It's Time To Take Back Our Country – Kevin Zadai

news a lot of things are starting to overturn and things are starting to look as though what jesus had told me back in may when he visited with me and everything that he said of course is coming to pass but the thing that i have to remind you of is that he did say that we can change history that we can change these things that are pending things that are going to happen in our nation we can we can change it and push it completely away and so we’ve seen this with september haven’t we already so so i wanted to i wanted to bring out the fact that jesus wants us to continue to pray and change this so that these things these things that he had mentioned to me will not happen he said the church can prevent this and so we’re just going to um go through these points that the lord gave me and the one of the things that jesus spent a lot of time with me about in the in the five hour visitation was lukewarmness and how because uh people that believers that do not understand their authority they do not they don’t understand who they are in christ they they seem to uh back off and they seem to be in a compromised position but a lot of times unless some someone or something happens to show people that they’re they’ve backed off or have compromised like the prophet jeremiah he was a plumb line to to israel and jesus uh showed me that that that’s what prophets are supposed to do they’re supposed to be plum lines they’re supposed to inform people of what god is saying which might be a standard that’s way higher than what we’re experiencing so because of that um he did talk to me a lot about lukewarmness and so i want to reiterate this that the first prayer point that i want to want to emphasize is that we need to pray against lukewarmness because uh there are no history makers that are lukewarm they’re they’re they’re going to be hot you know so lukewarmness it must go it must go from a believer’s life which which it must if it goes from the believer’s life it’s going to go from the church’s life so you know the church is not really the church unless you have the body uh the people so we have to have a group of people so uh one of us on our own is not the body you know we we’re part of the body but we need everybody together so jesus wanted me to emphasize this again so we’re coming live to you now and i’m i’m emphasizing that lukewarmness must leave the believer’s life we must get the holy fire from the altar of god and we must stand up for what is right and and that is going to take us to a temperature rating that’s the same uh temperature as the flames that are in the altar of god right now they’re burning and that and the angels that are there at the altar they are burning with fire the angels that come to you at night to talk to you to give you dreams the angels that are with you during the day they are flames of fire they’re ministering spirits sent to to minister for those who are going to inherit salvation and the book of hebrews clearly is is uh showing us that these angels are sent by god and that they are flames of fire and that they are sent on special assignments and that’s what it says in psalms 91 they they are assigned special assignments to to keep us in all our ways okay so angels are hot the the fire of god from the altar is hot and so we need to be hot we need to to get rid of anything in our lives that’s causing us to not be as hot so because of that the church of the lord jesus christ who jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against when we get hot the body of christ gets hot the church is hot and then we have we have a manifestation of god on the earth through the church through the church so father i just pray that every person listening father that you would just douse them with the fire from heaven that you would baptize them in fire holy fire right now in the name of jesus and i thank you lord we pray for our nation we pray that every believer on on this soil in the united states and also in other countries all over the world that we would be doused with holy fire and that we would not be lukewarm and that the body of christ would rise up in their authority and who they are that what jesus has accomplished by being seated with with the father in the heavenly realms and that he has seated us with him in the heavenly realms that we are far above all rule and authority through jesus christ and we take authority and we break the powers of the devil and we say lord that we’re not going to be lukewarm we’re going to be counted as hot yes in this day lord we’re going to be we’re going to be the temperature that you have pre-ordained for us lord and i thank you for it in the name of jesus okay so remember remember that we are praying against lukewarmness and we need to ask forgiveness for for our lukewarmness anything that we’ve done in our lives to not be hot we need to repent of that and and get right with god and let’s just get on with it you know let’s just let let let the sin be taken care of let the the neglect be taken care of and let’s just let’s really really be a good soldier of christ right now okay and then um the next point i want to talk about is is serving others in this in this time that we’re in you have to remember that that satan wants everyone to hole up

