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Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund “For hundreds of years, in fact, there have been men whose function has been precisely to see and to make us see what we do not naturally perceive. They are the artists.” In memory of Marie Rambert Take me, read me, and put me back after the journey is over Movement, constant movement has always accompanied me I couldn’t sit still, which is probably why my nanny called me quicksilver And then a squirrel, because there was no tree in the area that I wouldn’t try to climb As a child, I did not take dance seriously, although it was constantly around me Good morning, may I join you? Yes, of course I was a relatively good student, but the teachers saw my excess energy as disrespectful Not at all! I always heard their every word! In dance, I was doing very well, even though I never approached its learning in a professional manner When the first shots of the revolution were fired, my parents immediately sent me to my aunt in Paris to study medicine I agreed to leave Is everything alright? I left my luggage on the platform. God, I’m so clumsy You will surely get it in the end recover Well, let’s look at it from a different point of view Jest Pani niczym biała karta – bez żadnego bagażu wspomnień You are like a blank page – without any baggage of memories In 1905, people danced in Paris We danced on every occasion – both at balls and in the open air I remember when I started dancing the mazurka during one event People parted and watched us like it was a real show! How did it go?

Yes, they said they’d be in touch with the station and ask if anyone found my suitcase I hope so I’m sorry Are you okay? I play hide and seek with my brothers Ah. Then, then let’s pretend that you’re not here Excuse me, may I ask you about something? Of course What is this stamp? This, my dear, is the Rod of Aesculapius Whose? Aesculapius. It is a symbol of doctors Are you a doctor? That is correct. Would you like to become a doctor in the future? No … Too much to study So who would you like to be then? I don’t know … I really like to dance, but my parents don’t seem to take it seriously My dear, if you chose a career as a dancer, you would have a lot more work than I do If I could work dancing, it it would be the best job in the world A few people congratulated me on my performance and it was probably the first time that I felt that the profession of a doctor was not for me One of my friends suggested me that I should go to Geneva for a short course at the Jacques Dalcroze Institute I think they’ve already given up … Thank you for hiding place! All the best! Swiss composer and musician who developed the famous system of music education Admittedly, she said I didn’t need any extra lessons, but maybe I would be interested in his work So I took a short course to Switzerland and I stayed there for three and a half years In 1911, Dalcroze was invited to Russia for a series of demonstration lectures

He also took a group of six students, including me The long journey to St. Petersburg passed quickly thanks to Dalcroze This must be an important book for you I do not know yet These markers are not my job Before leaving, I took it from this social book rental Just like me. And what did you find? The biography of Marie Rambert. A dance artist How nice! And how do you find it? Interesting When I was little I wanted to be a dancer like this girl, however, I chose medicine at the urging of my family I read, read and envy her a little I think there is nothing to envy What do you mean? My sister was soloist at the opera and of course, constant travels, interesting people, she didn’t complain about the lack of boredom either, but there were more of these negative things What do you mean? The sister often complained about the continuous competition, an environment steeped in envy She couldn’t handle the pressure at all But she couldn’t live without dance I remember how she always said that dance is movement, and yet there is no life without movement She saw the world a little differently than the others, for her everything was a dance She was watching the trees flutter in the wind and saying that nature is the most perfect choreographer Does she still dance? Se’s definitely dancing up there somewhere Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago I’m sorry I have never danced professionally, but as a child I also imagined dancing everywhere Even now I can see dancing, even where there is no dancing Or maybe there is… it’s just other people that don’t see it? That’s how I explain it to myself There is a theory that when we take some decision, an alternative universe opens up, in which a different decision is made Maybe there is a world in which you are a dancer? Well … I guess we will never find out Probably not Well, I will let you get some rest from my talking I helped in applying the method of Dalcroze in “The Rite of Spring” as it later turned out – one of the greatest works of that century But the work was so slow that we canceled some of the shows in favor of additional rehearsals The theater has become our home Tickets for inspection

The greatest joy during many tours with the theater were conversations with Nijinsky An outstanding choreographer with whom I have worked. We often talked about the newspapers published by Diaghilev, “Świat Sztuki” I remember Diaghilev’s statement in one of his articles … “The beauty in art is a feeling expressed through images” I liked this quote Are there any new information regarding my suitcase? Not yet. As soon as we know something, we’ll let you know I would rather not dare to leave Diaghilev’s team of my own accord,

but after the tour was over, I had no choice When I returned to Paris, I temporarily returned to a calm, cheerful and carefree life however, it didn’t last long because we could not contain our feeling of unease at the threat of war And what did you find? What do you mean? You mentioned that you also had taken a book from that book rental place Ah yes I came across a biography of the playwright Ashley Dukes I love theater so I couldn’t help but take it And how do you find it? Too interesting Too interesting? I guess my situation is similar to yours I wanted to become an actor, but my parents didn’t think it was a future-oriented job Actually, everyone thought so, and I didn’t have enough willpower then So, just like you – I’m reading about people who had the courage to do what we did not dare to do Have we made a mistake? Who knows Or maybe the others were right and nothing would come out of it? I hope there’s a universe in which I am an actor or a playwright And I am an outstanding dancer Maybe we even create together? Who knows? Excuse me. Would you mind taking a look at my things? I wouldn’t want to lose those things too Of course I hope there is no universe in which I am a thief When my aunt suggested that I should go to England – I immediately agreed After the train journey to Calais where I had to stand, I was to board the ship So I came to London in August 1914 to stay here forever I immediately started working on a new dance program The success was enormous and the reviews were enthusiastic It was also the first time that I met Ashley – my husband and although I didn’t get to know him personally then, our paths met professionally Wizardry? It turned out that someone noticed that I left a suitcase on the platform and slipped it onto the train The conductor, while passing by, realized that it had no owner and thought of me And you are no longer a blank page anymore The past has caught up with you I personally met Ashley at one of the dinner after the show Ashley was complaining about his agent who turned out to be my agent too! It turned out that he owed both of us money

Ashley went to him armed with a saber, and it actually did a miracle! We were writing to each other a long time and we only saw each other 4 full days, however, it was enough to agree to the wedding by letter and live happily for years Excuse me Do you have a pen? Now that I have my suitcase, I have no excuse not to evaluate my students’ works I do, of course After some time, I started teaching professionally I was most passionate about choreography and bringing out the creative potential of my students One day, Ashley gave me the idea of a ballet I proposed the lead role to my student Fred Ashton, but when he showed me his movement interpretation I was so impressed that I immediately decided to make him a choreographer of that show So, on June 5, 1926, I presented Frederick Ashton’s first ballet, “Tragedy in the Fashion World” It was to become the beginning of a wonderful and fruitful career for Fred, and the beginning of the English ballet of the 20th century time for me

time is pressing what shall I take with me to that shore nothing so is that al, mum yes my son, that is all so is this it this is it so is this whole life yes whole life