FIFA 20 Career Mode Livestream – Grimsby Town FC

I gazzer a attack and for some off a for of course you are we doing here Grimsby Town so he now lost on the left off we were don’t play well and championship nothing was second in January indices and so had a chance when I just ran a corner he can see on screen before we get into a trance whether we have tw her play this essay cup game ran three all away from home against crystal palace insert years, an interesting enough think palace in the same league as a surfing they might just be a few places behind us in the championship table so you can get off on our winner quickly go ahead and see what other games are clusters playing the ethnic up by her you can see where they aspire to a Newcastle suppose and all the premier league clash you are Chelsea verses linking if w any a derby verses arsenals well until her buses Portsmouth on Cardiff for a bone walsall a clear that the brummie derby there’ll be a good game mollify Shephard United’s Norwich are as follows A west and buses Bristol Leicester millwall Southampton boss man united I shoul we had a are going to go and he gets train to address check out the state of the school won by four we do we manor hotel or dise believer in dealing their Zedillo I used going to be leaving means generate as window which is going to kill me are all but if t are thing that’s probably although rotations nor did Pollock user and rockers unhappy as well not quite sure why I can remember authors of my white Pollock use upsets me Glasgow had play this game against crystal palace let’s see how this goes on to want to win it but also echoes of can’t promise anything at the height is can be a tough game gone up against crystal palace oh is constrained not sure what rounds my ear all had wanted to get into this season I think it might just be always like rounds at which I think he’s like stage four all round four he’s not stage four arm he I think that’s when he wanted to finish by then again nothing they always wanted to fi which I guess had been around afford all finals that works no it’s not all as it is to ransom for war finals are bet my matters and great let’s get straight into the and lets us see what we can do against crystal palace away from home cells can be tough at selhurst park but are good interception w it Colonies things episodes an overnight assigns its light streams but there we hadn’t we hadn’t played well on these are schola not sure what time of recession today answer is a Friday in so rum I’m glad so that a good ones elegant week at work one lucky Risley yet the new year is also a suite in 2020 his house 2020 bean tree new guys are it hoped that nothing bad as sap and sun salt only a couple days in deadlock wines that are as good tackle the make up for it may make up for a asset, down, down ads, down they were looking wooden for some the plate or not there good good canal from three ago rest always a worry for a player slide rule pass set rule and Bono Plain that crystal palace

be a young results at getting wired and I did not matter are now why say on any person I complaint, pleasanter control or but it does erosion sometimes thought when all might like stuck like that barking Jesus stuff like that like wanting it is clear the ball break only come on R what you don’t almost all of why it ought a towards that I was surprised the summer race managed to skip past offered a defence and still had the ball at his feet and initi persuaded this controller what their what good guys are my gosh what their dad rest takes on a demesne for Essex Co.s let’s not talk about their that I don’t Oskar and is controller or eight the feels like the had eight line is a bit stiff keeper, some have tried to make a nothing’s nothing’s happened in a tighter make a pass is just I don’t know what’s happened with his controller ard eight bunch seems to be sitting down at them after change it matter chancellor controller R come on we are willing arm and liked already ¬•after now in this essay cup tie or Michael described done by Penner are dealt a step over reader possibly is possible to play as I can see I don’t like to renew to a blind parts are at you need more strength than it need more training had ethnic the market when did possible four Nikon see you the recipient of cross straight for us to Dustin was easy pickings for a goalkeeper by her books in the chair was up to the has ago in that won’t R to man’s would allocate meant because I had a history cinema controller growth for the nonaligned its hours if them whenever possible all it wasn’t a is being Anita somehow eight answers sticking down and not becoming unstuck to an agency Fillmore controller accidentally pressed a tackl we now find so often the predicament whalley got enough restaurant mean work done Y it is pass it plays one of you had a there are to school are shipped a foregone doubt that my ear am a camera is completely on our B school than the fixed that will quick before or income Paul and boiled down to go on M Armenia six that may befall put it down to my dear that might fixit unearthed as fixed in the summer year later you can just about see now sorry you about that there is no nil by the way he hit back to school whitsun is nil nil eaten quite clearly see from the time when I paused to move my camera and the had thinned 2530 minutes what I get up, why did I swear on my lords where did not proceed on the are eight absolutely swear on my rights I did not press by a bun are absolutely no way tore my Gottfried in torn apart good side and blocked the ball Xavier on for Davis story our response a more intimate look the part I mean they’re going down to 10 men so early on the game is never do it to specially when you’re not winning by the garlic a chance of a chance to skip away skipper wait Paris and all my gosh we have had

with had two chances us came both of them and any other day you we would go beyond bearing in the back and there bicycle rides the essay cut nerves erotic th the way that we go about business insider goal too much or like you each other cutback in the she’s maybe that’s Einstein although been Everton exceeded in its first time that maybe you will not learn got shot on target also mean not enough talent or Margaux tally letting him do that to you how we’ll anyone bachelor like that treasonous this is not a good performance so far as Facto we still somehow on level terms and roaring is always a plus for about 10 meant never be easier to me knees together the first place in before he went down to 10 men because you know palace always a good teams tariffs are now running fault running forward Alan catch a baritone barely don’t come on Gaza goal thanked the lord for a mean I still lie we had deserves a goal or for a reactor cervical be necessary but busting reactors other goal in the grass the wrist injury has been out to be the betting so you are without an end but perhaps galvanising the team to play added owner Tony might have done gain a goal after we did have a couple of attempts missed quite clear chances as well that the rest plays play on cutback tour unlucky there are still running at becomes Clifton Clifton two dealing and dealing or our YE a neutrality yet but fancy with the passing Y you try the fancy with your passing than – ascites he into the centre ago Clifton is a out Paul their garrisons and good hold up play he gone race because Xavier illness nearside does Harris and again Franca bra on this are far side wages or oil and look at that go Brass or race or waiting for the ball replay the back so many tapes that a chicken salad feet goalkeeper gets across nicely at his the right hand side to make that st good a headed clearance there from the palace defender and it comes to sign on the character, sniffed sides good tackle them from Xavier look at that don’t located within asset get the ball on the control Xavier’s, back garrisons or Harris and looks at a player bald conceded it is a cinema disabling is looking to play ball back to Xavier but distant come offer him less than 5 minutes now out of regulation time here in the second of further get a cup or airline cloche is a Jeremy Butler Sundays journey Bulger running forward years ahead of longbow soirees and is headed just comes after a topper all my back and in the nail in the coffin for us after playing so well four you over now with just 10 men for a there wasn’t to be refined, man down that far side of the lacked a cigarette such writing? Ebook a man’s R ages, when they are there but never going final whistle to one or 211 about one nil Galway from our own fantastic fantastical forms and the lads to be Roy Hodgson’s a crystal palace but advance is goin’ to post match interview -and nod her way to start tried to say so myself were watching a direct for fermanagh for the source include reassure us a song quick questions

