First Solo Flight

Cirrus 9143 contact SoCal Departure Aircraft calling Ground: unanswered. You were stepped on. Say again. Sorry It’s okay. We’re a Liberty XL2/G N275MC over here at Ben’s Motorworks with information X-Ray We’d like a VFR departure to John Wayne with flight following and we’d like to go to 2,500 feet N272MC, Fullerton Ground, Runway 24 taxi via Alpha on request 24 via Alpha on request and we’re 275MC 275MC, roger Fullerton Ground, CHP 51 at our hangar ready to taxi for run-up with X-Ray CHP 51, Fullerton Ground, runway 24 taxi via Bravo Runway 24 taxi via Bravo, CHP 51 Bonanza 76KU Runway 24 clear to land Cessna 285 number 2 follow Bonanza short final, runway 24 clear to land Cessna 676, traffic ahead and to your right is a Cessna 152, east- correction westbound Altitude indicates 1,600 descending into Fullerton. When able, report traffic in sight