Beginner's Guide to Stocking a Working Prepper Pantry

hi everyone today I’m going to talk to you about creating a working pantry in your home whether you have a lot of space or you’re like me and have just a little bit of space we’re gonna talk about how to stock that pantry and it’s kind of a beginner level getting started type of working pantry because that’s pretty much where I’m at we’ve always kept sort of a stock of food and supplies but and I’ve always wanted to keep like a six month to one year supply but we’ve never quite had the money or never really took the time to invest in it there are so many more reasons besides and illness to create a working pantry things like job loss which we have experienced storms we’re getting into spring where we’re gonna have more thunderstorms we could have more power outages I know I have friends who live in hurricane territory so hurricane season anything like that is a good reason to create a working pantry now you could also create an emergency pantry which is things that you’re going to use only in an emergency so you’re going to set those things aside and they’re your emergency stash only I’m going with a working pantry because number one I don’t want to waste the food and I also have a diabetic in the family who controls his diabetes with diet and exercise and we also have gluten intolerance so I want to stock my pantry with things that we’re going to actually use and then just keep replenishing over time so I’m going to kind of go over kind of some things we’ve stored in our pantry how you can do that where you can store it especially if you don’t have a lot of room and just give you an idea of what that’s going to take (intermittent music) okay so how to get your pantry started especially when you might not have a lot of money to invest in it you want to watch sales you want to watch BOGO offers buy one get one free you want to watch Aldi because all these a great place to stock up on canned foods and a lot of times they’re gonna be cheaper than even your sales you can watch bulk items even sam’s club sometimes has special discounts where if you buy so many of one product you get so much discount off so those are all things that you can kind of watch if you get a Christmas bonus you get a tax refund anything like that you can take some of that money and invest into your working pantry now I’m gonna focus mainly on food but I will give you a glimpse into our household supplies as well but since I’m more into the food prepping I’m gonna show you more of what we stock for food especially with having gluten intolerance and a diabetic in the household when you’re stocking a working pantry you always want to stock the new things behind the old thing so you want to constantly be rotating things out so when you buy new green beans kind of bring the old green beans forward and you put your new green beans behind or you store them somewhere else completely you can get creative with storage solutions places like closets under futons under beds other shelves that might be sitting empty um just get creative with that if you really are committed to creating a working pantry so let’s talk about what kinds of things you can stock in your working pantry now in any given week we’re gonna eat a lot of chicken we’re gonna eat a lot of beef I would really love to get into canning some beef canning some meat chicken even because canned chicken is expensive we eat some fish and that leave a lot of vegetables and we we don’t eat a lot of rice or pasta I did stock a little bit of rice and pasta and even some beans but we don’t eat a lot of that because my diabetic can’t eat rice and beans he has to really watch his carb intake so I stocked a lot of canned meat and a lot of vegetables so hand chicken this is something that’s really good to stock and this can if we were to really ration it we could probably go with one maybe two but we could probably go with one

candidate for the whole family if we had to really ration it I’ve stocked a lot of vegetables so I have I’ll show you our other cabinet in a few minutes but we have beets and then I also have we have some leaf spinach canned spinach oh but it’s good for you know it’s good so I have a little bit of a jelly stock going and then I have some honey evaporated milk and then I’ve started a little fruit stock because my kids really like and I like to fresh fruit but in the case of not being able to get out to get fresh fruit I’m stocking some canned fruits and I’m trying to make sure I get ones that are in light syrup or fruit juice so they’re healthier and then also we have things like we’ve canned apple butter and we’ve canned our own apple sauce we have one jar of meat up there and some pickles we’re working on our on our home canned product a few big cans of green beans that I’ve stopped because they were on sale grape juice my oldest loves grape juice he craves it and grape juice is one of the healthier things that I can keep for him so I try to keep a small inventory of grape juice not necessarily a survival thing but something that he enjoys so when you’re doing a working pantry stocke things that you’re gonna need but also some things that you might want have some other things that we have stopped again things that you want popcorn my youngest loves popcorn so I’m keeping kind of a steady supply of popcorn it’s such a small space but we have a food grade bucket that we have filled with 25 pounds of gluten-free flour in a food grade bucket with a lid and I order that and then we also have like wheat berries or rye berries things that we can even grind our own flour if you are gluten-free you could store a large supply of rice to make your own rice flour there’s no end to the things that you could stock yourself with to be able to cook and bake the things that you want to make um I do have a stash of gluten-free flour up here more like bread flours and cake flours and then xanthan gum and then we also have my son’s some of his baking supplies and we keep some bread flour on hands and then as for potatoes we have our own potatoes but we’ve had our own potato stock since last summer on Jacob grew them in the garden so and we keep them down in the crawlspace where it’s a little bit cooler and they’ll today they’ll keep longer I keep a lot of these baking supplies for work purposes so a lot of the xanthan gum the Bisquick the gluten-free flour and then we also keep regular flowers because some things I just I have to make with regular flour and then my son also makes a lot of his own bread we also keep a steady supply tea um hot tea and also coffee so those are some things that you want to think about you could even store coffee beans instead of actual ground coffee if you keep a steady supply of Ziploc bags trash bags and then also cat food if you have pets pet food dog food cat food chicken feed anything like that that you can store and keep in stock no this is my other storage or food and it’s in the main kitchen area so this is where I’m going to put things that we are actively using every week now I did say that I’ve used that I do have a few bags of beans and I did end up starting a few bags of rice these are mainly for emergency purposes because again we don’t eat a lot of rice and beans once in a while we’ll make some chicken fried rice but it’s very far and few between because again dietary needs um but we keep a

