Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

Linus: Okay sorry, what is this called ? Scotty: “Huaqiangbei” *laughs* Linus: fantastic, alright so i’m here at Scotty: “Huaqiangbei” Linus: yeah perfect thank you, with Scotty From ‘Strange Parts’, so I’m “getting me some strange parts” In China Which is actually exactly what we’re doing So, in this, like, gigantic tech mall-thing They have everything from components like switches To Computer parts, to drones, to cryptocurrency-crap Mobile phones Pretty much you name it, they got it here So I don’t really have any objective, other than go shopping and see exactly what it is That I can buy with my little stack of ‘Canadian Rubles’ here So, uhh.. Wish me luck And hopefully that’s not for me Scotty: No, I think we’re good. [chuckles] [Intro music: Laszlo – Supernova] Linus: This video is brought to you by Corsair’s Obsidian 500D It’s a mid-tower gaming case, featuring: Premium tempered glass an aluminium construction Removable top fan trays and more! Check it out at the link below Scotty: I think this is going to be an uphill battle, To get them to even recognize what those are, let alone know the value of them Linus: They are gonna be like “what is this $H!T?!” Yeah, no, it’s okay; there’s an ATM This is the world’s most helpful error message: “Transaction is cancelled for some reason” “Operation Timeout” “Thank you!” Okay So like this is the kind of stuff that I wish we had a shop like this We were trying to do a piece a little while ago Where we wanted lit.. Uhh Buttons! Or like.. Like.. Big fun buttons we could press And if we could have just walked into a mall and bought them That would have made my Christmas Scotty: The cool thing about here, particularly for buttons, is you can actually come in and touch them, right So, like, the button-feel is super important Linus: Oh my god, I already found something I need Entire bags of like, motherboard standoffs I was trying to buy just a bag of computer screws Only place I could find for it was eBay Pricing was just totally unreasonable Scotty: Yeah and it will be very reasonable here Linus: Smartwatches, totally 100% real Beats Scotty: These are probably, like, semi-real Linus: Semi-real? Scotty: Yeah, like refurb-ed type Linus: Right, okay Wow. This place is enormous Scotty: It’s crazy, right? This is probably one of twenty buildings Linus: Honestly, it’s overwhelming Scotty: Yeah Linus: Okay, so here’s stuff I mostly recognize Scotty: “Right!” Linus: There’s like A bunch of mining gear Like Antminers and.. What else do they got? Mining Power supplies ROG.. Something something Looks like Very similar SKU’s Linus: I’m just looking Linus: just looking Linus: Uhh Linus: No, I don’t.. Necessarily wanna get lead in here Linus: Hi! Nah, I’m just looking around, it’s okay Linus: Thank you [Sad Music] I mean this is the kind of thing you would never find in a retail store back home This is like, dual socket, like server boards and stuff like that Can you ask how much this 1800W power supply is [Chinese] Scotty: That’s like.. 50 bucks Linus: 50 bucks?! 50 dollars for an 1800W power supply? Scotty: yeah Linus: Doesn’t feel like an 1800W power supply, oh my god This is actually only rated for 1600W Also, this is an mining only power supply, so it only does 12V This is just all mining $H!T Scotty: they did not used to be this way Linus: Look at this! These are mining specific cards right here These ones without coolers And uhh They actually do have a video output, but like just the one Scotty: Wooow, look at this stuff Linus: Yeah, so they got things like, uhh, these mining specific boards Scotty: and this is used Linus: “Asus demo board..” Here’s a brand of motherboards that I have certainly never heard of Sometimes it’s just fascinating Like you walk up to a booth and kinda go: What are you doing , You know Like if you really need the B250M-HD3 or a WD Green SSD Or a Byson fan, then you’re good Scotty: This is indicative of the markets which is just like high degree of specializations in booths But it’s also just like, a different way of doing business, There is just not a lot like vertical integration It’s “everybody does their own little thing” and has friends that do the other bits Linus: fundamental problem for PC stuff is that, umm, Scotty: What’s this? Linus: Pricing across regions has really leveled out Scotty: yeah Linus: Uhhm That’s a wonderful question, I am not actually sure what this is Doesn’t seem to be in any sort of hurry to tell us Scotty: “DTMF”? Is this uhh.. Telephone gear? Linus: I mean they still have LGA 775 motherboards here, like brand new That’s incredible Oh wow, okay. I can’t even like focus my eyes on this Scotty: At one point she was burning paper with one of these, so just be

