Journey Evangelical Church Live, Sunday Worship Service, May 17, 2020

Hey there German family pastor Sam here and welcome to another week of our journey online church service just a couple announcements before we move forward The first thing I want to let you guys know that this Monday the women’s ministry is beginning their Monday night women’s Bible study Starting at 7:00 p.m. Via zoom. So if you’re interested in joining that please go ahead and contact Trudy Joe in the email below. We also want to remind you that if there’s any need for you to be on campus late Please let’s share your core note at Sharia a journey easy or before doing so so that we can make sure that we maintain our safety precautions during this endemic We’ll also want to remind you that we still need more videos one minute videos are viewing your family saying hello To your journey family as well as what God has been doing paralyzed, so please send those emails to either Joe um, or to Pastor Richard at the emails below and Lastly I know many of you guys have been asking when journey is opening their doors again We just want to go I can let you know that we are currently planning The next steps for that we also want to make sure that we are monitoring on the Guidelines and the spread of the virus before we make that full decision to reopen our doors And lastly just to give you a reminder that if you want to continue to support our ministry There’s three ways of doing that You could go ahead and do it online through our idea plus app or to slo-mo and with that. Let’s go ahead and let’s pray the Lord You are great. You’re wonderful I’m Lord. Ha you’ve been with us throughout this whole Pandemic Lord, and you’re gonna continue to be with us once it’s gone the lord I pray that you continue to be with those who have contracted the illness Lord But I pray that you be with them be with their family that you give them comfort that you can give him. Peace And lord, I pray that You use this time for us to reach out to the that we haven’t reached out to in the past Lord, I pray that You begin to heal that you begin to do your good work they begin to restore relationships that you begin to allow This church and I’m your church in general Lord to be your hands and feet And lord, I just pray for those who are sick in our congregation and Lord we pray for your healing We pray for your comfort and we pray above all for your wolf to be done. I’m now Lord as we’re about to go into Worship lord. I pray that you allow us to just focus on me. I mean you name we pray. Amen That is worship Fount of every blessing tune my heart to sing Streams of From mounted TV Oh Hey

Oh This plan, thank you Close To see let all the earth rejoice all the earth Beedrill She ride And this drives you Trembles at his voice Trembles at Okay It is See with me Is Oh No Hey Begin the guy The lion See is Oh My Again My Is Oh Is our God sing with me how great

is our And all see how How Here’s a Hi any family and friends it’s good to be with you again Today, let me begin with a quote from an American philosopher and educator anthropologist and natural science writer Loren eiseley Now, dr. Isley was not a Christian, but he was someone with a Pervasive Curiosity about the world. He was often described as a contemplative Naturalist and so as he wrote about the scientific processes that intrigued him he spent much of his time walking in the wilderness Spending time contemplating the great mysteries of life and indeed he was studying theologians as well as scientists, you know in a way to try to find out the heart of God and You know, there’s no indication that he in his lifetime Turned to believe in God, but he was very close and he was searching and as I think about the name of our church journey It is the fact that all of us have been on a spiritual pilgrimage or journey God has intervened in that and brought us into the knowledge of who he is But for some it’s very difficult to make that final leap Indeed on dr. I slurs Tombstone with his wife. He said we love the earth but we could not stay I Believe that at the end of his life what he had been searching for? God came close to him and made it known and he could make a choice about whether he was willing to surrender to him The quote from dr. Eisler is this Man has survived through tenderness Man has survived through tenderness the scriptures say very clearly that it’s the tenderness and mercy of God that Has given us the ability to come into a relationship with him he’s bridged the gap with our sin our brokenness our distance and Given us life and his tenderness is what draws us into an eternal relationship with him So as I think about that and we think about the tenderness of God on our journey I think what we’ll see today in the passage that we’re going to study Is the gentle yet pervasive tenderness of God? Calling us forward to a relationship to understand how much he cares about us and it takes place in a passage That seems almost like a repeat of something that we studied before But in the midst of that repetitiveness is something very very beautiful Let me read the passage to you from mark chapter 8 verses 1 to 10 and You can follow along either on your Bible app or on the notes that we put up on the journey web page in those days When again a great crowd had gathered and they had nothing to eat He called his