Tiny Towns Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today righto runs through tiny towns which is a very clever little challenging puzzle of a city building game and I’m gonna be doing a two-player run-through today although before I get going I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you’ll know what they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to my tiny little town or one day become my tiny town I am going to be using these different colored cubes that represent building materials to try to match the particular patterns of these seven buildings in this game it’s a mill stone a tailor a farm a cloister a cottage a warehouse and a feast hall as you can see there are tons more buildings that come with this game so every time you play you’re gonna have a different puzzle to solve and here is the interesting thing about this run-through I am not alone today I am joined by Ryan of Knights around a table Ryan say hello to the nice people hello nice people hey so Ryan has an excellent YouTube channel where he primarily focuses on how to play videos and in fact he has done on how to play video for tiny towns if you want to check that out you can hit the I up in the top right corner screen or follow the shown ups ryan is joining me today through the power of the internet and has challenged me to a mano a mano and you’re about to watch me lose lose terribly I’m sure but I’m gonna do my best to support the rato brand I thought they were gonna watch us both lose terribly because I’m not as confident as you think I am in this one well folks place your bets now because only uh oh I was gonna do up here are the lamentations of their women Conan quote but perhaps it’s a it’s a bit pre-emptive for that here’s the way the game works in a nutshell basically every turn depending on who is the master builder which is to say whoever holds this mighty hammer gets to choose one of the five building materials they would like to add to their city and all players must do that and over time as we add more and more of these we’ll be trying to target these particular patterns and build these buildings for sweet sweet points I’ll eventually what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna run out of space to build at which point the game is over for that player and once everybody has run out of space the game is over and we tally up final points so Ryan we actually even though we spent well over half an hour preparing for this at no point we do decide who was gonna be the first player oh my gosh well how are we gonna how we’re gonna do it um Rochambeau oh okay yeah there we go right here we go one two three throw even one two three throw yeah one two three all right good Oh paper okay right one two three and you went rocks idiot yep well you can’t see my hands can you all right one more time one two three all right I did scissors alright that’s it I am the master builder alright go figure yes alright so I’m the master builder I will be choosing one of these and my overall strategy is really determined by which of these buildings do on a build but in addition to these seven ones that everybody is trying to build as part of set up each player gets their own secret monolith and I end up trying trying to build this you can see I’ve got this very particular pattern which will give me a special power Ryan has his own monolith he’s trying to build I have no idea what it is and so considering this is what I want to build I will have to make decisions and I don’t think I want to build this right now I think this is gonna be something that I’m gonna wait a little bit later I’ll have to be trying to get ready to do it as you can see I’ll get some points but I’ll also get this particular event and I don’t want to say what cuz I don’t want Ryan to know I’m so we’ll come back to that in a minute in the meantime though let’s just pick something really simple let’s go on ahead and say Ryan I’m gonna start out with would I say wood and that means we both pick a wooden cube and there we go and we can put it anywhere on our grid it doesn’t have to expand from existing cubes or anything like that but I’m trying to do it in such a way that I can build what with wood I could build a farm I can build a mill stone or a feast hall or cloister or a warehouse or well a portion of my secret and so there’s anything these farms which provide the food that feeds my cottage each cottages worth three points at the end of the game if I can get it fed so if I’m gonna make some colleges I want some farms so I think I’m gonna start out working on a farm I’ll put that right there um let’s see here yeah arbitrarily so and meanwhile I assume Ryan has been deep in thought as to what he wanted to do Ryan have you finished I have finished placing okay by the way folks in this video you’re gonna be hearing my strategic such as it is for how I’m

