Let's Play Enchanted Arms #60 [Deutsch/German] [Full HD] – Iwato, Dorf der Hinterwäldler (1/2)

high Lord saw someone to a comment so work by an annoying for fun let’s play enchanted arms MIT mir met nguyen thi na mono it was fashionable nicoya abba especial de langues am using the nets in fog in wound eruption darshan avert or anger common here is also a good sayaka bhai matted Jones for initializer and go board Nadia’s suit we were nothing before we’re done more importantly snack the auto operation carnival moment I’m the queen of ice novia one reason type while other shamans else my invested or bubonic is also saw an army men with clear eyes you’re outside us are the one sayaka brought with her aren’t you your rare sight coming all the way to this mountain village oh you have a lovely place he has so much nature hahaha no need for such compliments be honest this is a lonely place it has been a village of samurais since ancient times in the last war with London City all the men went to the fighting and very few of them came back in anything other than pieces so there you go ok marshana piano midi under gosh police of co nose for villain why do you live all the way out here why do I live all the way out here then you could just move to Kyoto no we couldn’t this land is entrusted to us by the Shogun we cannot leave it unattended it is our job to serve the Shogun here on the other side of Mount Fuji that is the role of a samurai I see kinda okay bhavani rubbish optimist my phone item colleague Sasha Kyoto and London flesh finish off not one of my exam revision of omission is in fluid some else miles of you click on the slaughter of a clan were home via a mine gang funky otto von Rygaard also anger gang war don’t on managing global fees Alaska’s actually raw delicious with her adieu calm sauce London and after his own if I know the universe india shocked when he naturally move on my Creek hash the decision decent by Norton and Estes garnish my zoo for knowledge of the unknowns I’d V lanham act as shown here Sinai athletes are gone c and on Vasu own men who looks after the village outside us are very rare here although do recognize one of you I do recognize one of you why have you come all the way up into these mountains we’re all matters assets who else’s we also her just traveling I see well you won’t find much to keep you here for long Oh show me design I tagum nigga man you insane estamos donde él está songs all spooling to learn the secret art although I still don’t really know much about it what exactly should i do to learn it we get a few like you every now and then but it has been a long long time since anyone actually learned the art the very detail of what the art is about have been lost to us it isn’t a one-hit kill all like punching through a mouth not pulling down stars I see that’s not the greatest news for me then desire the art if you wish but to not forget to steer yourself yeah I know right emotional self a book Susan miedo it is Indian decian una Bhavan mandas mezuzah lavish Gilligan staying in this house by the sayaka’s house is a slice is Navajo Yamazaki no HTML okay stop ish mr McKeon boy who carries the religious faith I on the outside sa acha brought here outsider sayaka did bring us here outside us outsiders people from outside everyone aside from the people here in Kyoto City are outside US I see okay yes in via yeah why you’re dressed funny aren’t you you’re the first outsiders I’ve ever seen actually the Shogun orders us to drive them off right away not that they ever come up here anyway

hmm nada SI units of oil fish bazoo harm karnish movie force then finding them and bedankt some nice hasta echo from the google chrome same assignee when he asked matt super clean awesome an empty house imac Vado HD voice on a note which isn’t a fairly hands off the suit and autónoma alpha bro haha shiny nice wine for him become a woman who cooks well don’t tell me you’ve come all the way here hoping to hook sayaka for yourself no actually she’s a tough one to get close to i warn you now I hear she’s still in love with a man she was with in the past the guy must be quite a guy if she loved him that much yavin lost many times I butta rygar some passenger wagons good Susan vegetable / I got wigs and hats in humoring of that summer I only married and moved here recently but I heard that say yoga and her true love were torn apart by the wall with London she was bound to follow duty but she’s so beautiful what a shame tough on the guy to get smoother city of Eden OD months jimenez 80 and if house its edge of desire to the whole so we applying the serene old man so you’re the outsider are you ah there’s that Riga so you are they so you are they okay you know rygar kind of we crosswords in the war but that was a while back hmm Riga yeah as a dog leash pecan to why do I suddenly feel threatened why do I suddenly feel threatened oh it’s just something from the wall with London right I was only doing what any good warrior would do it smashed our forces apart totally destroyed us even with people like me from the village of his fancy among them as in show business is guarded st Oscar so unhappy American Sign In shopping hostile adding six ish igual Samina and cooler by vehicle to the yes I’m elephant varlon tis a hypothesis of Nevada often UK sex again watch a daughter flesh machinist one of the tires since I can consent on about us when it snows one smita by but in cause hunger oh honey snores entities young all finished ninth in the humko special mix norske fun good yahan an Omegan squad sana Olguin strong-willed woman you outside a safe sayaka didn’t you thank you so very much I don’t have words to express my gratitude if only we had been paying better attention to everything sayaka would not have to suffer so sayaka always struggled so hard alone for the sake of the entire village I’m sure she has so many other things she’d rather be doing at her tender age I feel so worthless vinayagam hi t-man sayaka here and getting blamed woman was up wats ur family heavy taxes and no operations to Lautoka mooney blames us for losing the war he’s hitting this village hard you’ve come all this way but it isn’t much to see for it the loss of the war has been totally blamed on our clan even though it was really the fall of rock a moon and his total lack of strategy 00 the answer stupid is he getting lot Toki muniya heat as obey me or later anushka resume party punk togas Amish mafia hamper soon it’s vomiting not neutral clutched abhava hamden punished I’d so long outside in a cutscene my Bush town and dolphin on YouTube is still my Twitter schreck with a chiffon by numbers ashbourne need a spot immediately return g-dammit in Gulu invoice toshiba tune of my slightly vain woman when a new shogun is sauron in a ceremony is performed here in the village representatives from the clan perform various sacred rites but the current shogun well haha kc shady no miss Wanda little moon I don’t know all the details but that ceremony is said to

