wanted from the nurburgring air temperature 20 degrees and the sky is lifting it was dark clouds early we may have a dry qualifying session i mean it’s amazing because track temperature this morning before pre-qualifying was actually 21.2 hard can drop to 8.2 in the space of two hours is well beyond me but a little black black clutch coming in i don’t know but what are we seeing a couple of cars there had the windscreen wiper going i was seeing that the auger car certainly had the wiper on the screen looking at the spots on the windscreen nothing particularly as we ride on one of the team wrt out is another 31 entry and that’s the one shared by riochiro tamita down the slope we go so track conditions cooling a little bit of rain in the air this is only a 20 minute quick fire session for the first of three races here this weekend john we have one race this afternoon then tomorrow we come in busy busy day because we’ve got two qualifying sessions and it’s going to be hyper hyper busy and two races of course to bring the sprint cup to a conclusion so charles vance in the championship temporarily or otherwise leading audi times that we need to focus upon with those the recorder this morning rafaeli marcelo did a one 44.9 that to me was a simulation of a qualifying run marcelo was not in that 88 mercedes for this session it is timor burgosovsky charles burch fastest so far thomas known bar has overtaken them in sector one so as quickly as the purples are popping up they’re going lucas stalls second quickest they’re only 16th this morning thank goodness i had faith in the number 14 the other teams are going they hit this morning they absolutely confuse us we thought they were slow but absolutely no they’re not they missed the previous round at zamport they’re second in the championship behind the champions greece van tour pairing at the moment very early set in this session it’s uh charles beats pressing on really quick time coming in from team and bob schleiske in the number 88 asp ferrari this i’m when i say time i mean sector time not lap times yet but these two cars right at the top first and second this morning look as they’re gonna be first and second on the first flyer lap in this qualifying session john indeed so advances just took this last sector of the circuit to complete and of course as is ever in this final sector it’s quite being precise neat economical and remember your right foot goes two ways on the throttle pedal sometimes it pays to lift off that does slam it open blue turn 16 runs wide whoa that’s close to track limits so what’s the time going to be a 146.8 146.8 john that’s almost two seconds down at the time this morning know exactly so but of course this morning we found it took the second flying that the first flying that which you’ve just seen was appreciably down and the temperature of the track is down it might be the third lap but look the wipers are going on the cars here so the rain we were threatened with it and it is now coming almost every car using the wipers that’s clear indication and it is a silver cup car that is currently quickest overall jimmy pla and the arca asp mercedes 146.1 followed by lucas stalls in the mercedes also by nelson pension genie in the bentley well he’s just been overtaken because the emery of frey lamborghini has gone quickest overall 145.5 it’s not it’s going to be mad and we’ve still got 15 minutes remaining yeah but what we saw yesterday with the audi’s were only up only seventh place downwards in in the uh practice yesterday this morning obviously one went second but at the moment it’s the early shuffle but the top audi after one flying lap is down in eighth overall which is the championship leading car number 32 charles vitz we’ve got a lamborghini from a mercedes a mercedes eventually a lamborghini you can say those the whole way down to eighth place and then come the audi’s will they come good rio rio to meet her down in 16th at the moment but we know he’s quick but he’s learning the circuits every time he goes to a further round of this championship he’s great in the race it’s in a bit of a twitch surgery there certainly was very quick hands in the hands of the japanese having to go left right left right left right and that was only the first part of turn 12 yes it was turned 12 a 12 b 12c for him there but so the target time one minute 45.580 fastest by half a second that’s ricardo fella normally an endurance series runner come across to share the number 14 lamborghini top of the charts at the moment but the card we’ve got to keep an eye on is that number four hrd and it goes up to second figures three tenths of a second down on the ricardo fellas time in that lamborghini well it’s looking neat and tidy john and again don’t forget that zamboa they took pole for both of the races that was two weekends ago totally different circuit and this is one a bit like xanport a little bit of moisture in the air example we had a lot of moisture but the lamborghinis for emil frey racing getting better and better there at the moment of first and third with