disciples to him and said to them I have compassion on the crowd Because they have been with me now three days and have nothing to eat and if I send them away hungry to their homes, they will faint on the way and Some of them have come from far away And his disciples answered him How can one feed these people with bread here in this desolate place? And he asked them? How many loaves do you have? They said seven And he directed the crowd to sit down on the ground and he took the seven loaves and having having given. Thanks he broke them and gave them to his disciples to set before the people and they set them before the crowd and They had a few small fish and having blessed them. He said that these also should be set before them and They all ate and were satisfied. They took up the broken pieces left over seven baskets full there were about four thousand people and Jesus sent them away Immediately he got into the boat with his disciples and went to the district of Dalmanutha Let’s pray Lord thank you for This passage and for the message of the duplication of the multiplication of the bread and the fish So similar to what so the one that we read before? But in it in this new passage is something very very beautiful Lord

And I thank you for revealing it through your Holy Spirit And I pray you will cement it into our hearts as we study it together in Jesus name Amen We’re in this continuation of the series Jesus asked in which we look at the questions that God asks in the Gospel of Mark and this passage has that same question that we read and wrote in mark chapter 6 How many loaves do you have? How many loaves do you have? exactly the same question and the sermon in a sentence is this God may repeat his lessons in our lives until faith is our first thought God may repeat his lessons in our lives until faith is our first thought Sometimes people confuse these two Accounts of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes thinking that they’re the same thing same item. That is not the case There are two specific incidents one in which Jesus feeds 5000 men and their families so quite a number maybe as many as 10,000 people and then the second incident is When he feeds four thousand and four thousand men and their families again probably double at least of that amount the first Passage about the five thousand is seen in all four Gospels And those are listed inside your notes for you to study further If you’d like to John takes a little bit different tack, but that’s a whole other message and we’ll save that for another time but the feeding of the four thousand only occurs in Matthew and Mark and In mark specifically there seems to be so many similarities and there’s a tendency to think Oh, well, maybe this is just another way of saying the same thing But no actually in mark chapter eight verses 19 and 20 Jesus looks back on the incidents of the events and says to a disciple his don’t you remember me? I fed the five thousand how many basketballs were left over, don’t you? Remember when I fed the four thousand how many basketballs were left over? So Jesus very clearly teaches that both incidents happen at separate times a lot had happened in between them different incidents and different miracles, but Jesus Calls us back to a lesson in the question The question again being How many loaves do you have Let’s just take a look here again This is the the Sea of Galilee, you know, as we see what the the sea looks like and up in the upper Northwest corner is the area where he was probably feeding the 5000 and then down in the southeast corner Near the Decapolis the gentile region. That’s when he feeds the 4000. So the jewish region up here the gentile region down here These are the separate separate events that he’s involved in but there are some Some factors that I want to point out to you in this passage first With the feeding of the 5,000 It is again for a Jewish crowd and the feeding for the the 4,000 is a Gentile crowd a non-jewish crowd In the feeding of the 5,000 the numbers 5 and 12 are repeated and highlighted. He talks about the 5 loaves And the two fish but he takes the five loaves and then they multiply them, you know And then and then that there are twelve basketfuls leftover and they’ll correlate to some very important numbers that are part of Hebrew history the 5 5 would correspond and Is often thought about to describe the 5 books of the Pentateuch the first five books of the Bible that we have Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers and Deuteronomy some of the most important books in the history of Israel and in their culture and in their obedience to God and then 12 would be remembered because of the 12 tribes or the 12 divisions of Jewish people that were part of the new new the new people that went to the Land of Israel and at the time when they when Jesus was Multiplying the bread and the fish. He had them all sit down in groups of 50 and hundreds and sitting in groups very similar to the way that their early Jewish people were divided when they were going through the promis’d Actually on the way to the promised land and then we’re being fed this miraculous bread from heaven called manna So it would have very very quickly been understood by the people as they and the disciples that this was about Remembering the provision of God his miraculous provision and the fact that Jesus is in a sense the new Moses He’s there to be able to show us who he is and what he can do, but for the Gentile crowd The number seven is repeated You know the seven fish or excuse me? The seven loaves are being are highlighted as part of the passage and the number seven symbolizes both completeness

