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(fast paced rock music) – Hey girl hey, this is Getting Younger If you spend every week counting down the days until the next episode of Younger, I got you My name is Taylor Strecker, and we’re live in Union Square in New York City We have such a good show for you tonight, I’m so excited As always, the show is about you the fans, You’re the producers actually Telling me what you want to talk about, questions Sorry to my producer who thinks she’s in charge, because actually you’re in charge So start sending me all of your questions, your comments, and vote in our first fan poll So, last week Liza and Josh were getting close again Do you think that he could actually be back in the mix? Yes, mix it up or Nick’s on the mix Type in your vote in the comments section below right now, and we’ll get to all of your votes in about four minutes But first my guest of the night, the one and only Debi Mazar Hi Debi? – Hello darling – I love her. I’m so excited you’re here – I’m so happy to be here – And you’re flying to Italy tomorrow? – Tomorrow I’m going home – You’re going home? – Yes, I’m going to Florence – So the packing is done? – Packing is not done – Oh no. Oh no – I did most of the packing today, but I have to now do my hair pieces, all the beauty stuff, because I’ve I got teenage daughters – So it’s like – Okay – Hair products, makeup, highlighter It’s insane – Don’t lie how many bags? – I have daughters. Nine – For just you? – My husband, I need to have sex with him because he has to deal with all of the girls, constantly – (laughing) – So his only outlet is either sex, or riding his Ducati – That is some good outlet – So yeah, tonight and tomorrow is going to be very intense until we depart in terms of packing – Well thank you for coming here – I couldn’t be more happy to be here – You’re appreciated – Yes – So we’re also drinking our cocktail of the night – We are? – It is called the double Dipper [Debi] Ooh – So let’s cheers to Kelsey for being a double dipping diva – Yes – She is And she’s flirting with both those those hot boys, Jake and Zane. So Cheers to that – Cheers to her – I like that Mm-hmm – And here’s cheers to Hillary for having a baby – Cheers Taylor for having a baby (mumbles) – This is really nice, wow – Okay. It’s tequila, it’s delicious it’s refreshing So, let’s talk about double dipping What do you think about dating two people at once? – Well, to be honest with you, I think if you are single, – Yes – It’s perfectly fine – I agree – Why not? Three or four – What’s your max that you can juggle at any given time? – Well, I really couldn’t tell you I’ve always been a one man woman When I was in my prime of dating, and not being in a relationship, I think I was dealing with three – Three? – Three Three, so I would schedule them differently – Was there a system that you want to share with us? – No, not really. Not a system – I remember sitting at a table at the SAG Awards, and thinking, “Okay, I’m seeing two people “at this table right now. Oh, my God.” – (Laughing) – And it was empowering – Yes – And I’ve always been more old fashioned And Madonna said to me, “Debi, why are you being so – Prudish? – “Virginal? “just date and have fun “because if you get married, it all ends there.” And so I thought, “Mh-hmm. Ping.” – (laughing) – And I decided to start dating different people Just because I felt like before I got married, I really wanted to know, I never had I had a type and I married my type, but I wanted to try different types of men, women, and try to figure out what was going on, and figure out who I was and what I wanted out of my life – Yeah – And I married the right guy, I have to say But at the time where I was dating multiple guys, it was really crazy Because it was like, (mumbles) try to figure out what Friday’s like or Thursday’s like, and make sure I don’t like a crossover – Well right now, Kelsey is just flirting with Zane and Jake, but if she continues further, it could get interesting on the show, Mm-hmm? – Yeah. Well, it does get very interesting – Okay – And with Kelsey, I think her double dipping is actually fantastic And her para mores are a little bit obsessive and controlling