giacomo alto in that third position but three tenths of a second clear another lap from fella and he stretches his advantage about eight thousandths of a second so very good very consistent yeah continuity consistency which one pays towards the lamborghini first lamborghini’s third mercedes second mercedes fourth but said he’s fifth mercedes sixth and then bentley is the best of the rest outside of the top six so still those audi’s outside eighth place downwards top car in pro am by the way sky tempesta racing chris froggett coming here with the championship lead he’s got his nose in front of the moment he’s got about four cars between him and the best of the rest in pro am which is louis mcshields for af courser the concern is the longer we go the more moisture is going to get on the track the crossover point between being able to handle the moisture and not lose time and then the track beginning to deteriorate well the lamborghini crew are getting ready to bring their cars in and i wonder with 12 minutes remaining are people going to continue because they’re going to realize very quickly there’s not a lot more to be gained by staying out it can’t go any quicker they certainly can’t look at rio churro to meet up at cancer that corner wonderful right-hander over the crest of the hill backed off completely chris frogger coming in he’s topping the prime class but he’s obviously decided enough is enough he’s got uh time for 15th overall the next best is in 19th which is louis mchills but conditions increasingly slippery and i would say at the minute not great news for the championship leading team of bets and van thor they’re on the fourth rule the grid but you know here in barcelona that’s always what i call the danger zone you’re not far enough forward to be clear all the traffic going to turn one and you’re not on the way back to avoid what’s going to happen it’s always the midfield of the pack that gets into trouble in the turn one so right now championship leading team on the fourth row the grid eighth quickest for the sister car ninth and then the first the attempt two cars in tenth place yeah but the important thing in and among all of that is the fact that the championship challenging car from the hout racing team mercedes is second that’s provisional front row we’ve still got 11 and a half minutes remaining in this session there are up and down the pit lane a few rep piles of rain tires but let’s see what they’re going to put onto the 163 lamborghini jacob also is third fastest man you can see the sheen in the pit lane the headlights other cars coming in the concrete apron the tarmac beyond it and the white painted lines remember those are wet now yes well i mean as soon as drivers put the wipers on not just one but we saw the entire field and immediately you could get the response the body language of all the drivers they knew the track was very quickly beginning to deteriorate there was no point now they put up wet weather tires other than running on wets to find out just what the track is going to be like and there you can see how much rain has fallen in there there’s a graphic example of the amount of water that’s that’s the pit lane the concrete part of the pit lane which will reflect it maybe more than the tarmac but anyway the race track is when so there’s nothing to be gained by going out other than to find out what these wet weather friendlies will be like around barcelona because it could easily be wet when we get to this race later in the afternoon whatever sunday brings we’ll wait and see yeah so with that early roll of the dice emble fry racing they took the front two positions on the front row for this most recent race that was the second race at zamboa their first and third at the moment was ricardo fellow welcome to the sprint cup young ricardo great job but that was quick far that was effectively they did a flying lap a second flying lap is the one that counted and they brought it back to the pits but when the cars went out only the odd one had a windscreen wiper going on now look at the amount of spray that’s come down super hard this is this is why now it is vital and everybody goes out and just like a reconnaissance lap you know good old reconnaissance because the racetrack now is at probably the limits of what would be acceptable particularly you can see coming into turn one the rain is hammering off the runoff on the outside of the corner there’s always a little bit of a flow of rain or water diagonally across the racetrack you have to know where that is find out how the racetrack is in these conditions it could deteriorate this might be the best of the rain yeah i mean in fact if you’re going to have a bit of rain you’ve got to go and experience you might as well have some proper rain you can work forwards and back from there you support has been going so well recently for top sport wrt six passes but importantly for him his battle is for the silver cup honours he’s only two places behind the lead silver cup car which is uh jim platt yet again topping the silver cup but uh top sport wrt a rally team that’s moved to racing and they’re getting better or better well you might say these conditions might work to their favor but the one thing you have to be thoughtful about is not just running the kerbs it’s the

