The Snowmobile Powered Scooter Runs + Custom Drive Train 4k

wild success this thing is gonna be absolutely terrifyingly fast to drive I think we can call that motor officially mounted yeah got three solid motor mounts which is the same number it had in the snowmobile so should be should be good there yeah nice and solid that’s just a little bit of flex which it should [Applause] [Applause] in this episode the mountain scooters going from what you see here to a fully trellis potentially running machine that’s the goal first I got to make 12 of these things this trellis is gonna make it stupid strong and look awesome boom boom he already got this looking really good the attachment point here yeah that’s what I worked on first I cleaned up all of that covered up this hole where I had to chop pieces off covered a fat hole you just you know covered all up looking and making it made it look a little better and stronger but it was already [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so I said enough to make it strong enough for a scooter and I think I ended up making it strong enough for a house [Laughter] but you know that’s what overkill is for these also goes something like that and then the clutch system there so the shaft on it being up above the carburetors [Applause] today is figure out drivetrain day yeah well today is the start of it anyway it might take a while I mean I haven’t the concepts all there it’s just making the pieces work I may have to get some stuff custom or get really creative

I had a bunch of shenanigans to get this all to work I just shortened this shaft by about four inches and figure out how to fit both a carrier bearing and a sprocket on it the sprocket we’re going with this one-inch keyed sprocket which will also be able to use the old Barbie car axle for the lower axle and it’ll fit perfectly on that end there I just have to cut a key way into it and to make all this happen to weld this back together I used a short chunk of an extra socket extension that fit perfectly inside of this shaft so it’s perfectly straight yeah so so it’s perfectly straight in the middle there where I welded it and then I spun it I had this bearing bolted on already and I spun it while I weld with it so I could just do a constant weld and start you know annotating a tapered of the notch like that start at the bottom with a small weld and then work my way out and then I had to grind it down to fit the inside of this carrier bearing so I made myself another North Idaho lathe which obviously this bearing wasn’t here it was just the one so that’s not enough so I took this bolt stuck it inside there bolted this little bracket to there to make a very rudimentary bearing and then I sat here on this tire with the drill and then winder on it to grind it down well look super straight yeah it wobbles a little bit but interestingly a little bit that’s actually less than it didn’t start with it was bent it was that when I started it with it and that’s less wobble than it had and the cool thing is because I ground it right there for the carrier bearing where it goes through the bearing it’s perfectly straight it doesn’t wobble inside the bearing at all Oh before and I and then like right in here but it doesn’t put any wobble too much wobble on the bearings but it was bad before so yeah can’t be too much of a problem right now I’m working on figuring out the air intakes cuz that’s a problem and I want to make sure I figure it out before I get too far into the building case I have to actually just relocate the motor a little bit I can get those these are pretty heavy-duty silicon boots left over from the front mount intercooler install in my car and that that kind of works right there and I kind of smashed down this little piece of aluminum to see if this would you know I can get that there um and then I’ll boat out or up or wherever but the problem is they’re gonna rub pretty strongly on the shock you granted the shock isn’t very abrasive but could you maybe put a cylinder over the shock yeah actually that’s not a bad idea [Applause] we’re getting somewhere yeah the brakes are mostly there this is the extra caliper off the Barbie car so that’s cool free parts and this brake rotor is original to this shaft for the snowmobile it’s even in the same spot with its key way and everything so that all worked out when I shortened the shaft that sprocket I still need to cut a key way into the shaft here and have this spare parts laying around you wouldn’t believe how many spare parts I have around here it amazes me anyway I think this is supposed to be a clutch master cylinder but we’ll find out if it’s gonna work for a brake master cylinder then all we need is a brake line rear brake should be done it’s really cool for a lot of reasons but at the moment the coolest thing about it is that so far the total investment is about 50 bucks obviously all the other parts I paid for at some point but they’ve just been sitting around for so many years they you know can’t really count on its cost on this build

under 80 degree bends are the coolest thing ever yeah once you get to 90 degrees with the tubing bender you got to lock this in here and reset the RAM for another 90 it’s pretty dope good news you can’t in fact pull the engine out now that it’s done I had take both the engine the front motor mounts off of the engine to get it out but yeah and it’s sexy yeah this drivetrain looks awesome without the engine dies yeah oh hey yeah now I can get a really good shot of so you guys can see what’s going on here you want to give it a spin for me Ethan so that’s what’s happening on the inside there so mr. parts snowmobile that we’re getting some of this stuff from it’s uh right here about to lose some more parts so what happened to this thing did you buy it as a part snowmobiler yeah I bought it for 250 bucks and it actually did run at first the problem turned out to be a B in the fuel line like legitimately this fuel line an entire B was inside of it so I think it’s official that this snowmobile has given up its soul and heart to become something greater I pulled the entire wiring harness out of it and the engine because the wiring harness on the other snowmobile doesn’t have electric start this one the engine had electric start so I figured what the heck might as well be luxury it’s got really sweet grip heaters or heated grips gonna steal those gonna just steal everything off of it because it was a pretty sad snowmobile but it’s gonna be an amazing scooter mountain snow bike thing so we’ve got the oil tank from one of the snowmobiles and parts some wheels here with a little bit of oil still in it [Applause] [Applause] I’m wild success this thing is gonna be absolutely terrifyingly fast to drive it’s gonna scare the pants off of

everyone maybe burn the pants off with the yeah that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever built man shoot Wow yeah sounds like a snowmobile yeah so what are the next steps here lots and lots of work although really big things are done we still have to do the wiring harness because right now it’s just an absolute mess so I need to strip out anything I don’t need probably the biggest thing is going to be a decent fuel tank so in the next episode we’re gonna be driving this thing yeah next episode we’ll go from a running thing on some stands in the shop to me probably almost dying again you just switch Brody’s with my lap headed up for the first one all right guys this is the point in life where you need to trust that cliff with that rock we’re good Oh I love this so much this is where you want to be every time I end up doing something which is more frightening jumping out there jumping back jumping back definitely that’s the van life right there even though the gourmet oh yeah [Applause] but this is why you want money so you can drive to the trailhead like we’re actually we’ve actually driven down the trail at this point oh that’s good good oh yeah you guys really did find the goods and swagger all right keep in come the fun way down we’re not doing that

yeah this is getting pretty rowdy huh I got so much sad everywhere this changed my definition of what attendings while some weather came in so we can’t climb today we did a little too much electronical activity last night so we’re gonna jumpstart this bad boy and it’s gonna be heavy and possibly quite humorous you know what maybe we found a stick last time and we did stick clip it somehow so then we’ll put the rope here I just aided myself up that with some not so real eight-year