Solar Powered Space Plane! -Kerbal Space Porgram

hey guys marmot 2468 here and today we are playing kerbal space program because i want to show you something pretty cool that I’ve made I have built let’s see where is it right here I have built a solar plane now it might not sound as amazing as it is because it’s been done thousands of times right but as you probably know by now I’m pretty bad at this game so for me to build something like that is pretty cool now let me just find it and hopefully I saved it doesn’t seem like I saved it I don’t know it’s not here oh no god damn it okay maybe it’s in a different safe file found it it was in a different save file oh hey look bottom mark 2 and Bruce okay where is it um oh and pearl solar plane here it is load alright so the way this works it has D command thing right this is it it’s this one the the probe Oh dobo i’m not going to read that the ok to2 there it is it’s tiny and the way this works is it uses these engines right here these are they are these engines the electric propulsion system they use electricity and they use a tiny bit of fuel which is this fuel this fuel tank will last will last I think about an hour for this engine right here unless quite a lot yeah the engines use about I’m not sure but something like point three or point five or something so it lasts for about a thousand five hundred seconds at least which is a lot maybe not an hour but this plane can fly for for quite some time uh and it’s filled with solar panels now I tried extending these so it had longer wings so that they could fit more thrusters but now that just it can’t handle it because if you look right here if we look at the number of parts this ship has it has two hundred and two parts and it’s tiny right so it yeah no no that won’t work I tried it I had like 10 of these engines or nine of these engines and my computer just froze completely and then it has these side rather rudders which don’t really work but yeah anyway let’s launch it oh and it has some batteries at the bottom for batteries for to like keep the solar panel yeah and I had it take off like this I don’t know why whoops I accidentally clicked Space Center yeah so basically d those electric engines let me just turn this around and watch the electric engines they use up a lot of electricity very quickly that’s why you need all those solar panels but if the plane tilts slightly to not face towards the Sun it will run out of charge really quick so it right here we see the electric charge on the xenon gas and if I turn them on you’ll see the Sun is is right there right so it keeps up really well even at full thrust and well yeah there’s there’s it shouldn’t need as many solar panels as this but it recharges really quickly so basically when I turn and this doesn’t face the Sun it will when I face the Sun again it’ll recharge almost instantly okay so i’m at about 50 meters per second i can take off you see it goes pretty fast and i’ll take up the gear and you can even use SAS without this training okay yeah it won’t drink but uh see if i turn it now it’s not really facing the Sun as much it is actually using some of the electricity whoops yeah and well okay yeah here is here is one of the problems of this play

it’s not the most stable yeah it tends to drift very slightly to either the left or the right at all it doesn’t drift by a lot but the problem is if it’s not facing a good enough direction it’ll start spinning out of control so it doesn’t need that much of a drift to crash basically but I mean it takes off really quickly for being a solar plane and its really good-looking I think especially how ya up will be up its if it’s drifting maybe if we go back to the spaceplane hanger I can actually try fix this if i put if i replace the red around the sides with the rudder just over here whoops i don’t know how well that will fix it hopefully it fixes it a little the first design i had was with three tailfins went in the center and two on the sides and that worked worse than this worse than the last one did so I just I scratched the one in the middle but I don’t know maybe it’s actually more helpful I assume it will but would be more helpful since at since normal planes have that in the middle but yeah let’s take off I don’t know why I was decreasing speed there let’s take up the year and it’s actually you know other than that spinning thing if you turn on SES it’s really quite stable well the other one was this one actually seems to be even more stable yep this doesn’t seem to be drifting which is good maybe a little but as you can see I time-warped 24 times acceleration and there’s not a noticeable drift even with four times acceleration let’s go in and and try to turn this thing you really need to keep an eye on your electric and on your electric charge you don’t want to stay in the shadow for too long yeah see it’s draining really quick now but now i’m back in the light and it actually refills up quite quick i’m not directly facing the light the way the solar panels get charged from what i can tell is quite realistic so these won’t actually get charged these ones right here because they’re in the shadow by this at least that’s how i think it works the energy flow 0.4 oh wait ok never mind forget i said that i thought that’s how it worked but up not no I don’t think these cause an actual shadow but the entire craft does so if you keep it like this it’s not going to charge and the problem with this hat with having you know like this this pod thing to control the craft it actually uses up electricity itself to control it so well we don’t want it to drift stop drifting rudder come on yeah I don’t know why the rudder is so useless in this does not turn it at all stop okay maybe a little but yeah it’s back up to 410 electric charge back up to full and the xenon gas you see we’ve been flying for a couple minutes now even with that time warp and install using two point five units per second and you see we have 3,500 so divided 3,500 by 2.5 and you’ll get the amount of seconds you can fly with this but really um I I just didn’t add more because this wasn’t really meant for long term flights it was really just meant to test and see if I could make this and they weigh a bit not that much so I’m sure you could add a lot more of these but um I just wanted to make it as weightless as possible and probably adding all those battery packs didn’t help or adding this extremely heavy landing gear but yeah this is actually a lot more stable than the other than the version with the rudders on the side so that that’s good landing with this thing can be a bit of a pain well I still have

