MISSOURI PUBLIC LAND BUCK!! – Dylan's First Buck with a BOW!

Alright we’re good it starts every time then start never done [Boat sliding off trailer] Thing just starts every time, oh baby. It’s been starting every time At some point she’ll give out [Boat motor] ted’s boat taxi service Dylan and Ted are going way down river here to this first spot that we scouted when we got the Missouri it was hot that night we were in the cuckle burrs and we saw several bucks and does they’re gonna way back up in there and Grant and I are going right back in the same spot where we found all those big fresh rubs we found one rub line leading right through the center of this peninsula and on either side of it we scouted the thing from one side to the other and that’s the only buck sign that we found in this whole thing and I know those bucks are back there because I saw them the other night so grant and I are gonna get on that rub line and follow it straight in back into some thicker bedding on some ridges We followed the rubs down in here but they eventually petered out But once we got to the head of this ditch there’s a big rub right behind me, about twenty yards from this tree There’s also a couple of trails coming through right here So I think we’re going to give this a shot I like that we can see out down into this cove pretty good ways too [Crickets chirping] Hey guys we’re getting ready to go back into the same cove that we scouted the first night when we were up here and watched a handful of does a small buck and a definite shooter buck up in there we think there’s a lot of deer piled up at the end of this Cove I’m guessing it’ll be pretty still the night which means the deer are gonna be really nervous and it’s gonna be hard to get away with a whole lot so we’re just gonna be super slow super quiet getting up in there hopefully we get something for you guys [Crickets chirping] Those bucks were right there Our wind is going like this Straight out of the South I’m just gonna try and follow The Cove up and sneak up I decide once we’re there if we’re gonna try and get up past them just set up in a tree or if we just like set up with the ghillie suits [Crickets chirping] [Bluejay squawking] Ted and I snuck around the backside of that tree we felt that look at that first night here there he is right here 25 yards now that there’s some bare branches underneath where he was standing, I’m assuming that’s a licking branch There’s a beaten down trail coming from that side of this finger to that tree right here in front of us we used these these ditches to keep our heads down below the weeds I don’t think anything seen us We’re in this guys kitchen right now, you could hear a mouse fart from 800 yards tonight We would have liked to got up in one of these trees here so I could draw easier But all these trees right here in this vicinity are locust trees [Cicadas humming] Yeah, it’s a buck It’s a young buck and he is actually still a velvet [Deer footsteps heard]

We just had it doe a little buck come in kind of surprised us over here she got right here 25 yards back like she smelled something took off the forecast was calling for south wind won’t understand it was coming straight up this ditch but I think what’s happened is thermals are switching and they’re falling down this ditch now we got to get out Grant this ain’t gonna work if a buck comes there he’s gonna smell us more ever get a chance it’s going right down there [Rustling in leaves] All right we were set up up this little drainage a doe you know a little buck came by and that dope got to 30 yards he just wigged out I couldn’t figure out what was going on it so I dropped milkweed and that thermals are pulling down towards this lake back here you see the water over my shoulder thermals are pulling right down this ditch behind me and going in there grant set up back there to film I could see a couple other deer back across this Cove of the lake [Crickets chirping] How far? 50 yards probably Three does [Crickets chirping] Be careful! [Crickets chirping] There’s a doe coming in on us I don’t know if you want to shoot it or not? [Bluejay squawking] Yeah, they’re looking, I can see him Don’t move! [Crickets chirping] Oh no! [Crickets chirping] Is he legal? [Frog croaking] [Crickets chirping] Is he legal? Is he legal? [Crickets chirping]

How far is that, 30? [Crickets chirping, Dylan breathing heavy] What are you doing Dylan? [Crickets chirping, Dylan breathing heavy] [Bow shot and impact heard] Did you get him? Did I get him? I couldn’t tell I had a lot of stuff in the way Just listen, just listen [Crickets chirping, Dylan breathing heavy] I heard it hit something Dude, I was at full draw for so long, I could not hold it any longer I’m pretty sure he was about to bolt too, dude I can’t even speak words I didn’t see it hit any of this brush in front of me Which is the only thing I was worried about, I had like a not quite a basketball-sized window right here He’s a nice one, that was a nice deer I was looking this way and I figured I’d check these does to see where they’re at And he was just right there under the oak where those does were If that little buck hadn’t come through first, it would have been way easier But I knew I would have to draw with both of them not looking He went into those willows and I didn’t see him come back out They dropped down in there feeding on the acorns down there Yeah, theres’a a big oak tree and no matter where these deer came from in those cove we’re sitting in, they all ended up at some point right there I tried to hug the front shoulder because he was a little quartering Sorry to everyone watching I got some pretty bad footage of him I got good footage of him the whole way in and I can see less than Dylan can see so it got confusing Yeah, it was hard, that buck came from directly behind how we were set So we had to simultaneously turn and get on him with him and the little buck being right here And it’s dead calm too, yeah, and he literally those does are at 80 yards and my cam did this and all of them they looked over and stared over here for a long time, That’s how calm it is, Ted and I are going to sit here until it gets dark and then we’re going to find my arrow and try to find blood There’s bubbles in this blood what he’s bleeding actually pretty decent

