Defender: Что с ним не так? Ждем Bronco! Обзор нового Land Rover Defender 2020 и Suzuki Jimny

Damn, you are so huge! It’s not exactly a snorkel We’re still drowning Guess who of them screwed up? Just in case No tires – no car! Holy crap Hello, friends. This is the latest Defender that people call the off-roader of the 21st century For this reason, we took it to the Carpathians to test it Instead, it decided to test us and our nerves But, first things first This car has plenty of reviews online. But, to be honest, none of them has given me the answers to all questions that I had when I first saw it in Geneva Is it true that it’s half plastic? What will happen to all of this when venturing off road? Can you fully trust the electronic systems during off road driving? Can the rigid body replace the steel frame? Is the new Defender good as an everyday car or is it good for long trips? Is the 2-liter engine enough or should you wait for a 3-liter one? Is it possible to customize it? And what will you have to really adjust? Is it true that the Brits and the Hindus have managed to make non-glitchy electronics? What are its major competitors? Today, we will answer all of these questions and will show objectively the greatness of the new Defender as well as its explicit flaws Which of them prevails and whether new benefits can outweigh new drawbacks is up to you to decide But first, as usual, you should subscribe to InfoCar.TV and switch on all notifications if you haven’t done it yet and you miss the newest reviews for the most interesting cars in the world First thing that came to my mind when I saw it Damn, you are so huge! With the spare tire, it’s longer than Land Cruiser 200, besides, it’s taller and even a bit wider In fact, it took the Brits a while to create these seemingly simple shapes in order to make its design futuristic and long-lasting at the same time In fact, this model was supposed to replace not only the Defender of the previous generation but also the Discovery 4 whose fans didn’t quite get the design of its 5th generation This time, the engineers’ main task was to combine cross-country ability and the comfort of everyday driving, which the previous Defender was not even close to having Besides, the car had to fit the European ecological standards and, which was the most difficult thing, to adhere to safety requirements… Which is why they decided not to use the heavy and unsafe frame as well as the beam axle They have been replaced by a rigid aluminum monocoque, the sturdiest aluminum suspension so far and the air suspension system that can lift the body up to 30 sm As usual, the Defender can be long, like in our case, or short with 3 doors, and, perhaps, this and the legendary name Defender are the only common things that this model has with one of the most famous off-roaders in the world Yes, it’s important to know that it’s a totally different car, with a different architecture and absolutely different engineering philosophy By the way, it’s not the first attempt of the Land Rover brand to make an off-roader on the SUV base But it’s the most daring attempt, for sure, and, quite possibly, the most successfule one Let’s get into detail first because details do matter In fact, the new Defender is built on the reinforced and updated platform of the Discovery 5 that, as we have seen, has a pretty good cross-country ability Both models have the load-bearing aluminum body, the have a very similar suspension structure, basically, the same air suspension, the same transmission, the same engines, and the same principle of work for diff locks and electronics Yes, this Defender doesn’t have rigid mechanic diff locks, there’s an Austrian gearbox Magna Steyr between the axles

with the free differential and the friction clutch to block it The rear differential has the same structure and it may not even have a lock – it’s an option On the one hand, such mechanisms do work much better, they even change the degree of locking They work quicker, they are lighter and quieter But, alas, it’s not quite what we expect from a true off-roader Almost the same system is installed in the new glamorous Mercedes-Bens GLS, for example Sooner or later, all of this might get overheated and these elements will wear out very quickly Honestly, I’d think pretty hard before driving this car into some serious shit Electronics is responsible for blocking these two differentials but there’s a user’s mode that can be adjusted with the help of this touchscreen Which, on the one hand, looks and sounds advanced, but considering the reliability, speed and usability, it’s baffling Getting ahead in our story, I should say that when driving in the mountain mud, we didn’t get a chance to overheat the differential,, but we didn’t really try to But, in my opinion, the shift from the beam axles to the Discovery’s independent suspension is inevitable and even good Certainly, it will impact reliability, but, at the same time, it is important to understand that with axles, you can forget about drivability on asphalt, comfort, and safety Really, there’s no place for them in the future Besides, owing to independent suspension and air suspension, the Defender, just like the Discovery, can increase the angle of the ramp as well as the real road clearance or, in other words, the depth of the wheel track But, the articulation of the independent rear suspension here is really cooler than in the stock Land Cruiser with its axles, for example Besides, the bellows allow to dampen the swinging better and unnecessary jumps when the weight shifts suddenly The car lands on the wheel so smoothly and softly that it can seemingly conquer any obstacle Whatever you might say, for now, air suspension is the only chance to combine the off-road geometry and city practicality in one car By the way, the long 110-м Defender has air suspension in stock, and the 90-m has springs from the start Of course, it still has the low-gear range, despite no longer using the mechanic transmission 4-cylinder engines, like the one we have, have