Road Trip Costa Rica! Driving from San Jose to La Fortuna

if the internet was a little better we would probably be living here right now I would still probably wouldn’t know that Guanajuato existed it’s so weird how this has taken so many twists and turns I just hope that there are Taco Bells in the other cities that we are going to. This is terrible! I cannot put this on the internet! we’re using Barclay card’s insurance so knock on wood we don’t have to use it okay we are packed and fed and ready to go today we are driving to Grecia first which is actually the city that we intended to move to when we first started thinking about leaving the United States the only reason that we did not move to Grecia was that we found out the internet may not quite be up to where we need it to be for Jesse’s work so so we switched the idea to Mexico but we are now here in Costa Rica and we are gonna go see the place we researched like a year and a half over a year and a half ago after that I think we’ll drive through Sarchi on our way to La Fortuna which is our next destination so let’s go okay we’ve stopped for coffee at Starbucks I know but it’s also right across the street from our place who are you talking to? I’m talking to the people on YouTube. You mean Jim and May? yeah them and other people too hi Jesse Starbucks a touch of home, meow meow oh that’s where my coins went, I put them in there so Jessie do you remember every time we would go south to go back to Florida to visit family for like Christmas and Thanksgiving as soon as we got in range I would make you turn the radio to 100.3 to listen to the reggaeton, cien punto tres! cien punto tres! and turn it up and turn the bass up make the car door panels rattle so Jesse you’re saying goodbye to San Jose today I just hope that there are Taco Bells in the other cities that we are going to. This is terrible! I cannot put this on the internet! do you want to say anything to the people online? Why? I don’t know. You do it okay there’s a lot of fascinating differences between Mexicans and Costa Ricans but one of the most interesting I have noticed is the guys tend to look friendlier here and the women tend to look a lot less friendly and in Mexico it’s the other way around where dudes tend to look less friendly and women tend to look more friendly I have no idea why this is the case but it’s something I’ve noticed I have generally found the Mexican men to be very friendly yeah well okay we have stopped in Grecia at the main central square which has this big beautiful church and a really nice little playground that Harper is

enjoying right now here let me show you what it looks like it’s so weird for me to be here right now because I spent so much time looking at pictures and watching YouTube videos every bit that I could get my hands on about Grecia because this was the place that we had picked out the climate is good it’s close to San Jose but it’s a small town and the cost of living seems to be pretty reasonable here from what we gather online though that kind of stuff as you know is so hard so hard to figure out online and yeah it’s just it’s really pretty what we’ve seen of it it’s nuts to be here if the internet was a little better we would probably be living here right now I would still probably wouldn’t know that Guanajuato existed it’s so weird how this has taken so many twists and turns I do find myself missing certain aspects of Guanajuato I certainly miss the prices in Mexico y’all were not kidding when you were saying that Costa Rica’s more expensive. if we can extract Harper from the playground that’s a big if then we’re gonna drive up to Sarchi which is another little town that’s supposed to be real cute and maybe get something to eat before we head on to our next Airbnb at La Fortuna okay we’re stopped for gas Costa Rica is a like New Jersey New Jersey and Maine you don’t pump your gas so the guys are pumping it for us and we just told them which kind of gas we needed and they asked if we wanted the tank full and we said yes it just occurred to me that my driving here is as bad as mine communicating oh yeah that’s the same thing I don’t understand what I’m doing that’s a one-way street I just I never know what’s going on it’s just like me talking to people all right I think you’re going where that truck is going okay should I be worried about this? yes. should I be driving? I’m not sure you’d do any better, ooh burn. it’s not about driving it’s about understanding the signs okay so we have rented this car with Vamos rent-a-car it is a Costa Rican car rental company everything so far has been very easy and great and people have been very friendly the car is so new it didn’t even have a license plate yet yeah it has that new car smell Vamos for what we were looking for was cheaper than the major car rental companies I think alamo was another one we were looking at not only was this cheaper but they include a second driver for free and we got a bump up in the car class it was cheaper we got a better car second driver was free which is significant because our other rental to add a second driver was almost going to double the cost of the rental in Costa Rica you can there are certain insurances that are just mandatory you cannot decline them even if you have

insurance on your credit card so there’s like the first tier of insurance you cannot decline it you have to pay for that and then the second tier of insurance and that’s what you can use your credit card insurance for so we are using– we put this on the Barclay card and we’re using Barclay card’s insurance so knock on wood we don’t have to use it seemed like that was intentional, but it wasn’t I gotta say like I’m really loving the car I’m loving having the car this drive is amazing it is so beautiful and it’s just so nice to have a little bit more freedom and flexibility that comes with having a car we stopped for lunch in this soda in Sarchi soda is like the mom and pops Costa Rican restaurant and it was so good I had a casado which is like a lunch plate I had fried chicken beans and rice and plantains and some kind of green salad and some kind of vegetable thing a vegetable medley it was really good. and we saw this beautiful green church in Sarchi and the giant ox cart, the ox cart of giganticness. it sounds like you should say “of doom” the giant ox cart of doom! we are in a cloud we’re driving through a cloud it’s a cloud Jesse and I were just talking about how much this reminds us of West Virginia it is like West Virginia with tropical foliage, it’s crazy, ooh, snacks? OK we’ve stopped for snacks because you just can’t you can’t have a road trip without snacks also Harper fell asleep which means nobody is going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight parents of little ones solidarity okay what’s the situation what is this I don’t know I think it might be pig skin covered in caramel I don’t think this is a chicharrĂ³n but it looks similar mmm it’s just a sweet thing yeah I don’t taste any pork we just saw a monkey run across the road it had its tail so high up in the air it was like doop de doop and it just crossed the road like a like a deer or a possum or something come back monkey come out where we can see you all right I’m going to look, I’m going to look for some monkeys. tarzan swing oh no! oh he’s hurt he got a hurt foot get out of the road, bro oh he’s hurt we saw another monkey but it had a hurt foot

must have got his toes run over by some car or something, that’s what it looked like poor buddy okay we can see the volcano it it’s covered in clouds which we’re told to expect but it’s really big and really cool and this like little valley area is so pretty we’re we’re down out of the clouds now but you can still see the tops of the mountains are all clouded over Jesse you’re kind of you’re bummed yeah I can tell, hold on let me focus this correctly all right so what are you bummed about well you just rushed through the description of the volcano so fast that I couldn’t make well that’s what she said joke I’m sorry yeah (Jesse sings dramatically) Mommy? Sorry Harper all right we made it to the apartment and you can see the volcano it’s really cool there’s a mist on the top of it and it’s super big and majestic and Jesse is laying in bed so he can not make a joke about it if I can ever get him to wake up we’re gonna go to dinner. I’m hungry Jess I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry okay look who’s awake, it’s Jesse Jesse woke up with some persuasion and now we are going to dinner and there’s the volcano! okay so this is I can’t remember the name of it but it’s a pasta with like tomato cream sauce and sausage stuff it’s really good it’s got a little sourness and creamy okay I got a salmon pasta with capers and Parmesan pretty good salmon yeah, that’s good

okay we are home, dinner was delicious it was also $60 which yes you totally can do Costa Rica on a budget you can eat local food and pay a fraction of the price we’re just we’re spoiled by Mexico we’re like you can go to the touristy restaurants and order whatever and you know splurge and then it’s like $30 and you’re like oh my gosh $30 we spent so much so yeah spoiled by a Mexican prices we’re gonna get to bed because tomorrow we are going to the waterfall don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you in the next video bye guys