ONE YEAR AT THE COUNTRY HOUSE | GAY COUPLE | Reminiscing About The Last Year

The summer is unfortunately over I don’t like winter here I’m cutting the cords Because I’m going to cook What’s happening? It’s all Peter’s fault We have one male here I think the hole should be big enough now Hi guys! I’m Tommy. And I’m Peter Welcome back to our channel So it’s been a year since we took over our country house. Yeah, can you believe it? That’s crazy Yeah, we got the keys last September And it’s September again So we got to spend all four seasons here for the first time. Yeah. Yeah, we started in fall Then winter as we know Then Spring? Yeah, and what’s next? I think summer. Yeah, so one full circle done So since it’s been one year, I think we should reminisce a little bit and review what we managed to do in that year Yeah, so keep watching And we will do that And some other things too, right? Definitely, we can’t just relax and talk So come on I’m going to pick blackberries. We have quite a lot of them here in this area A lot of them are not ripe yet, but the ones that are are going to our breakfast We are planning to plant more berry shrubs in the future, so we have a lot of different kinds And yeah, we are looking forward to it What’s going on? Well, you remember about two months ago when my mom was here our strawberries started creating runners and because we loved the strawberries so much, we wanted to make more of them So we planted them back then in these pots and we let them grow in the pots to make them stronger and now it’s time to set them free So I’m cutting the cords They will not be fed by their moms anymore Now it’s free And I can plant it here on the new garden bed that we prepared We finally managed to get this cleaned up from the weeds So it’s ready just in time. Everywhere? Here, too? Well, we will just use about this much, I think We created about 10 of them, something like that, so it should be enough. Okay So I need to dig up a hole And then I’ll plant the strawberry in and hope that it survives It doesn’t want to go out I chose a bad pot because I can’t press it and something’s living inside What’s that? Oh my god, some big worm It’s hard to get it out of the pot so let’s hope I don’t destroy the roots in the process I think it’s coming up Oh jesus No, it’s not Ah, something’s happening And it’s done Wow, so many worms. Ta-dah! I need to make a bigger hole I think the hole should be big enough now Yeah, better. Looks good, no? Last one and we’ll be done with strawberries And we have two new lines Of 10 more strawberry plants so next year the harvest will be even better Yes. I’m so looking forward to it because the strawberries were so tasty. Sweet The best strawberries I’ve ever had

So far, but maybe it will be even better next year And it looks tidier than this mess The summer is unfortunately over So we want to use the time we have left until it gets too cold and plant some more shrubs Which we prepared here We have some new stuff, which we don’t have yet on our property So we have here four sea buckthorn plants I think those are supposed to be really healthy with a lot of vitamin c Yes, they are. We have two more choke berry plants It’s this one with a lot of fruits, which is really nice This is how it arrived via mail. Yeah. Wow, I love it. Yeah And there’s one more here, this one doesn’t have any fruits unfortunately. We should return that Then we have here a special elderberry plant. What’s special about it? It’s special because it has red leaves. Normally it has green leaves, but we ordered this special breed And then we have here another special specialty What’s that? I don’t remember I think it’s called cornelian cherry in English. Wow. Yeah, it’s also supposed to have berries, which you can eat I’ve never tasted it. I have no idea what it tastes like I think it’s used for alcohol Oh so yeah, we’ll see. We will not make alcohol but You can eat it. You never know So let’s plant it So this is where we planted the sea buckthorns The interesting thing is that some plants are male and some are female. So we have one male here and three female plants here next to each other. Each of them is a different breed so we’ll be curious to taste what the difference is between them And this is all planned according to wind. The pollen from the male shrub should fly onto these three females Yeah, so that’s why I asked Peter as the main meteorologist in our household to tell me from where the wind will blow and based on that we planted the shrubs. So if there is no fruit it’s all peter’s fault. Yeah, as always blame it on the weatherman This is a special elderberry shrub It’s supposed to have red leaves So that’s interesting, but the berries should be normal black and I’m looking forward to the flowers in spring because I’m going to cook What’s happening? Motorbikes driving around So, yeah, so this and we are planning to plant more of these so that will be great. But just the regular green leafed ones Really? Why not the red ones? Because it’s more expensive Oh, okay. So green leaves Okay The color is just for decoration These two here and here They are my favorite choke berries We already have one here

