3 Jahre von Deutschland nach China mit dem Fahrrad // China Vlog #8

Well, today is the .. 24th of May .. 2019 And this is a very special day Because three years ago we gave back the keys of our apartment to our landlady We have Just a moment In a second In a second you’ll get to know Super many trucks on the road today! Now! Quick! Three years ago we gave back the keys of our apartment, sat on our bicycles and off we went! Three years ago we left Woohoo! Wow! Our 3-year-anniversary on the street today So awesome! Not long ago the road was pretty quiet and relaxed, so we could enjoy the day Now there are quite some trucks coming Yeah. That’s the way it is Our everyday life here on the road Boah! There’s a lot of traffic right now! We’ve produced an amazing video The link you’ll find in the description If you haven’t watched it yet, we’ve made a little trailer which we’ve posted on Instagram and Facebook We’re briefly gonna show it to you Yeah, that’s how it looks like Pretty cool stuff I’d say And … don’t miss the complete video A small summary .. of the past three years Yeah, unbelievable time I think there’s nothing more to say right now You know all that I guess Super I’m definitely looking forward to the following years Absolutely So, the next day Well, for 3 years … for 3 years we’ve been traveling by bike without one single spoke being broken And today is the first day the first day in this new year, exactly Well, it lasted three years Three years and one day Now our first spoke has broken Which also means that it’s the first time we’ve got to mend it But I think I can fix it I think I know what to do Yeah, we need to dismount the tyre, remove the old nipple and draw in a new spoke and nipple Yeah, this shouldn’t cause any trouble Great. This has worked … like a charm And relatively quick Whew! Really hot. I’m sweating! …But I think, everything’s great The spoke’s been exchanged We’ve cleaned and oiled the chains along the way Perhaps we haven’t done that for quite a while That was pretty necessary Yeah. Great! Let’s pack our stuff … and move on I think we’ll have lunch break right away Yes And there are another 70 km to to a city called Guangyuan where we want to arrive today There we’ve got a coach surfing host We want to take a shower She’s Polish She works there as a teacher Exactly. She’s an English teacher We’re excited looking forward to her Now we once again ended up

on a brandnewly built road That hasn’t really officially been opened yet Back there was a small barrier where you could only pass through with a motorcycle or in our case our bikes Now we got a beautiful, wide, four-lane road just to ourselves We got around 40km left I think till Guangyuan We should be able to easily manage those with no problems today Really cool Yeah! Everything seems to have worked well regarding the spoke The wheel runs smoothly Right, we just had lunch, which we didn’t film either What did we have again? Rice with tofu and chili-sauce And (Pak Choi!) Pak Choi, exactly Yeah that was really good Got an extra portion of rice That’s always really cool! You could really eat until you are full Which makes sense in my opinion Because every person eats differently in the end And if everyone got the same portion in the restaurant, that’d be a bit stupid, but yeah anyway Let’s see where we’re gonna get to following this road The ride is quite well We have to go through the metal gate We have received detailed directions from our couchsurferin Monika so that we can find her address. In fact we have to go through a very small alley where’s a bakery on the right side after that comes a metal gate with a blue roof, then we’ve to go through the garage and then to the third floor But we text her that we’ll be there soon Maybe she’ll pick us up Hello, I think we arrived! We are in the alley right of the bakery Okay! Good. Let’s see Uuh I think we swapped right and left We went into the small alley to the left of the bakery We should take the alley right of the bakery! Or left? Olga?! She went away no answer! Olga?! We should go right of the bakery? So on the right side is the bakery and on the left side? There’s the passage. Or what? In the middle? In which middle?! “There’s a passage to the right of the bakery” Yes, to the right of the bakery But now we’re on the left You confuse me! “There’s a passage and on the right side is the bakery” Is it there? Maybe this? This street? But there’s no alley No what? No small passage No alley! Aha! Yes There’s… uh some kind of a copy shop Maybe this? This is also a cake shop There are cake shops everywhere

