Giant Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Track Build Video for Kids

Oh boy, are we doing a track build? Yeah! What are you building up today? Is it the island of Sodor at Vicarstown? Lovely. You got the bridge is going between the tables, you want this end to be Vicarstown, or what you want to do with it? Warning! Warning! We’re building tracks! I like this you can catch a train and get your mail, and maybe a drink of water you drive Knapford and what’s this over here? Tidmouth sheds? Notice everything on Sodor’s green? Maybe there’s have too much green paint. Hey that’s why Henry’s green! Yeah! oh nice double Knappford well you’ve really got this going on up here down here are you building down here too pretty of a subway going on one of their buildings do you want up here do you want buildings down here as well what’s this it’s not a subway station you think maybe this one and we’re gonna leave it up top you know what let’s just try to put as many buildings up here as possible okay well there but doesn’t be down the farm no we are definitely not going to put a farm subway let’s put McCall’s farm right here what do you think here is the firm fadeev you can’t keep working on the subway I’m gonna build McCall’s farm right here right beside an Alfred Station is a farm that’s a good place for a farm okay you’ll put this oh man that’s not gonna work that’s not gonna line up at all come on the subway they’re all done the subway poco I always get those y-yeah you have that that Brio tray is this one big circle root I think you might need more stations down here I don’t know this is the sword or subway oh wow do that again I want seeing right up close Oh what is he slow motion for that slow motion I see what you’re doing there you’re just building up a storm here mmm that’s gonna be a tricky one bud what do you think you’re just you just won’t stop building will you look at you go there’s a mad buddy not my bird I know we’ll use that train Labs thing right there maybe you think what’s your really bad problem Oh what happened there oh okay you need to make it right like that so we need to make out longer new you get it awesome buddy look at that well these bridges going across that is still this frustrated with this I have no idea what I’m doing here what’s this scene well racing Gordon so manage has to come pick up Philip and Butch is there oh here’s Madge and fill up off to get repaired ah that’s a lizard or that Isabella it’s a bell and there’s Kelly I really I’ll get back with the jock and a pack guys there gave you pretty big here in season 23 well the good news is I finally got this track figured out the bad news is is there’s not much I can do with maybe I wonder if I can oh that might actually work hmm okay this is like my final attack that’s not gonna work oh we could fit that in there and then we can do you know we could actually make this work right here we have you got this track there’s a dinosaur chuck snake trap door put this on the subway hold on so you and your buffers know yeah well it’s fine on here no poppers oh yeah it will work great huh oh that’s good yeah go on top of the bridge hey you still like a train though okay that will work that’s not the best fit but it will work we’re gonna keep the skeleton truck and maybe come up around here on more pulp it’ll get the train back eyelashes lovely Oh what happened paw patrols out there stroll hmm now we just have to get that to there okay so this side is done you know what I can put some actual buildings in here contact hey you know what goes good right there sure another station in here oh yeah that’ll work good and here we have Ted with Hulk to med ticket office and Tidmouth sheds this is looking pretty good on this side William heavily what do you want to do over here do you want to maybe put Steamworks and Sodor search and rescue center over here oh no I totally forgot about what goes after McCullen’s farm well now we’re not making a mess of the rumor anything oh here’s Jeremy Jeff played in the airport okay I thought we were gonna put maybe this steamer Xterra but we put in the airport there instead I can’t remember the last time we used this piece what if we put another dredge here because we don’t have enough bridges crossing hi Veronica are you gonna help us build okay you got it Oh is he stopping all engines pumping all engines stopping all engines I might put a connector in here where you guys

