November 5, 2020 – BCC Land Use Meeting

>> Yeah. The lists. No gavel Just yeah. All right. We’re going to call 2 Board of County commissioners land use meeting of November 5th 2020 don’t order. We’re going to start with an invocation by the pastor Benjamin Bruce of the harbor life Baptist Church followed by the pledge of allegiance. Please stand. If you’re able >> This is Jonathan who says some >> Lower your that. Steve, thank yeah, It’s a nice to see again >> Here. We thank you for all the local officials for County commissioners and just for each person represents this County and we thank you live in a free nation into specifically live here. we thank you for how we see you moving in, manatee County got to ask that you would just be with each official in this meeting that they would just make clear decisions and decisions that would honor you and pray that we would just give this time to you as well as we seek your guidance here, a preview also just be coverings, manatee County and safety through this COVID-19 crisis got me just ask for your protection and for your guidance as we continue moving forward as this on your holy name, even better >> I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all ♪ >> It’s good to know that we have commissioner and just wait. And Vanessa just got here. So we have >> A full if I may justjust purposely respect for personal or might do at school teacher today given its are around Lastly, you see >> Well, gee, we could call a coordinated. The let me know But this passion, All right That’s good to hear. Good to hear. Okay. first off, I know the county attorney to want introduce new assistant County attorney the incoming County International >> Good morning. That I share members of the at present. I’m chief assistant County attorney are now I get it right. And gather you’ve got all these confusing titles I’m sorry is my pleasure this morning to introduce to you, our new assistant County attorney Camillo Soto by way of background of Mister Palmer is scheduled to retire effective as of January 30 of 2000, 21 at which time I will take the position of County attorney. And as the borders where. But Mister Soto has been hired to fill the assistant County traditions. I will vacate. And as the board is aware, the county has a cloned program by which. We were able to bring Mister Soto into the office a few months prior to the transition so that we can avoid any disruption in the practice of the office. Mister so has been practicing for approximately 15 years, which is exactly the experience level for which I was looking in filling that spot in the past 2 years. He’s practiced in the private sector in a variety of roles, including corporate due diligence and claims management. And prior to that This is the experience that is most relevant to his taking this position. Mister Soto served as an assistant city attorney the city of Clearwater for about 11 years Who with a concentration in

transactional and land use law, which obviously is the area that that I’ve been doing most of my work in that we need to shore up with me taking the position of County attorney. In that practice had a great deal of experience handling complex redevelopment projects. So I do feel that his experience is well suited to the current needs of the county. It is worth noting that in addition to earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and a Juris doctor degree from Western Michigan. University commissioner benac. Earned a master’s degree in urban and regional planning in 2000, 17 from the University of South Florida. Well, he was well into his legal career so I have every confidence that he will be a good addition to the office and a valuable resource to the county in handling the many challenges that we face in dealing with growth and development. And I look forward to his working with all of us in the role of assistant County attorney. So please welcome him. Cup ♪ >> these practice >> Madam chair Pilla and it’s an absolute pleasure to be here working in manatee County. Look forward to working and collaborating as we go forward. All right Great see you. And I look forward to seeing more of you Thank you. Thank you for joining the team. All Do we have changes to the agenda Yes, good morning. Morning Press in >> A bit. Sorry board appointments on Nicholson This request is too high. Her obligation pulled from the I didn’t. I’m not to because here for the appointment send just to advertise a public hearing. Item. Number 5, L D C T 20. 