and and be alone and be in a survival mode and a lot of a lot of people which is false doctrine to be hold up right now that this is the time to be out there preaching the good news and telling people that the lord jesus christ and the father god are good they’re good they’re they’re good god they’re good god and they do not do these terrible things that these things are coming upon the earth because we’re in a fallen world that’s under a curse but we can reconcile people to god did you know that paul in 2nd corinthians chapter 5 says that we have a ministry of reconciliation whereby we go out we go forth and we proclaim that people’s sins have been forgiven that they’ve been bought and that price has been paid and that god isn’t angry anymore because of jesus christ’s sacrifice you tell people that say just come in just repent of your sins accept jesus as the way and you shall be saved and this is a time that we need to be telling people this this is the devil that’s doing these terrible things that god is not doing these things and that’s what jesus said preach the gospel kevin he said don’t back off so he said serve others he said do things for others so when you go to the grocery store you go and you get something for someone else too you buy two of everything you buy one for yourself and you buy one for someone else and um this is the will of god god gave us a heart to love and to serve people and that’s what we’re supposed to be doing now we’re not supposed to be hold up waiting for the antichrist to come because he isn’t coming he isn’t coming until jesus removes the one who is holding him back and that’s us we’re we’re here we’re ruining the devil’s party every single day you wake up you’re ruining the devil’s party because he can’t do a thing on your on your watch because you are a good watchman okay so we pray we pray against those who um those those uh evil spirits that would want to get people into a survival mode through fear so we pray against fear we we ask that you would serve people and show forth the love of god everywhere you go all your co-workers everywhere you go you you you tell people that god is a loving god and that he cares about people and that he wants people to come to the knowledge of lord jesus christ and and if you’ll if you’ll uh do this you’ll prophesy testify of jesus you’re you’re going to see miracles you’re going to see signs and wonders um we’re seeing people healed uh on our global prayer meeting we have so many reports of people getting healed during during the prayer meeting and um so just just today my wife just told me that you know she had an injury to her hand and while we were having like that meeting today just a staff meeting she got healed she got healed right here just just a couple hours ago i mean it was bad because she was in a lot of pain and she said it just went away and she said it’s gone yeah so so god wants to heal people he wants us to to tell people about him he wants to us to serve people and and let let people know that god is a good god okay and also so we’re going to pray for that father i just thank you that we are not given a spirit of fear but of love and a power and a sound mind i thank you lord in this nation that all the believers stand up and that they are bold to speak their faith and that they are are given over to um to a a giving heart father that they would would allow you to use them to give to others and and then even in their time of need lord they can spare a canned good or something a blanket or a pillow or something father just anything to just show your love to other people we break that spirit of fear right now and i i any any kind of spirit that’s causing people to hole up and to back off and to hide in the name of jesus i pray for boldness right now i pray for boldness for every believer we would stand up in our authority in the name of jesus amen okay all right so the next one is i i felt that the lord was uh you know these are all prayer points that the lord has given me but he wants us to pray for wisdom and understanding in all our ways because his ways should be our ways but we don’t know his ways he said that his ways are higher than our ways but we can know his ways according to first corinthians chapter two it talks about that we can know the mind of christ we have the mind of christ okay so if that’s the truth then we should be praying what paul prayed to the ephesians in chapter 1 verse 17-23 it says pray pray pray that the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him would be upon us that our that our inner man would be lit up with wisdom and understanding poured with light from the other realm and that’s what paul prayed he said that that way we can understand our inheritance that we have in his saints that we can understand um what what is what is what god has done for us through jesus christ and then we have the power of the resurrection as well so we have eyes at sea we have ears are here we know the hope to which we’ve been called we know the glorious inheritance and the saints and we also know the power that rose jesus from the dead see this is all in that

and you can put your name in that prayer that paul prayed and that’s in ephesians chapter 1 verse 17 through 23. so this is the other thing that jesus wanted me to to tell people is that they need to start praying that prayer and this is a prayer that i pray all the time for myself and and i don’t pray for myself that much but but these are the scriptures that i do pray for myself okay so we need to understand the greatness and the power that has been given to us that’s inside of us if we understood this we wouldn’t be backing off right now we would say you know what we we want to see things change and we’re going to call the shots and so you start to call for righteousness and justice to come back into our system and into our government and you start to proclaim the lord’s favor on the believer see we’re in goshen in other words we’re in the land that the uh the israelites dwelt in slavery they did not get any of those uh terrible plagues on them like egypt did but but um they were delivered