WE MESSED UP! Alabama Public Land Turkeys

we got a long drive this morning stay seven six seven six six day six we got about a 40-minute drive to go where we’re going Jake and I hunted there yesterday afternoon we found a bunch of sign but it’s overcast and a little cool the wind is blowing a little bit I wouldn’t say it’s bad though, they could still gobble I think you got two gobbling there’s one down there right in the line in the private one just gobbled right down in here definitely on public I don’t think there’s any way that I would heard that he was right in there you thought it’s windy and cold and not a good day for turkeys to gobble but they have a few times this morning and that’s pretty much all we’ve been getting as of late they just are not gobbling very good Jake heard a couple over here with this high wind I’m assuming they’re gonna go down low most of the turkeys have been low this whole trip anyway that’s where the hens wanna be right now we’re gonna use this drainage here and get down in that bottom with them try to get in between these two that Jake heard even though they gobbling anymore I mean a wind cover alone will probably allow us to get out there we might all said it cuz I mean this is made in the last couple days in that brush pile there and be hid real good or something like it I think he’ll come right around this Ridge if he’s down there but I would assume we’re gonna have to move in there deeper but if we sit here for 30 minutes and listen I think that’d be a good idea Greg we’re gonna get up here we’re gonna get up there and do a little calling in this brush pile you see all that fresh scratching on her that’s real fresh yeah we can get a lot closer see him? the turkey was gobbling he was just right there he was not very far he was only 100 yards I would say walking right along the edge of the creek but now he’s probably back up in there somewhere he gobbled and he was moving down here to the right and that last time he gobbled he was right down that tomb and I didn’t want to call any right thing cuz I knew he’d come in here looking for me I wanted you to call at that moment but into several minutes that went by before I finally get your attention by that time I’m sure he moved on past that Ridge and he’s on down the creek cuz he was going left to right have you

heard him at all since then, no no well-well get him yet he may very well I have a hen that he’s following down that bottom That would be the turkey that you heard gobbling right there I’d say don’t you think what’s the plan, I’m gonna get out of here for a little bit it’s about 11 o’clock now and we haven’t heard a peep down that bottom but we got some some good armed scouting done is Dave and Chubb’s say the cruise through that bottom real slow looking for scratching and turkey signing and a fair amount of it you got a deal yeah I don’t want spook them you get birds in a spot like this and you know they’re in there you don’t just go charging through there no from these hillsides all around us are scratched up real fresh stuff too just in the last few days it looks like we back in here this evening and we’re gonna be pretty cautious this evening and how we own it got some good to other days coming up yeah if we can potentially get him roasted down here here and fly up we’ll have a real good game plan for the afternoon, aaron thought he heard a bird right where that bird was yesterday afternoon at 2:00 so we were in here around 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon calling for him up top there and I thought I could hear a faint gobble down in there it would have been right in the same spot where he was roosted at he’s right up top stay there stay oh there he is Greg right in front of me to the right heel coming down one is a jake, the one on the right is a tom for sure see the one on the right, thats the tom there’s another turkey to my left I’m almost positive that we didn’t spook that gobbler because I watched those two go down and then go across the top right they’re going this way and then within a minute she I saw her head pop up over here or I saw like turkey head pop up over getting my left up above this log and then after that I saw a different Turkey moving around up there where they had went so I’m assuming at that Tom and Jake are still up there you know those suckers were up in the middle of the road next to the hummer no she saw us she came over that log sure was one tom

think it was like I thought it was a hen that flew it to see after I saw that turkey fly I saw one of those to either the Jake or the Tom moving around up in there right next to the hummer, that’s why we called right here those cuz we found the fresh scratch in here earlier I mean she came up over that log and saw us right there and that was that wait or not it get spot I sure there were you were yeah I figured what they were gonna do is go down to that little low gap right there and then go up and over and try to come to you that way instead of coming down this the center of this I mean there’s obviously a lot of scratching right here but I just don’t see a gobbler want to come down the middle of this thing we’re going here see Mike real quick and then go back to the woods well that time they’ll come floatin in here out here working I’m trying to work with slave away trying to make things for you guys to call go out there although almost they see barrel ain’t bent so i can Turkey hunt with you oh yeah that’s right we got close we got to go back out there and get after the sun’s popping out now I don’t blame you you got giveaway winners today Mark picked the giveaway winners last night for the Woodhaven ninja giveaway we did last week random.org yep he picks the number the number of entries that any starts at 1 to put the numbers in there hits the picks its own number and then we count out and that’s how you pick the winners but what was the email winner the first winter the email winners is Bradley chrome from new Salisbury, Indiana nice I don’t know Bradley congratulations Bradley Crumb oh I got that sound I got that southern Salzburg you know I say Salisbury’s all the other ninja package was on Facebook Facebook Twitter Brett Vickers from Brandon Mississippi will get you calls calls headed your way big ninja packs making the facts now we just need to kill some of you behind turkeys man I know, i’m going with somebody tomorrow, who I’m going with, Ted? you need to redeem you don’t kill Ted’s turkey but I’ll need to go with Ted tomorrow try to get Ted to shoot it you know I know how your I just don’t want to hear look this is the sound I don’t want to hear I want to hear, wa, wa, wa, – no don’t jinks me I’m getting ready bad I’m trying to kill trying to get caught up but all my work my glue into my call building so that I could go with y’all for a day it’s just been difficult man well keep after it bro trust we’re going would go to woods all right go them gobbling up there at the road right next to the Humber right were we spooked his hen earlier he said pretty sure it’s the same turkey and he probably gobbled half a dozen times or so then we set up and we waited for a half an hour calling never responded then we shut up for some time and he just gobbled on his own down here as an answer to haven’t heard him hadn’t seen might as well go back and try to find a different one to play with he may be a touch screwball to being says we spooked his hand earlier today it’s hard to say we’re running out of public land his private border is 30 yards away yeah it’s sweet a few lot of scratching