2. We ordinance 2015 and a moment ago Dix amendment accessory dwelling The U public comment letter attacks item number 6, PDR 1919 be related to PDR 1414, p r 2 BK summer. Woods. Summer Woods The storm-water stipulation in his try to underline form of a catch. Bdr 9 item number 9, be the R 19 0, 9, be our Mary touch home of Floria Savannah At the request of the applicant. A revised motion to quarantine at the public hearing update this report requests Farsi, decent news row for a vision of presentation time. Public comments attach there is a revised motion 29 item number 10, seed, 20 Syria on a commercial recently married that Tom Loeffler 18 Costa Matt, these properties. Of the request of the applicant. The recent revised motion to continue the public you request from see descent news role for the presentation public comment and not out Also that there is to revive motion to continue. All Devils changes are in that out. They memo and has been attached to agenda system >> Well, I think we should because there last on the agenda. But they’re being continued. I’d like open up item. Number 10, the 26 Savannah commercial rezone Meritage homes of Florida Inc This is quasi judicial so I’ll ask, has there been any ex parte communication >> sure you do have to swear people and ocean well, and also it’s also number 9, 9, skews me 9.10 right now, OK for time. it’s all right. Let us where people in and then we’ll we’ll take those up. for continuance that have to sit here all day. Anybody who wants to speak at today’s public hearing, please stand, raise your right hand be sworn in if you’re going to speak at all today. I suggest that you do this. You. It’s free Payless we’ll ask you if you’ve been former Sen, please stand and raise your right hand. Thank you >> Do you swear or affirm that the factual statements and factual representations, which you’re about to present to the board will be truthful and accurate. Thank you. Okay >> I don’t know number 9 if you’d like to read that into the yes >> I didn’t know 9 bdr 9.14 sear not returns story that

UNC owner he and then 2, 0, 0, 4, dash, 0, 0, 0, 6, And son in ordinance. Number of PDR 19 0, 9, C preliminary site plan to remove 5.0. 23 acres from the boundaries of the pro yet for a total development from our last 299 on 16 acres maintaining previously approved entitlements 475 single-family. That’s Reese’s sent units and this site is located on the south side of the state Road 64. More Lex a 100 feet east of the intersection of this. They rose 64 on Rye Road and is commonly known asked 48 and the 4820 40 feet deep. No rain row. Brandon, this is quasi useppa Dorothy Rainey the plan the applicant is the agent is miss Katie learn >> Okay. All right. So they have requested to continue this. The December 20th going to have a motion for continuance. So moved. I could. So we have a motion for continuance in a second. Is there anyone who would like to address the board on this today. It is going to continue have an opportunity percent December 20th. I think it’s no December 10th. I December 20 didn’t mean to say. Manship school House location is in details emotion. When you’re ready >> I’m sorry. My asked location. The hearing have to reveal one outing. All right Go ahead. 3. That place. Okay So. So good to me. Number 9 Correct. Okay. Yes, UPN moved into the open. The public hearing continue the public hearing for PD or 14 own IPO or December 10th 20 29 am was soon after us may be heard at the brain area Convention Center, one Haven Boulevard >> alright motion, right Second Close public comment All those in favor signify by saying aye aye. All those opposed nay chair votes. Aye motion passes. All right. read item number 10 and the record I don’t number 10 seed 20 on a commercial recently married such Lauria. I unseat Warner >> Constand. The lease properties LP see is the concert porches. The land to 0, 0, 4, dash, 0, 0, 0, 5, resigned from the Dr Benjamin residential to the GC general commercial son in the street located south of the state Road 64 more or less 500 feet South coast, white eagle deliver bread. And I’m monthly 5.23 acres. He’s a bus to do some case 3rd to Rainey is the case manager and again, the alien beings. It’s based on fact with means okay to love our >> Okay. The recommended motion is the same. I moved to continue the public 20 ’06, to 12/10/2020 at 09:00AM soon thereafter say may be heard at the Brighton area Convention Center. One Haven Boulevard comment of my head up. So that is. Okay. We have a motion and the second is there anyone in the public that would like to address the board on this item. Seeing no one come forward. All those in favor of the motion signify by saying aye. All those pows nature votes, aye motion passes Okay. Now we’ll go back to our in advisory board appointments. Do we have someone here from staff that would like to address this issue. All right. These are historic preservation board appointments. Madam chairman >> I’d like to Janet Hernandez. Things. Gabriel Ponce. Let’s one nomination per. That’s just one of the time. Okay. Okay. And because we have 2 people. And so I’m going to nominations. One of the time, Janet. Hernandez like to nominate Nancy. Darcie Clarke. Nancy madam chair. I got. And yes, go ahead, Carol I want to nominate people that are on the requested so that Mallory and Valley we have another nomination of this Yeah. like the one at a time The other person, it is OK, we’ll do that next hour actually do have another nomination for see you >> just we’re doing that was the one seed at the time. Go ahead, bill or. Bill for Nations close. lot of commitment that I close. I’m going to ask staff. I you know, there’s so many people here and they don’t don’t know many of them. I mean, I don’t