out of it eventually and they’ve got their promised land and it’s a type and shadow of what what’s encountered we’re encountering right now in this in the in the new testament we are in goshen we are in the secret place we’re part of of god’s blessing and favor in this time we are not judged uh it’s not it’s not appointed for the children to to encounter wrath so we’re not we’re not going to encounter the things that the world’s going to encounter because god doesn’t judge his children with the world we’re to stand out from among the world and then we’re not judged and this is the way it is and this is why it’s good news that’s why it’s called a gospel so it’s good news so pray i pray father right now in the name of jesus for every believer all over the world i pray that you that they have eyes a sea and ears that hear that their spirit would be enlightened with your spirit that with knowledge and wisdom and revelation and i know i know lord god that you want to show them the inheritance they have the how how good you are i know you want to show them how much you love them and i know you want to show them and have them to understand the power that rose jesus from the dead and so father i thank you right now that by your spirit you’re touching everyone right now we pray for every believer on the earth right now and in this nation lord that they would rise up and that even our our president and all our leaders that they would have a spirit of wisdom and revelation that their eyes would be opened we want none of those people to go to hell and i thank you father that they would repent right now and turn from their wicked ways and that they would they would live upright lives i’m just praying lord god because no one is too hard of a case father for you i just ask for repentance among the congress and repentance among our leadership in the name of jesus i thank you that our justice system all the unjust judges that they would repent of their sins right now and that they would turn to god and one last chance before you go to hell i just call out to every judge every senator every congressman every representative i i call you to repentance right now just repent of your sins and represent righteousness and justice in this country in the name of jesus amen okay all right so then um there’s another point the lord gave me was this our our words have to be anointed with fire so we can say stuff but is it be is it being uh spoken from fire so if you have fire then it’s it’s an anointing okay so your your words have to have fire so the father when you seek his face you’re seeking the face of god but there’s a proximity that comes where you get closer and closer to the father and then you start acting like him and i find that my will becomes his will but the thing that is is his ways are so much higher that it kind of like after after a while i get overwhelmed because i’m thinking man you know because for for for just an instance sometimes i almost sense what it’s like to be in in heaven again and feel that authority and feel that that that awesome power that god doesn’t god doesn’t um sit there and worry about anything but he is so gracious with us right now that he doesn’t judge us according to our sins he he judges us according to what the blood is speaking the blood of jesus but it’s amazing to me how our words when we speak we should be speaking anointed words on where we’re going where our country’s going that the judges are going to make justice uh just judgments that that our congress is going to represent the people and not themselves you know and the attorney general is going to get go through with all those indictments in the name of jesus that he’s going to use his authority that’s vested in him as in the attorney general and that we support him and so all believers everywhere should be speaking these things that attorney general barr succeeds in his mission that president trump succeeds in his mission that the congress succeeds in the mission that is in god’s

heart for this country and that is is that they represent righteousness and justice and truth and and this is this is this is how we speak we speak from the fire now this seems crazy to some people but see the thing that is is god is not normal nor normal as we know normal god is way above far above but you will start acting like him ephesians chapter 5 verse 1 says that we’re to be imitators of our father god as dearly loved children we’re supposed to imitate him so what is he doing right now while he’s laughing at his enemies he says he sits in heaven and laughs that his enemies are coming to nothing it says that he sits in heaven and he knows that his his enemies are coming nothing why because jesus made a show of the enemy openly not even in secret and and uh it says in the it says also john says that he came to destroy the works of the devil so jesus came to destroy the works of the devil okay so if jesus came to destroy the works of the devil then we should be enforcing that right now we should be trampling on serpents and scorpions we shouldn’t be screaming and being afraid of them and it you know getting someone else to get rid of the serpents and scorpions we’re supposed to trample on them and uh there is no emotion there is no um there there is no compassion for the enemy you know you don’t have compassion on the enemy you you don’t you know you know when you’re when you’re stepping on us we had scorpions in arizona you know i wasn’t compassionate with them i just said die i just yell die die yeah look at you and i would just say look at you now you’re powerless and they’d be like limping around i would just crush them they were they’re trying to come in my house you know and snakes the