Ancestral Land. Russian TV Series. Episode 15. StarMedia. Drama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Alexei Kravchenko, Svetlana Kolpakova Yuriy Borisov, Arina Zharkova Maksim Kerin, Alina Lanina Maria Smolnikova, Vitaliy Khayev Sergey Sosnovskiy, Maria Kuznetsova Sergey Peregudov, Vladislav Vetrov Viktoria Tolstoganova, Leonid Gromov Created and directed by Milena Fadeyeva Director of Photography Radik Askarov Art Director – Sergey Kokovkin Costumes by Alexei Kamyshov Music by Ivan Uryupin Montage by Marina Vasilyeva Sound Director – Leonid Shushakov Executive Producers – Eduard Aliyev, Tatyana Statsman Produced by Ekaterina Pogorzhelskaya Produced by Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin Movie of Milena Fadeyeva THE ANCESTRAL LAND We extracted almost a litre of puss Hold here. A clamp Andrey, how is the heart? Everything is fine, Alexei Makarovitch The pulse is good Pincers Are you feeling unwell today, Alexei Makarovitch? Another clamp. Hold here. A scalpel Hold here. You may sew Surgery Room Dear Soviet people, residents of heroic Moscow, we are representatives of a small Balkan nation, and we express our best wishes to you We, the Albanians, are always grateful to the Soviet Union that protects our country, defends our rights and freedoms Hurray to the Soviet Union, protector of small and big nations -What is wrong with her? -Do you have time? -What is it with her? -Don’t worry. Like always I bought a dress and a shirt for Zoya, shoes and a doll -I hope she’ll like them -She will This is his house Maybe you shall go with me No, Alyona, I won’t go there I’ll wait for you at the ferry station OK. It won’t take long What did you call him for?

Lilya Don’t touch! Look… something needs to be done It can’t go on like this Are you talking about my surgery, my hysterics or vodka? Lesha, I won’t undergo the treatment, it’s useless Timka, my boy, forgive me, please I want to but I can’t live without -Timka, let’s go. Follow me -I can’t! Wait there Do you hear? I can’t Forgive me Did you think about Timka? You wanted to be his mother Be one! What do you look like? What are you doing? Your son can’t sleep at nights He shakes from your every move Forgive me, Alesha His legs were frostbitten, and we both were frozen to the bones He was dying He had a flask with spirits He made me drink it Don’t touch me Don’t look at me like this If I hadn’t drunk it, I wouldn’t survive It was the commander’s order Don’t touch me I felt so good as if it was live water Damned be that live water! Don’t touch me. Damned be that live water! Lesha, what do you need me for? I’m not a woman I’m all empty from inside Like a dressed chicken -Lilya! -Do you hear? I can’t do it anymore I don’t let you touch me Lesha, you won’t be able to live like this for long You’re a young man You need a woman, do you hear? -A woman! -Lilya! Lilya! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Forgive me! Forgive me! Tima? Open the door Prepare for the surgery right now It was very close to death He stole that knife and escaped

I’m staking my last shirt, bastard Your stakes won’t do! Two hundred I’m playing for three hundred just for your sake, bloody martyr -Give me the card -Zhorik? Brew some strong tea for us! Look, I have a scarf I got a parcel from my wife Let’s tear it in half, you may use it instead of puttees The criminals will take it away from me anyway Your legs must have gotten frostbitten If one gets a frostbite, they start to freeze even when it’s not very cold No, no. Thanks Leave it for yourself In a month or two it’ll get much colder They’ll be of great use Tsapa, patch my trousers on the bottom – they got torn Zhorik, stinky gay, where is my tea? A bitch went out to have dinner, a bitch went out for a walk It’s a search! Stand up, bastards! Faster! Move it! Unbutton your coats Unbutton shirts! Hands to the sides! What is it? Three days in a lock-up! Hands behind your head. Go! Are you crazy, bastard? Into the lock-up, now! Stand up! Stand up, I told up! Hands behind your head Hands behind your head! Move it! Go! Go! Here! -Stop. Is it M-174? -Yes, Comrade Captain -Bring him there -Go. Move it! M-174, follow me, be quick Comrade Colonel, may I come in? M-174 is delivered They wanted to send him to the lock-up What did he do? He was hiding a notebook with prayers on his chest It belonged to the murdered priest Get him in, Gaganov. Wait in the corridor Yes, sir Come in Come in, come in! Sit down, Morozov Morozov Stepan Makarovitch, right? Right Stepan Makarovitch, you’ve gotten an early discharge You’ll be released tomorrow. Yes

