Persona 4 – Part 69: Not An Enemy In Sight

okay welcome back so that isn’t a social link I just feel like pointing that out hmm why not give it a whirl taste okay oh it didn’t actually poison me I was fully expecting that um okay um hmm i have a book to read but i don’t know what it’s gonna give me um so i’m actually gonna opt out doing that I’m gonna just study um I’m going cuz it’ll raise my targets a bit and you know hopefully hopefully push it to level five it was a long shot but still you ever try so don’t know what the book is I don’t know if it’ll give me one good chance it won’t morning sent by yo so are you ready for the trip yet this guy won’t shut up about it she yo skeez sent by hasn’t even started packing he’s all like what was that tomorrow what’s up with that you are we too excited about this I mean you’re even worried about how many boxes of animal crackers to bring we’re only gonna be there for two nights dude besides I’m pretty sure they have convenience stores in port island / serious I’ve never really left this place so huh I wonder if the murders here got as much play over there to let that mitsui okubo dude they’re still showing him on TV here every time I switch on the tube the news is showing like what he wrote in his yearbook this is me off my freaking media slapping together anything they can find to make the dude look like a born criminal who think they can say anything they want about a guy has been branded a criminal it’s just not right I mean they still hate the guy’s guts I don’t know after getting involved with all this started to realize how off base most rumors are so messed up well I gotta admit the news can be pretty out there hey it’s not oh yo how’s it going good morning oh yeah I’m on duty today ha well see you later he’s the messed up one it beko I can tell you that right now oh look I’m right we got practice i do ii oh well look he won’t be showing up it’s me yay yay I do have an idea what do no wonder then I haven’t if Reese is not there which is very likely i’m actually going to go to the library Yuki goes there that’s always nice companies now toes there I genuinely didn’t know you’d spent a minute oh I wish my knowledge was at maximum I really do that genuinely anointment of it um but first I’m gonna go to town I’m gonna see what book sales by I wonder if they keep over the books if I haven’t bought probably not and then already done this we are so I’ve never not bought books i normally buy them without reading them but i just decided to save money and go to higher and stuff man god what a fantastic book I have honestly no idea what it’s about I hope man God’s actually understanding I imagine it’s more something to do with courage probably but I hope it’s understanding i really do whoa oh oh oh you know what

I’m gonna do you’re not gonna do I know I’m gonna do today I’m not gonna I’m not gonna do oh hello dad that she yeah oh you’re a chubby too it’s really hot outside I’m smelling bullets here the air conditioner here is nice isn’t it I think I caught up here a little longer farrah nothing and yes the reason I the reasons that I was the reason I’m going here is because there’s not a boss and I feel that it wouldn’t be the worst idea to do it now cuz I’ve got a free day I could raise no it’s going to do this eventually soon as good time as any yeah okay cool yeah you’re not hungry give me stuff it’s not so that’s what I was hoping for okay to the game as per usual my plan is to basically just breeze through here not fighting anything plan at least sochi candy and you go yeah i don’t know much about the optional balls to be honest i just know its difficulties not too bad i believe it has the move where like it tries to put fear upon you and then it kills you if you if you automatic a fear yes you look at the map we can see we’re closer enemies are which is quite cool i think i think that’s a nice idea um and addition fact we now have um would we say we see has the ability to show us where these are just a lil bit preemptively pretty cool up looks like the fake way so i’m gonna go this way nailed it okay yeah Mike and I have so many chest keys and stuff I really don’t need that many items the only items I’d have a want really from these are like snuff souls and stuff um but the chances of getting a really know about hi doesn’t appear to be an enemy in here just 100 that’s such a pretty good yeah i really i really like this dungeon I mean it’s a pain I really like it left up looks like it’s gonna be a door there’s just two routes once the right once i left i can again I nailed it since he just went knowing where treasure is you can solve guess to a rough a rough idea of where like the exit is um before I was just going blindly hoping to find a place but now I can see treasures and stuff it’s silk gives it away a little bit more which is handy Oh God left right left right left right am i right okay left right left right left and then I said right as in to say am i right but I realize now but that’s just adding another layer to this and do love the music here though is fantastic it’s really weird seeing that the shadows are tiny actually since we’re here I’m going to improve talk about the acting for the dungeon um because I remember there was one beer I was like oh I’m gonna probably have to redo this line and I didn’t think it was perfect and I had every intention of redoing it but I she blew out my voice doing it um that recording session my voice wasn’t good so I didn’t end up drawing a chance to redo it because of that so people will find it which is good people liked it which it wasn’t perfect by any means I could have easily done better if I had a second shot but