think we get the opposite yeah something like that that’d work okay but we take this put this in here are you guys already playing in here Wow look at all this look how busy this is getting Oh Tom that’s what happened Daisy’s going around around what a busy island stop weird for Gordon he’s delivering I think we are going to just put that right there okay and coming off this bridge we can now get in to Vicarstown steam words or sorter such a rescue Senate you guys know guys what steel works let’s get building this team works then look at this okay all this mad where did you come from go back to the airport we belong is he a taxi and the kasi without an air taxi what are you building look at you you’re building up here holy what is this Sodor Steamworks is that a box of chocolate car and we’re gonna put that bone right there and now we are connected right through here we’ve got one two three four five bridges in here now from the states going on here oh no yeah we’ve got six seven bridges down here – he’s hard to derail there you go magic trick tada oh yeah we got this going on now no this bridges in here so we have one two that’s gonna be pretty easy to put together and then three right here okay we’ll put this right here and then use this big Steamworks piece this is starting to look like a lot of Steamworks oh we still have more room look up with it that’s a really tight fit more steam look at one big Steamworks here oh and should we put a buffer right there oh you want to put the bubble machine there so you want yes you know this bubble machine is one of the most favourite pieces of our community they love this bubble maker I know they love it so much put this right here okay we’re gonna put this piece right here and this piece right here and we are done guys what do you think we just have to clean up all the spare parts because it’s not like my kids left out any spare parts or anything okay William are you ready to tell us about the Island of Sodor here show us about that to Michelle’s antimage yard where most time total but this orange train destroyed its time tunnel went down here to Egypt oh this is Egypt this is Chitina ticket booth and Tidmouth Holt bridge over subway bubble maker oh that’s the most important part of the island we’re gonna build that back to Brio and then over here we have different crash landing oh no the bubbles and then underneath here’s the subway and we have a stop here we had two bridges right here then we have another subway stop right here and obviously some form of train accident involving him real that’s rays oh no real train what what’s going on with paw patrol why are you attacking our Railway? And now on the subway oh haters that’s a subway please visit this that’s an underground plane is it it can go above ground or underground no but that’s a very nice plan that you go above or under Oh crashes African trains to Africa so and just when you blink and turn the camera off folks we have another accident what happened here intently we’re trained you guys want to use hey you know who do you have oh the new ones hey you know what we got big red working again – didn’t we oh they’re Auto Wow looks like that this is gonna be an interesting race is money back comes backwards here’s here Parker right there yeah look

you go wrong oh wow he’s free now and he gets pushed over to my train to the bus I can’t help you whoever has one just a position no crashes oh he’s backing up let’s here we go back it up oh yeah cuz why would you make it fun for them there’s gonna settle be able to you can make it I’m gonna put them on there yeah so I’m back this way now survive run away from Williams no are you going this way hey hey you guys you go just eyes here come on our way to Lillian wait what are you doing Hey okay he’s gonna make it Cheers come on don’t do that yes bringing it back on track it on time this is one of hit oh come on you can climb oh yeah candy cat stuff this guy can pass helicopters what’s going on yeah yeah Pennsylvania torpedo folks nothing beats this guy there’s no way William can ever knock him down mighty rad coming to the rescue these covers do our talking on that won’t what’s the string that oh there you go the top on your right there comes daylight or now tear an mighty rad let’s see what you see do the same thing with her mighty rad goodies pushes looks like he’s pushing on Hosey oh hey there’s now he’s got the total to count the clock that was buddy right haywire and mighty rad they’re escaping now going back over to beam a pretend aside you know no damn lighters you get a home you get you rail that’s the thing you serve you he seems to be the Salas is going down we’re cooking him throw folks oh well give that lined up and we did it and he’s going on yelling crash whoo Oh what’s gonna happen here folks it looks like there’s gonna be a malfunction at the junction yeah mighty red getting on you Thomas Oh Jeremy just late but you’re gonna be lighter than our look is at carnac my ring keeps on keepin on oh wow climbing the walls fashion him now they’re going off Wow this Islands getting destroyed take over so why are they why is there Topham Hatt is him think he’s part of the mail now yes how did 800 heroin what