Guardian Druid Guide 6.1

hello and welcome to the show it is i the Bella Dorian and today I’m going to tell you why and or how you should be playing a guardian druid in the warlords of Draenor 6.1 patch what is a guardian druid guardian druid is a specialization of choice for all of you druids out there who want to tank you’re in a very unique position as a druid because we’re the only class that currently has four specializations and the fourth one just so happens to be guardian why should you play a guardian druid well a guardian druids a bear that’s right we’re a bear a very literal bear if that doesn’t think your fancy then I don’t know what will if you’re just starting out in the tanking world and you wish to find a class that is easy to learn what’s being easy to master then you’ve come to the right place also as an added bonus of being a guardian druid that the specialization is heavily underappreciated and therefore is actually underrepresented because there’s not many Guardian druids out there I mean there’s not many tanks out there in the first place but Guardian druids are the lowest of the mole there are not many Guardian Drew’s out there and it’s simply aside from being a bear it’s because your moves aren’t exactly shiny there’s no flair with a guardian druid there’s no pulsing el we there’s no shields flying out about the place no there’s just you your claws and your face what talent should you have talent choices are I never set in stone this was a choice that Blizzard had made but however some do appear to be better than others in your tier 1 I would recommend having wild charge this is simply a charge mechanic where you can close a gap between you and the enemy this gives you a lot of mobility and I personally feel that this talent outweighs the others i would say an honorable mention to feline swiftness if you are preferring more of a passive play and you want the passive movement increase i know many of you may prefer this and indeed it is usually more beneficial to have in a fight that say involves a lot of ads and you need to gather more all up really quickly so charging to one single atom won’t do but your standard movements baby fifteen percent faster that would do better so please consider this talent when you’re looking at the mechanics of the fight now it in tier 2 this one is a personal preference i personally prefer the passiveness of your sarah’s gift this is simply heals you consistently throughout the fight and without you having to do anything it’s not a great amount but anything that makes that he does life easier is going to be a good thing now scenario Ward is also viable however this is an activated ability to be honest we have enough cooldowns without having to bring this one full o for the ride if you master being a guardian druid you may want to consider this one as it does improve your survivability but again it’s throwing another thing into your already quite full rotation combination of cool downs and things like that so you may not actually want to bring that along tier 3 again is your own choice personally i prefer thai food because it looks good and as I’ve said before we don’t have much Flair at our class choice means that this is the only thing that we can do that really has any real sort of animation it’s a bit of a shame it can also come in handy in some fights where you need to move some ads into a certain area there’s nothing quite like that in the Black Rock foundry I mean there is the the train fight but that’s not really needed you can easily deal without it in fact I would forget it most of the time now tearful your option here is soul of the forest it’s increases your rage generation and as a

tank you need to have some in the bank just in case you need to generate a bit more threat or for using frenzied regeneration which is something I’ll talk about at a later point in the video tier 5 is completely your own choice I have my tea bash because there are some ads in the Blackrock foundry the ones that come to the mind are the ones in front of gruel where you have them jumping about and they won’t sit still so bash one of them make the big guy and keep him locked down just so it doesn’t it’s a bit faster tsx is an interesting one tier 6 is dream of scenarios to me that’s the one I want it gives you a fairly high chance to proc a FREE healing touch which can be used in Bethel however this comes with its own pros and cons if you are late to the party and you cast healing touch after the proc is finished you will come out of their form to heal yourself now this causes you to be slapped in the face by a boss and humiliated by your raid because bosses can one or two hit you when you’re not embarrass pecial macro for this I’m going to post the micro in the description box below it’s over here this macro will only cast healing touch when you have the Brock and if you don’t then it’s not going to cast it and it’s not going to pull you out of there form it’s really important that you have this if you’re going to use this talent and tr7 is really sad because the other two sounds so fun but the only viable option is pulverized I’ll go more into detail about this one in the rotation section of the video because this completely defines how you’re going to do your rotation and is just a necessity when you’re tanking now glyphs there’s no real set in stone glyphs that you can have when you’re playing a guardian druid they don’t really benefit you that much in my opinion I currently use a glyph of mall which allows me to hit an additional target therefore increasing my threat a glyph of Sam Pead so that I have the mobility for myself and the raid and glyph of rebirth because sometimes you might be the one that has to come bear as I mean you shouldn’t be in that position in a raid but in a five-man dungeon it can be useful and you’re quick to jumping if you’re quick to jumping back into bear form then it’s absolutely fine it’s not going to affect you that much you just have to handle the global cooldown of the that that’s going to take you like a second to do it all now please note there is another one that you can have which is something I haven’t even got on my character because I don’t feel it necessary is glyph of survival instincts it’s useful in some cases but in general it’s not really that useful it turns your best cool down that you have into a very mad cool down because it shortens the duration of it and shortens the the cool down so you can do it more often but for a shorter period of time and sometimes from what I’ve seen in black robe foundry you need it up for as long as you can in quite quite a few instances so I just stay away from that one our minor glyphs are completely irrelevant to gameplay I would say even though the elevator boss doesn’t exist in Blackrock foundry glyph of grace is still worth having a new character as it reduces falling damage even in bear form for completeness I have glyph of travel for a quick mount speed when I’m out and about for short distances it’s actually slightly slower than a mount but there’s no class time and if it’s a really short duration that you’re going to go say I was going to travel to that building I can just instantly hit it and run in that a lot