We think about the seven days of creation and the fullness of all of humanity Meaning all that God created is within that the realm of that seven and number seven So it’s not just the Jews is for the Gentiles and so that becomes significant because God is showing us that his Declaration of provision his declaration of salvation is for everyone Excuse me There are some lessons in this and I think some of them are fairly subtle But they’re also very very important as we think about how God wants to take us on this journey toward his tenderness or his kindness so that we can understand and grasp who he is in the first lesson from the from the From Jesus’s question and the way he asks it and in the miracle of the feeding of the four thousand is that Jesus carefully chooses? His words for for to us from maximum spiritual impact the words. He was choosing for his disciples He’s asking them a question He says at first I have compassion on the crowd Because they they have been with me now three days and have nothing to eat And if I send them away hungry to their homes, they will faint on the way and some of them have come from far away It’s very interesting This passage is a little different from the feeding of the 5000 in that Jesus presents the factors to the disciples It’s almost as if he’s laying it out in front of them so that they might get the answer Look at these people I have compassion on them. I care about them. Can you see them – What are you going to do about it? And Then their answer shows that they’ve still had difficulty being able to understand how carefully Jesus is choosing his words They still think this is a random event and they don’t understand again who God is and who Jesus is? They say how can one feed these people with bread here in this desolate place? They don’t see the possibilities and actually the word that they use when they say how can one feed these people It’s almost in a sense Pointing to them as somebody apart from me, how can God feed these people? There’s a tense – the – the words that are being used that almost put down the people that are around them You have to remember that for the Jews. There was great enmity with the Gentiles. There was a pulling apart and then in a Prejudice toward the Gentile nation which God does not want them to carry on. He’s beginning to transform it And so this feeding of the four thousand certainly takes care of the meal that the people need that their hunger But Jesus is wanting to feed them just like he wants to feed the Jews forever with the bread of life with his Salvation and he’s asking the the disciples to draw into his heart and understand his heart So when he asks how many loaves do you have? It’s almost like a delayed action teaching At that moment. They just answer. Well, we have seven. That’s all they see But can you imagine later on as they? After they’ve come to know and follow the Lord and the Holy Spirit has come and then your church is born Can you imagine the kind of conversation that they would have? Remember the time Jesus asked us that same question twice and we still didn’t get it. How many loaves do you have? Oh my goodness. What was wrong with us? But he was so patient and he didn’t scold us. But what did he do? He blessed the the loaves and the fishes And he multiplied them for these Gentiles who we looked down upon we didn’t see that we were just as separated from God as the Gentiles that everyone has separated unless we come to faith and Receive his tenderness his kindness God wanted us to get that So I might ask you a question for you to reflect upon What Scripture incites godly counsel or nudges from the Spirit has God been choosing especially for you? What words has he given to you especially so that you might begin to grasp who he is how was he customizing how the Word of God is coming to you and and I do want to say this one thing is that God in His Word Intends it to be very personal through the Holy Spirit for each of us as we study his word not just for knowledge but for transformation and intimacy with God He will use his word in powerful ways Every small bit or large section if we turn to it and it will be alive

It won’t be something that we study once and set aside. It will be alive for us that day I found that more and more as God has built his intimacy in my heart So that I turned to him the Living Word as well as his written word and received from it counsel and guidance and love every day you know, I Like I gave you that quote from Loren Isley. It is actually at the beginning of a book that’s one of the favorites favor of it favorites of ours and I thought that part of the illustration for today as we Think about this this gift that God wants to give us that he wants to show us in terms of Coming to coming to faith Sorry, I’ve got everything down here on the bottom That God may repeat his lessons to us as in our lives until faith becomes our first thought This book is actually One of our favorites as a family. It’s called the power of the powerless by Christopher de Vinc and In it, he