– Uh huh – And her being a powerful woman, I think that she’s dealing with it in the right way And I think this will reveal as the story comes along But both storylines are pretty interesting and hot And I think that the Jake story is interesting, because he is actually vindictive – Yes – And that sends the story over into a whole other dynamic – That’s a good tease – Yeah – I like that one Well, we have a lot more questions coming up for you from the fans So you guys, get your questions in right now But first, let’s get into last week’s episode While Kelsey was killing it, Liza’s love love life almost led to losing everything when new boo, Don Ridley tried to publish a story that would expose her real age. What a dick Take a look (upbeat rock music) – This story might end up being the best thing that ever happened to you It could make you the poster child for ageism – And also kill my career, and damage millennial – Well, none of that’s gonna happen They just pulled it There’s some social media thing that’s exploding about being age queer Whatever that means Suddenly everyone’s sensitive to age shaming – Oh, wow. Good They should be sensitive to it – Yeah. And once again, I’m out It seems like the only people that get discriminated against anymore are middle aged straight white men Hashtag me. Okay. Hashtag me – You know, I think I might know why you can’t find work – And why is that? – Because you’re an asshole Don ♪ Chicken Chicken. ♪ – Oh yes honey, yes It looks like Maggie is starting to rub off on Liza a little bit right there I liked how she just told him off – I’m so proud of her – What do you think about that scene? – Well, it’s kind of incredible Because that is one of Sutton Foster’s ex husbands – I know. It’s I mean, so I watched the behind the scenes that is on demand for you guys, for the season And you all were like, you didn’t really realize he was going to be there until right before And you guys all were like “Oh my God.” – Well I wasn’t aware of Christian Borle, until my 12 year old, who’s a huge theater geek, told me about him – Your 12 year old? – And she wants to meet him And the only thing she keeps on asking me is, “Can I meet him? Christian, Christian, Christian.” So I don’t know a whole lot about him I’ve seen him probably in plays, where I didn’t realize who he was But that scene in particular it’s interesting because, she takes a stand, she’s really strong And I think that is what Maggie wants for Liza because, Maggie has always said, “Okay, Liza, you created the lie.” I mean, I created the lie – You did And then, at a certain point, she needs to then figure it all out But we never thought it was going to become this whole thing – Right? – So with Christian at least I feel like for her to be strong, it’s really important Because she hasn’t been that strong between Josh and Charles – No – And so with other lovers, I feel like it’s been really great, because at least we see Liza have a pair of balls, and we see another side to her – What would Maggie have done in that situation? Grabbed him by the balls? – I don’t know, quite honestly, – Hold a knife? – Maggie’s gay – Hold a knife for (laughing)? – So I don’t think she’s thinking about that situation Liza – So it’s time for our poll results from the first poll So, last week Liza and Josh were getting close again Do we think he could be back in the mix? Okay. And the majority of you said, “Mix him.” What in the hell? I am so upset with you guys – Okay- – I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion Debi, what do you think? – A lot of people really they’re pro Charles, because he’s the good looking boss But I have to say, he doesn’t know a lot about Liza’s information, or her history And Charles knows her a lot, He accepts her – Yes – And they have a great thing And I think that also her relationship with Charles is kind of incredible There’s the discovery process and in relationships, to peel away the onion peels, and to learn about somebody is kind of amazing So, I don’t know – But all your scenes are with Nico, Josh – Yeah, they are – So are you team Josh or team Charles? – Well, I’ve never met Charles – Right – I think that when Liza comes home and she’s excited about this other guy The problem is that there’s this whole idea that there’s a problem at work with her age The problem at work with her revelation So I think that Maggie’s protective Just like she wants her to still- Maggie wants to get her side of the rent paid,