the eight-speed classic automatic transmission ZF 8HP70 and, yes, the Discovery has the same one… So, I think, by now, you already have the right question What makes the new Defender better than the Discovery? What right do the marketers have to call this SUV an off-roader? In fact, it’s 3 things: The vehicle body geometry, undercarriage durability, and trims The Defender’s body is shorter than the Discovery’s at the expense of the trunk and the third row of seats, axles have been moved closer to the edges As a result, for a stock car, its ramp angles are incredible 38 degrees in the front and 40 in the rear, FYI, these are cooler than Wrangler has yet, our Jimny has even better ones Yes, they had to sacrifice the wheel base to make shorter overhangs, so, the base is now longer than 3 meters, but, thanks to huge weels and air suspension, the ramp angle is still magnificent – 28 degrees Unbelievable, but it’s the same as the tiny stock Jimny has Besides, the geometry of wheel arches and fenders is pretty good, the spare tire is located high, while air intakes are placed on both sides Despite the almost fully aluminum body, many have already called this Defender plastic one, perhaps, they want to offend it to be honest, when I first saw it in Geneva, I also noticed these little jingly panels and they weren’t perfectly attached and I couldn’t get how such a rugged-looking off-roader could have glossy elements, how it could have elements like this, something shiny, but, when we saw this production car with our own eyes, all my reservations vanished almost completely All of these look pretty rugged, solid and for a reason First, the quality of plastic, which is used in almost all off-roaders, is very high here, which is seen from just a few scratches from shrubbery Second, which is incredible, as for me, it has steel doors and steel fenders that are basically the load-bearing part of the body In other words, they are rigidly attached to the aluminum body. I guess, it’s safety requirement but, at the same time, it’s a huge bonus for those who want to drive this Land Rover

on the muddy or stony terrain It’s easier to straighten all this stuff, easier to fix And all of this won’t shrink so much Some elements, as you can see, still cause some doubts in this regard, especially these panels that have started to fall off in some of our subscribers’ cars But, perhaps, it’s the special feature of this First Edition, that should be fixed soon, I hope As for durability, the engineers say that basically everything has been reinforced here, starting with the body and suspension and ending with the hinge straps and hoses under the hood The suspension levers really look pretty impressive So, on our shitty roads, this suspension is really admirable even on the 20-inch rims Absorption capacity and smoothness of ride are just incredible, Suspension failure seems to be impossible All these things are achievable without the waddling, which is characteristic of Toyota Still, on uneven surfaces, the body is not as rigid as I expected when I heard talks about its riggidest body architecture Sometimes, the hatch won’t close during hanging out, and the entire interior starts to grunt and sort of “breathe”, car door insulation and plastic elements of the trunk start creaking (making noises), which means it does have some tilt Well, and this car is the perfect candidate for the installation of noise insulation And, third – the trims Just like Wrangler, Land Rover offers the official installation of lots of off-road options and accessories, for a fee, of course For example, it has a smart wade program with sensors in the mirrors Well, we’ll talk today about how smart it really is You can order here a winch, an inboard compressor, and a lot of other stuff This “postal box” costs approximately the same as an average car in some developing country, almost $1,000, Let’s think how it can be used Write down in comments what you could put here We decided that it would be a perfect spot for this snatch strap, and when it’s dirty, we wouldn’t want to get it from the trunk every time Considering the price tag, it should’ve been included into the original package, but we put here our ARB with a set of shackles We haven’t used it yet In any case, I think the main purpose of this thing is an element of décor because it looks as rugged as the car itself and fits the exterior perfectly But, still, if you’re going to park your car in some unsafe neighborhood, you should either leave this box unlocked, or, like truckers do, put a sticker on it – EMPTY In fact, these side steps are an excellent idea, they basically serve as a protection for the step rail and as a step itself that even I could use when the car is lifted Perhaps, this could be the only original accessory that has a more or less reasonable price, about $1,200 The original roof rack costs $1,500, but it’s nothing, considering how much it increases the owner’s sense of coolness in addition to height increase But, jokes aside, this thing is just what you need, you can attach the roof trunk because in a 7-seat version the vehicle’s trunk is so so The spare wheel cover costs $200 You can see the spare, it has the original rim and the original tire and you might think it’s made in China But, in fact, it’s one of those few elements of the Defender that is really made in Britain at least, it’s what the label says because the car itself, as you know, is assembled, no, not in India, in Slovakia where Q7, Touareg, and Lamborghini Urus are assembled The additional rearview camera – we’ve seen in the new Evoque If you use it in the city, it’s not too convenient because you need to refocus your eyes from the road to this screen-mirror But this car, especially when you venture off roading, could definitely benefit from it And if you think whether to order it you should because when you have three people in the back, when the trunk is fully loaded, and you haven’t removed this spare tire, you won’t see a damn thing in the rear window, especially when it’s raining, when there’s mud, and when the wiper can’t do its job properly, so, it leaves small dead zones This sticker 110 is another cool designer detail It looks amazing, especially from the aerial view And it’s awesome, it even protects the hood, but it costs $140 Well, you know, this problem can be solved for $20 in some shop Another thing is these cover plates In fact, they are a problem for the Defender, considering the scratches here on the fender As you remember, in the previous generation, it was a part of the fender