know staff has any thoughts on this not heard from any staff going to say they don’t but minds is named. He’s here Good morning. Commissioners Not I’m sure >> Staff is comfortable with the to right start preservation board members on this list. The lawless this red belly >> And how often does that start. Preservation board meet >> Supposed be a minimum 4 times a year. But don’t with the state of emergency that we have with the it’s kind of like whenever we can. But we haven’t had a meeting in a while. Yeah, we haven’t really had any cases. The others We’ve had one administrative historic preservation case for. Certificate of appropriateness for replacing would use that >> Carol, you a question Yeah, I wanted nominate other person list. The lawless and you said you wanted to tie this was for I was supposed to do to for this one. Carolyn we’re not going to see chart is not. I expire October 20th 20 new seats October 24th There’s no other criteria >> Something do one at a time Vanessa madam chair. I’m sorry to hear that the names of intense at Valley ulissi lawless valuable yes. So our nominees Janet Hernandez Nancy Clark at Valley in bellore. So it’s taken one of the time. all those in favor of Jan Hernandez. Please raise your hand. Misty, Steve, you’re going to just have love. When you’re boating. All right. All those in favor Nancy Clark. Raise your hand All All those in favor. Okay We have to for Nancy Clark was hurt. And all in favor at Valley. And the 3 times know >> we have to, OK, we can but know you when you get another applicant be out to the fish people. Okay. Lets it happen at Valley. Who who are the votes the okay to Fred bowing to and Bill or. Steve who to vote for >> Good enough we’re standing an alley is fine. And the first want to thank you at Valley winds. All right. Let’s go to the second, Carol. We know you want to Lucy I that she was. I’ve been on it for a while or start a whole nother Yes, we told you can nominate your say to people if you think you have an upper. I did to make for them to >> When the second seat. Not so with so far we have Lucy lawless or the other nominations from the floor of times for you OK move nominations, All right. We have a motion and the second to close nominations. All those in favor signify by saying aye aye all those pows a chair votes aye passes. All right. All those for Lucy lawless. Please raise your hand. okay. All right. Sorry roses. Got it. And as I say to all these other folks that applying, you know, stay involved. You certainly can have an opportunity to be involved in historic preservation. Its. Something that is, you know, important in our community. But this the sport that they’re kind of really set by the state and higher ordinance. What they there limitations. But that doesn’t mean if you want to be involved in historic preservation that you don’t have an opportunity. Certainly staff would be happy to talk with you and I’m I know Bayshore gardens, for example, has a great historic preservation discussion all the time. So. All right Moving right along >> Madam at issue. I’m we did get an email from Gabriel Ponce. But I just read it. So I’m sorry. He wrote us a letter this morning. So I guess he was on this list, but it’s too late to try again >> And the comments before that on. All right. Okay We’re going to advertised public hearings presentations 100 class. Could you read item number for the record, this is Items. Thank you. Yeah. there we have gone Citizens comments on future agenda items. Is there anyone that wants to address the and something they’d like to see a future agenda that is today’s agenda course, I have signed up as one jet Lana so come forward and you will have 3 minutes to

I need to go over Freaked me out. Thank you ♪ ♪ My for the record legible enough. And I want to talk about >> Tiny homes. I think we’re We’re missing a gap here. And then on the agenda. Now did tiny homes is different. From what like your view. Not so is this working? The other so it’s important to note with Eskew appendix coming in the 2021 it’s going to allow for Tiny homes under 400 square feet. That meet all the building codes. So that’s important in the past anybody can buy a trailer can make a tiny home. That’s why I think this is the county was reluctant to do that. This is complex that’s going up in in Pensacola. This one is up and running. And almost sold out and they go 450,000 bucks >> But it’s it’s it’s a need that this community needs. And I’m asking this board. How do we