same thing the snakes trying to come in my house you know tarantulas you know jesus didn’t mention tarantulas but they’re they’re terrible we had all that stuff in in the desert there where we lived so holy fire causes us to proclaim the word but the word is going to be higher than than what we might be living under but we have to speak where we’re going so that’s the point so so speak from the fire and i say pray father that that every believer everywhere would speak from the fire and proclaim where where where they are going according to the word of god and where our nation is going according to the word of god and where wherever you are whatever nation you’re in that your nation goes according to the heart of god so you speak where you’re going you don’t you speak from the fire you speak from the anointing you break the yoke over over your leadership you you command those evil spirits to let go of your leadership is as i command every evil spirit to let go of our leadership that that that they do the work of the of the father god and that they even if they are just like king cyrus they just do the work of god even if they’re not a believing one you know god can still use people so i just believe lord that you’re going to cause peace to come and i thank you lord god that we speak from the fire and that all the believers everywhere across the the globe they speak from their authority they speak they speak from the fire in the name of jesus amen okay and then um there was a there’s a couple more here uh jesus said that we need to believe in the greater works we can’t just we just can’t uh believe in in a not you know like in a nutshell most people pray for themselves and then for a couple people that they know and um you know there’s that that slogan that it just us for no more you know and you know and uh you know that’s not that’s not what jesus is jesus is wanting us to take back what the devil stole and and you know there’s payback coming so whatever whatever you’re suffering whether it be back wages or your health whatever has happened in the last few months even you know it’s payback time and it’s time it’s time uh you know as the devil’s leaving any and you’ve cast him out and you you’ve broken his power on his way out say hey not so fast you you owe me seven times that’s right see so you have to like go a step further than what you would normally be doing so we got to go to the greater work so it’s it’s one thing to just get cast the devil out i mean it’s amazing when you you cast a devil out but but i know i know a couple ministers that you would know where they were sitting in a room where the devil actually uh actually moved the the bed in front of him and so he told the devil to leave but then he said he said um you know what i’m going to um he says before you leave move the bed back and he made him move it back and one of them was there were two different men so i don’t want to get it wrong so but they were big-time ministers that did that and and uh this is this is the process of of the greater works is not just okay so so we believe in the greater works and we seek god’s face and we we know that that the greater works are going to come through us it’s not going to be us doing it’s going to be our father doing it through us but we have to step it up so it’s not just enough for this thief to be caught he has to repay so

this is just one example of of uh you know you believe for your healing but then while you’re at it just believe for your whole family’s healing just just uh take it by force don’t allow anything anything uh to make you back off of this so father i just pray father for not only do we see your works the works of jesus but that we see the greater works yes in the name of jesus we see the greater works in the name of jesus and father i just thank you that the power of your holy spirit now goes out and everyone takes this impartation jesus you want us to go to the greater works and this means that the whole body of christ must come into unity and become mature and start to see the father’s heart come through and that the enemy must pay back sevenfold and the belongings of his house in the name of jesus thank you father thank you lord all right the other thing that jesus said is that that we are to to in prayer we are to go and vote in heaven first we’re supposed to to go to the throne and say we’re not going to have it this way we can bind we can loose we can we can agree as touching any one thing and it’ll be done for us it doesn’t have anything in there that says except in these conditions or it might not happen it says if you ask you’re going to receive if you seek you’re going to find if you knock the door’s going to be open for you this is the believer’s authority this is the way we operate but it says here that that we need to go to heaven first and that’s what jesus was talking to me about he said we vote in heaven in other words we forbid the the injustice we forbid unrighteousness to be in our nation then we go to the polls and we vote so we vote people out that are not doing the will of our father in heaven and not doing the will of the people and especially you as a believer there are a lot of believers in this nation in particular and you need to get out and vote and you need to vote for righteousness you need to vote for for justice you need to vote for life not death you need to vote for the rights of people and not the rights of just a government you need to you know you’re not voting you’re not voting for government you’re voting for people you’re you’re choosing you’re choosing who’s going to represent you and you should choose wisely in that in that case you should always choose life so you know we’re we’re