and it was covered in stainless steel, it could really withstand heavy weight, and now, it’s a hood décor that you should even wash carefully, let alone step on it Original snorkel (it’s actually not really a snorkel) costs $800 And you might ask why you need it when the car has a 90 cm wade depth, but But you remember when the car drives into a puddle at some speed, it can even make a wave and some water might get into the engine Besides, this snorkel is nicely styled to fit the exterior It even has this glamorous glossy cap that you’ll use in the nearest shrubbery But its main benefit is that it almost doesn’t make any aerodynamic noise I don’t get why, but even when you drive at 140-150 km/h, you won’t hear the snorkel itself The only thing I don’t like is the gap between the elements of the body here the door sticks out a little here, which makes you feel as if someone has already tried to open it with a crowbar, Overall, the fit of details here is so so One of our subscribers, who has already bought a Defender, showed pictures while complaining that dust got inside through insulation We don’t have this problem, but it exists, apparently Well, how much does this car cost? So, the base trim comes with 3 doors, no additional equipment included, and a lousy 200HP diesel engine starts with EUR48,000, You’ll have to pay EUR6,000 more for the long version with 5 doors, Besides base, there are 5 more trims. 3 usual ones are S, SE, HSE, temporary First Edition and the top one X version You can always add options, With the most powerful 400HP gasoline engine, the price could easily cross the EUR110,000 mark Friends, this Robinson here is not just to show off Hi, Eric! In fact, these 2 devices are toys from 1 set of 1 owner, and very often, they’ll stand like this on the parking so that their owner, an adult child, could leave the house in the morning and choose which entertainment and adrenaline rush he wanted today Therefore, like with this helicopter, it’s useless to apply any logic when trying to justify the Defender’s price It’s just an expensive toy, and its main job is to remain the favorite toy as long as possible and not hurt the baby in the meantime Which is a problem, apparently But if we talk about the minimum okayish trims, with at least 240HP diesel engine, like we have here, with air suspension, active rear differential, and 360-degree cameras, we might fit into the EUR60,000-65,000 price range Our car, with all additional options, costs EUR85,000, and I should say that inside, it’s far from a luxury vehicle You’ll see soon So, in terms of price, in the Land Rover brand, the Defender, for now, is a bit cheaper than Range Rover Sport and the Discovery 5 because of its simple interior Although, it’s twice as expensive as the old Defender Yet, again, its price is around the same as that of Land Cruiser 200 as of now, and significantly higher than that of the Prado or Wrangler Right now, only 4 versions of engine are available for order, but there’s information that the new in-line 3-liter diesel will be available next year If you plan to venture off road and travel, I wouldn’t advise you to pick gasoline As for me, powerful gasoline turbo engines absolutely don’t fit into this model’s philosophy It’s not created for fast driving in uneven tempo Question: is the 240 HP engine, like we have, sufficient? Getting ahead, I’d say that in the city and for off roading, it’s barely enough, But, on the highway, it’s not enough at all So, I wouldn’t recommend the 200HP at all, while 240 is ok Should we expect the 3-liter diesel engine? I think yes! and lack of power is not the only reason to wait, but we’ll talk about it a bit later Besides, our 240hp is supposed to get to 100 km/h in 9.1 seconds We checked it with a device We got 9.5 seconds The number is so so, but it will do As for fuel consumption, unfortunately, don’t wait for miracles Everything is as expected. In the city, this 2-tonn “suitcase” gobbles about 10-11 liters and what’s interesting, when driving at 140 from Kyiv to Lviv, we didn’t spend any less Кстати, заправлялись мы Pulls на ОККО

И вообще я последнее время на них подсел из-за темы OKKO PAY Поставил на телефон приложение, привязал дисконтную карточку и кредитку, и плачу прямо не выходя из машины Деньги снимают с кредитки через Apple Pay, балы насчитывает, скидки дает Если нужен полный бак – плачу с запасом, а сдача возвращается почти сразу же обратно на карту То есть, фактически, из машины в карантин выходить вообще не нужно и даже пистолет трогать не придется Плюс экономиш кучу времени Недавно они добавили еще и функцию заказа еды и воды прямо в машину из приложения, но эту штуку пока настраивают и кассиры не всегда видят заказ, приходится ходить самому Когда заботает идеально – обязательно расскажу И, да, друзья, это было проплаченная реклама, но именно после съемки я на все это и подсел, хотя раньше, вроде как слышал, но лень было поставить приложение Оказывается зря, можете и себе прямо сейчас поставить ссылочка будет в описании Designers and architects who created this vehicle deserve all the praise and glory They did their utmost best. They made a great modern mix of ruggedness, ascetism, and digital technologies Everything looks solid and very organic to fit the exterior, and it absolutely fits my views about this class But, after designers, technical specialists, structural engineers, assemblers, and programmers started to work Guess who of them screwed up!? and write your version in the comments below before I uncover this secret