The Journey Exclusive with Tonga King – Joey B

I’m coming up step by step by step I’m coming up step by step by step I’m coming up step by step by step and there’s a journey I’m shooting with my girl tres tres prepare your dad I mean I’m like my needle she be my strawberry ginger my sorry I did about like bunnies like bunnies to show my appreciation I want to give you a gift I call this my treasure I’m coming so you’ve been touring Europe okay how would you enjoy the experience you always been has been great because you know this is what I’ve been dreaming about yeah this way this way I mean this way every young autistic dreaming about to do a little tour especially in Europe was live reason being you know actually saw the white put it down strawberry ginger it was like cinema couch me until that time I was very frustrated yeah cuz I I wanted to I wanted to to know myself I wanted to know what I was about that I was it was that first training moment for every artist you know like you want to know like what parts beyond yeah what you need to start with like how everything is gonna be like for you like how are you gonna jump on this and then you stay on this and maybe you died there sometimes okay cool this is what I want to do and L is like my very close friends yeah oh just blew through a few beats yes I can do the same to you all right no you need to help this like yeah man it’s about that time because yo Joe you can be like me you know I don’t know more I think you’re fresh yeah yeah do it man trust me in my yeah all right cool let me try this I told ya I called my friend I that one went to my friend Gary shots the Guardians in

America right now he also really like yo-yo I was even thinking about this I wanted to go a CEO so you know we can come up with something right and now we went to CEO of the hell without you and you guys are just too hungry yes could you just cook the beef for us and boom boom and then I did my burn gang didn’t to his mercy did it later on l just came up with the chorus that kind of dream okay so yeah why would you sounded I had my bus from I used to be in a group of course camiĆ³n yes and you know from in that group to come out you know The Shining that was gonna be hard so I even left the key because I felt yeah I felt that nah man you know it’s too much for me like um this this this person was to be bigger than you and at the end of things like is I would say hatred but once we down too much like this year say this I’m like let me just let me just let me just do this one that’s it right there came for what we call this middle school college friends this is white van yet you know who came to my school because administration and it was a bunch of boys on the basketball Vantage was a bunch of boys and the guy was like Joey Joey Joey like you so I asked them to say oh you look like a joke yeah is it Joey from friends or because the Jew is white so I took the name I didn’t take the name you know what you hate a name so much yeah that’s when they call you with the name stop so I just stuck my nose wide which every be I mean he’s the reason why all these things come on I don’t know why should be you can call me explain is how real I am I could use my music so

because AHA reason being because how me and me and you is what n1 is understand check if everyone else getting a standing gunner they could go worldwide yeah exactly so yes like that like that’s the main a test of goal for everyone to jams in Kenya music understand because is it’s funny just do something like that all my factory know what I needed to put it away you know music was very talented – if everyone to give an advice I think if you put it the music is more proper than you know standing out there saying okay you know this that’s what people like it wasn’t if in the hospital wasn’t like more like oh you know we about to travel you have to do the yellow fever I just seen this like like a big post and it was it was telling us about how dangerous so I’m looking at I’m looking at this thing and I’m like yeah I mean if I don’t do this smoking thing and this can’t happen to me why does that mean like advice somebody who does it there’s more dangerous for the person who smokes you know so it is this old boom it’s like you’re high life oh come on believe your own time because I’m like you just switch things into a freebie it’s not coming in way it has cigarette as a after beads highlight some kind of you know as a mixture of you know you can hear so many things in the instrumental you know it’s very okay good they were just trying to use ours in studio pictures to make sure the music game is being studio this couch does the same couch that I wrote very in here like magic does singing I’ll just in there this is why I’m comfortable that i’ve never thought i don’t even have a song collagen to love again I did all my rap God don’t even speak breezy Oh Shasta Breezies the one that reduce can you record you know most of the time when I have ideas I just need to put it down before I forget and I don’t write the things like that only winters do your recorder the car that put it there it’s not even a problem honestly our studio Holly or student I do this I mean I’m definitely I’m definitely gonna put out something again and they’ll be like oh my gosh like you know the the response of the feedback and I get on my Twitter Facebook Twitter especially people I just people just send like love messages that one alone make you feel like okay hard work paid off that’s that’s the one that I look at myself on that you know before I used to like check accounts like send your passport scans will accompany a company like is very you know I’m not even gonna like if they do