good supply of condiments things like maple syrup peanut butter dressings my diabetic in my family eats a lot of salads so we stock healthy salad dressings so that he can enjoy his salad things like ketchup mustard Miracle Whip Mayo all those different things that you eat on a regular basis are things that you want to store in your pantry I keep a few taco shells but it’s probably better to keep a bag of corn tortillas or even make your own you can make your own stock regular saltines for the kids but for my in Torrance I stopped gluten-free saltines so I always have something I already get sick or something I at least have something that I can nibble on and they’re really good with soup and actually these are better than regular saltines you’re so good a lot of my baking supplies are work supplies so baking powder baking soda cocoa powder baking mixes for cake mix recipes I keep a really big pie of sugar brown sugar and powdered sugar because I have a baking blog so and then we also have chicken breast and salmon and tuna and I keep a small supply of pasta we don’t eat a lot of pasta but I do keep a small supply because every once in a while you just want spaghetti or alfredo and then that gluten-free mac and cheese it’s great value so good we keep a lot of vegetables so we eat a lot of green beans green beans all going back to the wall canned tomato or crushed tomatoes cuz we make all our own sauces we pretty much cook from scratch so we’re making spaghetti sauce peach sauce any type of tomato based sauce or soup we have crushed tomatoes oats or steel-cut oats and I keep some gluten-free oats now pretty much all oats should be gluten-free but there is risk of cross-contamination so just watch your ingredients and then dried fruits like raisins and mango those are good things to keep stopped especially if you kids love to snack on we like to put raisins in oatmeal so that’s one reason I keep and then of course I have a ton of baking and cake decorating supplies in here for my job but in jello mix this to your working pantry again it’s gonna be things that you need and use everyday but it can also be things that you want like the hot cocoa mix or like a bag of press you know several bags of pretzels I keep a good stock of tortilla chips because we eat a lot of chips and salsa especially my boys my boys love chips and salsa guacamole and like that and then other things you might want to keep are things like graham crackers your favorite cereal is the only cereal I buy right now our Cheerios another thing that I stock up on there really isn’t priority but for me it isn’t there’s chocolate so as you can see I have a good little stack of chocolate Hershey’s chocolate going and then my favorite the lindt sea salt so that’s another thing that you don’t really need but you might want to stock up on in your working pantry now we’re gonna talk about seasonings and spices Oh vanilla vanilla for baking and I usually well we got our first bottle when we went over the border into boquilles but you can also order it and I’ll leave the link to that in the description below where you can order this big bottle of vanilla and this vanilla last let’s see this bottle of vanilla last me two years even like baking for a living so pretty awesome other things that you want to stock our seasonings and spices and then oils and bullion our stock we keep a lot of seasonings on hand and as long as you have lots of salt and pepper even if you don’t have a lot of seasonings as long as you have salt and pepper you’ll have flavor so um I keep a lot of this chicken broth and beef broth base just so we have it cinnamon we use a lot of cinnamon and then again down here we have a lot of pickling salt I’m not sure why we have so much of that but chili powder