R which you can an unwitting deftly when you pick up are not going to speak and fee when you forgot to rather see why we couldn’t you wasn’t easy manner wasn’t easy to be pallister is Ukraine clearly thought diameter men doesn’t help transfer or 44 Matty Pollock R were negotiate because we can’t get him going for 31 fifties that’s not good for your interest selling for bit more money greatly you help our profitability proposing the transitory wigan at rugby really cheeky are 3 1/2 million maybe a bit too cheeky and a sell on clause or Legate in the summer nights when she per cent sell on clause three one’s again again org often orbit 3150 will be cheeky Skinner 50 K and some areas area relying for its maximum badly gas always good buys always been so sure leader cannot suspension after I was mashing m we still one or one nil so not really going to complain too much but that hasn’t shop values 90 uneven but I that guy’s going ou same Fordham or we’re just a tick over into January 20, ’20 fourth I guess it new year will lighten happened in year 34 let’s go we are fully expecting a transfer or 44 PM real savior issues and the authority good we need another I’d make eyes we need a rented we need may be a centre back as walks it were getti Jews and great to rear windows of the players I want you is to find me and said that all Sherry from their 33 not believe how much it gives him 448 clue who is bidding for it leads Leeds nightmarish he eight A Reagan had tries squeeze him for 45,000,000 us go before he can squeeze discover 45,000,000 master the art saw what you’re sayin’ that certain ancillary arts are faulty you five million that is how much I want another sore and an assailant was an attempt set attempts to come on an Taliban a little ambitious labour should maybe next time 40,000,040 million maybe next time by sol accuse westerly 45 Pollok have been sold I don’t know FIFA still does a thing where if you don’t sell a player not be unhappy minute or club will sell him four a whole b because a stack that a frilly prison you’re to raise happy man he’s happy and very happy when to leave the time he’d changed his mind what you were you’ve Vaseline no way that the guy was silly will play Evans for Saint Evans but not the was reinstate the first Teamer ego may have led palace on the bench to forget white on the bench ahead of Caldera had tested I don’t know stages gonna leave us are selling for less than is what menus were our got released on the bench to our lecturer place really weird and more of more 01 year on Monday to find a striker dessie neither San about current sandy die young good young Senna lack wouldn’t go amiss they have lost three on the bounce wigan have let sitting starkly are right or all four I you’ve won fantastic 51 let’s go centu

unable to keep a clean sheet but are not gonna complain about that nice work for war or increasing clubs worked called done that Patrick Daly from readings loan deal for Patrick Bayly from reading our catering at an unknown adding there is about dso well financials not doing too bad but we to keep this time wrote on 20% Nisqually at 64% at sea on the downside meant financ I’m hoping that if I gain automatic promotion they want to push it and I’ve got plenty of work for beg your young players coming through guard should be able to work there should be able to conceal a youth objective well ahead of times and so the but maybe don’t you like me if he does go we do have Li Yuan it is mean there will play a bit more me to have quite a midweek at the solid centre back if we do given a Xavier four you know in excess of 30,000,000 on thing that finding a a high qu to say the least so I don’t know how Xavier Austen arms at a low crowned a one him in know if it is if he says he’s wants to leave but, on sale in clockwise every day that we waste will not be gonna be losing valley your Nicholas to Fresno, and left mid he could beat the plant after Glenn scheme straight or to adjust your left Waterloo to start sc Woodland wage budget final going there just the muscles ’cause that water adjusting to do nothing arts budgets years in the office or clerestory have absolutely no went that’s a receiver that didn’t have much money in terms of Al trance a budget sum it might make signing a new player a bit difficult to a Xavier deal just an dusted Co.s I’d worry him are never again, the right mid are driving just you tell me at 40 and 50 to its villas nor are often just tell me you’re not leave for Kate that’s just accept an offer for 40,000,000 and a be done with it I tried to get 45,000,000 Co.s I think he the fourth ATM impact quick got a lot of time to are you meet short Internet why midfield role so grossly way couldn’t go 45,000,000 will sign you up is incurable to fall keep them there for a bit longer Julius had a 4050 shift to lower may am sorry you know be a fantastic summer neck and addict and eight not sorry about that Moses and pepper is it so that I dunno see similar if we can stay an extra bit longer daily manner marmalade pot and Andrew eight beans about you make us keep the rest Los in their we’re R to continue really when Charlton scored a total orders senate and the more clinics want Kelly carry on a good run a form or wait for me is Birmingham 11 and dealing scores goal allocate call to appoint its in house upon away from home icon complains about that so we continue we are four points behind at Leeds united all these actions the team are playing at running is a viewer from a slim it’s eight years the title six points are essentially a assist if they win they go seven points clear if we win we’re close the gap to just 1 so it’s gonna be earns gullit tough game no doubt about that but I’m hoping that we have enough quality on the day had to do the job of the organ on Oscar Evans who’s ask Evans as I young right back yet call you can download make why the hell not a K to dunoon and Caro or sheer only to stay in their

