GETTING CLOSER, KS BOW BIRD! – Public Land Turkey Tour Day 22

key to morning happiness getting ready to go back in after the birds we roosted last night this is just zinger and I this morning Gregg is headed up the road to go film Derrick hopefully they’ll be on some birds also it’s nice we’re right on the border so we can jump right over there and film and run around with those guys and then on Oklahoma so we’re gonna get out there and get right up under them I’m working in along this field edge towards where these birds have rested on the high point of this field their goal is is to get to where we can shoot inside the timber and on the edge of the field we know right where they’re at we got it marked on the map we’re just looking to see what’s where about probably 50 75 yards away from that bird is where we’re going that way right when he flies down he’s hopefully in range they’re on the creek crossing we got in the bottom and we pinpointed this bird he’s roosted over the creek crossing which is one of the spots I expected him to be we actually wanted to get a little further west than we are right now but we just didn’t feel like we had enough time little backfield here and in years past they fly down and they head west here like I said we’re running a little bit behind so I better get ready got set up in here there’s a whole bunch of birds gobbling just like there were last night I think that’s our guy there right yeah sure we’re not quite as close this way he originally wanted a little bit nervous with the lack of cover so get back here feel like we’ve got a pretty good setup but I’d say we’re still only seventy-five from it baby he’s close enough that that way if he flies down this way we got a good chance at him hes gobbling good we’ll probably just let him do it tie flies down somebody just shot around the other side of the field there’s a bunch of turkeys along this edge somebody must be over there hunting as well there’s nobody in here roosting him last night but there’s one less of them Id say I don’t know if they were all Tom’s or there were some Jake’s in there but I just told Aaron that they’d sounded like they were on the ground then come on there’s a whole bunch of turkeys in here I don’t know that that’s the only one but may not gobble any more so guess I’ll just have to sit here for a little bit and see what happens public land two male birds three male birds yeah that back one’s kind of like to like you might yeah he’s at least acknowledging us the other one I don’t even think he’s looked over here since he hit the ground well they’re down in the field looks like we’ve got a couple of toms and five or six hens but what they’re doing is what I thought they would do isn’t work on West toward that fence line on the west edge of our property line so like

to be setting up over there but they’re working that way but it looks like the Tom’s are separated we got one that’s full strut and since the time you hit the ground and he’s tending those hens we’ve got one that’s kind of hanging back and it looks like if we got a chance at either one of these birds is probably gonna be that back one its head it’s just white as can be like you gobble is everythingl I don’t know the way he’s separated from the group we might be in business of this guy yeah just can’t call out it just keep on with the cause i see a turkey barely see a turkey oh yeah I see him I’m going towards the road there’s a Tom out there at least a Jake following them they’re gonna go right across that road I gotta come in this way I think I might meet either one tom and two Jake’s or three toms the ones just better being a punk I mean he’s standing up on the fence mind I don’t know he’s pretty dominant like he’s chasing other turkeys around might give him a jake yelp i dunno he’s crossing isnt he is he crossing Road somebody shot but we knew there’s other birds sure enough they were right out here in the field they just worked across the top of the field they just crossed the road so we’re gonna back out of here try to get in front of him if they come back onto the public which they probably are there’s not really much habitat other than the field over there they’ll come back across we can probably get right in front of them so go try to get eyes on them again now he’s walking this way greg his head just really changed color to that oh you know he’s gonna do it he’s gonna do looks like if he gets all the way to the Strutter decoy I’m gonna have the rods in my way so if you could shoot him just before that okay I apologize I’m happy I’m a little emotional because most of you know that