That’s the problem! Take a look if there’s a garage with a blue roof Oh, the roofs are all blue But the address is in chinese? Hmm, let‘s see Well, the good old cake store problem To the right of the cake store But there are cake stores everywhere Now she‘s texting I‘ll just text her „we… ehm… to the bakery door“ The bakery or the cake store? That‘s the cake store Exactly Let‘s see But that‘s 328! Are we on the right street? She‘s texting: „I‘m at the bakery entrance“ Hold on, let me check if I can send her my location Send current location Does it work? Yes, we need to be on this street Ah, right Then we‘re wrong Yeah We went on the wrong street again! Why did we… ehm Now that‘s a mission here Usually we don‘t have any issues navigating… but Ah, we need to go one street further Wrong cake stores everywhere There‘s a bakery, look! Yes, this is it! Now we‘re And here‘s also the But now,… no She‘s not waiting in front of the bakery anymore Ah „Engmedal Bakery“ is what she wrote as well Now we‘re right but she probably walked towards us in the meantime And we missed each other And my message won‘t be sent Ehm, all right We‘ll figure it out in a bit Ok, ehm… next morning You haven‘t been there for the last coupleof hours It was pretty funny, pretty spontaneously everything.. surprisingly! Yeah, we eventually found Monicas house And we had a great time! So much said First, we had some pretty good conversation And then we went off to have dinner Little, nice restaurant, quite easy After that, we went to a bar, and There it started, … in a Chinese bar It was pretty packed, everything pretty modern and so on and there you order like 12 beer or so right away That‘s like the minium And all tables are just full of beer bottles And everyone’s drinking very quickly It‘s almost a bit hectic there! It has to be drunk quickly! And it has to be smoked Everything’s pretty messy, All the trash, cigarette butts

And everything’s just thrown on the floor All is wild and chaotic But it was pretty funny. And then two of Monica’s Chinese girlfriends joined They suggested going to a karaoke bar So we did that as well So we were in that karaoke bar And sang Beatles songs there Sang some Beatles songs there We were pretty good of course No need for video evidence You know, we‘re pretty good! We continued drinking and there were all sorts of people We were in some small room there You usually rent a small, private room there where you, I don‘t know, hang out with like 5 to 10 people and you drink and also eat and from time to time you sing along a tune Yeah, and the people were pretty keen on drinking with us all the time We drank quite a bit We were lucky because it’s just some light beer here You pour it down and sweat it out somehow So around 1 in the morning we left, drank a couple of vodka And kept on talking Well, Monica has been living here in Guangyuan for two years now And also speaks Chinese fluently, which was absolutely impressive Thus she was able to show us around everywhere This morning we had a delicious breakfast and got some kind of hot soya milk which you get everywhere in China We didn’t really know Such dumplings filled with tofu, vegetables etc. Really delicious! Super! Once more a great Coachsurfing experience Unfortunately only one day I think it would have been the right decision to stay for one more night But sadly we are a bit pressed for time We need to move on It’s already 12 o’clock I think Yes, it’s exactly 12 And the sun’s burning. It’s super hot Yeah, we keep on going north into the mountains luckily Hopefully, the temperatures will cool down a bit the next days We’ll see. We’re excited about what’s still awaiting us It’s … extremely intensive and very diversified here in China Absolutely. We can definitely say — Yeah So … This was the very first test flight with the drone That was so much fun I didn’t fly very high And we didn’t want to draw too much attention beside the main road etc Just plain testing for now Up and down, a bit sideways Yeah, nothing special but I’ll keep on practicing I think we’ll have lots and lots of fun with it And be able to shoot some really, really cool scenes with it Awesome present! Awesome present … that we got from we got from Olga’s mom We bought it in Chengdu, yes ourselves But … it was a birthday present from Olga‘s mom … for me but also for Olga For both of us, right? Olga‘s birthday was end of April and mine was now end of May … ah no It was my birhday .. my birthday IS end of May Mine is actually in two days A preliminary birthday present Yes Thank you very much – at this point I think, this is a very, very nice present Mhhh! With mushrooms, peppers and eggplants! Tomatos! Only the good stuff! And beans To be continued. Subscribe to our channel!