manner in which you line the car up to run the kerbs if you get it wrong you’ll be in big trouble you can run them when the track is wet but you’ve got to be going on so it’s relatively straight and come off and relatively straight looks to me as if there’s bits of the racetrack actually where the rain is much heavier than other parts certainly going into turn one it looked like it was hammering it down well it did john just outside beyond the white lines that mark where the track turns to the right you can see in the area beyond the rain was puddling and that’s in the space of about seven eight minutes the first rain fell just as they’re about to go out for this session so ricardo uh fella sorry of course they are the top silver cup entry with uh ricardo on board not i’ve been talking about jim platt that good lap from a fantastic map from ricotta took them to the top of the pile sorry don’t normally look in first place uh for silver couple we know what happens winning with stephen palette it’s half a goal it’s happened this year quite a lot look at the level of grip you get the last day so the lexus literally sat there spinning up his rear wheels just until the momentum eventually took over how bad of these conditions coming down and you’re only looking at one car following another single car look how bad it’s going up in the air all the spray goes up in the air it hovers before it decides to come back down again no wind and rain falling not a great mix no and again you always get that traditional run between the grandstands and the pit buildings that sort of holds the moisture all the more but uh right now it’s all about experience on the rubber that can shift water from under these cars uh because certainly we’ve seen the cars as they lead the pits almost not getting around turn one just the level of grip just not there it will gradually dissipate a bit but is that what we can’t tell john is it still raining or was it an absolute thunderclap drop the rain stop at cancer it doesn’t look as wet but turn one is the wettest part turn one is clearly the wettest part this is the highest part of the circuit ironically that looks to be one of the more dry parts then you come down to turn 10 and you wonder well why are these guys running and where they’re touched well there’s the reason you can’t quite see it at that part of the racetrack but on the runoff and so that’s where it is most clear and most obvious i mean there’s a dry line there coming around turn 12. okay john look at the clock six minutes 35 seconds remaining the best time what 45.572 no one could improve on that quite clearly because you’re trying to get your braking done into turn one yes down the main straight look how wet it is in comparison absolutely the brothers down the slope they’re coming so we could only just see the numbers on the doors once the car starts studying so much spray coming out of those front and rear wheel arches what teams are conscious of is that we’ve got a track of two different characters and personalities really wet down in the first let’s call it the first sector the last sector is virtually dry so everybody has to back out of it in that last sector rather than burning up a valuable set of wet weather tires there’s no point in scrubbing them to those until they actually become a slick tyre because those tires are going to be completely and utterly well useless only good for the pepper bin yeah at this point the drivers have little experience of the circuit including hamza wake up you know it’s giving them it’s like they’re going out on a different circuit the one they went practicing on yesterday went out this morning pre-qualifying conditions all all fine for one hour and 20 minutes but now every lap is feeling a little bit different so they’re having to learn learn and learn as they go you know what motor racing had never said on the lin on the lid of the bin it was going to be easy this is what it’s about you learn on the hoof you’ve got to go out there and you just got to take your own opportunities and take sometimes your own risks read it as best you can observe look around you don’t just focus directly on the nose of your car keep your eyes sometimes look above you to see what’s happening i just find it extraordinary the track condition is so different at cancer it’s not a great distance down the slope to turn one but it’s like they’re two wholly different circuits which are with the drivers there’s less experience of rating these cars in the wet less experience of uh racing here in the circuit to catalonia they’re having to really really appraise everything as john suggested look up look around again out of 1016 it’s wet but nothing like it is down at the end of the start finish straight this is from the going under that bridge that’s where it starts to be really a circuit of two halves even now the rain seems to have eased off considerably but initially what three laps four laps ago the level of spray that we were seeing were just dis cars in the background were we identified by their headlights let’s go down to the pits because we’re going to find out how wet it is because we’ve got ricardo fella top but let’s go down and hear from his teammate mikhail grenier nobody can chop your time now he wants the scent to go back out