I love these badia spices because they are gluten free every single one of them has been smoked paprika has become one of my favorite seasonings and then again as long as you keep a good supply of salt and pepper you’re good on flavor molasses we have some apple cider vinegar we also have a good supply of regular vinegar because you can use that for washing fruits and vegetables for cleaning for multiple things recipes multiple things you can even make your own buttermilk with it or sour milk we have some canola oil that’s mainly for my baking for my work we have olive oil a little bit of Crisco these are just some things that we keep stocked and this is not a huge supply but you’d be surprised how long a container of spices can last especially one of these big ones and especially if you were happen to be rationing it but you can also buy spices in bulk and bag them and put them in containers that would be an idea if you really wanted to store back spices now we also do stock some water we have some gallons that we bought you can also buy bottles so that they’re easier to pack and take with you we do keep some bottles for when we’re traveling but you could also take your milk gallons and your your empty milk gallons and your juice jugs and you could clean those out really good and fill those up with water and keep them stored somewhere another good thing to stock is dried milk because if you were to have a power outage you might need some milk for cooking or if you have young children I have a three year old so I have a couple cans of dried milk just in case and if we happen tonight use these cans for any reason then I will use them in recipes I can mix it up and use it in recipes this is kind of well I’m not gonna use dried milk every day this is sort of an emergency stash with in my working pantry so there will be some items like that that you will need to stock as for cleaners we pretty much only use two or three cleaners so tough and tender is one that we use on a regular basis and then I also keep a stock of some of these things we’ve gotten with free from Norwex I also keep a good stock of solu guard from Melaleuca it’s more of a disinfectant and as far as disinfecting we usually use Norwex rags in the kitchen but I will use this sometimes if we’ve been sick or if I have something really messy that I need to clean up I’ll use this and then thieves I keep a good supply of thieves household cleaners cuz I make our own household wipes I just make sure that I have a good stock of stain treatment and also our laundry detergent and I order all of it from Melaleuca and then I also use this as a boost a booster in my laundry so I’ll mix it up it lasts forever I’ll mix it up and pour just a capful in my laundry every load of laundry so I do keep laundry supplies on hand as well hygiene supplies things that we stock our shampoo hand soap well we buy a castile soap it lasts forever I think we calculated out was like 50 cents a bottle making our own hands up with that and then we also have toothpaste shampoo conditioner lots of deodorant I have my CBD lotion coconut oil because we use that with our essential oils first aid supplies and lip balms and hand sanitizer I get the feeds from Young Living and then peroxide and some rubbing alcohol and then I keep some things down here to mix things up with oils and some travel supplies when our bars of soap I keep a pretty good supply of soap for us as well I also have it stored away in another area so this is not all that we have have our medicine stocked up the main thing we stocked up for for illness is mucinex because that’s about the only

thing that the only medicine that really helps when we get colds ibuprofen tylenol just then normal and then of course I keeps for Zeke I keep a little supply of ibuprofen and Tylenol and some saline drops and a little bit of cough syrup and then our thermometers and then I also stock any medications that we take which right now I’m the only one that’s on a regular medication for my thyroid and then um things like I have some vitamin C we have tons of course I have some colloid L silver some elderberry some vitamin D probiotic just calcium things that we use on a regular basis that is what I store um I also keep some oslo say that but I keep that and then of course activated charcoal and you keep that on hand instead of Gatorade I keep these little propel electrolyte beverage powders and we can mix them up as we need them and they don’t have any sugar and they also don’t have all the colors that you would get in regular Gatorade so they work really well for our family I also keep some lollies for Zeke for when he has a sore throat and some cough drops I have a little stock of cough drops or if we get call for getting get colds we use a lot of oils we diffuse them we also use them when we get sick the main ones that I I mean I stalk a lot of them as you can see but Pheebs is the one that we use every single day and for when we get sick especially with the cold I like to stock RC or Raven Sara just for help relieving those symptoms um some kids oils like sleepy eyes and tummy guys and um sniffle ease I think that is sniffle ease yeah so I keep some a good supply of oils on hand as well alright as far as household goes um things like tissues toilet paper paper towels we don’t use a ton of paper towels but we do keep some on hand cuz we’ll use them we’ll use them sometimes and we use in when we go camping some to um of course diapers and pull-ups because we’re kind of in that in-between potty training stage alright I think that’s about it we’re gonna keep filling our pantry though and keep adding things and stocking things so if you want to follow along on our pantry adventures whether it’s for baking or cooking or maybe even some of our household be sure and subscribe and be sure and like and share this video if you enjoyed it I’ll see you guys later (outro music)