World at War Zombies: Der Reise

hello and book welcome much better this is much better see you guys last week we tried to record i was at uncompressed and 33 seconds in we’d already goodbye file parties no longer active won’t uh Josh I got kicked out Josh okay getting there I already have game involving sticks up their dough yeah he’s back in okay it’s all good so we’re gonna start out with die rise die rise is a neat game that’s a dirty rice there’s three mushroom die rise diet spell dih what was the first one we did uploading video [ __ ] this might be the first one we’re gonna going back with you it might be it’s not nothing huh this might be the first yesyes don’t what order is this and look the lineup of maps this is number four but is number one for us this might be one this might be four but you know what you guys well enjoy yeah okay we’re getting this batch sorry hurry up dude it’s been like what let me just switch over Todd Aston let’s see it’s been a minute already Leo she’s got kick doing that I didn’t though no well who died even dig goodbye I’m synchronizing and you’re loading exactly okay you’re ready and I’m synchronizing my sister luck co-hosts can invite friends to their online lobby before the game start EA I did that yeah oh that like though that yeah mines mine stars out I’ve got turned back I just do my pre ritual epilepsy test you guys I hope I thought we already did this one re told you this is we have read look really isn’t record yet my stuff is being stupid what’s the lowest texture filtering up I shall know do this that is probably okay that’s a lot better some lag at this point give me your debtors black job pays a baller I call I Cullen has no he’s just a baller but being jealous baller status I don’t know what about zombie thumbs died okay Josh we’re yet right here you are insane haircut than I think Josh kids laughing you’re shooting though no shots save on 88 shot to the leg man okay you can get that barrier oh yes I’m also tessia thank you more than food or you what’s called her no you gotta tell him what it is so they can go review them so they can go see the review okay least just look at the night right hey signature Deathstalker yeah it is the i’m pretty sure it’s like the middle version it’s not the league the exmouth maybe let’s shake something older that’s good luck with it oh yeah it is the expert edition expert in so when you know why would you know why you have that cuz walmart skirt up yes I did I heard one Walmart’s dumb never buy anything from walmart oh I’m down okay sure I’m trying to get a head Shan State there we go Eric all right I can’t shoot that zombie through your leg I will do same for you one day I got this one another violin its kill oh I heard you say it’s a whole mostly focus right I just say do it in your skin there is one that was almost drop off you’re gonna kill the rock face okay brace so my last kill sorry he was not stolen you got down it’s not my fault who sucks not where’s the gun I’m gonna take this gun over here take that oh god I hate I don’t even know where you there you are open the door hurry up sure you’re my slave I see a sense that’s a double-barrel but what sucks we’re holding off here uh yeah I’m gonna buy this let’s work the shotgunner here I’m low on ammo by the way uh it’s nothing here that I’ve no mo hey there’s good job they are good guns

Oh smart it’s 750 I arpit I opened up I’m gonna get this in time Tom something on the menu um Oh Josh from saving hang on I’m coming they’re all following me so you know you’re probably fine rub your at their mom’s gonna down you can Bella Thompson where were you oh free Mac I was like what I was like you’re behind me I’m going it wouldn’t let me do it unless I looked at you like just gonna slip plane crashed hi a lot of Thompson hurry up this laptops gonna get like over heated and it’s gonna Dominic is it probably I mean it’s burning my leg why you going okay so just so you guys know we are here in struggles just bless you got your good quality recording yeah talking rex fall I’m just kidding don’t blame Eric oh that’s a whole I tried to go up the stairs and I didn’t notice there’s there’s a hole here you’ve got that right yeah other can’t make that this is the best can you spot look you’re the brain let’s steal your kills d I just got a triple kill well you know what you did that no no I say wait Oh power must be accessible does that thought I was supposed to throw under date or something the Holy yeah there might be a lot of references individuals cry mom you my son over you might not be able to get dad Luke all right now I had to get the new freshman I’m just where’s my box I need my box oh I met to buy that shotgun you know no come here where where are you either that door or made it over here no the upstairs thing no we got I’m right here well this door this power must be activated first whoa yeah let’s go upstairs you’re saying we can’t the temple or go away oh good someone else free swag well it wasn’t me okay you’re running weird a blatant about for a sec Renee’s like sighs I just got ya double points no Duke and the Builder thumb oh yeah so should I go upstairs and unlock this where’s those ears right here this camp a place you’re talking room oh it’s that word yeah it’s a debris their dogs enough balance repro it’s dog ground sword as you gotta drop down box okay stay in this corner I’ll get this way we both get this way I’m out of ammo and my Thomas amount of ammo start shooting star shooting on my pistol please may I just did you kill that or did not kill that um Eric I’m going on dogs’ll dogs dogs I’m jumping I’m something I’m gonna die if I chime things I’m training dogs which this is not the end Eric this is I was leaving Ted so I was running that’s nothing shut up shut up who’s coming no no no oh yes no okay that 41 chosen well you know what I think it’s teach us a good lessons Bible estimate less uh all we only forget that there’s dogs always see the other door so you get the trench gun yeah well you guys we’re gonna try that map again because like right now are like in a different video right now because I was only nine right now let’s do it was that seriously just one minute message is not yeah it was not made some 56 seconds this grease