I read on the internet that they are mostly grown in Eastern Europe, so I don’t know if you are familiar with them But yeah, that’s interesting. Now you are. And here we have one cornelian cherry. Yeah, such a difficult name It’s supposed to have red fruits which you can eat as well But we’ve never had them so we have no idea what they taste like And in Slovakia, they make alcohol out of it Yeah, that’s interesting. But I’ve never had that But a lot of berries we don’t know Yeah, I’m really excited to have all these kinds and to try them for the first time, hopefully next year We have only one plant so far, but we need one more so that they would pollinate each other Yeah, so we’ll have to buy one more and plant it soon The sun is setting now, but before it gets completely dark we also wanted to plant raspberries We have three plants different kinds again and we are making space here in the tall grass. Where nothing else is growing at the moment to use the space and plant them here next to our animal neighbors So let’s get to it This one looks bad Yeah It was in the box for too long They all were but this one was at the bottom so it didn’t have any sunlight for a week Yeah, but it should be okay, right? They say raspberries are weeds, so I think it should grow again We got keys to our country house in September 2019. Yes, which means it’s been a year since we’re here. Wow Such a long time. It flew by really quickly, I think Wow, a year is a long time. Yeah, so we went through all the seasons here I remember when we came here for the first time to spend the first night That’s when we got the keys so the previous owners gave us keys to the house and we immediately wanted to stay a night. Yeah, even though there were no beds here, for example Yeah, we were so looking forward to it that we took our sleeping bags with us We came by bus and just had some necessary things in our backpacks. Yeah, I was sleeping in the kitchen on some old sofa. Yeah. And you? I found some old mattresses and yeah, put my sleeping bag onto them and that was it. They were really hard so it wasn’t comfy. But it was exciting. Yeah, it was totally exciting because you have this new home not like a home but new house that’s yours and it’s a great feeling It wasn’t a new house, of course It’s a very old house But the great thing was that we still came here when it was warm. It was the end of the summer It was a warm year, not like this one. Yeah. So we still enjoyed some warm days here during September Yeah, yeah, that’s true. So we tanned of course in the yard that was like our first activity to do here. Sitting around, sipping tea. Yeah. Yeah and just enjoying the silence and it was very peaceful. Yeah, we didn’t do almost anything at first. We were just relaxing and discovering the surroundings, going on walks and hikes. Yeah And discovering the property as well because there are so many buildings and areas here and it was a lot. We will still do a house tour and property tour. We still haven’t got to that. Yeah But it’s coming There are still places I haven’t been to on our own property or I was there just once when we took it over. Yeah. Like the attic or you know, we don’t go there very often because

