Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures for more point-and-click adventure game action. We are back where we left off, we’re playing as Gromit, we’re trying to get rid of all the giant bees which have infested You’re not about to let a few ligand bees keep you from your business? Um yeah they’re terrorizing the whole town They’ve taken over the cellar in our basement in Wallace and Gromit’s house It’s, it’s all gone wrong So we’ve managed to catch quite a few of them in the last episode but we’ve got to get some more um starting with these guys here which i’m not really sure how to get rid of any ideas no they won’t even let us talk to him uh okay i mean we’ve got some cheese well i tried that before didn’t i um with this water but it didn’t work is it water we shook this and something happened yeah water put up your whole leggings and stay away from my shop unless you plant it by right so it seems like it’s something to do with that news agents then so can we do anything here he’s right gormless that husband of mine and with never a kind word for his hard-working wife you can’t imagine what it’s like living with a stubborn off like that yeah i’m sure i’ll show him i can be just as stubborn i’ll stay here till he says sorry all the bees carry me off all right so maybe we can get him to say sorry um it ain’t closing time yet how can we make it closing time that’s the question um can we do anything up there is that you winnie are you coming back to me at last oh it’s just that dog buggy off your mongrel and if she sent you to her ain’t gonna come crawling gabbily don’t beg it right is there anything else we can do around here you must have certainly made a mess of things with that sniffer watch him recall it but yesterday was a walk in the park compared with today’s mess giant bees i know yes crazy isn’t it um can we do anything what’s that here now yellow put that back up okay so we can do that but that seems to be important do we have anything we can replace it with like a stick or something no uh i don’t suppose no they’re gonna be too small aren’t they okay so that doesn’t work uh what about this because this sort of you don’t put that thing away right okay so that seems to be involved in some way here now yellow put that back up so we’ve got to do something there then but it’s maybe we’re missing an item or something yeah i don’t know we must be missing an item or something it seems like we’ve got to use the frying pan there but i’m not 100 sure on what we’ve got to do with it uh how do we get to west wallaby street anyway or do we go back to the house here we go straight back to the house uh okay can we take this back doesn’t look like it i failed to see how that gnome could be of assistance he doesn’t even have his little cricket bat anymore he blind he’s got a tennis racquet okay now it doesn’t look like we can get that back um all right let’s go in here because i did notice the sniffertron was down there and now we’ve got these cheeses so i wonder if you can chuck the cheeses down here yeah we can alright and can we chuck the wenzee dale down as well no okay so do we have the controls for the thing

oh that’s not the controls is it that’s the answering machine where are the controls for the sniffertron does wallace still have them of course constable dibbens tells me the west wallaby gang has been neutralized is that your work lad yeah clever work what’s that constable oh yes i’ll tell him he reckons you should take care of the bees in town if you’re up to the challenge right yes so we have got to get rid of all the bees i’m on the phone so what’s the deal with the answering machine what the hell what’s this oh it’s his clothes ah it’s the controls okay uh can we take the map as well we can can we actually pick the clothes up or no all right well maybe we can go down here and use the controls party all right let’s see if this will work it was the gorgonzola wasn’t it that we chucked down ah he’s gone in there is he up there now ah can we chuck the winsley down somewhere else oh hello i’m guessing that’s a no um all right so maybe we have to do that from outside because those guys don’t seem too keen on us chucking something across their party do they yeah yeah gromit’s gonna do it as always gromit does all the work right so can we chuck this down here now then no oh i wonder if we couldn’t get him to turn by using this again no so he’s really close to it so it seems like we’ve got something done at least by moving that across to there um huh okay maybe we go back to town again and try to deal with those bees like the constable said uh can we pick up another chi oh we can comment on this yes i know i’ve got to look into that leak something seems to be blocking the downspout around the corner but that’s not my biggest concern at the moment right okay uh what’s this sos thing no uh i don’t suppose we can use this from here oh we can it’s probably out of range right hmm now it seems to be well out of range which i would expect what can we do with this we just like use it what does this actually do oh we can use it with paneer mean saying that because he feels sorry for me on account of my being held prisoner by giant bees yeah but what if we make him say that i’m gonna do it don’t worry