or just a matter of war and Shoreham road, you could act of love dose tax skin is in their player chat who is seminary want to play the you Clifford them a row of begins ahead may don’t worry about it all right now ER, no you know this is serves topple the table clash so I make any rash decisions going into games the lads have ordered take genomes we stay focused innocent is a scored for list goes on like that at no orders to notice to try and get morale posted a little bit get number one team Israelis and Raring to go against Leeds at home or Blundell park only after playing the blue strip ago look at the high difference there dorrell have on hoping, hoping that we can beat them close the gap to just 1 That’s always the are ideal gold in the situations or just enjoy it just another drink you myself I’d recorders game top two clues that Ireland under whom I guessed this century battle someone else to a top goalscorer is in the chairmanship by then and underway at Blundell park Grimsby against Leeds let’s go guys civic and get some school predictions and a chat to us see what he does think wigan builder to do radius is legion an outfit is not a bad team or a but we are very analyses the Soho yet it for this really could go either way or receive we want to women’s magazine as saying really all he saw such as the bass about to make is wrong for would be just and it through ball Austin time to go goodbye you I appreciate you know noticing that passed to the Wayne’s notice the next time you should just chest at bounde good tacit because ad under control their ego ability past summer I’ll manage to make up for it all and ball through statutory bass is 08 Orozco strainer goalkeeper of our Marie tried to go back across goal or mission schools directly into the chest or the goalkeeper to Johnstone and it’s their heads windsurf role as well gear under control don’t do anything stupid with it almost dishonest up with it be is@AOL, I’m there are so I can see that it would just like attacked late you know or otherwise he was from goal again R lad and do it’s been all over them so far for the first 20 minute goal know of no the commentators curse the commentators go straight for are no good enough whip on the ball in his attempt on goal only so that football is all eight oh oil there we go over them and dealing forward to Sanchez real answer that rouble all the assets do not do not like you deserve ending the gone across to celebrate such as the bass embracing that that bald show his appreciation for tanning ER, I resent a top left corner fantastic white Neil was that man again absolutely fantastic just under half an hour, as well

go in the lobon are then are we perhaps would have expected but you Walden played some good fee for recently an ascending as pro there is still doing relatively OK so I’m happy are rising sun with Grimsby town’s but see you guys are as well or Waller the ball past consumer can see when are going to again I don’t appreciate it when seaside tells me to possible to apply A all Ye so contacted him passing Gower danger that were later tried to chip the goalkeeper are tried to cheer him apathy is running down we were gonna be into the Bora destructed where , down all black discover minutes per four halftime dollar, interception is right to say don’t concede a silly goal by four halftime but we had the ball back now looking to the score a second ago all defender comes across decade that way before cinema bit data so far post looking at four that for our century Bassett target their but couldn’t get his head on to it grow try and make sure we don’t break too quickly buried or as 1/2 time whistle one nil on French Territory she Asian would a goal it wasn’t such as the bass as well lottery and a couple a chance to our early on and at first past managed to secure the goal gets off mining just afford 1/2 hour mark so again very solid performance, goes anaphora starts let’s see what the second of brings stay on him don’t don’t fall for is over all dummy passes that’s easy to use the money and then longbow Suarez had a crunching c all like to know all the gum on goal at all over the asylum now and I could feel myself being a bit silent but I was just waitin like a champ look at doubt is holding up the ball Davis or maybe more holding up an outsider double as a the blue Parks into the Tudor top right hand corner of the goal let’s go to nil and only customer charter government nine goals this season so far for Edson race in that the it’s a championship were going good or going gonna get a league leaders this will take us two just 1 beh this is our 29th game in season so just over halfway through the season in January and man as well so that he doesn’t know any good young centre backs that might be worth signing all my White House ea what is that what was that what drop was that look on fortunes can look at what is that what appears what Delhi is that the summons a me what the hell that was at war is the lead you know we we are still winnings but this makes it all a bit more uncomfortable noun the second of their grubby you they’re gonna be on the are now they are, you would give them a little bit of a back door or aintree back into the game you know century Basso or a-will beginning to locate the as yet let’s go fantastic goal line in fingernails, come off on feel like a like for.we had many under hit the chip but we just hit it perfectly good that I had a surprising a ball came through to him he summer goalkeeper, Ma or what: he’s as tough stick just out goalkeepers rich foreigners when the reckon they come on Santa’s read as

towards a goal teams almost on a an almost instantaneous response to their goal box recording that for me as well which is always always good fun outside inner spin a good goal century Basra going for hat trick bar my gosh income can inning back of all the corner between the posts and the crossbar almost his hat trick their regarded as being on sensational form once again today he again like a sailor’s will take us by two women just 1. of Leeds at the top the table in the FO championship or go Brown’s R drawn across the back to and dealing just couldn’t get the weight of that cross perfect or someone that summoning the crown has a hatchback that is blocking an emergency exit in the stadium that’s not good guys on of stuff like that has gained us like that stuff to redeeming feature is games when they just announced a random or her own have a lower the finesse the whole Mike told she accompanies a frontrunner for what the hell were talking about but why got order gold lame , a car’s back -to of. Although the rights and the boast that Tunis is it tougher to wait in off the crossbar Utah enough to post sorry to get more perfect than that at trick after the sensation of an century battle th against Leeds for sensational sensational hat trick from such as the mast and eight terminus left in this game bring us within 1. of leaving a top neophyte championship are all goal this season from a border is two are trying win automatic but you know what we want wanna go for the early title that is our main aim of this win against Leeds had a very good for us brings us to within 1. of the man at opera championship for one moment we scored some@it won’t be as afford to say might say so myself in a summer out at parcels and the best but some of our goals to they had been absolutely sensational such as the bass adding another three to his tally this season he has been simply unplayable today by bringing forward now disco this geezer is tied to hell, man fresh legs after bench almost winning it back does win it back army giveaway sloppily again comb and tries to win it back unfortunately, this time when he’s looking for maybe a late consolation for eroded nice to m this might be the final kick in a game here are legion I corner Bar Pereira was it done world zones of failing but in the grand scheme of things that doesn’t mean anything all referees, players and us all a letter dated can see that a ready enter but 42 against Leeds moves us ever so close as an the top of the championship for the game with the game book is backing the channel and you’d apologise that you unable to a witness my greatness night games at an reserves all operates a definite dance Grimsby Town is on been so fine it all really am and are we are we on by a member of the ambient before we had lost a crystalline FE cup game, not of four Whitlock before we had lost them in the championship Tory what it exports earlier messages my the big lead us are added to messages automatically an automatic legal aid anyway and RY

