Country Swing Lesson Part 1

My own self efficacy in teaching is low We are warming up so our individual physical states are ready to learn Here I am getting a feel of where their trait anxiety is I am verbally queing the girls here to do jumping jacks I am testing their psychomotor domain to see if they are able to do what country swing requires Here I am trying to build trust vs. mistrust (Erikson Psychosocial stages) with Mariah and Charity I used an overgeneralization by explaining my science class as only going over the scientific method I am trying to see if dancing is in their personal concept, and if it is in their scheme/schema. I could have done this better by asking them what kind of dance they liked Here I am giving Mariah and Charity a chance to be self regulating I could have done better getting them intrinsically motivated by encouraging them, and creating more situational interest They are queuing each other and showing some anxiety about choosing who will do what. This could be because they haven’t gotten comfortable and are still stuck on the safety level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I gave a mnemonic device here I didn’t realize I had, also could be hot cognition because I used the image of a puppy, I also showed them a prototype I had a misconception there, I thought the guy started with the opposite foot, but I was wrong This step is the defining characteristic of Country Swing I’m giving them a prototype I had given her a misconception, and she was able to overcome it by asking me a question I am trying to avoid debilitating anxiety by seeing if they have mastered this step. This is a form of mastery learning

I’m giving them another prototype Information language I am beginning to teach the correlational features of Country Swing I am giving Mariah and Charity a lot of information language This shows that this is in their zone of proximal development This is one of my personal fables I’m attempting to do expository teaching, I can work on it I am using reinforcement by telling them they are doing a good job Undergeneralization of the concept leader or follower, there are other things that make you a good leader or follower I’m using a negative instance to show what a leader and follower is Here is the positive instance The physical arrangement I feel is good, because the floor is squishy the girls feel safe, and I am able to look at them while I am teaching I am testing their short term memory Learned helplessness, I could have let them figure it out on their own Information language, proximity I am trying to help them visualize different examples to help them understand why proximity is important to be aware of Contagious behavior, I started laughing and then they chuckled Prototype, direct teaching Mnemonic Device, thinking of putting on a belt. Visualization, and it’s in their schema

Using this mnemonic device also activates their simplified memory system because the sensory register will hear belt, turn to short term memory to see if they know what a blet is, then short term memory with turn to long term memory to pull out what it’s like to put on a belt Reinforcement, also could be a place where there is an imaginary audience Their individual physical states have relaxed and they trust me more Moral deilema They said if they felt uncomfortable they wouldn’t dance with the awkward guy, but if they didn’t feel uncomfortable they would dance with him at least once

This shows that they are both in the conventional stage of Kohlberg’s moral development, because they are willing to be good according to society Self regulation, they are choosing the order Prototype I am using Albert Bandera’s theory of social learning by giving them prototypes and letting them imitate me Mariah’s mirror neurons were firing, you could see her moving her arms like my husband was I am showing an illusion of knowing, it could also be an interference because I am used to mirroring people while dancing Mariah’s mirror neurons are showing again I’m dipping into their schema and using another mnemonic device Accommodation, I want them to feel comfortable so I give them an option to use my husband as a partner so they don’t drop each other Their self efficacy is higher than in the beginning Contagious behavior ZPD Interference, they have done sweetheart and for that you move your arm up and around

Disequilibrium, Charity lost her balance. Not sure if that is the correct sense of the word Here I am testing their assimilation of the idea of gentle mans dip, because if they can switch and still do it they show a mastery Dancing with each other is in their schema, and I am showing them how all these things are relevant to the, I am giving them scaffolding for future use This would have been a good opportunity for discovery learning, but I participated in learned helplessness instead Mariah is still leading, so this could be an interference or just her intuition telling her to keep being the leader Disequilibrium, Charity lost her balance again Cooperative learning? I’m inflicting learned helplessness on myself I just used an overgeneralization of the concept of sisters Charity’s mirror neurons were visibly firing! Erikson’s initiative vs. guilt, also self regulation, I’m letting them make a decision for their learning Prototype

Here is where I am creating situational interest, and facilitating anxiety, I also use an accommodation Hot cognition

Misconception State anxiety Interference, Mariah is so used to being the guy she had a failure to store which way the girl spins State anxiety Failure to retrive Mnemonic device, spinning on the floor like a turtle Self regulation Here I am starting to implement the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy because now they have a base of understanding, and I am starting here with the creating