hey this is my common North Myrtle Beach South Carolina Judkins Chevrolet and I’m checking out a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 high country and this one has the Duramax diesel 6.6 6.6 liter v8 with the 6-speed Allison transmission is a heavy duty truck with a lot of comfort and class so let’s check it out here in the front it has the combination of regular headlights and like the reflector headlights and the projector headlights and they’re all halogen from not exactly sure on the projectors but I’m pretty sure their halogen and you can tell this truck has a really good stance to it with a 2500 it’s got so it’s got a really beefy suspension and so it’s got a really aggressive grill but it’s got like a it looks like you can handle anything touch type of appearance and so anyways let’s continue on over here and you check out the the wheels here they are 20 inch wheels and they are a chrome clad to match the you know the rest of the chrome has got the chrome accents the chrome side steps and everything as well as the side mirrors does have the Duramax badge here on both sides the hood and it’s got the styling with with the way the the wheel wells are kind of kind of squared off like that it just kind of it gives it a tough look to me there’s the high country badge with the mountains and everything there’s the side mirrors and it does have the the turn signal markers here in the LEDs and you do have you do have this the separate mirrors here one is for you know checking maybe possibly your back tires where they’re landing or your blind spot stuff like that there’s the window sticker you check that out now I don’t know the fuel economy because it’s not rated on this vehicle since it is a heavy duty vehicle let’s take let’s take a look at the inside but before that before that here’s the key and I want to go ahead and start it up and show you that it does have remote start and you can see there’s even some chrome around the key which matches the rest of the trap it is a key fob and then it has a key is separate and so anyways so now I’m gonna go ahead and unlock it unlock it all and check out that interior I mean that brown is like a Western Brown on the inside kind of a two-tone Brown dark and a little bit lighter brown with some wood wood grain accents there we got the pockets there on the doors different storage places because definitely when you know you work in and you’re out and doing stuff you definitely want to keep your hands-free so you can set stuff down in places that you know you know it’s not going to be in the way and and you know it could be you know right word is does have a premium Bose sound system has the power of seat on the passenger side it does have the heated and air-conditioned seats in this truck and you can see the little perforations there to allow the air to flow through does have the embroidery of high country and the in the headrest there it has to love compartments a small one more of a larger one there and you see it does come with an adapter for the trailer hitch because the trailer hitch has the heavy duty size and this the regular size there and here on the side of the console you do have a place to put a file folder or junk mail or whatever happens to be in your hand when you get in the truck

does have a handle here too all right looking in the back you can see there’s no skimping on quality on the back door the same as the front it looks like it even might have a little bit more storage capacity and also I like the way they have the water bottle holder here in the front so when you’re sitting there it’s right there convenient to get to you need to check out the legroom this is a full size backdoor four-door truck so you got plenty of room for the the backseat passengers so and of course the quality of the seat is just the same as the front the comfort level and all that you’ve got some storage pockets there and I think these are speakers inside here I’m not a hundred percent on that but I think that’s the case now there’s some connectivity options there and the reason why is does have the DVD entertainment system right up here let’s open it up this is a new truck so there’s still some packaging on it there but um I think you get the idea do you have some lights there if you need those all right and also show you something else well cup holders are there but if you have a storage place there underneath the seats this is an option that you can get these like this big storage bin here and that way so when you’re putting stuff underneath the seat use that use utilizing that space under the seat as a good storage space and when you put the stuff in there it’s not rolling out and getting in the way of your feet or whatever you can actually utilize that that space under the seat of us as a storage space that’s an option in this in this particular vehicle I mean they tell the size tests are super heavy-duty look at that tailpipe that’s massive now looking at the back you can see it has several things one that stands out is your towing package there with the four and 7-way plugs and on what you need you also have the backup sensors you little round things here to alert you if something’s in your way when you’re backing out you also have the backup camera which is this little lens right here my country badge and also you have sod steps here so you can step up here and basically get into in the back of the truck a little bit easier than trying to make you know the step all the way up to like say at the tailgate or something this is a locking tailgate if you wanted to lock it you can using the key now when you it comes down slow I don’t know if you notice that so so when I let go of it it’s not gonna slam down it’s got a like some kind of assistance there to lower it and also make it easier to lift back up so it’s a heavy duty tailgate you want it strong but as far as you breaking your back trying to lift it up and stuff it does have some assistance there now this does have the factory spray in bedliner so this is not anything that the dealership added comes from the factory with the spray in there and that way you know that it’s going to protect your bed but also you know you know no moisture anything is going to get underneath the bedliner like a plastic one would and you see it’s got the Chevrolet symbol there in Boston at the middle of the back of the truck we got tie-downs there on the side it also has additional tie-downs that’s what was in that box under the seat to where they installed on the side there it has for 10 P ratio back of the rear end and this is a four-wheel-drive truck if you hadn’t noticed the 4×4 on the side of the truck there let’s take a look in here there’s where the diesel fuel goes

