August 6, 2020 – BCC Land Use Meeting

>> To the Board of County

commissioners land use meeting about the same 2020 going to call the meeting to order we’re going to start with this morning with an invocation by pastor Paul mclaughlin of the Bible back this church a Bradenton followed by the pledge of allegiance please stand if you’re able >> Good morning, everybody I’m here with you before I try to find a I did this before the City Council meeting my last month. The couple of things out of Scripture that kind of puts things in perspective. Why we do what we do before meeting This is here and first Timothy 2, 1, through 4 I exhort therefore that for the wall. Some publications prayers in the sessions and giving thanks be made for all men. Rick Ames for all that are on the floor That we may lead a quiet and peaceful life and all godliness and on the state. For this is good an acceptable on the side of God, our savior we’ll have all meant to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth And also the second Chronicle 7.14 I thought it would be appropriate for this this morning. Especially right now we’re dealing with the pandemic That doesn’t affect us here in the United States, but globally as well And it says here if my people came which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray. And seek my face KRON from their wicked ways then you will I hear from heaven. Forgive their sins And heal their land let’s prime Now Billy father who art in heaven today we co before you with praise and Thanksgiving We acknowledge you was a sovereign and creator. Lord we pray for our country and those in leadership that you a place told for us we pray for our president, our governor and bows in manatee County That their hearts would be guided by you that their decisions would be wise and that their leadership would be principle We pray for the healing in our country Not the senseless violent protest would seats that this pandemic would soon pass Oh God protect us revive a citizen people the nuj or presidents and our hearts and lives iPad and Jesus name and now >> Pledge allegiance to the flag I don’t have a whole lot Under

Changes are announcements or awards But alas staff changes media attention >> No we’re not going to say OK I’m kind of a record today all right with that will >> right away to citizens comments on future agenda items >> This is for citizens who might want to make a comment today on something that is not on today’s agenda. Something they’d like to see on a future agenda And is there anyone in the audience who would like to make a comment on a future agenda item Seeing no one come Florida close citizen comments on future agenda items. We have one item on consent If you’d like to introduce at all open that up for public comment >> My mind shall go ahead says that turning I don’t this subject is like like inverse manatee County’s case number 2 oh one to see a 3, 4, 8, 3, Topic is approval written statement allow that uses and written settlement offer and a Brit Harris act They actually quest and I read the motion this is a move to approve the written statement, loud what use is presented by the county Attorney’s Office and to authorize the execution of saying by the county says a representative. The service department and I moved to put Britain settlement offer was and by the county Attorney’s Office and to authorize the execution of saying by the time says the representative the billing them service department and want to clarify there is no actual settlement this case, it’s really deserving the status quo the board’s prior action >> Open this up for public comment is there anyone you’d like speak to this in the audience Take the scene on come from a close public or so All right. We have a motion in the second all those in favor signify by saying aye I just explained everyone we do have 2 commissioners who have called in today and they’re over the found so take a little loud here from them all right. I believe I’ve heard. Unanimous Vote all opposed nay chair votes aye motion passes unanimously All right before move right on to. Our next item which is item number 3 If you’d like to introduce that percent >> Yes we’re going to use to that I’ve been tweeting from Ivan Nova falls Only see T 20 series 2 ordinance 20 12 London. Goat that’s amendment Flo played management I’m in the gym and gold but ended amending chapter one general provisions that are there to this initial shock 30 review authority and procedures So therefore some of their 5 is and therefore excess or even as the city uses and structures So there are 7 environment down. Well drivers sources protections out there Engineering this time and you do this and chop their man The sign guidance on this and there’s all of the land development code to move the storm water management would harm from front line management sections to into section 8 oh one is still water management to move to remind their section able to flow may management from section able to do the love the minimum goal to section 2 dogs. An article sector of the manatee County code of ordinance it’s really all reference to section able to float plane management from the land the minimum goal to replace the reference with Flo make management ordinance to remove different like come on from there to the few nations that were not moved to the code of ordinances until we arranged between nations appearing on their flood plain management into a flood or I didn’t number 4 ordinance number 2020 to look like management ordinance an ordinance of manatee County Florida regard. The floodplain management brought in for purpose and providing for findings amending article second of their 2 best end of the month of the coat go to the ordinance the slow lane management ordinance both unincorporated mind I think can I do probation for abused or Asian destinations. Area of becoming the thing. Flood re system development and technical amendments to the Florida building code who first one to Florida. It is thought to 5, 5, 3.73. 5 providing a feast got

in but just in both cases are legislative The case manager use are News Sunday too. And thank you bill >> Good morning, madam chair Commission Bill o Shea for staff I also have with me Sandy Tudor and time gurson burger this was kind of a group effort in the ordinance is that you have before you today. If we could go to a short power point presentation Next slide please So this is a county initiated touch to men and and it is in response to a letter that we received from the state flood plane management office and in that letter they had requested changes because they thought as written our floodplain management regulations were confusing. There are amendments needed to meet mash minimum national flood insurance program requirements. And the LDC in code of ordinance floodplain management requirements sometimes conflicted with each other So the proposed amendments addresses the requirements necessary to implement the updated FEMA maps that are in to Spade in the spring of 2021 Next slide please This will allow future amendments by moving everything to the to the code of ordinances this will allow future amendments to the floodplain management ordinance to be a little bit more efficient because we’d only be dealing with one document It’s also important that we keep up with the regulations because the county’s flood insurance discount rate is based on our ordinance and our floodplain management required that’s and there will be periodic amendments require. To keep the discount to the flood plain or to the flood insurance policy holders as high as possible next slide please The request is to move all the floodplain requirements from the LDC to the code of or and says this will affect chapter one general provisions chapter 2 definitions chapter 3 review authority and procedures chapter 4 zoning chapter 5 standards for accessory in specific uses and structures chapter 7 environmental and cultural resource protection chapter Engineering design and utilities. And chapter 9 design guidelines and standards next slide please Section 8 ’02 is currently the floodplain management section of land development code and it contains those storm water in floodplain management regulations, storm and storm water management requirements, even moved into section 8 oh one and the remainder of the floodplain management requirements or been moved from the LDC to the code of ordinances Section 8 ’02 will only refer to the location of the floodplain management the ordinance which is an article to chapter 2.10 of the cow County code of ordinances The planning Commission recommended approval 6, 0, at their July 9th meeting and although there’s no motion requesting today staff a staff recommends approval of this request and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have Okay misty >> Yes, thank you bill for the presentation and I understand that we have to do this in order to maintain the discount for citizens right to mandatory and so can you explain the process if when we are ready to amend this section of the ordinance would be the process like when we get our new maps in 2021 >> I the changes that we’re making today will bring us up to where we need to be for the new maps in 2021, but I’m going is that correct Sunday. So we won’t have to make any changes in 2021 >> And do we know the process to amend this ordinance under

the code of ordinances in the future >> I believe it only takes one here and similar to this through the Board of County commissioners >> And cheddar may clarify would do in to peer in some both because we’ve got now DC with this one. So it will be a second hearing on both the OTC and the county code amendment in September >> And once this is done it will so floodplain management will no longer be regulated. The land development code, a major change but I guess you know the mask you want to be a system that right and what they were the ones at the state level I should say FEMA emergency management at the state level are the ones that ask correct correct something that I learned that I needs to be publicly stated because I think it is a significant change is where we currently have in order to receive points under rate reduction right time We currently have a one foot free board requirement. That’s not going to change but but maybe you can explain and I know it’s going to be 2 feet up, but if you could explain how it went from one foot to fly because that is In my book a fairly significant change of >> First off for the record good morning. I’m commissioners Thomas first burger worst permit >> Yes with respect provisions are being made. Mike Brey the majority of the language from section to floodplain requirements and land development code over to The code of ordinances chapter to 10 of step did look at any particular areas of the language that needs to be updated. Requirements once one of the sections the up state. Florida building code is some formatting one foot of free board between those fish for elevation and base flood elevation therefore for the county to maintain our current of flood insurance that we have through the camp the new rating system the county required to go from one foot pre board to 2 feet of reporting Believe sand is can tell every further as well >> A city could ever technically said it is somewhat or >> has to go to the roof of the board >> And it I discussed it with the building official a C J pre is because I’m not with the up coming change in the Florida building code That’s coming up in January effective in January. Following one even though building code and commissions could talking about pretty the 2, 4, 3, border We also will get more credit in CRS for going to 2 Are we going to to and when It’s the ordinance is adopted >> This is I want to say common knowledge but that’s probably not the right terminology has community they contracts are they informed of this because that doesn’t change significantly. They’re designed for Basically when I look at construction instead most of them are already going to 3 feet above baseline. Anyways of >> They’re bringing in Ville they’re raising the great. Heritage Harvard for example, typically goes anywhere from to have to 3 feet above baseline, anyways OK So it’s not what it might impact some of the smaller ones, but the bigger Bill there’s I don’t think it’s going to hurt okay John did you want to have anything your stand-up act >> I would like to thank you very much John Byrne a Billy goat curse of this is a true too and other style that work constantly with outside agencies, FEMA. The to make sure that our regulation that here’s everything things so we ensure But our Cirrus ratings studies were does or goals are And I know sand and palm and the group you know laying claim builders developers everybody in the community insurance P all you know as they look at these regulations to make sure that everybody understands why they’re being done because currently our citizens get a 25% discount on their flood insurance And this board has made it very clear your style but you protect that you make sure that never goes away with. We’re committed to that. They’re

working very hard to go to the next well that would be a 30% There very few jurisdictions counties in the state that you’ve the local we can do that and we’re continuing to walk toward that >> Any questions for staff must I do have one more >> so so we have the staff has talked >> With the B for example in groups like that that normally bring permits through and they have an understanding. I’m glad to hear that that’s what I’m hearing right >> Our building official inspections manager plans. Let me with those organizations are regular buses. OK during this. Them unable to meet face to face, but they’ve been holding meetings on your devices With not only leadership but the membership of those organizations to make sure that. We’re feeling there needs to be nurtured. But patients >> Yeah thank you John it’s good so >> We have of plotted subdivision has final plat approval is under construction. And half of it is built at the time that this comes into effect then to the remaining wants have to adhere to the new standards or yes, that yes they do yes So you you will have in that scenario, some homes built at a higher elevation and other homes possibly S >> Okay the last manager just wanted to that >> Sandy and I work very closely with the consultant for the state the floodplain office so they were very much looking at the language that is before you today and we’re in agreement with with what we’re proposing >> And when is a second hearing on this. The second of September 3rd and that your emotions and your agenda to allow them to be part of 05:00PM OK >> So there is another opportunity if they have people are hearing this for the first time there’s another opportunity to make comments to the county or questions if you have questions right and the folks can contact you. They do all the time you’re the expert we know that staff level for floodplain issues so just want to make sure the prior to September 3rd, which is a second the reading of this This ordinance change and so I have an to make public comment then we have an maybe today is there, anyone would like to make a comment regarding these here in the 2 agenda items, 3, 4, for anyone who want to make a comment A consumer can forward a Steve Carol that you have anything you want to ask her comments >> And you know it. Probably a little bit >> Simon area of expertise I rely heavily on the stand >> To you know put this together I think it’s a a You know I love to see us get to that 30% level of John’s talking about and I’m really curious as to where the when FEMA does those releases those. The new flood plain Maybe you want to lines >> next year and it seems some preliminary work on that and I know and Missy I don’t know if you had a chance to look at but a lot of Bayshore is funny Have the flood zone for a lot of those houses that are that are not going to be required to have flood insurance. Her their money I know that because my daughter’s House is one of those that is projected that line is going to fall where she’s at now is still going to drop back in action and from a personal standpoint, though that cost the amount of time and dollars a year for flood insurance so you know, I’m really curious to see how that’s going to impact a lot of these homes in that area And specifically Bayshore because those are people that you know not the higher income Thai people in you know if you if you can save a $1000 a year You know it’s real money to them so I’ve been wave, you know I can’t wait to see how FEMA Joe has those lines and then we go back and as Petition mortgage holder to drop their flood insurance arm Yes, Carol ahead >> For some it’s actually all have to pay 40,000 year flood insurance. Drop it. Yeah because it’s just possible Yeah, the city of every last there a lot of insurance already a few years