what Jeremy what happened to you look at all this stuff and what’s going on in here oh man here’s our name train Li a and spells daddy I have a few challenges for you what are the challenges you for your audience Sun sky marshal rocky and rubble they might be hiding somewhere in the subway too let’s see if we can find them anywhere in this picture okay after watching at home remember to say found win if I if you find one of the paw patrol pups now look on the subway I think the next one might be on the subway I don’t know where the last one could be try to find two upside down trains in this scene – upside down trains okay – they have to be trains though that’s not true how are the sideways count what Sir Topham Hatt doing okay we’re still looking for really hmm that’s a pretty strong cow holding up a jet plane William what do we got going on today all this old 1990 stuff will you ask me even got the mountain tunnel set here are we gonna build a giant rock with this stuff yeah let’s get building are you getting these old engines out look how old Butch’s Oh Mike you got Oliver and the old aquarium cars man we got all the characters big city engine dad’s favorite yes we finally have a Thomas Wow we get all this stuff going I’m working on the mountain railway sets are we having

train accidents already Thomas how’s Thomas already derailed I’m not even Bill done building the set oh hey look at the windmill maybe we should make this our new mystery though I can’t save everybody first I have to do this there it is the mountain tunnel rail set William and Liam is actually putting in other pieces another that’s a good place for a railway crossing oh hey what’s Harold doing mining on top of the tunnels by this Harold fine yeah oh look at that crash what other pieces we should actually build the track out we’ll build this set out and clewd some of these other pieces in here Oh Duke James that’s nice you have a flat tire well good thing nothing bad ever happened here right yeah it looks like you’re stuck underneath the bridge there butch James whoa Oliver almost this is Oliver Douglas what’s happening what old school Mike Wow doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo yeah you have to look really close because it’s yellow on green but there’s the Great Western Railway simulator 2011 there’s nothing what do you want to put in there the Lumber Company the airfield the trap airfield and then we have the coal station engine wash cargo crane well we got lots of stuff hey so to a railroad repair Oh James at the aquarium Oh No how do we even see that come on oh wow he didn’t even hit but she just got piled up now people can’t cross the tracks oh that’s good I crashed into the big city yet oh yeah dad’s favorite big city engine look at his paint Wow he’s shiny I am probably that big box really dog is also the mix of crash Harold got evolved how does that even happen you just fly over and avoid all this mess man I ran out of flying gas you ran out of flying gas yes good thing you still had some of that go over the track crab grass and hitting gas let’s open up the cool can open up the coal station look at that Duke doesn’t have his tender on there Wow we got the transfer station put in over here nice stop oh look look at this truck Chuck Chuck here’s the coal station ol cars clicking these things Wow okay we put the coal Connery’s there show us how this works Liam this hole comes up Oh Cole goes down nice perfect Oh Mike’s taking the call where you going Mike not to the way Tom man go to the windows dangerous axilla engine here’s the airfield this is the one you like to look at this won’t turn them off break or don’t tell your mom actually works with Harold to now attack the Harold we know yay sort of mining coal I gotta see I just Thomas no nothing written underneath him either I don’t think it’s coming out it immediately came out Thomas don’t go off the rails good job Thomas Mike don’t don’t Oh Mike inga Thomas man okay I got to know what happened here how did I miss this crash look at what’s butch doing being an aquarium car out Mike are you ready did you do dude no look at that Mike oh you made the jump us can make that jump Oliver let’s see if it goes all over the place Oh give him another chine one more try come on over oh no Daisy yeah grazie a little what a great job I can’t believe you’re making these jumps we never even tried this before Luke Duke with the tender oh that was so close oh yeah this is Thomas so this is from what dirty bad Sodor our big world big adventure whoa try boy like butch Oh No butch is out or Douglas sorry are