uh we’re just trying to see how the car reacts over the on the wet maybe it’s gonna be wet for race one this afternoon uh also for ricardo to get a feel with the wet tires and then yeah we are quite pleased about the ball position it felt perfectly for you the rain yes i mean we knew the rain was coming so we told ricardo to push early and this is what happened so we are very pleased ricardo is replacing novel this weekend and then he’s doing a very good job so very happy and how does the car compare the wet in the dryer it depends what the condition will be for the race one now we are on the dry setup but we know what to do for the wet we had a good car and sand worked under really wet conditions so we’re quite confident in boat condition thank you thank you and that confident man says it accurately concisely they’ve got a car for all seasons i haven’t had a wet i was i haven’t had a snow session yet this year that’s to come but uh clearly this car fella and michael grenier that is a strong partnership and in pole position you know all they can do is do their best together to turn one ahead of the rest of the field they will be challenged by lucas stones and the hrt mercedes they’ve got a battle not just to win this race but to give themselves the biggest gap between championship leader the cup 32 audi and van thor and verts this is an opportunity they couldn’t even imagine would have opera served himself up interesting riding with lucas stoltz second fastest stood out on the circuit obviously a wet wear the tires but in the background you can see in the valley below the circuit it’s fairly light sky the dark grey clouds moving away then you swing onto the start for this straight that’s what drops the the the water onto the circuit john talk us around with lukas stoltz running second in the title race okay understandably down the street they were doing 270 kilometers per hour in practice earlier in the day but way below that partly because they’re coming off the final turn that much more slowly but also because this is just about the one more minute ago so i don’t know how much more lucas talks will want to do but you can see how tricky look how look at the glenn the sheen off the racetrack through that long right-hander of turn three straighten the car up stay off the curb come up to turn four gently on the brakes gently done shifting the gears takes a slightly different a much later apex in these conditions than you would have seen in the drive so again brake gently down the gears again way off the normal racing line taking that wider line normally the offline and wet conditions does offer more grip or maybe he just made an error let’s give him the answer being the grip again through the sixth and so seven and eight one of those corners it’s about just being precise neat tidy up to turn nine again way off the racing line looking for grip in the offline part of the racetrack downhill down into that look where he’s breaking down almost in the diagonal into turn ten you might say overran probably did over runner but look again looking for the grip on the offline it’s through turns 12 10 11 12. just sort of not a lot you can do you just got to drive through them then up to 13 once again gently in the transition from right back to left for 14. don’t hit the curb too aggressively 15 don’t hit the curb too aggressively and running the curve that sausage curb at the exit of the 15th not a great deal either that can make the car snap very quickly into an oversteer through 16 onto the start finish straight it’s it’s really really intriguing john just looking where the rain is still in the air certainly the upper part of the circuit it’s not there now he’s all he’s getting on the screen is the spray from the car that just run through turn one ahead of him but pretty much everyone else back in the pit so one thing that intrigued me saw ricardo fella fist bumping happy with pole position at the end for a racing garage but the back of his race suit down to his tail end completely drenched so you think these cars have rooms but they don’t really when it comes to keeping the water out when it’s as wet as we can see with uh sitting in the bath bruce enclosed group c cars captioning enclosed the car and available go oh it feels horrible luckily they’re only doing one stint for