to you As marketers say, the interior has been created for travels and even expeditions, It’s made for a big group of modern people with lots of stuff and devices It’s not the Jimny for ascetics that has 1 socket for 4 passengers Overall, it has 12 sockets for 7 passengers and plenty of various niches and small shelves They have been worked on really thoroughly and thoughtfully, there are no cheap elements While it has no frame, the floor is still rather high, so, you could definitely use a step plate but it’s comfortable to get into the car also due to the tall body Look, it has a thick reinforced ceiling for a safer tipsy turvy descent from the mountain or for carrying 300 kg of baggage on the roof, but still, there’s plenty of head space, and you could lift the seat even with my height to improve observability In the city, I really towered above others, well, at least definitely above Land Cruiser owners, and it seems to be the first car that gives an opportunity to lift the air suspension to the top during everyday driving It’s like a spoiler in the Panamera. When you’re in a traffic jam and you’re bored, you can push this button and remind the people around that you drive a real sportscar Or an off-roader, like in this case At the same time, suspension doesn’t get lowered until the speed is 80km/h, which, considering the new traffic cameras in Kyiv, literally never happens Besides, the lift elevates the car very quickly, and when it lowers, you can hear this nice sniffling sound of the compressor somewhere in the trunk As you know, it can have a third seat (almost) instead of the armrest, which will make it a 6-seat car, We have a third row and 7 seats in total First, it might seem that inside it’s very wide, but in fact, it’s almost the same size as the Prado’s one, The front seats are moved closer to the doors, which is definitely more convenient during off road adventures When you see this rubber and plastic everywhere, you instantly want to hose all this, but you can’t. It’s just a décor while the rubber itself is really convenient and utilitarian, Plastic is soft where it’s needed, Overall, in terms of materials, everything is quite good The only thing that I really don’t like is this material that’s supposed to be utilitarian, but in practice, it has some stains all the time that you would want to wipe away In more expensive versions, you’ll have faux leather, and I think, it’s way more utilitarian Wood panels look much more solid Our seats also have such inserts made from some tarp-like fabric Is it stylish? yes. Is it utilitarian? Definitely, not You’ll have to have it cleaned much more often than leather because of these weird stains from raindrops that appear all the time Well, overall, you know, you don’t get the feeling of luxury here Perhaps, it wasn’t even a goal. Yes, there’s a feeling of staying power However, I admit it might be tricky, even though the interior is assembled pretty well,

Of course, if you disregard the fact that none of these four door panels is attached evenly, and you won’t be able to adjust the screws Why? Because, probably, the Slovakian workers didn’t hold back when using their electric screwdrivers You know, I have a friend, he’s a perfectionist So, after looking at these uneven screws, he would eventually shoot himself from his Jericho The plastic floor cover is really cool Although the fit is not perfect and you shouldn’t flood it, but you can easily wipe it with a wet cloth The central armrest cover can transform into a “feeder” for the rear passengers The solution with buttons on the steering wheel is just genious First, I thought that those were sensors, and I thought “Yuck”, But it turned out that all of this was one solid hard button It clicks, and it has sensors Depending on where you touch it, a certain function gets activated after you press it Look, the functions are highlighted, when they are active, there’s an indicator, and you can even change their designation, It looks almost the same as in other Land Rover models, specifically the Range Rover, but it’s not as conveniently made Everything is nice to touch here, and it will be so nice to wipe all of this with a wet cloth after off-road adventures Things would’ve been absolutely perfect if it weren’t for this: after you push the button, the signal is transmitted to London via the satellite internet There, it’s translated into Hindi and transmitted to Deli Then, they get a response from Deli, translate into the Land Rover language, and then send it to the screen of the on-board computer I can’t see any other reason for this system to work so damn slowly! Look! When Land Rover engineers promised that the Defender would have absolutely new, super quick, and failproof multimedia and electronics, the Land Rover’s true fans got tense and worried, Relax, guys, breathe out! It’s all fine, they didn’t disappoint! Land Rover programmers have managed to outdo themselves and install the glitchiest interface in our Solar system As usual, the first and the most loyal clients of Land Rover have been given an opportunity to become free beta testers of the software Seriously, friends, I started testing cars about 9 years ago But really, it’s the glitchiest and the most unfinished multimedia system that I have ever seen If we had an annual anti-award such as something like Gold Check Engine, it would definitely go to this Defender First Edition Its localization reminds me of a Chinese toy from AliExpress Looks like its translation was outsourced to some students or even Google translate Steering control: hard, medium, FAIR The word ‘azimuth’ was translated into Ukrainian as ‘ball bearing’ Important information about the work of differentials. Note Increased differential friction can do Well, overall, the entire menu is like this Something shuts down and switches off all the time, the navigation system hints disappear, cameras die, the phone loses Bluetooth connection, the sound is constantly on and off, The dashboard starts flickering when you choose a radio station, You can’t