How Steve Bannon's far-right 'Movement' stalled in Europe

the financial crisis of 2008 was brought on by the engineering financial scientific managerial cultural elite to cover the World Economic Forum every year and breach in your raceless and your nativist in your cellphone’s you I thought your speech was a textbook populist speech if you want to sort the definition of it you had it to a tee and so the poor Louis’s give me a compliment it’s intended as an accurate description of what you do why is that well because in framing it as a battle between the pure people and a nefarious corrupt elite it’s the same at you just represent the people that no one else does and you were suggesting that there’s a singular popular will and in all of those things that sort of populism incarnate yes I would say that’s correct here’s the thing I come from a family of little guys right they got a dad’s 97 still lives in the same house we’ve lived in for 50 or 60 years I’m not sure that’s why the speech was populist though I think it’s more strategic than that what do you mean I think you are effective at using that discourse because you understand its power what’s the power of it I think the power of it comes from the fact that we’ve reached a point in history where people’s frustrations at elites are justified okay I would agree with that right-wing populists Sauron the rise across Europe their parties are gaining ground in Germany Hungary Sweden Italy and France and with European parliamentary elections approaching they’re being offered help from a wealthy American your children are going to be poor and your grandchildren are going to be paupers he’s the ex goldman sachs banker who helped elect Donald Trump everything from here on in is gonna be hard and nasty and ugly he’s been exiled from the White House and I’ll stood from his far-right website Breitbart now Steve bannon’s running a campaign machine to boost Europe’s far-right he’s calling it the movement van ins project was hatched in this London hotel in July when he convened a meeting with figures from across the far right two days later he told me his plan the beating heart of the globalist project is in Brussels I Drive the state through the vampire the whole thing will start to dissipate it’ll called the movement or the cause or something like that everything converges on May of 2000 in nineteen and that’s literally when we take over president transformer advisor Steve Palin has announced plans to spark a right-wing revolution in you as he didn’t but had a Steve’s benefit really the what Hadi Calvin evolvability object keep do a you later in European circumcised aha he’s getting wall-to-wall coverage but how much of a threat does Bannon really pose to Europe he invited me to Venice to meet the managing director of the movement the Belgian politician Michel matriculants first thing is that we have two days we have two days because the opponent’s global is false I just unified already we are just a bit isolated or we feel isolated everybody is own country usually people talk about a movement and it’s a people led grassroots ground-up thing this is different this is top-down you’re being quite poor ative my perjurers only because the moon he had this thing called the movement I was very fortunate right to come in contact yeah and over time it may metastasize into something different right now when Napoleon’s to his marshals said when you set out to take Vienna take Vienna May 19 is Vienna it’s all that matters okay Michael just tell me your party I forgot

the name People’s Park the people’s but how many members do you have we have approximately 5,000 members which is small Wallonia 5,000 members today that’s not I know it’s I know it’s Belgium but it’s not not not the only big part well not a membership is not that much but how many how many members of how many members of the European Parliament do you have no no no I was intrigued that Bannen had chosen Matt recommen to run the operation which was based at his home in Brussels this is quite some place you have movement this is it this is gonna be Mission Control yeah right indeed you specially commissioned this yeah yeah yeah because and to put it exactly here well it’s give the feeling of the spirit of this of this mansion indeed it would have been part of the movement I’ve no doubt about this you think Churchill would have wanted to do business with Stephen yeah this is the mansion that Bannon and Madri kiman called their war room providing far-right parties help with polling data analytics and social media Michael wanted me to see a letter that he sent of Trump in 2016 have a look this is you setting out why you think there should be a a movement beyond America’s short exactly and what do they do with this nothing at that time were planted the seeds took a year in the health you know come to fruition so 18 months later yeah probably not coincidentally after Steve Bannerman was exiled from the White House and chucked out right back he came to Europe to enact this vision basically exactly it’s a joke cheers guys you know some people say what’s happening with politics right now has echoes of the 1930s and I just want you to sort of reflect upon how you would feel if you had a hand in something that leads in that direction they are just trying to bring fear and to smear the movements made movement by just claiming you know analogies to the thirties and so on I believe this will be the dividing