BygMan plays: Neophyte The Journey Begins (Part 01)

the time performance Tabitha’s our allegiances another day to finish as the garden aligning photography it was a heaviness to DNA the task people or at least they all said stadium returned to the protection of its mother’s arms the horrible evil had returned to the world the attack came with no warning there was no dependence so to meet other times they’ll did only what you see with man that reason wallasey certainly fair was slightly sweet safe from bloody head by a mighty warrior extreme job ah crystal I need to tear to the safety in equality tolling of the legends of the doors they are learned a deal with it of Smokey who commanded it and how of us Matthew had adapted the dealing with a fear princess of the realm to set up a little Haley everybody takes that fussing welcome to the big bad plays EO fight this is a game night actually played Oh a little bit way back in the day back when we first got internet I’m talking mother back when we have windows 95 after that that’s how far back i’m talking back in the day yeah you know back before Emma bores least think about the same time as runescape although I never played runescape my first MMO was actually 05 fancy 11 but anyway I’ve been looking forward to playing this for quite a while and actually this is a second tape because I’d actually made three parks parts of this before being unable to finish because I couldn’t save it was until I actually realized something um in order to save in this game despite the fact it’s a demo it’s still a pretty difficult demo and when you definitely want to save you know so um the issue was unless you beat it straight through you know and grinded like raisin was Exeter careful um you would have to beat in one sitting or you’d in the peasantry start over and over again but I actually found out a backup may just go and start the game around take it back up late early the weight it don’t work around we start of course as a much older sale in his little home you get controls are a bit we actually get at I use your inventory you use the mouse to click around you can actually turn the music off and on but I like these for the most part but you just go ahead and show you this um before you couldn’t say they like I said you couldn’t save no matter what but if you actually go into the games properties you know when you right click the X button below to do that when you right-click the executable and bring up its properties if you if you check the box Mark run as administrator then you can say there’s a my test saying right that I did just to make certain typically you could save in the game but you just couldn’t load because the the load would not uh it would say that there was no save files detected so you would say what you stood nexus the loads but if you run as administrator you can anyway let’s go ahead and get this journey going I’m Flamel on four and a half minutes and we stay far as your interactive so was the herbal took his treasure and hit it defense beneath the towel charming bantius and the see his prisoner away okay X button is your right you have to hold it which is kind of annoying Oh a new comes up the old man whose name I

butcher continuously there you have reached there is essential I must now venture forth on your first quest you must find the ammo boys and destroy this is the pendant of place where it always time is very short prepare yourself financial journey now like I said this is a demo that the full game was never finished unfortunately I actually talked with the guy um he never planned to finish it up due to you know the fallout of his game company which sucks because I actually like this the setting the game played everything but hopefully by doing a video someone will actually find you know fine just game which I will have links to download new description there’s actually three parts in the game I’ll explain it later though um the Holy someone will find it contact the guy maybe want to work for starting it again and bring it back which I would love but anyway we are doping stretch to get a dagger shirt and 34 yes good starting to join accepted dagger it’s always straight plus two don’t mind if X is x one that doesn’t add your tech part to some of the promised daggers piece of however if you go down here hold down for a few seconds and hold right for a few seconds you don’t running a force of it quicker and then hold up come up in here and you get a bronze knife which is um three attack power better for far better and no readable let’s just go ahead all the way down okay maybe I need to go down with the ball there we go there we go Hey look the old man’s done for it to fall punk ass come on cook dinner and now we are in our little village here I just love dat run animation you just looks like it like a like a Welshman I’ve seen a blush when runs freaking hilarious that racist is just you know hey what is that thing you have run your neck they will pump a wolf or dad shot that would be our pendant did that old fella gave us the pendant of place we can’t like do anything with it seems dark down there but you hear something moving yes they’re gonna keep poking that there yeah it’s like what you you can find like one or two you’ve actually find videos of cutscenes or supposed to be in the game as well as one person who did a one-shot play through the game of which there’s actually three there’s actually three games for this game this is the first one see we dressing I mean failure dunkle told me you were beginning a journey take this suit it’ll keep your company when you’re lonely and we recibe a suit no clue what it was no clue this probably secrets in sync no one no one’s found it but anyway let’s see where’s your uncle fail hope he’s feeling better but yeah this is nice this is actually the first of three games I’m going to do the first two unfortunately i can’t do the third because despite the fact the third is like a demo it’s partially finished for some reason while these two run fine on windows 7 the third one won’t it’s too old for some reason that so I cannot play the third like said though if you go the link maybe you can download plant get it to working nuclear joy cuz I just never play it was fun grant masteries one was simply heat moderate he’s pinch of salt added butter create the perfect bread we should not overcooked bridge oh it’s cookbook to sauce man I’m gonna go outside an appraisal of me isn’t worried kid miss Electress young lady out there that was probably happier you’re just you wouldn’t do well I was like fairy flew across the sky and grab the spider just before I hit the ground save them spider from trenching it and everybody live happily event full as far as like can see knock them off this thing they can still move also this game will not be in 60 frames per second like most if not all of my older games rights in the practice this game seems because it’s a demo it’s not entirely stink whoops i use arrow keys move from the game is entirely stable so