take a quick peek on this side you can get a different perspective looks like the birds been around here okay so here’s the starting to get into the fun part where the driver’s seat is and you can see it has a you know basically a mirror of the other side except for this one now it has a little bit more buttons you do have the presets for the seat right here you also have an exit option – where you push that and you know the seats won’t get out of your way and she can exit the vehicle easier or enter you have your window controls your child safety locks there in window locks door lock controls side mirror controls right there you can also fold in the side mirrors like so by pushing that button but then will fold in is the power seat with lumbar support there’s a little lumbar support button there here’s the headlight control it is automatic headlight you can know that you turn them off you can have auto you can have it your parking lights or your headlights you can push it in for your fog lights there’s a dimmer switch right there this is your floor drive control it is a you know just a shift knob there you can put in forward two wheel drive high is what it’s showing there you’ve got four wheel drive high with the the arrow pointing up is high for Drive low is the arrow pointing down now you do have a trailer brake gain control here so you can fine-tune it to match the vehicle now you notice on the tilt steering wheel on the column here you’ve got a switch here for tilts we also have this one it folds down and that’s for your telescope so you can telescope it with a separate but a separate lever so so once you get the telescope out right you can adjust the the tilt without disturbing your telescopic option here distance all right so let me hop in here all righty let me get the key out because the this truck even though I’ve got it started I used the remote start I still have to take the key put it in the ignition and turn the vehicle on and let us do its thing it’s kind of starting it starts up and all that now the climate control was on it’s just all the all the gauges and I wouldn’t be able to actually drive it demonstration mode connected by OnStar high-speed 4G connection press the blue OnStar button to learn more all right so here on the steering wheel it is a leather wrap steering wheel with the in is Brown it’s a brown a dark brown and I like the fact that they went with the matching color of the vehicle and you got the stitching here on the inside you also have a bunch of buttons you do have volume control on the back of the steering wheel here so when you’re cruising along you can adjust the volume like so you can also change through your presets on the back of the side you know sort of change to the station’s I mean the the tracks if you have like a CD player or something in there it’s on the back of the steering wheel so here on the left side your cruise control buttons are here and this is for your heated steering wheel here that is your your crash alert button there now when you push it you see this pops up it shows you it’s gonna lurch you if you if you’re getting too close to vehicle so but you can set the distance so I can set it only one of this real close or off or far away CA cycles through those options there so that way you know if you know how you know if you’re kind of it’s alerting you too much then you may want to you know back off the distance a little bit on the right side you’ve got your Bluetooth button for your your phone mixed in with

your voice recognition so that when you push that button you can say call a certain person you can also say go to a certain address you can say tune to a certain station it is a complete voice recognition button you can also hang up the phone using that button there now these arrows in the check mark correspond with this little menu system between all these gauges and I look at all those gauges it does have the your fuel gauge your temperature battery voltage oil pressure the whole nine yards there but right there in the center I’m going to scroll down using that down arrow just to kind of show you the different information that you can get with scrolling through that screen so um you know just to kind of give you an idea there’s there’s some more stuff in there but you know the stuff that you may not want always look at but it will alert you if something is out of range like you notice the tire pressure and the and they change the oil stuff like that it’ll tell you hey there’s a tire pressure out of whack it’s time for the old change stuff like that also you notice on the bottom left it says SE that stands for southeast that means the truck is facing southeast right now alright it does have a column shifter so I’m good and show you the bet put it in Reverse like so and when I do that the backup camera pops up here also this turns on your your parking sensors now you’ll notice you can see the bumper there you can also see the trailer hitch sticking out a little bit this is awesome for backing up to trailers now when you’re backing up to a trailer the parking sensors are gonna beep at you because it senses the trailer you can turn off that button turn off that that feature by pushing that this button right here you can turn that off and that way it’s not beeping at you while you’re trying to line up the the trailer or anytime you want to turn it off you can just push that button so I can continue on and go down here to drive now you can see right here where it says a drive and and then it just past that as M so I’m gonna go down to M now this is the manual mode so if you need to change the gears if you have more precise choice over the the gear gear shift points you can use these buttons here but it only lets you go a certain way certain amount so I’m gonna push the buttons here and it’s gonna cycle them through but when I start driving it may not allow me to start off in like sixth gear so I’m getting that could be a big strain on the transmission in the end the motor and all that stuff so you know so that’s how you can downshift if you’re going down hills stuff like that it also has the trailer tow button here so you want to push that when you’re pulling a heavy trailer to let the vehicle know that you know it needs to shift a different way and needs to hold the any of the rpms and and not go into the extreme overdrive type ears ready so now we’ve got this is your radio and all that stuff this is a touchscreen and basically you’ve got your radio there you’ve got your phone information here which there’s no there’s no phone paired now and then there’s your navigation screen there now you can put in the destination or you can view the map get your bearings you could zoom in and out if you wanted to do that you can also hit the home button here and this will take you to a whole bunch of different options you can check the weather you can also check your phone up when it’s paired with Bluetooth you’ve got Pandora installed on your phone you can play music through the Pandora system on your phone you can control your video screen back there up here so there are lots of cool things that you could do with this screen it’s it continues on there’s the OnStar button there you can actually text use some voice to text features to fight that your volume button is here tune through the stations is there change to the tracks you have back button your media button is for you’re playing music through other sources besides your CD player and radio and so there’s your CD player and I’ll show you those sources in a minute here is your climate control so you’ve got a dual zone so that left dial here is for the driver there’s the passenger you can sync them