which is something that no one really talks about on that show- – That’s so far and so true – I need get my paycheck from her – Money honey – And it really is very helpful So when you think about the reality of what Maggie’s going through Liza is now working, and bringing her a paycheck If she loses that job Now I’ve got room mate, – She’s your breadwinner And you know, I make money too. Or Maggie does, but I feel like Maggie really wants Liza to have lovers because I think that she’s also very open, open minded – Totally – And after getting a divorce, it’s really important for Liza to explore all of her opportunities And Maggie’s gay – Yeah – So it’s like, “Hey, you like this guy, you like this guy? “you want chicks now? Okay, if you want to go there, fine.” But I think that Maggie really wants Liza to find herself and to be really happy, So if Liza is happy with Charles, I think that’s great – Right – And I say I, Maggie would be very supportive – So you’re team Liza? – I’m team Liza – I like that – I’m not team Charles specifically because I’ve never met him, I’ve never seen him – Do you think Maggie and Charles will get along? – Sure, why not? – I think they would – He’s lovely – You’re very cultured, you’re an artist – She knows stuff, she reads She loves books and stuff I just think that for the most part, that Josh is something that was a transitioning kind of guy, but he’s also something that’s very dear to Liza’s heart So I think that there’s something there, but I think that Charles might be the more mature next step thing for her to explore, because they are of the same age in reality – Then I guess I take back getting mad about the nix, maybe it’s time to nix Josh for now – No, do not nix Josh – Okay, you hear that? – Never, never He lives next door to my apartment – Yes, I know – And he also is somebody that is fantastic and embraces her And they still have something – A thing – And they had good sex – Girl, it’s a lot. It’s everything – And that is everything – Okay, let’s get into another poll Let’s get another one going on So which of these weird sex things on the internet isn’t a thing? So we saw on this episode all about bread facing, which I find so fascinating by the way So anyway, here are some things that are actually weird internet sex things, but which one is not? So looners popping balloons like to pop balloons Is it really it’s good to turn someone on, or turn them off I don’t understand it They tried to explain to me I don’t I still don’t get it Pancaking, which is pouring syrup on each other and flipping each other over Again, is it like bumping butts? I’m confused Then there’s pedal pumping, which is women trying to start cars I hope that one’s not real And then a Medusa fetish, which is loving up on statues I mean, cast your vote type it in the comments section below – All of them are kind of crazy – We’ll get to it in five minutes, and keep those questions coming and comments as well And well, we have to get to some questions with Debi But real quick, I hope none of those are true Are you disturbed by those? – Well, pancaking? – Yeah, i like that one Can we bring pancakes into the bedroom? Because then I’m on board – I like pancaking – (laughing) me too – Yeah. Statue hugging? I would love to hug the Statue of Liberty Because it’s like, she’s amazing And I see her from Fairway in Brooklyn And I find her so beautiful, and she stands for everything that America is about So I’m kind of like maybe I would hug her And I’m really proud of the woman whose name I don’t remember But the woman that just recently did a protest – Through the balloon popping? – For immigration Balloon popping? I don’t get it – I don’t get it either Well, we’re gonna find out what’s real and what’s fake in just a little bit – Okay – But first, questions for Debi This Veronica H. “Debi Mazar, you are fantastic “I love Maggie, she’s got spunk “Are you like her in real life?” – No, I’m not like her in real life – What percentage of you is in Maggie? – My hair is like, Maggie I don’t like people to do my hair I just like to slick back, and have my ponytail – Oh good, because its working – And so I think that there is that kind of similarity Other than that, I’m a type A personality I have kids and I have a husband, I’m a workaholic Maggie’s much more free flowing I think Maggie likes to live beautifully She’s an artists and she likes to have good food and good wine That’s something that I take part in

– You love that, yes – But we are actually polar opposite – Polar opposites – I’m actually a Mench I say that with love I’m emotional, I’m softer. I work harder in terms of work, So we’re very different The only similarity is my hair, because I don’t like anybody doing my hair Unless I have to play another role where I can’t have this hair (both laughing) – Okay, another question coming in from Corey H “What was your favorite scene to film to date” – My favorites? I have many favorites, but I have I think that one of my favorites was filming the bathtub scene with the girl with the mustache – Oh my God that was the best – It was lesbian moment where I’m with a girl on a date and she’s got this mustache – That you can’t stop staring at It’s kind of smug – And I want to shave her We got into a bathtub Me and the actress actually got into a bathtub, That was