unfortunately it’s the the frame rates going to bounce around fight ride to do it 60 which frickin sucks and we have the obvious obviously you guys job here God books you got here like I like looking at us tritton is the capital city the lens here reigns King excellent the 22nd 30 Second Amendment rule oh that’s nice i greased click OK kota power local flour eggs these are probably would be parsed quest lines way down oh well welcome my little shop of treasures well we’re gonna sell we’re gonna sell that frickin blink dagger it gives the money i’m actually save because we actually get some mom i kept staring at bed it’s got here same thing a service graduate passage 10 one of the Holy test went through a lot of trouble that makes me explore the stress on these books that’s something you want when you buy for 15 gold i have told yes i will purchase the man takes your gold return hang tuah sweet-smelling kent timeshare work yeah well bugger i’m not idea with that candles for to be honest i would imagine like I said it’s part of a quest or something later died have to do but hella free figure it out remember i’m an idiot but maybe if you guys why man why is this kid out when you will let your kid out are you worried i see your sword you’re too young for that so i’m probably gonna make a paedo joke shut your face it you’re here to do this is a strange glow emanating from the rules oh you’ll see their rooms you won’t like them some rules make me more sick yes this is what I do in RPGs I’d like to talk to his house we’re not talking about that’s why still have got now the first talent freakin Skyrim I want you in here little worried you’re going to get yourself killed you fight us my boss mascio I want no part of that go away fine you mean old biddy rats littleness love to steal shiny things yep yep nothing here Mike before you’ll know when you find an item entrance is your secret no items and pops far as I have been able to discern might do is move like four to five parts depending I think you should go home kids you make the wizard mad it be bad for all of us I’m here I have to have you heard the tales of giant rats in Venice virus which 12 on e4 village I feet moving today I’m village wrap your force must be lonely living by himself probably probably surrounded by three so that’s what he needs to freaking build so people doesn’t leave their cheesy can’t build what Dad you want get ever terrible hangover well that’s why you don’t drink dumbass so I don’t drink it up my laundry facilities I have to clean I got some pretty clean all right nice little shiny aprender but nothing for that these parts Bobby will be a little probably like 25 to 30 minutes because there’s a lot to do and I watch I want to try and get it done quickly cuz you know I want to get the plates away you know I’m do my bit blah blah ma’am gara seen the movie flubber probably not look it’s the mayor I know it’s America’s begging’s different World Council Meredith well remember when I come in I’ve been expecting you is even worse than your uncle Eliquis butchering that name I know it fair as possible to the king’s daughter the princess of fear who was taken hostage years ago by evil vas meteo years ago what the I’m a little behind in idea damn imma behind its gonna succeeded by now what the taken so long forth but that’s my deal we have to talk about me in a