almost ebook and sell Xavier man I don’t and I don’t need him bringing down negativity I don’t know fees will withdrawn his prop for transfer either know or lose it on, ceremony to sell him quite more money he is one of our best players are so that’s why M tris more often sent him we are on the role rotates cool slig why the hell not be such an easier estate car so will rotate some about all sub players instance time out Morgan’s right game or not and them will also put Lee on the right side but the lesson of changes four the team ethic up let’s in this game against Fulham as a home game hopefully we can win it Glasgow on an all rounder need to get to the skies for learn that while while and all my coming we went down R ah, yours, use Wycliffe at the were down to 10 men as an excuse but we can see all three goals rats on trial excu are just an all round terrible performance of I’m being honest R I will always Exxon expect more for new year because Utah long before as outs were also on a much cover we have a centre back with a I know you’ve got any decent cover it’s another which is frustrating so we might struggle in the next game will assume merry go that 1. behind Leeds united or so must be in a they need all 18 Kerr must have been those two guys at the top there goal scorers before last game all we are now had two goals clearer such as the bass and 22 policies and taught savior for Jack real issue I mean I mean that’s not door whilst ideal I’ve heard board agreed lichens game is still gonna be there can no user can greenish is a can he is a for I mean we could we could swap greenish that been clearly cheeky would knit and it really like that he’d had the air and artillery had unlike died in do you like this room yourself guildhall father going to thank you very much Joe Torre do you like to free candle on an author can do is sorry about that are actually liked the is or isn’t bad islanders idea of swapping tsar mean he that’s the only objective is his wages were way to why he wants like eight K C. O’Neill is the only bad thing tonight by the man’s a limb beat Leicester checking now let’s check him out remember the man’s R O4 Tory Mansell MB dollars 29 man’s guys or remorse gallium to see a good he is a means of another Mills to sign minutes window R degree dish want to see you are would all be sold four swapping Xavier for greenish including 180 K enemy marking where financ women to keep the under 20% but all we’re on do it at 65% Lamont’s a home , Peru, back into the team don’t worry may us just a rotation game all bring back the starting 11 for this game apart from long means Davis gets a star which left an ideal Davis all we got to Davis’s on the pitch Cabral can go back in the baby at the manor Mr. Letting go back in and of course such as RE bass where it would be without him luck runs waste who do you like liable for all points while the mandolin be is your uncle really bass crazy to know or eight

after them enough that bats and a source on the Norwegian then I guess he’s Norwegian come unstuck the and by what he had budget taliesin that fashion sidecar are some the locus a car is name is fashions are: what name that you again or drop us down in as many been too late our darkness cow report, coming be quicker I don’t have but you know what you’re quite right in the Acme at us our budget and the now I’ll I’ll like a financial side of things whenever Dublin at 60 pubs and down to 20 per cent do need you any risk is that it is sacked by Grimsby because it’s the financial is critical to I’d rather like science on my this clients 21 years old and 79 he’s only four behind Greenwich and he’s a bit cheap but world’s Cerrito ignorance ER-shook is telling me at had to try telling that riot order it audit because us for before you guys want to knit players for wingers baby or we’d only consider swapping Xavier or what why are aimed at negotiations is no way I’m paying more money for him as a ESA is 25 and at 10 he is competing player that left me to a character is a right maybe not ici or are or not , at a CS 19,000,000 Sega might might be me out in earlier at you know how much unlike listened you guys four like suggestions and stuck by any issue is at his 19,000 40,000,000 and buyers A and so have money to buy other players as well to rest of us my only begun its offer one town because a, reject it so that’s fine but a stuffed lion yes money issue for any local 30,000,000 pound p I’ll do it but I can’t or won’t do in the , by doing a man’s was sorry I’m sorry you know my heart goes out who you know how many times I always secretly those involved image as well illegally similar stretford 31 away from homes more accom to do dining see what I don’t know where or what are the at and what so Caro’s her transfer or how much they want a him a don’t always rating is our great job migraine drug which are on trial or sell Xavier had a aye, aye, or I could not make him go any quicker are where are you Xavier I think he’s already on the transfer list at the ready on the transfer list , from chancellor study put back on the we can’t Salim back onto the transfer list R snow, hacking is not that might just willows a how close we are two yen as at Swindon site for Saturn Stream and buyer demands an end he also did a lot, MIL two and a stream I don’t have enough time on enough money and try sell Xavier when I was by him if someone can buy a Xavier I now that the great northern isles, or would you mind my some offers to want to join Sterling no no what normal to have won player R issued by Sharon so cocky answer he goes R shrewdest dress accepted the first offer your accord signed two players I have no money