a Brooklyn clawfoot bathtub – Tiny – And we both were wearing Pasties and G-strings And they try to fill the bathtub with bubble, and she was really tall, and I’m like really curvy And we barely fit into it, our legs wrapped around each other – (laughing) – And we had the best time Because she was a great actress The bubbles never stayed on our boobs – Never – And the pasties fell off And we had to do this whole scene, it was very organic The whole crew saw our our vaginas and our tits – (laughing) – They were very respectful And I just had so much fun because it was like physical comedy at its best At its best – I loved it – I had fun. I’ve had I think Shiksa in the mikvah, where I had to go into the Jewish pool, and do the whole scene with, you know I was literally naked – I see a theme – I’m the most curvy actress on the series and I’m always naked I try to give it up, I try to be real, I try to just do my thing and be real And Darren writes great stuff for me, I have to say But, those are kind of my favorites – Those are the two favorites – And I happen to be wearing very little clothes (mumbles) sip on this drink on that – Okay, let’s go to Jessica S – Oh my God – Hi Debi, Would you ever consider directing an episode, like Miriam did last week? – You know, it’s funny It’s very good question I feel like there’s been moments in my life where I’ve really wanted to direct but, I don’t have that brain – What is that thing? – Well, the thing is, people think oh, yeah. Be a director Here’s the deal, you have to see camera right camera left, you have to understand the shot You have to get the actors on point I’m a better producer, I’m a better actor And I’m also somebody that’s a better writer Directing you have to be available before and after, and revisit stuff I don’t have that much time or interest I like to deal with budgets I like to deal with production I like to deal with other elements There’s a lot of things that come into play – Yeah – With a project Whether it’s a film or a TV series I’ve often thought to direct, but I think that I would prefer to turn in a project and produce, because I would rather be on set and give notes, and have somebody a director, an assistant director who understand the camera angles, who confer with me Because I don’t have the focus that it takes for directing I had the desire at one point, but I don’t have it anymore – It’s gone – It just like test passed – It just left. I think in maturing, I’ve realized what my talents are And that’s not one of my talents – And also, your plate’s a little bit full You got a lot of hats to wear – But Miriam sure, was an amazing director She really brought it and she has a thing, where she would fine tune, watch us, bring out the performance in each character, and then go home, have to edit, have to pay attention I don’t have that When I get home, I got kids So does she by the way – I know – I just don’t have that focus – Its just a certain personality that’s very meticulous – It takes a very certain type It’s not that meticulous, I’m meticulous in other ways I’m better with producing, knowing where my budgets going,

Understanding set direction, lighting I know different things, but directing is really specific And by the way, I could probably do it – Yes, I know you could. I watch you – But I’m not trying to be a director – Okay, there you have it – There you have it – Asked and answered – Liza And there we go, it is time for another poll result So which of these is not a weird internet sex thing? Don’t forget, that means three of them Three of them are. Okay So let’s see the majority of you guys said pedal pumping I actually forget – Pedal pumping is like – Okay, so pancaking is actually the false one The one that Debi and I like the most, pancaking is the fake one But the balloon one is real, people pop balloons to arouse each other I can’t even – I don’t get it – I don’t get it – Getting aroused in popping a balloon – Pedal pumping is real That’s the most sexist thing in the world And then then Medusa, the statue loving That’s also real Debi thoughts on the internet and sex? – Well you know what, I have to say when I go to a museum, I always want to touch, – The statues? – A certain statue to get the energy – The David, – I know – I saw it, was ready to go for it – Touch his penis? – Well, you know, I’m not really into penises these days – You can’t touch him – (laughing) because his penis is almost rubbed off – I always want to go like – He’s going to have a micro penis if everyone touches it – Or a really big one – They should replace it for him, he deserves it You’ll be seeing it right maybe? – I’ve seen it already – She’s like