I mean we’re ten yards away from where he was when he standing when I shot him there’s a little bit of bubbles in it but it’s a little darker than I would like to see I like excited but I’m nervous man we’re gonna back out and go get Warb and Grant in the boat and then we’ll be back probably trying to find him [Boat motor running] Find the arrow, no but we found blood You found blood? We got any Cliff bars over there around i I hate to try to eat anything right no it’s good, Arrow’s right here it’s going right in front of this bush yeah he was on the left of that bush for me but that’s the tree where the bloods on hitting solid guys we’re dealing with a situation that a lot of you can potentially relate to basically all you had to go off of at the shot was the sound and then the blood on the ground right in this case there’s a branch obstructing Ted’s view you know from the camera so we can’t tell where exactly the arrow hits the deer from video right but most people can’t because they’re not filming their hunts in the first place so a lot of times this is all they’re left with it’s just the sound that the arrow made and they hear and you hear it one time in this case we can listen to it again but my first impression is that the deers dead that you got a diaphragm hit and like it’s a perfect shot that’s what I think could be wrong been wrong before on the deals they they’ve been I’ve been on some rodeos so we’re gonna be very very careful about it we’re gonna give him solid at least two or three more hours shot around seven we’re gonna wait until at least one to go in there I got run over the Ken’s ranch that would see if I could borrow his deer cart yeah I mean me and Grant get mentally prepared yeah you manually preparing on some tortilla chips out all right we’ll go get that stuff and then hopefully go find a buck I hope so it’s gonna be sweet oh I’m gonna lose more of my hair if I get any more stressed out I’m gonna Well, mission number one does that happen the one-wheel wonder cotterpin must have come out only about 500 yards in got back to the house while go ask my step-brother travis if we can borrow his cart and he said sure yeah yep might be buying Travis a new cart they’ve been pulling that paying for a hundred yards without a wheel [Cart creeking] Yeah, you know it’s dead calm he’s had plenty of time to die if the hit was a little bit further back than what you anticipated but since we don’t know exactly where you hit we’ve got it going really really slow we’ll just make a determination once we track for 15 20 yards on whether or not we need to keep going I don’t see blood spraying out of both sides by any means 2:00am right now we split up there got on the blood and went about 25 yards or so still had blood when we stopped but just want to be extra careful because we’re a little exactly where Dylan hit this thing there’s a fair amount of it started out it’s hard for us to tell if he got a pass through or not We’ll give him some time and slide back in there in a couple hours [Crickets chirping] It’s been about 13 hours now since you shot the buck we left here this morning about

3:00 a.m. and I’ve marked last blood up there with some TP and it’s still fairly cool it got down in the 50s last night so we’re gonna go up there last blood and just creep in there [Breaking branches] Here’s your arrow I think it stops right here don’t it, no definitely not a pass through he carried it for some time Looks like dark blood on the arrow, blood right up here ahead [Slowly sneaking] Surely he didn’t cross this fence, how high that is hold on there’s blood right there Now we got a bit of a predicament here this is private land over there we shot him a few hundred yards into public but we’re gonna have to find the landowner contact him and see if it’s okay for us to pursue the deer you got on X pulled up on your phone I need to load the landowner see if we can find a phone number for him Hello, hey how’s it going this is Aaron Warbritton Iowa we’re down here in Missouri doing some bow hunting on some public land and a guy in our crew shot a nice buck last night and he’s run over onto your property I gotta see if you’d mind if we pursued him over there yeah we tracked blood right up to your fence and then you jumped over your fence and was headed into your property okay okay thanks a lot yep we’ll let you know what we’re getting all right you too good it’s way easier than I thought who’s gonna be pretty nice about it yeah he was [Birds squawking] [Laughing] Oh my gosh, Ted get over here Thanks buddy! Warb, thank you, first bow buck! First bow buck, that’s a heck of a first bow buck Wow! Oh man, I not not a good feeling at all just flip him over and see where you hit him at That one threw us for a loop and I knew I hugged that shoulder oh the thing ran right in here and died immediately yeah and I mean the last blood up there that I was following for the last twenty thirty yards it just pin drops it’s small like not much blood at all but I did see bubbles in inches yeah I’m super pumped for you oh that’s a beautiful deer, yeah that thing is awesome Between everything we saw it was like didn’t look real good No it didn’t look like that at all that was the thing when I saw that you didn’t get much penetration on your arrow I’m like well that wouldn’t make sense if he hit a hit the liver yeah and I just think it like did or something like that the only thing at that point that was going through my mind is if I hit like the brisket or something like that oh yeah I went right to this yeah I went right to the scapula and the shoulder found him last night but it was cool enough he’ll