line of Western politics for the next 20 30 40 years will be really the line of battle between these two visions on one side the globalist approach with the Makah Merkel Obama style UN style and the other side and the other side all the sovereignist salvini urban [ __ ] of course and basically our movement let me just ask you this you think history will judge you well for being on the side of Trump Obon salvini yes yes because it’s not that we are on the side of Obon salvini o trem so that we believe that we are on the side of the ordinary guy materi common left me with questions about who Bannon was doing business with several far-right parties were expressing doubts about the movement but I wanted to meet a politician open to the idea of collaborating Philippe de Wynter a leading member of the far-right Flemish Party blams belong tell me about the meeting in London unanimously found do you like him as a person yes I do I have the opportunity to speak with him I was sitting next to him for three hours and he was a very clever man he’s also very very funny guy really sympathic but he’s an American of course he is not the European so but also because he has a lot of experience how did he describe the mission here in Europe his mission is quite simple to unify the right-wing patriotic movements in Europe that’s it we want an immigration stop in our country and certainly in the big cities no immigration at all no I think we should stop in Islam Islamic immigration to Europe because it’s causing a lot of troubles a lot of promises lamech immigration you mean immigration to Europe people who are Muslims and immigration coming from Muslim countries did you have that policy before Trump because that was his the famous camp policy during the campaign he already had I did Trump copied us not the other way

around the winter spoke about his affinity with Trump in this speech to Greece’s neo-nazi party Golden Dawn they want to abolish the Christian white and Western identity of Europe and European liberals want to install a sort of global citizenship and a one-world culture the future is ours the future is to the drums and when you gave the speeches a lot of applause in the room we’ve gotten DeLand supporters he was supporting your opinions and one of the things that you said was that the Left parties want to abolish the Christian white and Western identity that’s what’s the white did explain to me what the white part of that is what’s white identity it’s about their way of life it’s about our values it’s about our civilization but well white just explained a white element why are you so fixed on the word white when if I didn’t say it you did yes well what was so fixed what are you not fixed on Christian values or on Western civilization or on the word European because white would denote racism is white or is it if you talk about white values I I’m a white person does that makes me a racist if you if you think your values are superior to another another racist values way of life is superior to other ways of life yes you think I think that our values are superior to Islamic totally terrorism whether Islam is a religion and no and what Islam is a political ideology well we will disagree on that but but certainly white is a racial categorization right but we don’t listen to really you can have white Muslims in our country journalists asked questions I disagree with politicians not with journalists okay I’m not here to debate with you you asked me a question I give an answer that’s what a journalist should do not to disagree or to agree with the politician I don’t know that’s the way it works in my country I think this is the end of the interview thank you very much to talk to you about today you’ll speak and I’m going out to the run you don’t have any other questions if far-right populist seem emboldened right now they have reason to be their party’s have gained ground in Sweden Denmark Germany and France and they have cabinet seats in Norway Finland Poland the Czech Republic Slovakia Austria Hungary Bulgaria and Greece their most recent entry into government Italy where the dominant force in politics right now is interior minister Matteo salvini the leader of the far-right League salvini came to power in a right-wing alliance that included the female leader of a party called brothers of Italy it’s it’s one old white one part used to be fascist it’s been near near remember Bennett’s theorem you put a reasonable face of right-wing populism you get elected Bannen was meeting Maloney in his hotel he invited me to join them we are fighting with our movement for the defense of identity borders what would Europe every Europe really is something very different from the Europe we know now the brothers of Italy is a party that has near fascist or post fascist heritage is that correct how did AJ DeLaGarza diversity to forcefully so we are the party of Italians right of a variety in Italy but you know what I was born in 1977 the fact she small was finished 30 years before there was no connection I mean we’re not fascism would you say neo-fascists no ok but when you launch your campaign earlier this year you did say in the city of latina which was founded during the Mussolini regime so that’s my so that’s my knee what I just wanted to know like why she’s but I was elected in Modena well that’s what you’re saying nothing and you also accompany but you were also accompanied by Mussolini’s granddaughter and I just wondered what kind of image you thought that would project launching your campaign in a city founded by mr. Lee knee with Mussolini’s granddaughter what was the intention behind that the intention was not the particular we are very strong there I think sometimes you have got them uh wrong where you’re seeing Italy hmm these are very easy where you’re breeding that but you know what but if politics little is a very difficult thing Steve when you told me you’re gonna meet Georgie you describe brothers of Italy as in the air fascist party I think I did you did twice I