trying to go about things Ryan is gonna be providing his own video of this epic clash of titans and so again the links were that are down the show notes or you can hit the I so you can watch this whole thing from his perspective where he will talk through his strategies and I’m sure it’ll all make sense in the end but Ryan I chose wood you sir are now the master builder i virtually hand you the hammer what are we building next it’s gonna be brick rattle brick alright that would be a red cube a brick does not help me with my farm Ryan thanks for nothing well I’m not really concerned about your farm rod oh all right that’s fantastic all righty so brick that’s the cornerstone of cottage a warehouse or a cloister so cloister is interesting um as I mentioned right up front there are a bunch of different cards here the cloister is the type of church we’re building in this if we want to and it could have been a chapel or a temple or an abbey and they all have different powers and different things in the cloisters think they’re worth a point if they are in if they’re worth a point for every Church I have in the corner of my town so if I want to start working on a cloister maybe I will go ahead and say put this brick right here cuz you can see how I’m starting to try to make that and hopefully Ryan is not taking advantage of the fact that I’m telling him everything I’m trying to do but I’m sure he’s a gentleman – a word all right they might be worth pointing out though yes right righto it might be worth pointing out that one of the rules in the game is that you don’t actually have to build according to the way you see the blueprint on the card you can rotate the blueprint you can even actually flip the blueprint that is right just mix up the cubes within the blueprint you’re good to go yep yeah that is definitely true you’re totally fine I mean while I’m starting out too this as you can see just sticking to it I could show build it up here which means I put it over there I could even mirror things if I want to as Ryan points out but that would require a level of tactics and strategy that I am not capable of at this point sir but thanks for pointing it out all right so will you to know what you’re already a step ahead of me because you’re already thinking about the cubes that can double up and and make other buildings I I honestly can only keep one building in my head at any one time so I’m sticking pretty hard to my monument and hoping beyond hope that I’m able to build that with the cubes that you pick for me monument monument I say one other thing I should point out again a big part of this strategy is trying to stay loose because I’m only gonna be responsible for half of the cubes that are gonna be on here and Ryan’s gonna throw any number of curveballs at me but as you can see by choosing this red and putting it here because I’m thinking about this cloister in the corner if things don’t go my way instead I could use that brick as the basis for a cottage in the same area so no I’m keeping my options open but in the meantime Ryan Rome demands wood we’re doing another wood and I’ll just go ahead and slap this thing right over there just arbitrarily and as you can see this is what I’m going for there and Ryan is up ah Ryan has already messed up his entire plan I win it didn’t take long did it I’m gonna pick an epic stone stone all right that would be great let’s see here stone is not in my strategic oh yes it is of course look at that I am very happy with your stone sir thank you very much okay so that’s that um are you ready yes then it’s time for some delicious wheat which is the yellow cube I I call for wheat sir we did is alrighty and uh yeah we’re good to go Ryan’s up next now this is our Rose it does me no good at all if I don’t actually start building some colleges this thing can feed up to four colleges but if I get this thing all the way then I can start working on cottages and don’t forget I’ve got this in my back sleeve which if I build it later could be very very handy getting me out of a jam what’s up sir it’s gonna be brick brick brick I do not need brick brick is uh I’m starting to hear that no use to me whatsoever mmm get that brick right on out of here um great fantastic in fact alright well we’ll put some brick over here thinking about a little bit of something like that alright that’s cool I’m totally down with that alright you ready I am wheat okay why what’d I do I really kind of Telegraph to this this should not come as a surprise to you of course normally you do not articulate what your strategies are when playing against another player because then they can make plans but apparently that’s not Ryan strong suit so that’s cool so hey hey now alright so the farm as you can see I have successfully built a farm the full process of a player’s turn is you declare what you want to build and then after everybody’s built if you have got a layout of cubes you can remove those cubes from the board and replace one of them with the building I have now successfully built a farm hooray for me and it can go into any of