quicker than waiting for my mount to turn up so it’s not really going to do anything special but it does enough and then I also have the glyph of the chameleon now unfortunately as people of the druidic class have said for many a year we really want to get some armor on to our our creatures but they can’t do it whether it’s a it would take so long for them to animate it all there’s all sorts of issues that they’ve got with it so to counter it they’ve given us the glyph of chameleon so every time you turn into a bear you turn into a different bear it’s literally just a different coloring it would probably be nicer if it was a different actual physical bear but currently this is what we have in the 6.1 now statistic priorities is really simple for a a guardian druid you have bonus armor as all tanks really should then you’ve got mastery versatility multi strike to ten percent raid buffed heist then crit there’s no something is as good as another that is the order please note that multi strike after ten percent when buffed isn’t really useful because the ten percent should be enough to keep up us a major which is a passive ability that increases your maximum health now here we get to the fun of it rotations as most classes have at the moment you don’t actually have a rotation but more of a priority order this is because you need to keep up some buffs and some D buffs and the best way to do this is to follow the following priority system mangle is your go-to ability as soon as you have it up use it use it on cooldown you need to use this to keep generating some rage and you should note that rate can actually reset the cooldown of mango so keep an eye on it eh it’s not that longer cool down its 5.6 seconds on this character due to my haste and everything but if it gets reset you need to be able to see it and pop it straight away then you need to lacerate you need to get this to three stacks this is essentially your spam ability but you need to get it to three stacks and then you’re going to hit it with a pulverize now pulverizers going to clear up those stacks it’s going to get rid of them and leave a dot 4 for 12 seconds that will reduce the damage that you take for fifteen percent pretty decent you need to keep up also thrash that’s the lowest of your priority is your little thrash now you need to keep up pulverize on the target and that’ll be there for 12 seconds it’s a good idea to track this with an add-on such as power auras or tell me when there’s another video on my channel where i show you it for my balance druid i have power auras on there and i explain it a little bit there go check that out if you want to go do that and you should also do this for thrash because that last for 16 seconds and you don’t need to hit that all the time please note that you should only be using mall when under the effect of tooth and claw it’s a little proxetil pop up and it’s also ball is also your rage dump ability so if ever you’re at maximum rage and there’s nothing really you can do with it start slapping about with a mole get rid of some of the rage just to increase a little bit of damage it’s not going to do much but it’s it’s worthwhile having it there now for multiple targets this is actually where we have a bit of a problem guys are a wee threat is probably the worst of all the tanks however that being said if you do it correctly you’re not going to have any problems you’re just not going to have any problems against any DPS or healers I say or healers because for some reason we find that our druid healers in our raid the amount of hot so they do

generates so much threat to begin with if you don’t pick it everything up they could be the ones that are targeted so you’ve got to pick up ads as soon as you can now your rotation for this is thrash and that’s your spam ability now you need to make sure that all the targets have have it and they have the bleed for the 16 seconds then you can pick a target lacerate it to three stacks and pulverize then after that you mangle on cooldown to whichever one you have the lowest threat so you’re gonna need to be tab targeting to your tab targeting a new mangle target now don’t forget with your glyph you’re going to increase the amount of target so you’re going to hit with this you can also use berserk which is going to cause you to hit up to three targets so that’s good for when you’re doing AoE but it’s not that necessary especially in a 500 now cooldowns guardian druids are the envy of everybody this is because you have more cooldowns than you can count on your claws and when I say that I mean there are some that have charges so you’re going to be wanting to have that available you have one reactionary cool down and three mitigation cooldowns your reaction everyone is frenzied regeneration frenzies regeneration it instantly converts up to 60 rage into health sounds good this is useful if you have large amounts of rage but you’re dropping low healing you is not just the healers job you should actively be making their life easier and in turn they’ll be making your life easier you then have your mitigation cooldowns to begin with is savage defense which increases your dodge chance by 45sec percent for six seconds you have two charges on that now as it has a 12 second recharge that means in theory you can keep it up a lot but i would recommend that you should use it once every 12 seconds leaving you slightly vulnerable for only six seconds but it means that you have a spare one if you need it for an emergency now you have barked skin mark skin is a standard twenty percent damage reduction for 12 seconds for one minute that’s all it is use this when you know you’re going to get hurt but not substantial enough that is going to need say survival instincts survival instinct on the other hand that’s your big cooldown that’s a two minute recharge and reduces your the damage that you take by fifty percent as an awful lot reduce the damage intake by a 50-percent 46 seconds you have two charges on that and again I would say feel free to use one but you need to keep one bat for emergency but if that emergency comes up don’t hold on to it thinking all there could be something else that I need it for later just use it because not only do you have all these cool downs you need to remember as a tank you can always ask your healers for a cool down healers will have something like a name suppression or an iron bark something along those lines that will keep you alive even longer so with this you should have enough to say survive all of all gorges acid things and be absolutely fine not having to worry about anything and then of course the final call down as I said before berserk increasing the amounts of targets that you’re mangles going to hit and it’s not going to have cool down so you can hit that spam mangle you’re going to be hitting three targets if you still tap target if there’s more than three targets so that you could still make sure that everybody is being here whilst keeping thresh up you are all good and that’s it really now it’s all about going out getting your bear kitted up and going into a dungeon getting some gear moving into some raiding environments which are very different 25

mans and just enjoy it I know that I do and if you enjoyed this guide please like comment subscribe everybody says it but it really does help to build say my confidence and it allows me to to want to put more of these videos up in the future thank you for watching I’ve been the better Dorian