be quite dangerous so our current Shogun hasn’t actually gone through it they performed an abbreviated ceremony in Kyoto castle and then move straight on to the days and days of feasting mm-hmm zhuzhou the commish girl which knowledge to reach the city of hidden fire can assign a Nevada mesh mesh my ass vomiting here before my in a mood masculine oil silver old men with steely eyes you may be guests of sayaka but you can’t go beyond this point we all this gate lies the ascetic or the holy place that we protect hardly any of us even go in there let alone outsiders like you okays action of us Oh beyond here lies the holy place I cannot allow you to enter remembers puppy on the mountain gates are closed and tightly see it via viaB new mission visa cuts in Vevey lautoka mooney Toki munille its physical come home and mati queen of Isaiah 40 English day this is also sang din devil golem the hero bhai methods I enjoyed as they are all skill arsenal of hiya dozen burns oil of which Katya Sankey autophagy good on here mmm okay I’m photos fashionista me sign other Ubu here in the near route assaf unifies was an endeavor golden game avishkar finished and isn’t off here Odessa say hey if my life if the South domestica not to talk about souls as we dissolve between happen youthful old men so what do you think shop at how lonely this old places are you no not at all hahaha no need to hide it because it really is lonely that’s the truth many of our men lost their lives briefly in the war that’s why the village is so lonely nothing to be ashamed of nada had abolished the path of the samurai leads to a brave and honorable death in the service of others those who didn’t make it back surely have no regrets uh yeah I less male 2 idea yawn services office when Jesu ivanka sayaka and a foul on green as a window ganache NC can also a our guides in alpha protons foot susanne bier I guys are gonna shop is what is a heater the top number on this nation of my mitten and Ava’s vonage my necessary care for by hmm are you searching for medicines travelers I’m sorry I only have enough for those who live in the village fine herbs or hurts grew all around here until quite recently but now the power of the mountains appears to be waning which means fewer herbs it is most troubling actually shall I envisioned o magazine as a better fujita pharmacies and I body cannot slide on each magnetic comment confess all the sales a shot up since I McCoy yan Robert in the growth midi comment didn’t Hoffman sign outside not nishka brow it’s smoother honking mention with potent so high-end a banishment of anesthesia zoo private residence guilty lady yes yes what do you want nothing in particular if you don’t want anything then don’t just barge into someone’s house this is why you outsiders are such trouble 17 point this year actually I’d like to ask for directions really I can’t believe anyone could get lost in this small place the house you see as soon as you enter the village belongs to Joe science I akka and at the bank of the village nice the stone shrine and the ascetic gorge thanks oh no problem ok di canio doc instead sign a flavorless silica vanish management many multimedia tools he puts leash Robin is shredded sweetened water damage or shiny star überall kanishk ladder and suked zones girl over the city of the slits the horse shine a searchlight at Seguin Oh orange on congo crisis I acronis realistic went off blacksmith shows akula sword Smith hey outside US you want to sort do you yeah I take one is cognition sense I’m shrinking mr. zuma i’m afraid i only make source for the men of the village and the Shogun we get a few travelers like you coming through wanting my work but i’m sorry i can’t hand it over I