even find the 360-degree cameras in the menu – they dissapear sporadically The menu has lots of dead ends. When you get into some section, you can’t even leave it The screen shuts down sometimes and you need to kill the engine Just so you know, it’s simply Impossible to use of Terrain Response or climate control properly You can’t use anything at all What should we do? Shift to parking, shut down the engine, start it Nothing? Plan B. Shift to parking, shut down the engine, lock the car, wait for 15 minutes And it might not even work Then, we go to the battery terminals On top of all of this glitchfest, you have the settings for differential locks on this screen and they are, in fact, vitally important when you off-road And when you need to get to something here… For example, you need to switch on the wading sensors check the wade depth, switch on the camera, lock the differential, And right at this moment, everything starts to flicker, die, freeze up, get slow, and so on

But this choice of off-road settings, perhaps, is the ‘best’ here Remember, it used to be a separate disk? But now, they saved space on the dashboard If you want to choose the mode, you need to push this button, and then turn this climate control wheel Well, just look how the screen reacts to all of this How can you choose anything here? Yes, I understand, it’s just a code and sooner or later, it will get fixed, of course Users will be able to update it themselves via wi-fi like Tesla does, Unlike the Brits, I, for example, would be really ashamed to allow the serial production of these cars and sell them to people I feel shame for them and for those who pay this much money for such a disrespect it’s a real secondhand embarrassment Great graphics, the menu, the fonts, incredible screen resolution and brightness, but it works just as slow, as the first Nokia phones did and it has no screen feedback like Porsche does, which is simply necessary during off-roading Please tell me that there’s something off with this particular vehicle or it’s a pre-production prototype, but no, it’s a stock car from the dealership It has no Carplay either, so you need a third-party activator Bottom line, Land Rover programmers, the Golden Check Engine is all yours!! To be fair, when we were about to give the car to its owner, the manufacturer rolled out some updates, including the camera and multimedia We were told at the dealer’s that glitches had been allegedly fixed, with the key word ‘allegedly’ Because, as you can see, you need to drive it for a couple of days to make sure, but online update still doesn’t work. In other words, the clients don’t see these updates in their cars They need to go to the service station and ask to have them installed What does it change? Well, if all glitches are really gone, which I doubt, if there are no new ones, so it’s really a good thing, but still I feel bad for the first buyers’ anguish… The second row of seats has plenty of leg and head space even for me with my height It has tons of sockets, the backs of the seats have an iPad mount, coat hangers, and whatever else it’s for, and my favorite thing here is the separate climate zone Our configuration has a 3-zone climate, which means a separate zone for the 2nd row, but still, it has 2 wheels to adjust temperature, they duplicate each other Actually, they could also switch on the seat heating, but First Edition doesn’t have it Perhaps, there should’ve been a 4-zone climate more likely that it should be here because it has a nonfunctional button Sync But I like another feature most of all, when you adjust the air flow right here, you, in fact, adjust it for the front row Either it’s another bug, or it simply has 1 fan for 2 rows, I don’t know I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this, but my buddy trolled me during the entire trip, he played with this wheel quietly, and I was slowly going nuts, thinking that my climate was glitching, anyway, this feature is called how to drive someone insane Our car has an optional 3d row, which means you can move the 2nd row forward and backward, if you want Of course, you can fold it with the backs of the 3d row But I should point that this 3d row is rather symbolic here, it’s much smaller than in the Discovery. So, in fact, it’s 5 + 2 Very small and very inconvenient opening, and there’s very little space in the back, I have problems with even getting here, but, if really necessary, I think you could fit your kids here They will whine that it’s uncomfortable here for them, but I found here 2 more sockets for entertainment, so in fact, you have 14 of them! For 7 passengers! You could even throw some luggage on your kids because it doesn’t have much space in the back The steel door here seems to be very heavy, looks like the gas spring is weak very solid handles, and this device here Inside, everything is very nice here, especially this tough rubber flooring I even tried cutting it with a knife a litte Not even a scratch We fold the 3d row like this In the 7-seat version, we’ll get a not very spacious trunk, but in the 5-seat version it’s bigger Under this raised floor we have only a jack and this huge eye ring… professional one

