Ticket to Ride Europe – Play through

hey there incense I’m Michael and this is two can play that game so today we are continuing our video series on Ticket to Ride but without initial focus here on Europe so if you haven’t done so already please check out the previous how to play the game video and in this video you can see a playthrough and then in the next video you’ll be able to find out my thoughts on the game and of course whether or not two can play that game so let’s get down to it and go to the tape welcome to the table so I will be playing one and I’ll be the blue player and then rogue will be player two and will be the red player so we’ve already determined randomly that I will be going first and we’ve also done all the setup steps so if you need to learn those please do watch the previous video showing how to play it again and that will cover setting up the game as well ok so my starting hand is this free tickets so we have Edinburgh to Athena Roma to Smyrna and Zurich to Brindisi now rooks is as sir rather than me who kept free so we have lisboa to a Danzig so so we might not see a lot of blocking going on here and then we also have Berlin to Moskva and okay so for my first I am simply going to draw hearts think I’m going to take this orange so play then passes to rope and rope would like some pink carts we go around to me so background to Rogue rogue actually has the card she wants for her fruits so she is going to pay free pink and build lisboa to Madrid two three trainees go down which is into the lead points and then it’s that crowd to my go well I still need that additional orange so I’m gonna go the top of the deck whites I’ve really don’t need whites for the routes

I’m trying to do I guess they’ll be useful for gray roots okay background to rogue so now would like black so Roy couldn’t have taken the locomotive there because she’d already drawn a card now it’s my go now I actually I’m going to need a lot of locomotives to do the route I’m gonna plan because I need one for down here one for here so I might just leave it for now actually I don’t desperately need it yet and I might get one drawing randomly so I want to try and get this final orange I need so background to rogue now rogue wants that additional black take that now that black that she wants to build is a tunnel you could do with having at least an extra black so first that couldn’t draw a top unfortunately not black so when I go I’m still gonna be drawing off the top rakes turn so pink roads just gonna take this locomotive and she can always use that to help oh if she’d only done a blind draw him to got one anyway nevermind my yes and then rooks turn so Rudy is gonna use free black to build the Madrid power la pluma tunnel let’s see if she has to pay anything more than one so one two three so she is going to have to pay one more so she will pay a locomotive she did managed to construct the route but because it’s a two-player game this white route no longer exists and cannot be built on and as it’s free train route gets more points so she is very much in the lead right now okay so this is quite a long game and I want to try and keep the video as short as I can so what we’re now going to do is have a bit of a musical interlude along with a fast forwarded gameplay so enjoy that and I’ll slow it back down so that you can then see how the end of the game actually works

so it’s background to me and I’m in a similar position to our robots except that I have loads of cards that I could use to complete words I just don’t have any tickets and I don’t have the longest train either I think I’m gonna draw tickets as well so we’ve got three tickets so breast Venezia wrist wrist wrist is there so that would just cost me free black oh I am not completed my roots I needed to get to Athena didn’t I I did whoa okay so I need to get to a thinner okay so I so to orange so she will use those okay so I have the cards I need few bit worried that I was gonna get a huge number of minus points because I’ve forgotten I haven’t gone there okay so we’re back rantarou rogue needs green cards to get to them so there’s no green green so I am going to be able to so

background to row now rogue green she needs one more green or locomotive so she’s green background to me while I needed to build to rest breaths to get my ticket I just drew completed so I’ll do that free black I was very far behind of that’s good background this stage is just in Malaysia no she’s got her tickets if she does this so she’s gonna dig this and make sure she does and that’s to do like a modicum to green so she only has five trains left and I still have 15 it’s not great anyway so it’s my go I’ve completed all the routes I’ve got I might just try drawing routes in the hope but so drawing tickets and hope that I draw somewhere completed already so I’m going to draw three yeah somewhere Oh blinds I think I might keep myself and it’s something to work to road so Rome also completed so road is also going to draw some in hope that she draws some beats

Paris so that’s what is happening okay so for me I need to go from Marcel so I’ll start by building using four green it’s okay so I am you need to bloom their ups you believe that so just managed to lock broke actually thinking about it cuz she wanted that blue didn’t she is there any black or white no she needs two of a kind so she’s gonna take two green how knowing thorough we have three ladies it’s a very close game this one kind of exciting sometimes it’s closed sometimes it’s not do these trains three trains two points breaking it’s very close I really I really don’t know who’s going to win right now okay let’s go background to me

so so free free rent and she’ll go to Sarah sorry so free we’ll get to four points breaking the sale major yeah again and also triggering the end of the game as she now has to offer you trains in fact she has zero train say so she’s welcome to rake now annoyingly and that means I only have one turn left so I have a choice of trying to use up more trains which I can’t anyway because I don’t have more than two of a single car or trying to complete my ticket going to Essen so I’ll complete my ticket going to person with two greens Frankfurt to Essen and two points and I still have five trains left so that’s a slight waste on my point on my part I think I tried too hard to get the locomotives down here maybe either way let’s total up these scores so firstly let’s look at train stations so neither me already used any of our train station so 270 that’s not really changed positions just increase both our scores let’s then do tickets and we will start people start with me so more interesting to me I think so okay and then I have it’s my final ticket Edinburgh Deena I almost missed it by two trains can’t believe I did that I was very but that’s 2121 final ticket is from rogue which is lisboa to Danzig so she has done that that’s 20 points 132 but that’s not the scoring done with we still have this European Express which is the longest route so let’s see

who has the longest route it’s not going to change who wins the game at this stage though is definitely rogue congratulations to the kitty you have finally beaten me but let’s see if it’s a less humiliating shall we so yeah so Road gets the European Express an extra 10 points I have been destroyed by a cat well you’re gonna lose I guess that can be saying that okay so thank you for joining me for playing free ticket to write and I hope it’s been enjoyable and instructional for you thanks for watching this video please do check out first video in this series in the description and of course please do also check out the rest of the videos on the channel and also please subscribe to the channel and share the channel with your friends as always bye for now you you

right so let’s slow things back down and see the end of the game