Careful Oh, oh, it’s this one Linus: How much is that one? Scotty: This one? Linus: Yeah Scotty: We’ll ask here Oh, here we go Linus: Oh my god Scotty: watch the reflections on the glass Linus: I think my kids would end up going blind if they found it Scotty: Yes. Yes, that’s true Linus: Yeah, I’ll pass, I’ll pass on this [Chinese] Linus: I’m getting a 3 dollar discount now Yeah, I’m okay. I’m okay If I decide I get one, I’ll come back Scotty: my reccomendation is that if you think you want something, you should just buy it while you’re there Linus: Oh, okay So what I figured out at this point is I definitely need some kind of objective Because, you could wander around here for weeks and Still have no idea where the hell you are and what the hell you’re doing Scotty: And I have! I have So yeah, if you have something specific you wanna do I’m happy to try and make that happen As best we can Linus: okay.. I want the cheapest laptop in this entire mall Scotty: Cheapest laptop in the entire mall Linus: yeah, lets do that. Lets see how usable it is Okay! Scotty: I’m trying to think where we would go for that.. But yeah! Okay! Lets maybe.. Jump buildings? As you have seen this one To the other place that a lot of laptops and stuff Linus: Okay, sounds good It’s an unusual thing going into somewhere with the objective To buy the worst thing that you can find I mean if they weren’t trying, I don’t know how they Could have made two completely different buildings, full of completely different people and things look so identical Scotty: once you start coming here more, it does actually Like you do notice differences. There is a different mix of stuff here But it’s a different mix Linus: It’s subtle Scotty: Laptops? He wants to buy cheap laptop Laptop Linus: Actually, Eric, can you jump in? Okay, we want the cheapest possible laptop like in He’s my translator [Chinese] Linus: so..One problem here, where The really nice guy from upstairs directed us Is that, none of this is off-brand This is like, Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, Dell This starts at 6000.. What, Yen? Scotty: Uhh.. Renminbi It’s about 6 to 1, so divide by 6 Linus: So about a thousand dollars Okay, that’s about like An [HP] Envy would start at back at home Like I don’t think we’re gonna find anything that weird and/or cheap here Tell you what, what do you edit your videos on? Scotty: Final Cut or [Adobe] Premiere Final Cut is my editor of choice, But my editor uses [Adobe] Premiere Linus: Here’s what we’re doing; we’re building an editing rig for Strange Parts’ editor Because.. When in doubt and I can’t figure out what to make a video about I just build a computer So F%#K it. Okay, let’s do it Lets go back to PC component land Scoty: Okay, go back upstairs here, maybe? Linus: Sure Scotty: So my editor is in Mexico Scotty: It could be my editing rig Or my transcoding rig Linus: You know what, I don’t care what you do with it But your editor is gonna watch this video, so if you don’t send it to them Then.. You know what that’s between you guys Scotty: It’s true, It’s true, I would have to sort that out Oh no, Linus has stars in his eyes Linus: Oh my god Scotty: He’s looking devious Linus: I think I’ve fallen in love It’s actually, like, the construction of it is not bad too Like, from a distance it looked like plastic garbage But it’s actually aluminium garbage Scotty: It’s like proper, yeah So it’s exhaust going out either side with these like Baffles and than the whole thing is a big intake Holy $H!T, is this thing like 300 dollars? Scotty: 300 bucks, yeah Linus: Woooow! How much is a Ferrari, ‘definitely real Ferrari’, power supply to go with it? Dang Lets look around a little more I mean, we might find something else But I don’t know if I could love anything more than that case Sorry hun! I’m feeling good! We’re off to a Very good start here Look at this stuff! That is some ghetto-ass watercooling supplies I don’t.. I don’t.. I don’t know how I can resist Linus: What? Linus: Awww What’s the point of having something on display if you can’t sell it? Linus: So.. That one and that one Oh, wow! That radiator weighs almost nothing That is aluminium AF! And I actually don’t even if this Oh, did you hear that, like, crack when I tried to put it on? Okay, 15 bucks for this though… Not that bad Not that bad Okay, lets continue our quest Ah, thank you! I don’t really see anything here that is jumping out at me As having sufficient RGB-ness Okay, this! That is my kind of RGB And looks a lot more… sensible in terms of pricing as well

