Walking Dead : Road to Survival Gameplay – Mission 3 Train Fuel Depot Stage 1 – 5

hello guys stayed five please click on a sponsored link in the description and download walking there goes to survival today when we plan level three which is the training food depot stage and we’re going to show you how to clear all five levels so hey stay tuned what’s up guys is a park man and here i am with the walking dead rose to survive this is my first youtube recording of the game for my channel so do me a favor hit the like and subscribe dude look at my channel may come on it’s awesome right writes good stuff right so calm and hook me up so a man don’t just like come by and watch this video so anyway I’m gonna go through the training field depot level okay so let’s go ahead and get started on the missions all right so we’re going to stage one here we go to governor say so you gotta keep the people happy but in order for that to happen we need to feel for the lights and generator so we got to do this and that means going to the fuel depot they aren’t just going to give us that feel we need to take it and send them a clear message about bringing the fight to us alright so now that’s our chance all rights agera r hanger-on Siderius they put walkers on perimeter going to have to deal with them first the governor’s prepared us all ready for that we’re ready all right Lily it’s really so I on my mission all right I got enemies it doesn’t give me an Intel well that’s bad so I can’t take all fast so I got Lily there I need to change on my team all right i got a new spot yes that’s so good so what I’m going to take a mixture of teammates so I want to take some strong all right so I got her level up to three I’ve got him rock I’m gonna get Brock in there okay Brock is level 5 we got Glenn level 2 league Lynn is fast so we’ll keep glen i think i want to take another do I have another high level no I just got all level once that’s pretty much it bronchus in he’s a level 3 he’s fast Glynis level two and then Lily I think we’re gonna be I’m gonna go with that comp alright so let’s start the first attack okay here we go whoa all right let’s tap let’s take my zombie so you always want to take that all right this is good this is to go so I got no specific trace on so let’s just start off here alright so we’ll start there take them all out man sit down at that one alright so let’s let him get a little bit closer so once again no specific traits so Cyrus you’re there and we try gland they’re not quite all right bouchard rock right there man I think it’s one shot kill all right alright there we go got one more time and then we’ll clear this way that’s good alright alright that’s a ripoff artists the first way clear well for native what’s up guys who are live streaming us right now in chemical alternator is one of non-toxic gamer members and one of the most also supporters man alright so if we still don’t have any specific traits like fast tough alright so let’s see if we can go in a rock my headshot Thank I then get it let’s / him all right there we go that’s one down we’ll try with Lily with a shot and we’ll finish up with Glenn all right there we go ahead with Cyrus right here now I’m saving all my rush you want to save your brush for the last part alright so I’m going to go with a shot there are he’s done / their lesson plan all right shop and Brock all right there we go good alright so wave 2 is it clear okay good so now it’s time for wave 3 alright so let’s see that man once again no specific traits there okay I’m good with that so I’m going to save my rush great his shot let’s try again yeah Adam alright this down this guy’s closer one focus on him beautiful with a head shot there all right we’re good here so we gotta rush built upon everybody alright his shot there let’s go ahead and make sure we fire way there that’s going to be a rib right there and finally finished up buddy all right good that wave is down are so once again wave four here we go some survivors showed up but you can’t take them with you oh gosh so I’m going to get everybody just clothes first check the attributes of everybody okay all right attributes are fine all right so we got to take him first all right that one’s down take him next and watch to take him out all right and every all right so we’ll let it come in a little bit closer for the second way all right

we got quite a bit here we got this guy is pretty close / alright good deal take it with a shot from Brock let / your plan all right that’ll take him out this guy Oh beautiful that was a great time for all right so I think I’m gonna have to use my brush all right I saved all the Russia because I want to make sure all right so I got another brush here all right okay good she’s got to go let’s use a brush right there okay oh no what’s it there we go all right let’s use one brush all right so i think we cleared everybody all right there we go good good oh we’re about to take damage all right let’s use the rush here good that was a great time for his shot all right okay that was good no specific trace here Brock and Cyrus okay all right and they should get a little closer i’d leave we will finish off right there my I shouldn’t use the rush all right that’s going to be a wrap we took no damage I by the way Jackie tale game and see what’s over y’all playing almost so y’all are you look at bandages I got a walker wait