I had no money you guys don’t stand there I had no money I have 4 Dislike restoration 4.3 million default offering no money to pay for play for me but they all have a bump into like 15 Kerry Ann we’re we’ll try it how much you think so Carlo gonna be so Calais is not your brother II don’t think that’s a college opera are do Gooding Jr. don’t need a striker is the thing had only the striker I now had hired a no man’s Roche or a kiss or F or governor player for surrogate if we can sell Xavier quick scan I’ll consider it par solemn for Xavier savior of 33 and 0.5 million from Fulham show actions negotiate with them a try in 40,000,000 38,000,000 maybe current value propose new tracks from EC 38,000,000 silence eternal are no 30 year five million by four million an hour will rip your hand of Jesus Christ may for a four million for Xavier though write it down monies other come through stray away though they’re still we can do so we can do R limb by limb by limb by portal luminal MB a lot I could and did he some player to reach their beside it looks Kinnock’s brilliant he does look really good doesn’t use a long shot take control true we stopped I don’t know much is worth don’t or a minimum 06 and of 1,000,000 I can actually offered to them utterance of three six million that white I worked a means of debt and a stream you know differ stream put my camera to the top right Artemis second search try and fix Margaret see if IA move my camera to meet their wives feel like I want to but it is was that the media that are A miniature dear I now PE eminent one player , no fee is two years that followed scheme is contract walsall in and done a fine that means go straight into it on a motorway to one let’s offer hymns eight K call I don’t even know how much money he wanted IRA no wrong rain years ago we did Easter Sunday, 3 May% of those made us right begun a had the best sort backup midfielders she’s good dose I made a month doing a forestry man’s gonna forestry McLaughlin Earl Xavier Reagan as a the longer get as soon as any ago was below bundle in a oh a strong,

R tackle goalkeepers Koran and a fine he’s young we do have called aero income in a trance I English as soon as it goes if they didn’t go soon as a Xavier guns been a saving on 27 and often unions have been assigned to us Jack real issue ego greenish grill ensure there is any crucial Avenida any is a R R what I can’t known why AF star not a were or are astronomy sign is a reduction of often ¬£1.00 to to begin with SH not let me sign is a islands have the right mid this guy immediately Hatter in looks decent income, writing a right wing as well beaten players can be certain I’m really still quite young across angry Lish Baron James or less made R R looks James unless made man is a less Mechanic summer I repeat can confine left me and he was 105 K agent and rapidly once 105 KU wage but no I’m sorry men are not on the offshore not on marketing and a minor money I’m sorry I’m not doing that Baghdad roller line a man thus were absolutely draw a line yeah lake and under it was 105 K class too much money like are not doubt that are not doubt that my now scheme Iran made whose young Mrs. But not not the best way of doing isn’t were widely read from one is that not only was the guy that we had to sales and in we have to sell at as anyone remember that the player we had to sell fairly early on he is on a Brazilian player to pack he has at something special about used it we’d have to try Walton already all the time I use a bilateral he had our literary that the at the air and RK the book A. Oscar for the were throwaway what then is the closely why are we in the middle of a restaurant or we just, son of three and a thin, son of a, three purity and the season amid after all I wanted on the door for money R a long sigh were gonna be giving autonomy giving her trailer number try the end of to say isn’t goal while in that highly as nor as not like the immediate sign that wanted but a tram by this guy R is on loan R notices all fallen at the fears it is all actually falling to pieces right now true paradigm try or is there he’s coming to us at the embassies on running of good wine needs

star is a person alive with the start forwards woolly a mind numbing the championship in a moment Gonzalez at the peak use them are many championship by am in second place 1 looking for money Co.s I sold my best right midst green alert to the woman’s are there are more unexpected he’s gonna be at the moment I can see it once and Carries 19 enemy is 80 rate and he doesn’t@he specials are reasonably tact as a teacher is have a look at him in the transfer of them played remedy can clear it had Falk Et Les go to the Greenwood in a team write the end of the dairy sector and are looking discussing an alley in the summer like a flying building that does not look li lodestar than an issue Lothar allow me to start a reader who saw it you arts be are we had no wage budget is realized lets off O. Trent arts of a 20,000,000 they won 31. ball post in the one let’s go give them a slack 25 get calls 26 1/2 will take that all take that I need to adjust my offer slightly amateur just my mum I wage budget slightly precision are from a ceiling would I’ll take that all day a week I do need to as I say he orange, comes order bill of these local accent 50 K Eisner, except the to death in a concept is not step down from 99 K a week to 60 K a week gladly are mad asap summer in a climate gonna be crucial call it an inner I big guys I’m trying man he was a Gillingham a wage budget will be the load that was going on at we’d need given him a signing bonus basically otherwise the con son and even then isn’t even want remove bonus engine wage and signing bonus signing bonus down to zero to do anything to it and end up to what the maximum that we can give him to think is around 50 or so, what god is not gonna work cell someone is bad R that Berlin , and road , keep trying it would happen guys am sorry please just from Eva Stein for 50 error of may test lichfield money that for bringing down by bringing down Roman by bringing down

is that while wage know we need to find 15 K from somewhere our sovereign 250 K wait for man Mrs. I don’t already further tried to try sign a player on fee for their suffering 50 K as my absolute Legco Ono afford while you are demanding goes he needs time to consider it Ireland’s unavailable for only minimal I’d rather have the chance window office because I mean else at the paperwork gone through our ER , live, work on for months on in all of the world were we do deeside we do this squad pub whose really bad player treated for releasing or so were we have to pay year’s contract only that other goods are a joke and it generally done, we, we can adjust finances on this the the releasing of recent violent or anything gliders have to pay off the contract are literally releasing a player would do anything , how how well reflect it I wish that there was a midpoint between that to the signing for 26 points exciting Mr. Whitest but is making stress out so much and selling for 26.6 were alone for a don’t know how much releasing the players, help me treatise release White House since that does anything might work and went to where you sit on a night or my gosh of not stressed like this 0344 longtime the of tweed a week by week literally doughnuts were gonna go on MX back into renegotiation different are so he goes unseen any three star in a while our will make sure a player next game final of 4 May, 250 K signing bonus and 50 K a week way he from Palestine not more than enough for you at all we did it cool and Alec your skin forwards fine we kiwi, Lebed now spend a stream those have while only the on-honestly I’ll maxillae a proportion might financial decades on now