you ready you are dougie oh I aborted ok you try hey James are we ready Dobby no I think we’re all out of luck here we got one more train to try oh it’s a fail what like look at all these engines I made it though what piece do you want to break out next buddy sorter engine wash well here it is this is a 20 plus year old island of sodor mare old Henry we’ve got her old lady I’ve been busy building this railway up and you’ve been busy crashing every train in town let’s get these trains sorted out hey you got towed out only what engines do we have on here William good transfer buddy sort of Railway repair oh it’s Oliver barrel or Anto oh yeah and then there’s yeah we got two Troublesome Trucks Scott’s met himself as flying speaking of flying who do we have at the airport betcha what happened to Henry here look at the old Henry’s tender oh and he’s got his old log car too and we have butch in who’s butch point told me it’s an upfront caboose you lady of the rails with her magic railroad old-school Kevin Percy in the aquarium cars and who still it up on water there will be no confusion and delay on my railway Oh on the tracks Oh Scotsman coming around hey Liam let’s spread this gold dust all over Sodor what’s going on here this is a little bit long train that’s a really long train butch is leading the way all the toes of trucks go Harold Wow look at these guys you got a lot of trains here my friend are you on wellyou’ve crash at all and lay of the rails is that not acting very ladylike here at all daddy I hit the gold that’s right fine here the gold dust okay I gotta try and find it yeah hmm I wonder where that gold – I know where it is Goldust there Harold you you see that gold dust ah no not in there it’s in the tunnel hey there it is cool dust big city engine leading the way as it should be and he’s going on whoa off the rails Oliver Daisy make sure her Springs are okay go yeah she crashed on the other side oh yeah he is off the ground that’s for sure okay I’m glad we’re jumping tracks now and airports Percy whether you clean cars screen engine is your favorite I think I know but what he’s not even green Henry on the rickety rackety tracks are 200 that is shot out there to go well I think this is the coal station good thing we don’t have any gold dust coming out of here oh there’s the coal Oh Goldust Goldust and logs that’s no good that’s Henry’s tunnel Oh Scotsman – Sir Topham I don’t think he’s gonna fit in there oh he did go through oh she went through two tappable daddy’s sleeping on some coal I must say too much gold dust nice take you tonight throw a ready crashes it into coal folks unreal Oh on the

track nice crashing Oh fine scoffs yes right pass you Henry do-do-do-do-do Liam out of all these characters and all these pieces where does your favorite you’ll Flying Scotsman and you like who bunch old bunch I like this old Thomas that we have he looks really unique look at his boiler that’s so shiny – not too much of the ID and Claire both the staples in the bottom there’s something awesome guys get in the comments section let me know what your favorite old piece is and whether or not we should incorporate it into more of our videos and even care good job Henry let me do it Skarloey Railway well we have lots of Mines that’s for sure oh and we got Merrick we haven’t seen him in a while you’re just having too much fun with this this is like different pieces and stuff well you got this belt with a bridge on it Liam are you sure you want this build right in the middle here what were you gonna do with this we’re gonna connect it to this stuff okay this is gonna be one big spirally spirally will railway well you got quite this setup here double loops of the bridge and it’s coming down here and now we have to figure out where that goes so where you want it where is this gonna go then better figure out a better place for this already got some nerve agent engine’s going on what do you have Duke and smudger okay over here we have a mine entrance coming off the double spiral good still got lots of work to do I don’t know why you guys are busy working ah you got smudger right well while Duke has this part of the mine covered I’m going over here to Morgan’s mind meaning that sir topham strike looks good over here I don’t know what I think we’re something here don’t you think okay what are we gonna fit in here mr. percival happy birthday mr. Percival okay well let’s put this piece in now that we have mr. Percival’s birthday stand there I think I’m going to put this right in here this will cause more accidents right bye Morgan’s mine now we got those too what do you got going on over here oh you America you are Marik and you got this big set too oh wow this is gonna be a really fun set lots of hills okay you said you had a magic trick let’s bake a cake cliff sugar that’s got sure Wow weird flower hey what’s going on those are all the ingredients that we can bake a cake for daddy happy birthday okay smarter are you ready oh there he is and Cooper says hi smudger whoa nice punch whoa dude got smudged everyone like