we’re choosing life we’re where you know the lord told me to give voice to the children so the children don’t have a voice they the babies don’t have a voice so he said you the church is supposed to be the voice of the children so we’re saying no to abortion we’re saying no to sex trafficking we’re saying no to any of this this is going on the children have a right to have a voice so we vote in heaven and we forbid it but then we go to the polls and we enforce that vote okay so so father i just pray that everyone has boldness in the name of jesus and i pray lord god right now that that everyone will go to heaven in the throne room of god right now and be seated with christ as they already are and seated with christ and see that yes see the throne and see the authority right now and just tell just tell the lord that we agree as touching this one thing that righteousness shall reign that justice shall reign in our nation wherever you are and i and i say lord god that let the redeemed of the lord say so and lord we just agree with you on everything father and whoever is is in government that does not want to enforce that they must go in jesus name right now and so lord we pray that you that the people have the ability and the the boldness to go and vote and and and show up at the polls and vote and vote and vote for righteousness vote for the life of babies vote for justice and truth in jesus name yes jesus name okay going through these as quickly as i can here um we need jesus told me that we need to lay at the root and axe and and it’s a tool that severs and and the acts at the root will sever the life of the of that vine or tree or whatever it is it’s growing and so the lord said you need to cut off and you need to stop the unrighteousness so he said lay an axe and it’s acts of righteousness and so we lay at the root to everything that is working in behind the government and behind hollywood all those places we lay at the root and acts of righteousness so we just do that right now father in the name of jesus we just lay at the root of all evil in this country and in all over the world we lay at the root the acts of righteousness and we sever all of the life that that these evil spirits are giving and empowering the leadership in in this country and in other countries we just

sever that right now we forbid we forbid these evil spirits to operate in the name of jesus we come against these these powers with the blood of jesus we put the blood of jesus on the walls of every every believer’s heart uh the walls of every person’s house right now and lord we stand up for righteousness and we ask for protection father and we sever that evil in hollywood we sever that evil as satanic evil in our government in jesus name and we we we we uh we thank you lord for making people that are enforcing these terrible things on this earth against you that they are powerless against against you lord god you are the great and mighty god and we suffer that right now in the name of jesus and so and so then the lord’s will will be accomplished because the power that’s behind these people goes away and the lord said that these people that will just disappear they they will not be able to carry out their plan their plans and purposes which are evil okay and then um and another one is as as i though he said speak the father’s words from heaven because the ministry really is is your relationship with god jesus’s ministry was his relationship with god so if you want if you want to to be in ministry then you just let your relationship be public in other words like what the the spirit of the lord say something through you because the father is speaking by the spirit so in in in in this in the these words that you speak from heaven they are going to have power on the earth and so the other idea is is that your relationship with god is your ministry on the earth so let the father do his will his bidding through you and i’m going to ask that that you’ve got to put yourself in a place where you hear your father and then speak those words so we’re going to ask for right now father i just pray for everyone that they would have a the ears that hear and that they would hear your voice and that they would allow you to speak father and that they would repeat those words in this realm in this earthly realm father and i thank you lord right now that you’re giving the people the ability to hear you and that you give them the boldness to speak it in jesus name yeah in jesus name okay now the other thing that we have to do is we have to pray there’s this other thing that happens is is we ask for uh the enemy’s judgment to be apparent and we take care of the enemy but we also have to pray for mercy as well because there are people that are caught in the balance and there’s a lot of people that don’t know things so there there are there are there are nations that are already being judged they’re also um our our nation in a sense all the all the people that are not um adhering to what god’s plan is that they’re not believers and they’re they’re working against god they’re already in in under a curse you know they’re already in judgment and that’s what jesus said he said he said you could ask for mercy and that’s what abraham did with sodom and gomorrah he actually abraham delayed the judgment of sodom and gomorrah when it was supposed to happen right away but it was delayed but it did happen but there were some people that needed retrieved out of there and that’s where we’re at right now so father we just thank you in the name of jesus that you have mercy on our nation and that father that you withhold any evil that is planned by the enemy that you would withhold that and that there would be a great