to a Eastern Europe a ghastly hasn’t getting a, PP. a still 64% many of where we literally over budget of 504 town budgets 405 go at all firing want to die as a budget currently wall King’s ear for another young goalkeeper to frame but corps right minute get close to France me wicket from these guys are in the two are the training so good that go an times the mass is a us knock up to an 84 rating as well derby game next yes indeed against a whole Mason Greenwood making his debut replay on the right demands a limb be used their Greenwood to play on the right or do we like is to move Greenwood act or and in that Leon the rightness popular move widely upset the ground while he’s out to me to churn out please irony more players get angry and eight long before it is back as well are we will put women’s are on the bench instead of suet animal to put aren’t you on the bench and stared or more to are really made her first statement signing we’ve now got century best of talk a long sides Mason we would fantastic record selling your racing green woods will prove user I’m Anya his death making his debut literature at a lower their Dunaway so unhappy with me , do that way write anywhere at promise them with so much time to try to figure out what right on the transfer negotiation were to have at tomorrow night for dinner pleasantly for are now when I hope that meeting Greenwood can make is dream debut a long side Sanchez reverse no pressure but deadline day signing 26 not 1,000,000 50 K a week arguably our most expensive player or well almost in tears and wages I assume that that such as the best use malt and Sears in terms of trust it is that there was that almond eyes and ears and I thank you very much us away from home as well , masons I didn’t get the ball to masonry mood at every opportunity I’d get written a pass at Ernst railway Arrigo on the ball Bowater but footballer made many a at the damage is it far are neat and not try to focus on giving the ball to just one player before need to do it just briefly for an Greenwood will undoubtedly find a space to begin at the Maine Coast almost as first gold the first shortly after us all my gosh a fuss assaults as art school of mosaic goalkeeping get pattern that is nowhere does, so located at home guard of honor scuffed shot from sanctuary bats or green eyed blonde was in a doses first celebration done all Annie’s bar take it would and would know that glass to all in my dream debut scores reflect this rule century bassey he absolutely incredible lower than isn’t that as attended ere we go one Neil Greenwood making his dream debut still so young at rated him as such is the best we can keep them both going all EC we still have we do have that belief that we are, make it but it’s not of for a conclusion at the moment

bicycling keep both those players we’ve us what potent strike force that might be going into next season’s interceptions not the whole city defender their winstanley to make the running for fusing to make the run baby he will now there he goes good headed clearance away you from the whole sea defence Greenwood has a ball again all try to beat the goalkeeper at the near post Woody outsiders left foot goalkeeper makes a good save down its neighbour so all Greenwood Trust had offered a header just gone reach it all comes back out now it’s really leaves looking for Greenwood grimace turn away passes and and R almost a second goal on debut or Maria masonry modes I can say tried again or old as much as we can any Sony has been called the last 10 minutes or so of the scoring that goal this tidy opportunity to score his second there as well but just misses the outsider alright the right side of the goal their glee doing is defensive duties are far side the ball however frome is cut out muscle want to or attempted 12 between toll of a steely on the far side now tyneside Breasted clutter of reduction of guys side I didn’t think we’re gonna win that a race to be fair going forward but maybe was the wrong choice but to try and that cut back inside good interception of some Davis saga that brilliant vision that to cut out pass now you can see the reader who go before Greenwood Crimmins through grimace at some length Bowers, of the crew had come back off the bone star my word rarely are ascertain sharply that was such that ensures a good move, but isn’t big enough talent good winning back of the ball there no passed inside to Greenwood cream and ran a corner to saturate at allow that water goal was a gala is a fantastic partnership already beginning to four on their between century bass and Bream enough for such as the bass my the collar that matches the holders run brilliant visions for running signing an absolutely of cenotaph kick from the lads gum on baton for about two nil strikers combining Paula second goal both of them now we’ve all one gold eight in this game masonry men on debut at such as the bass gallant carrying on his good run of scoring for us stilled top goalscorer in the championship I believe so fantastic from insofar Greenwood is now through again Scot the pace to burn gonna come back tennis bar goalkeeper just manage the summer at Tippett pas definitely need to make that save all one lucky unlucky get the ball back more than C Mason more of Somerset was too ill to fish indeed fishing dealer Grimsby Town fans absolutely loving it all way from home in the derby matc let’s go now Greenwood gets us underway in the second pass for returning to do anything special whether we’ll see would like to in the local derby game but you know what we do not, overstressed of an agreement through the grimaced at some space donated it all goalkeeper makes a smart save data is born Mike warn us to go with the wicket or non senna’s so paid a wage glass sub alright club all our c’mon there’s no way you want my players Hayes and doesn’t get down target lead to the ball away at of good await good interception longbow for all worried you try the play U the back he’ll pass their wider again I still don’t know what’s going on Monday, consent from around

RU once in a premier league table after the show sure I can see what find it or Y8 by the way the the a brahmin Clough we’ve got way that user beyond me to set norm is making a run of Wayne four that in a that defence splitting pass over the top into such as the bass or Greenwood but now off side and a stick good to good defensive alignment held there by our descent are far less mariners games Greenwood’s try and barely known as a second on debut of ER eight already repaying after that 26.6 million pounds a week later in our absolutely amazing yes Greenwood there we go destinies be playing a top finish finish by saying he had been here a whole city fans whistling in the background ever so slightly what’s the away fans in the Gri singing their hearts out with the good old fish Jon Greenberg visible acquired under her control in time to four the whole city player takes him away fro goes out low or bringing on the mum butlin be as well that Mandel MB he’s coming on for more making his debut areas now on the ball brilliant utility player again why you try not fancy back to all players simple pass plays an oath in a while but then I never said you know we can relax ago limos M MM be remedies played a ball through Greenwood’s is looking for comb and tour, and is open for manner far post a matter give a clear Tallinn or running faster towards that they this all my gosh is gone there to Charles, the cover dance Blair Davis’s blushes there might not Wales at torn one day when the corner is keep a clean sheet lads must keep a clean sheet please all my word translation or quorn is trying be Carreras near policy was an untidy but think that you might as alnwick a glitzy wa rigour buy out the defence to we go back under control build up some possessions , never go looking for you are looking for a cross again into the box for a defender it’s in the way and blocks or attempted cross and a matchstick Lien on the far side looked over tacky general over plain for all seem at a beers, by Reagan hour race , and come and rest always run ourselves is run as a free kick just a miniature dip be the mums MM Glenn be all such as the bass you were gonna do straight at a Kim Wilde Claudia Roden on the mound stand free kick from its came never on the understand free kick in the answer free kicks logo final score three Neil Greenwood scores 21 debut against local rivals you didn’t has in the background from the whole city fantastic performance from Greenwood though scoring to wonder if you can really a bottle better