don’t think I so I just wonder who’s right they is it not any a fascist party or days because that’s what you said to me I don’t think I did it all I don’t think I did what do you say I don’t I don’t remember saying that I try to explain you why it is different the neo-fascist thing does that not concern you I don’t know because they look at their roots they look at the roots and where they came through and where she’s actually going today she’s not only think she’s that far right of party critics might look at the people you have involved the people you’re talking to you the people you’re doing business with from Jordan Maloney to fill it to winter and say that you know these are parties with connections to near fascist a story I think you’re trying to say oh these guys are a bunch of Nazis yeah no no we get word look we’re partnering with I think party’s gonna become quite mainstream over time you’re normalizing these people aren’t you Steve that’s what you’re normalizing that’s absolute that’s absolutely not correct that’s that’s that’s that that’s people will find they’re deeply offensive particularly Jews who live in Europe hey a second we’re looking a long my god you didn’t hear me 25 years I’m doing politics I’m fighting for my people is a problem for that that for you a few days after this meeting the movement announced its first major recruit salvini was the star guest at this year’s brothers of Italy conference what was that the knowledge is you know unity defence slowly they very far already open but there was another speaker on the bill do you know who this man here is know what is in our turn some honesty no Steve Bannon Jeremy Taylor little valasco problem yeah you don’t know know that Steve banning his name he’s an American who helped Donald Trump now you remember for someone who was barely recognized Bannon was getting a lot of media attention he was hosting reporters day and night the intensity of coverage was curious given that outside of Italy Bannon was struggling to recruit members Francis marine lepen and Hungary’s Viktor Orban appeared ambivalent about involving an American in their campaigns and parties Bannon was courting in Denmark Sweden Finland Poland Austria the Czech Republic and Germany were all indicating they would not sign up later that night Bannon invited me back to his hotel we were joined by Rahim kasam previously Nigel Farage’s top aide and now the person that Bannon calls his head guy in Europe so let’s just talk about sort of who signed up and who hasn’t because you haven’t thought you know somebody’s having something done some people may not ever admit they’re signed up until after the European elections sort of because here’s the thing just go remember once again on the building blocks of success I’m doing all the polling whether there’s a country officially in or not right I’m doing all the data analytics whether countries in or not so it’ll be there available to them thinking the users are not use it some they may actually use it without ever joining our ability to help them set up war rooms and response admit maybe to well it may be it may be they may have internal politics let me effect the more charitable view to you that there is something happening in European politics right now yes there is it now let me just finish and then okay you look for us let me just present is there really it would be more than surreal I asked the question and then and then you can respond I can mark in route which is there’s no sort of right wing scene army but there is sort of a high tide and radical right parties waiting and and and it’s effective and you know Italy is a very good example of it but what you can’t deny about it is it has nothing to do with you they have no idea that doesn’t matter if I have no impact on it it doesn’t matter at all is this done it’s good for your reputation isn’t it if you can ride the coattails well I don’t think it’s riding the coattails look at the work I’m doing over here I don’t think it’s riding the coattails ass ask why not why why is this is this is it is this is this you have to now you have to say I got a brake van Oh Steve Banta right Dutch you’re saying we’ve welcomed you in here and now you’re asking the pre questions that’s fine hey boy other questions they’re not difficult questions they’re not difficult there’s not difficult questions at all they’re only you think they’re different question to the question did you see the