has a section of a essay that he wrote for The Wall Street Journal talking about his brother Oliver It was transformative at the time and it related to a passage or a verse that God had poured into our lives very specifically from first Corinthians 1:27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong and in the context it’s talking about this weak and foolish act of God himself coming to die for us but it’s also talking about how God takes the things that we think of as our strengths and as we get Broken before him and we recognize that we need to him all the time that it really isn’t about our strengths It’s about his strength. That is the weak things in our lives are surrendered to him God Transforms them for his glory and that’s part of what God was doing with the disciples. He was beginning He’s been constantly Calling them to something more to see the world through his eyes to see the the Gentiles that were there and hungry but to see themselves and to see that he Wants to give them something more Let me read a section of the story here and we’re going to do this in four parts. It’s a little bit long but again I want to point it out to you is one of the most beautiful stories that we’ve ever had and and God used it in our lives at the time when our first daughter was diagnosed prenatally and Before she you know, she was born with multiple Handicap handicapping conditions and She she had to face death every day But this was one of the encouragement that God used and and he is using it again in my life I find it even more that one passage that that he chose those words for maximum spiritual impact and they were coming back around Christopher Christopher de vang crikes I grew up in the house where my brother was on his back in his bed for 32 years in The same corner of his room Under the same window beside the same yellow walls He was blind mute. His legs were twisted He didn’t have the strength to lift his head or the intelligence to learn anything Oliver was born with severe brain damage which left him and his body in a permanent state of helplessness Today Christopher de vank writes. I am an English teacher and Each time. I introduced my class to the play about Helen Keller the miracle worker. I tell my students the story about Oliver One day during my first year of teaching I was trying to describe Oliver’s lack of response how he had been spoon-fed every morsel. He ate How he never spoke a boy in the last row raised his hand and said Oh, mr Devain, you mean he was a vegetable. I stammered for a few seconds my family and I fed Oliver we changed his diapers hung his clothes and bed linens on the basement line in winter and Spread them out white and clean to dry on the lawn in the summer. I Always liked to watch the grasshoppers jump on the pillowcases We bathed Oliver tickled his chest to make him laughed to make him laugh Sometimes we left the radio on in his room We kept the shade down on the window over his bed in the morning to keep the Sun from burning his tender skin We listened to him laugh as he watched as we watch television downstairs We listened to him rock his arms up and down to make the bed squeak We listen to him coffee in the middle of the night Well, I guess yes you could call him a vegetable But I called him Oliver

my brother You would have loved him I’ll continue with his story in a moment The second point From Jesus his lesson further for the disciples and the miracle of the feeding of the four thousand is this Jesus knows our internal biases and systematically clears them out for his glory to be seen Jesus knew that the disciples were not seeing the Gentile crowds who were thronging around Jesus and hungry for spiritual truth He knew that they were seeing them as just something to do for that day and not seeing them as beloved of God Equal to them and value before the Lord and so Jesus Begins to turn their entire internal biases around even as he begins to feed the people in the same way That he fed the Jews on the other side of the lake Now remember that the Jews on that side of the lake they began to follow Jesus around trying to get from him more miracles because they thought of him is almost like a vending machine like pneumos is this going to provide everything that they need in a way that requires no obedience or love or response to the to the Lord And so Jesus says to them Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you will not have anything to do with me and Many of the Jews just walked away from them at that time thousands of them walked away they didn’t understand and right after that that was when Jesus comes to the Gentile side of the lake of Galilee and he goes to this other group who has also beloved of God and does a miracle very similar and Yet he’s also transferring Transforming the disciples into effective ministers in the world not just among those whom with whom they feel comfortable So my question to you is this What are your biases about to whom the gospel is available? What other biases negatively affect your faith? Do you carry any biases with you do any of them prevent you from receiving those around you who God loves You know The disciples were biased about the gent and they had been taught that and modeled that in their culture for many many years But God says to us The same lesson he says to them How are we growing in