both it’s where you can control them both with the drivers option here and if you need to change unsink it you just start changing the passenger side to a specific number and that will take the sync off so here’s your climate control you could put air conditioning on you can tell it whether you want to air to blow you have the front rear defrost years all that good stuff now I’m going to go ahead and try out this air conditioned seat and also it does have the heated seats as well back or bottom and back and there’s different levels here that you can choose same thing for the passenger-side now you got a whole bunch of buttons down here now this vehicle senses a diesel it does have the exhaust for it so if you’re going downhill like I was mentioned before and you need to downshift or something like that or even if you don’t downshift you can use the exhaust brake just use the engine braking to slow you down a little bit more than what it normally would actually a lot more this button turns the lane departure warning system on or off so basically when you’re driving along it kind of looks at the lines on the road and you know if you start swerving off the road or something that’s going to lurch you we already know what that is your parking sensors this button is for your cargo light this illuminates the back of the bed there’s a light on the top of the back of the cab which will shine down all over all the bed your trash control there you can turn that off if you need to default is on that’s mostly for if you get stuck or something you need to spend tires or rock the vehicle or whatever if that’s the only time I would recommend turning it off and this is your button for adjusting your pedals you can adjust it like so unless your your brake and acceleration pedal so that’s your adjustments there mmm so you got all this stuff covered up let me just go ahead and flip them up so you can see there’s three USB ports you can use this for charging you doesn’t use them for playing music through the sound system and that’s what that media button is for one of the options there you also have two 12-volt cigarette lighter style plug in power supplies and then you have an Edison plug here that is a 115 volt Edison plug just like you would see in the house it does have up to 150 watts at its disposal but that will power a lot of low drain stuff like a laptop like charging a laptop cell phone therefore things like that it’s not going to power a super high device like a like a hairdryer or anything like that so just keep that in mind it is a it looks like it it is a outlet just like you would find in your house but it doesn’t have the same capabilities as far as the the amperage that it wanted in your house does I like these little things right here it’s real easy to put business cards in their pens stuff like that a real quick access place to have it you also have this storage pocket there cupholders are here and these can pop that in and out and you can reach reposition them if you want it to they kind of snap in place I don’t want to mess it up with doing it one-handed but you can unsnap it and move it up here if you wanted to so here’s your armrest center console here you got a little place in the center for putting stuff it keeps it in place it and in your arms go on the other side this lifts up and then you’ve got a whole storage system in here so first of all you got this tray and then the tray has these little secret pockets in there there so you can hide stuff and then the tray comes out and you got this big place to you know fill up with junk you also got this little pocket here on the side for putting stuff and then you notice over there to the right it has two USB ports an SD card input SD card two USBs and an auxiliary input so there’s more ways of playing music through the sound system of your vehicle you also have a 12 volt power supply on this side and you have these little places here for wires to go in and out of this pocket another storage container very very handy alright so the rear view mirror has an OnStar button so you can communicate with OnStar use that feature you do have an emergency button there see if I can get the camera to focus in on that it is an auto dim rear view mirror so you notice a little light sensor up here this will dim the rearview mirror somebody’s behind you

with high beams on and that keeps you from getting blinded and then up here we’ve got left got like a tap light there with LEDs if you need just a little bit of light there you can change those lights to where they’re on turn all the lights on on the truck you can have it just when the door opens or are completely off if you want to these three buttons here are your garage door openers that you do have to be paired with your garage door in order to work this is where your sliding back glass there so you can open that up and close it if you want some fresh air flowing through and speaking of fresh air does also have a sunroof and the controls are right here so you can tilt it or you can slide it all the way back and if it’s too much light you can just close it off completely you also have a kind of a small place for putting your sunglasses it’s kind of surprise it’s kind of small some people have big flashy you know Hollywood sunglasses so this might not fit all sunglasses which you do have plenty of other places to put your sunglasses if you need to just take a look around there see what it looks like back there from this angle and you can see it has its stitching here on the dash and just a really really high-quality truck it’s no joke right here this is very impressive comfortable it’ll make your day way more comfortable working in this truck or driving around in this truck doing what you need to do alright let’s take a look at that Duramax diesel engine literally a 6.6 liter v8 Merrimack and then I mentioned it to turbo beaver now I did you probably already knew that and I like the fact they don’t have it covered up with plastic too much they got a little tiny bit of plastic dresses you can see all the metal and all the cool stuff there all right there you have it that’s an awesome truck hitting it 2015 Chevrolet Silverado at judge green Chevrolet North Myrtle Beach thank you to judge pewter Chevrolet for allowing me to check out an awesome truck and share it with the world and thank you for watching I appreciate your time if you can help me out I’d really appreciate it if you can share this video like subscribe I said it to anybody you think might be useful to them and thank you for watching see you next time