dress that’s sympathy that’s darice look quit sneezing I’m sorry I’m sorry I have new claim in one clash of clans you guys should go plate no I’m just kidding that’s not a sponsor or anything we’re not sponsored or not baseball I hopefully I wishfully response for our flash clans gonna give me some free gems new I do play though he does play oh we’re outmatched have hatching a plan to make things think easy war which includes buzz and there others leaving don’t panic no our week we can all agree on that we should rush the blocks in the last part oh I’m here epilepsy after like epileptic time I haven’t see I have to do that in every round no matter what like it always does it so since you guys are watching a screen i would tell you this way does my telling you I just witness ring around and that actually fixes his beasting issues with some yeah it does he have is eternal and it’s a when you have basic off it it’s more likely to screen to this is yes yes no it does not because vsync limits it to 60 frames or 60 Hertz and or whatever your monitor is and it just limits it so it was you stupid it quick that’s what that’s the theory was post videos where’s the mix I’ve got where’s the last one where Obama go down there this way yeah things but it does leg shots man what do you do tranq at the new fields been trying to get a new feel for your good out keyboard you serious you go that means after this round have direct line to was immigrants what about is this I got the trench gun I’m just getting out have it you don’t nothing I know I open door to the trip as well versus in the carbon-carbon looks like I always always this one barrier dude let me get half of wow wow the first just about it let me sit she’s got like like the performance or I was yes show you that i don’t have the first church Winston Nicholas was like 15 I didn’t know was there that was over here yeah how’s the text or call plays DSU but there’s like 17,000 zombies coming out of here I just I just need to crouch that kid shove other car on floor I’ve got the snake tag i don’t need to get some ammo soon hi I’m to you can not yet now I did told you I wasn’t on the menu I’m dead my god I i might be all say I killed one of them there’s like 17 in here mushy I’m gonna find a meat sack up at all and please don’t i probably can’t save you my I should ok I won’t dial correct [ __ ] with a marine school I don’t have any animals that completely things and I walking close enough to me where I can I from attempt to reach this guy with a knife ok i might say i don’t know nope oh dang it seriously it’s just my malaria yeah i know i can see you i’m following i’m watching me it looks weird for third person i usually go like seven kill someone shot a shotgun because they’re like all scattered well hurry up and finish the round so i can spawn um 600 x that’s enough for the car go did Bill some barriers carve on cuffs why she won football ok Jason Bowman are you kidding me know if this is good quality of course I did turn the coating to MPEG close my t-shirt design anything come on I’m not dumb everyone I didn’t know that that’s not bad process Eric I need your help I have the pistol I’m in the back room and I’m getting flooded I got two shots though awesome okay I killed two of my mom’s run trains I’m all right that’s good horn I need 400

million you’re welcome in here do you know what I don’t have any ammo I don’t know ok I’m going in one stretch gun nice almost I got almost got you there’s grab behind maxing out there get it I’m good hang on hang around hang on hang as I was blocked off so I reload reload oh there’s a zombie great I’m good good yeah rise any other guns in here I should go get the Thompson no obvious i lock the way if you feel like the coke license next round will head block so dog your own fame in a dumb things throw stay in this little Eric Oh why’d you open this aroganji all I couldn’t reach muckin region I’m reloading I’m reloading Josh reloading don’t get it oh yeah pretty good mother [ __ ] it’s box I probably just almost I just almost died because I jumped off of that last country I am I have an amazing yeah the wonderful thing is lost you daddy I’ll see you like yet I have out to these people I’m gonna rid of [ __ ] up okay yeah it’s a weird name baby news needs a make it where you stay however at least enough Nick cousin brought back 50 not even free pack some stuff there’s nice I was legit two inches from a shot off shotgun an adapted I’m gonna buy this one of our key hey you get the story not that one in there I was just looking oh yeah we can train sweet or some lovely bull trend yeah training with two peoples lot harder than three months right person well I’m always like trim sunny we could we have one expects me yeah this is the farthest we’ve got this is the farthest we’ve got into that bury someone else free for that none of that yep yeah okay so this is ami came through the berry as I was rebuilding it yeah they’re just happy she’s no you call hacks get out of the way you almost killed me ya know we’re gonna keep cars and probably and so that we love I just finish early I forgot I’m not gonna use the wonder wall feel well what is this i forgot what this is need to activate teleport pad how do you activate the toefl bad yeah yeah how do you do is go to SN water doesn’t ya fellas over here I just disappeared what is this what is this a real door cost 1250 it looks like your leads to a place with a swastika on it come here ok I don’t have your arrow Eric over here find you right listen watch out for zombies that all

this eat someone else much appreciated crap what the heck ya I’m sorry I there’s no way if you’re if you’re somebody to clean up those freak [ __ ] down with the waffle I wasn’t don’t get her I wasn’t no I wasn’t using it I have to use it around oh but Eric no I was in a corner and I was rebuilding this barrier and there’s no way a zombie it to me and I was killing some zombies roaring and then a dude like just appeared behind it like there’s no bear your behinds already heard of here okay it’s until if I could reach it sprinklers guy behind you hoosick bag I mean it’s not even the farthest we’ve been I got 47 heels because i was using the trench gun the entire time me too but no you you were using the machine gun that’s like cars tempe well you guys now Larkin to die rise I’m sorry son but we’re getting better we’re eventually gonna pack bunch mhm yeah well thanks for watching you guys we’re gonna shut a new map on every two days the next four maps yeah yeah two days see oh yes