move of your spirit on this earth and in our nation father and i thank you that there be many come into the cut to know you and that they come into the kingdom father through salvation in the name of jesus in the name of jesus okay so now there there are evil spirits as well jesus showed me that are trying to infiltrate and take away our rights and so they’re confusing people about our rights too as americans and so in this country in particular we’re in a place where we need to pray a lot because um they’re they’re evil spirits that are infiltrating people and they’re they’re acting up they’re manifesting and they’re causing they’re causing um people to question our constitution our history and and cause controversy and things like that so we need to to push back against that and we need to let the glory of our father manifest so father in the name of jesus we just break and we bind all evil spirits from trying to convince people to take away our rights as human beings and as americans in this country and wherever you are in your nation we pray lord god that these rights uh that you gave us as human beings and that you gave us the ability to have authority and exercise authority over evil spirits we bind and we push those evil spirits out and that that our constitution will stay intact and that father that you will give us wisdom and revelation on how to deal with these evil spirits and we just bind all of them now we drive out evil spirits in the name of jesus and i thank you lord we thank you for our freedom yes we thank you for our freedom in christ but we thank you lord god for our nation as well and

we thank you for the freedom that you’ve given us in the name of jesus okay and also the the justice system as i mentioned attorney general barr um the lord had had talked to length uh to me about about attorney general bar with me and he was the one that the lord wanted us to target in prayer we’ve been doing that as you’ve noticed over the last month or two since we started to mention his name that he wasn’t part of the prayer focus back when jesus appeared to me but now with our ministry he’s become the focus because jesus said that he’s already taking care of our president that our president we can pray for him but that that was established but the attorney general is cleaning house essentially so these indictments must go through so that these people not only are they are they indicted but also it sets an example it puts a fear in people uh that are doing these terrible things uh that they’re doing so this this is something we need to pray for uh so we pray for the justice system and we pray for attorney general barb because he must be given uh the ability to push these through without them being squashed in any way so we pray for attorney general bar right now father and i thank you lord that that he has uh strength and power that he feels the anointing and the yoke breaking power right now in the name of jesus you use him mightily to bring to justice those who will not repent of their wicked sins against children and against the weak in the name of jesus i break the power of every every evil spirit that is is infiltrating people and causing them to do criminal acts at the highest level and father may these all come to justice because uh they have they refused to repent and i thank you lord that attorney general bar will have the power to bring all those indictments in the name of jesus that they’ll come forth and it’ll be apparent and that this will set an example that people will not cross over and do these wicked acts any longer in the name of jesus okay um also the lord spoke at length with me and i want to pray for the five full ministry of the church jesus said that the father sets in a church some to be and he names these five governments of god these are the executive branches of our of god’s government these these are uh the apostle pa the apostle the prophet the pastor teacher and evangelist they are all set in the church to build up the body and to bring us into unity and so uh when we have become mature saints then the bodies build up and then then we can go out and win the world for for jesus christ so the fightful ministry is for the church to build us up it’s not to tear us down it’s not to prophesy doom to nations it’s um it’s to build up the body of christ it’s according if you want to stick with the bible that’s what it says in ephesians chapter four and god sets these in the church so i pray that the fightful ministry will prosper i pray that everyone will rise up and will will fulfill their part because we need that we need that in the body right now we need the faithful minister church but we don’t need we don’t need people criticizing we don’t need people causing division we need people that will build up according to what paul said he said build people up into the maturity of the saints and maturity of the saints so we’re we’re being built up and um that’s that’s what we’re that’s what we’re called to do so father in the name of jesus thank you for the fightful ministry of church every person is called the fivefold minister church out there uh may the power and the holy spirit come upon you right now and ignite you with a fire from the altar right now in the name of jesus and restore restore back lord their hope restore their call the clarity of their call the lord that they’re not only called their chosen as a fivefold minister church so if you’re an apostle or a prophet or a pastor a teacher an evangelist that the fire god be on you right now in the name of jesus in the name of jesus amen wow that was good okay the other thing that is very crucial in this hour that we need to pray for is as people become so full of the