move how we move forward Is that gap between? The 400 tiny homes. accessory dwelling units and of course, residential buildings. Now, if you look at it and one of the most successful models. And by thway, I sent this presentation each and every one of you this morning. Well, a home run up in Tallahassee That continuing to build that project out. It is absolutely beautiful. Yeah. A common plenty amenities. And I think we need to move forward. You know, we re zone. Hundreds of acres from Chad to residential and a lot communities and and everything in that direction Why can’t we consider tiny home villages. If it’s in need. Land is not getting any cheaper. The practice of the medium home is over $300,000 There’s a huge gap kids that are coming out of college and I used usually living in dorms. Would welcome a tiny House, much like the park model that the bill brought bill Shea brought up an accessory dwelling unit. You can live in 400 or less square feet. It’s done all the time There’s that gap in the comp plan. So asking this board How do we move forward in filling that gap for the com plan. You know, I hear people all the time. Well, that I know next my house the goat is owning up can’t do it. They get blown out of the water. I think there should be an opportunity now with the new Hugh code. And it’s built to the Florida standards. There should be no reason. We can’t allow tiny homes. So I’m asking is for do we need workshop. We need to go back to redevelopment. I have no idea at this point. But I would like some input from this board and how we do that Thank you for this opportunity >> Madam chair. Can we ask a question not told about them with a future agenda items. Is there anyone else who would like to address the board. On a night and they’d like to see in a future agenda. That’s not on today’s agenda. All I go ahead and close public comment on future agenda items had been asked plan. The dwellings that you had up there that’s being built Tampa. What do you have an address for that. I’d love see it while he is in Tallahassee let’s Intel has the escape is in Tampa stay this gave this game doesn’t happen. That’s just about sold out >> And then our sponsor call is moving forward and those are only 3 that that I could that that I like there are many more. Tiny home villages throughout. There’s a couple in Orlando. So they’re all over the state and they’ve been very successful got one right here in Riverview, a tiny home community. The ones that are built or being built >> You know, is that it or they rentals for the individually owned >> They’re all they’re both like the project in Riverview You have to you. You’re at that lot that you bring in your your tiny homes like an RV. Dwellings really their their their transitional You know, it just a step up, their small for 500 square feet some are even less. I think the dwellings goes from 210. The 410 square feet. So it’s an opportunity for people get back on their feet, keep their rent lower. Couple 100 bucks a month. All utilities included and you know the year so they can they can move up to a real House. Some folks very comfortable. They lived there for years and they’re happy campers. I think I think manatees ready. I Carol interesting >> I’ve been on board with

this since day one, as all know. I actually talk staff and I civil you know, we have these slots in the county that are very small. You can’t build according to what we have now they can we can build a tiny House be have to be all our requirements and Glenn Peeps. And there’s a gap in let land development code. And I’d like. Well, you’re shaking your head. No, I don’t know But I would like to know from staff. Is there and why we can encourage this inning. We we’re making a big step today We’re doing these dwelling units. That’s a big step because we’re down. I mean, the size of these homes and that’s and 100. 50,275 1000 Still a lot of money. And if somebody for that and wants to live in that. That’s fine. I have friends that live in other places in the United States to live in these homes and they are very happy in Nashville and they’re very, very happy. and I’m body wants big home. They want to save their money and be able to do what they want. Invested on a gigantic home. So again, now that we’re hopefully going to pass this today. Maybe we can look at this and find out where where the county where where we could do this. Why isn’t how we I just as for another lifestyle for citizens >> Okay. I see Lisa bear there. I was going to ask Glen a question, but I’m going make an assumption that the vast majority of these developments are developed by private developers and not by the government. So. My understanding of why this isn’t done is because someone has to find the land somebody has to put the application together and somebody has to come forward info, locks typically have a zoning. The neighbors will. I minimum lot size. Alas Lisa, do