>> Yeah and they gave it back >> This is very taxpayers we have chaos. Well, I’m glad we’re staying on top of it and and you know it would be interesting to find out from like you said a smaller >> You all people are healthy I haven’t heard from them if you can’t job sure you guys will do next work with them >> You know hats on and all I know your customer roundtable, let’s make sure the little guys, I’ll pass or >> Thank you good to see about in yeah I think the last time we had a major change to the flood maps I remember having an opportunity to go to Lakewood ranch high School In view, those flood maps and people had an opportunity to make comments and make changes to anticipate there will be a similar Rossi’s when we get the preliminary maps in November, 2018. We had public meetings in April of 2019 it right here in the Senate said yes. Yes, I see you and then they went to the appeal period. We haven’t got to see if they beat any team just based on the appeals I didn’t get many just >> I don’t know what did you miss Palin he’s got because they’re also part of this 6 months before they become affective will let people know you can >> Ahead of time that they are going to be teen. But you read it correctly I remember being here I remember talking to the theme in this with my people about some of the flooding issues that we have to remember that OK great that would be good for people to have an opportunity to look at those and know that I was good you have to know what flood zone you’re in and the county has that information online just like we have the information and evacuation zone right in >> My guys, this is a no action item today. I’m sure you saw, but first of a yes Leave it to the community or floodplain manager for some time since the professional engineer, but >> one other thing I’d like to note as we all whether start storm where floodplain regulations or insurance rate maps are always subject to certainly if you look back in time between area before maps are 92 maps are 2014 maps next year possibly with her 21 map says. As but lines are always change as a commissioner Johnson referred to some are lucky sum or not unfortunately as far as when it comes to our floodplain delineation with the map amendment that’s upcoming for next year. We do include the game a Creek watershed management plan. As part of those We’re just about. Getting close to having always great pier strain finishes well and we will be pursuing. Does my updates as well so certainly as we alluded to all there will be further chain is whether it is to the ordinance or where whether it is to play maps themselves. I think that’s very helpful like done >> All right anything else before we move along. All right, thanks Amy >> And right next item Pierre 1719 Pierre crushed crushed wind Cage Lakewood ranch the Cisco outside judicial. I don’t think that’s what people living kill if you want to it’s where people in >> Anyone who thinks they may be speaking on any item today has any possible desire to speak it’s free it’s Payless Please stand up and be sworn in And if anybody is in another room and they want to come in and speak you can stand up there and just let us know you were sworn in >> Do you swear or affirm that the factual statements and factual record presentations which are about to present to the board will be truthful and accurate Thank you okay, thank you all Any ex parte communication Many board members >> Carol or Steve any ex parte communication Okay, yeah, okay, great You’d like to introduce this place >> Item number 5 being sent I mean you are Chris when Kate age may be dry Amend its zoning ordinance number of PR 17 19 see in the polling that revised preliminary site plan for a 100 or 50 want love single family residential subdivision to review some even rear

yard setback. For residential units from 15 feet to 10 feet and to approximately 249 acres or lease on you know our land development residential I’m generally located more or less one 0.5 miles east of the rain roll, 1.5 miles north of state Road, 70 and 1.3 months on both the state Road the detained United wrote reading some of the town The another is JD The applicant it is nice Lisa rowing for one term in 10 years >> All right, we’ll go ahead and go to the applicant presentation Applicant wants to come out they’re going to from here okay. Applicants come forward Please state your name for the record whether not even more >> And my name is Lindsay Ruben for the record and I have been sworn in thank you. It’s a very short presentation Hey good morning commissioners, my name is Lindsay rope and I’m a better at Walter engineering I’m here today on behalf of the applicant culture acquisitions LLC for minor preliminary site plan amendment. They also have our project engineer here with me save you have any questions The Cressman project is located directly north of range and Parkway approximately one and a half miles east of Lorain Road and directly east of Ewing Road in eastern manatee County. Chris wind is nestled into the Lakewood ranch villages with surrounding communities, including so we’re to the south Lorraine lakes to the West has to the Northwest and the recently approved Poggi directly North We’re here today to request approval to reduce the rear yard setback for principal residential structures from 15 feet to 10 feet And just a quick overview of the property Cressman is about 250 acres in size it’s zoned PDR proof or 651. Detached and semi detached units that are gross density of 2.6 when units maker it’s within the mixed use community residential a mixed use community activity Center 3 future in these categories Our request for a 10 foot rear yard setback is consistent with surrounding approvals. the recently approved pudgy directly is on are you reading Lorraine lakes and and many others in the area The production poses no impact on the required real utility easement no impact on open space or required landscape buffers it allows greater flexibility in the types of single-family housing products that the developer could provide. It will continue to safely provide enough space with him that’s 4 point closures and residential recreation as there’s no change to the we’re we’re accessing setback which will remain at 5 feet Cressman is a quality development by a phony developer culture homes In conclusion, your staff is recommending approval of this minor amendment. We’re in agreement with the as outlined in the staff port the amendment will allow for greater flexibility in single-family housing products. It’s appropriate and compatible with other planned communities in the immediate area. And is consistent with your comprehensive plan. And for these reasons we respectfully request your approval, thank you. Thank you Board members have any or so How does 5 the last make it more flexible So the reduction in the setback allows the product tapes to be a little different. So if you wanted to added garage extension they could add that >> so in my home wanted to add a bathroom in the back to get your board the bathroom now doing to their house thinking about that on product flexibility on the line Everything matters because it does >> I’ve actually been out a cross wind and took a tour beautiful community. Thank you very impressive very well so that’s really what this is all about isn’t it just being able to give you more flexibility is actually adding on and in what the buyers might want exactly 7 okay, yes that’s what I thought all right, thank you madam chair when it’s time to make the motion to approve >> Yeah and I agree >> What you just said with what you just said Vanessa because this is market driven this is

what people want. It you know and if that’s what is so and what people want that so we should get them >> And so are there any homes built there yet Ah yes there’s a couple homes built in this You show going along you find it in order to get the flexibility of 10 foot setback would work better. The new assume that the community that is there’s going to be fine with this change we’ve not heard from anyone >> I guess yes, I do know that you have >> large but first which I really like the road 50 foot wide roadway buffer line. The line range land and board signed Boulevard. Yes ma’am obviously I think that’s important as this area grows where those roads are basically pretty much out where you are not now they certainly will becoming maybe Vanessa knows better than I do that that there’s not I wouldn’t think a lot of traffic out there today. I think that’s that’s it great thing that there’s 50 foot wide buffers so yes, I like it when you have the open space around the development and inside folks can decide they don’t want to have that kind of opens that’s I think that makes sense tonight I somewhat alluded to this we were talking about this when we had our meeting on Tuesday Member and I said oh 10 rear setbacks or not initial than I realize that it’s actually on today such as we had a request for a 10 foot rear setbacks so is that Coulter’s finding and other communities that there I’m going with that that small of a setback that people are finding that acceptable for there >> Choices, yes, I believe they are just trying to see consistency with all the other developments in the area, okay >> All right staff thank you very much I don’t think we have a few less carolers Steve if you have questions for the applicant >> Know I told you the other day we have 10 year except that’s my pounds so okay Matt and course it’s I you know it’s it’s a normal here. Yeah >> All right well then we’ll go ahead and go to staffs presentation And Jay Cutler for stopping have been soaring miss letter read through the Ordinance and the app this is Chris PDR 1719 is the key. this is a request to reduce the rear yard setback from 15 feet to 10 feet The property is located a generally a mile and a half east of Lorain Road and a mile half north of state Road, 71.3 miles south of. State route 64 You see the general cation there on the map The future land use is shown There’s a variety there And the zoning is PDR as mention This just shows the previously approved setbacks from the showing that 15 foot setback And this is the proposed rear yard setback, 10 feet again nothing else changes and and the for the development order One question that did come up was a But the homes that are built there currently this will Rick why are a final site plan so the applicant will have to come back and do another site plan to a modified that the existing final site plan. This is the surrounding residential development Some of those The existing Setbacks to take the set backs That positive aspects are there. No to the per approved psp related to density the permitted uses open space Heights project access pedestrian in the roadway system see to Libby’s storm water. Environmental features or conservation areas As discussed fulper provide out

can some flexibility in their product take. Staff sees no apparent a notable negative impacts and we recommend approval >> The bill for any questions okay, thank you very much any questions >> I know this is probably yeah I think these fiascos and heard from any anybody lightly. I saw this development reenactment cell towers in the area And I’m sure it may not be going on this project, but we also have to look at that so we don’t get all the mess they were in last year You know the answer regarding this project Keep us informed so we know that there is all this you get these beautiful also stepped up their pads. A fall. So if you can’t make that’s being addressed counties specially >> And our County to sure I don’t have any information on that months later may have some information and commissioner Bart has a comment >> Commissioner I know that he’s an So tolerant within the rain lakes. But he’s not the agenda and doesn’t have fun aside >> Who but is part of the FBI was approved by the board last year >> She could put up exhibit show us where exactly the Great Lakes isn’t it was on your exhibit that you have the one that you show the Great Lakes is immediately to the west of immediately to the West OK with yes, okay, good. That’s what I like to be like us is approved >> And in Maine in terms when do the main entrance to that these and he’s improved close to a >> Recreation office and I think a little fiddly recall those Yeah >> The to that last question and why is that yeah >> Everyone should remember those Interestingly enough all I’ll let everyone know that perhaps doesn’t get out to Lakewood ranch as often as some of us in this room does There are low cell towers going almost every day you’re starting to see the more and more The reception is getting a little bit better for someone that as a business and has lived in Lakewood ranch for the teen it is definitely is starting to get better it is probably not out at Crest win yet But it will be it’s on the way so I do know that there are some that are going in now that area >> It’s OK Everyone take a tour okay. Yeah, I do need to get out there it’s been well any other questions for staff Okay we’re going to go ahead and open this up to public comment is there anyone who would like to see speak to this application Have not received any cards when a signed up. All right I’m going to go ahead and close public comment Further comment numbers >> The applicant have any out further information rebuttal They’d like to share >> All But that’s where you want to make a motion Thank you all move to approve the recommended motion All right. We have a motion by commissioner boss seconded by commissioner trace. All those in favor signify by saying aye aye aye He’s missing All those opposed a chair votes. Aye motion passes 6 to 0 >> OK thank you very much keep up the good work All right next up is item number 6 PDI 20 ’08 >> He’s safe. She makes Lena road facility C Max Construction materials, this is also quasi judicial Has there been any ex parte communication Vanessa Since that is in my district and we all know with the history of Rosedale they did contact me on this and I told him it was quasi judicial so I really couldn’t get into a major conversation with them. But the concern it sounded like was. You know the cement trucks going by their development to the stoplight there at state Road 70 make the turn so I don’t know if anyone’s here today to speak on behalf of it they they did should concern okay. All >> we’ll go ahead there’s enough you’d like to introduce them. You have when Sue IPC mixing the road for cbd is a really nice