don’t know about your waist but here you don’t take a sword you earn one anyway ok the no money on display so soon no actually Oh outside outside outside sears with to visit the blacksmith today odd folk you are oh yeah kamaka Jesus taught swapped ocean-atmosphere no chaperone recent eluded Ozzie Isaiah a door patio water fights a super super hot people by patio tis most Kansas globe a shower off of the hobbits in Yemen is isha of en5 SEO visage minor when we had needs here for sayaka salsa an eruption tide when she wanted wasn’t as a mysterious stone tablet standing here okay and if a mutiny sound which minds aj sayaka here off regarded have masonic eingang photographer gong li xian zai gan SYE a Cayenne of all flesh in the spanish leashed this is my house by wendys issued avatar wouldn’t happen with us as the phn in his beer with your mind by society theaters ambition and often libyan enchanted arms on revises you’re not gate certainly has a refined feel about it but i can’t see any gold or anything oman yukia sossamon Ornish baclofen that really is all you think about please come inside i might not have any gold but I’m sure I can find some rice to share with you portugal to zellas hi al Qaeda efficient totally lytham Keller the somas over in feet so Nathan pursue Indian or buy a he listened of canada’s fastest 4G and a silver hopped in command invasion Tom Crean Fagin Heights kashish in heart so this is a kyoto style house that aroma who something smells really good that is the wood from which it is made I hear that London and Yokohama build mainly with stone in Kyoto most houses are made of wood the smell of wood it has a certain calming effect my thanks for your kind words my father is in the tearoom I shall introduce you to him first the Tea Room is the first room down the hallway time to see your father rygar I hope this goes well for you I don’t know what you mean ah riga dan was a huge its name is Matt swooshed mhmm a fortune assassins wine for free enzyme world all the hoop ships so on the Hudsons and stuff not an item give move along orphans Owens Oh sweetie sweetie of when I sign OH our mall perhaps you’re so he shined a Smith Smith who once again the commotion laga ke kis matter too much the shine um um phenomena man found the sheets for behind govies ensues I another are you home sayaka what is it we have guests guests lady Kareem princess of London and her party I see very well bring them in yes Father please come inside this is the way in yes to the Tea Room you have to crouch down to get inside how delightful I get to feeling careens really taking to Kyoto welcome welcome I am sayaka’s father Joe say you look a little old to be her father suma I apologize for my companion worry not you are lady Kareem I take it that is correct it is a pleasure to meet you I am daughter of Caliban 16th king of London City welcome to my home and these others I’m at summa yeah it’s so minus y estaba she links to personal character bashai only human scale isn’t up very good you are a lively one very good solutions ishalla new knowledge for an image minor I’m sure you going to look for a team how cute you are I am rygar sir very good oh oh now get out of here oh oh how dare you show your face here again none in this village will ever forget what you did what’s going on

what gives you the right to treat rygar like that stop at Zuma he has every right I’m glad you understand now out very well my god do not concern yourself with a sayaka sayaka do not talk to him yeah yes Father coke Marv it always seek worked a Saskatchewan baton then I shall take my leave yeah so now maybe we can talk a little yes what brings you to Kyoto City there well that’s what I know long ago she still hmm i see i see but summer wishes to learn our secret art in order to control his arm is that correct yes sir although we’ve since heard the art has been lost still we hoped perhaps you might know of some way well the ascetic monk at the ascetic court may know something aesthetic monk ascetic court what the ascetic Court is a sanctuary located up in the mountains a place to Train body and mind and hone the spirit it lies beyond the mountain gate in our village who is the aesthetic monk he lives a solitary existence inside the ascetic court and it said that he possesses skills far exceeding those of mortal men he may know something of the secret heart now lost to our village okay so we need to get to the ascetic court and talk to this ascetic monk the entrance is near this village right I’ll just go and ask him now wait wait calm down young otsuma the ascetic Court is a holy site entrusted to us by the Shogun himself we cannot allow you inside without the permission of Lord took him una oh I see so the Shogun is like your king or something right do you think he’ll meet with otsuma well with Lady Kareem here I do not think that will be a problem ah right she is a princess I guess you don’t have to guess Yuki yeah haha made its ish Riga hint not so wat regale is Dustin you’ll be quiet my apologies I can’t let my guard down for a minute that rude interruption has quite disrupted my thoughts right take lady kareem with you and i’m sure lord Toki mone will grant an audience a key is required to enter the ascetic court the Shogun should know where to find that key I see then first we need to meet with the Shogun sayaka will take you to Kyoto castle tomorrow understood sayaka yes Father then please rest yourselves here tonight thank you very much sorry to keep you waiting rygar we’ve planned out our next move yes I’ve heard my apologies rygar my father’s still think nothing of it do not let it bother you very well I shall prepare rooms for you then perhaps you would like to look around the village a little while I take care of that humber stronger marked yes ok ok everyone let’s have a little free time Oh 9s veloster Machado mm-hmm ok I wish of talking sháá Medina crunch and I am cooking monsoon of my missing in our Amish mine Jesus coboy de jambe enough niched in I designer Ginza a forged talk I saw ye konsa OU pito Alice I accom you look very heavy sayaka oh well it’s just been so long since we had guests I’m just a little excited please make yourselves at home it will take a while to prepare you for stay to prepare for your stay so home mmm LLC I far nobler cliff I rygaard’s aniya aniya is yash hogwash fighting over a guy vanished in the suit work home here sign how you just say as you can see we have little but make yourselves as

comfortable as you can your options are English cans community alishmas our democracy and 15 units of events here my invincible n na wala divided on a serious turn to ensnare system shaft