than that really may be a hat trick obviously he’s gonna be better him than any more goals always been her but ideally clean across a fantastic start in fantastic game to know what to musketeers all united had won a set free kick in a decent money came on you what we’re Stephanie found a talisman their quality may quality table for hot up and at all that I need ready to listen videos on out free kicks or computer are still don’t understand got free hat trick fre in my entire to FIFA can rear of the are many would accorded to exist not by gear scored like two I think include and what on this question of FIFA so an order neither are we to do Devon’s up to 69 right that the need to planning slower research different methods are taken free kick also frock a begins and then we might play one more game at the end of this stream we will keep century bass arrest will Branson on in his place , we could do know we can dream and out to the right and then play EMB to belong side Harris and put the mantle MB on the pitch put tone down the pitch are begins have some further gains tax and tireless sorry given the game give Davies a game had worked as a duty on M and also took order them as well so to do that girl goes the national squad rotation for us R them table yeah sorry about that sorry about that argued and on we go to perhaps it wasn’t other leaders and pick competitions readily available premier league table spare Los on top, thinly table never did IMR thing but I would say that it might go by spurs were toppled the middle of the man sitting at chasing pack level as the beginning anti fur 92.4 icily could go 1. ahead Liverpool win third man united or arsenal Chelsea everton’s are in seven Southampton Watford Newcastle Leicester west ham us to Brighton at Norwich and Sheffield United’s that ballets tough on Sheffield united looked at no wins from 25 games have got to point a on tire on track to beat west remedied seen since derby star two more onerous caudal licence the residual Astro that is true days of very very true birdied to go to your order giving us a mark up games before adding wet singer, limbs , after we miss won one halling to draw them what they are sitting there were three game losing streak its we were jenna’s in a minute leaves didn’t punish a famous are drawn as well, still 1 behind them ordinary similar scheme years to dollars world are coming thick and fast now animal play he wore Morgan after this final scene games and then we’ll call it date, frayed are I don’t know how we drew daggers MS Rowe her from being honest skipped is given back on the pitch there were you know you how we do grin was gonna move up alongside such as the bus leaves, come back in at all patties the be al men adding your right nostril are to do right mood to talk to John their put Pereira back in goal and encode man for Cabral WesCo let’s go nearness in this game animal play the final game gum on please tell won the boil all they would go on anyone who scored for Saris quietly by keep your also apply to Mr. Lambie nairn late winner ambient manager summer by we won I could good unbeaten streak IRA nine

per summer canal calendar I don’t know if rather good unbeaten streak or what chair, calendar we just pick up after driven as bronze would be a whole to be Grenfell and will often Solomon the year round fate and you forgot beat Leeds tree is Birmingham be wigan’s would be palace mythic upbeat Bristol beat Burnley beat Portsmouth be followed by barnsley at last night’s Mr. Last loss was in the second and December answer from Inc a message and I didn’t eye I saw I salute added me on here at all good arm but you have an add on the trot such accuracy jai are prove me he proved it to play you I’m actually go now more another week for be a matter startling outside my young players b than on the do it, Maria Ricci yet for up to 58 harassing up to 75 MM to he hasn’t made in each retrain something asked the shop hours at 93 while let’s fast four a bit or Wilson’s scouting updates book I can see you messaging the man’s arm as they are triggered off the stream did artist and a scout’s the summer Christmas all traditionally four the minus side to Suzanne Horner said there eight fitted manage at consignee or any of these players anyway because I don’t doubt any money brilliant or less back as the right 78 to 94 this conduct by sir mark want him by reject you reject you disco BB will work filtration Mr , all these good players I’d consign for maybe we can make some money was with goodies buyers sorry suppose it looks Semite decent oral and among local restaurant or do often stream Moon was a finance it every week we put treatment rafa branch basal Moscow so doing its show me halo his we could have sworn he didn’t spend all the money on the buyer norm player buying a agreement but you know what to the final game in a stream it’s a home game against Sheffield Wednesday Greenwood’s and such is the best eyeing up for again hopefully we can pick up another victory here to extend Al unbeaten run Greenwood all Greenwood would opinion shocked by let’s go century mass so far as the rest top scorer you will entertain the chat R looking are looking after this game maybe maybe before I’m looking at like messages and staff soissons a stream isn’t the best thing to do but Baja structure it tried to chip powerful into the camera angles to the camera angles our man had followed soon by a thinner by my been recall nodding the home from the penalty spot but it wasn’t a big under control by the town’s that an asset give a damn what it looked ominous based ever go were Tory leader returns is onside right is on sided early days as I ERM case where it is sell our and year

