Love Journey EP17 -Chinese suspense love drama (Chen Xiao, Sally Jing )【Fresh Drama】

So many years have passed, and I almost forgot what he looked like, But still, I remember a lot about him I remember his holding my hand and calling my name And he often brought me out for sketching Xinyue, have you ever watched the American movie the Lion King? Yes I loved it when I was young And I remember when Simba lost his father, he stood on the top of the hill, and then there’s his father’s face in the night sky I don’t know if you believe in that, But I think those who die actually arrive in another world So maybe your father is still watching you now, and he’d feel sad to see you cry And he’d feel great comfort to see you stay positive and laugh I get it, thank you I’ll treat you lopsters when I recover That’d be great Which flavor would you prefer? I like it with onions, but I’m okay with other flavors And with noodles or rice Hey, I feel hungry now It’s okay, we’ll have lopsters together soon Hi, Xinyue, how are you?

Come and say hi to our fans How do you feel, Lily? We have two fans here to visit you -Please put the presents here. -Here Please be quiet -You look nice. -Are you feeling better? Anything you wanna talk to us? Who are they? Xiaxia invited two of our fans to visit Lily What’s wrong? so you published a messege online? Yes, on our website What’s wrong? Tell me You’re making me confused All right, you need to send her to another hospital, now! But why? She needs a good rest now There’s no time for explanation. Just do it, now! What are you looking at? Anyway, I won’t agree with it I saw a man nearby, with his motorcycle He’s observing me from outside the window and then he tried to overtake and our car braked hard and lost control You need to tell me the reason I need to gurantee her security Come here Why? Please just do it as I told you All right, but I need a reason for it later Okay, go to the counter now, through the front gate -Okay, take good care of her. -I will We’re leaving now. Take care See you Oh, here you are Close the door Close the door! What’s wrong? What were you guys talking about just now? We need to leave the hospital now Why in such a hurry? That man is coming to you now Is he here now? Change your clothes Take your clothes off! My clothes? Hey, who are you looking for? Are you deaf? I’m asking you a question What’s wrong with you? Hey! Stay away from me! Why are you looking at me? I hate men wearing sunglasses I’ll call someone You’d better not Help! Help! Anybody here? Help! What’s wrong? He broke into the room and tried to hurt me Who are you? Who are you? And the hospital shouldn’t just let anyone in I’ll send a complaint letter later Please go out now Get out, you weird guy He’s still looking at me! You see? -Hey, please stop it. -Get out! -Please get out. -Get out! -Oh, sorry, I came into the wrong room. -No

Xiaotian? Why… do you dress like this? Are you a tranny? Of course not! It’s okay, but don’t show this in our livestreaming The audience won’t like it No, the truth is that there’s a weird guy Oh, here he is! He’s here again Who are you? Don’t feel hot with such a coat? Don’t you? Help, please! What’s up? Hey, why are you here again? Go out, please The hospital is doing a bad job I’m going to call the police How can you let such a weird guy in? -How could you? -Please leave here Who’s he? Tell me, Xiaotian Lily is now an internet celebrity She’s got so many fans This man is one of them But he’s a bad guy That’s why you dress like this? That’s why I said you should send her somewhere else She’s in danger Where is Xinyue? Here He’s gone now Lily, be careful Are you okay, Lily? Let’s pack and leave here Take her away from the back gate I’ll check if the man is still there -But… -Be careful! Let’s go, now We’re in the car now Hey, what’s up? Hey, something wrong here What’s it? They’ve hired a killer to come to the hospital, targeting at Li Xinyue I saved her I met that guy What does he look like? I’ve sent the description to you He dressed like a motorcycle man But he took off his helmet before entering the hospital So we can see his face from the footage -Xiao Ma. -Yes? -Come here Check the footage in the hospital and look for the killer Okay We’ll start lookging for that guy now Did you find any new clues? I can tell that Li Xinyue has nothing to do with the drug gang She’s not suspicious now But what are her relations to the painting? And what’s special about this painting? I didn’t know that yet She hasn’t told me much about it But I’ll see what can I find Okay And take care of yourself Yes, I will -Cheers. -Cheers Congratulations to Lily on her return to the team I’m sorry, guys Well, we’re here together anyway, which matters most

