How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides! Bridget Nielsen

– Hey everyone, this is Bridget and today I am going to be talking about how to connect with your spirit guides And having worked with thousands of clients over eight years on this topic, connecting with their guides and tuning in, I really am going to take you into how to perceive them yourself and how to really make contact, so stick through the whole video And let’s dive in So first and foremost, everyone has guides, okay? You were born with guides The moment that you made this little contract of this particular life theme, this particular energy that you wanted to explore in yourself, there are certain non-physical entities that are like guardians that wanted to assist you They also wanted to assist you to learn themselves so that it’s this beautiful co-creation relationship between you and these spirit beings that wanted to watch and observe and assist in your physical life, in your physical incarnation These guides that are always with you you can call your primary guides They are the ones that are never gonna leave you and there’s a synchronization between your energy and them that makes it this beautiful assistive balance Now, there’s many other kinds of guides that come and go, ebb and flow, come in and out depending on your vibration, depending on different things that you’re working on, whether you’re having challenges or doing creative projects That energy in you transmits out and then attracts these beings to then assist you So right now we’re talking about spirit guides specifically Now, there are so many other kinds of non-physical beings and this is amazing, as you really dive into this, you might be a beginner, you might be already really into it I mean, you’ve got angels, you’ve got earth-bound spirits, you’ve got ancestors, you’ve got nature spirits, you’ve got so many different kinds of energies at play in the non-physical realm And so I want to already start to encourage the distinguishing of your guides versus any other non-physical energies So the primary way to begin connecting with your guides is one through basic intention, through the intention of connecting specifically with them To know that these are your spirit guides You first want to connect with some of the energies that they embody, which is unconditional objective support of your highest interest They also won’t do anything against your free will They’re very subtle, and that’s something to note Because in a way, even when I first started doing this and connecting with them myself, I was like, are they just going to manifest and appear in front of me or am I going to get this like, big show, you know? Like for some reason it seems like a biblical moment when you connect with your spirit guide or something, but honestly, when a guide is doing its work, it is subtle and you probably don’t even notice because they’re guiding you all the time And this is when, one, they’re doing their job because all you’re meant to do is be on your path And so they can do that in a way that doesn’t disrupt you, that is going to be the best thing for you because you’ll be empowered on this journey Now, if they need to start interrupting and really make themselves kind of known, that might mean that you’re actually off-track, so oftentimes, in one case if you’re not feeling them, that might just be that you’re on-track and it’s a subtle energy that they’re using to guide you Now, if you’re actually wanting to connect, which is such an amazing way to start to build your relationship with the spirit world and the non-physical reality, is primarily through intention Now, setting the intention to connect with your spirit guides Now, as I’ve been creating this video I’ve already felt the energy of my guides communicating what is needed for those who are going to watch this video and that’s a different interesting thing, is that my guides connect with your guides and they’re friends, and they work together and this is what I’ve noticed over years working with clients, is that we’re engaging with each other and they’re working in the spirit realm to work with you So just know that one of the things that they told me surrounding this idea of intention and one of the ways to perceive them and to connect is through that feeling of when you might have been a kid, it might be when you were a kid, it might just be anytime when you’re alone and you feel a presence but this presence feels good, it feels soothing

That oftentimes is them and that’s one of the things that my guides wanted me to say Because there’s oftentimes also those times where you’re alone where you’re like, there is definitely something with me but it’s probably not the most positive And in that case, it’s probably an Earth-bound spirit or some kind of other entity So this whole exercise is also starting to allow your senses to perceive the non-physical, which can kind of be a little bit scary sometimes because it’s real and you’re going to realize that it’s real and no matter if it’s something positive or not, that is kind of freaky in a cool way So, begin first with this intention of wanting to connect with your guides and then being ready to have the non-physical begin connecting with you, to open that door And so, be ready for extraordinary Again, they’re going to be subtle and the ways that they’re going to come to you is through the path of least resistance of your extra sensory perceptions Because they’re non-physical, they’re going to work with those perceptions of sensory abilities that you have that are connected to that realm, to that higher level of frequency So if you haven’t figured it out already, and I’m going to do another video on this, on extra-sensory perceptions, how do you perceive, how do you connect with energy? With your intuition, with your energy body, with spirit? So this is something that you’re going to need to dive into because it’s kind of a prerequisite to be able to then understand how your guides are going to connect with you because they’re going to connect in the easiest way for you because they’re here to serve you and they’re nice that way So, is it through sight? Do you get visions? Is it your clairvoyance? Do you hear things? Do you get ringing in your ear? Do you have body sensation? You might feel hot, you might feel cold in certain parts of your body You might get overwhelmed with emotion That’s one that happens to me a lot where it hits me and I can feel the love and the presence and it becomes a very emotional experience It could be just that knowing, it could be that sensing, right? Of something outside of you in the room, things like that So begin to attune to how you perceive Maybe you’ve had some kind of experiences in your life that you can draw back upon and go, oh yeah, that’s how I did it back then, so that’s probably the avenue that they’re going to use again Dream time is another way that guides can communicate So those are the beginning steps of then how it is going to happen once you set the intention, so just you putting out the energy of like, alright, I’m ready to connect, because they’re so keen on free will, they’re going to go okay, they’re ready They’re ready to connect So this again, because it’s very subtle, you’re going to want to take some time and truly be quiet and truly be present, usually in a space that’s not cluttered with a lot of other energies, so a lot of other people because your guides, I mean, they’re literally in your field at all times and so if you’re staying in an apartment complex and there’s people over here, people over there, you start to intertwine with all these other inter dimensional energies so if it’s something where you can get yourself kind of in a quiet, clean space to connect and to quiet your mind and tune in and just have no expectations and begin to feel, to sense in whatever way that is easiest for you, them coming to you, them just communicating This can be in all those different ways that I explained Now, if at the beginning, there’s just nothing happening, just do a little body scan of your own body and sense if there’s anything subtly happening, again that hot and cold, and then also do a scanning Just kind of extend your energy, extend your awareness beyond your body Around you, 360 So above, below, to the sides, and begin to feel into your field and sense if there’s any particular energies Now, at this point, you’ll probably feel or perceive something because they’re wanting to connect with you and if they’re not, it’s because you’re trying too hard or it’s a non-vibrational match Because these are non-physical beings which means they have a little bit more of a higher, different bandwidth than we do so you might want to kind of connect with your heart,