we still have minimum House sizes in those single family districts Police apparently staff >> In 2019. We remove the minimum standards and the majority of standard zoning districts. Some size. So there’s nothing that precludes the developer from doing this So the question’s going to be for this board. Do you want to incentivize the how you’re going to do that. I’ve not seen one come forward. I agree that, you know, can people watch that show and love that I mean, I look at horrible, you And it’s not while it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. It makes a lot of sense for people you know, certainly has worked in many areas. But that’s something that I hope our affordable housing task force would work on if that’s what it is. Lisa, you have anything else you want to add on this issue >> Just remember back in 2018 to we did an increase for density within certain areas and at commercial for mixed use. So it is that an option and might require rezone or possibly a comp plan amendment in some senses. In 2019. They did add a clustering provision as well, which would allow, you know, the cluster, the groupings of the homes and allow for more open space, which would be ideal for tiny home. So >> It’s an option. It’s just might be a little bit more work >> Yeah. Lisa, thank you. lot of those are good comments And I think, you know, in the in the near future. The very near future, perhaps it’s something that this board should look at and see if we want to make it a little bit easier said that someone that is doing this doesn’t have to go through, you know, any sort of amendments or anything like that. Let’s make it easier for it to be done and get out of the way. current and I do know that when we went to 30 units, an acre, you know, a knife first heard that the law highest density that we had in the county was 9 units in history basically now we have 30 and even more. I think for affordable housing right potentially 40 >> 4040, units. An acre that can happen. You can. The cluster makes a lot of sense to me because she’s still have to deal with our wonderful storm water situation in Florida. So why cluster this it makes sense to have some open Yeah, I think it be great to see it. You know, so bring something forward on, you know that this our staff is very amenable to working innovative development. The one that weeded out by Cortez that was but they’re not County homes there are at a small you know, there are ways. But you know, it. The question also has been when you try to help developers to identify the land. But it did land cost. I look forward to the board and bringing us back in. Coming up with a way to help. certainly going to see some of these and seeing how their work is a great idea. All right. We’re

going to read you had a ready to head >> I was just in support of and I’m just looking at the illustration paying the One of lot size of this demonstration as far as. This very small That’s what we have. They’re small. But I’m just curious that a lot like the Mitchells was the site of the last, you know, when I would like the island 5500 >> When you’re going to have to be on the record Port >> 5550, years. Yes, so lucky escape in Tampa there. Lots are kind of Miss figured all over. But you can figure a 1002 to 2000 square feet. I know that wellings very small, lots last are nice around the trees, probably the houses are the 16 feet wide between 2028 feet long. So you probably got a, you know, very small lot footprint. I don’t think you have a front edge of the more than 25 to 30 feet. And the backyards probably probably 25 by 50,000 square feet. And Pensacola. It’s up to up to up to them. So always better. I mean, just for entry level kids are. First responders are >> Retired command alright mystery. Yeah. Thank you. One And I would just add that we have made a lot of changes in our com plan that would allow this type of development. But it may not be that we >> the density. Exactly where people want to do it because you got to have a higher density limitations to make it work. And so that’s maybe something we need to look at And I I always think it’s a good idea to look Tampa Pensacola and these other communities that have developed them successfully and look at their requirements of the code and compared to what we’re doing and see if there’s any opportunities for change. Carol Vaness yet like we can. We can make a motion today. Kelly, a I like to make a motion that we bring this item at work session >> That >> all right. We have a motion and a second. But I saw comment. Well, I was just going to say that I totally agree with what misty has said. But I do believe that we need to look at it, make sure that there’s no sort of amendments that have to be done. We need to make it as easy as possible. And Lisa had mentioned that. So that was my point. The yeah I’m in favor of the motion. Thank you, Carol >> Just what we’re talking replant