hospitality? How do we see? our own brokenness and Come before others in a way that is humble and gracious and warm and welcoming How are we acting toward the lost the last in the least? That’s been part of the adventure from our own lives from that first time when we accepted our daughter Naomi God has taken us through different realms both with the high the very high in status and the very low in status Helping us to love and embrace them to live among them and to share what we have with them I think that’s part of the training process that God is taking us through right now. Is that even as the Vestiges of wealth and security are being stripped away we’re realizing that we’re not so different from one another and That we cannot try to guard ourselves with our own strength and it truly is the weak things of the world that shame the strong Let me go on with the story of Oliver from Christopher de Vinc One October day in 1946 while my mother was pregnant with Oliver her second, son My father rose from bed shaved dressed and went to work at the train station. He realized he had forgotten something So he returned to the house and discovered the smell of gas leaking from the coal burning stove My mother was unconscious in her bed My oldest brother was sleeping in his crib, which was quite high off the ground. So the gas did not affect him my father pulled him out of the room through the hall and outside where my mother revived quickly and That was that six months later on April 20th 1947 Oliver was born a healthy-looking plump beautiful boy other Oliver’s seemed like any other newborn my mother and father told my sisters and brothers and me over the years as They repeated the story with their deep love and joy There was no sign that anything was amiss One afternoon a few months after he was born my mother brought Oliver to a window she held him there in the Sun the bright good Sun and there Oliver rested in his mother’s arms and there Oliver looked and Looked directly into the sunlight which was the first moment. My mother realized that Oliver was blind My parents the truth the true heroes of this story learned with the passing months that Oliver could not hold up his head

Could not crawl Walk sing. He could not hold anything in his hand. He could not speak So he brought him to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City for a full series of tests to determine the extent of his condition The only explanation anyone could agree upon was that the gas which my mother inhaled in her sleep during that third month of her pregnancy Had reached Oliver and caused the severe incurable hopeless condition before he was born at The end of a long week of waiting my parents returned to the hospital and met with the doctor Dr. Samuel de lange When our children are in pain, we tried to heal them when they are hungry we feed them When they are lonely we comfort them What can we do for our son my parents wanted to know? Dr. De Lange said that he wanted to make it very clear to both my mother and father that there was absolutely nothing wrong nothing That that could be done for Oliver. He didn’t want my parents to grasp at false. Hope He said you could place them you could place him in an institution But my parents answered he is our son We will take all of her home, of course The good doctor said then take him home and love him That was sound medical advice Doctor de Lange speculated that Oliver would probably not live beyond the age of seven or eight He also suggested that Oliver be taken to another neurosurgeon to confirm the diagnosis This is what my parents did. Yes, the second doctor repeated the first verdict Oliver’s case was hopeless While he scanned the forms my parents filled out the second doctor noticed that both my mother and father were born in Brussels Which led the doctor to say? During World War two my parents were taken in fed and protected by a Belgian family for we are Jews Now it is my turn to help a Belgian family And the doctor didn’t charge my parents for all the tests the care and medication. I Never met these two doctors, but I love them all my life as a child loves the heroes in a fairy tale The third lesson that Jesus teaches through this Passage an event of feeding the four thousand and confronting the disciples are nudging the disciples toward Love of their fellow human beings was that When we whenever we faced challenges Our first thought and reaction are an indicator of how we need to grow in our relationship with Christ the disciples first reaction was again to to not really put one and one together and especially if they did remember about the Multiplication of the loaves from the five thousand people who had been fed on the other side of Galilee. They didn’t put it together that God loved these Gentiles enough to feed them as well to give them hope as well and So sometimes our first reactions are really indications of what’s in our hearts Sometimes our first reactions are our human ones and they’re natural. Of course a Guide is in the process of making our first reactions into ones that are filled with faith He wants us more than anything to turn to him so my question to you is this What hurts trials? disappointments or distractions are you facing and how well do you let Jesus and your faith in him beat you Hertz trials Disappointments or distractions facing your life