GTA V #38 [HD] – Zug klauen? Natürlich! ● Let's Play Grand Theft Auto 5

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size bed let’s open our family our targets lot sooner hiya Koda hole must be Lucy google hung it yeah it said more fun with me I like mist of money that’s miss miss would you every size doesn’t matter man well fuck well it’s more open okay the sauce sh bismillah hmm with some fish long like mr. Tomczyk okay naman I won’t fail at miss lang on each member dying each Road outside w fire her their complete on the ferry clapped and soon como del Mazo stain dozen wouldn’t um his name sagramonte okay I schmoes as links for by fun and an excellent an open for Python or done offspring from emotional string often soup let’s flour bin a boy that Mike oh yeah another thing for your Charlotte’s we just need some bombs holy bunions are going whoa or fax weekly publish books yeah research in the center to plan although it’s vanished the strength I was mega master both of us I wish it’s a non possumus be on each other on fire I still have to impart chanson yeah toilet I don’t know but based on it it’s over yet ever besides Dustin maximan we must have 0 pitch perfect indifference to spring on the salon but that’s gonna act see on my dash the mission yes I gets its name oh fuck let’s get to go fuck it that’s happy clap yahvy soulish I got be sitting took top garnish what the hell okay it’s what my first dish could fail come come come come by the phone by the time okay I love this shop those affiliates come not try try fit well this is HD Bob niche might fire often found us far too exhausting no we saw a saucer hong kong ya la dinner containing shown the Nixon butrum landfill snakes Maffei losman of ladies hot salonga aight oh yes okay but it’s obvious i saw animist so as aspects of it as soon as a fatty market open my mimosa doesn’t answer spinach I’m not mocking to participate in a survey map amia Monsieur one loss getting automation motherfucker shopping list will need some bombs it’s mostly if we restrict rapid oooo yeah I thought the change get some what the hell I that’s awesome intellect I’m asthmatic leftist Watkins good are we good HD the manga shunts an asshole I’ll come Sean you’re funny i favored into trouble because it’s that’s better chop suey firecloud wheeling sort of the one not so yet I was calling lassen ok we are slam jams isn’t half isn’t off easy going down a ladder travel crab too they ask them flip side cabochon courses and putting its in sook Travis are you crazy motherfucker okay supersonic will not expire he’s on the town be under that fuckin bridge when we go past pulido station oh love Mary weather’s gonna be on miss name is Ashna Laura if we do offer los malos the best films in institutional why is this I wish we’d been re-routed it’s non collided chavos human pleasant 11 ish resolution fr are you under the bridge okay okay its most my Christine Hollis clowns clowns crammed do-do-nah yes ok that the holistic US Marines motorboats the school’s forgive this size man forget okay if of my members non-system commanders design a link on the Solomon Trevelyan mahonia blatant by

Michael come spits along someone whoa ah hi speculaas una hora nah I don’t they’re spending four holes was this one motherfucker with a condom some other what is the theft mus miss myself models perfect yeah catchers in there Mikey we saw their actual some spells MP in the hunters getting up come back in i’m andy compton dogmas summer oh crap the contest cause i would like my body was random gear bro shit you save my dearest for mccune or dance magdalena okay good D amo te amo te amo headshot headshot headshot really easygoing charm mb r headshot hold shot when i’m a bit enough lad i would embellish monthly GDC little birds with the little girls and feed you are not from here Ivan on pillows nap business like fuckin mouth on together down chuckles from the novelist come home what the fuck is of nervous or not notice Rama good dinosaur shouldn’t give a second song game is off making should smoke hmmm damn boo boo chicken man osaka zinc left foot miss mesmo Kosovar p blog asthma cuts wat in a small cabin rd direction question it is not guns ohm ah fuck girl care which doctor this in the open water often felt the subjects new angle plan because Artyom most nurse on par failed tabulation anger plant I was thinking we’re starting I checked for them hecking should snap season yea or donate Amish not a moment sir tomorrow ok the hammer knecht Alice also hooked up shit out here une detector don’t kt hammond yama is come too hilly the signature elliptic easy no DHEC shots numbers have some believe a product so the head is shot it’s gonna heal it on down so I flexible director of sniper cover on bottom altitude yvan EHT Winton indecent shires soda normal ventures vice hold a citizen and such a relative easy what take this motherfucker huh it’s on no more sniper so you can come out they’re big on Sony and now okay let’s nap on the epic fuck sniper version you wanna die in a government holding facility I don’t do shit shit man both fuck out of all msds momma Dee’s our sniper shy stillness HTM that’s unavailable it can’t be this hard to find treasure in the magical train I love on the roof to foreplay find me someone that’s your email service yet some popeyes yeah then come to me a home shop take my sport is a calm down Easter Mia um let’s come to Smith might be so talks to travel hook media oh come on those kids slow skate slow skits and straighten up to the post down river it was Martin mathematica e okay we’re on for Fort margetts vadakara rose so she’s not a fishy so let’s order

you’re right headshot oh fuck oh fuck they go down one head shop oh that’s what a father nice hey chespin father nice so doesn’t wonder boy you could have done this it was Phil Abunda wasn’t here I’m sure which card came bak yer boots fun I was Abraham the HTML language take anger plant fuck out up down you feeling alive choose pumping through your glands my glands are just minor fella without the crashing train exploding helicopters it’s sinking boats there’s someone we can pull off just around the coast Begum’s con tanto que los gehts sophomore year combination of Mayor Tom Mison a fluke it’s like wonderful man you work hard you’re living boil it down for how much you think you make four sisters killing ah chuckles times are tough have been since we put you in the ground hey you had your savings that I couldn’t access because you blew the identity you know there was nothing this was a book bug huh transport taken care of Ron dependable you see oh and become so hot massage and I’ve been named in klein von tin oh isn’t her so good independent spirits yeah aiight hey before you go show me the loot to new tech I’ll to show some perfect perfect for fucking what for squaring things with that Mexican psycho we’re give him this and you end your relationship with that little lady maybe we won’t be dead men in Los Santos I don’t fucking see that silicon City again it’ll be too soon but this is my job not your call to make not on your job fuck things up with the Mexican to begin with my job my score guess your own weight you give me that case I’ll give you something bigger what you and your depository fuck off can’t be done I never said impossible just very difficult verging suicidal that align you’re afraid to cross come on T you remember the dreams a couple kids pulling jobs big one I know it sounded crazy back there huh but hey you will meet together again with Lester and Franklin on board would you do this thang t say no dream no more you keep the case fuck okay all right here keep that silly fucking thing and you can keep Patricia as well all right because I respect that lady and I ain’t gonna hold her back thank you just remember I’m gonna be keeping my eye on you every inch of the way all right core and if not faster fucking cheats on her one more time hmm I don’t know what I’m gonna do yeah java we both know you’re not the marrying kind but hey it’s great to be back in business huh let’s bring it on but dimas young class soon echad also twins not feel closer but wish I know convey planned it’s called some bunk super find the ignition ship afire bodies pass out CJ aside CJ CJ from san andreas okay okay if you’d’ve iron but small nicks mom Michelle knows my next mama it’s a miasma by by 10 confidence language hello Gentiles on the line too hey Trev all right I need your whole crew over at Cape catfish we’re moving on the

chemical weapons plant no no no I just gave something to Lester I need to deal with some stuff get back a little Santos just I give me a week we got the equipment with your pulido money the gangbangers already on the way the windows open my friend and you’re jumping out of it shit los santos ain’t going anywhere but the shiners lang sound so hot its own so we hadn’t the steamer and minor upward a hot zone again Livan us get me wrong some balloons at man don’t obvious about you