Yerevan at Daniel execute bald more sure there we go novel, one about spurred to answer captain R R are a source requiem would sign up with teammate such as the bass to score another goal actor is tally in the race four the golden boot champ after hamble rest after hamble why you tried a cheeky back you’re you’re being serious no way you scoring a try back kill me mate no way cloud marlins good good good R grant await assets would get possession back without leave their century but a cigarette because I’d write off voice or the offside flag on is onside unwise swear I saw all the lies and sly got off for what follows is flag octagon watch a replay at our think he item at the level we much the level you know you might as the level of Eva I was involved that would be ruled out or 34 dozen of the Ira’s Star is fine possibly a Aristide ball ship so you know spine denied it looked a lot closer than it perhaps should have been a minister fantastic vision formerly just played a through ball f grisly linking up well now with Mason Greenwood’s Sanchez RE bass oh, gosh gunman trick inside a lot alloys, hat RE Scott action is at the heart out fantastic I mean brilliant brilliant football we are playing at last year’s another through always easier July country is left foot MM up the difficulty may be many as 40 gonna start an extreme if we ucta to score De maybe get really cocky with the under your realistically to the CPU may be made us all we do maybe we do not worried into the premier league maybe we make it B impossible task or try not be primar our own ordeal at Saint Arnaud or I will however be lowering it like lowering the difficulty back down to like professional its white come up against a premier bear that in mind by am going to be well as guzzle, who seized it Grassi for an all let the queen go down slightly Dali their ego when I must write dead ball situation that’s dead ball situations dead ball situations glasses and lots of a good fit take a quite content market taken out the road, and dare what to do that please educate meet someone what you score free kicks in this game I nanny to educate myself back at critics of that and my dead ball situations been talking up falling apart from a had to die wi bottom at my goalscoring spin all income free kick Greenwood a goal away R up in a she up a rant I don’t know about glad to deal with free kicks man they listen such as the bass is a hat trick inside the shocked farquhar that the deck an estimate glued you know a man into them into Miami may bowel Pereira would save rightly ends rights was the end of the first of could save a

romper error number one giveaway bats, knives are out Y83 nail in the first offered a handwritten such as the bafta main man himself gradual yet more goals to hi have to weakened and the second half growth Yuan gonna do not do it, dancer an ear to the box to try and win a free kick and the or one almost call free kick this game I want them together and card for a last ditch challenge the might want to score three kick that is right goal for this game, figured a Baldy not bar or wanna try it, try and our mother makes call free kick by passers li no no no no Nanette palsy sure why don’t almost almost always backed by a fine almost panic Tesco final game alive stream tonight so on in winning it , try and prove a chat that we can score from a dead ball situations to rest as a handball ways of beer on an groans R or masons masons had been shot by John surprise him as soon find itself in a manner space to be honest offside good line out by the defence yet again ago when a free kick R trial or I don’t know, I the best way to win a free kick in azimuth be bad in trend 090 grown men come inside out that good sliding tackle the autumn race I think it might be in R. Murray it ask whether next summer score a free kick, when I click it on a posted where you know tags actual or do all my gosh there for some studies training ground reader who do is onside right bar hard for us, perfectly or I’ll arm into Sven ordered it been bored out by the they also more their own with that and slapstick trickery the technical skill there from Greenwood to skip away from his manner look back and find more darting forward LANtastic ago four nil absolutely amazing were Whelan’s still what time is left in this game as well so good I have a few more goals are left in it for short war nil on and Lisa doing in a game by they are losing its didn’t win them will go ahead of them in the championship annulled always be truly welcome to buy us R’s of ours looking summer crimes non nominal one by one just as still do John’s day John shown downtrend Ireland sit there when depart from deck or average punch and are good clearance oh to back out with him gonna wait straight at two at the goalkeeper Pereira straightforward say to him in the end Rio R gets him back bar and a oligarchy will do some running up and lines are tried each year on sorry guys at raiders smashed it got its fourth goa transmitted cocky with it

guaranteed that if this was it any higher than this difficulty the night by denouncing it destroyed but maybe we’ll try in the p play armagh I had difficulty on three Sara no I don’t have any use as a nation but maybe that the are not R running no it a hard look at an under been in setting a of an insane play almost animals Des DU requiring a quiet man on a goner stance Sydney pulling out where fantastically level Spanish house ago and didn’t even today he Thomas Town football for one or finishes fantasy bass hat trick inside the first part is also clear act well what shorts a entente we didn’t out majo the goal so does lower good games begin to end on final game on this light streamed so there’s been a good want been slightly longer than normal but we’ll see had the ear by her brilliance I was a January France windows army managed to make a star signing in Mason Greenwood’s who has already put his stamp on attack alongside such as the bass is jekub at a weaker CDs are still top so that he didn’t lose a game they must have won it the same or we did we are only slightly behind them on goal difference as well so we are so very much been fresh from follow mind fifth place or go in third place next five for foreign us a fortress eight west brom on 76 points in fourth Bonior 74 Creston on 62 so well and truly you know we are really the only team is doing any pre I don’t nothing which played least twice arm say at what he would Windsor Spain during their fear from a fierce because they added about, I did like five years of Spanish to cover screens be me verses you are doing that , the unemployed people one stream of an also a hell of destiny lose so are to do that, apart maybe it maybe some person white Wilkes want to display development animal saint four a bit on him when th still on owl brilliant unbeaten run of think it’s been a couple months since we were last be in the championship Tories could always good for confidence as well for fashion said Caro we’ve got that properly 70 freeway as well to write be our next year, by against reading and yet such is the bass by far away trouble scoring a moment that 27 goals and 27 games go at goal again so far races got 11 and and dealers got 10 good for us as good you know he’s played to a seven games corporate and goals that’s absolutely sensational consent is the bass a guy is just insane they’re other’s egos with a menacing yet it goes by tournament takes the it goes have had a good times as much of a good time as I have had playing it and yet again another successful relatively success luxury in arm in terms of faithful and yet still put pressure on Leeds united at the top the table missing Greenwood coming into teams, held out quite a lot armed get book by war message you or exports afterwards arms yet unnam a good rest of your Friday night and all to see the weekend as well it does have a good weekend MIB streaming are some get stand are seen as a their tastes