PDI not the remaining those job so far so not 7 o you know business Park. Foreman on us a lot 15 to allow come with persistent proceeding to you at 480 square foot of often being mean to you 5 foot House e-mails a 45 foot I mean for a foot sells the store’s beings. Also said that’s it for us see this side is approaching 95 acres. And he’s generally located at the South and of 80 wants us to the point is this commonly known as city 5 suicide and a B Perth is true for is pretty tough is a quasi Lisa pays the case manager is missed 31 and he represent the seas is nice to just enjoy Go to the applicant for his presentation >> Good Jason Jones environmental manager with some next I have been sworn The project for which we are seeking approval and present to you this morning is a typical ready-mixed concrete plan This plant would be located on a 5 acre parcel that’s next owns at the South end of the Lena business Park This field facility would consist of both an entrance and exit drive way the plant itself would be located more or less in the center of the property. A modular office Above ground double wall diesel tank. For a few we are free only not for resale Aggregate ground storage bins for the storage of our a limestone in sand To port storm water retention pond to capture all runoff from the facility A mixer truck slumping stations where the trucks would go after they were loaded to rinse off the exterior of the trucks and add water as needed to the low to make sure concrete is a proper consistency And a force old process water system. That’s concrete line This site will also be surrounded by 8 foot concrete wall A little bit of history about the This property was originally purchased see Singletary in 1999. With the intention of building a pretty mixed concrete plan on it. Ultimately the Board of County commissioners denied. RNC approval to build the site A judge a judicial appeal was filed in the circuit court to challenge the board’s decision During the meantime some ex purchased RNC incorporated And continue the ticket litigation to gain approval to build this plant On 8/17/2006 the special magistrate ruled that board unreasonably burden the property Biden not died in 9 his own application and further that decision was not based on substantial evidence The special magistrate ordered or recommended that the board either prove the zoning application or provide smacks with a suitable site within the landfill area The site was offered at Port manatee however that location was at the top time and still is today unsuitable for our business needs That in people are still in the middle of the your screen is the 5 acre parcel referring to as you can see the immediate neighboring properties have been developed a with other industrial uses included in automotive body repair Warehousing recycling and volumetric concrete. In addition East of the property is a power light easement nothing would ever be built up against the back of our plant Is a permanent what reserve Measured from our property line to the nearest property to the south is approximately 750 feet through that preserve which will provide a nice natural for operation Here is the site plan to give you a kind of an idea of how the facility would be laid out You get one or here That is the Southern driveway or the inference driveway The facility. This here would be the 2 ports storm water pond. But I was referring to there will be built on site This storm water pond here is existing in would not be have anything to do with the facility that was constructed when the when the business Park was constructed The exit at the driveway would be there Modular office in process water

system there. And the plant You’ll pay an aggregate storage bins there The board and citizens had a number of concerns with the previous application. One of those being the height of the plant, their original a plan had silos as high as 75 feet high What we’re proposing today is a much more lower profile plant with silos not to exceed 55 feet in height Also at the time of the original application. The intersection of Lena Road and state Road 64 was not built out. There was concerns that that would cause major traffic issues This is no longer the case that is fully developed with multiple lanes of traffic and signals Of course environmental protection is of everyone’s concerns. So here we have highlighted a few of the steps we will take to a run in environmentally friendly operation All missions units on the plant including each silo. The truck loading area. And the plant scale will be equipped with the latest mission emissions control technology The 10,000 Diesel fuel tank will be above ground there will be no components of the tank below grade No component of the tank a contact with previous ground It will also be double double walled To prevent accidental release in live in the unlikely event of equipment failure The take will also be equipped with high level alarms and level gauges to prevent accidental over Phil 100% of the vote. Often the site will be directed to the 2 ports storm water retention pond to be built on the site All process water will be contained in the 4 cell concrete process water system It will be a 100% recycled that water will either go back into the mixer truck struck once in the drones or will get sprinkled on the aggregate to maintain moisture The low lower profile of this plan. The 8 front foot concrete perimeter, wall Landscape buffering and not to mention the natural wetlands reserve to the south. Well served to mitigate noise pollution from the site Manatee County is great as it is a destination areas poised for significant growth for many years to come Specifically areas east of I 75 With target areas in the Lakewood ranch in parish areas We look forward to having a plant in position to service these areas and contribute to manatee counties continued success and growth Thank you for your time and consideration OK thank you very much any questions for the applicant. And I forgot my side right >> When the resident from Rosedale the I think it was the angel a president when he called me it seemed as I mentioned Part of the concern was that traffic on you know going to state Road 70 that would go out to the stoplight there in front of Rosedale that. You know this is not on the state Road 70 side this is on the 64 side, correct. Yes, ma’am OK And so I guess my question would be to you and I don’t know that there’s anything you can do at this point, I’m just going to throw it out there Eventually Lena road will have to be open. Might not be in my lifetime, I don’t know, but it will be a bit. So at that point really you’re closer I believe To 64 anyway this plant would be is that correct the you know >> I believe in you would be to state Road 70. I believe so I have to look at a and they give you in exact answer I don’t know how far it is self if Lena road rage incident >> Mao that’s that’s what it actually right now between a half a mile and a mile so yes, so it would seem to me were about in between. Yeah well any chance that you would just want to stay on the 64 side with your trucks going to state Road 64 and set a 7 day. I thought about that at all >> No I haven’t to be honest with I’m not I’m not sure at this point that it would matter >> Well I think it would from the standpoint if you’re on the 64 side You know Lena road there really isn’t much development residential development in the you know on leader Ed most of it you know businesses and so forth and I think you know your probably going to see even more. Be built there here shortly on that side of Lena road. So that’s why I was curious because really there

you know you are coming into on the state Road, 70 side more of a residential area. Those are in my district than that said taking sides here because of anything other than and despite residents will homes that’s why I was asking you to something you might want to think about so that you stay friendly with Absolutely the round you not even the other thing is on traffic. I Is it increased traffic how often do the same and trucks go back and forth to the plant during the day I mean is it they come in in the morning. They load up and they leave in the comeback at the end of the day or how does that work exactly I don’t I don’t know >> And it varies from day to depending on the volume they have going out of that plant. The traffic study we had conducted by traffic impact group right asean’s 10 trucks 2 trips per day per truck And again that will that will vary throughout the day as those different jobs come up >> So really there’s no telling I mean it could be 2 trips a day or it could be 4 5, I mean depending on what you have. Yes, ma’am and as you mentioned all the growth in Lakewood ranch in parish just yes, ma’am and got it all right, thanks a lot. Thank you Carol or Steve you have any questions that you’d like to ask >> Yeah I I raise my taxes to do that because I can see right hand side texted you okay all but first of all I think it’s fair to hold on I’m Sam they can use 70 in the future. We don’t even know roads going to know why us and university Parkway have that cement plant there they do go in and out because you got to keep the track >> Women and Horan and they got to go back and yeah >> I do see them more. All over the entire County which I have in the past year. What I do like it is and I know the I was a 75 foot signed on I 55 feet there so Condos along the beach there are height restrictions at 35 feet with that part of it could be just their 55 Gates out I think >> well hopefully all >> They need some of citizens can say and I told you to anything that we don’t know what’s going to get some Atlanta it’s going to go with the economy. Just like when and all we have a recession all construction staff. They stop so And I don’t find them to be nice guy your question wonders to be a real what doesn’t have to keep a black ice you have possibly spree buying this at something like your business right now is that different >> I think probably the sprinkler you’re referring to is the aggregate wedding because the The limestone needs to be at these be a certain weight or content that kept to that we can’t let it dry out So that’s probably the sprinkling you’re referring to >> And you be you know the saying they’re unsure right >> Yes, ma’am we would we would do it be doing that with a 100% recycled water >> And it’s can stop and asked him so correct to ask them their first loss I so yeah I think it all it’s been a long time I think all maybe this this great got a lot to help You’re from consider a few changes that would be more helpful to the neighbors All that nice Park this morning House we’re public comment something changed my mind >> Thank you okay lets >> Try to keep the questions of NSA yeah, I just wanted to say to the applicant that you know I wasn’t asking you to do that. I was merely letting you know what I was hearing from residents for your information something for you to think about your company, yes, they might want to make sure we keep things accurate just I think you or so >> And what time with that truck be going down that Lena road that we actually have today >> Work varies depending on the type of jobs. We have going on that typically are a parishioner from about 66 OK said >> In there Truck will be voting down Lena road a lot of times at 06:30AM yes, ma’am that could happen All right other questions A question OK. Steve go ahead. Oh good. I was just getting ready cash you can’t use my finger and I can hear you >> I’m not sure this is for the applicant or the stand and this is just something that’s come up recently >> In >> and he should or Parkway it could be applicable to Lena road is has all the cement truck school and down Lena road tearing up pretty quickly and I

