so after you have all the turkey mashed potatoes and all the pumpkin pies and everything else having a great time for it is holding watching football watching phrase early in the day and all kinds of anyone to be but not for me because it’s day at the face to be Black Friday the leftovers you can go shopping leave being the crowd will just sit back and watch the game show classic that’s what today’s show is all about today we’re taking a game show classic from the game show you bet I’m Ron Rondon from outside but Shula park where in the bronx new york this is the black friday edition of road trip everyone the whole game show block party and you know man the whole work man now I’m ready for another big dirty whole team on show me dress new fun and surprises after all hey there hi there ho there welcome i hope you all have a terrific thanksgiving yesterday and I know I that idea already has had a lot of fun watching the football games and all kinds of stuff well you’re here for road trip this week on Raw and running we’re outside Mosholu Parkway here in the bronze New York now today show is gonna be another from archangel classic flat the leftover and you wanna see and today it’s a game show call your vet why are you back well just like the game show all that or if your back is what you if and this episode will it’s the game show where it’s not what you know it’s what your partner seeks you know from Brooklyn New York it’s you bet and now here’s the host of you get our words a banana that’s all you come up with is a banana see I whip it my salary Phil I want to raise you know when here’s the way the game works you’re going to bed whether your partner can or can’t answer a question that one two or three points first team to six will win the game and will play as many games as we have time to do all right we’ll stop with this game is I don’t make me cry so what are things will start with six points wins the game and we’ll start with Eric Eric pick up that okay and mine is going to speak with you eric is going to ask Dale what was the first date to ratify the US Constitution you’ll have to repeat that please see I almost 400 and you turn around here we don’t want to see where is predicting 12 points the first state to ratify the Constitution okay you can back 1 2 or 3 i’ll be conservative three well no balls are is tell me them already if you get three free are you being really risky I don’t know an IDE whatever it wont stood on the background score high atlas put it down a little bit this is our first time playing okay you can turn around there and I’ll beat you right and i have the Angela all right now let me see we must say okay what was the first state to ratify the US Constitution thus

becoming the first day I feel like it is a fumble for me hello yes he doesn’t work here anymore yo is going to ask Ron what is the street address of the White House ok I got it so I got out and you have that one two or three if you get three you win the game one day well some quick get 1 i’m going to go all in and say hello you know no no you’re going to bed three no sir I get just telling three you’re going to bed three negi um yeah okay I’ll see you okay turn it around on another question what is the street address of the White House well for the people who fans of Barack Obama 1610 survey avenue that after your [ __ ] Phil said you now we gotta play on you bet we’ll be back with more you bet right after this don’t go away watch well there’s no turkey jokes on that for the present that’s one for the right side of the team can we tell you to and roll or the challengers to find out return from this great why did you wash your on oh we got your special city all right [ __ ] he can do any one’s heels lon you soon Ron is going to ask Phil on Avenue why in Brooklyn what street is one block east of nostrand avenue okay you’re better you go one two or three difficulty points that he but ok Phil you could turn around now and we’re going to ask you since Whitney don’t be captain Brooklyn whatever you want and we know you have navigated you might but you should know this what street is one block east of nostrand avenue afternoon y menos traumatic yeah why don’t some of a panel my [ __ ] not as a move would be me no strong and every y no spread from strength again corny on Coney Island Boulevard we don’t have full boulevards and Brooke cuz let’s women in Queen you have boulevards of its round brown street so but you know what mom said you can’t yeah I have orientable tunnel is the southernmost all right 128 yeah when you can tell by that I want to go into three we got three again 30 turn around there don’t that friday night if you want they can’t lay on this one because they only have two if you have a little very eggy okay don’t say anything turn around which Hudson River tournament oh my gosh is the southernmost its tongue Hudson Holland Tunnel it is the hall no but Dale said you next i think phil has evolved all coming to him you do remember the opposing you get your points if you now Charlie hitters if they do get him Phil is going to bet on on a dried prune is a plump what is a

dried grape called oh okay the people in over that but nobody in our studio go what do you think tell stinking okay goes bang yeah I shall bed okay these are smart guy so I’m gonna one open I go one you’re gonna go on yeah and I guess want you to be short okay daddy guess what I feel to see what he could apply I know that turn around Ron yeah and a try proton is called a pump right why is it drying great house they raised a raisin is doing like a paradise line plum is elastic that’s why they like to us that’s what would you say you’re smart and then you wrote can’t I wanted you to be sure yeah yeah yeah I just but all right I’ll be mature but there’s only 1 p-8 we’re not sure you got all right who’s going to get Erica still it’s about to be cast what do we call a baby kangaroo okay you can win too and they have to I’m gonna be conservative copy cat 10 plus so on okay let’s just put that down a little bit water as the tail turn around and here’s the question which I spend one so you can’t win on this one what do we call it baby kangaroo and don’t say it’s actually called a Joey but that’s okay the pressure is on and we’re getting oh I think that’s I didn’t know I thought yes oh the meant to be bad right answer awesome haha oh I’m sorry take a listen and Phil is about to be gasps what did the first stop after Coney Island on the entry in going to the city k behind 2255 wow you know there are one point away yeah win the game yeah but I’m gonna go for the long shot go all in at three no come on Rose will not explain to her I ok let’s get that down just a little bit because you know Phil he knows his props turn around go off ok that drink on you that was prideful yeah you were going to manhattanville on the entrant when you think trains from Brooklyn what is the first stop after Coney Island um I gotta think about this for a second we’ll give you some time I think it’s inactive nordstrom done that nor’easter on those strings so should we give this any chance no no [ __ ] x athleta really close on those present and I’ll tell ya I lived there I look near more bro it’s a 23 homers pavoni gone Oh babies but you know what you know what you have just worn for a game 5050 dads getting okay eric is about to be asked how many holes are there on a golf course you can that want you with me but each of us oh I’m sorry oh yeah turn around all of them are you coming to camera just turn around oh ok yeah it’s only happy submitting chairs you

