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(upbeat music) – Hi, friends Thank you for joining me tonight as we extend the mourning period of the almost union with Liza and Charles I’m so glad that Labor Day is around the corner because I need a vacation from the relationship that did not happen tonight I’m Taylor Strecker coming to you via Facebook, live from the flight deck at the historic Graybar Building here in New York City Charles made a last ditch effort tonight with Liza, but to no avail Let’s get right to the heartbreaker of the night Let’s take a look – I don’t wanna throw away what we could be for this I think that we are making a mistake – I don’t think it’s a mistake This book could be a huge success for the company and for Pauline and – For you (downbeat music) – Yes (downbeat music) – Well, let’s make this book a huge success then – Oh, my gosh That could potentially be the final nail in the coffin Say it ain’t so Tell us what you think at home about Liza’s decision for professional over personal with Charles We’re gonna get to your comments in just a little bit But first, we have to introduce the ladies of the night We have a gaggle of girls hanging out with us I’m so excited First up is our favorite feisty pansexual Hello, Molly Bernard, AKA Lauren Hi, girl – Hello – Also, we have the girl with the inside scoop, Alison Brown, writer of tonight’s episode Girl, dagger to the heart – Yeah, well, it’ll happen – We’re gonna get into that in a little bit more And, rounding out our ladies who love to laugh, a super Younger fan, Jackie Strause, East Coast digital lead editor of The Hollywood Reporter Do you have two business cards to fit that title on? – Yeah – They’re super glued together – Yeah, pretty much (laughing) – Thankfully – It sounds very important I’m very impressed And, of course, you at home are our very special guest as well as our live studio audience Make some noise, please (cheering) And, I wanna hear from you tonight during our fan break where we hear your comments and we answer your questions Okay, but first, a nod to Lauren’s overnight nesting and also her failure is not an option decree We have our cocktail of the night It is called the Stubborn Mule (laughing) So, cheers, cheers, cheers – Cheers I didn’t know that’s what it was called – It’s so good, right And, before we get into anything, first things first, ladies, all of you, on a scale of one to 10, how bad do you feel for Charles tonight? Let’s start with you, Molly – I feel like an eight bad – Eight bad, that’s a big bad – Which is definitely than being one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven bad (laughing) Not at full 10 bad – Not a full 10 Alison? – Like a four bad – Oh, good for you – Well, duh, you wrote it (laughing) – Yeah, I don’t feel bad – Okay – I don’t I mean, he was gonna take her off the book, you know – That’s a good point – So – That’s a good point – I don’t feel bad for him – Okay – Well, he knows what he’s getting into, anyway – We’ll get more into it Jackie? – I’d say like a seven – A seven? – It’s not like a walking in, you know, reverse situation on Liza kissing someone – Yes, oh yeah, remember that one? Right, okay, well, how do we feel about Liza choosing her career over her heart? Now, do we think it’s actually that she’s maybe trying to save his marriage? Or, is it purely career based? – I have a theory – Please, Molly – Okay I think, really, what’s happening is Liza effed up so bad in previous seasons that she’s trying to rectify all of her mistakes kind of through Charles So, it’s both doing well making the right decision professionally, making the right decision regarding their marriage, that I think she’s really trying to learn from the mistakes that she’s made – I like that theory Can we all agree with it? – I totally agree I also think that this was a wake up call when he said, “I’m gonna take you off the book.” That was like, “Whoa, wait a minute “What am I doing?” – Right – Yeah – And, why do you think that impacted her so much? Because, I mean, I kind of get his perspective, ish But, I mean, I guess that’s him putting their personal relationship over her career, essentially – Right, well, you mean he? – But, I feel like he was slightly justified Or, no, Am I way off? Oh, my god, am I on the wrong side? – No, no, no, because she shouldn’t be stealing his ex wife He thought it was – Well, yes, exactly – Yes, right – Yeah – I’m sure he was protective of that – Certainly – Jackie? – Well, and I feel like, Liza, almost, you could answer this because you wrote it but didn’t realize when it came out of her mouth that she was like, “Yeah, for me, too “I care, and I’m doing well in work.” And, in that moment, I took it as, “Yeah, I’m enjoying this.” – It was like an aha moment Like, “Oh, wait, my career does matter to me.” – Yeah – Weird Okay, well – Yeah, I agree – Going back to Charles, what are the chances that he’s gonna start giving up on Liza for real reals? – Zero – Zero – I don’t know, he might