guess the question is whether that the havoc in his look at that construction Lena road because over time and these heavy trucks and then build to a real thorough fair standard You know the county is going to be forever and you know back in the air >> And we pave it and >> Fiction all the time so I don’t know that there’s a the answer to that, but I just again a story we hear from a lot of my constituents out here as or why the bay is being built that bill Conner is just getting torn up big time by all the concrete rocks and all the patriarchs and we know there’s going to be whatever there are 20,000 homes between Auckland ways thing and talking to the stand they said it was really build for residential use You know we’re 53rd was you know we should have the stipulation we approve those projects and all those construction trucks should be using 53rd Avenue assess the property, but of course it’s much quicker for them to use The Parkway and so consequently the parkways turning to you know it’s peer Ian so a lot distress which is going to cost you know all of us in the tax there’s an chance people I’m in there and you know keep redoing it all the time so I don’t know you know if the applicant his phone in there And again he is the better question for the stance has to you know are we gonna figure are trying to stipulate something that makes sure that Lena road. You know it’s going to a full I mean it’s problem for the county and the season and trucks go up and down and all the time >> Now we’ll hear from the applicant and then staff is up next so that we would like to respond >> Beyond the traffic study we didn’t look any further into the into the roadways. I’m I’m not sure. How or 10 trucks they’re going to contribute ♪ further to. The Wear and tear on the roads if you will. With all the traffic going in and out of landfill and the other industrial processes that are already going on there >> Okay I’m going to hold off on that that’s a good question. I think we’re going hear from staff about Lena road. In just a few minutes OK Carol you that’s another question for the applicant >> That’s exactly what I’m going to ask us >> Why are we to me that >> Responsible we have our trucks and I just like to now Maybe staff of people, it’s necessary or sure there’s. Harkes trucks smashed Yeah home understand Steve sad, I’m sure we have to you are right up to Lance Hatcher may be something that we’re understaffed snow Yeah. Well, the question that I heard that applicants a tantrum >> Yes, ma’am cent yes, ma’am 10 trucks twice a day. I know that’s not the trucks that every average use of twice at 2 trips a day 2 trips. OK, OK well that’s good too because that’s 20 trucks a day it is not ending. Yeah, yeah, and some other businesses that okay, thanks. All right >> There are no further questions for the applicant will go ahead and go factories and patient >> Good morning and Dorothy Rainey for staff and I have been sworn Project before you of course is the cynics Lena road facility The request is to approve a preliminary site plan for concrete processing facility with it includes a 480 square foot office building to 55 foot Hi silos one 45 foot I’ve been storage bin in for 8 foot high storage bins and other associated accessory facilities on the parcel that 7 p d I. They’re also requesting specific approval to allow a reduction to the front yard setback from 30 feet to 20 feet The future land use is I H heavy industrial it’s the only little island of that and it was originally round come

there’s a company amendment originally to accommodate this use. It was in the night, the 1999. They did a comprehensive plan amendment from excuse to invest will have the and then that same day the I have approval of a general development plan for the overall Lena Leno business Park The zoning of course is PDI The site is approximately 5 acres. The zoning against PDI planned development industrial industrial heavy for the future land use category and it is currently vacant Photos of the site The surrounding actually that this this is just to show the distance between the very Southern tip of the the site in the nearest residential properties in its approximately 420 feet. It’s even further between the residences in the actual site development area where the use will be occurring Yeah there it also shows that it’s about it 180 feet actually said So the surrounding uses are to the To the north is the PDI zone recycling facility to the south is a one’s own vacant land and that’s mostly the preserve the conservation area with the wetland and to the east is PDI zone vacant land and then to the West is also he I zoned industrial uses Here the site plan just kind of highlights the the told him that the structures but basically all the structures or buildings. You see the office over to the West near the driveway. That the 2 tall 55 foot silencer I mean, but the middle there with the 45 foot been to the north of them And the residents and that’s the only buildings There’s one access point from 81st court East the driveway and the applicant had a better, showing them all these items the office building of course is to the left of the entrance as you come in the parking is on the north side of the office building. The 2.55 foot silos in the 45 foot been again our but in the middle of the site and there’s the storm water pond along South property line existing that was part of the regional business Park development and then there’s the storm water pond They’re proposing. That’s going to contain all that runoff from what the applicant the storage bins are along the front or West property line and their 8 feet high. In that’s actually where the the reduction from 30 feet to 20 feet is occurring for the asset Mac The positive aspects or that the project is being proposed within an industrial subdivision which was intended to be developed with the types of uses propose with this request. The surrounding zoning and uses are similar to the use being proposed And the negatives are that hours of operation in noise associated with concrete processing facility may create out first visual lighting in noise impacts to the single family residential uses located further to the south Also potential visual impacts associated with a 55 foot high silos for the concrete plant Do not provide an ascetic Lee attractive appearance in the entrance way Mitigating that would be the nearest residential use as we pointed out was approximately 420 feet from the South tip of the site with a large force did well when and buffer area in a conservation easement between the propose uses in the residential properties in a stipulation requiring vegetation that will mature to hate sufficient to screen the to 55 foot silos in the 45 foot men will mitigate potential visual impacts to the surrounding uses So staff recommends approval of the preliminary site plan with the specific approval in the stipulation is provided Thank you >> Questions for staff are going to be about the roads and when asked staff if they would like elaborate a little bit on the run and before we go to more questions Madam chair commissioners. I’ve actually been doing a little research since that question came up >> Also have an inquiry into Bryn Mawr now are >> resource from The answer quick answer is yes, Lena road has been construct did with they can ask for payment and based materials concerned industrial traffic that utilizes that road between landfill and state Road 64 >> Yeah that that makes sense to me that it would have been because that’s an industrial park, it’s developed as an

industrial park and it is the access to landfill so that makes sense but time and it was a great question about maintenance so how a roads like that maintained that we just gently. You don’t have Brian’s response to Maine. The county does maintenance on the road >> Clarke Davis deputy director traffic management public works and I have been sworn the county has pavement management program involves Periodic review of the structural condition of the asphalt we know road is a public road to be reviewed from time to time and work were required on it would be incorporated in a resurfacing program >> And that’s funded through I was how is resurfacing funded >> Proceeds of the 9th cent motor fuel tax. I believe one of our local option tax is Go ahead Tom thumb and for the record 9 tons have been sworn in and they will be required to pay impact >> Fees for construction of this facility. Will they be required >> Its new developments in the impact fee, it’s appropriate for that type of industrial use I don’t need this right >> Anyone else okay gnesen yet Clark. Thank you for your comments and you know anyone that has been and Lena road on on the 64 side with someone there quite often It is an industrial area pretty much light industrial. So it is true that there’s a lot of and the trucks and so forth a lot of traffic in including our landfills you know it is there a certain different type of pavement that’s put on a road like that that we know is going to beginnings the heavier traffic and Clark got as that >> The first that there’s roads built come look at cake, it’s not just a 2 dimensional thing it’s got some depth to it and so there’s a sub base there’s a Basin and there’s right at the asphalt in that friction course for it depending on the road so some or all of those pieces may not be there in every case but in this for Lena Road in particular we have a more substantial base and more asphalt there it is a real more of us road A guard, a load of garbage truck is a pretty heavy vehicle, you know they can be an individual. You know can of garbage doesn’t seem like a lot, but what you pack a truck compress that, but you weren’t things like that we’re talking about a truck with 3 actions probably running close to 55,000 pounds and that same would be true for a loaded cement. Mixer you know 10 yards of concrete 40 thanking so it’s these are heavy drugs but they are 3 axel trucks for the most part and so they don’t run up to the weight of a semi that’s 80,000 there There are some of those that run with a for that so that may run up into the 60 mid 60’s or something like that but we’re talking trucks that are very heavy but less than a fully loaded semi tractor trailer comment >> Okay the reason I was asking is because you know that part of Lena road on 64 really does see. It’s definitely industrial so I mean I don’t think it makes any difference what I think probably a cement truck in some ways is probably lighter. Then most of of the big trucks that you do see on that section of 64 >> Pretty much anything it’s got a lot of water in it >> Yeah very heavy it letting that might be the 17 year They’re actually >> Pretty heavy trucks once it when they’re fully loaded okay all right, thanks for Tom did you have anything else in Great answer is C >> Thank you Dorothy I’ve a question about the I H future land use category do you know how long that area has been designated I was >> Comprehensive plan amendment was approved >> On me May 25th 1999. So for quite a while yeah and >> I age areas are exactly the areas that you want heavy industrial right. So all right so is interested in and purchase eights in the entrance way. And so do I understand them that all entrance way criteria is being followed or did they request specific approval, anything you know that they did not ask for any specific >> Pruitt they’re apparently going to follow it and we’re also going to. Require some enhanced screening for taller structures. Environmental review will will assist them with making decisions and actually the previous of approval that they want whether previous on those

propose an got denied it had some actually very extensive stipulations with detailed a Washingtonian palms and this and that but those are not always a good choice we found over the years staff will find some appropriate in you. Good species that that will do the job and screen sufficiently >> And I say we’ve only received one in opposition to the project which >> I think you know we can then assume maybe the neighbor’s home >> Have a problem with this >> I believe that the applicant can verify, but they’ve they they did contact them long long time ago but then again more recently they leased mailed them information about the hearing because they were not within the 500 foot radius I mean a distance from the property line OK >> I couldn’t thank you >> The Clint help me out of the net for a $20 Clinton like yes kind of came to fame during this During the opposition of cement plant at the time so I’m and I’m actually things have changed significantly out there this is a very successful industrial area We’ve seen it grow businesses As well as the other side of Lena road to what is kind of interesting I told the story before about my son was working for a company that was on tonight asking about to open house, they said OK. So I shot out 64 to clean the road like oh gosh there are A Southside Alina to turn around dollar back downstairs 17 and I’m a very nice very nice and us to Larry out of both sides. But it is a little bit heavier I think on the Northside 6 little bit have air as opposed to later on the Southside of Lena road So I think they have done a good job responding to our questions at this point not going to go public Is there anyone in the audience who would like to address the board on this application I didn’t have any people stand up bowls if it’s Mister Bowles here please come forward State your name for the record whether or not you’ve been sworn. There is someone else here I saw the race this and everyone will have an >> I’m news prime bowls in have been swarm I south of this proposed thing I’ve been fighting this since it first came in >> PDI 98 oh dash ’05 >> Pastor said we’ll put this up everybody has a right to quiet. The peaceful living and that’s what I like about my place it’s pretty quiet. The people the people during the industrial park right now Our light industrial. I am I recycling plant a one to go in the 5 acre parcel that had the future land use of industrial happy We thought they had the change the zoning future land use zoning to that in fact I l And I thought that’s what was going to happen with this property. I just don’t like the noise, I mean it’s quiet out there I get up in the morning I get my coffee and only Dak I look out of my to a grip on which you can see in these pictures, it’s The for this one the East in that subdivision and it shows up in all those photos And I’m not that far from this I mean. I’ll hear them back up alarms all day long Backup alarms are ready to be a 120 decibels As mandated by OSHA, I’m state building contractor, I know I hear that truck all the time on my job sites. I don’t want to my backyard and as far as He’s earned 10 trucks moved 2 trips a day sometimes 45 so that we can be a 50 trips plus you’ve got to take into account the semis bringing in the material that goes into their plan before they put it into their trucks. Then you’ve got the employees as 2 more churches are going to come in they got to go out. So every employee has to work trip. So I mean when you start talking all that’s