The problem is that there’s only such thing, and you could use at least 2-3 during off-roading There’s at least 1 more socket and, the coolest thing is this 220V socket and a separate climate control for the 3d zone Just look at these cup holders, look how they’re made! There’s a rubber pud for the cup If you take it out, you could put a bottle here Well, you can see this attention to detail even in the trunk! And I’ll show you the net now It’s not actually a net, it’s correctly to call it cargo area protector. It’s just made of cloth Not everyone would understand this, but I think it’s convenient. Of course, it takes a little more time to fasten it than to roll out the standard protector, on the other hand, if you don’t need it, you can roll it any time It doesn’t take much space and you don’t need to leave it in the garage Anyway, it does what it’s supposed to do Buttons to lower and lift the air suspension, to open the hitch. There’s a separate switch for light in the trailer because the hitch here is the right one, with plug in. You know, my overall impression about the interior, if you disregard the multimedia system, and if you believe that nobody wanted to offend you, and that eventually everything would be fixed, so this car leaves a pretty good impression! The materials, the assembly quality, the design! It has its charisma! These conveniences, this attention to detail really matter they really inspire and even provoke to jump into the car and go somewhere far away It doesn’t even have to be some off-road because for example, I associate this vehicle more with road trips than with hunting or fishing. And for this very reason, just as soon as we got it, we decided that we’d definitely go to the Carpathians despite having just barely gotten out of there with our Lexus LC. And if you’re interested in this car and what you can do with it, and how we did manage to get out of the Carpathians, you can find the link to that test in the description below the video But this car, this “tractor,” should make things a lot easier, right? Overall, the trip wasn’t bad and even fun! So, what are the conclusions? First, it doesn’t feel like an off-roader at all! In a good sense of this word! At the same time, it’s not a SUV. It behaves itself on the road much better than LC Prado, a bit better than LC200 with air suspension, but it’s not worse than GLE or X5 It desperately tries to keep the steady trajectory even with the speed of about 150-160 km/h, but, still, miracles don’t hapen, and the shape of the body makes itself felt. Somewhere after 120-130, it starts to puff out a little, and after 130, it gets too noisy. It’s unpleasantly noisy and, as I said, it’s not about the snorkel. You can’t hear it itself The high center of gravity, soft suspension, too smooth steering, you can maneuver it confidently up to 150km/h tops And then, it gets really scary, but due to the long wheel base, even despite these scary tilts, it doesn’t get swept away during wiggling, and it really holds itself well on the asphalt. As I said, 240HP are not enough on the highway! It gets sluggish after 110km/h, so it’s not very good at outpacing others. And it barely hits maximum 180, with big issues. But again, if you perceive it as an off-roader, it’s simply gorgeous for trips. When we take our Jimny to long distances, we suffer during the entire trip The only thing that could’ve been much better is the rear seats. None of us has found them comfortable, they are not properly shaped, they don’t “hug”. It’s like they push you out The Prado 150 has more comfortable rear seats. Really! It’s possible that it’ll be different with the 5-seat car because it has a bit different rear seat shape It folds differently. And I should say that these “glorified” windows for giraffe watching are absolutely useless for the back-seat passengers because they are moved to the back. They could serve as an argument when you explain to your kids why they should get to the 3d row. And, cherry on the cake – matrix adaptive headlights

Their reach is far, they light the sidewalk, they cut out the oncoming traffic, and they are very bright. Until now, it was the dream of any off-roader! Question: can you buy this car as the daily driver in the city, if you plan to use it for its true purpose not more than once-twice a year? On the one hand, why not? It’s much more comfortable than LC200 or Lexus LX. People drive those, and some even say that they enjoy the experience It’s relatively fuel efficient, it has all available safety systems, it’s very comfortable on roads with bumps and pitfalls, especially if you take 19-inch rims, not 20 like we have. This version has basically everything that you need, except for massage in seats and hi-end music system. Well, you could get some noise insulation too In the city, it looks rather organic and solid. I’d say – it’s more presentable and respectable than Toyota and Lexus due to a certain image of their owners. Well, unless Defender owners attempt to keep up and start parking on sidewalks or pass traffic jams by driving on lawns. On the other hand, if it’s almost not used for its original purpose, there are much more convenient SUVs for city driving. Compared to the Range Rover Sport, GLE, X5, or Q7, the Defender is a bit too bulky and sluggish due to its 3-meter base. So, you know, its curb to curb turning circle is more than 13 meters Which is almost the same as Tundra has and even 1 meter more than LC200 The observability is also so so due to the small rear window and the spare. This camera doesn’t count because it’s really inconvenient in use. And the side mirrors are a bit too narrow. Despite the very high quality of the 3D view cameras, they give a small picture. The screen is narrow enough, and designers also added these bars at the bottom. Well, the Def is a little clumsy in the dense traffic. The Range Rover Sport is much more livelier. It has a very slow gas pedal feedback Here, look! I hit it We go Switch to the sport mode I hit it! We go! It’s really very long and it really pisses me off The suspension doesn’t have the sport mode that would make suspension stiffer and minimize clearance. I felt way too many tilts in the traffic. Besides, it drives like the new Geländewagen And the brakes For a city SUV, it takes too much time to stop from 100km/h. For an off-roader, it’s okayish So, we went to the mountains to have the real off-road experience And traditionally, we took a small off-roader with us for reference First, we found some nice fording site to see how these wading sensors would work. Honestly, after Silverado with its Silverstone, it was a bit scary to get into the water because of the muddy bottom We had regular standard tires Just in case! It’s supposed to be 90sm when lifted, and at the same time, look, it has no hard lock in the wade mode As it turned out, it wasn’t too deep here, but we wanted to see the exact depth. It has sensors! The maximum wade depth is 90sm I think it had about 50sm tops The electronic system tries to guess what’s at the bottom and try to choose the correct path. Actually, it succeeds because if you saw it, Silverado skidded Where’s the wade depth?! Here, it shows up to the hop. So, it doesn’t indicate depth so far But it shows the level We made it! Too easy! It drops about 100 liters This water is somewhere under the bottom