spirit that they pray in the spirit they pray in tongues all the time see praying in the spirit builds you up in your most holy of faith keeping you in the love of god so we all need that there’s no one here that prays in tongues too much paul didn’t pray in tongues too much and he prayed more times than anyone he said he prayed in tongues more than spirit more than anyone so you need to extend your time praying in tongues but the devil will fight you on this more than just about anything else so you have to lock yourself in a room for 10 minutes and refuse to look at your phone refuse to answer your door refuse to do anything during that 10 minutes and then start to extend it out of course the devil the evil spirits are going to throw a fit because they they can’t stop you if you isolate yourself but you have to do this at least 10 minutes a day pray in the spirit and then pray to yourself learn how to pray to yourself in a whisper in tongues as often as you can i used to pray 13 hours a day just at work because i could pray while i was working i learned how to pray under my breath

people didn’t know what i was doing they they they couldn’t understand the evil spirits got stirred up in people but the evil spirits would actually say to me what are you doing they would speak through people and say what are you doing i go what he goes that that thing you’re doing i don’t like that and i’m like what praying in the tongues he goes yeah don’t do that they knew that i was pray but but i wasn’t you couldn’t hear me you couldn’t hear me i was like at a very low or so i know they go stop doing that and uh they’re like they were very upset with me i’m like so thanks for letting me know exactly okay so so we we we uh pray in in extended periods of time in the tongue so father just annoying people right now let them let them sense your holy spirit so strongly right now and they start praying and flowing in the fire of god right now the holy spirit getting up in there in the power of the holy spirit right now up in the realm of the spirit and praying out the mysteries of god right now building yourself up in your in your weakness the lord is making you strong by causing you to pray out the perfect will of god according to romans 8 26 we’re going to pray in tongues we’re going to pray out the mysteries we’re not going to be bashful about it we’re going to be bold in the name of jesus and i thank you lord god for a special anointing impartation right now that that everyone everywhere will pray in the spirit yes in jesus name hallelujah okay so now then also we needed uh we’ve said this before we need to take a stand for righteousness so what that means is is that uh when when you take a stand for righteousness then you become the standard for your area so if it’s at your church that you’re wherever you’re at people know you by the the choices you make and so if you choose not to speak bad about someone if you choose to speak good if you choose to do good instead of bad if you choose to to uh to uh side with children and and vote for children and give children a voice then what you’re you’re you’re uh you’re standing for righteousness if you’re if you’re going to fight for the fatherless and the widow if you’re gonna pay their rent you’re to help them you’re going to love on them you’re going to give to children who don’t have you if you’re going to give to single mothers you’re going to give to people that can’t give give back to you then then you’re doing righteousness and so you need to take a stand for that and these are acts of righteousness you can do things for people that will speak louder than words so you you you do you help people that cannot help themselves and you do this starting right now you just figure out let the holy spirit show you who you’re going to target i don’t care if it’s a can of beans whatever you can do you you give to someone else you sow into someone else’s life and you help people out and you tell them that god loves them and um you know there’s there’s there’s people that are gonna need a blanket they’re gonna need warm socks there’s all kinds of things you could do that you know you can go and get these things for a very good price you know and um you know we can do this you can buy somebody a pair of socks you can say you know just pray and say the lord just told me to give this to you just so you just you do those kind of things they’re acts of righteousness and you pray that god gives you those those strategies okay so here’s the other thing and uh this so i’m going to pray i’m going to pray right now let’s pray for the people father just give them a god idea go you’re a god idea about what they can do for people it’s just i call it a god idea where you just tell them lord what they can do to minister their neighbor minister their family witness without words just giving and and doing something for someone else father i i thank you give them the provision even if it’s just a dollar or so for a pair of socks that you’ll just provide in jesus name in jesus name amen amen okay the other thing the other thing is is that you’re going to find this out when you get to heaven and you know it shouldn’t be a news flash for the body of christ but it is it’s a news flash that god’s a good god and it’s amazing how um people get offended when you start telling telling them that god’s not doing all these things that are happening and that god’s not judging uh people this way that the devil is the one that’s doing this he’s the god of this world god god our father is not in charge of this world it wouldn’t be in a mess if if he was so please don’t insult insult my father by saying that’s what i say to people i said don’t insult my father and you know because people at work at work they would use the lord’s name in vain and i said you know when they would say that uh i used to i used to say plea please he’s all i got you know because they say they they would use the name of the lord in vain or whatever i say he’s he’s my savior and and um and then then um that that changed to when everyone would say would would swear at work i would say yeah let him be praised and i’ll just say worship him he is worthy he’s good nice and they would just like they wouldn’t know what to say yeah so they would i mean they said they would say the lord’s name in vain i said he’s worthy he’s good isn’t he they’re like that’s not what i was saying but to see but see