– He might? Oh, wait, are you giving us a clue into the future, crystal ball? – No, I’m not, I’m not I’m just saying there’s been a lot of times where he’s tried and tried and tried, and I think she’s saying, you know, maybe don’t try – Maybe don’t try, and he might listen this time – He might – Oh, god, does that mean he’s going back to Pauline? We’ll get to that in a bit – Okay – We’ll get to it Okay, so, well, Charles isn’t the only one taking the hits He’s not all the only one taking the hits because, tonight, Molly was taking some hits Some big old good ones She had a rough night Let’s take a look (laughing) – Oh, Kelsey, hi It’s you, wow – Are you hiding from me? – That’s a weird thing to ask – Okay, well, you’re acting a little weird, and it looks like you’re wearing the same thing you had on last night, only turned inside out – Yeah, well, because I am – Okay, is there some sort of Grey Gardens theme mixer here that I’m unaware of? – No, but that sounds fun Okay, Kelsey, look, the truth is I’ve been at the Nest since last night and the night before that and the night before that – I’m confused Are there rooms here? – No, there are not (laughing) I have been sleeping here in a closet at night, standing straight up like a horse – What? – Yes – Why? – Because I was fired from Hector and Dorf – Oh, god, Molly, I love you so much – That was so fun to watch, by the way – You were fired, you slept in a closet like a horse, and you wore your clothes inside out over and over and over again How many times over? – I think we did, in total, three nights – Yeah, I’d say so – The outfit variation was quite impressive I actually thought they were different outfits I was like, “Weirdly similar – Yeah – “There’s a theme going on.” Then after, I saw it’s the same – That’s Jackie, that’s all Jackie Dunn material It was genius – It was almost see through, too – Oh yes, oh yes, thank you for saving me There was a see through skirt – And, you could see what? – Her underwear – Alison was like, “Let’s make a slip, let’s do a slip.” – What was she wearing? – Just black panties, yeah – I was hoping like tidy whities so that they’d be kind of cool, kind of weird, different But, what just happened to you, is that a Manhattanite’s version of a meltdown or a rough day? – No, I mean, it’s so Lauren I don’t know that Lauren is as easily categorizable as a Manhattanite, no offense – Okay, sorry, thank you – But, Lauren (laughing) It’s so weird that that happened, and you created that, and then I somehow did it But, that’s just who she is as a person, and we did There were takes where she really had a meltdown – Really? – And, I think this was the lighter – Just pulled back a little – Yeah, this was a pulled back version that also made so much more sense to me than some of the other stuff I threw out – I loved it – But, yeah, I mean, she’s definitely I love that she sleeps, you know, because the thing they didn’t show that, obviously, all the viewers at home watch is that this whole thing ends with her saying, “Failure is not an option, “so I’ll sleep at this place “until I have enough contacts to start my own PR firm “I will be having a career.” Which plays into Liza’s career moment here – True – These women are careerists – True, oh my god, wow That went right over my head, left I feel ridiculous – I mean, we’re there No, stop, we’re so inside of it And, when it’s your character’s objective, I’m a careerist, and I also know, as a viewer, Kelsey is, you know, Liza is And, they all are, Diana is Every woman in the show – Yes – And, that’s what makes it so special – It’s inspiring, it really it – Very inspiring – Well, Alison, you had Molly sleeping, like we said, like a horse in a closet, but there’s a story behind that – There was inspiration – Please share with everyone – I would love to So, we were always going to do that Molly, not Molly, Lauren had a mental breakdown, a millennial meltdown But then, we come into our offices one day – Oh god, I know this story – I go into