these four spaces I will put it in this space and as you can see I have now got a lot of room to start building again or at least attempting to build now I put it over here and said over here because which one was it one of these buildings wants to be in the center yeah taylors if I make taylors a Taylor building is worth one point plus one point for each boy oh no that’s what it was for each farming star I did want this farm the center there was this plan so I put this farm in the center I want all my farms in the center so that if I do build a tailor then I get extra points for farms its retailers no it’s for other damage yes I do want ah ok I’m doomed folks I have a feeling good for myself like right so I’ve let this over here so I’m leaving these open the Center for tailors if I get around to building those but again the more things I build the less space I have to build stuff but anyway that was it I believe it’s your turn sir is it isn’t it I think I just called wheat and then built a thing yes I’m actually confident of that somebody check the tape let’s say let’s say stone stone alright um stone doesn’t help me with I’m going on over here but I’ll have another one going on over there alright that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool okay um then hey how about some glass which is our lovely blue cube can we just back up two seconds here I just have a technical difficulty here start a camera oh oh okay oh did you you hit your limit yep yeah Ryan is filming with a DLSR or DSLR camera which is why his videos look so much nicer than mine cuz he can do depth of field tricks and stuff like that but he has a hard limit of 15 minutes and so this might happen again but uh you’re gonna see a little bit of behind the scenes here alright so it was glass I say to you are you down with less I can do glass alright and silent so let it be written so let it be done oh shoot and now wait how okay how finicky are we going to be about peace laid peace played if I just drop that in the wrong place oh this is a friendly game are you saying you literally just dry and it spilled onto your or you know there are two places where I put it put glass I should have picked this one I picked that one after coming anybody my wife included has ever played a game with me knows I am The King of take-backs video isn’t complete without me at least at one point saying wait wait wait wait I need to rewind for the last three or four turns and try this out of thing so by all means sir fair enough we’re all friends here alright so you’ve got your glass I did I’m just going to condense something down and build a building well what are you building all done did you build your monolith I didn’t I built a cloister in the lower right corner of my ah yes okay well yeah so I gave him the last piece of glass he needed to build a cloister okay alright then um lead right into my hands hahaha okay what else we got that’s my turn yes I’m hoping this but I problem well I say glass once more glass again alrighty yeah okay alright and I just realized look what I’ve done here folks I fixed it so I put this here and I can’t but that’s okay I’ll still go ahead and put this here it’ll work out in the I’m very confident all right so glass it was and are you ready for my big exciting move let’s hear it Oh wood wood alrighty and as you can see are you sure about that oh I’m quite sure you’d be a fool not to take lumber at this point alright we can’t we can’t talk about this no no there’s no there’s no talking me down from that so this is problem I have no idea what I can’t and now when you really play against other players of course a big part of this game is all about paying attention to what they’re building because while of course your number one concern when you’re putting stuff down is what do I need to make my stuff you also don’t want to give things to your opponent that they need um so unfortunately in this game I cannot see what Ryan’s doing but apparently I have hurt him badly I have struck him and the whole thing is falling apart which is another reason you’ll probably want to go check out his video after you’re done watching this but anyway in the meantime look at that I have created a cloister of my very own so all that stuff goes away giving me room I need to which I mean I was gonna be able to build but now I can continue that and a cloister looks like this and of course I put it in the corner because they want to be in corners and yeah baby yeah baby yeah what’s next my pick mm-hmm I say wheat wheat okay let’s say so that’s not gonna help me with this this farm is a waste of my time unless I’ve actually made cottages so perhaps it’s time for me to start working on a cottage let’s put it over here with an intent to fill up like that okay I got some sour news for you there righto what’s wrong sir I have constructed my monument congratulations well I think what what is it what it

what have you done to me uh it’s bad news okay I’ve constructed opal eyes watch the opal eyes watch let’s see you have we actually as part of stuff we made sure that we weren’t playing same thing this sir is what you have built what is this immediately place three unique bill oh my god on this card whenever player on the left or right which would be me it constructs one of those buildings take a building from here and place it on an empty Oh what you tell me folks uh hub is my power compared to his well we’ll see how that works out okay so so what three unique buildings are you placing on your watch that you will deploy at some point in the future your like cottages and you built your farm so I definitely put a cottage on opalized watch I have a feeling you’re into this cloister on corner since you’ve already built one and it’s it’s no good to just build one so I’ve got a koi stirrer on there uh-huh and then the feast hall is set up to be a bit of a race an arms race between us so I thought that would give me the advantage automatically if you build your first feast hall I negate it with one popping off that oh I see yes because I’ve been really talking about remember there are so many