at that point it was just like I don’t have any more footage to upload and I need to upload this and yeah I just got no time so I couldn’t in the end and you know what that that’s just not worth it um so yeah that was sounds interesting about me I mean I treasuring this ring and that that’s false advertising just an empty room I can figure out won’t go it seems to be really close together actually really close together for close enough you know now I can’t wait did you said yeah okay it’s not these dreams i was gonna say how does that work oh yeah i’ll make sense um ice cube I forget what of dolls at 50 points of damage I think it is no treasure in that room not worth it it’s like oh yeah definitely that we’re gonna say that seems like a better option now that I noticed there’s a giant wall yeah definitely my other source really close the salt has been closed every floor so far it’s kind of weird ziff 47 where’s the gimmick room cuz I hated 4747 just disorientate the hell out me sit see why am I so small here but you’re weird none of them are remotely powerful and it’s not that I’m overpowered or anything I’m roughly the correct level so they’re just small for some reason it was it with all the treasure rooms not actually having an treasure anthem what’s the correct choice I have no idea I’m gonna go right I genuinely do not a clue yeah why well I was correct can’t can I give that theoretically there’s mini-boss shouldn’t be a problem yeah this is the child for hate it’s gonna go so badly look Christ for a second nut for a second that was just really annoying that are [ __ ] goddess get a chamois I just wish soon as it turned as soon as I saw the three of them I was just like our goddess an enemy isn’t it yes that’s what record justly there is no easy way of doing this there just isn’t this just disorientated me completely okay Claire we got a square Y go oh that big now Oh No somehow I got away with that but yea seeing the free of them there it just startled me because I thought was an enemy like it was just a different figure but appeared I’m like I’ll go in any much I really stopped me for some reason Oh both choices love letters wack why not both choices look correct though I thought you like a treasure and Treasury oh my god what a surprise I do love how this lunging works it’s really clever I’ll be annoying sometimes but still it’s a lot of fun I went the wrong way yeah well bound to happen eventually I don’t actually know what some reeses level 10 upgraders cuz i think in my stream play for i got some level it was either eight or nine i wanna say with eight so i don’t actually know what she gets a 10 I I do I mean I can’t confirm but considering it’s always been something like here’s where treasure chests are here’s where enemies I reckon it’s the exit it’s probably wear them the next floor is but again I’ve no we’re actually knowing that i don’t i don’t know it might not be a home though I haven’t seen low indeed golden any reason it’s entirely possible down in the treasure in touch way I see a golden chest which I will not be getting focus as an enemy above it I don’t leave them

any way to be fair and you don’t like I’ve got like twenty eight keys and I’ve got more or less all the items I need from them the I reckon research final final final upgrade in terms of social and run is gonna be showing us where the X is wrong God you left it is they should be a trophy for getting through your car and counseling any enemies I doubt there is on the golden version but that won’t be good trophy really bad idea all right we’re gonna save because I trust nothing on and yeah let’s go for this is to the boss ex boss time this may go horribly wrong doesn’t appear to be we to anything so that’s good sets a shadow behind that door are you ready for it uh yeah sure let’s go with that let’s say we are Oh bollocks Oh bollocks oh these enemies suck this is my genuinely be difficult um which is the belief it’s mum place Petula yeah okay let’s see how much this does for me my love so little bit actually actually actually yeah it’s gonna bring beer Baja me no actually that’s right meta go meet him almighty do it I want to see how I don’t mighty don’t do ghosts like that sir coming better I’ve seen better right I was gonna try with GA then skated the most out of us how much does it send us a new actually not bad oh god oh dear oh dear indeed thank god that’s really bad actually you can take me out in one go I mean I have the same move but you can’t kill me the ocean is good basically i’m tryna critical it because it’s not a bad idea um aa he only does umma dune when foul brevard used apparently okay that makes sense Oh watches nice to you again he’s got to use it in the stabbing attacks he’s super powerful standard attacks if that’s how we’re gonna cream candies gonna do stand it hey there that could have done a lot more I start but it didn’t I’m fine there’s actually done yeah as the guide says it doesn’t have you seen that bad as over boss tumble see it has its problems which can screw me over but at the moment it’s in time I don’t really need to heal actually didn’t do that much damage just meals we are a lot more from the usselo here attack averted when did our attack kept it up really now um I really though when did not take it up I don’t look about hustling um middle I was almost like yes they’re gonna risk a one-time appealing I know I’ve ever deny oh yeah Lucy the foul breath right now that’s good yeah we’re fun to help them know like that will be in too much trouble we’re running on him Chris when

no doubt much challenge is gonna do with that it’s damaged it works beautiful unfindable if it was me of the main towns about what I’m not sure care of that I can make the back one day it will quit you you know it look at things worst case scenario you basically just use and kill me I’ll just bring you back so have I kill me I mean Jay I’ll just bring her back so it’s not likely this problem you win this anyway hey what you what you can do that you can withstand it yochi a oh you’re brilliant you really are figure out a shadow of doubt you could go he’ll please ya think you could have to do a wonderful job dying well I did not know you to stand it oh she’s dead yeah we’ll get on that I see you can go there but those the winning line oh where is it very calm yes we can oh so do I have anything better than we recon nah I didn’t know if I the wrong I can remember and then they find something better is fallacious okay so what is it for it’s the maze Oh bollocks and how do you um how do you stop this don’t remember oh right okay you’ve got to die I have like one turn left yeah we’re doing everything we’ve got now Healing is not an option you have to die all our time go I may get one more time and that has to wonder if use me alive oh boy here we go luck it’s all danced a lot cuz I have nothing else sweet did I block that’s because of the persona I have and it will always block or did I just get lucky block which kind of block was that either way I don’t want to wait and find out because you’re going to darn right now preferably yukiko might just kill it she’s having oh thank god it’s not okay yeah yeah I said it got you killed herself oh so I must have reflected it nice there you go Oh what up yeah well but that went well I think I think that went pretty well is in the bag of bones the weapon yeah the guy a sword I guess just for the sake of doing it yes I don’t know how good the sword is I think it’s pretty good I’m tempted to put that on the reason I say that down poor soil is great and it’s ridiculously rare and powerful but it misses half a time and that is a problem I’ll think about it I don’t have to think about it for a while so I but it is one of those things was just like that point is an acting in the back of

my mind I’m gonna have to do something about it so we’ll see but yeah yeah returns the entrance that went well I think I went pretty well I’m gonna say when well but thank very much for watching I guess tomorrow we’re going on a school trip cuz that’s what we do so yay school trips and all that school trips are fun thank you shame none of them as a social link afraid how did another too much then I’m no more socially little narcos I haven’t ate nothing on the fridge uh-huh yeah mine well next time going on school trips so I’ll see you then bye bye