good villain you can’t do this take it too long so I’m going to be sacrificed as what ancient altar of course in the run temple to the north only you can see ok no armies marched in yet you save a press each someone kidnaps the princess know it’s like runs in with the army dumbass famous piece once the damn ok took book that’s danger in x fields one man who could stop evil giant from destroying worlds nameless king the word from paint’ll a fantasy interests thanks alone saw enough to vanquish your home and instinct in maturity or to the central attributed a veteran’s old has a 12 19 from the art of the room I’m again I live I like the attention to detail in this game it’s like not indie games nowadays lacking it’s a shame the car for the move out to the force last year maybe he wants to be doudna quiets you know quiet you know me I’m the beer starter my husband I came to visit by father but then we are stranded here because the bridge is broke horses of Bridgeville it’s always a circuit board bridge I fancy wedding that broken bridge apparently the teen coronary couldn’t it couldn’t uh permission the building of a damn book no Beach get about later in that game after new actually but still it make no damn sense oops want to read this book she means this book right here yep uh-huh aerial tip flashing concern is good and the other list of days Joe Fazio tricked course and trapped him in the Sapphire on failing that the orb would be stolen and evils of gorse mightiest demon of the universe would be released again into the world Jeff SEO broke the Sapphire been 24 pieces those pieces were spread to the four realms and then it came to pass in modern days the orb was reassembled by vast meteo grand devil of the mouth factors leader of the vault only through the sacrifice of himself together the good hero of the realm trap course again in the sword shield and helmet Goliath war as he died and sold the armor of the good girl and begin the armor of course and in that armor is trapped the evil of the universe whoa to he who wears the armor of course for he himself will become the embodiment of all that is either kick up get up thank you in my very own I like take walks recently I’ve been alone monster showed up north so now I stay home with my family sir it’s a punk-ass way to simulation like this is my Jessie look deeply in your eyes boring you keep reading as I said some good thats enough thats that’s that could be one of them their love novels which live with you with the extra fun if you know what i mean you know me we gotta a must be the hero the day talk about yeah laughs or whatever his name is hey fail have you ever been to the kingdom of Triton it’s beautiful city must visit the palace grounds unfortunately the bridge reading Wesley doubt what are the hell the clothes no it’s affecting the old hermit the mr white Herman I wasn’t informed in oak dragon hermit yeah we gotta get ourselves a rib how can I help you my son all right Cheryl by the eternal Kingdom could it be that you were the one then they tell you something that might help according to legend in the catacombs meets his knowledge there are vast treasures we just got to locate this place may just take on the deeper faith again I don’t know if that quest line is completed I don’t even know if there’s any truth to that no clue unfortunately but you find a noted or if your loss take the map from the chest if you’re hurt take the medicine we have slid from this left Boris is coming again find a piece of map which we could

actually should have watch that would be the village um I can’t move the mouse to show you but you can see the village in the bottom light right hand corner up top is the ruins where the villain is hiding educators various caves and we find health potions right it’s actually several varieties of health items how potions are very powerful because the health potions are very powerful you also find figs and then earn mad herb not too much so letter damn muffin moving to the city was a great idea I love the weather hit it’s great the people are great dis well the castle is very beautiful and it’s open to all when you come and visit I’ll show you around de sitios David yeah I don’t think David likes this place looks like I had a pet too yeah I’ll make David likes this place too much remote would you Phillip I’m ready to murder your face oh if you see my precious kick she ran away I’m afraid she might be in danger uh I come across no kitten man guys little pond fish there I’m fishing for my daddy actually I am the prince is taken by the wizard up know you do a lot better if you had that strange weapon the constable head don’t know how it was made wish it was powerful i can they say old swords really powerful sword alone it’s you know strength you know I so it could be really freaking sharp but in and we have the armor here and I’m actually going to be finding a leather helmet very quickly uh goodbye at weapons I’m going to buy a wouldn’t cheat cuz it’s all I could forget one I could buy this to like I’m going to find another helmet very so go ahead with that which should give us some decent defense that we go over here and find nothing let’s just love this one name it I love this one RPG has making a fleshed-out town anything we can visit and everything but there’s no real need to smell the same but you know again this is a demo demo demo nose liluah demos are usually never indicative of the final product you know I played a lot of demos to knock this okay and that’s the other house okay let’s say mouth like scheming yep yep Berg lenta 23 skidoo the hell out of here could you move place thinking let’s go ahead and just leave but we have a quest to be getting on again I probably may have missed something but a lot so when we got fine outside the village besides monsters and are we going to be able to do complete our miniature demo Weston stand back VAT meteo in his nethers for kidnapping a princess sack precipices dunno haha actually make a better spell right up next time on the pin my plays neophyte tonight’s picks out a plus sign our if he’s a young kid who sees your mother stripped down by monsters in your village after dark clouds roll chances are chances are you’re probably living in bad place you might want to be somewhere safe or somewhere quiet you know Oh may I suggest Wabush