different buildings it really creates a unique feel every time you play and I have to man I’ve been so focused on getting my cloisters cloistered appropriately and setting up my farm for my annual inevitable cottages I forgot about feast hall in this game building a feast all what you can see is pretty easy to build a feast walls work two points but there were three if you have more feast halls than your neighbor and so he has set himself up to maintain have you been working on feast all sir get not a single one all right well alright see again no there’s another level of the strategy of this game while this game could just be all about focusing in your own little world depending on the buildings you’re building you really do have to pay attention all right I need to be listening for if he ever puts a couple of lumber down and a so you have set up a feast hall to counteract my feast all you’ve given yourself a cloister so you can get more of this corner action and you’ve given yourself a hello is it a thing cottage and you can only build us for free if I build those same things that’s whenever a player on the left or right constructs one of those buildings Wow so you therefore have made me not want to build any of those things interest yeah wow that’s some good strategery okay and whose turn was all this I’ve lost track normally somebody would be holding the hammer at this point I believe I called wheat to build that yes you did and I put that there okay well welly well well alright then let’s continue shall we um let’s go on ahead and take some glass mr. glass glass and I’m just continued to work on that right there there’s gonna have to come around over to there should be easy peasy lemon squeezy huh all right when I first thought this I thought you’d build it but so that’s really interesting I now control his destiny but I have to build at least one because he knows right boo-boo oh all right okay now you do have you made your decision I have let’s say brick brick oh well hey you played right into my hands you fool okay as you can see I have finished a cottage and I I could put yes I have sir and I think that means if you check over on his channel he has just built one for nothing for free like a total freeloader so I built it here because I need to keep this open four corners because my cloisters I need to keep this open in case I decide to go tailors and while I wasn’t thinking that much about Taylor now I’m thinking about tailors because I know he can’t build a freebee Taylor but at the very least this now is worth three points because it’s fed by this farm if I didn’t have a farm it would be worth nothing although that’s not true because at the end of the game once we’re done building every empty space is loses us a point so even if this wasn’t fed it’d be worth the point but right now it’s worth four points to me and this is worth one this is worth nothing oh it is worth one again but anyway enough about that um what’s or no you you just gave me the what I needed for that okay let’s just go ahead and get this done with some more wood wood food there we go and surprise I’m giving him a stupid freak boy stur do not like ouch wow I played right into his hands all right okay and hmm let’s see so now you have you have now built your free cloister and you’re free and what was the other thing you set aside cottage chips so the it was the cottage so the only building remaining on opalized watch is the feast all thereby ensuring I never want to build a few stall but that means he’s gonna start building a feast hall which means he’s gonna get that extra point which means I’ve gotta build one to stay ahead but he’s just got a permanent lock on that plus one alright so right exact feast hall you are dead to me sir alright not that I should articulate that necessarily and I should never say never as well in this game alright so I’m sorry that was the law bladder whose turn is it it’s hard to keep track isn’t it you know what I found this in the five player version is it was really difficult because

everybody was playing at different paces that’s why there’s the hammer right there’s the hammer but you have let’s say you have the hammer at you name your resource you’ve got five players it’s a say a busy Easter weekend and you’re everyone places it’s sort of different rates and you have to be sure before you pass the hammer like I have to check and make sure that everyone has placed their cube and that’s why there was the instruction booklet recommends to play sort of like over your head you know I mean it’s so that you can see whoever has their arms still up in the air it still hasn’t placed their cube because it’s really hard to just take a survey of the table and determine to actually place it down having only played to I have not noticed that and although it is certainly a problem when you’re playing on opposite sides of the continent anyway no I’m actually gonna take advantage it was me because I’m ever I said would like I thought that was really clever and whatnot so I’m gonna take the hammer away which implies it’s your turn Oh fantastic what we gots do that I’ll say brick brick brick house all right um well let’s just put that there as you can see that’ll play around to that that’ll work out quite nicely and as you can see also I’m trying to keep my options open the more stuff I build out