how’re you guys so I just got out of class sadly I have Friday classes well they have one class in psychology but it’s four hours and I kinda left early today but I wouldn’t have if she hadn’t have said well you know we’re kind of done with the participation part so if you guys want to leave you can and in my head I was telling me like don’t leave but she said it so I turned in my participation points and now I’m back here and I’m kinda bored but yes so I’m going to vlog my weekend if you guys don’t know I got a second my brolly in this week is battle of the valleys in Grand Valley is our rival and so it’s like this big football game it’s so I’m just going to vlog that and I don’t even know if I’m going to this game that I probably should so I’ll be ready to make that two hour drive but let me tell you guys about my week so this week has just been long but on Tuesday I did something so crazy like are y’all ready to see what I did I got ready so this week I got my septum pierced and this is starting to bar so don’t be like oh you’re who looks weird or your horseshoe whatever you want to call the ring looks weird like it’s a starter so it’s not like the real woman that I went and got it done and I know people are gonna be like why didn’t you get it done right that’s so easy work so this was also weird because I said I would never get this done I got it done mainly because it’s cultural and I just thought it was cool that like it came from like my background so I was like oh my maybe I should go get it cuz I’m just like in this face going to this face and it’s not a face but like I’m just really like blacklivesmatter and I’m just trying to learn more about my culture and I’m trying to get comfortable with like the bigger hair and you can see and yeah so I’m I’m a I’m just going through that I know some of you guys probably going through that and there’s a lot of stuff going on right now that just makes it like makes me 20 times more passionate about learning my background history because in schools where I went to private school for majority of my life but private school public school you don’t really learn about black history and when you do it’s like only for February and it’s barely at that so I’m taking advantage of it in college and trying to learn everything back in and so that’s why I got this piercing and I probably won’t keep it for mom maybe a year or something but that’s why I got it so don’t judge me anyway yeah so I don’t really have nothing else is happening right now but but something else does happen so right now I am in my boyfriend’s car while he’s getting gas and they were just about to go to his apartment you like no big deal but but myself in the car I got bars I said hello about to go to my cry directors concert thing and it should be really really new bride and so I hope you guys like it and I get some decent clothes

hi guys I’m here Jana I love Taylor you like this make them are you – yes Aliya here if we are on our way to Denis after Brandon’s concert it was they can see us now turn that be Grand Valley even though we beat Grand Valley we hate the Lakers but we go we gonna try I am back in my dorm taking off my makeup and that’s a clean line right and I have to say this has been like one of the worst this has been the worst piercings like killing lies right first of all I don’t think that it’s even like cuz I’ll put it in my nose this side all my shows and like I can’t move it Oh get ready for bed okay sing and my half and

this crazy crazy bun and I’m gonna go to bed but be ready for the morning good morning everyone so it’s a morning and I just got done getting dressed for the game I have a mass PSU where a little head then keep my ears warm and layers oh and then my shoes sometimes so I should stay warm and I’m gonna have a go or whatever get down how many was betrayal probably only three what if you think the rainbow I’m never know but three because there’s only one of my three primary colors like that oh I like red mystic 11 a fool sky sky green here’s a couple arrived trees in my defense load up a sliver cop and Scarfo that’s a caribou that’s and we okay and I’m sorry I got 11

I can’t never wanna see something we here at Grand Valley in one mile turn left onto campus Drive it’s just taking us to the stadium we do not have $18 for our ticket right this is my University of Michigan Ohio State I gotta go in the back yeah yeah but I gotta go sit down how many seas why we pay a $2 receipts I think something

we passed the gates in her twenties women’s comes oh yeah so we lost my touch down mess okay because we fart now we’re about to make this trip back to the sack nasty and be bored because our school doesn’t let us party that’s why you gotta go in please loan no keep it right here hey guys today is Sunday morning go do some homework because I have a lot of it it needs to be them but yeah I’m so I think the only one in this vlog here you see Chris yeah but stay tuned for next week because I’m gonna try to update top of the B this would be like why are there bees out I remember my crazy Mike so you guys enjoyed this ball please like I was wondering if after