my office, and I notice a weird hand print on my wall And then, I go into the writers’ room, and another writer comes in And, he’s like, “There’s white powder all over my couch, “and my Lauren Graham book has been stolen.” So, we’re like, “What is going on?” – Was is Michelle? – No, it was Don I was like, “These are very odd things that are happening.” Anyway, turns out, a man had broken into the building He was a huge 12 Monkeys fan, and they were the show that was right above ours And, he had broken into the building and was sleeping in the wall for over a week – A wall! – No, no, no! – And, that day, he had stolen the alcohol from the 12 Monkeys showrunner or something and was so drunk that he went around leaving hand prints And, anyway, they found him – And, Gold Bond ing himself all over your furniture – Right, it was like Gold Bond – Oh, my god – Yeah – Have you ever seen the people that live under the stairs, and they live in the wall? – Yes – Most horrifying movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life – Right, yeah – It’s that – But, it’s not horrifying when they’re drunk, and he was just having the best time up on the roof – So, that was Lauren – Yeah, yeah – To be clear, just to be clear – Oh, my dear goodness gracious – Okay, well, Molly, Lauren had a devastating job loss, right And, that was the weakest we’ve ever seen her Like you said, you had some major meltdowns – I know – So, how would describe Lauren in her most vulnerable state? And, was it different for you? – Oh, my gosh, it was so different I mean, I love getting to play an over the top wild character

who then has these serious heart moments This season, I’ve been really lucky I got to also have that breakup with Max, which I found so moving because she wants it, clearly, because of, you know, the stars and the red dots – We’ll get to that – We’ll get to that, but she’s then really heartbroken about making this tough decision And, she knows what she wants, and being fired, I think, is a devastating, it’s one of the top five worst things that could happen to us – Yeah – Losing your job is right up there with someone dying and living and all that – Will she prevail? – Are you kidding? Look at her – Of course she will – Of course she will – Of course, but it’s great that she’s a person – Yes – We all get fired – Right now, it’s time for our fan break, guys, our first fan break So, let’s hear what you had to say at home about Liza choosing her career over Charles Let’s go to Facebook Amber says, “I think Charles is playing both sides “He’s telling both ladies half truths.” – Huh – Wow – Very perceptive Catherine says, “Liza and Charles are playing “a stubborn tug of war.” Kind of like our drink of the night And, Debbie says, “I think Charles’s wife “isn’t as innocent as she seems “She knows her husband.” I like the sarcastic air quotes “And, she knows exactly what she’s doing “Liza better watch out.” Really? What do we think about that? I think she’s on to something – I actually agree with that – Yeah, I do, too – That last one is great – Yeah, the comment about that she just casually says, “He asked me to move back in,” like it’s no big deal – Oh, yeah, excuse me, dropping that down – Yeah – Do you think she has an inkling that there is something going on between the two of them? – Maybe that was her way of kind of snuffing them out – Alison just made another very telling face (laughing) Just, everybody watch Alison’s face – Truly (laughing) I am interested, hearing this No, I don’t have any insight on that – Okay, well, we’ve got more time to chip away at you Thank you for your comments Our next fan break is in five minutes, and we wanna know if you think Charles is gonna get back together with his ex wife, or current wife, Pauline, now that Liza has pushed him away, yes or no? But, really, what are the chances that Charles is gonna reconcile with the wife? Well, if Pauline has anything to do with it, it’s gonna be a go Look at this – These women’s approval used to mean so much to me And, now, I don’t care (laughs) – That has to be a good feeling – Oh, you have no idea God, Liza, this book is really changing everything for me Charles and I are even talking about my moving back into the townhouse with the girls – Wow – Okay, so Alison, you gave Pauline hope, but you crushed our souls, essentially (laughing) – Okay – So, what is it like for you, as a writer, when your lines are spoken, knowing that our hearts are going to be broken? – Okay, well – Am I being a