what if we make him say that to his wife because she was saying about apologizing oh stop a while will you got no one tonight today and you’re a wreath listener listen to this ah mr gavilan here i ain’t much good at eating humble pie but i spoke out of turn yesterday you’re not adapted but after all what i said yeah is that you winnie breaking good of silence are you no need for silence now you’ve shown a bit of humility humility me never oh yeah don’t fool me you’re just a big old softie and i know it i need me and examined keeping shuffle but went out oh these what’s got it do you winnie stay back you see oh winnie wow that’s just disturbing can we take this now okay we can so what does that oh okay is it still there oh it is okay what happens now if we get the bees to come back across is that a thing or because they went over to the news agents before okay so i wonder if we’ve got a get them to fly into the little news agent sign bit now let’s try it right let’s do this again oh no that was even worse okay maybe we’ve got to do that frying pan thing that we tried before but she stopped us doing now that she’s not there maybe we’ll be able to do it let’s try it so we tried to set up the frying pan didn’t we oh is it gonna spring up and knock the thing out the little stick it’s like set with like a spring isn’t it so i reckon it’s gonna smack it and knock the stick out and maybe that’ll catch them in it yes okay excellent sorry for the delay mr paneer i think you’ll find the streets are now be free thank heavens for the boys in blue i didn’t do it i’ll have to ask you to accompany me to the station there’s some paperwork we need to fill out nothing too bothersome happy to do my part it’s citizens like you what make my job a pleasure and it’s dogs like us who do your job for you apparently um right so that is i mean unless there’s something we can say to them over here can we pick this back up now oh no we can’t oh do i want to do that is that going to free them again who is it me you again yeah off with you now very busy at the moment having time for inquisitive jobs all right can we fast travel now yeah we can okay so how are we going to get rid of the ones from the basement and that’s like the the key now isn’t it i know constable difference well yes like i said he’s very well trained right then goodbye constable right maybe wallace can help us seems you took care of the downtown gang good and proper yep i did so long as they’re still super sized

our job’s only half done i’d better get to work on a reverse growth formula oh yeah that’s true i suppose we’ve only tracked them um anything you can help us he’s trapped in town and in the front garden too you’re a regular big game hunter aren’t you gromit i mean there’s one job remaining the nerve center i’d go down to the cellar myself and take care of it yeah i’m sure you would the blighters seem to have a being there bonnet about yours truly do you do it grommet you’re good with animals i’ll stay up here and work on the reverse growth formula yeah what a surprise that you want us to do it he’s trapped in town and in the air he’s just gonna say the same thing again right so we’re gonna have to go down can we do anything with this now that he’s off of here what number please uh okay we don’t have a number right so how we gonna get rid of these guys down in the down in the cellar then it’s got to be something to do with the other cheese right because we tried to lob it and he goes to do it and then they they realize we’re there so is that what the music’s coming from then can we wednesday dale oh they’re trying to sting him back to dancing again okay so now he’s here can we do anything to him so there we go ah oh we can get in i see we can ride it genius gromit absolute genius right let’s turn this off shall we oh they’re mad can we how do we get out oh god oh did they take it back oh they did right okay that gives me an idea maybe we can replace the record with the one up in wallace’s room that sends them to sleep and then send them all to sleep and do it that way let’s see if we can actually do that right yeah we can okay right so i think what we’ve got to do then is go down there replace the party record with the sleep record and hopefully that will send them all to sleep and then we can deal with them so let’s do it again we’ll do the same thing and we’ll get the sniffer 3000 or whatever is to come down here for the wednesday dale you can’t sting it right and we get how does he actually fit in there it looks too small all right let’s go to the gorgonzola

unlucky guys you can’t sting me right okay now we’re up here let’s replace the record with the sleep one right put the sleep one on put the sleep one on there we go okay we did it go to sleep little bees or big bees i should say oh we did it we did it yes all right they’re all asleep now we just gotta find a way of turning them small i’m guessing oh well done grumman you did it he saved the day again you’ve pacified all the bees grommet good lad i knew i could count on you gromit always comes to the rescue don’t panic i’m coming miss flint oh it seems i’m on the dress so i mean it’s down to us his face i’m afraid my miracle growth formula led to some super-sized problems i hope you’re going to get rid of the infernals obviously oh i am and rest assured all the bees have been dealt with safely and humanely well that’s a relief but weren’t you scared facing down an angry swarm of giant bees all by himself frightened no oh well i uh i mean we did all the work so is that like the end of this part then because it seems like we saved the day heavily outnumbered of course but uh sting was on the other foot i was terrified that’s only natural miss flint well i had a twinge or two myself it’s face what was that that’s my motto oh my god it’s a really big one oh is that is that like a queen one it’s wearing a tiara so i’m guessing the queen’s trying to turn me into royal jelly oh god gratitude after i’ve built her a hide in solid brass and the magnetronic pollinator thingamajig to take all the hard work out of money making oh i’m beginning to think i should never have mixed this growth formula at all i ought to chuck it away well yeah probably no need to get excited put me down gently and oh dear nothing in the beekeeper’s manual about aerial abduction okay so we’re like in some sort of heist pursuit chase then now to get wallace back from the queen um i actually think i’m going to leave it there because we’re out of time and i don’t know how long this next part is going to take but yeah we got rid of the bees but of course we forgot about the queen and the queen is absolutely huge so we’re going to have to try and rectify that in the next episode so we’re not quite done yet i don’t think um so as always guys thank you very much for watching make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell if you or just haven’t already done so and i’ll see you all next time