Departure runway 21L Athens International Airport (ATH LGAV).

CPT: Captain FO: First Officer CPT: Uh.. nice story… bye! FO: What ever… 😉 CPT: It is always nice being here CPT: I will set the trim at 6 units

FO: Yes, Check CPT: That sounds like a very complex clearance But we are on “I” D4 is straight ahead…. actually till the end left FO: Yes, it is clear for me CPT: There we go FO: Yes FO: Nice people those Greeks CPT: Indeed they are FO: Hello with Mike Purser: Cabin is OK FO: Cabin OK… thanks! CPT: Cheeeeck, I was listening as well FO: Nice CPT: Yes… mountains FO: Yes CPT: Departing aircraft It looks like an Airport FO: You would think so FO: It’s a pity it’s an Airbus CPT: It looks like an empty flight FO: Indeed, they went very early airborne CPT: Yes FO: So!… nice shadow The Airbus A350 is a nice aircraft CPT: I do agree FO: Especially the long version. This is the short version CPT: Can you please select your “legs” page on the FMC? FO: Off course! CPT: Nobody expects these kind of clearances FO: “Olympic”… was that the flag carrier of Greece? CPT: Yes CPT: They where flying with Boeing 727’s! CPT: Boeing 727… is a Boeing 737 with 3 engines FO: Ah yes… exactly FO: Actually we are ready CPT: Uh… yes, except for the checklist… but report ready first please FO: Thats also a way to say it… just Transavia CPT: Yes CPT: And there is a traffic on final FO: Yes CPT: Nice, we are next to the runway. We can’t get closer except for entering the runway The Before Takeoff Checklist CPT: EGO… EI-EGO

FO: I didn’t hear what the wind was CPT: SPCY… spicy FO: Sometimes they create a registration to mean something CPT: Yes indeed CPT: Well… welcome in Amsterdam… today we drove you to Amsterdam… Looks like the “Polderbaan” FO: Yes…. pretty far indeed CPT: I see some SAR helicopters… and a Boeing 747 FO: That aircraft doesn’t fly anymore CPT: I think so too! FO: From Olympic or… no CPT: No… another company I don’t know CPT: Nice… I’ll select terrein mode FO: Yes, then I’ll select the weather radar Is finished FO: Well CPT: Well.. nice! Lights… transponder… all on CPT: Then I say “Takeoff”! CPT: There is suddenly some wind! FO: Sorry? CPT: Thats why we climb so fast… LNAV is checked CPT: Is it OK with you if I fly the first two turns manually? FO: Off course! CPT: I didn’t brief it, thats why I ask CPT: Great! Thanks

CPT: The 2 turns have just been taken from me! 😀 Thats a pity! Then switching to CMD (Autopilot) CPT: Unrestricted climb, thats nice I feel some wind changes We receive some strange pushes CPT: She is teasing you! FO: I think so too FO: I’ve never been so busy during departure CPT: I can see ATC and you have a “click” FO: Yes? CPT: Yes FO: I think she is nice to us CPT: Indeed! FO: Yes CPT: Have a look!!! FO: She is just giving us a scenic tour! CPT: Super cool! FO: Yes CPT: The French Post had some brown beans last night for dinner, did you notice?? FO: Yes, exactly CPT: PEREN… selected and execute FO: Yes CPT: And LNAV FO: Check FO: Would you like to do the after takeoff checklist CPT: Shall we just do it FO: Uh… did you wanted to wait for a bit (Fasten seatbelt sign) CPT: That is fine with me, if only you can give the passengers some warm air FO: They would appreciate that CPT: Just in front of us is the Olympic park FO: Ah yes! But where are those famous ruins? FO: Yessss FO: It should be in the mountains CPT: Yes… you might be right…but which mountains Yes… there we go! Bad preparations.. But I never expected to depart over the city! FO: It should be a big building you can’t miss CPT: You would say so FO: Yes… I have no idea CPT: I see an arena… with gladiators! FO: You can see the gladiators! CPT: Ah… now I have a visual I think It is a big “rock” with those pillars FO: Oh, So you are able to see it CPT: Yes. FO: Nice! CPT: Now we know where to go to! FO: Yes FO: I am gonna make some notes now. 😉 CPT: I am happy to switch off the fasten belt sign FO: Me too! FO: So what do we request

CPT: In the flight plan it was initially FL270 but we are able FL360