we don’t need the space. Yeah. So it’ll be fun to see it again after a year. Yeah So that was the end of summer or beginning of autumn but then the autumn started or fall It got colder quite quick, but it got even colder in the house Yeah, because we are used to our condo conditions It’s very energy efficient so we don’t need to use the heating for example until like December And we stop using it in March maybe. Yeah So yeah, it just stays warm there. And here it’s completely the opposite. It’s a very old house It wastes all the energies, the heat goes immediately away through the roof, I think So it was a shock to us. Yeah, like why is it so cold in the house? It’s even colder than outside or something And we started wearing sweaters and brought all these blankets and everything because it was really cold. Yeah, and there is heating, like normal heating but we didn’t want to use it that much because we thought it it’s expensive So at first… because we weren’t used to using heating that early in the year. But then we had to use it because it was very cold So we did some work inside Like we painted the walls a bit, not all of them, but just a few walls that were in terrible state and we brought some appliances in the kitchen Yeah, during the winter or during the cold phase we didn’t do much outside. There was nothing to do So we dedicated our time to the indoors And that’s what we are planning to do this winter again When we’re done taking care of the property outside we will probably again think of some projects inside Yeah, but we didn’t do much then because it wasn’t our priority This whole country house the main thing for us are the outdoors, right? And we don’t really care about the indoors that much It’s just a place for us to sleep and for us to cook. Yeah, and for me to work. Yeah So that’s what we took care of at the beginning, to have an internet connection here and we bought a sofa Mattresses And then? Well in winter it was… we realized that there’s not much to do here so we didn’t come here that often Maybe for two or three days every two weeks or so Just to check that everything is okay And every time we tried to think of some project to do something here but there wasn’t much to do so we stayed most of the time in the city and then with the coming spring we started coming more often and we were looking forward to seeing everything grow and to be in the warm weather again and tan again Yeah, and that’s when we started to shoot our YouTube videos. Yeah. It’s been half a year now Can you imagine? Wow, yeah And we reached 1,000 subscribers recently, so thank you guys. It’s unbelievable that 1,000 of you are willing to watch our videos, so that’s great and hopefully more of you will come to our channel We’ll see We’ll see. Yeah, so from March onwards, you already saw what we’ve been up to or you could find it in our videos I remember we started with planting some trees Because when we took over the place the field in the back was completely empty. There was nothing there except clover And we wanted to transform it or start transforming it into an orchard slash meadow Yeah, because we wanted to have something more interesting than just a field more nature and more diverse areas there Yeah So I remember we started planting the trees with your father at the beginning of the spring and that was our first video here at the country house. Yeah

And since then we’ve been continuing with that throughout the year, planting more shrubs mostly But now actually that the autumn is coming again we are planning to plant more trees as well to continue with the transformation We will expand. Yeah, it should be fun because we feel like already now we have so many fruits that we don’t know what to do with them And we are planting more Yeah, because there were already some fruit trees and shrubs in the garden and we didn’t do anything with them. They just grow and a lot of fruits appeared on them Magic But one interesting coincidence this year is the whole pandemic situation And we were very fortunate that we bought the place or we decided to buy the place before everything happened And I learned again to drive a car right before the pandemic happened, so we were able to come here very often and enjoy our free time here Because normally we love to travel but we weren’t able to do that this year But since we have this place, I don’t even mind Yeah, yeah like the need to travel somehow diminished And it’s great to spend time here. Yeah And it’s great that we didn’t have to be locked in our condo the whole time Yeah. During this nice weather and we were able to spend the time here in the garden and in the field Going on hikes and exploring new area And in some previous videos we kept saying how coronavirus disappeared from our country and that we were able to beat it, but since then the situation is different again because a lot of people wanted to travel and the number of new cases are rising throughout Europe again and countries are again starting to create restrictions For example, Hungary closed its borders for a month and again we have to start wearing face masks on public transport and elsewhere as well so yeah, it’s good to have this place that we can escape to when we need to. It would be very restricting for us to be locked in our condo in the city because we are nature guys and outdoorsy gays And yeah, we love to be outside so this is the place for us But now that autumn is here I’m happy that some things are over That I can relax and I won’t have to weed out the garden again. Oh yeah. For example But winter will be sad because there will be again nothing to do and it will be dark all the time And yeah, so I’ll be looking forward to spring and weeding out again Yeah, winter is boring season for us because it’s not really snowy or something. It’s usually just gray without any colors overcast all the time temperature around zero and Yeah I don’t like winter here. Hopefully the winter will be over quickly and then the spring and we will watch the trees growing and shrubs. And we will apply everything that we learned this year and make everything grow better and faster. Yeah. This year might have been easier because it rained a lot So we didn’t have to worry about trees dying. Yeah Because of drought or anything. It’s been totally a different year Yeah. So I expect that next year will be completely different It will not rain and we will have to figure out how to water everything regularly and in our garden beds, we will have to grow different veggies than this year so that they would survive the dry season, for example. Yeah. We’ll have to see and adapt. Yeah, I think a lot more different challenges are ahead of us But we are ready. And with that we are going to finish our video for today Thank you guys for tuning in Give us a thumbs up if you liked this video Comment below if you have anything interesting to say You can share this video with your friends so more people can discover our channel And subscribe if you haven’t done it yet And see you guys next time Bye! Bye!