be fine so I’m gonna get him taken care of here pretty quick yeah We drug him up out of there and actually pulled him back over here onto the public land to gut him quick and the landowner was actually gracious enough to let us drag the deer out on his property which will save us a bunch of time it’s supposed to get up to 80 today so we want to go ahead and get this thing gutted out as quickly as possible and get some ice in him well recap the hunt for you guys a little bit later but right now I got a run get the truck and grants got to grab the deer cart while the boys get this deer cleaned up so we can get him out of the woods [Upbeat music] Super nice for that guy to let us come through his property yeah told me exactly how to just drive the truck back here said just long as you shut the gates it’s like alright works for me we brought this buck back to camp so y’all could get a little better look at him we had to get him out of the woods as quickly as we could the boys dressed in Y ran back to town got some ice and then met him in the field and we put a bunch of ice in him and got him cooling down now it’s supposed to be 80 today but it’s still in the low 70s right now and take a few pictures and stuff and then we’ll get into town yeah hit better than we thought so he was dead longer longer he’s hot probably dead right away but hindsight’s 20/20 with that I mean the blood didn’t suggest where the hit was at all really I thought it was dark and that it was liver head yeah I mean been wrong a lot of times on blood trails and in this situation we couldn’t see the hit couldn’t we didn’t find the arrow until today yeah and we had very little blood to go off of you know so we didn’t want to push the deer yeah I mean everything that we saw with the blood trail and it was not suggesting a double on hit really what tricked us though is that there was no exit wound right you just went through that offside scapula shoulder yeah and into the vitals right so there was very little blood to be had without the exit mm-hmm but pretty sweet you got your first buck with a bow yeah yeah it’s pretty awesome you were excited I was the roller coaster last night I mean it was like right away I shot in like I’ve been trying to be a lot better lately as a hunter of like maintaining my calm and tell like I know that the deer is down a shot and we even looked at on video it looked like I just saw somebody die but I was like trying to compose myself and this is the same buck we saw when we were scouting the other night you know first night we got here when there’s a million degrees and the other down there scout and getting tore up by mosquitos I’m pretty sure this is the same exact buck that we saw in there yeah Ted nice set up right where we saw him come out that night and he came out like directly behind us and I mean that’s pretty much the big reason that like the shot wasn’t on video but I mean it gets it all worked out and then it was pretty pretty sweet we thought it was possible that you got a pass through and we didn’t find this arrow until this morning hunter grain fixed Thunderhead on there I don’t know 40 percent of the arrow is covered in blood so what I’m assuming happened as you went through the scapula and you hit that off side yeah off side of the chest cavity bone or whatever it was yeah I can remember like right away he was quarter to pretty hard and then I just tried to be patient and like let him keep working to get a more broadside shot and then when he did I just was sure that I was trying to hug that shoulder and put it right up in that triangle as best as I could and hit him perfect perfect one thing I would say you know what to take away from this hunt as far as learning goes be cautious with the blood trail especially if you don’t know where you hit the deer the other thing I would say is use lighted knocks if you have them because that’s just one more thing that you can go off of you if that that immediate hit is so important in those fleeting seconds right afterwards is so important to determine what the heck even happen still end up with him so pretty sweet this is awesome he’s pretty pretty cool Ted and I noticed there’s a big new rub there that hadn’t been there when we scouted that other night and he actually came up right next to it but that’s I’m guessing when all this stuff is I think that’s kind of the coolest part of those just the character stuff like, the tine on the right side yeah its sweet, yeah it’s awesome He’s a pretty buck man, I’m super happy for you

Yeah, I mean, just thanks to these guys, you know like I’ve been been dreaming about doing this since I was a kid with these guys and now that finally here and it happened it’s it’s pretty pretty awesome so I can’t thank Aaron and everybody here enough for for letting me come along with them this year bucket hat strikes two years in at all yeah you You getting a tag Ted? Yeah, probably! Heck yeah! You got a spot picked out for the evening, yeah