only 20 trips a day in trucks He could be as high as you know 6070 I mean that traffic on the roads pretty bad right now with the dump trucks You know they you know they the roads all right, I mean I’ve driven it for the last 20 odd I’m 26 years. They maintain it pretty good You add that 6070 and to your doctor that and then the rest of the traffic going to lead to really just real or and you know we would have a problem me I just want some peace and quiet And there’s no way you can make that point Pretty much want to give us an okay. Thank you Sir, thank you >> Anyone else who would like to address the board please come forward state your name for the record whether or not you’ve been swore if you didn’t get swarmed can get this war >> Good morning. My name is Fred both I’m from Rosedale I was part of the Clinton Miller group were you sworn and about this war, okay >> I didn’t think so is there anyone else who think they might speak if so please stand and raise your right hand please stand and raise your right hand OK >> Statements and factual representations which you’re about to present to the board would be truthful and accurate >> A few years ago, you know that there was an application by C Max to put it plan on Lena road. The clip Miller and the group protested I’m sure you’ve heard those you probably remember them. And the application was pulled Why was pulled, but it might even the economy or something else that would like to think it was part of Roseville Zephyrs when it was pulled A few years ago some action. Was fined several 100 million dollars In several Southern states, Alabama Texas for violating the Clean Air Act You probably know that because it’s in their documents and can be looked up So we’re here for I’m here for Roseville for 2 reasons It’s going to be noisy And we can here in Roseville and we’re not that far away Secondly heavy industry is kind the violation of what else is on under the light industrial complexes I have to also worry about if it’s going to be punched through too. State Road 70 running South But if it is we’ve really got a problem. Trucks coming all the way through right now they’ve got to use the Roseville in turns to gold I’ve used on state Road 70 From the southern end of Lee road I would hope that you would look at this traffic in talk situation because it seems like a lot more trucks than 20 Would be used in the road whether it’s going North or South You’ve got raw material coming in those raw material trucks have to leave and pick up more Possibly in come back again, but at least they’ve got to come in and leave the cement trucks leave and they’ve got to come back for more And the other city employees I wish you would take this to him. And look at it seriously and I hope there’s a further hearing and as this moves closer. Approval even though approving the land for heavy industry Is acceptable. I guess because it’s done but the type of heavy industry and the possible pollutants it. Summit plans great Is it is going to be a problem >> Please step wait wait he claims that we never got And great Plains of the microphone please stand step forward state your name for the record and whether or not you’ve been sworn >> My name is Don good now I have been sworn Salute Rosedale and. Have a couple questions that a couple comments looking at the traffic impact statement from September. 12th of 2019. He had been amended based on some comments that said the traffic Would be expected to see a 180 vehicles a day It is at this given that there’s additional construction. I have to believe and I’d be cured This is to whatever the numbers show that number’s going to go up not down So if you’re looking at a 180 vehicles, a day has produced in traffic impact study back in September If there’s a need for a cement expansion or Bush and in this area it’s not because somebody just decided I’d like to back

cement their it’s because there’s a lot of building going on. And that’s going to mean that traffic is going to go up so my bet is a dollar to a donut this number is going to be bigger than a 180 trucks a day. Which by itself is an issue We rose to its highest great commute. The and we can smell the every once in a while it would move that we’re going to listen and the other gentleman said to the back of trucks and we’re going to be listening to this plant making cement And there’s a lot of people that you know are not going to be terribly thrilled about that because that was not the original intent And the big concern beyond the plant which because of this traffic, the noise and everything else and and the possible pollution issue Is the funds through of Lena road to 7 >> If you need to be driven that you know >> There is no East by access from Lena road on to state Road, 70. Unless take that will turn Norman’s liquors right to the front Rosedale and then on to state Road, 70 So if this plan is to be considered at all Seem to me and I know that to moves on things change that would have to be an absolute bargain that Street through and because what it’s going to do that state Road 7 the Lena road exit unless there’s some cosmic plan and it’s already very tight up against 70 5. So there’s real concern for the future not even to consider the fact that the traffic flow for and if this is approved is going to be significant the greater than a 180 trucks a day in my estimation I don’t know if this is been updated Odessa would be but those are the concerns thank you thank you >> Anyone else who would like to address the board on the set location please step forward state your name for the record OK I’m assuming that there is no one in any adjacent to have people I think so sort of seats here do we have anyone over there All right I’m going to close public comment Does the board have any questions to a staff for the applicant at this time Board have any questions I if you could clarify maybe the information on the traffic study I just want to make sure because that was raised by the And also what the status of the connection of Lena road is I am not aware of any plan and at this time to definitively connected. I know it’s maybe along range plan to have it connected to me makes sense we all know that have a road connected to it. A missing link I don’t know of any thanks specific. So if you could address the traffic study and the Lena road question >> First a traffic study the traffic study talks about 68 Per day and that’s coming in going so 68 outbound loaded drugs I didn’t hear 10. I believe was a different seeing the PM peak hour >> Or that it’s only the PM peak okay to we need to clarify that. So yeah, yeah, but the study itself, it’s 68 >> It is it the text says in and out so this could be 68 inbound and 68 outbound so that the that many loaded trucks. That’s a daily count And can you explain why he dressed the PM peak only Requirements are to look at the traffic impacts during the heaviest traffic hour of the day is part of concurrency zircon currencies based on the peak hour But between 04:06PM, so that made busiest hour in that 2 hour window in that run from us the county roughly between 4 45 5.45. PM and so he was addressing it the right way you know from a concurrency perspective, but if you’re going to look at the overall impact for other considerations you would want to think about the daily traffic Lena road as we know continues to run South past the industrial park to the 21st court something like that it’s a there’s a a road with some residential development on it Mister Bowles properties point that that section and that’s where it. The rhodens today The county is working on the 44th Avenue project which runs east-west through the county just south of that area that project is funded and that under

design now because Lena road is planned to be connected More say office and industrial mix at the South End and every year industrial section to the north. All that space to be connected. In the long range plan during development of the 44th plan they are looking to make sure that they don’t close the door to being able to create that connection so there’s been some thought given to how Lee might be connected in there. But it is not funded component of the project so that the 44th would either have to have money added to become a bigger project or you would need to do a separate capital improvement project to create a leaner connections so it’s say in our minds as we work on 44 minutes in our plans to be done eventually, but that connection is not currently funded and the project. It’s not designed to mean that the gentleman brings up really good points about the intersection and I do know that’s kind of a tricky >> Tricky intersection they’re on 70 and Lena, so if you were to add more troops it would have to be looked at which obviously the connection would it would be looked at is that correct >> End of the value hitting the connection of lean at 70 as we were and the larger project but because we’re working on 44th for free trips that are safe down South. And he’s from the in in any of the area along Lane, the road they would 44th would already be in place and so tough travel and 44th to get to Lakewood ranch Boulevard and and on We’re building a concrete that plant and that location I would have in my mind to the ongoing development in the East part of the county between state Road 7064, so it’s likely their trucks are bound in that direction. So the pair >> Well we’ll leave or if you will 44 would be built before >> You’re saying that connection likely connection of All the way through >> Yes in mainly because we’ve got to 44th road project is actually funded right now and we don’t have a line of credit that’s funded right also we have to change things radically do him in there the other order OK thank you that’s helpful to me than us >> Thank you, madam you know if you look in in your books and your bike. you do have a traffic study and there it’s from September of 2019 but then you also have an update From a public works for February of 2020, but yeah, it’s a lot more traffic than 10 a day. That’s for sure Interestingly enough it’s been these have been revised to a 136 truck trips in 44 employee trip. That’s 2 trips per employee for a total of a 180 Clark you talk about 44th and I know we’ve had a lot of conversation. About 44th and Lena road >> When do you think that you that 44th well that you’ll be there at Lena road going across that how far >> Down the road It’s difficult to say for the Lena road connection >> It would need to be looked at each year as we go through our capital improvement in weight against other priorities. I would say that internal discussions we we think that once 44th isn’t place that it starts to make more and more sense to look at the Lena road connection, yeah and and I would like to bring forward to the board but it’s got to be weighed against other priorities in available funding and all that other stuff so it could be you know states over years before week >> I guess I didn’t ask my question. Correctly what what I’m curious about this how long in the future how many years in the future how many months, whatever. Do you think it will be before 44 is crossing over. Later read We’re not yeller bound to have a plan right where >> Depends on how you look at it because that the crossing of the interstate and where it touches down on the East Side is in an area where there’s the fpo lines we’ve got our man reclaim water pond. We’ve got some environmentally sensitive areas so it’s taking us a little bit of time to work through some of this the say the Impacts the secondary impacts creating Road in that area and so we’re in designed right now You know if it were another year or so in design and then a couple years for the balance of the acquisition and then another year to start construction. So we’re probably 5 years out from that’s what everyone is from China and I It may be going a little bit faster than that need to check in with our staff so And I get an e-mail here the correct me I’ll let you know >> I guess my point yeah my point of asking is that I knew probably around 5 years that’s why I was asking them,

but I wanted to make sure you felt same way because I think what we’re seeing here is Lena road because of it not being joined together there’s a big gift friends in Lena road on the state Road 70 some I know the 64 side, the 64 side is a lot industrial then really what it is on on state Road 70 on that side. So I going back to My comments that I made to the applicant There is an issue because on the state Road, 70 side you do have a lot more residential area. They’re than you do on the 64 sign so I can see where all these trucks Try it in trying to get accurate figures and on the trips It is going to make a big difference so. That is a concern for me I represent that area I represent the residents they have some good points. I think the speakers made some very good points. So. Thank you madam chair, thank you a mistake Yes I have a question maybe it’s her door, of regarding adverse impact >> Standards can you explain how this project was about weighted against the adverse impact standards And what you guys concluded if it’s in the staff report I apologize to MR >> There’s all kinds yeah in the staff and analysis is provided section 5 42.7 hazardous materials and toxic substances. That sort of goes over and there’s like an analysis after each item Howard meets the requirements and the person based on the information that the applicant provided on how they’re going to need that in some of the requirements and practices that are required to be followed by this type of the facility is mostly going to be >> Verdi ph permits and the P per visit whatever other jurisdictions region says they have to be permitted through We’ll ensure that they follow him. Yeah, the same same thing they’re going to make sure they don’t cause any adverse impact >> OK and so and was there an analysis noise and vibrations and honest and and those other items as well >> I believe some of these items to mention them hazardous material discharges airborne release so yeah, it it goes over all those hazardous material emergencies Say this charges of course they. They did explain their system all around him In how they handle the materials so that they keep them wet weather down. So there’s your desk So yeah, it’s it’s in here. Her long it is 5 42.7 defection >> And can you explain just I’m so I’m reminded because I don’t remember and for the audience Adverse impact standards and heavy industrial future land use category where ♪ they measure that is it doesn’t have to be contained on the property boundary >> In the building or I don’t remember what it says >> I’m not well versed in of the answer that from what I have gathered >> And pass it would be rather than rigid they should not be leaving the site for Sherman >> Okay so vibrations said to be felt from the site and then noise only at an acceptable stay >> Under the on the property boundary right and they’re probably subject >> And we sort of something as well for all the noises coming from fine. As far as the time I’m done all that new that’s a lot >> OK thank you OK. Carol had a question >> Carol there Yeah, okay >> First of all they want to stop is the use being fostered an all hands Congress is on for the applicant appropriate >> I developed an industrial yes that that will last for industrial use such >> Can you tell us what other type of uses this Isis and that I could go there have a right to their sons. What a teaser >> The current head Give me a second give you