tad dramatic for you? (laughing) – I am not thinking your heart’s gonna be broken because I don’t believe, and I don’t think the fans believe that Pauline really has a chance with Charles – Okay – Truly, I don’t – I feel like you’re sitting there going (evil laughing) That’s not how you laugh? – I’m not, I swear (laughing) No, that is how I laugh, but I am not doing that with my hands (laughing) – Something that I love that you wrote, and I felt such a relationship to, was when Pauline speaks on not needing the approval of her old friends – Yeah – It’s like, “Bye, Felicia.” I’ve had that moment – Yeah – It’s so empowering But, how important is the approval of others to, especially, women? I’m sure we’ve all been there Let’s start with you, Molly Well, yowza, I will say, to be perfectly honest, a bigger struggle that I have is approval with myself I’m the toughest critic on myself, way tougher than anyone else, way tougher than I am with anyone else – If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to you – I’d have no friends (laughing) – Join the club – I’d have negative friends – Yeah, right – Which, yeah, I think we can all relate to – Totally – Approval, it’s so much related to my job that I have to compartmentalize it – Totally – I guess I’m bothered when someone doesn’t like me, but I don’t then obsess over it – No, then you’re just like, “I compartmentalize you out of my life.” – I know, and that’s bad, too Yeah – No, I think that’s fabulous – All right, well, moving on (laughing) – Okay, Alison – Same as what Molly said Yeah, I do say that “I don’t care if they don’t like me.” but, of course, I do – Yeah – Of course, I do, and I really just want my parents’ approval, that’s all – Oh, my god, the most You know how old you are, right? – Yeah, it doesn’t matter I hope they think I’m cool (laughing) – Jackie? – I mean, I don’t know if you agree as a writer, but I think I do put a decent amount of that pressure onto myself Of course, I care that, you know, people like me I want that approval, but I’m definitely laying it on myself that I’m a little blacked out by what other people might think when I’m, you know – Yeah – But, I will say I relate to, I’m sorry I know we’re on a live TV I relate to the I used to care so much about these women, about their approval, and I no longer do – Yes – Because, you know, I’m getting old And, when I was younger

(laughing) I mean like a teen, you know Middle school was the worst thing – The worst – There’s popular girls There’s unpopular girls I had overalls on They weren’t cool I was devastated And, even maybe 10 years ago, I wished that I had had just some of the who cares – Giving zero effs – Yeah – Right, comes with age – I’m old – Well, Molly, your Lauren rarely needs approval She marches to the beat of her own drum – Love her – She is just all herself So, what has been this like for you to portray a trailblazing pansexual character? – The best thing – Yeah – I mean, I think we can’t forget that, not to get morbid But, one of the highest suicide rates are LGBT youth and Q youth – Yeah – And so, teenagers who are coming out, struggling with coming out, and so that there’s a representation on television of a 20 something millennial who is a pansexual, who is fluid, who is not struggling with it – [Taylor And Molly] And, who is fabulous – She is really beautiful She loves herself, and she is a trailblazer And, it’s a gift to play someone who has that much self love – Yeah – You know, it’s really radical – She’s inspiring – She is, she really is – She’s so cool – Well, Jackie, as a person who covers and writes about Hollywood, you actually interviewed Molly, Alison, and Darren Star – I did – About Lauren’s pansexual character So, why do you think there haven’t been more of these sexually fluid characters in Hollywood? – It’s interesting I mean, what’s so groundbreaking about it is that it’s no big deal – Right – Right, it’s just – Right – Whenever you see anyone questioning their sexuality, it’s either they’re not accepting themselves, or their parents aren’t, or their friends aren’t – Totally – Or, the world isn’t We just talked about approval But, maybe some viewers might not even know what her sexuality is It’s that kind of just part of her and just is what it is And, I think we don’t see much of that I don’t know, I think it’s a tide now with more celebrities and people who are playing these characters coming out, talking about their own sexuality – Yeah, absolutely – Which wasn’t really a thing