preparing for the workshop. Those type comments were commissioned barges made needs to be on the forefront of the race I might in my opinion so we can make sure that is not a complicated and we can do what’s best for that particular image of individuals that Mister I met mentor before we vote >> Where I live, we have 50 by 50 lots and their million-dollar homes. I mean that that were used to small small places. So this 25 by 50 perhaps we like you said, we need identify some place in the county when this does come before us, I’d I like to ask staff. Glenn has mentioned that there’s loopholes that prevents us. And I’d like our planning Department to see if there really is and what we can do and be prepared when you do come. Before us that address those and that and that we come up with solutions. If we could address it. And also we have a lot of unused property that we only mentally Alice not too long ago at all these properties surplus that we need to get rid up. We have talked about that a few years ago. Why are you know, that could be an incentive. For us to get somebody to do that. Maybe, maybe not. just think outside the box a little bit on that There are a lot of young people that what I I know would jump on this marshals place on Cortez He’s been recognized all over the United States course. It’s a 0 Carbon footprint, but still, you know, it’s it’s something different. Second. We need to look at it. But if our staff to be prepared to think of what issues could prevent this and then maybe possible solutions to suggest to us >> Yeah, I think I mean, you development Lakewood ranch. A bunch of homes right next to Jack and going put it. They’re pretty small. Relatively small homes right next to each other. Cluster We’ve allowed in the county for a while That is another way to do it So you don’t even worry about lot lines. It has to be in common ownership condom. Any not that many of these communities are set up that way. That’s not unusual. We also love. Building on 50 foot wide lots that are planted in the county. You can you can do

a single family home in a 50 foot. Lot, you again, those are probably bigger than some of these really tiny lot. But that is already allowed in our code. So, yeah, I think going to be great discussion and seeing, you know, kind of incentive. Certainly County can often not offer all kinds of incentives but >> I think, you know, that we need to remember to do that staff needs to maybe give us some guidelines on where this type of thing might be appropriate in the county and it’s not something that you just played. You know, anywhere just like an RV Park, you wouldn’t put that just anywhere. So. You and what you’re looking at, 41 perhaps you would. you know, generally speaking, you would. And so, I mean, I think that’s something to that. You know, I’d love to hear staff come up with what their ideas were maybe going it. It gives some insight into that to I’m going to take a run up to Tampa before we do it just to get an idea from them. Are very brave of Okay So >> It’s always in the details Every one of the shots. He showed a single car and you’re talking to young people. You have at least 2 cars, not Raleigh. Thank you. Bikes and this one different now repents words saying there’s that’s always in the details. Yeah, I would live 400 square. Maybe it. Why I was retired online last year led I lived in 335 square foot there. preserving environment around. It is so important that we all know with the storm water requirements that we have It’s really hard to preserve things like >> Pine trees. You gotta get very crane. And we’ve seen that done I’m sure that can be a good discussion. All right As anybody in the public that would like to address the board on the motion that’s on the floor, which is to have a workshop to discuss. Okay Seeing no income Florida coast public owes public that those in favor of the motion signify by saying aye aye. Those opposed nay. Chair votes aye Steve, I didn’t hear e a >> only know I say need an additional Obviously. The Newseum is great. And also it is a pain. But you you know >> Over 3 years and I think they’re agreeing to you, but it seems that the biggest problem we need is were shot is the neighborhood. You know, we said do we last time we were is we feel in Norman and his group came out en masse not want in your area at all I think, you know, it’s something that’s a great >> They have density for the money is not enough to find the meeting your community 50 or 60 units per acre make these things really work >> but I think a workshop and seems likely continually Kate can down road on the Z used mean it or not, I may be used next. That’s next. We’re on the tiny homes motion >> Anyone that’s just baby. Go to the workshop and see where we go and 10 >> A motion passed unanimously. Now we’re going to go Did we vote? Yes, we did OK, so we’re going approved unanimously now we’re going to go on 4 