been there done that – I’m living in Florence, almost 20 years, so – Okay, it’s time for another poll If Maggie wrote a memoir, what would it be called? Okay, so the color Maggie – Oh my God – Mag the Nice. The Owl and the Pussycat, or Maggie, may I sleep with danger So cast your vote right now in the comment section below, and we’ll get to your answers in just a little bit And while you’re voting, let’s play a game It’s called did Debi do it? So it’s basically two truths and a lie, but with a way cuter name So, you’ll be playing at home using our fan poll So just type which answer you think is the right, well the lie in the comment section below, and let’s get this party started. Are you ready? – Okay, let’s – And I don’t know the answer’s, because they’re Debi’s truths and then there’s the lie Okay, so here we go – Okay – Did Debi do it. Which fact is false I started my career as a makeup artist I once had a pet Ferret named Maisie I almost hosted Bravo’s Top Chef What do you guys think it is? Debi, don’t give it away – Okay – So I’m gonna guess, and try not to tell me if I’m wrong or right I feel like you would have a Ferret And that’s not an insult – What’s a Ferret? – Ferrets are those cool little squiggly things? It’s like a half cat half dog – Is it like a squirrel? – Slash rat – Like a squirrel, – A long one – Like a rodent? – It’s like a skinny squirrel – No, I would not have a Ferret My daughter keeps on asking for one I’m like, I don’t even know what a Ferret is – Well then, in that case let’s go to the polls right now and see what your numbers are Because Ferret one is a lie I wonder how they got that? I think Debi just told them – What? You think I had- – Nope, they know that’s the lie – Okay – Because essentially, we both just told them – Okay – We’ll do better on the next one But first, so makeup artist? Yes you were, I knew that That one I knew – Yes, that was me – But, can we talk about the Top Chef thing? Because that’s kind of brand new You told at Andy Cohan that I watch What Happens Live – Well, I told Andy Cohan because he asked me, but I never thought about it But yes, Andy Cohen came to my house and he asked me to host Top Chef before it was originated And I was like, “I can’t do it right now because, “I just had a baby, and I’m really fat right now “and I’m breastfeeding And I can’t go on the road “for nine weeks.” It was a nine week gig – Oh right, I forgot its like a- – And bring a pumping machine And I already had a cooking show at that point, which I was also working on So I’m like you know, “I hope you can find somebody great.” And they got Padma, who’s amazing Who’s actually an incredible cook, an amazing cook – Yes – And so it all worked out for everybody – I would have loved you, just saying – No, no, no. I wasn’t available and it wouldn’t be the same show of Padma didn’t do it – That’s true. Fair enough – So I’m really happy that she did it – Well, I still would like to see you maybe pop up on it Maybe in the near future – I did pop up on it, I did an episode – When? Which one? – I did an episode, I don’t remember I did some episode of it – There like a million seasons – I mean in terms of cooking shows, I’ve done every cooking show there is. Including my own – Your own, yes – Which I won one James Beard award We’ve got one cookbook that’s a New York Times bestseller And another cookbook That wasn’t a New york (mumbles) – Whatever – The second one, the first one was amazing I recommend everybody should get that book

– Absolutely – Extra Virgin, the first one But there’s no mistakes, I really feel like everybody finds their thing – Yes – And you know, for Top Chef, Padma is incredible She’s got incredible cookbooks, Indian, American – Yeah, I forgot about that – Incredible and she’s beautiful, and she’s a great hostess And probably better than me in some ways for a genre like that So I always really support my girlfriends in that way – So nice, and also such a huge theme of Younger, which is why I think it’s such a lovely show – That’s why it’s great I remember you asked me once in the podcast, “You guys love each other so much, it’s just love fest.” I’m like, “You know what, actually “we do love each other so much, “but what’s amazing about Younger is, “we come to work, and we are professionals “that show up on time, “we enjoy each other, it’s professional, “and no one plays diva here in this show “So even though it seems like we’re all going to go out “and have drinks, or party, or go to “we all have kids or we don’t. We all have lives.” – (mumbles) there’s stuff to do, yeah – We love coming to work, this is a safe place we all like each other We tell each other like secrets