Well… What is that? Stop it! Wipe your snot! Hello. Are you a new housemaid? I came to collect my things Hello, Yelena Makarovna I’m now sorting the wardrobes out Pavel Arkadyevitch wants to remove some of the furniture Move it a bit -Is he home? -No. He is at work Why are you standing? Come in -Hello -Hello I’m going. Good bye, Pasha Good bye, Lena I’m going away Don’t you want to tell something to me? I don’t have what to tell you. Go Do you remember this watch? This is how it all started This is how it’ll all end too Pasha, thank you for everything You gave me a lot and taught me a lot I’m sorry These is the jewellery I don’t need it I don’t need it either You’re not going to the monastery, are you? Almost. I’m going to my native village Is that why you came to take your fur coats? There are two or three more in the wardrobe, you may take them too Pasha U… P

Ki-ra has pup-pies Mummy, maybe it’s enough No, it’s not enough. Go on reading Look, we’re both studying You’re learning to read and I’m studying the history of our country Come on, sonny, don’t be lazy Read some more Bu-y so-me flo-ur Varka! Some officer came to you! A handsome one, with dark hair Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Dad! Daddy! Sonny! I’m sorry, sonny, but it’s not our daddy Sonny, it’s not daddy, let the gentleman go and go to the room Who am I talking to? I beg your pardon -Hello -Hello I came regarding the room I came earlier but you weren’t at home I’m a nephew of Svetlana Dorofeyeva She owned the room you’re now living in Do you want us to free the room? I came a week ago I’m now staying in the dormitory -I won’t rush you -I got you Starting from tomorrow, I’ll look for new lodging -This is it, good bye -Good bye Mister, why are you so dirty?

One shall wash in the mornings and in the evenings, and it’s shameful to be as dirty as a chimney cleaner! A shame! Nadya! Sit down, I’ll feed you Take a sandwich, faster Take it, take it. You’re hungry I don’t have anything else, but still Take it or I’ll get offended Thank you -Mum? Mum? -What? Why did you pack all my books into a box? And my toy soldiers too? Because we’ll leave soon Why are we leaving? Because we don’t have a place to stay -Where are we going? -To the village -I don’t want to go to the village -Nobody asks you. Move it Sit down Hello Di-rec-tor of the Tech-ni-cal Ins-ti-tu-te

Hello, Varyusha He is out and he won’t come back today What did you want? I need to study remotely Why? I’m going back to the village I’ll work in my school and study remotely Finish your education and then go to the village. Why hurry? The room we had been living in with my son is taken I can’t find another lodging Get off… you brought so much dirt! I’m sorry A te-a-cher and fri-end of o-ur child-ren Dress up Take your mittens Hey! Wait! Wait! -What is it? -Do you hear me? The Pravda Street, house 6, apartment 16 My sister-in-law is renting out a room there Thanks -God help you -Thanks I understand, Comrade Morozov, that you were amnestied However, one shan’t forget that you were convicted according to Article 58 I’m ready to do any work Who were you before the war, may I ask? I didn’t work What do you mean? I was a thief And this too, to add to the troubles So, comrade Morozov, you’d never worked anywhere, you were a German prisoner, you served time in the labour camp, and now you’re asking me to find a job for you? To let you be a part of a working collective? No, honey, I can’t afford that You were robbing people before the war Maybe you’ll do the same after it, who knows? Listen you, comrade boss! You asked me a question and I gave you an honest answer Yes, I was a thief but now I want to work! I want to be a person and but a piece of shit I’m asking you to give me a job and you’re throwing me out into the street To make me go out of here and start stealing again? No, it won’t happen until I die! I’ll clean toilets with my tongue, I’ll clean shit holes but I won’t rob again, do you hear me? -Listen -Let devils listen to you! How do you dare talk like this? You’re a son of a bitch! What will ladies drink? -Champagne? -Good God, what have I done? Pasha, let me go I’m not holding you You may leave when you want to You’re so cruel to me You tamed a bird, cut its wings and now tell it to fly I’m cruel? Not at all My honey, three forces rule people: money, power and love You are ruled by the first one Accept it By the way, you look simply fantastic tonight Pasha, help me I’m pregnant It’s his baby

