SO CLOSE! LAST DAY on Ohio Public Land – DEER TOUR E44

well it’s about an hour after shooting light now this is kind of a destination we were trying to make you two but as we came in we just slowly work our way and still hunted on the deer trail towards this setup we saw to either does or fawns that bounded up to the edge of the pines they stood there for a while which is kind of knelt down trying to let him settle down and as we did that Zach looked over across the valley it’s all buck coming right at us pretty sure is the same one from yesterday morning we just ducked back jumped in a bush ready to set up the last we saw he was working his way to the west on the hillside across from us we’re trying to get eyes on him now I’m not so convinced that he’s gonna stay over there he might still wrap around this side check does or bed up in the head of this draw either way I’d be good get eyes on him and eventually try to get up in front of him if he is moving that way looks like they’re still in here we’re at our setup from last night hunker down here for a couple minutes

tried to see if we could see that buck moving on the other hillside super super calm conditions but the wind is just now starting to move and it’s coming up right at us like this however of what or our shooting lanes so we’re gonna need to make a move if you can see the pines over my shoulder I’m looking ahead over there try to make it set up it’s super risky because we’re walking across all these trails but as long as we can shoot to the ground scent that we make going across hopefully we’re in a decent position they definitely like this corner back here we saw does here this morning we just get to a higher point kind of working our way back to the trail Zack looked across the valley and say big buck it’s not a big buck it’s a big doe she’s a huge doe it looks as if they’re coming right to this bedding area where we thought the deer we’re all going this morning they ought to be stacked on there dude I mean how many deer we see now yeah five I mean five or six go in there and I don’t think that big buck would leave that’s what he knows all those does are betting there as far as we know that’s the direction he went when we bumped in the yesterday I think if I’m trying to get just a little bit further down an edge than what we were at this morning and hopefully your thermals just pulled down towards the bottom in the evening if we can get set up in there like that said just push a little farther in the similar scenario happens this yesterday where that buck cruising in about four o’clock on that you know downwind or thermal downwind side working that bench be a pretty good place for a buck to travel trying to take all the doe trails obviously theres does coming in and out of there from that angle as well as this transition to but let’s go have a bite to eat this is what the last day will do to you they’re going out to feed and that’s the legend allegedly yeah yeah the closer to where they were we are man went to bed system matter we don’t know on our way out this morning I came to this grassy green area see a lot of trails like you can see going by me here coming out of the pines we’re expecting well actually we know that a lot of deer went back in there to bed towards the back of those pines where they meet the oak transition Keith’s gonna go up and over this rise wrap back around behind them and hide them on the other side we’re hiding the trails that are coming out this way hopefully between two of us we get and get a shot at something it’s the last day I throw it all at them hopefully he comes out pretty good confidence something will come out one of these green areas tonight clearly hitting this green stuff there’s all kinds of browse like this but they just mat down and strip out of there there’s also woody brows like Oaks and

several rubs through here Zack and I are gonna work our way slowly up and over this rise and get to the edge of those ponds where we saw a lot of trails coming out just kind of look around there for a set up we saw a buck come out there last night and he was just trailing those so clearly that those are coming out somewhere up in here and Bucks are coming to pick him up out of there maybe one mile-per-hour wind super calm overcast spitting flurries every now and then seems like a pretty good evening or something to happen while we got down here made our setup we elected to stay in the pines let’s go down here there’s a pretty wide opening in the pines just above the bench we set up on this morning and last night in front of us we’ve got a 15 to 30 yard shot there’s a lot of big rubs in here there’s a heavy trails going through the opening in these pines this deer seem to be coming through here especially the bucks if the deer are betting where we think they are they’re 150 to 200 yards away gates on the other side of them feels like a good evening the wind actually picked up just a bit rained for a few minutes it’s gonna calm down sense what’s going on 3:30 now so we’ve got about two hours of shooting light left let’s see if we can’t get something down in the last two hours of the trip still hunkered down in the pines Zack heard a couple of grunts pen blows all

the sudden the dough came running to the right she turned back around the buck corralled her back to the left it’s definitely a shooter buck if that buck in the doe don’t sound like the they’re very far we’re going to grunt one more time left about 50 yards since then a little spike came in from the right he was maybe ten yards so far a note here that spooked from us the pick buck never saw us I was drawn on him but he was about 35 to 40 through some brush hopefully they make their way back through here in the next hour see what happens well it was pretty disappointing but right close to him all night he ended up coming to about 40 yards the doe was standing at 27 had he gone right where the doe did I would have been drawn back already and probably have been a decent shot but he kind of stayed in the those were a pines and worked to the left they were around us all night though heard him snort wheeze and he grounded and chased that spike off got close man I would have thought something else would have ran through at least there’s a lot of ways they can go in here though it’s a pretty decent line though I mean yeah well gave it a try we’ll get him next time buddy yep when some lose most right at least time this time we got drawn back on something well run out of camera light I’m sure legal lights up by this point we’re gonna head out of these pines and go see what Keith saw tonight he was just on the other side of these deer maybe 200 yards to the west would you say not a living soul that’s right where I needed to be to really yeah I mean that I mean it’s a buck sure all the runs like right that transition on those pine like every other pine is just like shredded it’s like fresh shrubs and like that wind was perfect like right when that sleet started so like actually started coming out of like the east northeast or whatever like it what I’ve been perfect for him to run up that but like weird there’s a lot of owls had one almost fly into my face oh that would have made me a man yeah it was fun we had him at forty really she comes out and like goes in the pines and like wraps around again just kept moving off to the left and I was like he’s gonna come right there but I could see his antlers like moving down in the pines then he went down to the right and the he came back again and I drew and then I was like oh he’s just gonna pop right now or that doe was right because that makes sense just corralled her a smart guy yeah just stuck right in the pines you know I could see