Xiaotian is right. This is the most important But Lily, I’ve got a requirement for you Do not work alone from now on Okay? No problem We’re going to walk together until the end That’s great -Let’s get started. -Wait, I need to take pictures first -Wait a moment. -Hurry up. -Just a second And another one -Let’s start/ -Oh, no, wait for me -Is everyone satisfied now? -Yes -What about you, Lily? -Yes Pay the bill, A Pei Have a good rest in the hotel and we’ll set out tomorrow You’re always so nice With nice hotels and food, you’ve brought us an incredible journey Well, that’s part of my work -Excuese me, where’s Mr. Chu? -Here -Someone’s asking to see you. -Okay We’re leaving soon What’s wrong? Boss, both of your bank accounts are frozen Did you talk to the bank? Yes It must be my moom. I need to call her It’s me, mom Oh, so you finally call me now This is your first call to me this year Come back to Shanghai now I’ve frozen your bank cards So it’s you I’m doing this for your sake You’ve met many troubles in your trip But those are small problems I cannot give up halfway the journey Well, then let’s see how can you manage it without my finacial support Hey, mom! Hey! Boss, what should we do? Give me my wallet Try this one, this, and this One of them may work What’s wrong? But the passwords? It’s the same A Pei, give it to me So only one of the cards still works

I didn’t expect your mom to be so cruel I shouldn’t have told her Did you report anything to my mom? Oh, no, boss, that’s not making reports! That’s part of my work Moreover, when it comes to trouble shooting, your mom is always better than you. Much better Hey, if you keep making secret reports to my mom, I’ll send you back to Shanghai now Would you give it a try? Sorry, I won’t do that again But what should we do now? We’ve paid the hotels for today But what about tomorrow? We cannot give up this plan How much moeny do we need? Maybe 70 to 80 thousand RMB And how much do we still have? 10 thousand We can only carry on for a few more days Well, then that’s it -Do you mean it? -Yes I’ve got an idea. Not a good one, but We can sell the van and fly to Shangrila directly Perfect ending Am I smart? Ohly stupid This journey is centered on the van, And that’s the audience want to see Well, that’s true -But we might fail. -At least we’ve got to explain to them Please return to your rooms I’m okay Nope, we need to watch over you What if you leave alone again? I’ve promised that I will not leave alone But I still need to watch over you Jin Xiaotain, you didn’t even notce your grilfriend left Take this Kevin, what’s up? I’ve got something to say What’s it? We’ve got no money left What? What do you mean? We’ve got only 10,000 left But we still need to carry on the journey We need to pay for the hotels and food That’s not even enough for the petrol So we might have to go back Go back? My mom tried to stop me by cutting the finacial support But we cannot go back Maybe there’s another way What do you think, Kevin? Lily, I’ve been planning for this for a long time I don’t want to give it up. It matters a lot to me But I don’t want to make things difficult for you Is there any other reasons except for the money? No Okay, so it’s only the matter of money We’ve got five people here. We can make money Anyway, just don’t give up our goal It’d be a pity that we give up all we’ve achieved Exactly But we cannot even make it to the next destination Each of us can contribute some money first, And we should think about how to make money now I’ve got some donations from the audience There’s over 10, 000 I’ve got 3,000 I’ll send it to A Pei now Thank you so much I’ll give it back to you later Well, that’s the idea in my mind just now Really? But you didn’t contribute yours But I didn’t receive any salaries Okay, shut up Have a good rest, Lily A Pei and I will work on a new budget Boss, we’ve got a little money left

We need to cut down some expenses We cannot take expressway now And we have to choose cheap restaurants and hotels Well, stop complaining We need to take advantage of the money and see how can we make more to support our trip Xiaxia, how about the livestreaming? The income is growing, but not as fast as before And only one withdrawl is allowed every month So we have to save the petrol, boss We’ve only got so much petrol left Take it easy, just drive your car I’ve got an idea We don’t have to stay in the hotels Two girls can sleep in the van while men the tents How do you like it? But we cannot sleep well It’s a long journey And we need to make livestream in the daytime We need good rest at night We were planning a high-end trip Now we cannot afford that It’s okay to have a low-cost trip Maybe the audience will like it more Xiaotian has a good point I just found a town called Huaihua in front of us We can stay in a cheap inn for a night And try to make some money at the next destination How do you like this idea, Lily? I agree Me, too Okay, two ladies have agreed. Let’s go now Mr. Feng, We just received an A-level warrant for arrest Two drug criminals are at large in Hunan One of them is the principal criminal of the 7·13 case They get involved in drug deals again right after being released 7·13 case? They’re reported to be in Huaihua Sorry, the number you dialed is busy Please try again later Be careful It should be this one Shiny International Garden Hotel Are you sure this is a big hotel? Well, we have to pinch pennies now Let’s get inside first Okay All right Hey Excuse me, is this a gardern hotel? We’ve got nice air and environment here A natural garden But it’s far from what we saw in the picture online