Yeah, I expected that Okay, that’s pretty cool It doesn’t actually have a microphone, that is totally cheating Scotty: Is that true? [Snaps] Linus: Yeah, that’s just cheating Scotty: so the question was like “Should we haggle over this?” right? And so my rule of thumb is like; if I think it’s fair price, then I don’t. Like I don’t push on it Um, most people in the market are not like marking up stuff up Because it’s like wholesale, there’s just not the expectation Typically buying that one that they are gonna gouge you Linus: I mean, the one thing I need to know is If I have anywhere to mount my radiator inside, so Uhm, Eric, can you ask him if I can take it down and open it up? Okay, we should be in pretty good shape! Okay, yep! I’m sold Looks good to me So, I know I said that you don’t screw around on the power supply and motherboard Scotty: Yeah Linus: I am definitely gonna be finding Brands that I don’t recognize, for both of them Scotty: Okay! Linus: Because, We are gonna have… we’re gonna have the Chinese PC experience Wow, Colorful makes motherboard Scotty: Yeah Linus: That’s fun.. Uhh, Okay So I wanna know how much for that one It’s a battleaxe, I don’t know what the brand is, I can’t read it But it says “Battleaxe” on it Yeah, the brown one at the bottom There’s nothing on here that would indicate sorta what it is But it does have USB 3.0 Linus: Colorful? Oh, it’s a Colorful board! Oh, okay Do you have.. Do you have anything… bigger? Full ATX Here, we don’t we uhh.. Why don’t we just pick up a board here Lets just.. Lets just talk to our buddy here Alright Do you have; motherboard, CPU, memory? [Chinese] Linus: Uhh, let me try that again. This! What motherboards do you have? Do you have anything.. Like, full sized? ATX? More slots… Yeah What about memory? Marketplace person: “Memory?” Linus: Okay, so that’s an 8GB Kingston stick Wait, it’s a 100 bucks for 1 stick? Okay, no.. Hold on Yeah.. I don’t think that’s very good pricing I think we can do better elsewhere We gotta start buying stuff or we’re gonna run out of time here Does.. Anyone here speak English..? Linus: No, I think that one is okay So We’re reaching a deal on Ryzen chip and uhh A B350 motherboard But, if I understand correctly; He doesn’t have stock here, he’s just gonna go to one of the other stores and buy it, So Scotty: Maybe, or there’s a storeroom in somewhere else That is pretty common too, there will be like another booth somewhere That has the stock That’s less, like, this visible than this Linus: I hate this, I want to go back to shopping online Fun fact: we’re paying more than the other guy quoted us But at this point I don’t care. Fine So here’s the situation: We like have 20 minutes before this whole place closes down We have like 2500 Renminbi [about 400 USD] left to get: a GPU, storage, a power supply and a cooler Because clearly this tubing is not gonna do us any good I hate this This is not a great shopping experience that I’m having I’m stressed out Okay, so these guys have Galax 1060’s, lets find out how much Eric: Sorry, which brand again? Linus: Galax Linus: 2000.. [about 315 USD] Scotty: Is he quoting 2000? Linus: Yeah Scotty: Okay.. We’re gonna have a cash situation Linus: Hold on a second, worst case scenario all we still need is Storage and a power supply, because we can use the stock cooler Scotty: Okay Linus: [Chuckling] and then we can just throw this radiator in the back for lols And I’m gonna need a screwdriver Scotty: well the other options is to go find a repair booth and do like Like you and a Chinese guy putting this together, together Linus: Oh my god Scotty: So that’s an option Linus: 25.50.. [about 4 USD] I think we’ll have to move on *sighs* Okay Lots of high end stuff here, 1080’s, 1080 Ti’s We don’t want that I’m determined to get the rest of the stuff here So, here we go We need SSD.. power supply Uhh, do you have um Do you have 1060? Is that it? Oh! Okay, so 2360? [about 370 USD] That’s a little better In the background: not much Linus: and then I can’t even tell what the wattage of these things are 600 Watt? Alright, so we’ll take this one We’re definitely at least getting one product where I don’t recognize the brand at all I’ve never heard of ‘Netac’ Eric is trying to get us 60 Renminbi [about 10 USD] off And he’s offering us 10 [1,50 USD] which is about two dollars. Two dollars discount Fine, I don’t care anymore. Okay, fine, We got a two dollar discount man You know, like, 10 years from now I’m gonna I’m gonna have like.. Two dollars And I’m gonna like desperately need it to take a bus somewhere Eric: Yup! Linus: and that’s gonna be all I have and I’m gonna be like “Thank god Eric saved me that two dollars on that power supply, SSD” Scotty: What’s the total over here?