his head he took the big back of it down totally better right beside us really I mean weapon 60 you could hear rubbing believe it or not he did pull a snort wizard you’re in the pocket there is like this opening within the pines and there was just rubbed all over the place yeah yeah well guys we lost let’s get back to the car and we’ll kind of wrap this up yeah yeah sure yeah it’s real quick walk should only take him out herself with caffeine out real quick real quick we got a caffeine out very lukewarm oh I remember those days made it back to the car Ben and I are clearly sitting in the front seat of the vehicle and Keith is actually behind the scenes light man right critical job yeah we just wanted to recap real quick some of the things that we’ve learned you know like we said at the beginning of this we’ve never bow hunted this piece we really have never even scouted this piece everywhere that we hunted the first time that we were into it was on this trip yeah more or less an out-of-state trip mm-hmm cheaper tags yeah and one of the things that I was the most excited about with you like we’re calling me when I was on my way you’re like dude or there’s no trees there’s no hunters yeah we were in deer like crazy pretty much the whole trip and we were just thinking outside of the box we were just doing stuff that nobody else was doing there were hundreds of vehicles I mean you guys should see Ben’s map and see how many marks that he put on there of vehicles just took an entire day and drove around that’s I’ve never done that before I mean it’s hard to do on November 3rd just sit in the car all day yeah there’s worse things could be doing alone yeah totally learned a lot got oriented with the area learned where people are rabbit hunting where people are deer hunting which is most of the places and just kind of got a feel for what the difference in vegetation is throughout the piece we were able to formulate a gameplan really quickly once you knew where the pressure was in you got out and did a little bit of scouting on the ground something that’s kind of new to me is doing a lot more walking around still hunting scouting whatever you want to call it spend a lot of time moving especially in this open terrain man you can get eyes on a deer I just don’t hunt that stuff much and it’s it’s super helpful I mean you can it’s just like hunting out West I guess people spend more time glass and than they do actually you know stalking something right in making setups if I was to go on this alone before seeing everything I’ve seen I would have just gone in and made a lot of setups based off the current sign that I was seeing made had a couple of counters but more than likely wouldn’t have had as many encounters to be had or at least as many sightings yeah basically what you’ve hunted in the past is stuff that you’ve previously scouted I mean you’re going into areas that you’ve got picked out before and you know this was kind of your first run-and-gun ground hunt if there’s a learning curve there yeah there’s a couple things that we definitely could have pulled off a little bit cleaner but you know all in all we were learning from it and the encouraging thing is that we got in range of deer I mean for shooter bucks we’re in range in bow range of us in just in the last two days yeah some I guess a lot of learning points all in one day kind of rapid-fire first one probably should have been drawn back quicker should just throwing all my crap down and just got the bow back second one everyone totally shoulda just got my eyes on it before I ever made a move but I mean I am more than impressed with how effective ground hunting is I mean dude we would never have been I mean you literally can’t get out there no certainly certainly can be effective definitely a learning curve though so get out there and keep trying it as much as possible I mean I know I know before I try to draw an Iowa tag I’m gonna be doing this non-stop something that I learned is that Ohio has a lot more pressure than I realized and a lot of viewers yeah we talked to a lot of people that watch THP thanks to everybody that stopped and talked we actually had like such a good time hanging out talking just discussing deer hunting and what we’ve been seeing like it’s been a really good time and like made new friends every day oh yeah because you long hair despite the hunting pressure I mean people were having success everybody we talked to was having success obviously it’s the best time of year to be in the woods or buck action but all in all I mean there’s decent public land out there oh yeah and man people were seeing –

you’re right off the road oh yeah so don’t overlook that there’s gonna be pressure there’s gonna be people but think outside of the box you know get aggressive this time of the year you know we’ve really hammered these pieces there’s a couple pieces that you know you’ve seen throughout this video series that we were out a lot you know we were hitting those areas a lot but we knew that they have good sign in them and then at the end we found that perfect pocket and bouncing until you find it and then hitting it hard and that is exactly what we did and the cool thing was is even in a heavily heavily heavily pressured area we bumped a buck and then we saw him two more times the buck that we saw tonight yeah you know and I was in like a quarter mile oh yeah within a couple hundred yards easy he never left the immediate area I mean we just made an adjustment based off of his adjustment that he made and we got right back on him so find an area that’s got the dose this time of the year and hit it hard if you’re seeing bucks cruising like we’ve been seeing buck screws and get in there like don’t wait around because it won’t stay for forever at some point the deer start to move the different places maybe the dough’s are no longer in estrus in that area the Bucks move off this time of the year you got a high density you’re in the money and that’s exactly what we found and man it was awesome yeah dude thanks for coming out yeah I can’t wait to come back next year or well Ben’s probably gonna have an Iowa tag next year so that’ll probably be the next time then we hunt together but man I’m really looking forward to Ohio in the future and we’ve even talked about potentially found a different time of the year to come in and try something a little bit different thanks for watching the Ohio series guys Ben and I have had a blast on together got to also hunt with Keith my dad a friend rich met tons of cool people just humming public land in this area and definitely not gonna forget this one Sting’s a little bit that we didn’t pull it off but we were are pretty pretty pleased with the fact that we had as much really truly better encounters and an even older bucks and we ever dreamed we were gonna see so can’t complain on time man but that’s gonna do it we’ll see you guys on the next video