time work can be a bit of a pain because yeah the rudder that does not affect yeah sorry about that jump cut but this does not that does not affect the craft that much so as you can see if I’m spinning the rudder it spins really slowly and I usually use the rudder to learn that’s how I’m used to landing even though you’re kind of supposed to use the flaps because the rudder is usually used on land at least I think so i think now we can can try to the u-turn to go back and land again so you want to when you every time you turn you want to always keep an eye on your electric gas so you can either turn in stages this turn wasn’t that bad because because we’re still facing the Sun more or less but you can either turn in stages so kind of like turn one half of the circle like 90 degrees and then stop again to recharge which is the safe for one or you can just kind of want to get centered with a long way or you can just turn as fast as you can which user which usually results in this happening ah yeah it’s okay with then you usually lose your control of the craft but I am really pleasantly surprised at how stable changing the rudder from the two wings to the center was ok so well no no no no that is not what we want to do ok let’s lower the thrust there was you could really feel that deceleration okay ah alright let’s try turn off SAS hopefully yeah that okay that’s a lot more stable with SAS off for some reason okay let’s lower the gear and slowly this tends to bounce a lot whoo yep even though I didn’t actually touch the runway there when you do end up touching the runway whoa yeah it bounces a lot because it has so much oh okay this is not a good landing definitely not one of my best landings um even though I’m bad at this game oh oh my god well that was a fail okay I’m back for another attempt okay I’ve only ever tried to land this thing once and that was with the two rotor design but there’s not much difference and that lending went quite a bit better than the lot than the one I just had now although saying that it can’t go much worse than the one I just had now because well because I crashed okay this time we’re going to switch off our engines now we’ve already deployed the gear we’re spinning for some reason why are we spending turn off SAS oh that that did it I don’t know why turning off SAS makes it oh my god I think I was wrong when I said it couldn’t go much worse than last time I turn the engines back on we still have a little bit of runway um yeah I don’t know why this one finds it so much harder to land on the last one if it’s more stable Oh alright turn them off again we are running out of runway quick oh god damn it alright it’s now or never okay I did it I landed brake brake oh yes right well that was a pretty failed landing if I have to be honest about it I well yeah that that was a pretty big fail luckily this only goes at about 40 meters per second so it didn’t take a large amount of runway to break because if it were a normal plane I would probably end up being in the ocean by now um but now what I kind of want to do is take off again if this thing decides to take off there we go take off again and go to that Island right there because in that

Island there is a little easter egg which i’m sure most people that play ksb know but it’s kind of the first really it’s the first easter egg I found and pretty much the only store a guy of a found and there’s basically an airport there what looks to be abandoned Airport and actually yeah okay um so what we’re going to do is we’re going to aim towards it and we’re just going to time warp pretty much all right so let’s see how stable this thing is with time warp um seems quits yeah it’s really stable which is good let’s keep an eye on our on our electric charge is one of the negative aspects of the solar blade is that you can’t have flights at night which I mean nobody ever really likes flights at night anyway but um if you want to go somewhere that takes a really long time even if you were to have extra xenon gas tanks you’d have to land every so often and time warp through the night because this thing the charge on this thing will last about five seconds maybe 10 it will not last you 12 hours um yeah actually I’m not sure how much how long denied in KSP last if it if it’s 12 hours I assume it is because it seems pretty realistic right oh we need to actually spin we don’t want to do that in time warp yeah as I was spinning I wasn’t facing the Sun so that oh that does not want to stay stable okay I guess I’ll go that way then all right and fast forward again okay so yeah as you can see when I failed the landing what I did was I just relaunched the the plane and went back to the position we were then like behind the runway and started recording again and then we landed and we took back off again and as you can see we only wasted while we only used up about whoa okay that that’s not something I wanted to do I keep forgetting to stop time work before I do stuff okay okay time warp again this is the xenon gas we only used about 1500 of it and we still have two thousand so it’s it’s not being used very much which is good because it means that wherever you want to go say for example the North Pole you won’t need to carry as many with you um so yeah that’s pretty cool I really like this design with the rudder at the back even though it’s not as response though still not very responsive it helps a little bit and I find that for some reason the SAS is really not working oh oh no no no we’re starting to lose control that is not something I want to have I want to happen I want what did I just say okay I’m just nervous anyway I’ll do something that I forgot to do in the last flight before I land it and I’ll quicksave so in case i do actually not land which is which is highly likely I can just resumed the quicksave one jump cut later here we are about to land this thing oh oh does not want to stay straight I’ll I think it’s time to disable SAS yeah I don’t know why it runs so smoothly without SAS enabled the rudder still doesn’t work though which is kind of annoying anyway let’s decrease speed holy crap i was going at 90 meters per second that’s quite a lot yeah okay we’ve got i’m pretty sure we’ve got enough yeah we’ve got far more xenon gas to return home that we need ok so here it is here is the landing the airport sort of thing there’s a kerbal space center KSC looks like we’ve got a little bit more of a calm approach this time than the last landing that we added the Kerbal space center alright I think