now How are you reacting? I’m not saying these things to try to point out Guilt or or to to force you into something that you’re not ready for? But I do want to let you know that God’s soft Voice is whispering to you now Learn faith my child Learn to trust me as your first reaction you know in that time when we read this book I’m reading about and when God gave that to us as part of our Preparations for our daughter’s short life with us those six years that he was with she was with us You know, we learned some of that first thought of letting the weak things of the world shame the strong things of the world That’s seeing that God was in the middle of this situation But I have to say that part of the ongoing Lesson in which God has repeated his lesson in my life and some of those same words in that same passage and this same story Has been because there is a tendency on my part and maybe some of your parts as well

To rely on ourselves and our strength rather than put that upon the strength of God I’ve been learning that steadily Especially over these last few years and I think it is transforming me in in new ways making me more Surrendered and joyful before the Lord now. I’m not arrived yet. I don’t think I’ll arrive until I’m in heaven But God is still persisting in my life in the same way. He persisted with the disciples Let me finish the story of Oliver which I believe parallels this entire passage in which we look at when someone is Walking with the Lord’s walking only with the Lord’s strength Oliver grew to the size of a ten-year-old He had a big chest a large head his hands and feet were those of a five-year-old small and soft We’d wrap a box of baby cereal for him at Christmas and place it under the tree We’d Pat his head with a damp cloth in the middle of July heatwave His baptismal certificate hung on the wall above his head a bishop came to the house and confirmed him Oliver still remains the most hopeless human being I’ve ever met the weakest human being I’ve ever met Yet he was one of the most powerful human beings I ever met as a teacher I spend many hours preparing my lessons. Hoping that I can influence my students in small significant ways Thousands of books are printed each year with the hope that the authors can move people to action We all labor at the task of raising our children Teaching them values hoping something gets through to them after our reference Maybe your feeling that is you’re trying to teach your children at home for those of you who have children at home Oliver could do absolutely nothing except breathe sleep Eat and yet he was responsible for action. Love courage insight For me to have brought up and brought up in a house where a tragedy was turned into a joy Explains to a great degree why I am the type of husband father writer and teacher. I have become I Remember my mother saying when I was small Isn’t it wonderful that you can see and once she said when you go to heaven Oliver will run to you Embrace you and the first thing he will say is. Thank you That leaves an impression on a boy Of course it is I who must thank Oliver and my parents for defining for me the boundaries of love which were the house the yard? The woods were my sisters and brothers and I ran in and out all day long the fields Were we ice skated in the winter and caught snapping turtles in the summer and all the time? Oliver laughed and slept between his fresh sheets sheets under the window day after day. I Remember to my mother explaining to me that we were blessed with Oliver in ways. They were not clear to her at first We were fortunate that Oliver’s case was so severe the best we could do for him Was feed him three times a day Bathe him and keep him warm He did not need us to be there in the room all day He never knew what his condition was We were blessed with his presence a true presence of peace so often parents are faced with a child who is severely Handicapped but who was also hyperactive demanding or wild who needs constant care? So many people have little choice but to place their child and in an institution each circumstance is different no one can judge I Have come to believe we are here to tend the lilies of the field. We do the best we can and If you have a boy or a girl like Oliver in your home You will know what is best for him or her for your family. The decision is never easy. I Asked my father. How did you care for Oliver for 32 years? he said It was not 32 years. I just asked myself. Can I feed Oliver today? And the answer was always. Yes, I can We live with Oliver a moment-by-moment. I Remember once when I was a little boy sitting down beside my brother I was alone in the house And I wanted to see if Oliver was really blind if he was faking it So I spread my right hand over his face and shook my fingers close to his open eyes, of course He didn’t blink. He didn’t move His eyes were brown like mine Yet so different Often it was my job to feed Oliver a supper His poached egg mixed with cereal warm milk