a nation >> We’re looking at like to ask you turn the legal action was mentioned. Getting yeah legal action taken I remember when all this happened I can’t remember Was there any kind of all the glass and Sarah taken >> We did before my 2 comments on was Commissioner survey asked question in table 5, 5, And I’m a coach has been heavy manufacturing and the point of the terminations and we’ll be on the project site under single ownership when adjacent to residential zoning districts and so the noise or just to be chased a residential zone district to measure Noise either, so it depends what’s around the when the nation is a take >> And can you speak a little bit closer I’m not Sir we’re getting picked on throughout the whole >> The comment. The special magistrate recommendation is referred to is not a court decision. It’s a dispute resolution, the process in Florida statues that once the Africa wfaa’s request for dispute resolution. The county is required a state statute to appoint a special magistrate in that case it was the former County attorney share price. And he how the mediation it could be resolved any how to speedy resolution process where to quite make a recommendation to the Board of County commissioners. He is an independent authority to make a court decision this is not a judge and then the app and correct the summarized with what the conclusion was He was lying on the future land classification the zoning district to support the Africans position of approval But it was all your recommendation, the board the board I still did not take actually one of the county to find a site for the location without a quite a find sites for Africans and then partly due to the economy the African, but you know withdrew the application but isn’t it would be like geisha day it was denied >> Exactly all so we have >> A road that is adjacent to farmland now its own or use Yeah because coming this is own probe really A special magistrate which is just a recommending Process to go before the board recommended that everything was programs Yeah a jury because I’m sure it was yeah I think it was wrong. We have a recession. So long. I think they are address some of the concerns of the citizens have I heard you talk about the vegetation for buffer between the native plants and the gentleman’s concern And I’m hoping that all EU rescue work was arrested and sent some time the offer is there any kind of all Walmart anything off that’s Jay Jason at the founding of their property The residential is there anything like that and notice Waller’s the month after the hour >> A Vatican did indicate there’s going to be in it we’re all in on the entire project. I’m not sure if that’s the case all 4 Her The again the distance from the southern tip of this property line to the nearest residences 420 feet and then we still got about 800 50 feet I believe from the actual develop being here and there that will be developed and contain the years. The 180 than yours Residents so I don’t know that a wall would do much of anything Although like I said then you have a community can I didn’t >> Notice labeling of a wall and around the entire perimeter, but there is one along the front on the West property line >> And part of it is created by those bins that are being prepared. That front setback there >> My star and we’ve got here after all that precious, but my eyes to all of its time Mike make a motion to farm with us. You know I understand often like haha >> Mentioned just yet in my party of 50 next door to be in another group just moved in yesterday. What’s next the 40 years that the animal sandwich >> Why and now I got >> This major business right next to me which is I have that efforts to act so. I understand is that this is from yeah the special magistrate Ken in that time. Yeah with Joe I think it’s time for recess and so yeah, it’s for bottle >> All right at this

I was going to ask you the question about the separation to the nearest residential Be you said that is free What from the property line or is that from where are you there’s a reason to measurements We indicated one is very very Southwestern tip because it’s got a little point there from that tip to the nearest residential >> Prop parcel boundary is a 420 feet and that that 420 feet contains that well and then went on before all heavily forested in a conservation easement the distance from the site where the act to you know use will be conducted is about a 150 to the nearest residential property boundary >> OK and heavy industrial future land use category which was granted in 1999. Yes, what what are some of the other uses that you might expect to have him >> Repairing those trapped by the comprehensive plan allow heavy align those 2 offices Does Gomer said uses private operate a port support use this as a neighborhood with Ted would ration public assembly voted uses This mission of behaving notion by the love the Coat says recent book porpoise is the muck and go chemical transformation of material or substances, including the ball. It’s torrents of Roman to you and which Ross’s make any noise they ration those over or food The rest of the now these this part we did in the end you have to turn is that the gory and these are so James the future needs to be more of the same time that the previous. I find this a very innocent man was approved in 1999 In that presentation of the voting do and on a spot than these 220 feet from the Point of this I’m to the new residential area but inside there is the storm water bomb on an order I still water facility. And Ford and management of the doors. The water that is percent in the black and from that point to the New Year’s Neighbor is a 180 feet more or less You know I I it >> The fact that this is designated heavy industry You know which is our most intense of land use. The applicant can rely on that to do a heavy industrial use Provided it meets all the standards of our code so that’s what I’m struggling with I get the gentleman’s quiet enjoyment understand that this is something that’s been established since 1999 That there’s going to have industrial land uses Yes, it was own plan development and yes there has to be an amendment to this GDP to allow that’s why we’re here That’s the request we have before us today. But I think the applicant has made. Strides but I I think the fact the matter as you know what you’re going to have heavy and a store on the landfill. You’re going to have heavy industry on the site that’s designated heavy industrial I so I’m starting with how we could deny this simply because You know you know she everyone who lives on a property in manatee County Deserves quiet enjoyment of their last But that doesn’t mean you can limit what goes on you know 800 feet from your land of its designated the comprehensive plan for that use Guys go home across from me at times me out I like my quiet enjoyment to know home there. You know what he’s got a right to build that House clear that lot to bring that compactor down that’s rattled the shells and according to my neighbor broke a lot of stuff is just bill now’s Science I’m startling I understand the concerns of the neighbors. I definitely think that they’ll be me more discussion we talk about the connection of late the road I think 44th will have to be done before that happens All right at this point I’m going to go to. Staff closing comments staff any closing comments >> I I didn’t want to just point out and we do have a stipulation in here. It says in the event Lena road is extended south to 44th Avenue East. Then there shall be no access by truck traffic from 1, 7, to Lena road, south of the existing slash proposed 44th Avenue East. So I think

that was a concern with the previous request for approval, that never never was approved, but there was a stipulation addressing this that’s where we got got it from as it apparently was going to be a concern and allowing them to go past the residential areas >> Okay that sounds like it. Right on point for commissioner pass question which stipulation is >> a 7. He 7 yeah And there’s no change proposed that >> With this is to put a disapproval and the applicant and Lena road is open to the sounds that means that they have begun has to come back to that To allow that then moving to the South and they need to prove that I’m going to be in fact within >> But as it gets in this get general developed plan as a stipulation is not allowed >> And you know for some other future board might have to fight that battle but we’re not fighting today there agreeing with a >> And actually it. Now that I read that though I’m I’m shunning the last part how it specifies there shall be. No access by truck traffic from lot 7 to Lena road South south of the existing proposed 44th so that is not precluding it from from traveling down and if they do connect you know South on Lena and then turn on to 44 Oh yeah, so I don’t know if we need to revised that to make it clear that we’re trying to avoid travel by the trucks from want 7 down Lena road past the residential area I don’t think that we have Discuss that >> And this is not been advertised so on you I think you’re making an interpretation on the fly which I I don’t think is good. I think we go with the languages it is It says south of the existing propose 44, but now change that on the fly that they can access 40 or that doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t think it’s been discussed with the applicant that is my thought on it, but I prefer to staff and >> Yeah, I agree with you come with okay >> Well it’s always problematically try to put traffic regulations and zoning stipulation it’s you know. So I would for having to leave in Thailand is know we’re not going to go there we have a stipulation it’s been accepted by the applicant. It’s been clarified by staff I don’t see any reason to bring this up at this time, but that’s might not anyone else It seems to me you know we have a responsibility to honor >> Citizens and also to property owners. Both so that’s why I brought it up begin with hoping that the property owner would get with the community and tried to work together to solve this issue but I guess that’s not going to really take place from what I’m hearing so was what I just heard it sounds as if this board You know we’re not going to be making any changes to it today, although we do it quite often but we’re not going to do it today there is it sounds like to me we’re just looking at the citizens and telling them that hey that’s just what it is so you don’t built floats. So oh yeah I think you only making it very difficult to for me to say port this and I came in here ready to support it because I knew that it was on the 64 side You know, I’m really having some second thoughts hear about it so I just thought it’s I guess it’s a rare occasion of what you just said, but as the stipulations says they can’t access Lena road, south of where 44 that’s going to connect. It’s one that’s what you asked for now it’s in there as a stipulation in here saying it’s probably what’s going to read this through it doesn’t mean anything I mean it’s not going to change anything really it’s they still is a situation that cannot access via truck south of 44 And I can’t go to the intersection of Lina and 70’s though like you said I stipulated selection that will have to come up to another board. Yeah well that was the way it is you know it’s not doing anything to help the residents today Except for there’s a stipulation that says they can’t do it so thank you. I don’t understand the concern I did understand Dorothy’s question. But I don’t know where 44th and. Lena road are going

to intersect I don’t think anyone here can so windows and a deadly is that correct Clark We have not established the connection point >> Through the design process yet we are evaluating some connections that looks like it will be in the vicinity of the power line corridor Just on the West side of the reclamation part there >> I’m chair yes, Carol let me just get this clear so well what we’re saying and there was a stipulation a 7 Attract capital not go down the road 2.70 correct. According the stipulation And the applicant is a great And I was concerned of cell what’s right stand right there there’s not tracks going down to 70 crack We’re going to have signage and you know people all their eyes or whatever, but they shouldn’t be yeah law enforcement can think it cited in their company to get in trouble if they do that correct. That’s a question for staff That’s one side >> If they were to go out there and build a better plan tomorrow they couldn’t get to 44th or 70 because there’s no connection of Lena road to either of those right road 44th doesn’t exist that over time is 44th gets bill Much later 5 years or more after we know gets connected to it I think because it’s a zoning Stitt that becomes a code enforcement error matter I don’t think that NSA wouldn’t know you know there’s not a statute that tells them that trucks can’t be there it would have to be signed for know heavy vehicles at all which. I don’t think we were doing you know because its industrial on both sides and we beat Helen unity, we just be limiting it to local business trucks >> That answer question Carol, yeah, okay. Steve did you have a question to look at my phone Thank you all right we’re going to go to pursue an just when the applicant 3 bucks >> I was one of its possible that if and when this ever does happen which. Lord knows 10 years 20 years. That you can actually get below Sept 44 which is not there that they would actually put a sign on their property stating to drugs. You may not go south on 44. I’m just asking me if he would do that when he rebuffed. OK with no whenever future OK well we are at that point now >> We’re going to Africa about >> Commissioner trace is that it. Yes, yes, we answer that right off the bat we would put a He did you get that Sir we would put a sign on our property >> I’m asking the attorney just like that that written up and I’m in a note to the making no >> O also a question came up about the wall around the property, the wall would be completely around the entire property, 80 made of concrete I heard a lot of concerns about the noise from the facility We try to be good members of the community in which we operate as such we would replace. All backup alarms on our vehicles. With Swisher devices They will they work as an effective safeties a mechanism on the trucks. But at a much lower frequently then the a loud beeping noises that everyone in this room is familiar with. In addition, a on our plan We will replace the what we normally have as horns. At the lowdown Let night truck know when it’s safe to back in when he’s in position and when he’s done loading to pull out We would replace all the horns with a signal light system To eliminate all that noise as well I think that’s that’s really all I have. Thank >> all right, we’ve heard of the applicant make couple promises here I know how much you like us to stipulate the staff as you’ve said minus the once relations but what he said is that he would