is that what is kids fishing they mean it’s not a compliment not for an adult oh it’s all talk sometimes I thought it was your local Parks and Recreation Department and I put on what you would call a kids fishing day at your local city pond where adults bring their children and have a good time okay and kids throw all the worms in the water and you know guess that’s what do you went to school thing mm-hmm I majored in yeah just my head remind me of the kids that had kids fishing day well you paid all that money to go to school so I figured it’d help you get your money’s worth I think I’ll ever get my money’s worth from that got back on that stupid bird that we well I don’t guess we spooked him earlier we spooked his hand and he left we went back over there after giving him about two or three hours break hit the call he fired right up and well went on a wild goose chase and needless to say we don’t have the turkey but we got some killer footage we did get some killer footage Craig’s telling me which is which is sweet you know but not on a turkey no it’s fortunate and that’s what I want I want a dead bird right now pretty bad number one because they’ve been frustrating me in the last couple days number two because we’re completely out of food and we already ate the other one but I guess we got horse divers tonight explain to him what horse divers are Mike’s making us horse givers tonight Mike and collar horse divers hors d’oeuvres no Greg spelled it out for me so it makes more sense now but Mike has been pronouncing orders horse divers and the first time you said I said did you say a horse he said no horse differs that said okay and I didn’t really understand what it was for a couple days and then Greg finally explained it to me last night so you’ve learned a lot on this trip yeah kids fishing day yeah hors d’oeuvres it’s an education it’s a slow maturation of his mind we’re gonna go try to kill a turkey we got a couple hours before torch dinner’s ready so we’re gonna dive off in here I heard a bird gobbler than this bottom this morning like twice so we’re just gonna get in there and try to track them up, wait what’s maturation I think the one thing I’ve learned about this early season hunting in the south is if you want to kill something and you don’t know the area you better planning to come down here for 8-10 days and maybe get one chance because like that area we hunted last year wasn’t as good as this like there weren’t as many turkeys if any of you watched last year’s videos you all saw we had success after like seven days here before that me and Zack went to Mississippi and it took seven days there and there were still a lot of turkeys there there’s a lot of turkeys here I guess that’s probably speaking more for if you’re coming this early in the season though – oh here they come this is weeks it’s super-super tough for example Mike lives here he has pretty much zero interest in hunting right now he’s it’s not even no thinking about it no the resident so he’s gonna wait come until April well it’s supposed to be really good weather and he’s thinking about going tomorrow morning but we have been inside all winter stuck in Iowa and all the snow it’s like time to go Turkey and it’s a cool idea like my buddies out here from Wisconsin they’re using their spring break time come down here turkey hunting I mean they live up north there’s no seasons open right now there’s not really much to do with Wisconsin this time of year it’s a blast man I mean I’m having I’m having a ton of fun down here but these turkeys are hard today was the first day that we actually got on a gobbling bird pretty much I mean actually was calling to a gobbling bird I mean I guess we sort of did a couple of days ago but what it what are we on there like day seven now six day six in between two groups going in the field every day we’ve had and I guess if you include catman and Fred just yeah and your buddies just a few people have been on a gobbling turkey yeah they’re just very tough I learned a lot today though I learned that what horse divers were learned what kids fish day means kids fishing today kids today you found the kid and I found it at nighttime their turkeys don’t pee

yeah I guess you did everything comes out as a solid doesn’t tell with all birds correct yes yes it’s just something never really thought about that’s good day that boy horse never tell my horse differs our horse Devers and he’s look at you eat them like a horse buddy I’ll tell you what I said if you can’t eat them you need my friend but you said we’re still friends hey kids right here you just take it yeah I’m happy go ahead break it Oh break bread we’re gonna break but you need to rub the biscuit through that I didn’t hit I’ll show in the minute you may forget in your mouth it’s good right make your tongue slap your brain that’s often if you can take your piece out and sop it through there like like digging a train keep chewing cat huh that’s good I’m gonna let you sop all right what do you think about that? I’m going to make a country boy out of you yet