Linus: Uhh It was.. 3.. 3050! [about 450 USD] Can I owe you some money? Linus: Okay Alright, do we need to go back and get our motherboard, CPU combo? So we got a small problem. The escalator is caged up now This place is closing in like two minutes and we have to go down to the bottom floor to the ATM We may no be able to go back to the store Scotty: that is a potential problem Linus: so we might walk out of here with a case Scotty: It would be kind of a dick move, we sat around the market all day I think we’ll make it work Alright, this is what we got? These three? Oh and that one Okay So check everything Linus: Ryzen 7.. 1700 Uhh, 2 DDR4.. 8GB sticks Yep! That’s uhh And then we’ve got a B350-Plus. Yep! Okay Alright, so you’re getting probably, hopefully a decent computer here Scotty: Cool! Linus: I don’t know about that power supply We checked the first couple to make sure they were real, you see Scotty: You know I mean, I’m surprised he’s not running it through a machine actually, cause Oh! He’s gonna run it through a machine now Like, yeah. It’s just a universal concern it’s definitely not you.. Like Linus: Ah, okay! Hopefully this last piece of the puzzle is really simple We just need.. A Phillips head screwdriver Scotty: I know where to get that, but it’s in a different building Linus: It’s in a different building?! I mean, they must have a phillips screwdriver here Scotty: Lets walk around the bottom floor Linus: like if we go offer offer someone 50 Renminbi [about 8 USD] for their screwdriver Will they just give it to us? Scotty: we can buy a shop’s screwdriver! That would be an option This one right here? Linus: yeah, sure Here No.. No screwdriver Okay Should we just go to the other building? Okay, fine. Lets just go where we know they’re gonna have it Scotty: alright, lets go back to that big tools booth Linus: I think the odds of that case having all toolless mounts Is very slim Scotty: yup Linus: Oh, is that your tools store? Scotty: this is the one, yeah Linus: they look kinda open Scotty: they look very open Linus: Okay, if I’m gonna buy a screwdriver, might as well [inaudible] Actually, don’t see that many options Where’s just Scotty: Here’s small screwdrivers Linus: the screwdriver, with an S. Y’know Lots of precision screwdrivers for working on phones, but we just want a normal like big screwdriver Scotty: Oh, here we go. Here Linus: Oh here we go, we walked right past screwdriver land on the way in Here’s a super long one, you know what? I could actually use one of these Okay, yeah. I’ll take this shank, I mean screwdriver Sorry, I’m like [flailing around screwdriver] “You stay back!” See this, they are both reversed now They are both going down We caught it by like two minutes We were about to get kicked the F$#K out of this place So, Mr. “Can build an iPhone out of parts that he finds in Shenzen”, when is the last time you build a computer? Scotty: It’s been Fifteen years Linus: Fifteen years? Okay, so can you build a computer? Scotty: That’s a great question, I.. I would like to think I still can It has been a long time Like, it has been multiple, multiple generations Linus: I bought the screwdriver for you I’m gonna be in charge of unboxing and you’re gonna be in charge of actually building this mess Scotty: alright Linus: Okay, you’re already doing my job Whole collab ruined Scotty: Linus takes the vision of responsibility very carefully Linus: Okay, so.. Uhh Here, we can.. Let me just do a quick overview of our case here Scotty: Yep Linus: so this case is from the brand Powertrain So we were successful on the case front We found something that I had never heard of before It’s the ‘Chameleon’ and honestly for a 40 dollar case, the fact that it has RGB lighting Not that bad Feeling a little weird, assembling a computer in the middle of a.. Marketsquare Scotty: This is totally normal, there is.. they’ll be like There’s iPhone repair going on at McDonald’s down there, so Linus: Fair enough Okay, we might have run up against our first challenge We actually need to pull out these two standoffs and they are freaking tight So one option – and I have used this with success before – is to take a motherboard screw here, Scotty: Right Linus: and.. Screw it in Too much! Like, seize it Scotty: yeah Linus: in the standoff Scotty: and then try back off the standoff and the screw Linus: and then try back off the standoff and the screw Scotty: It’s worth the shot Oooh! Oh that looks good! Linus: Got one Scotty: that looks good Linus: Okay, but we’re gonna sacrifice another screw here Ooooh! We got it! Scotty: Oh, you’re a lucky man Linus: this is my computer, you’re the lucky man So there you go, these are These are seized as hell Like, without plyers and Yeah, we’re not getting that out anymore Alright, so while Scotty screws in the motherboard I’m gonna go through everything else we got here So this is a bit of a cheat,I have heard of “Great Wall” But it is a Chinese brand Uhh, I don’t think I have ever seen a “Great Wall” power supply available Outside of China