And, as usual, Land Rover is so Land Rover! Because it still shows that we’re still wading and drowning at 60sm depth I guess I should kill the engine and wait for 15 minutes? The next seemingly simple goal was to get on the mountain and make some nice shots with the drone, but there was something we’d missed… Recent rains had turned this mountain road into a literally very dangerous challenge. A steep incline, slippery loam, and a very heavy Defender with all-season tires… First, we thought it was a fun challenge for us, and Jimmy, with its BF Goodrich, set pace and pushed us not to give up Of course, had I lowered tire pressure to at least 2 atmospheres, things would’ve been drastically different, but at the moment, the worst outcome for me was to slash a tire or to bead it, so I made a rather questionable decision – not to risk them and try to get to the top with essentially overinflated tires. The pressure was about 3 atmospheres! On the other hand, it was some sort of an interesting challenge, a test for the glorified settings of the electronic systems But honestly, as the incline grew steeper, I liked this idea less and less I tried the settings of the Def’s electronics, and with my all-season tires, I did all I could not to get behind the Jimny with its All Terrain, but when the vector movement in skidding started to veer off more and more often and I was going to give up a couple of times and not take chances I give up! I don’t want to rip all 4 tires! Here, it barely goes, but I would risk getting into the rut. And, no tires no car! But the cherished mountain pass was so close and so alluring that we kept crawling up I should admit that despite the incline and bad grip with the road, the low range was enough to climb the mountains without slides, and we passed the most dangerous parts in skid, thus removing mud from tires and gripping the solid ground Moreover, despite the load, during the hour of this climb we didn’t overheat either the diff locks or the transmission Or, at least, we weren’t aware if we had. At the same time, the Jimny wasn’t loaded and nothing seemed to be able to stop it … But no Well, the Jimny managed, while BF Goodrich didn’t… Anton, the Jimny has a spare tire, at least. You can lift it with your hands. Can you imagine if something happens to the Def’s tire? or 2? Of course, due to this situation, my fear of driving home on bare rims became even stronger and besides, the last 30 meters were, probably, the steepest and the slipperiest But at this moment, our thrill was reinforced when a group of some teens literally flew up the hill pretty easily in an UAZ with good tires Due to the risk of sliding down, we decided to take turns when climbing The Jimny, being the favorite, went first, but it hit its limit almost immediately. Even its great tires didn’t work because of mud in the grooves, and the engine wasn’t enough to speed up or to dig to the stony surface But nobody had prohibited to use the winch! We had to enlarge the winch strap with a cord, while lacking 10sm were compensated by two additional “horse” powers About half an hour later, Suzuki finally climbed to the top and parked so that it could use its WARN winch to pull the Defender if necessary And now, when reminiscing about this moment, I wonder why didn’t we attach the winch initially, just in case!? Why did we try to prove that the Def could climb on its own!? Perhaps, because it really was able to! It was obvious in the way it easily overcame the spot where the Jimny had stopped But, with mere 10 meters to the finish line, something went wrong I should point that I had the ‘mud and ruts’ mode on because I thought it was the most optimal one. And, of course, we used low range to climb this incline I had gas pedal to the floor and I trusted the electronic system that seemed to know what it was doing and allowed to

exceed RPM, thus clearing the tires and getting to the stones under all this loam The car moved up slowly but steadily and it seemed not to stop any time soon But the RPM started to drop suddenly and drastically I still don’t know the reason Either we overheated the transmission, or the electronics decided that enough was enough The car stopped in its tracks, and realizing that it had lost its momentum and wouldn’t go further, I released the gas pedal and quickly moved my foot to the brake I habitually pushed it to the metal. I was going to switch to reverse gear and safely move down at low range to try to climb again You can see on the video clearly when the brake lights activated and the slightly skidding wheels stop dead. The car stops for half a second and doesn’t move, having enough traction with the surface, and then it suddenly stalls downward with breaks released I guess anyone, who has even the slightest idea what stalling in reverse from the mountain implies, already has goosebumps There was a turn and a cliff. And it’s a pity that the camera couldn’t show the real incline and the atmosphere. After about a meter, the electronic system came to its senses and started trying to break, but it was too late… The speed, stock all-season tires, the wet road… The car started to speed up and roll to the cliff, and people didn’t even realize what was happening Now, everyone asks me – why I had honked at that moment. And I wanted to say something like “Bye, guys!” Because at the moment, I really thought that this was it What saved me and the car was the deep rut and the understanding that I had to maintain the movement vector at all cost, and only then try to stop Which I did During the first 30 meters, I did my best to keep a