wait well we got a whole bunch stuck Waka harm ethanol rain boots crude Ron’s beautiful water and a standard machine gun all right so good so we made it through that one hour so let’s go are so they got Walker surrounding the fuel depot and the people in that don’t seem to care all right Lilly said they’re using them we’re we were using them for training they’re using them as a wall okay so the houses are full survivors train some survivors into characters are upgrade your house to increase the capacity our own event train drivers gradual ations on level 4 all right you don’t have enough storage to hold your food upgrade your storage capacity art so we’ll upgrade the food container that’s going to take our this one minute you have enough wood yes we do all right I can’t finish so I can skip my weight oh just gonna cost me one yeah I’ll do that just to say some time okay all right so what I need to do is I need to get with my crew and I want to upgrade my crew in just a little bit here so we go to training let’s see if we can train let’s transgender why can’t I can there we go trying it right there I’m going to train a new character he’ll return it for 14 minutes okay alright so we go back to the mission map alright so we are here the field for far alright so stage 2 all right let’s make sure we’re good RC air so we can talk about the reasons later but we got a monster of a walker coming this way all right let’s say all right we got four ways and strong trait or so these guys have traced now so anybody with traits yes he’s got a trait alright so that’s going to be just beautiful all right he doesn’t have traits all right rock sorry all right let her walk in I just I’ve seen this Walker before she feels damage all right here Dale are you so down on that one that way to clear well it’s not i’ve got one every cent with four star oh gosh you guys start my dumb base all right there’s a strong trade began so we’re going to use alert against strong no other trades all right this is going to be easy clear all right let’s see what we got left nice wait there all right so we’re going to go to wave 3 and I’m gonna have to do some upgrades so all right so once again all right that’s gonna be all right almost one shot kill oh gosh really wow that took just about everything I had all right so we’ll let them move in a little bit closer all right so all right there we go good are my she left every time there we go all right let’s get rid of her all right so we’re a rave three now once you always want to save your Russia’s with a fourth wave ok my new characters joins you nice shooting all right Oh guys Oh are we doing pvp here what let’s check oh my gosh all of these guys are strong trait okay this is going to be different all right I’ll take care out the gland / yes all right Oh take some damage here let’s

see based on the trace here or shoes going to be the person we need and I’ll finish up do come on alright alright so we’re down to one oh come on what am i doing all right do I need to do in heel and not yet and I got plenty of he’ll say it up so I’m good to go all right that’s gonna be a finish right there and with you with Brock no rocks and finish all right so good all right we didn’t take very much damage all my guys are okay best of beauty always want make sure you take the time to level up your characters okay all right so that’s good that’s good powder binge ethanol protein all right good deal arson going to next day’s alright so let Lily ok guys get over here Sandy’s benefit oh my gosh oh Jesus is her arm it’s not about I swear that’s a guy got lucky with his knife sandy you stay there the rest of us we’re gonna have to have a little talk all you know it’s just going are some months later out of Sandy Stier chart so moments later I Standish earshot they discussed the situation what do you want to talk about Darius I want to talk about caving her head in right now before she turns and starts looking at us like we’re dinner she said it wasn’t a bite man you can’t do you don’t want to get messed up oh you know the walking dead people be looking at you crazy right everyone says that they’re like you know that I yeah everyone does that always the scratch right I don’t know where do you sit with a pop artist so I’m going to let the guys in a live stream okay what should we do guys all right so I’m going to see you both guys just type your growth system recording for YouTube I don’t have as much time to do actual vote so yes if you will type in the stream all right do her in or save her do her NSA for we want to let the live stream do this right now so let’s see we’ll give them just a moment there’s a little bit of a delay in the stream so I’m sure you know these guys typically are pretty evil so i gotta feeling what I’m going to be forced to do all right so come on I need a decision from the live stream so but you know guys you guys are watching this you guys watch the walking dead alright so that’s to save her right side save her so that’s to savor hold up to be ok let’s see I just to save her one kill her three save her three saves one kill Wow okay anybody else guys to show chance to get your votes in so we only got only got a small portion of the stream that wants to save her and a small portion has voted all right you know this is going to be bad right you know she’s gonna turn okay everybody saying save her you guys are all