’t do that. Oh and hey Omega assembly is active. So let’s start with that one and Die nomadic what does this guy do? Okay. Okay, this is shit, so Hmm this guy’s Mac. So I Could go like that and play this guy, right it would kill that on that one Since this one is Mac. Yeah, and I Should be able to magnetize Like which one I should magnetize probably this one because it should be able to attack now. Yeah, I Think I’m good this play was probably wrong, but I don’t care Okay, okay I have a shield slam for that Yeah, it does not need to use shield slam for this one Now hmm. I think I’ll play slay the dragon just put the aggression like it’s the most aggressive card I have so Yeah Probably I should have gained armor. So maybe he cannot kill me and like you

Know when he breaks this thing It’s probably too optimistic, you know Wow He’s really afraid of dying here And he breaks the twig spreading plague question mark Oh, I mean ultimate infestation what the fuck I was talking about I Probably should brawl this board. I Believe so I Just need to kill this and this yeah, I will not attack this one because yeah, it’s pretty obvious why and go Come on orangey Okay, well that was sad at least I could get killed his guy I Feel like I need to gain a bunch of armor because while he’s playing way too passive, I Believe that I will die in like next two turns or something like that Why is he honoring up Hmm he’s probably waiting for some I don’t know combo pieces Iowa magazine Lee and in hopes to get some overpowered cards I believe Like these are no fucking way are like I know I cannot go white on Drill because he will just spread ink like me so I should probably play sleepy dragon Yeah, he will naturalize him but I’m not too afraid to burn one card, I believe Yeah, it’s probably naturalized. Mm-hmm. Oh Hey, he doesn’t have natural eyes for this one and he’s already gaining armor even more why Like he knows that I’m not aggressive, right? Is he trying to add fatigue me Hmm so then she’ll block is probably the wrong play Okay, that’s fine I’ll just play this guy Yeah, try to beat him up Yeah, a droid with 35 armor seems legit I Know my commenter isn’t like exciting right now since it’s Literally middle of the night, but here I just decided to you know, why not make a video Oh this guy and I don’t Well, what can I do is probably go this and scale Bain So he cannot go through the night runs, but he can spreading plague me but scale Bain should you know I Hope carry me

So, yeah, I really I feel like I really need to finish this quickly because My deck is not great. So and like I’m positive that his deck is way better than mine Yeah, spreading plague, of course And a broth probably or yeah out of this one and He will probably not attack with bulldozer Yeah He’s saving the divine shield. I Hope probably whirlwind Just get off his divine shield Of course I need to trade first What if I grow in two times it’s probably nothing great So I’ll just do one time I believe and it’s probably to miss play. But yeah And I need to be through those dance Hmm Like I know he has a second spreading plague, hmm Yeah magnetized this one and yeah just yeah Well, that was no point Fucking stupid the whole issue you’re just you know, hero power doesn’t kill this and I’m fucked fuck I’m pissed already. Oh My oh my god, I should have played Appelbaum Yep, I believe I have no big cards in my deck But can he out? Fatigue me. That’s the question Like what is his game plan? I’ve seen one swipe. I See him, yeah, yeah. Yeah and the problem is I cannot remove the Malygos This one’s going to be tough At this point probably I like really one armor up every turn So just like do this And try to gain health I Feel like if I kill his malygos, he’s pretty much nicked. I Just need to not go too wide on the board and slowly beat him down and out armor him But he probably has more fury. And so I’m probably fucked Yeah, give me those for help, oh I have back home and I know he cannot deal with it Well, he could have another moon fire But I think I’ll go galvanized ER And Specter and Just armor up I’ll just wait on the weapon. I Had to for force Could be helpful I the thing is I don’t really want to play more than three minions at the same time because of spreading plague and it could really Like go badly for me. Oh Okay, well that wasn’t expected Good thing I didn’t play back. I really need to be smart about You know my last big card, which I’m pretty positive it is like the last call Yeah, I Think I’ll play two cards and just armor up and wait Yeah, it’s probably all the burn he had so

He has one more swipe, I believe so he can easily remove the backhoe But I think I’ll remove his Malygos and he should have no way to deal with the backhoe and Now it’s just he could like spreading plague to stall for one turn Wow, this is difficult. Holy shit Yeah, he’s probably waiting for me to play another minion but I won’t since if I don’t play another minion I win If he does nothing Mate if you just do nothing you will lose. What you doing me. I Just gained for ArmA return. Oh My god, I can’t believe I just wanted this deck That was fucking stressful Hey, look I got a star Well, yeah, I I Thought I will play like two or three games in this episode, but I think this one was way too long and I’m going to wrap it up here guys, so Let me know in the comments what I did, right what I did wrong. What should I do? What I should not do and See you later next time