in the middle the tougher it is because then I got to lay more cubes around it so I’m trying to keep things on the periphery as best I can so brick are you done I am then it’s my turn and I say to the stone that I can do all right then what’s next I’m gonna harass you with some more say brick brick brick that is unfortunate okay here’s what I’m gonna get I’m gonna get I’m gonna get I’m gonna get I’m gonna take a shot I’m gonna take a chance here I’m gonna put this brick over here because I’m thinking while this could be the beginning of it of this I could also put this over here and start working on that this is a very powerful tool a warehouse can get me out of a jam so as you can see now I am keeping my options open not that it’ll help in the long run but you said brick I say I say I say wheat Oh lovely now righto I just want to point out I’ve built the koi stir number three so I have three corners covered well aren’t you fancy and with that last week you just names I’m actually going to build the warehouse what where are my men okay so you okay with that wheat you just got one step ahead and we’ll see how well that works out it’s interesting I should say we’re playing with just the standard rules today the standard rules are we pick a random selection one of each of the types of the buildings everybody gets their own monolith which by the way you can only build one of which is why everybody starts with a monolith so you can’t build multiples of this and we are not playing with what’s called the cavern rules the cavern rules say that if somebody calls out a cube that you do not want it’s just gonna waste space and mess you up you can twice in the game take that cube that somebody else declared and put it off to the side in the cave now that’s kind of like an intro so that you can’t get messed over by other players we’re not playing with that but the warehouse is a great get out jail free card because um you can if I declare something that Ryan doesn’t like he can just store that in his warehouse although he will lose a point for everything he stores in his warehouse all right gum all right so what’s up next what’s new pussycat we’re gonna go with a wood alright OOP okeydoke and then back to me are you ready I am then taste my wheat and I have now completed a warehouse as well although usually thing is I don’t have to I can declare this warehouse on a future turn in case I wanted to leave my options open because hey maybe I want this to be part of that and I only keep these around and but now that’s for high level play that I think neither Ryan nor myself are up to at this point so I’m just gonna take it while I can build it and get my own warehouse which is worth zero police worth one point cuz it’s filled a space up but if Ryan tries to throw a curve ball my way I can basically lose a point and store the stuff there alright um your turn what do we got next sir how’s this for a curve ball what’s my favorite resource um stone I think brick brick of course it is the brick house all right um brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick we’ll go there to be that okay that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool cool can handle that I’m totally down with that um all righty then it’s time sir for mr. glass Kendu all right

man is your turn also glass that is a waste of my time hmm that is not what I need for this ah I think then under said circumstance says I will put the glass there thus starting to work on one of those okay ready spaghetti yes oh dear I’ve looked over at my webcam and it seems there is trouble for the nights around a table uh it’s good well weather this storm remember you whatever I just threw out the oh I what what did I you saw a toothy I’m sorry what was that and I put it in the wrong it’s all good it’s all good it’s all good okay it’s all good it’ll all work out fine this is fine all comes on the whole alright okay it’s wood let’s say wood hey it’s like you read my mind wait no is it your turn is it my turn no no you don’t cuz I cuz I just mess my entire plan up with my own resource alright yeah cuz I was gonna say you know if you didn’t like it you could have stored it but no you can’t store your own thing so he did glass um which means it is my turn which is why the hammer is here ah right so with that in mind I’m gonna say I know you I know you I know you love the brick so how about some brick sir how about some brick yeah I don’t know if I’d quite love the brick like I did well lose a point and store it and you’re a wonderful warehouse oh my I can’t do that can’t iose you can yes why did I remind him of that I don’t know I’m a fool I mm-hmm that’s interesting it’s an interesting that’s intranet i won’t i won’t in fact all right I’ll put it right there he’ll take your brick and you’ll like it mm-hmm what we got next next one’s gonna be well like I said you saw wood coming I don’t know if I should name it because you seemed happy when I said it but let’s pretend I didn’t see any of that coming we’ll say we’ll say would I continue to be happy all righty um and I have built my cloister number three okay in that lovely and I have built a feast hall number one feast hall oh he’s out there so that is currently for him a three-pointer two points plus one because he has the majority and if I tried to take that point away from him he just immediately