But we all show up on time No one’s diva and we all have each other’s backs at every single show And that is the hugest thing on This show in particular, it’s been like a really wonderful experience A lot of shows you go on, there’s some asshole that’s acting out, there’s always somebody that isn’t bringing it, doesn’t know their lines On this show, everybody comes to work prepared and it’s lovely – I love that – It’s a great experience and the writers, the cast, – Its amazing – The crew is amazing, we always get the same crew year in year out – It translates – It’s great. It does translate and it really shows up on the screen I have never once gone in to do a voiceover on this show Not once – That’s incredible – Not once – Five seasons – Sounds, you rock. Matt, you rock We have transport that’s the same Transportation. It’s union, it’s New York It’s like the balls of New York – I love it – The people that work together and it’s great – Well, that’s why the show is so frigging amazing Okay, can we get back to your lies and your truth? – Oh my lies? Okay – So did Debbie do it? We have, I once had a roommate who ran an illegal gambling ring out of our living room, and I found out when the cops showed up Okay. I once had a roommate who painted over a painting done by Basquiat. Did I say that? Right? – You did – And then I once almost hit Martin Scorsese in the head with a scale. Please be true You guys cast your vote right now What do you think is the lie of this trio? Okay, so I know you’re a big art aficionado So I’m going to say that I think that that one is true Which is crazy and I want to hear the story I’m praying to baby jebus, that Scorsese thing is real – Who’re you praying to, baby? – Baby jebus. And then but the gambling, I feel like I could see that happening in your life (both laughing) Okay, so let’s see what you guys think is the lie You guys think that gambling is the lie? Debi, are they right? Is that the lie? Are the other two true? – Basquiat is true. Scorsese’s true, and – Gambling is a lie? – Gambling is not true – Okay wait. Scorsese and the scale, go I got to hear the story – Okay. So during Good fellas, I had a scene where I freak out and I throw this scale – Yes – And I threw the scale, and I threw it and it literally sailed over Martin Scorsese’s head – Oh my gosh. I was hoping you guys got into a fight – No, God no. It was my first big movie and I was like, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” – Oh my god – So, that really happened – What about the painting? – The painting I had a refrigerator that Jean-Michel, He was Seymour at the time and he had to stay with me as a friend in my apartment, – How cool – Well, he was great as a friend, and he painted my refrigerator, which not only has your Jean-Michel Basquiat, but also had Kenny Scharf and Keith Haring. My friends – So it was worth how much money, that door? – It was probably worth at this point, if I had had it $20 million – Oh my god – But anyway, at the time it was worth nothing It was just like a refrigerator that my friends painted on – A fabulosity – Yeah. And, and I wasn’t thinking it was going to be anything And then I had a roommate that was vindictive, and just decided to paint over it – You should sue that roommate Oh, no, she’s gone, she’s out of my life But anyway,

– (mumbles) – The refrigerator is gone, and I’m really sad because it was awesome – Argh, I’m heartbroken over that – I think I have one Polaroid somewhere – You’ve got to find it in my collection of how it looked I have to find it in – Find it – Some boxes somewhere in the basement, which probably is like rotting from humidity, in this New York heat – Oh, that’s beautiful with the heat because I’m melting – Yeah, I archive things, but I don’t necessarily have them archived properly So they’re in like plastic bins in my basement – Story of my life, all my baby pictures are crumpled up and folded, thanks mom – I take them apart they’re stuck together – Yes, yes – I peel them apart, oops – Okay, last question. Did Debi do it? Okay, so I did do it – Did Debi tease? – I’m besties with Paul Reubens aka Pee-Wee Herman I was on the hip hop variety dance show called Graffiti Rock, or I once was stuck in a roller coaster for three hours, and calmed everyone down by telling them about my favorite recipes Vote right now for which one you think is the lie? She’s laughing because it happened That’s what’s going on – They all happened – (Laughing) Okay, so I feel like the roller coaster could work, because roller coasters be breaking all over the place, and also you love to cook, but calming people down? Yeah, you’re good at that? You good at calming