steady trajectory to avoid flipping the car, and then, when the incline angle became a bit smaller, the car started to slow down, I steered it to a deeper nearby rut and managed to stop the vehicle Yes, it was probably the longest 7 seconds in my life But now, the main question. What was it?! Having studied the footage from 3 different cameras, we concluded that the electronics could’ve mistakenly perceived this stop on the hill as a wheel lock, and in order to maintain the movement vector, it made, as it had thought, the only right decision – to unblock the brake disks. In other words, it did not what was expected from it I guess it was a flaw in the system algorithm, or a simple error in the software that, probably, would have never occurred on a smooth road, or if we had different tires, but in such an unconventional and unfortunate situation it could’ve cost us lives. Of course, we sent the footage to the manufacturer’s representatives for analysis, and even though they asked us not to publicize this situation, we still decided to make it public with one main goal – to urge the owners of the new Defenders not to repeat our mistake and warn them against using these vehicles in extremely dangerous situations like we did! Well, at least, until we get a comprehensible answer from the manufacturer! Of course, we’ll share it with you no matter when it happens and no matter how this situation resolves, we’ll inform you about this case in the description to this video Subscribe to the channel to be informed! Well, as you understood, this situation gave a rather telling answer to the question, which we’d put at the beginning of the review and which has been discussed in professional circles for a while: can you trust the super complex electronics in real off-roading situations? When your worst outcome is not a search for a tow truck but the loss of life! Ok, I’m dry already and I release the brakes It goes on its own with the assistant during descent It’s a bit difficult to start trusting it again, to be honest. Well, I removed the foot – it works, but it might shut down Upon return to Kyiv, as promised, we immediately went to our friends and partners in off-road tuning – 4×4 Offroad Centre to see if the Defender needs customization and if it’s possible Specifically, if it needs additional bottom protection and if you can install a winch, as without it, as you have seen, it gets difficult when off-roading. If you remember, here we modified our green Jimny. While the customization is not over, on this channel, we already have

episodes about installing diff locks, a robust protection, and so on It’s not exactly a snorkel. The manufacturer doesn’t guarantee protection from water. The depth of wading is essentially the same, but from this point, the car will get clear air without dust and sand This is where that hook’s hidden. We couldn’t find it before starting the wading. And it definitely looks cool. It’s located in the middle, solid. But, see, if you’re stuck somewhere, you’ll need to have diving gear to dive and unscrew these 4 screws and remove the panel Or, you should know about it and do it beforehand This protection has a rather nice and smart solution – a 4mm aluminum plate It’s placed fully on the subframe, on its front and rear parts It maintains the road clearance well because it’s pressed to the body as much as possible. This sandwich solution is very interesting, it allows to combine the internal outside sheet with mud protection. As for the rear differential protection Very questionable solution with this connector. We can see that protective case is damaged already It’s very easy to rip the wires off I’m surprised by this choice for the brake system, quite questionable one How did the manufacturer of the vehicle with the curb weight of 2,3 tons come up with the idea of installing a 2-piston system As for the winch … The manufacturer has left enough space to have even the biggest possible winch installed There’s nothing difficult about installing it We replace the stock impact bar with custom one We build a foundation and put it on the frame rails The winch weighs up to 30 kilos It can handle up to 5.4 tons It will cost about $2,500 I think it would be even cheaper than the original one It was a really difficult test. I have very high expectations from the car. Thus, in some moments, I was excited, in others – disappointed. Will this Defender become the all-terrain vehicle of the future? Possibly! Is it the classic off-roader for now? Definitely not anymore! The idea was to create the most comfortable and convenient off-roader in the world But, as for me, they’ve made the SUV with the best cross-country ability in the world, which is already not bad, but you know what? The line between these 2 notions is so thin that you might not agree with me. And you know, it’s more about what you personally expect from this vehicle. If you want the nominal cross-country ability, believe me, the Defender, even with its load-bearing body, its electronic diff locks, and all this stuff that we’ve discussed today, will leave all competitors in the dust If you want comfortable travels, it’s your car But if you want reliability and long-term use, you still should look at Japanese cars! What it really has in abundance is its honest rugged charisma. I think it’s the reason why people buy it well now and will keep buying Because it has so much of this charisma that it allows you to ignore most of its drawbacks and all of this that we’ve discussed today. Or you can go blind and not notice them. Question: do we recommend this vehicle for purchase? Until they fix glitches with electronics and until the situation with the brakes is resolved, I wouldn’t hurry, but there will be a 3-liter engine and we’ll be personally able to see its competitor Ford Bronco. And by the way, we already get ready for its test-drive. And maybe, Bronco

will become our new … Ok, I won’t get ahead of myself. But, in any case, you should subscribe to our channel because, as you know, there’s more to come! Bye!