replace that >> Backup bieber and you can correct me where he Italy outs or you might need to correct because I’m paraphrasing what you said you said that we would. Replace with a switch sure Yeah maybe you could clarify what us what would be the proper terminology if we were to stipulate this. It’s just another type >> Alarm and makes a different type of noise than the to be being sound in makes for lack of a better word a swishing sound. It still works as an effective safety device While on the job site or within the plant. To warn anybody that the truck is backing up in there area, but it’s a much lower frequency level doesn’t travel the way that loud B B backup alarms that everybody is familiar with OK >> So you’ve agreed to replace that with a swish are alarmed yes, ma’am and in regards to that Warren’s he said the horns are used also for a alert >> Yes ma’am the that the horns are used on that to let a truck that’s backing under the plan know what he’s in position load. And also that when he’s finished loading it safe to pull out of the load out area. We would eliminate those horns altogether and replace it with a signal light system just like a traffic light >> Yeah just tie that legally I think we have to take the app its word minutes to play those 2 things and not because I don’t know what to write. Now I’m not expert in truck design I think the app going after right the steps now if you want to do it and secondly it’s free come for some can’t regulate how this businessman operates trucks so legally is not going to be enforceable I’m just telling you can write you have feel-good feelings about how the trucks keeping everything but it’s not racial and suppose and tomorrow that the owner tells she just passed will be guided that comply the whole bunch of rules and these semi trucks. We don’t those rules are happy drafted something about it all those rules a company. Operational aspects of cement batch plant cannot be regulated zoning ordinance he’s a site plan characteristics that Tom another sign access that’s legitimate access points for site plan to be legitimate and I’m tell you what you don’t want to hear about this question you on legal issues. Well and I >> I respect Sarah’s job which is to protect the county When we go through the zoning hearings but I would like to see a letter come from you to the staff stating what you did so that would be part of the record is entering the final site this final site plan approval they will happen as part of the record do you agree to do that Yes, ma’am Follow their voluntary Lee do you agree to do that without a courson from this board >> Yes ma’am I will put that in writing that we will switch out all those alarms that we just discussed. I think that’s it I think that’s the best we can do on this that’s the way I feel >> Carol go ahead I >> Can we just take like we do 1000 times for all these years left the applicant write up what he’s going to do percent because stairs right she should write the applicant should right at the same 5 or 6 minute break >> I write it in well I I’m I’m willing to do that if Sarah will accept that. But I don’t know if she wants high said she did not want to put those come into this stipulation I don’t accept things. I’m just scorching the board on the go for stability I yes, the app and should write a nice that I was just like the sign posting as well as far as I’m concerned I’m going to take a day >> The things he’s talking about or operational P I’m not actually control that she could come in tomorrow and say do this some rule that something happened some place in Arizona that’s the signal life there are no longer operationally safe. And he will happen then at that time go back to the buzzer well, I’m going to stop racial which we really cannot because he had control of himself either >> All right, I’m gonna speak for myself as a board member >> Already said that I believe this is an appropriate use of having industrial zone and I appreciate the applicant willingness to try to lessen the impact. I think I’m OK with asking him you write a letter that that part of the record for the final my plan I can say that today Making me feel more comfortable with my vote. Reggie well >> I’m just going to be a little bit concerned for the applicant and the community because even wants that letter one of the rise. It also does come in. It still could be subject to change in not a community is thinking that the concerns they have about noise are going to be addressed and should be addressed from that point on and we already know that because what the letter says the adjustments and changes within the

ramifications of what else you can do they can change at any time and I’m just concerned of what we’re taking applicant do as well as potentially could be taking but misleading the community because I don’t think because what the letter says I agree does need to be noted. But I’m not necessarily what is going to stand for was at the site say they did say that and that’s been true for the that’s far this is going to go to be honest with you madam chair. But I’m starting to get concerned now As far as I don’t want to miss leave the community. But I definitely don’t want to put it the more stress and more Burton. On the applicant himself. And this is the latest direction that we’re going >> You know this is a land use airing every land use hearing we hear from the applicant what they’re going to do. But it’s was in writing it’s was written down in the stipulation you know we hear all the time we just heard from developers that they’re going to do a beautiful community. Well, it’s pretty much in the eye of the beholder isn’t it isn’t it mean you know so we’ve got a look at the regulations look at what our regulations say and make a decision doesn’t meet or regulations I’ve already said how I feel we’re at the point now we’re going to have deliberation and a vote Sony yes, you know we can only be held responsible for us >> As if you know if if the feds came in and change the rules the stake in and change the rules we don’t have any control over that. We control here locally. And it is not uncommon for this board to ask the applicant to add or make changes to what they brought forward because it is better to try to do that to a certain degree at all mean changing everything about the project but to put up the sign or take out some you know. Very loud noises and so forth. I mean I think that’s that’s fair to ask for because you are mixing whether you want to admit it or not we are putting Residential and in a you know businesses together I mean that you can’t get away from that happens, especially heavy industrial that’s it is a little unusual for heavy industrial and residential to be fairly close together but It is what it is I can’t change the zoning it is what it is, but what we can do is to try and mess up together so that it’s Halfway amicable to each we don’t interfere with the business being able to do their business been we try our best to not interfere with the peace and quiet and tranquility that residents feel that they have bought when they but when they buy their homes where they live So it is kind of difficult to do but at the same time It is our job To try and walk that line we need to make sure that we try to do what we can for the citizens, particularly in the situation as this. So I for 01:00AM The applicant is willing to make the changes that he is I think that it the wonderful for the applicant to do a letter and present it I have not spoken about this with the residents but I do feel that it is obvious from this board listening to this board that this item is going to pass So it behooves us to try and work out the best situation that we can for the residents themselves. I think the match air for bringing that For commissioner trace to one you know help that as well so Behooves us to do that truly it’s only fair thank you Other thoughts All do we have a motion so far >> We’re going to do is read the existing a 7, 8, us cents to it OK make sure steps. Okay I’ve got with the turn lane. So this is 7 beads in the event Lena road is extended south to 44th Avenue East there shall be no access by truck traffic not 7 to Lena road, south of the existing proposed point with Avenue East. African shall install signs at all project exits. To hit it Left turns by trucks to travel south of the existing repose for 2 families intersection. It’s a left turn last. I don’t know had her hair she says some talk about >> Just read your last sentence I think you said that >> As the applicant shall in-store signage in our project X since to prohibit truck traffic from turning left. Travel south of the existing slash repose 44th

Avenue East intersection >> I think that’s clear that you can’t even go left to 44, but you can’t go south of the staff agree that that’s clear I don’t think it’s left >> Is right review of this kind of conditions occurs in a couple of different division, so you may want to hear from Thomas as well but based on what the attorney read into that record staff would interpret to play the chair indicated that will it would allow left turning traffic to go to 44th been no further South than that OK >> OK yeah, I’m fine with it that’s on the staff but I would say if you never we get there the staff and the company would need to kind of just work on the side that’s you know get the appropriate sign. 20 years from now when this happens >> Okay all right is the applicant chair Tom like what you look at this at the end of fsp Just a shot but then the stipulation sure madam chair just to Robert further that signage would >> Be shown on Percentage would be included and prove what the final site plan smile that so >> Okay we’ll include that stipulation this signage detail should be invited time a final site plans mission >> so >> Sara we’re not going to be putting anything in the motion then about the changes that the applicant is willing to put in a letter and said that >> Well like commissioner back the next idea when he riding because we about this way you can >> Write it and so I’m assuming was what we’ve talked about in this meeting that it’s on record. And has to be followed through what if it’s not followed through >> Final site plan may not approve the final site plan they’ve got this rep they listen to these tapes they have this I know this happens all the time and they have it in writing. I would put it was the number 2 >> We want to review the fun aside 9 and we’re going to check the notes and the motion or discussion for fun aside nominee, we’re going to make sure that the applicant provided later with the government is that. He in turn to the records We will review up for the stipulation that the person going to be place and chill in the final 5 not going to be revise of time off dead certificate of occupancy okay, but I just know >> A compromise don’t use the word com >> OK wait wait wait, I think what the NSA is talking about is the switch sure right and the signal light system right the applicant has stated that he will submit that letter. Yes that he will comply with at time a final site plan. Yes that’s actually and you during that really of your own volition without any course month from this Board of County commissioners. Yes, ma’am >> New to me >> On the motion to approve the recommended motion with the changes that our legal counsel has just given us. Also a quick hits. All direction that people submit it right All the letter with each other suggestions that he has given us to this project Can we not suggestions actions will take >> Q did you get the motion right to have a second We have a motion and a any discussion All right all those in favor signify by saying aye. Stephen Carroll, the eye All those opposed nay Chair votes. Aye motion passes unanimously thank you very much we expected to be a good neighbor gets made >> Just show all seem to be very concerned with roads with sea men. Regin I have a few in our neck of the woods, more than one that I could just 17 is great which is very a lot closer than 800 zahid Reza dental and that road in when we come before the city. He just remembers station OK >> All right, we are going to take a 10 minute break and then we’ll be back, I know we’re just about done, but I did have something I want to bring up at the end of the meeting so I know it’s going to go a little bit longer. so we’ll take a 10 minute break >> Use it >> All right we’re ready to go

like to think that they had more commissioner police so So what can I have all commissioners in the room please so we can finish How anyone we are ready to start so. Get started >> We are going to reconvene we have >> just 2 more items actually on a regular agenda item number only see T 20 dash o to order that’s 20 dash 12 land a text floodplain management request to hold a second public hearing prior to 05:00PM. I have a motion so move All right we have a motion and a second I’d like to open this up to public comment is there anyone would like to address the board on item number 7 Seeing no one come forward, I’m going to close public comment. All those in favor signify by saying aye aye aye. I think I heard both Carol and Steve Carroll did I hear you make sure Carol are you there now Carol is not there all right all those opposed nay chair votes aye motion passes 6 disease. second item is ordinance floodplain ordinance 20 dash 22 requests to hold a second public hearing prior to 5 o’clock PM this is for the same item on the list of All right we have a motion and by commissioner trace seconded by commissioner serving I heard first All open this up to public comment is there anyone else anyone in the audience would like to address the board on this item Saying no one come forward and when to close public comment All those in favor signify by saying aye. All those opposed nay Chair votes. Aye motion passes Carol did you vote aye Okay no Carol all right motion passes 6 to 0 That does include a regular agenda. I did have one thing