raise your energy, do something that makes you feel alive and open, free, connective, because in that receptive place is where you’re going to connect So then in that moment of connection, that bond then, and that relationship will start So this could take place in the form of hearing their name It could be that you just sense a particular energy, you see a certain color, whatever it is, and the key is is to note the essence of it because it’s an actual frequency signature Now, this becomes hyper-relevant as you begin to expand your spirit connections because then, when you’re connecting with your Pleiadian counterpart which are guides, your Pleiadian counterpart, then you’re connecting with this angel and you’re connecting with the spirit of the land that you’re on and then you’re connecting with this, all of these are like different colors, they’re different frequency bandwidths, they all have different energies And so the more that you can go oh, okay, this is the beginning, this is this energy, and go, okay, that’s what it feels like, or that’s what I see, or that’s what I sense, so that when you then sit down again to connect, then you can tap back into that frequency bandwidth and that is your communication channel that is now open Now, if the communication is kind of challenging or if you’re just beginning, make sure to do it in a good state so that you don’t have expectations Because sometimes we don’t reach out to the higher aspects of ourselves and our guides until things are challenging and we’re like, please, okay, I’ll call on those spirit guides I don’t know if they actually exist, but let’s call on them, maybe they’ll help me in this situation, maybe they’ll heal me, something going on, and so those are the moments where yes, that can happen that way but if you can connect in a space where you’re good and you don’t really need anything and it’s just this balanced, open communication, that’s going to be much healthier and it will probably happen much more easily than this other, trying to like, needy thing that you need help from this outside source That’s one of the things that they don’t really want because they want to encourage your own sovereignty, your own empowerment So guides can come in to support you for any sort of thing, whether it’s healing, whether it’s expanding your consciousness, whether it’s opening certain energy parts in your body to like, open your extrasensory abilities, like that’s one of the reasons why they come to you through that, is to help pave those pathways, right? Because those are the pathways to the spirit realm All sorts of things To learn things, any kind of information They’re just these kind of transmitters of the Akashic Records, or Source, or whatever information that you want So really utilize them They’re there for you So a specific spirit guide that I connected to quite a few years ago that came through for things that were relevant at that time for me as I was opening these abilities was this ancestor, who can also be a spirit guide, named Ginny And she was from many many generations back in my female lineage and one of her masteries in her physical life was mediumship and at that time I was really exploring and opening up to my ability to have that sort of communication, so she was there with me and she would help me to expand that level of understanding So that was really fun during that time and now she’s kind of gone away, disappeared If I wanted to call her, I could So it’s this ebb and flow of different guides coming, different guides going, and then the foundation of your primary guides And then at a certain point, for me for instance, the individual energies don’t matter as much because then you’re open to all these other areas and it can be your intuition, your inner knowing, your higher self connecting with you It can be a nature spirit It can be someone else’s guide talking to you It can be so many different things but you understand the frequencies This is like okay, yellow looks like this and it’s like okay, understanding that, and then going blue is like this And understanding that, and then once you have the full palette in front of you you’re like, oh okay, that’s that one, that’s that one, and you can use them, you can play with them in a really harmonious way So for me, when I’m for instance in sessions with people and I’m connecting with their guides, with their higher selves, I’m using all of my extrasensory perceptions and it’ll come through in the way that it needs to be communicated through them So if it’s someone that’s highly visual, it will just be clairvoyant, clairvoyant, clairvoyant If it’s someone that’s very auditory or more in their mind or something like that it will be messages,