verify my level went to the club chorus okay I did when I when I when I write a chorus or when I write our melodic chorus cuz melody just comes like that and bringing them back into your head it’s like is a headache you know I’m saying is something else so as soon as the melody comes in my head even if I don’t have two words I just do so the next time I go I’ll just I was feeling it yeah there’s dead but when it comes to rap I need to sit down take my time picture stuff for my hand and boom I just go in the studio just put it down sighs and write-ups close my eyes I just picture everything in life it may sound like the way I sound like my style it may sound very oh oh you know there’s no headache oh oh yeah oh how these guys do this is super even you know I have a very other ones called my kind of ear but one of my one of my idols how long about the last two you can use this word like we have a very like every I don’t know what what word to use but I have a kind of ear that I need to make sure everything is right in music tones like you know everything would just scratch that yeah you know like I need to make sure that it is right so after after I’ve recorded it after I’ve recorded a new song I need to make sure that you know is crazy at all yeah well well well well you know I’m trying to be modest I feel I feel that you know there’s some hard words out there as well that you actually gain they shine you know what I’m saying um the reason that he’s saying that because he’s the wonderful ass is mine my career whatever it is and he knows what he’s getting out of you know that’s the reason why you saying that you don’t say I thought you these these make some you know some good profit yeah yeah but aside that aside there that thing that I think I think he’s kind of right you know because well the thing is short a short while Lisa my god what a Finnish beauty I thought I was gonna just you know start work he was like listen everything you put your heart or your mind you put your body your soul in it you will make something else I mean for music music we get somebody’s like and I’m sorry but not to Bradley like now I get somebody’s like four or five eight months salary Wow you know what I’m saying yeah and it’s amazing just like I just go to me not to

me this communicates in your fans they love it so I don’t think it worked to me you know when is work let me show you when when you’re freshening gave it and nobody knows your song get us no response no reaction when I drop this trouble using tonight it was a hit but it wasn’t he people knew who I was right so let’s just say ooh um I love 100 and the crowd maybe like 20% of my songs because I have to make the movie you know but now I just get on stage easy so now then you’re like things as things change you know this is made everything you know kind of easy for me you know and it’s true upcoming exceptional that’s the beach so this is intentional yeah I stopped myself it whenever I press w-what about stop doing the music I think I’m gonna go into fashion like high fashion yeah love I love to style somebody has to write because I believe that Iran the Bible you see so no yeah but it wouldn’t no no we’re not stopping anytime soon but one day if I live if I live there would be a pen now it’s going to be like very awkward working because it’s not what you’re used to yeah yeah it’s more like it’s more like I want to I don’t know I don’t know if I should play like I wouldn’t eat you need I finished you need for nothing I don’t want to say that I mean this would I have the knowledge I happy I did good at Business Administration and you know I could apply that in my music as well like you know for the strategies everything I know my whereabouts but you know I can sit off this and then work like now I don’t think I’m gonna stop music anytime soon I think you know the feeling like when I when I what the example like what I look at my clothes my bank account don’t like seeing you and never for it for like baby save five years if not five you’re like 40 years thank you and I’m still singing all right I’m still playing I can imagine I think it’s going to double and then it wants a basement – do you know more music so if I look at home like exact like if I look

at my shoes I’m good I love shoes enough bicycles my room I use I’ve I just collect shoes now if I look at them you know I feel I think that you know I’ve come alone with me you know what because I used to I used to wish I used to like dream of having just kind of shoot like this I can I can have them because my father would go to footlocker or JD or whatever wherever it is to find some expensive shoe but you know how am I gonna get that by looking down on like if I work harder I would have triple but I think that’s the one thing just looking there’s nothing Macedon I feel I can I wasn’t feeling confident I was coming this year so they always think that okay so they do is this recently I had a problem at the airport I think it was with my passport so now it’s like you can you can you have a limit before I didn’t even or especially you know play but I know where to plenty to you know and like older girls all right well coming up legals promised me yeah these business I think okay the deep these ds9 all out you just

use get over to you juvie rap but it’s scary you know that Bella killers back there you know they’re like yeah I’m gonna be one for anything but I visit this one it is some people as good as I am anything better they don’t have that opportunity because is crazy living like that but now in this area they’re starting that you know yeah we should do some investment music Dean I mean big shots deal and he’s done a lot for me I mean looking back here all the other labels there isn’t a man you know more just took you over the call you’re gonna call your choosing and she’s I’m saying because I don’t like this one – my inspiration for music is not here I’m go sit by the river my father friend mubaric yeah he gave me he live alone gave me an amount like a huge amount like I had and he was willing tonight yo John I like you so much and helping you was them these are Minister Sonny you know yes that means wealthy so that money was nothing yeah I wish I had thought some beauty he wouldn’t love to hear me you know say this on camera because it he thought I’d done something he thought I’ve done something with them so this is where active with the money I just money I couldn’t shoot the video yeah so I just got back to square one if I had done if I’ve used that money to shoot the video I will be worried and Allison okay now and then everything will be about me without exactly and really when I was buying I was like okay because I don’t know but nowadays it’s

gone like nowadays I just plan skinny jeans like this no changing and look in the mirror before just I can shake myself like probably at a time before I get sniped and they decided this is well underway right Jerry what’s next for you oh my album I’m gonna release my own here was posing like a failure even for a you know it’s too much a little too much of ups and downs like you know and I have to I have to like time for that as well you know I want to settle time music is crazy Joey I want to thank you so much for your time you spend your precious time with us your final dudes be appreciative and to show my appreciation I want to give you a gift so I call this my so baby I mean cash wages that one of you I can never live without you without baby I might be Tommy