gets it all right I do not like it Sam I am so in the meantime I will opt for some delicious crunchy wheat okay and that will be my next cottage now usually think about cottages they are the one universal in every game you will always have a cottage it’s the other six buildings plus your special one that is going to be unique to your play and so as you can see that’s three points in that three points because they’re both fed ultimately I want to get two more colleges out so I can get the maximum yield out of my farm which can feed up to four of said cottages and I am done your turn glass glass glass glass glass so that could be doing that let’s just do that okay that’s cool all right next built a cottage right oh oh happy days are here again the sky is sun is shining clear again and are you ready I am alright then I call upon stone huzzah curses that is not what I want to hear from you you’re gonna hear it a lot hi I liked your wailing and gnashing of teeth earlier but I guess that’s in the rearview mirror now alright what’s up I’m feeling pretty confident you know this is go better than I thought and when I messed up earlier I realized you know there’s always a way if you’re crafty enough to fix not always a way but I found a way to fix my mess up so you’re saying life finds a way it does all right it does what’s up next uh I just love I’m just gonna call brick obviously for the rest of the game I knew it boom why is he so keen on brick everybody I mean you only need it for the well I’m course he’s working on his other cloister as well alright so that’s that so here’s the thing like I said earlier we if we’re playing together I would be able to look over at his board and at this point I’d be trying to scan for hey that brick you just put down might it be next to a stone or a wood or a glass in any way shape or form the brick I just put down it is next it’s adjacent to a stone on the stone is adjacent to a glass in an L shape in an L shape Wow the only corner of my board that doesn’t have a cloister in it folks he’s going for a cloister which means I am NOT gonna waste my turn calling for

that because he’ll do it for me because I need to start working on my next master plan ha ha all right how do you like them apples okay um how about some wheat yeah we can do eat I have someone I wanna hear you’re far too calm and complacent about that so I wonder how far I can push you turn after turn before you’ll call the thing that I want you to call but you don’t know what I’m calling it I do because you not that I can hear your you can hear your monologue but I suspect call me a mint at the house of glass you want glass all right I did okay all right that’s cool with me and I built it and um all right and you just finished the cottage I did all right good for you my turn and I call upon the gods of brick brick and I have just also completed a cottage right I’m starting to wonder if I’m gonna regret having built that warehouse cuz so far he’s given me exactly what I needed and if he doesn’t give me crap then this warehouse is only worth single point but you know we’ll see how things go alright oh by the way that was my third cottage I’ve built and oh it’s worth a single point because it takes up a space exactly yes I mean yeah that’s a point you’re not losing by having built it um and did I just call yes I did so it is your turn wheat wheat wheat okay okay okay okay okay okay okay all right my turn this is a ridiculous stand off glass I’m gonna put it on the warehouse Oh oh I like that folks I didn’t see it but I felt it and it felt good actually didn’t feel good I hope things are working out over there I wrote it on put you in a bind I appreciate your care but for the purposes of this trash talking I will say you suck on that glass pal all right so you had to store your glass which means you just lost the point it is now your turn what you got I pushed it so hard and now I’m the one who has to call it would ya I win that battle of woody wits and I will complete a cloister I suspect you will also complete a cloister in fact I will in the last one so all corners are filled with moisture yep so we have basically completely invalidated each other set of cloisters all right um so that was that I am done with cloister town I still need one more cottage to really leverage this um so let’s let’s break it up brick hey yep and that would be my last alrightso and I obviously just built a cottage for the record my fourth cottage my farm is at capacity and it also would one more time one more time for me I’m sorry yeah ooh it is you so you’re going Wood Wood Wood Wood says the kind man I will put wood right here with an eye towards this because this will go next to that and everybody will be happy okay so you just want wood it’s my turn yes stone and having done that I have built a millstone and put it next to my farm which means it is worth two points it’s point of millstones or worth points if they’re adjacent to farms or mercantile houses although fountain would be different fountain is worth two points if it’s next to other fountains a well is worth one point if it’s next to a cottage etc so every time you play all of these things play out differently but that was me it is your turn I had to swap one of my resources out of my warehouse only what I just did oh but it built another cottage so okay so you pulled