crowd tonight did you see the crowd when you see that did you and what you know impact that’s how much they were saved crowd of nine I tell you what worst thing the crowd not to the question the crowd tonight was there for Georgia Maloney and salvini library by the way ever is that I think you like Toto bombing Italian politics that’s what I think is happening oh yeah I saw tonight no where do you see how effective you are at getting media attention the media circus was there and I think that part of what you’re doing is succeeding there is an impact in the what’s the impact well this is how politics has changed it used to be our party’s it used to be about grassroots and we’re in a digital era now and somebody like you can come over and you can create through this height this notion that somehow you’re pulling the puppet strings stop see this where you’re dead wrong I’m not a puppet master I’m at point popper spring so it’s ridiculous you have the self because you guys matter here’s would you make sure it matter let my mansion it question please let him answer all right please let me answer please let me answer here’s what it matters nothing I’d say well if it was zero why are we doing this interview why do you spend so much time with journalist why do you spend so much time faulting the media now people come to me and say hey we want to cover the story we don’t make it just I haven’t made one alket Michael come on sit over you gotta get this interview he always asked the tough questions my Collini right here I want to go back anything about the speech why do you say it was a textbook thing of populism your student of this you said I was complimenting you you don’t deserve that company it wasn’t intended as a compliment it was meant to be descriptive well yeah okay fine I say yes you’re saying is I take is a cop sure so lots of people would say populism that’s quite negative connotations do you think scrump speeches are populist in nature well Trump speeches have elements of populism but they don’t go the full way well because he’s good at railing against the elites but he is not so good at empathizing with the people when you say that narcissists don’t make good populist Thanks so it’s a live set brother okay because if you think you’re the source of power and everything you say is correct and you have that degree of sort of self belief it’s it’s not populism that’s more like authoritarianism okay and we will make America great again Vernon’s success running Trump’s campaign is a cautionary tale for anyone who doubts him it took a decade for Bannon to emerge from the fringes of the Tea Party and insert himself into the heart of the White House but elections in Europe are different to America and after weeks of research we discovered a major flaw in ballons plan the law most parties that Bannon wants to help are in countries that prohibit foreign organizations from giving substantial support to campaigns the only countries with both laws that give Bannon free rein and parties that want his support are Italy where he’s in mr. salvini and the Netherlands home to the extreme anti Islam MP gear builders I had a chance to put this to Bannen during our last rendezvous in Paris hey sorry about this it’s been crazy busy bruises what the experts have told us is that polling data analytics help with social media setting up war rooms all the things that you said you’re going to do for these parties would be illegal in most of these countries Mike Council hasn’t said that across the board I’ve already started doing the as I told you already started to do the the polling data but if we can’t share with people were not gonna be unsure so maybe is you wouldn’t share it with these parties no you can’t what I’m not gonna buy I would never I don’t violate American election law I’m certainly not gonna violate European election laws the only countries where you have a willing partner and laws that allow you to do this at Italy in the Netherlands and Italy is just about to pass a new law that would ban you from doing just you and gate builders to start that’s a bit embarrassing isn’t it well we got to find out what I got to find out what do what their legality is what’s the difference between a Russian interfering in a u.s. election an American interfering in a European election well I don’t know if it’s called interference they very different from a Russian or Chinese or other people trying to have influence well then because I’m a private citizen specific course it’s not

I’m doing this as a as a populist that people approach what goes on that door as the White House guide it’s a huge difference they yell at associate hang up I’m not associated with the White House I’m that associate the Republican Party you know I I was a pray with Donald Trump’s chief strategist at what cost yes Koster associated I mean it’s it’s a serious point people are more aware than ever about foreign interference interactions I told you from day one we would never violate European election laws and some countries you know who commissioned that who commissioned what the Arc de Triomphe a who Napoleon a sense you’re a fan of his you quoted him when you set out to take Vienna take Vienna but you know it gonna take Vienna Steve both it’s both parties in Austria have no interested in what you’re doing and the law doesn’t permit to do it you’re absolutely absolutely well and over the freedom player but you’re absolutely agree they say they’re not interested well you should sit in the Me’s I said oh you know I have a pretty good sense of where to spend my time will will not to spend it it’s a very effective here and you know people appreciate it we’re going to continue spending I got I bought anything else just four months into his European venture it may seem like the end of the road for Bannon but he’s a master of propaganda and whatever the law says I sense he’ll be back