five years ago, you know – I know – People were on covers of magazines and running away from paparazzi And, now, people are, you know, interacting, engaging with fans more, and relating So, I think maybe it’s that kind of Hollywood top down wave that people are just, you know, “We’ve heard “this person talk about it, heard that person talk about it, “and others’ characters on TV.” – Well, it’s about damn time – It is – So, thank you, Darren, right – Right, for real – Okay, well, now it’s time for our fan break Here’s what you had to say about Charles reconciling with his wife Pauline Let’s go to Facebook right now Rachel says, “No,” but screams it like, “No! “He can’t, he just can’t “Liza is made for him “Pauline is a flake “She will probably leave again someday and make a sequel.” – So serious – Taking it so seriously, which I love, Rachel Thank you – Amazing – Judith says, “No way, I don’t think that will happen “because he doesn’t love his ex, he loves Liza “I think Pauline is looking to something that isn’t there.” And, Leandra says, “Yes.” Ooh, renegade “I think if Charles thinks Liza is with Jay, “to keep him from looking desperate or hurt, “he’ll get back with Pauline.” Classic guy move – The face – Classic, that’s why I’ve given up on men – Classic – I’m pansexual – You are and I love it (laughing) – So, thank you, guys Our next fan break is in five minutes, and guess what It’s your turn to ask the girls a question So, it’s also our last fan break, so make sure you get them in quick And, make them count Now, it’s time for our fun break of the night We’ve already been having fun, but this is extra fun So, we have a game It’s called Gold Star Red Dot So, remember when Lauren kept a journal of her relationship with Max We remember the sticker journal – I’m a girl – Favorite thing in the world And, she gave him a gold star for a good day and a red dot for a bad day Very many red dots, actually – Yes – Too many red dots – When she felt, to quote her, “Repulsed.” – Repulsed – I forgot about that – So, I’m gonna read out a scenario from Younger And, a knee jerk reaction, hold up a gold star or a red dot to show me if you like it or you are, what was the word, repulsed – Repulsed – Repulsed by it, okay And, you can play at home as well Ready, set, here we go Gold star or read dot? You’re trying to get your point across, and someone goes down on you Like Diana – I’m gonna say red dot – With Richard? – Molly (laughing) Okay, explain your decisions (laughing) Please, will you please – I like oral sex – And, amen That’s enough said – Okay – No further explanation Why the red dots? You don’t like oral sex? – I would be annoyed – Yeah – I would be annoyed – Don’t – Cute, okay, but I’m talking – It’s all red dots – I see what you’re doing Keep doing it Okay, gold star or red dot Your first date ends up with his penis in a yogurt container (clicks tongue) Okay, we’re getting golds We’re getting gold stars Oh, wow, three gold stars

for Nico’s perfect body in that scene That was unbelievable I’ve never seen somebody look so good with yogurt at the end of their private part – With the yogurt’s fun – I’m curious how many yogurt containers you guys went through – There weren’t very many full containers – And, how many did people steal from set (laughing) – Right – I liked the yogurt container, but I like the little moment before I don’t know if everyone caught it, where he was, quote, “Swaddling.” – Swaddling, yeah – I loved when he was at pre yogurt swaddle – Like baby Jesus? – Yeah The pre yogurt swaddle I was like, “Interesting, I love it.” – Okay, number three, gold star or red dot Your ex tries to win you back with a tell all book Yeah, unanimously – Yeah, no one likes that – How is that ever gonna work? Embarrass me, spill all my secrets You save that for the exes that you don’t like – I don’t want that Get that out of here – I’m working on mine right now – Your wasband – The wasband – Get it out, get it out – Gold star or red dot The person you date is equally as competitive with you as they are with others A little competition in the relationship, yea or nay? – I like it, I like it a little – Okay, well, you guys are really on the same team here, working together – These are a gaggle of ghouls – Gaggle of ghouls, why do we like it, though, the competition? I mean, couldn’t it lead to something very bad? – Yes, but drive is important What if your question was, “Okay, someone who’s not competitive with you “and sits at home and, I don’t know.” – Yeah, red