that glass out and you put the stone I just called for in that’s the other thing about this warehouse you can have up to three things in there but that’s negative three points every time you put one in you have the option of pulling another one out and immediately using it so that’s why it gives you that flexibility if you’re playing you have somebody who keeps choosing the wrong resource all right uh your friend what we got Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood is not necessary for that wood I’m not building that I’m not building that that’s all waste of time I don’t need that I don’t need that I don’t like it sir I do not care for that I I’m gonna I would like to see it I’m gonna put that there all right ready spaghetti yes sir uh how about some more stone there might be ball game for me that stone might have Myatt stone might have killed me weights you can always start I have a question about the warehouse I have a stone in the warehouse can I put a second stone in the warehouse yeah of course you can store three resources that’s that’s where it’s going all right meanwhile that’s the one allowed me to build my second millstone which is worth

two points again for being next to a farm yeah okay yeah the mill stone or the yellow D these are little well things that these are the ones that are always tiny in every game these are your fallback because they’re they’re easy to fill up as things get tighter and tires you see or tiny towns are getting bigger by the second so it is your turn sir what we got next wheat wheat wheat okay um now here’s the thing I haven’t even started on this folks I wonder if it’s too late um if I want to go for this Wow wheat what am I gonna do with wheat a cottage that wouldn’t be fed so that’s no good I don’t even know where I could store this but now I lose a point I could start trying to build this but you know what look I totally forgot I think I think I’m just gonna go for this that is that hoping to do that fingers crossed wheat it is okay are you ready I am and I’ve just built just to let you know just built a farm so that I can justify the four cottages that I have all right do not care for such things okay okay next up is um right so it’s one of these two to put in these spots I will go on ahead and say stone stone bow bone Bananarama for following me my mamon stone yeah all right what’s that all say yeah what I’ll say it I have the following yeah yeah yeah I will say yeah yeah oh oh I wish I could see your board right now um what what can I see what can what can I tell you about my board I have two empty spaces on my board that’s it a two empty spaces how many you filled with resources I have two resources on my board and two empty spaces or the two you have sources again folks you would normally all do this in real life the two resources are a wheat and a stone those two are diagonally adjacent to each other and then the two empty spaces are diagonally adjacent so if you were to I basically have four spaces the two of them have resources those four spaces form the shape of oh I don’t know kind of a tea yeah yeah here yeah yeah okay I’ll say in that case I’ll say last class oh we will okay well I can’t complain about that then under those circumstances wheat well before you before you do before you do that stone we just did allow me to create my first tale or which I put in the center of my town because I’m a good town planner all right and so thank you very much it is a my turn and so now I have three empty spaces in a straight line it would be impossible for me to make another tailor it is impossible for you to make a cottage or a warehouse um in fact about the only thing I can make it would be a feast hall which is worth two points to me but then I mean but but that two points will be immediately if I build a feast all I’m giving you three points cuz that’s just sitting around unbuilt right do not care for that so since you are sitting on a mountain of stone in your warehouse is that correct correct I’m done how about some more stone oh you awful awful man I’m a good man I’m an upstanding citizen I’m just doing what’s right for me and mine I’m calling the police oh how how you gonna do me like that righto these poor forest critters or whatever this game is about we’re gonna have to spend the winter naked with no tailors in their town don’t you need to build mill stones man I cannot wait to watch your video and see what situation you’re in now because stones are always a gimme I put stone down he puts a wood down he’s got a millstone let me think what yes because that’s the situation you and your stone your blasted stone I don’t y’all see all the blueprints if I had called wood instead would you be dancing a happy jig in fact no because that’s a small furry forest creature city-planning I do nothing would have helped it’s all a waste it’s all just a rock in the middle of town we’ll stick