it’s time to deploy the gear we are it this plane flies as though there’s a constant cross wind which is well okay okay turn off the engines this landing area is not as long as the Kerbal center one and I am very nervous but this Oh bouncing oh that was a hard landing but we actually made it which is quite good what is that is that I don’t know that almost looks like what is this oh I guess some walls yeah ok so here it is the I guess I’ll try take a look at it how can I spend can I spin this rudder yeah I can but it will not work probably my brakes around let’s try not end up off the runway right here and i have no idea how to control this thing on land so that’s going quite well yeah this does not want to turn around and we can’t even Evie a because there’s no kerbal in here but anyway if you want to see it there it is it’s just just a v8 just a a spaceplane hanger I guess or a regular plain hanger yeah and there’s a tower control with a light even though there’s nobody actually in there and there is all the stairs because kerbals don’t have oh and there’s plain debris does that play into brie I assume it is or no its debris from the oh yeah it’s oh that actually looks quite cool its cracks from the tower yeah i’m almost certain this is handed or hey maybe it’s just run by someone that really slacks off a lot but anyway let’s return to kerbal space center let’s disable the brakes because it’s quite hard to fly with brakes on especially if you need to take off first okay I think we’ll have enough runway this as I said before this thing can take off quite quickly but maybe not oh this okay that was oh that was close too close for comfort a little bit but now we will turn around let’s make sure we’re always facing the Sun hopefully we stay like that um where is kerbal space center I things around about there in that general direction yeah I should put a point on the map or something yep we’re still got way more xenon guess then we need let’s turn on SAS and it’s time warp 24 to get there a little bit faster I mean this thing this thing looks quite awesome it looks really cool right and it doesn’t like it uses it does not use that much fuel at all um I mean saying that we’re nearly out of fuel but look at how many tanks we have we’ve got five of these absolutely tiny tanks so I think it’s quite efficient all right where is the that it I can’t see I’m leaning forward but I still can’t see okay let’s disable time warp and kind of point in that general direction and hopefully it is there in fact oh come on rudder do do your job why doesn’t it work I guess it’s because yeah I guess it’s because the rudder is usually meant to stay behind the wings and not in it okay I think we’ve got it though nearly oh my god this is so annoying so yeah it’s not one of the most interesting well it is quite interesting to fly but it’s not one of the most responsive aircraft that you can get but hey I made it so I’m proud oh no please note no no no no this is a bad time to start spinning and it’s a bad time to face

away front of the Sun too are we in time orc or not are we okay I’m just terrible at this game okay so it’s going like that so we kind of need to go to awards there oh no stop spinning out of control oh no no no no no not good this is not good this is not good at all what are we doing yeah that wow that was a pretty good recovery I can’t believe we didn’t smash into the ground oh well you went really close to running out of electric charge so anyway if your plane runs out of electric charge it will say for example you’re turning so you’re holding q2 like tilt and you run out of electric charge what it does from what I can understand is it will keep tilting so it will pretend like you’re holding Q because basically this doesn’t have any more charge to to control you there’s no charge for this to be controlled but as soon as you get a little bit more electric charge this will reflect it’ll start controlling from your controls again if that made any sense probably not but there it is there’s the runway you could probably speed up I don’t know why I didn’t think of that okay and I think now we’re going to land from the opposite side time this time but I think we can start turning a bit slower this time because I don’t want to have that same thing happen yeah that was the first time I managed to save it from a spin like that okay and I guess we can actually decrease the thrust a little bit and let’s turn it a bit okay looks like a decent approach for now we can time work again so yeah it’s it’s pretty stable from being just one giant wing with a rudder on top and like six tiny engines powered by solar panels that’s pretty stable yeah if if you do want to make something like this I highly advise you to okay let’s turn off SAS I highly advise you to set all your settings too low like all your video settings so you can get the most FPS because this has a lot of parts and I know that some computers can’t handle it I can handle it okay well I can handle it like normal but that’s because I have a pretty good computer so if you can’t if you usually get lag you’re gonna get a lot of lag with this and you should thank me for not having that that solar plane with like a thousand parts because that would have not been very smooth so yeah it looks like we are gonna be back just in time to finish our xenon gas which is actually used a lot more than I expected all right let’s that’s a further decrease our trust and I guess we can time warp again oh and f5 quicksave before that stuff happens let’s decrease or decrease what am I saying let’s lower our landing gear calm down I’m not center at all okay calm down turn off my engines completely all right I need to get a little bit more centered and then go down oh not too damn fool no damn it stop doing that oh my god this the approach is always so perfect and then I just screw it up oh that was that was pretty perfect I don’t think you can get a much better one than that that was pretty cool how it touched down like that um let’s we still got a little bit of xenon gas let’s try and lat like park this thing oh no no no

okay this yeah this is not good at steering on land okay well I guess we’re not gonna Park it let’s retract the gear for no reason there we go the solar plane um thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed oh and it can even do a wheelie what more do you want let’s see how it takes off like this oh now I can steer properly well isn’t that dandy thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time bye bye we