dot, red dot – And, encourages you to be lazy Yeah, good point – I know It’s important to have drive – As long as I win it’s okay – It’s not a bad thing to be fighting about in the scheme of things of all the thing you could be – Yes – Right – True – To encourage your partner to be, you know, the best they can be is a beautiful thing – Better, yes, it’s gorgeous – Better – The bestest Okay, gold star or red dot You find out that your behavior is being tracked by a sticker system Lauren – Lauren, no – Lauren’s behavior was bad It was bad – Yeah – Okay, Lauren did it, Molly wouldn’t – No – Would Molly? – Not with a sticker system It would be like 10 paragraphs to try and get to one sentiment It would be so verbose, and somebody help me, no (laughing) – Okay, well, now onto your questions for Molly, Alison, and Jackie Let’s go to Facebook right now, okay Julia has a question for Molly “What outfit would you steal from Lauren’s closet?” What a great question – I love all of them You know, I love that yellow dress from last season – Oh, yeah, the dress – The yellow dress where I’m cutting fruit, and I tell Kelsey that Max has moved in – Yes – With the collar and the yellow – You were so serious – So serious, and I had no bangs in that scene And, I pushed them back, and I had a bun And, I was a housewife I love, I felt three and 30, five, 40, and I loved it (laughing) – Okay, now it’s time to go to questions from our live studio audience Okay, guys, so are you ready to just speak to the people who have been here the entire time – Oh, yes, the people – The people, the people Yes, gorgeous girl in the jeans and the fabulous pumps – Hi, I’m Erin Balsh from Manhasset, New York And, I’m wondering, how the themes that are presented in Younger, how are they so relatable, especially in this current climate? – The themes in Younger, how are they so relatable in this current climate? – That is one thing that Darren is adamant about – Yeah – The zeitgeist, zeitgeist, zeitgeist – Yeah, and, when that Kellyanne Conway, when she was on the scene and we got Kristin Chenoweth to come on, it was like, “This is perfect.” I mean, it was, you know, not so perfect, but perfect for our story – Yes Jackie, I know you have, probably, a couple things to say about this – Yeah, I mean, after speaking with Darren too about that moment, the whole season and the whole show is about confronting your own truth and lies that are confronting this truth, and I think he put it as her creating these alternate facts in her relationships with Charles And, everyone who’s team Charles, their relationship is really the least truthful at the moment, yet we’re all still rooting for them So, I guess that says something about us in this – You guys are all so smart It’s hitting me like a ton of bricks I’m like, “Wow, wow, wow.” (laughs) – Stop it – Next question Hello, yes? – Hi, I’m Colleen from Bayside, Queens – Hello – And, I am just wondering what the atmosphere is like on set with the girls Is it like party with the girls, sleepover with the girls? – Hilary and I do have sleepovers a lot – For real? – oh, yeah, all the time Particularly if we’ve got two days in a row or if we have an early pickup, and I’ll spend the night the night before Yeah, I mean, Hilary and I are real close, I love her – I saw Hilary give Molly the biggest wedgie I’ve ever seen anyone give – Wedgie, seriously? – It was – We can still give those? That’s still a thing? – Apparently It happens, still – I saw it, I witnessed it

She picked her off the ground – Could you explain how it went down? – Yeah, she has a sister I do not, and she siblings me She literally calls it siblinging And, she’s like, “I’m sibling you.” I’m like, “What?” And, she’ll wedgie me, she’ll trip me, she’ll try to pants me And, I take it really personally I’m like, “What are you? “Stop it.” I panic, and she’s like, “No, this is what siblings do.” – I have a sister, and I don’t do that to my sister (laughing) But, I’m gonna now – She’s the best Honestly, set is so fun, and there’s a lot, especially when all of the girls are there – It’s fun – It’s like we have the best set – We have the best set, we really do – We do – You can tell It translates completely onto the screen – And, we also are close with our writers – That, too – This is I mean, there’s separation because they’re writing and we’re acting, obviously But, we all like each other so much, and I’m always talking to you on set and Grant – Yeah – And, a little afraid to talk to Darren – We’re