The DEEPEST Street Food Tour of China – RARE Chinese Street Food Tour of Kaifeng, China!!!

– All right, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James We just got into Kaifeng, China, on our World Noodle Tour, and today I’m so pumped ’cause we’re bringing you for the ultimate street food adventure Let’s check it out (upbeat music) This is it, Kaifeng, China Home to some of the best, deepest street food in all of China And today we’re bringing you in deep for six incredible Kaifeng street foods, five of which are made by the Kaifeng Hui Muslim Chinese, who offer some of the best street food in the whole city So make sure to watch all the way until the end ‘Cause this video has some incredibly unique Chinese street food that you’re gonna love And we are in a local neighborhood this morning, full of street food And the plan today is to go full on, food ranging, exploration style Look at this, we got locals slurping soup, there’s tons of street food up ahead We’re gonna go try a bunch out, and bring you to a ton of street food in this video Check it out, right up here There’s so much food, so much street food in this city And I think right up here there is a (speaking in foreign language) place, pan friend lamb dumplings And we’re just walking past a soup station here to the right Look at this, guys, little dumpling station here Whoa! Wow Wow, hello, wow – Hello – And this is where it all starts guys, you can see we’re rolling out the dough, making these dumpling skins handmade, really nothing better, and And you can see we’re just filling these up with – Oh, those are beautiful Hoo-ooh! (speaking in foreign language) And then putting a little water in, and we’re gonna steam it, and then flip it, and then have a plate (both laughing) Looks really good And she just said, “When I try it it’ll be even better.” – [Trevor] So there’s (speaking in foreign language), which is gluten, (speaking in foreign language), rice, noodles, and – And lamb That sizzle is next level, wow These have to be some of the best looking dumplings I’ve ever seen Kainfeng is a true street food city, wow Ho, ho, ho! (speaking in foreign language) Let’s go try it out Ho ho, we’ve got the (speaking in foreign language) and the (speaking in foreign language) So as you can see this is a total dumpling (speaking in foreign language) station Look at this guys, oh (speaking in foreign language) So we got lamb and garlic chives in there So, you can add vinegar to the (speaking in foreign language) but not the (speaking in foreign language), just to the (speaking in foreign language) Let’s try these (speaking in foreign language) first Ooh, it’s hot Mm! Oh, wow, that is unmatched flavor The lamb is fatty, and the (speaking in foreign language)! I’m not a huge fan of (speaking in foreign language), garlic ties, because they’re extremely strong But here they really go well with the lamb Extremely delicious The lamb flavor is what it’s all about, the lamb and the (speaking in foreign language) Mm! And next up we’re gonna try the (speaking in foreign language), you can see they literally add (speaking in foreign language), gluten in there And then we’ve got rice noodles, and there’s little chunks of lamb in there, let’s try it out (slurping) Mm! That right there is full of peppery spice You can actually taste cinnamon, and cumin, definitely cloves in there Classic Chinese five spice, really peppery Little bit of a lamb flavor, and the rice noodles, and the gluten just give it a little bit of a springy, slurp worthy goodness that binds it all together Mm (slurping) And this is an amazing breakfast And as you can see, they’re just busy, they got a line-up down there People are loving these But, for me it really is all about the (speaking in foreign language), that is the pure satisfaction Crispy delight Mm! – Huh?