you better as a generator this is starting to come along but what do you got going on here that’s an old broken track that looks like an old broken okay well it is what it is I like this setup here oh look you got the ball in there and everything it’s gonna be a lot of fun okay I think we’ll take this piece here put this piece here and what do you think now we have the rock crusher all right we’re sponge you’re going generator pull this piece out and put this piece and what do you think that’s really hard to see oh there’s dinosaur bones well Liam I think we’re done you certainly built a crazy cuckoo track and what’s going on here happy birthday mr. Percival mr. Percival says two wheels best oh look he’s got the man in the hills in the background his favorite story yeah and he’s guy’s birthday cake there we should actually do that story sometime so who are narrow-gauge engines do Peter Sam rusty here’s Freddy brilliant mighty Mack Bertram Duncan Sir Handel who’s this up a nails generator smudger you think Skarloey and Rheneas being here I want to see if one of our motorized railway can go on this track I don’t know who I’m gonna use Victor’s our only narrow gauge really but I feel like so using Meg James maybe I’ll use James I’m used teams in a while okay James let’s see how this track does you’re on the go yeah he knows he was talking to James here he comes folks to number five splendid red engine on track and on time fastest red engine on sodor never gets caught on anything you think you make it up here maybe well that I could kind of threw him off a bit oh I

think he’s caught him just a little nudge there he goes come on James you can do it buddy yes is he gonna go is he gonna go uh nudge touch and go with James here on the bridge sneaking through he’s gonna do it and he stopped as soon as I said that boom he’s off that did it now he’s going down oh and he’s off track folks what happened there I don’t know what happened yeah yeah the one of that fella caught him maybe his wooden brakes just caught on fire who knows oh you think he’s caught in a loop here we’ll just Lee’s send him this way see what happens here he is coming through we’ll have them cover out of the mine in a second I just wanna see if he can go through this track now on top of Morgan’s mine I’ll punch him off go this way James yes if you go to mr. he crashes through mr Percival’s birthday pass them out of the hills takes on all the narrow gauge engines here he comes he’s coming through the pass no rock on top else we got fun of that come on James now he’s on a straightaway look at him speeding up James tail of the bridge and now he’s pushing Phillip go think big Brio rock and here’s Colin or at the wharf Oh James I think that was Phillips fault more than anything James gets caught in the mud bog you can’t even make it up oh and he’s falling in folks now he’s pulling his tender nice and straight Oh echo tunnel oh there’s a do not enter sign oh let’s get this up going – here comes James and James will go down James well this is probably why James – oh the do not enter sign was down nice this is a good set overall are you ready to get playing every kind smudger yet generator I don’t think I want smudger on this channel anymore he’s the mean guy jumping perch up to the baby people oh nice hey back let’s go this way what do you think okay bye do let’s go this way oh no longer can what you have going on top here with marriage watch Oh Rock didn’t have to derail your mighty Mack you just flew off hey crunch it into pebbles can I have an idea for the end of the mine here I look really treasure right there – I think we’re gonna put this stack right in here and we’re just going to perfect now we have a launch look at that track who’s gonna go through first cause mighty bad buddy match we try to knock him off with that you have a no tensions on here now that’s right good managers on there oh they ran out of coal yeah it looks like Oh who’s there I scream whoo that’s not funny yeah Duke made it to Echo Mountain who joins mighty Mac okay here’s Duncan Duncan mr. personal doe can we see him Dobby cat I like mr. Percival I’m I think what’s lost in them gobblers smudger I can smudger yes Frank oh whoa whoa hey Caroline here’s the vehicle we haven’t seen in a while no you do not and that’s what common and pointed I booked you and she’s a balanced pretty good look at that never mind oh he’s dumping garbage on

today Rory that’s okay we’re making roads again but it’s about Lauri and George oh yeah all right Patrick hey like Darcy hey you’re gonna get dunk now Duncan nothing ever bad happens our bride birthday whoa it was like that was like spell coming bobsleigh Oh to see him do that again ready that didn’t work out so good oh nice and Duncan’s picking up some rocks from the rock crusher Oh like we have smudger here