all kind of a little afraid – Which is so funny – He’s our boss – Yeah, he’s our boss – I know, but he’s the sweetest – He’s the sweetest – Sweetest – The best – Sweetest – But, a little, he’s like god – Oh, yeah, scary – Deity – Okay, well, I have one last question for you What we all love about the show is this girl bonding So, I have to ask you, “How does that translate, “living in that, writing that, acting in it, watching it, “how does it affect your personal relationships “in your real life with women?” Is it for the better? Does it make you feel sad about your actual friendships in real life? Because it’s inspired me to have better friendships I’m not joking – This show, really? – This show has inspired everything in my life (laughing) – That is so sweet – It’s true – That’s nice – You know, it’s funny being on the show I’m not answering your question It’s amazing when people come up to me on the street all of the time First of all, it’s very weird when that happens But, women love this show, and it impacts – Magical – I think it’s hard to separate when we’re really on the inside of it But, yeah, I mean, I love women, and I love supporting other women And, it’s a really empowering show for women, and it’s not Girls, you know It’s not Handmaid’s Tale There’s almost a fantasy level – Absolutely – And, I think that level of kind of remove makes it all the more of an allegory You watch it differently – And also, everyone’s so supportive of one another We don’t see that a lot in TV any more – No, not enough – Housewives, which I love They don’t get along – Yeah – But, really, I mean, that encourages me to drink wine at three o’clock in the afternoon and call my friends up and scream at them – Yeah – No, girl – No, girl – No, watch Younger (laughing) – But, it was the pilot which I think was so different for me to even watch when Kelsey comes out of the bathroom, and she says, “I got your back,” to Liza And, you didn’t expect that For whatever reason, you just didn’t expect her to say that to her – Yeah – And, when she did, you’re like, “Oh, this is a different show.” I love it – Yeah – And then, it keeps that promise every episode – Yes, yeah – And, always when you least expect it No one’s catty – Yeah – It’s nice to women getting along – It is – Geez, Louise – Isn’t it so refreshing? – Yeah, it is – I know, who knew? – Who knew – Well, before we actually go tonight, we wanna send our love and prayers to everyone in Texas Please join us, TV Land, and Viacom in donating to the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey Here are organizations facilitating our contributions American Red Cross, Houston Food Bank, and the Houston Humane Society All of the websites are on your screen, so you can donate We love you, Texas And, thank you all for supporting and donating That’s it for us tonight Thank you, Molly Bernard – Yay – Thank you, Alison Brown and real life Hollywood Reporter Jackie Strause, for joining me, Taylor Strecker, in our nest – Yes – You like our nest here? – Yeah, love it – You can sleep in the stall any day you want, darling – Like a horse? – Like a horse Well, actually, you can leave, and we’ll let you back in Imagine that – Sleeping in the walls? – Only in the walls, only in the walls And, thank you at home for engaging, commenting on Facebook, tweeting, gramming, all the social media tonight and every night And also, make sure to follow us on social media We’ve got Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, you know All the social medias Follow us @YoungerTV, and use the hashtag #GettingYounger See you next Wednesday night when we’ll be joined by the adorable Michael Urie It’s gonna be a good time And, we’re gonna leave you right now with some hilarious bloopers Bye, guys – Jenny – Yes, ma’am – Can you see it? Can you see? – That’s from Forest Gump – Is there some sort of Grey Gardens themed mixer here that I’m not (beeps) Beep – That I’m unaware of? – Right, it’s like a giant dollhouse, and it’s (beeps) It’s over curated It’s way too florally, flowery, and I don’t know the last line – [Prompter And Hilary] And, a little infantilizing – Curated and way too florally, flowery (beeps) – Look at me, though Smile (laughing) You had it on your teeth

– does that mean we need to start over? – I am not gonna leave here until I have enough contacts to start my own PR Firm (sneezes) – Bless you, bless I saw the whole thing happening, and I was thinking, “I’m gonna lose it.” – You’re fired – What? (laughing) (upbeat music)