sentimental are so we’ll save her good try to save her we can’t treat her like we could wait we can’t treat her here gotta take her back to doc Stevens that’s on you didn’t Gary you take her back to town alright so stage three we got hostiles inside of default they got us around it we should scrap the raid no yeah we’ve come with nothing yeah we come back with nothing and the governor will toss us in the pit with the bite us for sure we get enough you don’t write man you know how to Governor roll all right then we need to fight then who do we take on first the walkers are the shooters all right walkers are shooters are I wanna let the live stream all right alright so I’m asking the live stream right now do we want to take on the walkers or the shooters ok so let the live stream to tell tell what we’re doing here I don’t know I i think i would rather take on the shooters yeah I lean towards gr says tim says shooters Skrillex says shooters the scrilla says walkers shooters from Smallville wolf says shooters wife Anita says shooters alright looks like looks like we’re gonna take on the shooters okay alright so let’s do this alright so I got my cop here let’s see I’m going to be taking enemies that have now here’s a stray if they’re strong than I need a lark characters but you know what I don’t have any alert characters I got zero alert characters it’s going to be really really bad for me because they’re going to be mostly strong okay wow so we’re just going to go ahead in alright so alert characters all right so I’m gonna have to hit these guys hard that’s a critical with rock no didn’t finish it all right good stuff and I’ll finish up all right I’m gonna take some damage but it’s okay oh wow we took damage all right let’s see what do we need all right he needs to heal all right we’re good there all right so

we’re gonna start over again here and we’re going to hit with rock first and then we’re gonna hit them with Lucy no there you go all right we can get mostest yeah I wouldn’t take something this you’re going to hang it they keep going for him all right that’s a wrap so first way clear this is going to be really hard way I’m telling you so wave to our subscribers came out of hiding okay oh this is bad so I know the calm right there dude oh my gosh they killed him this is bad this is bad Oh guys I got a hill clan okay all right these guys are faring well perhaps a killer I got man there we go jus remember you always want to save your rush for it there we go all right good good all right that was down wave number three this is eunice area I’m it’s getting harder to clear these ways I need to level up really badly I hope this level doesn’t have like five missions oh gosh that’s bad alright Hilde everybody say anything little combo all right good all right and we can finish this guy oh no he took it what he took he took it dan to do stuff he really is tough all right so now i will use all my rush man oh gosh chris new characters George and I shooting all right so we got a boss level so I stay healed up a couple of philosophies I say leave the boss for last all right he’s going to do some major damage but I still got enough heels no they didn’t do very much damage at all all right same thing with save the rush one more time there we go all right I want to leave the boss for last alright still faring well the seal getting a little bit lower okay I’m good all right this one should be good all right be enough to finish it no yes suck alright so this is the fourth way you know what let’s rush when I get it any kind of damaged I’m going to heal this guy’s wild thing right all right so everybody got full health so i got a it’s now or never all right so they’re finally are so all the attention on the boss now this can be also master gamer Scorpius their hit shot alright so here alright this guy’s gonna be tough alright finishing oh he took it dogs on it follow let’s finish with a rush ok good good ok he is toast that way it was pretty hard and that was definitely hard I’m telling you so got lots of supplies there ok gosh did we finish all right listen up we got the feel we got to get back to woodberry what’s going on something terrible happened I heard it on the walkie-talkie governor’s been attacked back in burberry woman takes her revenge oh that’s Michelle Michelle boy yeah are your houses are full of survivors upgrade your house to increase capacity all right so there’s my house is already selected upgrade it’s gonna cost me three let’s see what’s in the crossing awake just 1 i’ll spit one alright and let’s see it so I got a little bit of training left uh where’s my team I need to go to my team so it’s going to collect my food like mobile and everything like this so looks like I’m good their recruits and reward let’s