people down? – Yes, I am – The Pee Wee thing. I definitely know that to be something I don’t know if it’s true or false, and that could be a trick question – There’s a wonderful playboy article on Pee-Wee, that he was interviewed on where he breaks it down But basically Pee-Wee was just one of my best friends – Best friends – In a period, we’re still very close, but I lived in LA at the time, and he was coming out of a moment of where they tried to shame him for a movie theater moment And like was ridiculous – It was ridiculous – Because you’re supposed to do the movie theater Anyway, so Paul is very dear friend of mine, and people say that we dated And in essence we kind of did We were madly in love with each other as friends, – As friends – You know, he was a gay man and me as a straight woman, – I get it – It was kind of a It was like a non- I don’t know this new term on – A non sexual love affair? – Yeah, we were in love and but we were just having fun as friends You know, when you get like a friend you’re like, huh – Yes – And we would go to flea markets and drive and have the best times, – And the conversations – Yeah and we had the greatest relationship And it was two years of traveling and going to things It wasn’t a sexual relationship, but it was a a formative very important relationship in my life, it’s still very important that I consider him one of my boyfriends actually, because he was I mean I don’t think that sex defines necessarily, – A relationship – The mental and heartfelt stuff It’s not about actual fucking – It’s important, but it’s definitely important – It’s sharing of the soul – But it’s not everything? – And we had that, we had that And we even we even had a ring I still have the ring for the press We had a ring that he gave me as a joke And the press went off on it – No kidding? – Yes. It’s very funny – Okay, so there you go. That’s the truth, you were best friends? – We were best friends, he gave me a ring. He loved me – So then there’s two more – He gave me a lot in my life – There’s two more. Okay, so is it dance, though everyone thinks the dance show is a lie But it’s actually the truth You were on the dance show, weren’t you? – What dance show? – You were on- – Graffiti rock? – The hip hop thing – Graffiti rock, it was directed by Michael Holman, it was the first hip hop dance show ever on television It didn’t really go very far, but it was amazing We had amazing talents and I won Best jeans – Yes – Great, great things to talk about. Best jeans But it was great. We had great talent, and it was like the beginning I was there in the beginning of the hip hop era, and it’s funny how it transcended in the future But it was an early time for a white girl to be on that scene, and I was Now I talk to my my daughter’s friends who are into hip hop, and they’re like, “What do you know?” I’m like, “Honey, read the history books.” Done – Honey, Move over. I love it Liza Okay guys, that mans your poll results are in for, our authored question about Maggie and her memoir But first, thank you for that game Debi, those stories were incredible – (mumbles) stories – You have the most interesting life, literally – Yeah, I have better stories to tell but – Better? Well girl, you have to come back

Okay, so what is the vote for the memoir? Oh Mag the knife won, by slightly more than the color Maggie I was rooting for the color Maggie Debbie, what would you pick for Maggie’s memoir? – I like color Maggie – Me too. Right? – Me too, I think that’s kind of like Maggie is full of like a lot of colors and different things in her life And she’s sort of open and No, I don’t think Maggie knows where she’s going So color Maggie I think, which which is not me, by the way – Right – I think the color Maggie is really perfect – It almost won, it came in second Okay, so tonight’s episode of Younger is literally moments away So we’re going to give you a little sneak peek This is what happens next So I’m going to play a clip from tonight’s episode And then I freeze it at a very special moment, and you’re going to vote on what you think happens next So this one goes by really quick, so pay close attention. Roll it (upbeat rock music) – Liza. Liza, come here quick – What’s wrong, what is it? – Oh wow – Freeze. Okay, that was not Diana Trout yelling for Liza, for once in her life That was actually Maggie Why the hell would Maggie scream Liza like that? Is it a big cockroach that’s in the kitchen? It’s New York – It’s a water bug – That’s fair. Is it Montana? The art thief coming back unannounced? Is it – oh my God – I know I’m like Please no Maggie got into a big art show, or could it be Pearl, the advice giving dog got