– They’re not taking my money Wow! Wow! – 20 years (laughing) 40 years history making these dumplings – Wow, and they’re not taking our money – See you! Bye-bye – Bye-bye – And they wouldn’t take our money People are just so friendly in China, guys That was next level And next up we’re going even deeper into a local morning market, and finding some super delicious Muslim Chinese street foods (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) Look at this guys And we totally just stepped into the handmade, beautiful (speaking in foreign language) and (speaking in foreign language) heaven here Look, at this, we’re starting off Hand made dumplings in the morning So we cut up the dough and then pinch it off, and then fill it up with this (speaking in foreign language) here, this lamb meat And we’re just making those (speaking in foreign language), you can see – Wow, that is juicy, and it’s just a beautiful way to start the morning Look at this, we got super high steamers of dumplings and (speaking in foreign language) and you can see locals are just loving the (speaking in foreign language) and (speaking in foreign language) in the morning (speaking in foreign language) – We got a beautiful steamer, look at that, half (speaking in foreign language) and half steamed dumplings Add to our (speaking in foreign language) steamer we’ve got a traditional, classic, Kaifeng breakfast, beef soup And it’s all starting here, guys The beef stock going right in those pots Ooh, look at the meatballs! And it’s all starting here, look at this That’s the gluten, right there Gluten goes in bowl, the day lily, and I’m curious how that tastes, it’s a Chinese herb I’ve never tasted that before – Very good, oh There’s the beef ball, and then here comes that beef stock And this is a Which is halal, Chinese halal food We are on a local (speaking in foreign language) street, a Muslim street, here in Kaifeng, to start the breakfast day out And then we’re just adding a little salt (speaking in foreign language) and (speaking in foreign language) – Here we go guys, let’s go try it out And here we are guys, local breakfast area You can see everyone around us is just eating those (speaking in foreign language) and (speaking in foreign language) This is an amazing way to start the day in Kaifeng So much action going on, and look at this We’ve got two different breakfasts here This is a unique dish I’ve never tried before Look at this, guys Wow! This is the (speaking in foreign language), which is day lily, so that’s probably gonna add a floral flavor into this soup He’s added in chili, he’s got gluten, it’s literally very similar to tofu here in China They just add it into soups And we’ve got fatty beef chunks as well And, look at this, he’s added in just a couple kernels of Sichuan peppercorn And that smells floral And over here we’ve got a classic, steamer of (speaking in foreign language) dumplings, and (speaking in foreign language) dumplings Both made with lamb So first thing I really wanna try is this soup Because that looks unique A Kaifeng specialty with the day lily Wow, it smells floral (slurping) Mm! Oh, wow Mm! That is like a floral lily infused beef soup That is really unique Wow, with a bit of a slight spiciness And maybe a slight numbingness from the Sichuan peppercorn in there But mainly, it’s a aromatic, floral beef soup Let’s try it again with that beef ball Mm And it’s a definitely fatty soup There’s a lot of fat in there But it’s also very nice, as well It’s soothing, and you can see there’s a line-up back there of people loving this breakfast scene This is like a courtyard, a breakfast courtyard You can sit in here and you can feel the traditional, old, Kaifeng history here And after eating the delicious lamb dumplings, we kept moving on through the alleyways to try even more street food – Amazing guys, this is the coolest morning market Look at this street, it’s full of street food, bright and early, there’s steamers going off, there’s people slurping We’re making hand made dumplings as we speak

Look at this., hand made – [Trevor] We just had a bowl, and we’re gonna keep exploring – Bye-bye We came into Kaifeng because we heard it’s the capital of street food in Henan Province And as you can see there’s lots going on here, people are slurping Right up next we found a (speaking in foreign language), a stuffed pancake – [Trevor] These are the (speaking in foreign language) literally just wraps, and you take them home and use them to make a wrap Look at what we found here, guys The most crispy looking (speaking in foreign language) – Wow, so we’re making these stuffed pancakes with wheat flour, and putting them in this oven Let’s take a look, it’s a literal (speaking in foreign language) oven And it’s full of beef and onion And it looks so crispy, wow So look at this, guys, we’re literally just frying these (speaking in foreign language) in oil – [Trevor] And you can see we’re gonna start a new one here – [Trevor] Whoa! We got the dough, add the oil – And you can see we just roll it up, and throw it on the oil Wow, unique Chinese street food here And then it goes right in the oven And they come out, ho, ho, crispy, look at those! So it’s a two step process We got the fry and then the bake Oh, here it is, guys That’s the (speaking in foreign language), whoa! – Wow, that is looking crispy, and fluffy, and beautiful Look at all that beef and onion in there You can really smell the aroma from the onions And it’s crisped up on the outside, but it’s fluffy and soft on the inside And this is just one of the many street foods we’re on the journey to try in Kaifeng Mm! – [Woman] Mm! (women laughing) (speaking in foreign language) – Wow And it’s full of beef and onion That onion gives it a lot of flavor And you can see, he’s totally just making hundreds here Mm The outside is crispy, the inside is soft And even though it’s fried in oil here, that oil really doesn’t get into it too much It’s just crispy, and feels nice and enjoyable Not too overpowering on the oil That oven tray is so satisfying to watch Mm (speaking in foreign language) I actually put 10 renminbi in the basket, and they took it out, and gave it back to me We couldn’t pay for this, so friendly Oh, my And next up, guys, look at this We just walked in to this awesome location We found a mountain of (speaking in foreign language) – And you can see them finished right over here Literally, the breakfast steamed bun of China And we’ve also got more varieties So we’ve also got (speaking in foreign language) here which is literally translated as salty roll (speaking in foreign language) Right here we’ve got the – So we’ve got grains, black bean, and brown or red rice buns up here as well This is just a total (speaking in foreign language) scene here Look at this we’ve got hundreds of steamers of (speaking in foreign language) here They’re all quite plain, to be honest, there’s not a lot of flavor in them But I think I’m gonna try the sesame – Sesame is my favorite flavor – We’re gonna have a (speaking in foreign language), sesame (speaking in foreign language) There’s so many flavors here And people are just so friendly here, guys You can see the locals love the (speaking in foreign language) here (speaking in foreign language) – So we got the sesame (speaking in foreign language) here, guys So there’s literally 10 or 20 different flavors of (speaking in foreign language) All made with different grains And to be honest, they’re not like, incredibly, mind-blowingly delicious But they’re a great way to start your day

It’s a steamed bun with different grains Wholesome, and you can see it’s just like a field of (speaking in foreign language) here Try it out Mm Oh, yeah It’s a (speaking in foreign language) with a sesame flavor But it’s so fluffy That is the defining feature of (speaking in foreign language) It’s fluffy, and hot, and soft It really is like a plain, steamed bun, with sesame flavor, that’s super fluffy And, great way to start the day Oh, yeah This is total (speaking in foreign language) heaven here They must sell 1,000 (speaking in foreign language) here every day, look at this guys, unreal And these steamers of (speaking in foreign language) are taller than me This is like a (speaking in foreign language) factory Just churning out production You can see we’re making them in the back here Wow Wow, and it’s a total (speaking in foreign language) factory in here, look at this We’re making vegetable (speaking in foreign language), we’ve got the (speaking in foreign language) back here, which is, mixture of grains And you can see they’re just loaded up onto these steamers, and then steamed Wow, super cool, guys (speaking in foreign language) heaven here, and we’re gonna keep exploring And next up, guys, it’s lunch time now And we are just exploring the local neighborhoods of Kaifeng, and right up ahead, I think there is a famous (speaking in foreign language) Kaifeng, Wu Hsing Five Spice La Mian And everybody has said so far that “Lanzhou (speaking in foreign language) “is actually from Kaifeng.” So we’re coming to the source of hand pulled noodles in China And it should just be right up here Oh, here we are And here it is guys – [Trevor] Oh, we just found – Oh! (both laughing) – Oh, lamb and melon, winter melon Wow So we’re gonna get a bowl of (speaking in foreign language), winter melon, (speaking in foreign language), with lamb Wow, look at that skill This is gonna be an iconic bowl on our World Noodle Tour Okay, so we’re gonna get them thin, thin-style Oh, look at that And then here comes the knife, and then right in the cauldron, wow – [Trevor] Chicken cubes – [Trevor] Oh, wow – Okay, so we’re gonna get the (speaking in foreign language), the