i lost one of my hunting buddies earlier this well late winter it’s kind of bittersweet you know here without him but beautiful footage I’m sure had to be shot him at like eight yards I’m excited you get out there and go get him well weather’s looking real windy in the next few days so hopefully hopefully Josh and Matt can get on them and maybe we can cut Greg into getting a tag here I haven’t heard from Erin Zach they’re just south of us about an hour on some public land in Oklahoma hopefully they had similar luck what a beautiful morning in Kansas April 11th no do you what was going through your head when you saw his head change color just that it’s probably gonna happen I think yeah fortunate that it worked out that knew that I had to get up here not this family farm pretty quick because this weat or at least a couple more weeks out where the turkeys won’t want to hang out into it yeah and why they won’t hang out in it after a certain time is because that vegetation that wheat gets so tall and they can’t strut in it they get all wet yeah they want to go to a mowed field a bean stubble field like the neighbors got right over here so sometimes it’s easy to over call birds but in this case I think that’s what brought him in was just getting real aggressive with him trying to change his mood and and get him to you know break and come in yeah the other tom was right with the hens that’s the whole time and that’s no attention yeah so then we knew that this guy was probably gonna be our only option and then from there it was you know we needed to lay it on him with the calling yeah that probably had a lot to do with why this bird came in was just the semi aggressive calling and with the decoy i think the strutter made a difference to I don’t know that he would have come to just a couple of hens and I think that’s probably the biggest thing about having a Strutter in your spread is the visual yeah and with just the hen decoys even if you would have come this way you know who knows if he would have actually committed all the way if he would have stood out there 50 yards and just strutted and wait for them to come but with that Strutter you came all the way in there not coming in to hang out right now it all worked perfectly that was one of the prettiest hunts I’ve seen in a while and I’m pretty special to me too to get it off the family farm here that I’ve hunted since I was a kid and you know this is my first turkey hunt since losing TJ in February so you know we spent a lot of time in the turkey was together the last 10 10 or so years so I knew this turkey season was gonna be a bittersweet you know without him being here to enjoy it with us but I’m I’m blessed to be in the woods this morning blessed to have Greg out here with me and so we’ve got a we’ve got a long week ahead of us we got five or six more days of hunting so it looks like I have a lot which I do a little extra weight back here but Greg’s carrying the blind and the tripod team work man yeah team work you ready let’s do this you got it good on my end okay forty-seven even forty-seven that’s exactly what mine was yeah that’s exactly what many predicted really yep she gets 47 that’s what it is that looks

like 47 to me still not the longest bird but I’m happy with them yep well hopefully uh Zach and Aaron get to test it against this one we’re down here fat versus cams yeah they’re battling the wind down in Oklahoma so you might have to get another measuring tape out tonight hopefully I got a really good friend that fletches his own arrows and he uses a left wing helical on his arrows and he always uses turkey turkey wings so so I always give him the left wing off of my turkeys that I shoot so that Bronson yeah does that that’s cool I wonder how long he makes them he goes for like five four and a half five inch probably but there’s a section of the wing feather that it’s the best because of the stiffness varies a little bit here like these ones are lost stiffer than these these back here plus they’re shorter too but he dies them so he can make it any color he wants you just dip them in kool-aid water really yeah they start real stiff and then get lighter as you go back you can kind of feel about it kind of deciding on a setup here right right there so he came down it’s a little bit gradual right there we just found some droppings under this big tree there’s kind of a funnel up that hill right through this little drainage where we came down and also right here where Aaron is there’s these down trees which kind of funnels him out around that point any turkey coming this way or this way and I have to go around that tree we can use that down tree as cover for our setup it’s really open down this bottom so we’ll probably use a decoy and if we run into that tom now let’s let those Jake’s and hens this morning he’ll probably commit to the decoy just so open down in here you’re gonna have a hard time I think calling a turkey and them not hanging up it’s just like field edge Turkey so that’s why we got the decoy with us you got a real good spot to put it out of the wind down here without lots of cover with this downed tree and like I said a little bit of a funnel so I think we’re in a good spot probably sit here for a little bit hopefully one gets fired up that’s kind of fun though I actually little shaking a little bit you know I haven’t this seriously never had like just a good clean shot I’ve missed him a couple of times like I thought that was gonna be my chance the only time I’ve had a clear shot is in Nebraska and you had to have a special permit now when was that like two yards from taking my favorite said here comes a coyote he went out there he stood there for a couple of minutes he started squealing at him it came in towards that decoy he saw the decoy I thought he’s gonna commit to it then he started gettin nervous out enough the wind swirling right there a little bit enough that hated nervous but apparently then he kind of got afraid of the coyote dang man got real excited about shooting that thing especially when we started running at us you guys seen any turkeys congrats dude thanks way to go what we doing yeah we’re getting our butts kicked but is there is there another guy in there with you now there was this morning no really yeah a guy shot right about the time the birds were getting off the roost