into Maggie’s lasagna? I’m telling – Who’s Pearl, advice giving dog? – Remember the dog that wrote the book? – No. No I forgot about that one – Okay, so you guys vote now by typing your answers in the comments section, and we’ll get to them in just a little bit But while the fans are voting, let’s play another game Okay. This is called In vino Veritas, which means In wine there is truth – Okay Girl, I know that Okay. So you guys do remember this, you wrote questions down when you came for the first episode? – Yes Okay. And so these two are written just for you though, – Okay – we haven’t had this before – I can’t wait – Specifically, so we have time for just one of them So, pick wisely, with luck Okay, so say who it’s from – My name is Sutton I’ve always wanted to ask Debi this question Where is the most fabulous place you’ve ever traveled to? – Ooh, good question Because you are a traveler And I know you love Italy, but is that the most fabulous place you’ve ever traveled to? It’s home right? – You know Sutton, I have to say I think it is Italy And when you go into Tuscany, you see the hills and you go up to Sienna, which is part of Tuscany, and you see the fields and you see the olives, and then how silver they are, and how they reflect to the morning mist, with a wild chingy out of the boars, and the owls. And the deer that come in, and then the family that comes in bearing the wine, I kind of feel like that’s my most fabulous place – Debi that’s was poetic, I love that And it felt very Peter Hermanish – Liza – As a comment. As a comment – Well I may have traveled the world, but there is a special part of my heart – Its wonderful – And it’s also part of my DNA now – I went to (mumbles) – I married it, I had sex with it. I now own it – Did you have babies with it – I married up, I had babies with it there, they have the DNA, and that’s where my home is And that’s where I’ll retire You could all come visit me there – I’m going in to your suitcase – I’m getting a bed and breakfast, you all got to come see me there – In, in ,in – Okay? Ill entertain you – Okay guys, I’m coming I told you that you’re packing me in your suitcase tonight – Yes – I’m the 10th bag. Okay It’s time for what happens next poll results, and let’s see what you guys thought about Maggie yelling at Liza So, the majority of you think that she might be going into an art show I wonder Hmm, – Yes – What do you think about them? Do they have their finger on the pulse of the show? – They do [Taylor] They do – It’s time, it’s time. Maggie needs that – Are they wrong though? Are they right? I don’t know We’ll find out soon because guess what, tonight’s episode Younger is about to start It’s so good guys, you’re going to love it Thanks so much Debi for hanging out. You’re the best, – Love you, mwaa – I love you Thank you almost Well, thank you also to the fans of course, we love you so much too And thank you to Rent the Runway, for my jacket. Snazzy We’ll be back next week with Sutton Foster And in the meantime, be sure to check out our podcast It’s called Younger Uncovered, and it comes out every single Wednesday We’ll leave you now with some amazing bloopers from tonight’s episode See you next week guys, bye – Ciao – Arrr – What is it? – Oh my God, oh my God, the curators from the… yeah, – I don’t know – I don’t know either Salut

– This is real champagne, isn’t it? – (mumbles) okay okay – Champagne, is it to early? – (mumbles) sorry. (laughs) – I heard accounting brought donut holes – (laughs) Sorry – I’m sorry, I got really excited – (mumbles) state your answers today I just brought a few things, some clothes, crockery sheets, my television set, my fish – Okay, Are you redecorating? – (mumbles) what normal people do – Oh, okay – We’re going to have sex – You’re going to (laughs) – (mumbles) – (laughs loudly) (laughing loudly) (clapping) – And cut – (mumbling) (laughs loudly) – What I am – Who am I? – You pulled my earing out – Oh (laughs loudly) oh sorry Is it a clip on? – It is a clip on – Oh thank God – Oh my God no, I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs – And he offered me a muffin, what? – I think he offered you coffee – But what did I do? I back slid – Here – He offered me coffee He offered me a muffin (laughter) – You don’t want to be in the middle of a (beep) swinging competition. I judged one once I was in Key West, It was really fun, but it was dangerous Well, I think for obvious reasons There’s (beep) left and right they’re swinging, they’re in your hair, they’re on your face, they’re on your shirt (upbeat rock music) – Subscribe to Younger uncovered – The podcast dedicated to all things Younger (fast paced rock music)