melon And here come our noodles Put them in the cold water, and then, oh, rinse them off, that’s a lot of noodles So we’re gonna get one bowl of chicken, and one bowl of (speaking in foreign language) That’s the chicken cube – [Trevor] Oh, wow, and here comes the (speaking in foreign language) – So that’s wood-ear mushroom, lamb, and winter melon (speaking in foreign language) This is just amazing And we just got two iconic bowls, guys Kaifeng hand pulled noodles Look at this, (speaking in foreign language), winter melon And then (speaking in foreign language), chicken cubes, mushrooms, and a (speaking in foreign language), spicy sauce, and then look at all the chili they give you as well And here we are, guys, look at that This bowl here is Chef Wei’s favorite bowl because it’s (speaking in foreign language) And this restaurant here is actually called Wu Hsing La Mian because it’s based on the Chinese five spice And you can really smell that (speaking in foreign language), the five spice blend And traditionally Chinese five spice is a blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and Sichuan peppercorns And you can really smell that in here You can smell that cinnamon, and all that peppery goodness Let’s just get a nice bite Wow You can really smell that five spice in there Let’s go in (slurping) Mm, mm! That is unique I’ve never had a noodle like that anywhere in China You can really taste the five spice, awesome Mm Let’s go in for that (speaking in foreign language) Chicken (speaking in foreign language), the chicken cubes,

with (speaking in foreign language) mushrooms Look at that, this is just fragrant with chilies These bowls will get you full, and that’s what it’s meant for Filling yourself up, and enjoying tasty flavors (slurping) Mm, mm! There’s so much aroma in the (speaking in foreign language) And that is going so well with the chili and the chicken It’s definitely spicy, but it’s not overpoweringly spicy It’s just (speaking in foreign language) Oh, ho, ho, ho, worth coming to Kaifeng for Oh, ho, ho, wow (slurping) Mm – Bye- bye, wow, Wei Lan Ban is so friendly And we’re gonna keep going for more And last up guys, it’s evening now, and we found ourselves in a local little night market All of these stalls are selling different snacks, and street foods – Hi And you can see, we’re rolling out, (speaking in foreign language) – We’re making our own, hand rolled (speaking in foreign language), and we’re gonna put them in this oven, here And we’re gonna put these spicy, long peppers in And you can see Jong Shifu, here, is a master of making these (speaking in foreign language) So it starts off as a dough ball, an then we roll it out, flatten it into a long cylinder, and over there we’re just chopping up the green pepper So, Chef Jong, here, is gonna make us this (speaking in foreign language) And we’re just unloading that stewed pork And there it is, look at that, guys Extremely aromatic, fatty chunks of pork belly – 30 years at this (speaking in foreign language) place Okay, so we’re gonna get extra (speaking in foreign language) You can see the price here So you’ve got seven kuai, which is about a dollar for normal level of meat (speaking in foreign language) for (speaking in foreign language), which is more meat And if you just want a (speaking in foreign language), it’s two kuai, so it’s about 25 cents But we’re gonna get (speaking in foreign language), for (speaking in foreign language) For 15 kuai, about $2 to get it extra plump – [Trevor] And here we go, that’s our (speaking in foreign language) Oh, and here’s ours Wow, look at that And here it is – Ho, ho, look at this That is just full of (speaking in foreign language) and we’re just gonna get a little (speaking in foreign language) on here from Lao Ban (speaking in foreign language) Oh! Ho, ho, ho, ho – Let’s try it out (upbeat music) Mm Mm Oh! – Whoa! He said “In Canada you can’t get it this flavor.” And that’s true That green pepper is not spicy at all It just adds a little punch to it And that (speaking in foreign language), that pork, it’s definitely seasoned well It’s a little salty, but that’s because I asked for more sauce And the (speaking in foreign language) itself, as you can see, it’s (speaking in foreign language) coming right out of the oven It’s very fluffy, yet crispy on the outside as well Ho, ho, ho, that is a heavy (speaking in foreign language) And sloppy too, with juicy pork This is what life’s about, guys Meeting friendly people and eating good food Mm Hope you guys are loving these street food videos Please make sure to click the bell button down below Click it so you can stay notified of any of these videos on our World Noodle Tour It would mean a lot if you left us a comment, as well We would love to hear from you What you think of these videos And thanks so much for watching Kaifeng has been amazing!