for. This is also to be continued read that the records >> I don’t. Number 4 and the C T 20 series phys ordinance 2073 landed in court amendment conservation easement >> It’s a legislative legislative case MR Whelan today chief assistant County attorney Ernie is the on a The case with the continued to this. Amber 1020, 20 >> have a motion. Can can I ask the question, why are we continuing? This seems like not a sign motion the for discussion the debt. So we have a motion by Purcell. I did not second okay. Go ahead here. Why I’m doing this of a summer cut continued. I mean, I know it’s the last meeting of some commissioners but just wonder, in fact, the question that your first public hearing >> It was common commentary made by the public that they want to see how be interpreted and staff was working with County Attorney’s Office and administrative procedures for that and they’ll continue to work on it so it’s right, OK, thank you >> All right. And then open us up for public comment. Is there anyone would like to address the board on item Number 4. Okc no income for an

up close public comment. We have a motion and a second, all those in favor of motion signify by saying aye aye Thank you. See all those opposed nay chair votes. Aye motion passes. All righty. Now we’re going to move on to the item. Number 5, which is the accessory dwelling units >> They say that I don’t number 5 LDC T 20 tree ordinance 2015 County said a lot and goat picks amendment accessory dwelling the and then to sera sera to serious ear. Nancy, you. And then the land development code by amending chapter to the few nations to provide the Phoenicians for accessory dwelling The U amending chapter 4 sunny and by adding accessory dwelling unit. Use it specific zoning district in section 4. See one 0.2 table, 4. That’s one uses in agriculture. Anderson. Should these tricks daybell Ford asked 12. It’s good enough uses for plan development PD These to to amend section 4 C with 3.8 points C. So overlay district go high House or area closer to commission area and go some planning area by adding accessory dwelling units to prohibit uses. I do By adding language to section for Syria to you 4.13 week feel residential over ladies too, to go. He would the construction of a secondary House in Union amending chapter 5 Bart to stand there for excess or use the Senate structures to clear a new section, 5 11.0. 18 accessory dwelling the use to provide development. This time guidelines for accessory dwelling units to create a new section 5.11 by 19 this houses to provide a sunset date on means to convert an existing guest house to an accessory dwelling unit this legislative case. Mister she is the case manager. There’s >> Good morning, madam chair commissioners below shapers ending for staff. We’re here to talk about accessory dwelling units. You might recall that this has been a long process, probably going back at least 10 years. I believe I’m like the 5th planner that has worked on if I could go to the power power point presentation. Please. So before we get into Presentation, there has been a lot of work done on this. The last time that we had done before you was August 4th. I believe that was where we had a work session to discuss 80 use. And we were provided some guidance from the board on how you would like us to proceed with the ordinance. So we’re here today to to present that to you. Want to planning Commission in October. And I believe it was an unanimous vote. So they recommending approval. So this is more for the benefit of the public we’ve gone through this with board. So there is some repetition and the slide presentation. But we felt that we were just give a little bit of education before we got into the meat of the ordinance. So what is an accessory dwelling has proposed. It’s an attached or detached residential unit. Its subordinate and separate from the primary or principal dwelling unit. It has full kitchen and bathroom facilities. It must be held in common ownership with the principal dwelling unit. And it is not considered in density calculations. There is essentially 3 types of accessory dwelling units. You have attached. Which could be either attached at the first story level or above perhaps like a garage. You have a detached single story which would be separate from the main structure and located in the yard and for houses that have detached garages. You could have the building of detached garage. Here’s an example of an attached for story unit. The 8 EU is actually the closest and and here’s a here’s an example of an attached above. The first

