Branson MO Road Trip – Silver Dollar City, The Track Go Karts, Toy Museum, Retro Video games & more

Look at that behind us, whoa *Super Adventure Family intro music plays* So we just got back from Branson Missouri, it’s actually only a few hours away, but we’ve never been there * fun music plays* So what happens only on road trips with this guy We have to go to all the video game stores on the way I ended up picking up this Micro Machines N64 game and then I also got this Diddy Kong Racing You can hold on to those. Don’t drop em I dont know why Was that on purpose?! Noooo *laughing* so then I got Quark. This is one I’d been looking for for a little while And then I also got Mortal Kombat 2 and Bomberman Most of the game stores we found were on the way there there wasn’t really anything in Branson But we did find one flea market the one game that I found that was kind of cool was a Sega Genesis Mighty Max game I really liked Mighty Max when I was a kid so I kind of picked it up more as a souvenir than anything The place that we stayed was at the Welks Resort, yeah, it was a suite and it was sweet I knew you were gonna say that! *fun music playing* When you look out the balcony in the back there was like a little pond area and Elliott would joke that it was a swamp that Bigfoot would come and drink from Oh that’s hilarious! So the other cool thing about the hotel was the POOL! You’re so weird *fun music playing* The water slide at the pool was really cool If you didn’t go down it you were a fool I went down it!! Stop it! AHHHH! We even race down at once that was cool at the pool they had a nice little splash pad area outside that had a smaller slide and some little fountains And a GIANT bucket That dumps water on your head So the other thing that was cool about the pool oh my gosh…. your such a tool! There was a really big spot Cut out from the wall all the way down to the floor of the pool where you could just walk right outside Which was really cool at the pool at the pool I’ve never seen anything like that, but we basically stayed inside… the inside part the whole time Yeah We don’t wanna have to put on sunscreen or worry about getting sunblock errr…. sunburnt We’re doing really good So the main reason we wanted to go to Branson Was the go-karts A few months ago, I was looking at some video game website and there was an article that said Mario Kart in real life and I looked at it and they had all these tracks or Someone made a wood and some were made of like metal and they had big hills and these big spiral things I was like, this looks awesome Yeah, initially. I was a little skeptical about planning an entire vacation around go-karts But it actually turned out to be really cool Each location will have their kind of featured track My favorite track was the heavy metal high rise It had this big spiral that went up and then it had like the biggest hills that you would go down Yeah, get going really fast going down the hills. What was your favorite track? The heavy-metal high-rise was a little too scary for me and Elliott. So we really like the Lumberjack which was an all wooden track. You kind of went up a corkscrew and then you went a little bit slower down. There weren’t any big hills or anything like that We wanted to get Elliott on the Rookie track so he could drive his own car and they you know went didn’t go too fast, but fast enough you know The minute we got him sold on it and he really wanted to go on then we got him measured and he was too short to ride it Poor baby! So he had to ride the kiddie carts But he really liked that too We lucked out too because he was the only one in line when it was our turn So we got the whole place to himself instead of having to share with any other little kids

Yeah, which was so fun because he kept driving it like what was he doing? Do you remember? he like hit the gas and then he would let off and then hit the gas and then let off he would like jerk back like yeah I think he just liked hearing the engine revvv and he was like “vroom vroom” Someone suggested that we check out Top of the Rock And as soon as I saw the picture on the website, I was like “we gotta go!” *happy music playing* * growling* Think Bigfoot’s in there?! No I don’t! *growling* *happy music playing* And there was one area where there was this big rock that you could kind of like climb up on And Elliott found this little like place that was carved out. That was like a Perfect chair for him and he was joking around saying it was “the Elliott chair” Yeah, and it was like this GIANT rock and this little bitty hole that he found That was pretty cute After we went to Top of the Rock, we found this really cool place nearby called Fun Mountain! Inside when you come in It’s really cool because it looks like you’re underground—- underwater Yeah, and there’s this giant boat That’s basically like a playground for the kids Yeah, it had like…. you climb up there and there’s little like net thing that you could climb on and a bunch of slides you could go down It was it was nice because we could like eat dinner like right next to that and Elliott could go play while we’re waiting for our food Yeah, it was so good too! The food was really good! Good they had bumper cars They like kind of like had a mind of their own like you would drive them around And then all of a sudden they would just like start spinning you around or drive you in a weird direction And when Nick got into his Elliott goes “Daddy yours is still plugged in” and turns out there was like a plug in the wall for his My car was like still plugged in like charging so I had to like flag down the lady and get her to like stop the bumper cars Yeah, so he was like did yours like go crazy because I think mine was broken yeah! I thought it was broken at first! That place had so many other things too! They had bowling and in arcade another type of bumper cars- they spun vertical and horizontal like it was like a 360 spin I was like, ut-uhhh I’m gonna throw up all over your bumper cars *fun music playing* So in Branson there’s this road called “The Strip” it’s kind of like mini Las Vegas *fun music playing* But I think my favorite thing on the Strip was the Toy Museum