spend a lot of mother ok now you down but more comfortable chairs i have in my classroom yeah that’s because we were in the studio i asked room chairs just don’t cut it alright here’s a question uh-oh how’d you do that I guess I eat here how many holes are there Oh standard talk about these nickels well they go play golf Oh kenichi 18 is right and Dale said that you find out we continue from this great but in the meantime on this day after Thanksgiving it is now time for one of my favorite features it’s the appropriate hey run here it was now time for our friday to cure with our NFL picks for just leave everything here the list again and Hi Larry umbrella that I’ve said and which email is a gem football or any for 60 years ago puts out with obesity your browser summation roses where is everybody back NFL rocktron fest 2015 and please thank you go to Germany as enthusiam for the elevators grill 62 and you can time gives us a trivet online as well choreographed on let’s listen for once everybody better use dots for keep calm and 69 2908 went below melrose formularies on the other side of the break you alright guys really smarter about what we bite on okay I want everyone to go outside we’re gonna run Red Rover on three it’ll buy a two-tone I’m gonna run around circles flap my arms and make engine noises I guess when it comes to playing speak kids are the pros we’re eating right to we fuel up supplies Dixie your school doesn’t have a program feel even start one click today and draw your movement but how many sides are there on a pentagon this little slanted towards political sign it really don’t know I never thought of as a political question but ok well I gotta think of the answer of this thing that I’m going to go to and two points ok around have a political / run ya feel bit too how many sides well my look from high atop of washington DC when I look like Pentagon so i will say five goes right so i think so i think so never go wrong the politics tale is about to be asked what direction does a competent you always point the best answer tangy okay and your question what direction there’s a compass arrow always points well it has to point that way to give you the direction I would have to say north north is right and all right let me get your math person she popula- miles yep no doubt field is about to be asked name the seven colors of the rainbow oh no I’m from the audience please what do you

think okay i’m also going to bed 220 yes what to say that we want you to name at all seven colors of the rainbow Oh red orange yellow green blue indigo five yeah door but I can tell you where not only if you’re right but is one photo wet enough eric is about to be asked you internet other why leave her that and I don’t like it down in San Francisco areas including cube wall tell me both are there on a billiard table okay here we go okay to and I’ll already put it to place my bed okay yeah maybe hey now I don’t know too that’s the game I can’t look if you include that you will how many balls are there on a billiard table if you playing ball no walls I oh my gosh the life isn’t audience okay i asked him from garden no but speed is the black boy hopefully orange ball I don’t know in Spain all you would know this formats my you bet so much you get you in the end you just bet 100 say whole time and I will talk because has six holes of it is three balls reach 18 I hope you are what Iran is rod is about to be asked what two colors are the main colors on a container of tempe cream cheese Wow I don’t know but that is because and how many you want to bet 1mon ago one okay scores for 24 yes right around one yes okay fill that one how many call are there are two coats I want you to name the two colors on a container of tempe cream cheese white pink and white is right I went inserted L you guess that if I was like a Barbie that you see have a little blue egg gray and I know that one a lot of cheese you eat Oh Philadelphia yeah knocking out on the water so you can I everyone attempting you can come along bagel with more they are notoriously lagging merrileggs can’t deal we just gave it one song so okay Dale Dale is about to be asked ahead of 2006 which planet is farthest from the Sun as of 2006 which planet is okay oh wait they will be able to remember to press on all do you say that okay so over the world okay I guess is that right what the prediction was right you win the game and not be a second game okay turn around I had a 2006 which planet is farthest you know uh wasn’t it the recently determined that Pluto did encounters and planets or what I don’t know that could be a possible answer well as in 2006 they’re just a planet all right sue include accounts is i know i know this i know they were switching positions Neptune and Pluto I don’t remember which one was hurt there which

was closer we go to them okay as 2006 trying to classify you know as a planet it’s no longer plan you get away to here so it’s about to be asked who if the kind of ice president I said I say Mickey Mouse okay okay your turn okay well I guess this one wins the game Phil right now and the taping of this show and by the time this airs we don’t know kingsburg your blood ND episodes of roll clip this season well don’t worry check out all the full episodes of road trips now on all social medias on facebook on Twitter or YouTube on Winston on pinterest and on google+ don’t miss any of the episodes of road trip all season long and the upcoming seasons as well check it out also he is and you’re not wake up long neck one of these colors here the question was it filled with agents living any color which one would it be let’s have a look okay to that color which one well how sweet it is we got on thank you Bill and the channel collard greens don’t forget to chew on this Monday night that is one of my other friends who want a p3 wore last year is misty blinds t he hauls the cheese saltiness from one woman stand up stairs down the hill and it’s on every Monday night at six-thirty that hot water the show and here in Missoula problem once New York it bye bye bye road trip is a Ron Ron Don video production this is Don Wilson saying good night