we got to get past this in our lives where we’re we’ve gone through trauma things have happened it’s a broken world but it’s not god’s fault we need to proclaim him as good and then we need to tell other people that god is being slandered it’s not it’s not god doing these terrible things god doesn’t have sickness to give anybody he doesn’t have there’s none in heaven so he doesn’t there is no storehouse there is no store for sickness jesus went around healing everyone that was oppressed of the devil he was doing good healing everyone did i mentioned everyone everyone okay okay all right so we we have to shift people’s perception so father in the name of jesus we just thank you that all believers everywhere that they have this shift in their in their personality in their perception that they see you as a good god and then they go out and give the good news of a good god to the people that their sins are paid for and that they just need to repent and accept jesus and i thank you father that you will give all the people watching the boldness to do this in the anointing and the power to do this in the name of jesus wow that’s that’s amazing so god is a good god remember that okay um that that pretty much does it for for tonight i just thought i’d share this with you live it was at the last minute thank you for joining me watch us over and over again play this over and over again and pray these prayers we’re going to do this every day and we’re going to we’re going to count on you to join all over the world until we get a huge amount of people praying these prayers every day these are the these assignments the prayer assignments that the lord gave me and and this is what this is what we’re assigned to do right now so we can push back the darkness we can actually clear october now you’ve done very well thank you all partners everywhere all my my students every one of my subscribers on youtube facebook thank you all for everything you’ve done for warrior notes but thank you most of all from the father’s heart in heaven who says thank you for standing up for righteousness and and taking this nation back you do it in the spirit first and then you go to the polls and you vote but you also you go to your neighbor and you represent god in a in the light that uh that is proper that is he’s a good god and we can see october clear up now i’m already seeing october starting to clear up so what we need is we need um attorney general barr to come forth with more indictments and then we need um the the circus that’s happening all the people just to go ahead and and just go ahead and embarrass themselves completely just go ahead and tell everything and and then wonder why they said what they said because i feel that what’s going to happen in october is that there’s going to be so much revealed through the people’s mouths that they’re going to disqualify themselves and they will not that’s what i’m seeing in the spirit so pray pray pray pray that if they’re gonna be blabber miles let let let the enemy just go ahead and tell all his his his schemes his strategies and and and just embarrass himself because it’s getting to the place where where um you know the i don’t even think the devil would vote for himself i don’t even think i think that he’s so confused right now that i don’t even think he he knows what he believes anymore because it’s pretty it’s pretty clear there’s a lot of confusion in the camp which is really what we want we want confusion in the enemy’s camp we want them to start in the old testament they used to turn on themselves and the people of god would sit and watch the armies fight themselves and kill each other in front remember that’s happening so and that’s what i see happening in october so that when november comes you know people just go and say this is going to be easy we’re just going to vote for the baby’s life we’re going to vote for righteousness and justice in our system we’re going to vote for to have our country back because it really is the people’s country it’s not the governments it’s the people’s country we hired the government to work for us the government works for us the government enforces and protects us that but they they do not tell us what we believe they do not tell us what we can and can’t do with our faith and and so this they’ve the enemy has crossed the line and so now the people of god are going to rise up so thanks for joining me god bless you and thanks for the last minute um just being uh able to to watch this the last minute but every now and then i’m going to surprise you and just come live because when the lord tells me to go live and and do some prayer points i’m going to do it so watch this over and over again and let’s give the devil a headache god bless you we’ll see you next time many people have learned to be generous givers but more than ever god is calling you to become a good receiver as a special thanks to our dedicated warrior notes partners kevin would like 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