I’ve been looking around for Micro Machines a lot And I for some reason I just never see them and I think I finally figured out where all of them are They’re at this Toy Museum! *fun music playing* So right across the street from the Toy Museum was one of Elliott’s favorites the Bigfoot on the strip we play the claw machine to try to win a Bigfoot and We got one On the VERY first try!! Of course, I had the camera in my hand and I didn’t record it. He really loved being at that Bigfoot Yeah, you know area *fun music playing* The other big place you can go in Branson is The Landing and they also have this really big fountain display *music playing* And even though we went for the Go-Karts we stayed for the Silver Dollar City We found out that if you go to Silver Dollar City after 3 p.m You can basically go the whole next day with the same ticket. You don’t have paying any more money I was really not expecting it to be as much fun as it was. I think we really lucked out because the weather was PERFECT! And I feel like the park was a little bit more like well-put-together than some of amusement parks that I’ve seen. I was kind of expecting it to be a little hokey cuz it’s been like old fashioned-y and stuff, but I thought it was really cool There was tons of rides for like younger kids But there was also a huge selection of rides that we all were too chicken to ride So I think my favorite ride or one of my favorite rides was Fire in the Hole It was kind of an indoor rollercoaster that went really slow actually There was a couple different drops at some point. So you didn’t really know when it was coming So most of the ride I feel like it’s like anticipating….when’s it actually gonna happen? I wrote it by myself and the second I got off I told her to go on cuz I thought it was really cool And I wanted her to see it too As we were walking through the park, we kind of stumbled across little cranks and like water squirt guns and Like Elliott just went crazy He just like ran up to him was just like having so much fun squirting all these people on this ride and we found out it’s called River Blast Yeah, it’s like a little boat Like slowly goes through this little course and you shoot these targets and stuff on the ride

And you also shoot the other boats and the people sitting around the edge and it was like it was basically like a warzone Like we just like stumbled upon thi huge like water water war But it had little targets on it, so I’m like shoot the targets and we shot them. They just shot more water at us! Yeah in the back of the boat They had a little thing and you could open it up and put all your stuff in it so you could have all your bags and stuff with you and Put them in there and they don’t get wet yeah they don’t get wet like they should do that on every ride why don’t they have that on EVERY WATER RIDE?! They also had two Playgrounds they had one inside and one outside the outside one was… it looked kind of like a bunch of little like tree houses and then they went up in there and there was like this net kind of flooring that was actually like it was almost like a trampoline you went up there? Yeah! They didn’t let me bounce though But they just let me go up into there and the kids like bounce down Elliott had blast he kept asking “when can we go back!? when can we go back to the playground?” And then I told him “well there’s an indoor playground” and he just wanted to go back to the outdoor one but we finally got him to go to the indoor and I’m glad we did because Inside like little air cannons, and there’s these little blue foam balls just sitting all over the place and You can pick them up and fill up a bucket of them and then load up these cannons That was like the second war zone that we went into And it had multiple levels so you could go up three stories and like shoot down and you could also load up these huge buckets up in the top and eventually, they would tip over and spill all the balls over everybody and like everybody’s running around like crazy and it was super loud in there it was a lot of fun Yeah, I think Elliott had a blast in there So one thing I also liked about that park was it wasn’t just about the rides, you know, they have the playgrounds but they also had like other little attractions throughout that we’re just like they could be somebody like doing glassblowing or make it taffy or something like that But then they also had like little cabins and a little church But I think the coolest little attraction that we found yeah we stumbled upon You could almost just walk right by it but there’s this little like house with this little door like almost on the side Where you don’t even notice it and it’s called grandfather’s mansion It’s kind of a fun house So you go in and there’s like a its kind of like a bridge there was something weird about the bridge I don’t know if we fully understand I think it like twisted as you walked Yeah, it was really weird and then like the next room you went into everything was upside down like like when you looked up there Was a rug with slippers on the ceiling and like there was a guy in one of the rooms like in a rocking chair Rocking on the ceiling like it was crazy So in the last room there wa…. the floor was like crooked or I think the floor was straight but the house was crooked no The floor was crooked, but the house looks like straight I don’t know. I can’t figure it basically It looks like you were like standing crooked all the time like this and Elliott just like got the hugest kick out of it The second we got out of that place. We just went around and did it all over again They had a real Steam train that you got to ride and basically while you were riding they kind of put on a little skit for you They said to look out for bandits So they stopped the train there’s these two actors and they basically like act like they’re robbing the train I happened to have in my bag two little gold wrapped candies we had Elliott hand them to the guy when he was robbing the Train and it it was awesome because the actors totally played along with it and they were like Did you steal these from a bank or something?! Where did you get these?! Elliott thought that was really cool. Yeah it was a fun little ride While we’re at Silver Dollar City there was a cave there and we wanted to go in it but when you’re in the line They’re like warning you but it’s got these steps and it’s really dark and all this stuff and then we decided not to do the cave But all on the way down we’ve been seeing all these billboards that said “Fantastic Caverns it was Sixty degrees in the cave you got to sit in a trailer the whole ride and we thought that was much more our speed *fun music playing* Overall I think it was a really good trip and we’re definitely gonna go back It was such a great time and I think we really had a lot of fun just hanging out all together So if you guys know of anything that we missed let us know in the comments below Especially if there’s any good places to eat or anything like that

Yes, let us know and if you like this video be sure to like it give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel That was a terrible high five! owwwww *laughing* all right, that’s enough! no! No! one more I’ll do it right! you ready?