there were several early it was like move down on the ground boom really mm-hmm because we were originally gonna set up right underneath it put a decoy out there yeah and but just the one just the one tom in the hens in those Jake’s is the turkeys that we saw that worked our direction but they eventually walked by us about 80 yards and then popped out in this road and walked right down the middle of the road I mean we got around on them and and got in this timber right here called and they gobbled so we set up quick nothing and then two trucks drove by doing Mach 3 and we popped out on the road we didn’t see them they could have got it out there and hightailed it across cuz they obviously they got somewhere that they want to be out in there yeah that could have been what happened but wait those won’t those two are going back anything yeah there’s three up front you may ask what we’re doing right now we’ve spotted a bunch of birds over here on private land but they’re headed back towards the public where we were hunting them at this morning so we’re using Derek’s truck as a shield to try to get to the Hummer weird very extreme we were wondering where these turkeys went Derek just said they probably over there on the private mmm there they all are there now we’ve got this vehicle blind I never know and we made it see there’s at least two birds look like they were strutting to the left yep they’re coming across there I mean they’re come they’re gonna do it yeah they’re coming up the fence line right towards the well we decided not to leave these birds we were walking out and we actually saw them over on the private since we knew where they were we just decided that we’re gonna come over here campout we’re actually right where we saw them this morning right in front of me here’s where they cross the road looks like they’re wanting to cross back over at least the jakes and the tom they’re right on the edge and they’re kind of heading this way so we’re just gonna get an eye on them and then as soon as they start committing one direction we’re gonna get right to where as soon as they hopefully pop onto this field we can shoot them right there but they are working back this way and I think based off what we’ve seen by driving around here where they’re roosting kind of where their little thing and what Derek saw before season they’re just going back and forth between these two habitat types you got River you got pasture and wheat field got tall grass and another wheat field here they’re just bouncing back and forth way over there there’s a whole pile of them but pretty long too hopefully they make a long journey and come on over yeah we need to get set up yeah you tell if they’re Tom whatever they are they’re coming well it’s about four o’clock we called those Jake’s over I’m surprised I could even hear it but we waited until the wind laid kind of like it is it’s done right now and called and those Jake’s heard it and they came over here right up to this fence they didn’t actually cross over on our side but they did come over to investigate I’ve been taking a nap and Zach’s been watching and the birds have worked off we can’t see him anymore but it’s about four o’clock and last night at 7:00 they were in this field so we’ll keep sitting and waiting eventually they’re probably gonna come back didn’t pan out sat here all day didn’t have any Tom’s come back might just had two hens roost in that same tree they’re at this morning but they came from the bottom last night they came from the top and they flew out over this field they had it in that same tree but this afternoon they were down in that bottom this evening which probably should have stayed down the bottom that’s where these turkeys are gonna go to get out of the wind we’re gonna get down on a little spot but wind isn’t just blaster them all day but I guess

that’s part of you just learned from your mistakes I think the fact that it’s gonna be windy these turkeys are gonna be sticking to low-lying areas you got a couple other places that we may go to but I don’t hear anything tonight but there are two hens right here and if it Tom gobbles somewhere close no we feel like we can get in between them get a pretty good idea what they’re gonna do in the morning so we’ll be back after them in the morning regardless it’s gotta be windy again so hopefully we can get on some birds early kind of hang with them all day but that’s gonna do it for day three it’s all that’s turkeys today but couldn’t seal the deal getting a closer hopefully enjoyed the video if you liked it please give it a like and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already we really appreciate it thanks for watching and we’ll be back in the field tomorrow you