check here I’ve got some of those I’ll do those that like an other video so the fuel depot is there another stage oh gosh there’s a stage for ok but that’s going to be pretty pretty scary alright we’re going to do it no we’re going to go for stage 4 okay so here’s the mission stage for fuel depot should give me a chance to take my team let’s see we’re getting out of here it’s going to be that it’s not going to be easy the pad wait the path out of this place is flooded walkers okay alright so there ooh this is gonna be tough let’s see that all the enemies are going to have a strong trade which means i need an alert trait i don’t have one single person with an alert trait okay all right we’re just gonna have to go with oh this is bad okay please don’t tell me all of these guys have no no the owl don’t all guys took everything I had all right so i can do with these guys are this is closed alright that was good alright so I’m going to be taking some damn like to you this is going to be bad this is just the first place get a bra yes yes I needed to hit shot okay good alright so first wave is we clear new characters joined I shoot it with a mic oh gosh yes I needed the other one I always take out the first character let’s see what his trade is alright good alright so that was down are these two a closer all right same thing finished up with Glenn there we go and finally all right this one gets to work boom boom all right good save all your brushes I keep telling you I guess save it you won’t listen get in close and then use your West Andrew what’s up man welcome to shrink arses wave know Drake alright this is pretty easy but we don’t have anybody with specific traits all right which is that I’m going to go at will and just to get through this face alright so that’s good wave 3 is clear now let’s see if we got something interesting coming up on this way you can organize shoot in the immigrant are so we got more people yes those traits okay we’re good I let’s just let him go all right we’ll just speed it up here and situation are focused on her alright well let them get it a little bit closer all right and you know we got to use the rush here art right make sure this guy goes away all right good let’s make sure this guy goes away work that pic x ro ah come on man make sure this guy goes away all right and I think we’ll get him would finish this guy Sydney user Russia should save the rush you know saying alright so here we go alright this is going to be a finish right there alright so let’s wait for alright so we’re good there so stage four on one of those two stage five and didn’t say mission accomplished I got a new characters all right good no weapons heal but he comes with looks like a chinga I’m liking that the biggest Walker wait that’s the biggest Walker I’ve ever seen oh gosh they’re headed straight for woodberry oh gosh we may be able to divert them give me a little all the ammo you can spare oh my gosh they got more survivors whoa painted those house is killing me man Wow okay all right so let’s see we have another mission yes we do we got to save the fuel all guys you got to stage 5 all right we’re going to try to complete like seven plan through this entire stage man so here we go all the way out

of the gates they’re too close they’re blocking the exit hang on while I clear whole walkers are what are the challenges are more enemies which are more powerful than normal names are present here oh gosh that’s exactly what we need let’s see you look at my comps I’ve got everybody in Gabrielle I don’t have a single alert character why did it keep they keep giving me tough characters and no alert characters okay all right let’s see strong they have strong I need alert that’s the bottom line okay we just got to go with I got to try to make this work somehow this is going to suck all right no these are just regular enemies are I can do with that let’s throw the cipher all right good all right that’s a sound alright I think we got to get out pretty easy no closer all right okay our first wave clear I’m hoping the only five ways here they’re getting very hard okay that was that was easy okay I think we’ll take this guy first we just let them go first all right I like to let go wild and agin it so that’s your target all right okay that was a really easy way or we’ll try this again I like because you do have time to kind of think about what your strategy is all right let’s see any specific traits no please just regular care all right and it’s how much today if I don’t see a specific trait I don’t worry about it too much just suit on you’re blessed all right so there we go good stuff right there oh my gosh look at a whore alright so I make it on the first floor oh gosh let’s do a little bit more contagious all right clear post all right good good all right okay that’s good re beautiful beautiful the time it’s just right let’s have it finish let’s start clearing this guy all right good thing about these guys going to have tough trade of it yeah I figured that are going to take out everybody else and that way we can focus can buy power I think we want to get out on this game looks like my character to level up just stuff all right so and this guy he’s going to get the mega cocktail gave it to him all right one more time all right if he doesn’t die this time we got to go out with a bang all right there we go good all right and down down down he goes that’s not talking about okay good stays 32 depot is clear is that what I think it is yeah all right so guys hey guys first of all thank you for watch don’t forget to Like and subscribe to the YouTube channel by the way please click on the sponsored link in the description and say hey download this game come play with me in a live stream Walking Dead road to survive once again please click the sponsored link in the description download again because they help support my youtube channel and help support my gaming organization could you see right here non-toxic gamers guys thank you for watching