that I want to bring up This land use there is an area on University Parkway But area I will say if you know where the new gun ranges On University east of west of shape The new gun range was built had to go through a lot of hoops to get that approval The development from there over basically the railroad tracks on University close to 3 oh one on his all kind of just filled in in my opinion It is all been kind a grandfathered in some how I don’t know how because it was built. It has been developed under this code you have have used car lot That is outside of a storage area that I don’t see how it was ever permitted and approved. It has grown substantially that used car lot I was told once they can only have 6 cars somehow they were grandfathered and I didn’t really understand how there’s no improvements for that used car lot. Then next to that there was built a new store that tile and countertops it’s a metal building It does say that driver to really because it was never used to be allowed in the entrance way to have a metal building. It isn’t the entrance way the buffer is a retention pond which is built with a fence around it that is the buffer is the retention pond with almost no landscaping I ride my bike by there chastisement crazy to know that this is the entrance way on University Parkway where we had in Craig, the standards that required if you go East along University Parkway you will see the standards of and its way. And what they created. It created very nice buffer has no access generally because we had access limitations Many trees I used to complain sometimes about the county staff, yeah implementing those are back in the days whereas the code said you needed one tree every 30 feet staff would say well you need to do to because that will be better nice to be one of the people that would complain about that you know well why do we even have standards and if we just say what would be better But then that pendulum swung the other way than I have onion and we were being I’m going to say helpful to folks I don’t really know, but the Little place that sells honey and everything else which was just a house inverted no parking no but nothing that I know of again it it just looks. It’s a it’s a 100% different than what you have have to to east of there know why do I care because I love to live down there that area is developing like crazy. A number of apartments being built hotels But most of what’s being billed is in compliance with the standards and the standards have been strict 4 planned development down there just like you would expect. You know what you would have in Palm aire what you would have in Lakewood ranch what you would have in University Park Country Club You’ve got strict standards that have then imposed on development and this area and this is the immediate entrance way And now it’s from for sale and I’m concerned that somehow if the property is going to be sold and it’s could be grandfathered in and that they get to have a used car lot there that they get to build whatever they want because the standards have not been of 4. So I’m asking for report Be done by staff, you know this is not the first time I’ve complained about it Of complete a Sherry a complaint a step I you know I get it that it’s already exist, staying and we have limited ability to what we can do now, but I would like to report just so we know this is not going to continue Purcell a uni a are you asking for a motion to have the staff come back with us a report on >> The grandfathering in possibilities of property in this area and what could be done to make sure it complies with the code I I will make that motion for the staff to do. Some homework on that come back at a reasonable day Whether or not this could be grandfathered in this area second discussion. OK thank you. All right I The NASA and >> Just real quick I remember

you’ve brought this up couple of times but I did we not the last time asked staff to look at this >> I was told by staff that it was all permit they were only allowed 6 cars and the used car lot. I guarantee they have a whole lot more yeah Again when I see the what has happened there. And this is the entrance if you will to that kind of major apartment complex of the noise actually that’s all for sale and there now, and I’m just concerned, but you know I want to make sure we understand what they can do. And that’s how they’re going to be made to comply with the coach since it was already grandfathered in whatever was there. So that is my reason for that >> My question was just After we get the information and is are we going to be looking at what we can do with them. Cole based on it being prepared to be so lawyers Right we’re definitely going to trying to purchase a mine correct, not know This one >> No just want to make sure that that we know what is allowed there what the because the entrance way criteria has changed significantly when I go from what’s in my memory which us a little sketchy do you know scary. But I go from what I remember you had very strict restrictions and the entrance way >> May we don’t have him anymore maybe we don’t have any ability >> To require additional buffers or landscaping or limit on metal buildings in the entrance way And this is just an area because it’s is known for a long time plan development is kind of interesting to me how it’s being developed misty >> Yeah, I just want to say thank you for bringing that up I have those same concerns and I think bringing forward a report is agreed the idea you know, so we can evaluate what has happened and what we can do going forward because it is such a very busy supple por cent of manatee County is the entrance way and those areas should be important. So I look forward to that report, thank >> and something they’re In have a reporter >> I would pull that >> These staff and get some input from the in the county attorneys >> As well given the fact that you say is that properties up for sale So I think we need to make sure that legally as this information comes back that we are on you know solid ground Looking at it and getting some type of legal Opinion as well so I helped the stand yeah when we use that word we also included the stand The attorney’s office and the U.S some direction as to date options that are available there >> Yeah, I think it’s really that much in her to SEC Carol I think that is really important because it may be a >> your body and you know what can you do with the nonconformity can continue and that is legal questions I think that’s really a a good point because it might be nonconforming and then you have to I know for sure what you can do with its Carol >> I’m sorry or I dos far I did my husband by accident what property talking Has that >> Property if you know why excuse me sign University Parkway it’s basically >> West of Shea Shea but yeah you than her. Yeah there’s west of shade west of the gun place the gunplay complies it’s west of there where you get all these cars that and I know it’s an old subdivision has a lot of old access roads in there and stuff it’s not easy But yes, it’s where things have just kind of been popping up >> That area, so yeah I agree to get justice. I mean look at Palm aire all that yummy I don’t know what happened you know we’ve got University health. Yeah, you are all personally hired our engineering for bet. We have real strict standards and also the scene and looks like almost a junkyard of small I I just noticed last couple of businesses that Albany you write about it men don’t sell out But it’s built so we’re going to find out next in our eyes >> Yeah, so yeah just a report that’s all I’m asking for All right John did you want to nothing >> Now we fully understand or lose so and service are. We will come back with the details report with recommendations solutions Of course we always but this talk with County Attorney’s Office can thank you >> All right, we got a motion

and a second is there anyone in the audience who would like to comment on this motion Okay so you know come forward with close public com. You all those in favor signify by saying aye aye All those opposed nay chair votes. Aye motion passes. Thank you well tell Jim and something that drives me crazy every time I drive by it than S a yeah just a quick thank you for all of your well wishes My trip to Virginia was Very exciting to say the least we came through a lot of really bad weather in fact my husband was driving a uhaul truck right in front of me and literally was lifted on the road. It was amazing but anyway we did get back to yesterday. So my sisters back here we’re getting hopefully soon situated in a retirement home, but that’s not going to say thank you for that there is an e-mail that you will have received this morning of already responded back About my place of business And how we don’t have a sign that they could see from the red about mask and so they felt that the client with the mandate. So I just wanted to let you know I responded to all of you. You know just say you could say, but what I did want to let you know is that my was not pleased and he will be responding evidently to the resident and to the commissioners as well so I thought it just mention that >> He’s about had enough. So just be on the lookout for a man, you know it’s of course and the commissioner I didn’t vote mandate so they’re wanting to make sure that I’m in compliance and we are we were in compliance before. Only now get lost >> So Yahoo I mean you know that’s the funny thing about it >> Is that my story was already in compliance before you ever mandated so. I don’t advertise it don’t think I should have But We’ve done a lot of business we a lot of people to come in There hand sanitizer sign a everything’s so anyway just silent you him since world together okay. Glad you made it back safe. It was some rough weather. We saw that he is losing a clean right up the coast and just watching on the news that some things. Now that’s that’s why you can never say oh it’s just a her a category one >> Category one can do so he may have to be careful about those kinds of other commissioner comments misty >> Yes, thank you I just wanted to take a moment and talk a little bit a little bit about me asks since the NASA brought it up >> I appreciate the >> as you all know that was a very difficult meeting and for me a very difficult decision and I was at an event yesterday where he heard someone say that he did not feel heard That he voiced his concerns that the county the mission and felt ignored and I just want to say that I I make a practice of listening to everyone, especially those then I disagree with because I I’m always questioning and what the right thing to do is. So I just want to know that I want the community to know that I have Everyone on both sides of this issue so very difficult issue in my opinion. If we hear that the mask mandate is not making a difference in the community health I would be the first one to vote to rescind you know my only goal is to help our communities. Stay healthier and so I would like for whenever the time is appropriate To hear from the Health Department or from you the hospitals or whomever is most appropriate to hear how are these masks affecting community health Because not again my goal is just to how people stay safe, especially the most vulnerable people. And I I spoke directly yesterday with 4 p who are suffering from cancer or heart disease. That asked that I drop off some masks to them they just didn’t have access to any so >> I’m not there today. I work in an office my job is some >> You know in the medical world >> Former asset or positive or so all I could do rather test was negative I might take this told us many times that after Betsy yeah, as

accurate. So oh, yeah, my other job did another test this more accurate and on. Chances now I’m not going to the standing by I haven’t watched that percent as I see you sense is going down which is absolutely wonder all. And the hospital called the patients going down You know these people are spies to somebody haha my whole profession on Friday and then a more sick on Monday. So this is a fascinating you may be a cane today and then it just it just it really fast. Hi please everybody, a student cars under which is better I just don’t know so that’s why not there and yeah all actually get by. Yes back results back tomorrow tonight From Yahoo to come back strong came back a chance to get anybody public art as I start to see some have no sometimes some of them America is second on the hospital so you just how it’s you messed happy. She added some of us got Really hateful things as you know, especially at risk every pocket full of people can be found this. Like you said what you did your mom I said yes, so I just can’t believe how people are I know the decisions I made as a health perspective. I I I and I can session I putting out just yet or how they speak for all this. Yeah, it’s just can’t believe that you are taking this seriously so you know I respect everybody’s rights Public health and safety is our job and my job. I she said why I respect the other’s ha has to be a you know hopefully I looks like to me the hospital since is gone He said haha and so that’s a good thing I think Florida backstage has gone down a little bit and I saw I think it’s because we’re keep up the good work. You know House Hang >> Thank you madam chair, I would elect mission or Whitmore said I just wanted everyone to know that. There is the center urgent care on state Road 7 day which near the intersection of Lakewood ranch Boulevard and they do the rapid test there or insurance does cover it >> So you would be covered by Yahoo’s yeah haha 87, you get your response back and I >> yeah my work which is more accurate. Thank you >> All right 30 minutes, 3rd gear talking about. Any place and stay with 70 that urgent care yeah, they’re called the Center for urgent care and it said you get your results back in 20 to 30 minutes. it’s the nose swab you know just like everyone else is doing you know it’s covered by insurance Okay, thank you I didn’t know about that I didn’t know around this was was covered 87% effective is that right. I you know what she did tell me what percentage okay I just wanted to add one more thing so app the event that I was at yesterday Jim Boyd was the speaker and you know he’s so candidate for our Florida Senate. I really appreciated one of the things that he said and he said in response to this individual asking. About her freedoms being taken away he said you know I believe in the Constitution and he said and I’m paraphrasing and he said and I believe that only under the mud most extreme circumstances should our freedoms ever >> Be temporarily or even permanently changed right because we’re Americans and we love our freedom. I love what he said because we are in a world pandemic a state of emergency. It’s not normal times it is that very unique time in history. When I felt it was important to restrict a little bit of freedom and that is make people wear a mask So that others can stay healthy. So yeah, I agree with what Jim Boyd said it’s not something this commissioner takes lightly. It is something that I think worthy of a lot of consideration. And I think

it was appropriate with this boarded, thank you >> Okay good job guys we are adjourned I understand there’s a lot so you guys can take it to go