driver so they could get out of the car and immediately get changed into civvies or after having a spare set of rules assuming they might be in the podium but look how look how tentative to meet has got to be up to turn now and watch and see again like we saw look out look destroyed taking that very wide long with the perimeter line around turned on how did he’s breaking more on the right hand side of the circuit than stokes was doing cleanly into the corner taking the traditional line not taking the very long circular route that we saw still racing a bit more through this part of the racetrack as well no audi’s got good traction he was able to get on the power quite hard and quite you know aggressively so there’s the the audi certainly appears to be in these conditions giving a good level of bite and we now dive into the pit lane he’s not trying to take a short cut well that was an interesting session and let’s go down to the driver who nailed it not just taking provisional pole position but did it right at the start ricardo fella ricardo a fantastic time back in the car and back where you want to be yeah of course it’s an amazing feeling it’s a bit sad for the mess because you can’t see me smiling but uh yeah i don’t know how i end up there because i saw the rain coming and i just uh yeah i just pushed and i was expecting to be somewhere behind because it felt really slow to be honest it was already a bit wet in the first sector but amazing feeling uh we have a really good car i have to say thanks to the team they’re doing a great job and i’m really looking forward to the race and how did the car feel when you went back out in the wet uh we did just a check run to see if everything is good it felt okay but uh we’re on obviously still driving on the dry setup so yeah we will see in the race how it is absolutely thank you very much well done thanks well so what they got to determine is it may be wet at the start of the race but it could dry quickly certainly could so at the end the fortune favored the brave the ones who got on with the job as the reign approached and ricardo feller joined the the team for the sprint cup this weekend and takes his first pole position lucas stoltz had it under control in second giacomo alto made it two out two lamborghinis in the top three positions jim player again going well in the silver cup card but don’t forget the fella grenier combination is also a silver cup entry their fastest of all players fourth ahead of team of bogaslevsky his teammate for akka asp and then top sport wrt yo superhacker also in the silver cup sixth overall the top bentley in seventh place nelson panciotici top car in pro-am 15th overall chris froggett doing what he needs to do to get the top of the class but look a few people didn’t hook it up thomas neubauer only 16th in the lexus and uh so tricky tricky conditions but if you didn’t get your job done on your second flying lap that rain came in rendered it impossible so full marks at three pole positions in a row for emil fry racing with a lamborghini and a real pass on the back to ricardo fella delivered from the outset the teams would have been looking of course at their weather forecasting we know rain is coming but when the cars went out the track actually was dry at the start but a few put those windscreen wipers on and boy did they need them within a within the space of about six minutes into that session it went from wet it’s from dry to full full wet and it wasn’t all around the circuit john no you mean you had your right lap if you weren’t on your marks and go wide with the track opened to get that first lap in that extraordinary left then your first flying lap and maybe a second flying lap after that the rain came and the track then was no longer in a position to give you a chance to go for a pool position it’s a great effort by emil fry racing to get the job done likewise hrt lucas stalls and um and sort of lucas stultz and morrow engel to get that car onto the front row of the grid and have a really serious chance of bringing themselves closer to the championship leaders the 32 rd which is going to start down on the fourth row of the grid and that part of the circuit which i find is always the scary bit on that opening lap into turn one i never seen wet weather conditions can’t say anymore no don’t need to say anymore but for audis it’s a case of what might have been they were quick enough to be second fastest with uh charles victor’s fan four this morning but the best in eighth place which is that championship leading car of uh viets and van thor vic’s doing the driving this time around the 55 center lock racing car was the third fastest audi which is a good showing because for tomasso mosca and his teammate mattaya trudy their car was pushed to the side and spent 50 odd minutes of the previous practice session in the pits so they’ve got it sorted but let’s look at the start how many cars had windscreen wipers on when they came out none but the sky was grey in the

distance a few windscreen wipers started going in on their out lap and you could see a few twitches there the 26 antelope racing audi running a little bit wide there in the hands of stephen palette got it back to the circuit but by then the rain was starting to come riachiro to meet her running through the gravel fighting that all-important access road to rejoin the circuit but then it went from no rain to full full rain already ricardo fella had set the fastest time his teammate jacob also was second and that was uh very very important so first and third for the lamborghini’s lucas stones in second place but nobody even on wet weather ties could get close to that very very quick time for ricardo fella he joined the championship the sprint cup here this weekend and he’s kept table ferrari racing’s run of lamborghini poles going here at barcelona you