sugar a banana Yuck. I often thought I wouldn’t eat this stuff Feeding Oliver throughout his life was like feeding an eight month old child his head was always propped up to a slight incline on pillows a Teaspoon of food was brought to his lips. He would feel the spoon open his mouth close his mouth and swallow. I Still today can hear the sound of the spoon ticking and tapping against his red bowl in the Silence of his room Oh, mr. Devane You mean he was a vegetable? When I was a child, I was afraid of the dark and shared a room with my younger brother Our room was separated from Oliver’s by a single wall five inches of wood and plaster divided us from each other during the night We breathed the same night air as Oliver did listen to the same wind and slowly without our knowing Oliver created a certain power around us which changed all of our lives. I Cannot explain Oliver’s influence except to say that the powerless in our world do hold great power The weak do confound the mighty When I was in my early 20s, I met a girl and I fell in love After a few months I brought her home for dinner to meet my family After the introductions the small talk My mother went to the kitchen to check the meal and I asked the girl. Would you like to see Oliver? Frey had of course told her about my brother No, she answered. She didn’t want to see him It was if she had slapped me in the face Yet I just said something polite and walked to the dining room Soon after I met ro rosemary a dark-haired dark-eyed lovely girl She asked me the names of my brothers and sisters. She bought me a copy of the little prince She loved children. I thought she was wonderful. I Brought her home after a few months to meet my family The introductions the small talk we ate dinner and it was time for me to feed Oliver. I Walked into the kitchen reached for the red bowl and the egg and the cereal and the milk and the banana and prepared Oliver’s meal then I remember I Sheepishly asked ro if she’d like to come upstairs and see Oliver Sure, she said and up the stairs. We went I Sat at Oliver’s bedside as Rose stood and watched over my shoulder I gave him his first spoonful his second Can I do that, Roe asked? Can I do that she asked with ease with freedom with compassion So I gave her the bull and she fed Oliver one spoonful at a time The power of the powerless which girl would you marry Today Roe and I have three children That’s the essay the Christopher de Vinc gave to The Wall Street Journal Which opened the door for conversation for many people about God? And it was done through the power of a story. That was true as God worked in the weak and foolish things of the world and demonstrates his power In the story of the feeding of the five four thousand it isn’t the power demonstrated in The reproduction of the fish and the multiplication of the fish and loaves Really the power is in the transformation that happened in the hearts of the disciples They were beginning to grasp not fully yet But they were beginning to grasp the heart of God that wants to feed everyone that wants to save all and is reaching out today to you to me to Help us grow in that love Let’s pray Father thank you for this duplicated story of the four thousand being fed and Yet the deeper story of what you wanted to draw out of the disciples and what you want to draw out of us Love that has no boundaries Love that embraces and welcomes all who you welcome Father we ask again that you would work in our lives and our hearts So that we don’t lean upon our own strength or our own understanding That we lean upon you and you alone and that the world would know You are real because of the way you have transformed us and given us love unending in

Jesus name Amen You You You You are here Moving in our myths I Worship you I Worship you you Are here Working in this place I Worship you I Worship you You are here I Worship you I Worship you you are here Working I Worship you I Worship you Miracle-worker fans keep light in the darkness My god, that is who you are You are make me real girl as keep light in the darkness God, that is who you are You are you Touching You Ship you You Turn around You Shit you You You To you you To Even When I don’t see a jerk

And I don’t feel it You never stop you never stop working we never stopped you never stop I don’t see a jerk And I don’t feel that you You never stop you never stop Never stop never stop You The Lord said let there be light and there was light sorry for the dark that overshadowed the the message there for a little while forgot to turn on the switch, but Hopefully the Holy Spirit illuminated nonetheless Let me pronounce God’s blessing on upon us as we go forth this week father Thank you so much for everyone who was a part of this service those who were listening and worshiping those who led us and worship And those who put all the service together and the journey families who are participating and sharing Greetings at the end of this message. Thank you for all the parts of it We pray that it would give you glory and that your word would go out to the ends of the earth in Jesus name Amen We are all getting better. Take care Amanda and we want to just say hello to the old journey family. We haven’t seen you guys in a while Thank you everyone who’s been working on the front lines and Hope everyone’s doing really well in their homes and enjoying time together as a family We hope this passes soon and I hope to see you guys soon High journey family I am and I’m tom we missed seeing you every Sunday We hope everyone is safe and well and we have some happy news We’re going to be grandparents so join us and praying for a healthy and safe pregnancy for Amanda and a Healthy baby, and we will see you soon. Bye You