like special messages that tweak something Or it could be just a vibrational transmission that I’m emanating So it’s just utilizing and bringing through these different energies So as you get more adept at these individual frequencies you’ll just have so much more to play with so there’s really a lot to look forward to So there’s a real depth to these primary guides as you connect with them, as they give you information, or they send frequencies to you just so that you can begin to perceive the spirit realm It’s beautiful and they’re with you forever and it just feels so amazing And these are likely beings, people that you helped in another time that now have gone in spirit and are spending their whole time assisting you while you’re in the physical life, so there’s a lot of different interplay as to why what spirit guide is assisting you and as you communicate with them and get more information, you can find out why Or you can just stay on the energy level and just play with the energy in receiving and understanding in different ways Now, I have been having a lot of fun with the guides that come and go because depending on what kind of frequency you’re emanating and the more that you create, the more that you’re going for it, in whatever category in your life, the more guides you get and the more support it attracts because it’s like, whoa, someone down here’s really doing it Like, let’s bring them in And it’s like, you’re an open channel of Source and you’re receptive and ready to ground that in and to create more in this physical realm And so all these non-physical energies that are supportive, that are creative, this is where the muses come in They’re just right there, lining up Here, shoot that one down Oh yeah, let’s manifest this And it’s amazing So know that So if it’s like, um, I’m not really connecting with much, it’s like, go do something Go create something And then the support will come And it’s one of those things that you start walking and you start going on this mission with a certain energy and boom, you’re like, oh, oh hey Oh, oh how you doing? And all of a sudden you feel the support So it’s one of those things just like any relationship If you’re needy, it’s not that they can’t come to you, it’s that you can’t perceive them because you’re a different vibration So they’re wanting to support when you’re really going for it and I really feel these different energies like when I start cooking Certain guides come through and I only feel them when I’m cooking and there literally are cooking guides And then when I do art, woof, a whole different crew comes in and they are assisting me with the art and then there’s ones that are overall Like for instance, doing this video Certain guides that are helping me do this and the one, particularly that I feel really strongly with me right now is not necessarily a guide that’s with me all the time It’s one that came through to be a guide of the guides to help us in this situation, to help humans in this situation That’s what I’m hearing from him right now, is he’s like, this is what I do I guide on people connecting with guides I’m like ooh, very interesting So it’s really fun to connect in with these different guides and pay attention to their different energies and then also ask for their assistance Be like alright, I have this open vessel, I’m wanting to write this song, or I’m ready to launch this new business, come on, let’s do this You know, like call in the spirit guides to assist you with that and then connect in with your higher self and I’ll do more on that But really just asking and intending and they’ll come And when you’re that ready vibration and when you’re ready to let spirit also really fuel through you in like a deeper way, and you create the space for that, they’ll come So it’s really fun and it’s something that can happen quite organically and this is the thing: you might feel it as you do your intentions and as you start meditating in a quiet space like I said, but you also will see it in synchronicity that comes up Like, that’s the thing is like they’re the orchestrator of that and that little knock on the door Like, hey, you might want to look at that Hey, this is an interesting person to connect with You know, so those subtle messages Sometimes it’s your intuition, sometimes it’s a guide, and sometimes it doesn’t matter Just take that and run with it But really quieting yourself and paying attention and being excitedly receptive and not skeptical Because when you’re first opening to the spirit world, skepticism kills it all

It’s like the block wall to all of your extrasensory perceptions and for this beautiful, organic dance of spirit to connect with the physical realm, it’s a cultivation that’s very beautiful and it’s very sacred and skepticism kills the whole deal Skepticism is very important so where it comes in is after the experience has happened So if you’re in this experimental phase for the next hour working on this, or for the next few days and the next week and you’re like, I’m just gonna open myself to my spirit guide specifically, being very specific with your energy intentions, not just like, I’m open to anything But really intentional Then let that experience be what it is, let’s see how it unfolds, give it that space Then after that allotted time when you close that beautiful sacred space that you’re creating with yourself, with your guides, with whatever other benevolent spirits or whatever you’re wanting to connect with, then go, hmm Then objectively assess, see like eh Yeah, I think that was a little bit in my mind, or like, no, that was pretty freaking new That was something that I haven’t experienced before or I’ve always kind of felt that energy Mm I never connected the two but now they make sense I’m going to give that greater credibility and honor that and be grateful for that a bit more So play with it in those ways There’s a lot here to start with This is just the beginning, too It’s really, really fun And stay in that playful phase with it because that’ll be the proper vibration to connect with them and then from that playful place, depending on how they want to communicate with you, it can go deep, it can be rich, it can be powerful, it can be profound, whatever energies are meant to come through for you to experience So thank you guys so much for watching Comment below if you have any additional questions If you have certain experiences you’ve had with your spirit guides, if there’s any ways that you found work for you, please leave that below Be sure to like, be sure to subscribe, and hit that bell so that you get notifications when I create new content, new videos like this for you and I really appreciate you watching And I’ll be back next week with another video