Let’s pretend that I didn’t hear the last sentence Pasha, listen to me. Pasha I’m pregnant. I want to Enough of talks for today Let’s go. Yakov is here -Hello -Hello -What has happened? -Bad news, Pavel Arkadyevitch You may talk in her presence Innokentiy was arrested a couple of hours ago Go on I have information that the Moscow Investigation Department has been looking for that necklace for six months The one with a rare sapphire The Marquise Innokentiy has it. If Innokentiy mentions you at the interrogation It’s enough Lena, get up We’re going home immediately Pasha, won’t we go down? Don’t I’m sorry, Alexei Makarovitch I woke you up I wasn’t sleeping… I just lay down You often spend nights at the hospital And you shall get good sleep One shall sleep at home, in a bed It won’t do, Alexei Makarovitch Why are you still here, Olya? I can’t leave you here alone What about your close ones? I live alone My husband was killed in 1942 We don’t have kids I’m sorry Alesha, you won’t be able to operate if you go on like this You need strength I prohibit you from spending nights here Go home Home? My home is a place of constant hysterics now The war broke her down it ruined our life She drinks every day, and she drinks heavily She needs another surgery She doesn’t have a single healthy organ She is all mutilated She became aggressive I first came to spend a night here because she drove me out It was a terrible scene It all happened in front of our son My poor man… I’m sorry, Olya. I’m sorry Your son came here while you were sleeping Timka? Did he come? Why didn’t you tell me at once? Alexei Makarovitch, you have a surgery at 8 a.m.! You can’t go on like this! Why did you do it?

Let’s go, I’ll put you to bed What did you do it for? You’re a child and children can’t give orders to the adults Go to your room. Read a book Books are to be read during the day It’s night now Both you and I need to sleep Please, Lilya, I beg you You beg me, don’t you? You all beg me for something I sit in the kitchen and don’t interfere into anything I sit here quietly -Is it snowing? -No, it’s not Those were the times of miracles All words of the Prophet came true The angels came down from the Heaven The star fell from the East The world was awaiting salvation In the poor shed of Bethlehem To the glorifying song of the Edem A miraculous baby was born And the entire Palestine heard The voice crying in the wilderness It was always snowy at Christmas We used to go to the church and have communion Dad and mum always decorated a huge Christmas tree for me Granny cooked a Christmas goose I had a governor, Asya For every Christmas, we packed a big basket of presents for the children of poor workers I never had either a Christmas tree, or a Christmas goose or a governor Let’s go to sleep, Lilya Timka! Stop it, stop it Don’t cry, don’t cry. No Let’s go to sleep, mum Mum? Of course, sonny! Of course… mum…You called me so Forgive me. Everything will be all right I’ll manage. We’ll be fine Everything will be OK Timka, go to your room. Faster! -Go away! -Be quiet, be quiet! Go away, do you hear? Don’t come close to me!

Everything is fine, my honey It’s all right -Don’t come close! -Everything is fine, my honey I don’t want to go to the hospital -Be quiet… quiet, quiet -Stop, do you hear? Be quiet, quiet -Take the gun away! -Quiet, quiet Take the gun away! Take it away! No! Please! Take it away! I beg you, enough! Don’t do it! Come on… here you go! -Vasya, your turn! -Come on, throw… Good, Nikita! Stepa! Stepa!! Stepa! Stepa! Stepochka! Stepa! Stepa! Stepochka! Stepa! Stepochka! Stepa! Stepa! Stepa! Stepa! Stepa! Stepochka! Look at me! Look at me! That man’s surname is Frenkel

He works as a photographer by the central market He is keeping some of my things If my property is confiscated, you shall go to him He’ll give my savings to you. Here Take the things to this address, I put it down. It’s a buyer-up Sell jewellery and you’ll get money The amount is considerable You will be able to lead careless life for about five years Here is a letter to the buyer-up I named a minimal price so he won’t bargain It seems to be all Lena, Lena, stop it Calm down, brace yourself -It’s not the end of life, after all -Pasha What? What is it, my Goldilocks? You wanted love, freedom and money, didn’t you? Now you’ll get it all Pavel Babakhin would never let you go And now they’ll arrest me and This is it! No Babakhin – no problem! Don’t you dare say that! You look so calm as if you’re talking not about the arrest but a trip to a resort! Why shall I worry? I worried only once in my lifetime It was when somebody hit you with a knife and you were dying in Leshka’s hospital I was so nervous then! I got so scared Pasha, forgive me for everything Oh, Lord! What a tragic face! Look, tears suit you so well You shall go onstage with this face You shouldn’t have left the theatre! Stop it, now! I’m not in the mood for jokes! I love it when you’re angry! Come on, come here -Pasha! -You’re incredibly -Pasha -..incredibly seductive! Stop it! Stop it, now! Pasha! Pasha, stop it! Stop it! You arouse me so much! Just try saying “no” to me now!