with stone I was trying to throw you a bone but alright stone it is oh that was my turn but now it’s your turn what we got show me what you gon ready for it yep are you ready brick prepare prepare your heart because it’s going to be pass what oh my gosh so here’s what happened folks once your city is completely full you can’t you pass you’re out of the game that means that stone he just placed was his last empty spot he cannot go and since I’m the only other player in the game now there is no one else to call cubes and I will just put whatever cube I want until I have to pass as well so I will put a lumber I know you’re explaining here but I think you should really consider changing the name of your channel – righto rubs it in this is just for the betterment of the folks at home although I know actually I will put the lumber here and that will allow me to create a millstone and I’ll put it over here which unfortunately doesn’t do any good cuz it’s not next to a farm or whatever but hey that’s still a point and then Oh is there anybody else everybody’s past all right I’ll put some more lumber down I’ll put some more stone down and that allowed me to make another mill stone which is right here next to my tailor well is there anybody else calling no no no then just to end it the way of just to throw you a bone how about some brick alright my my now my town is now full as well oh I’m so what did I need to call for you what did you need when uh when you had to pass see this was sort of the the deficiency and not being able to see your board and I needed to either call a stone or a week I knew you needed both for a tailor I called a stone thinking that you would call a week to finish off your tailor not realising your understanding that you already had the wheat that you needed I really do well you could’ve asked I’m sorry so I strongly recommend in the future playing this game um in the same room as somebody but that’s only if you’re playing with standard rules because the game is over we’re about to tally I have a sneaking suspicion that even though I never built my monolith my monolith Ryan was Architects guilt which is worth one point it’s a very tough thing to build it’s five pieces in a stair shape one of each color it’s worth one point and when I construct it I can immediately tear down two of my existing buildings and replace them with whatever I want so my thought was hey but warehouse doesn’t do any good I would turn it into something that’s worth points later on but I just forgot about it and it takes up so much space that I ended up never building the thing at all so here’s what happens at the end although folks um you’ll get to play along with me pretty soon because in the extended play through which you can hit that eye up there we’re gonna play Town Hall rules and if you own the game we’re gonna play with these mayor cards but right now we have to tell you what happens is any left over resource that’s on the board gets removed and so every empty space you have is negative one points the game comes with a nice little sheet that you can tally stuff up I even know that we need to do that we both have four cloisters so our points for cloisters are meaningless I have one two three four cottages they’re all fed that is twelve points I have a farm that doesn’t give me anything I have a tailor that gives me two points it’s worth a point plus one for every thing in the center so that was two so that’s twelve thirteen fourteen and then my mill stones are old the fold the phone hold the phone how many tailors do you have in the center one so it’s worth one point plus one point for each tailor in this sense yeah so all right there’s one two right guys so that was 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20 points – my one empty space is 19 plus whatever our cloisters were so annoying that so I’m sitting in 19 basically plus cloisters how are you doing sir so do you have any what did you get for black buildings do you have any resources on your black villa you lose a point for every resource you did not yeah oh I got that I’m clear on that I want to know how many points you lie store nothing see again I stored nothing in my warehouse okay so it was a very expensive building to gastly avoid losing one point and so your score again on the millstones my oil my score for the mill stones was 1 – oh you’re actually doing a piece of paper good for you sir I am I’ve got the paper out I’ve got a nice offer millstones was one two three four five six six because three of my millstones are adjacent to either merchant buildings or farm buildings and then empty spaces on your board one empty space lose one point and I had four and you didn’t build you were monument but I did and it actually doesn’t give me any points no it does not I mean let you build two buildings it would’ve been three if I’d built another so negative four eats so this is my nightmare because it having to do politic in front of people this is worst but I can do it I can you

you do what you do with the talkie part and I’ll do what I don’t do the math you pardon and half an hour okay folks if you want to hear Ryan’s final on blockbuster score again you can hit that eye to go check out his channel where you can see what went wrong but for now if you would like to play this game along with me you need to own a copy of the game go on ahead and set it up hit that I to go to the extended playthrough and I’m going to show you how Town Hall rules work which is kind of a bingo variant where players don’t necessarily push cubes on each other or you can go straight to final thoughts where Ryan will return and give us the four one one on his experience playing with his family and friends and I’ll tell you what Jen and I thought that’s going to be your choice in five four three two one