And the cell phone signals are so bad here It’s true, because it’s kind of remote here But you can use our telephone We need five rooms Five single ones Five? But we’ve got only three And there are two rooms, each for three people Is it okay for you? Boss, this is Well, we’ve got no other options Okay, we’ll take three -So let’s check in. -Okay We’re not like big hotels So the check-in process is much simpler You don’t have many advanced tools, I guess Okay, here you are I’ll show your the rooms You still use keys here? -Xia, let me help you. -Thanks So this is This is yours This is mine This is yours -Okay, thanks. -See you later -This is yours. -Okay It’s a single room -This one is for you. =Xiaxia, it’s yours Who’s that, bro? Who’s that? Some young men. Just checked in Why did they visit such a remote place? Well, young people Excuse me? the quilt is wet Yes, because it’s humid here But you need to deal with this And the room is so dirty How can I sleep with wet quilt? I want to change a room We’ve only got the same rooms here in this hotel -But… -We’ve got no much option now And it’s only one night It would be nice of you to give us a better one But I’ve told you these rooms are the same It makes no difference to change to another But I can give you a new quilt Do you have any rooms facing the sun? Yes, but they’re taken by other guests You need to talk to them yourself Hurry up Go and check those guys after the meal Me? They’re just kids. Are you afraid of them? We must stay alert Hey, who’s that? I’m the manager here. Some guests wanna change rooms with you Can they talk to you a little bit? Wait a second Excuse me, they’re living next door They wanna change rooms with you Okay, talk to them now Thank you Hi, my friend suffers from rheumatism She cannot stand living in humid rooms Your room is the only one facing the sun Can you change the room with her? But my brother is also ill You see? It’s okay. It’s not a big deal We’re willing to Go and pack our stuff

Okay -Thank you. -You’re welcome I can offer some help Oh, no, I can deal with this Thanks for your offer Thank you so much You’re welcome Or I can help with the trash I can deal with that, man Thank you, anyway I have a weird habit I don’t like others touching my stuff You can go and pack your things And then we can change and rooms and have a rest Yes, of course. let’s go then -Thank you so much. -You’re welcome We need to pack quickly Bro These are the two criminals One is called Zhou Runze He’s born in Kunming And was caught in a drug deal in Yunnan He’s cautious and good at hiding from the police But he’s got a tattoo in his arm He made this for his girlfriend Does he still have that tattoo? He might have tried to remove it But it’s still visible I guess he would try to cover it Let me help you Oh, no, I can do it myself They’ve excaped to Huaihua And Xiaotian happened to be here -Yingzi? -Yes? -Have you got in contact with him? Not yet, but we’ve been trying to call him for two hours -Tell me when you get in contact with him. -Okay -We’ll have a discussion now. -Okay It’s time for dinner, not for discussion Just discuss a little bit I just met those two guys who changed rooms with us They asked if they could share our van And they’ll pay us after they arrive at their destination So we can make some money for the petrol? Good I agree -We’ve got two seats left. -Yes No! I mean, we knew nothing about them It’s not safe to travel with stangers Hey, come on They’ve even agreed to change rooms with us Nice guys It’s not the same But we need some money anyway Yes And we’ve got five people here Exactly No, I disagree Four versus one Your objection doesn’t count All right, that’s it Let’s have dinner now -Let, go. -Go! What do you want to eat? I want to have Hey, can’t you see the suitcase? Stay here Check if everything is all right We’ve got so many precious things inside You need to pay for any damage Hey, you don’t have to be rude Just check it I’m sorry. I didn’t see it -They’re okay. -You see? Well, they might be broken later What if I found them broken later? Hey, what do you wanna do? You need to pay 5000 for this What? 5000 RMB Are you kidding? -5000? -Yes. -But they’re all rght Are you insane? You broke my suitcase. So I ask for compensation Anything wrong? But we didn’t break anything What’s wrong with you? Oh, it hurts

Well done -Stop it. -Let’s go I’m telling you, I’ll come back later What happened downstairs? They had some quarrels with other guests Quarrels? I was thinking maybe that young man is a policeman I don’t think so But he’s indeed a good fighter What should we do now? We should leave here What if we’re found out? Well, we’re not now It’d be too late when that happens What do you think, bro? Maybe we can take them as hostage And we can also take their car All right That’s it