Wow! You got a modular power supply! There you go, modular cables! Scotty: Oh, fancy Linus: Plug in what you need Scotty: Fancy Pantsie I would say that goes down here, right? Linus: Yes it does, but we need Scotty: How do I get it in there? Linus: You need to pull this off How the hell do we You know what, no! We don’t have to take off. You can just slide it in You know what we have to do? Is find out how good of a deal we got Scotty: I’m willing to say a little bit more expensive than the States, but I’m not sure Linus: Oh… Our case did not include any cooling fans And we blew our money on a radiator Instead of a rear fan. Damnit And our stock cooler, goes on right here Scotty: Right. If.. If we’re double teaming on assembling, than I’m gonna double team on unboxing here Linus: Did you just get the thermal goop all over your hand?! Scotty: I did Linus: No wonder your projects take you 8 months Scotty: Being an idiot doesn’t help Linus: Okay.. HyperX FURY!! Alright.. What else is there in here Scotty: we’re ready to pop this in and then put cards in? Linus: Yep Oh, that’s almost in. Oh shoot, is that in our way? Okay, we’re in! It’s like actually getting dark enough that I’m having trouble seeing now too Scotty: Flashlight? Linus: Can you flashlight me? Did you just say fleshlight? Scotty: I did not say ‘fleshlight you’ Linus: Because like, not on camera So, he showed us the graphics card But I did not realize it was like a brown box card, like it The card he showed us looked legit Uhh.. ‘Made in China’.. ‘GTX 1060 Ooh! This is a system integrator.. SKU So he sold us an OEM card, that rad bastard So this probably doesn’t have as much warranty on it Again, not my problem Scotty: So that’s.. Yeah Linus: I actually like this screwdriver Scotty: Are you commentating for something Linus: Okay, now I promised that I was putting this damn radiator in, no matter what Scotty: Oh yeah, you did Linus: So I’m doing it It’s not gonna do anything But it’s gonna be in there Scotty: We need our tubing as well, right? Linus: Yeah. Hell yeah You know, like that. Right? Scotty: I would just run it back right into the other one Just like that Linus: No, no, no, no. I want it to look convincing Scotty: you want full illusion? Linus: yeah I just want.. We’re gonna run this baby right there That looks kinda watercooled.. Right? See? What do you think? Scotty: Totally watercooled Linus: Thank you Scotty: totally watercooled Linus: let me show you a cable management secret Scotty: Show me. I love cable management [Chuckle] Linus: Okay, so this is the moment where I find out If this was a good deal Or a [Removing plastic foil] Rip off Scotty: Ooooh… [Chuckle] Linus: I had to make some compromises with my Newegg equiavelent So I used a Rosewill power supply with sort of similar specs I picked like the second cheapest generic SSD I could find And then for case.. Honestly, They were better deals. Shipped Scotty: Really?! Linus: I could get a case for 38 US Dollars Which is less than what we paid for this Scotty: Yeah. Little less Linus: I would have paid 1142 Scotty: 1142?! Linus: How did we do? Scotty: We did.. 1162 Plus 2 dollars and 50 cents for the screwdriver Linus: So It was basically the same Well that was fun I’m sure glad that, that was so stressful, but here, congratulations Do whatever you want it I no longer care Scotty: Thank you Linus: I don’t know if it works But it’s watercooled Depending on who you ask See, it looks pretty watercooled! Scotty: It looks very watercooled Linus: Doesn’t it look watercooled?! Scotty: It looks very watercooled Linus: No one is gonna look that closely at it This video is brought to you by Private Internet Access, Which uh, actually has been serving me very very well On this trip. See, watch. I’m gonna do a thing I’m gonna go to Wait for it “Woooow, what is that?! Oh, wow. 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