story. This one is above the garage. Here’s a detached Free standing in the rear yard. And here’s an example of one that’s built over a detached garage. So before we get into the ordinance. I wanted to go through some of the misconceptions to the first thing that we’ve heard is everybody is going to want one or will want one. And quite it is going to be a big investment. I think you would have to staff thinks that you would have to have a really good reason for wanting in 8 EU such as to house an elderly parent or to provide space for a child that’s not quite ready to leave the nest. But if you were to build one to rent. It Probably you probably would not any kind of. Income from that investment for quite some time because we are in the construction boom and construction costs are high The second one is everyone can have one. Well, there are several limitations on where you can have them as as you’ll see when we go through the ordinance, such as the location of the House on the property. Natural resources Homeowner deed restrictions There are many, many deed restrictions out there that prohibit secondary dwelling units from being constructed on somebody’s side and so on and so forth. The 3rd one is there will be no impact fees Assessed there will be a review of the building permit and impact fees will be assessed. According to the fee schedule now currently there is no. Category 4 or accessory dwelling unit. So we would be looking at impact fees being assessed at the first level which is units up to a 1000 square feet. And the 4th is that utility capacity will not be assessed and there will be a concurrency review with the building permit. It’s something that we’re going to have to address in procedure manuals. But we’ll get it addressed so that there will be a mechanism for these applications to go through concurrency review. So prior work by staff included researching and speaking with other day just actions to allow a to use. We solicited input from other County agencies and departments through the development review process. We drafted in revise the ordinance several times to address concerns and we continue today working on refining refining the ordinance is directed by the board. And this is kind of all of the public meetings that we have had an aide to use from this only goes back to 17. But as I had indicated, it goes back further than that. When we started working to use. So we have we’ve we’ve tried to reach out through Web site through the neighborhood connections. We’ve had some neighborhood meetings. Pre covid. We posted on facebook And this we’re down to the board’s first reading, which is today. If this if today goes well and and changes are minimal. We’re hoping that we can take bring it forward for adoption on December 10th. So as was mentioned earlier, most of you are aware that we have an affordable housing advisory committee. And they basically work I believe that’s 9 Florida statutes that pertain to housing. So we had their job is to compare. What’s what the Florida statutes as to what the county rule say and recommend changes those coming before you in a report, I believe in December. This is a requirement for Florida housing assistance plan, which is the document that that that dictates how ship and home money is spent. So they had made a recommendation. This was presented to you at the August 4th meeting their recommendation was to increase the maximum square footage of 80’s to 750 square feet. To maximize square footage. Of air-conditioned space. Only so they didn’t want to see we can

in our ordinance. We included porches and balconies for the reason that we didn’t want people to illegally. Enclosed spaces, creating more living space and potentially more tenants. And as as I mentioned earlier, these recommendations were discussed with you at the work session. But you had some pretty lengthy discussion and a lot of these issues and came up with your own recommendation. And that’s what staff does is bringing forward to today for recommendation. So the take away from the board work session was that you would like to see 80 uses housing option that you wanted to see to use in a in a one. To limit the square footage to a maximum of 650 square feet and one bedroom in our South and planned development, zoning districts to allow the and this is what staff came up with since our last meeting We kind of went back to the 1000 square feet or 80% of the primary structure with one bedroom for a one. Same thing for 1000 square feet or 80% of the primary structure, but no maximum on the number of bedrooms right. You wanted to per cent coverage established for lots. You wanted to see guest houses to be sunset, didn’t exist in guesthouses to be grandfathered. We had talked about perhaps keeping those but the county attorneys pointed out that if we made any changes we could not regulate the rental of those we decided to sunset. guest houses. We agreed to reduce setbacks in exchange for height restrictions and privacy improvements that an off-street parking space would be required just one regardless to use eyes. you should and will be prohibited in the coastal zones. to use should not be regulated as affordable housing units as defined by the LDC and that’s primarily because there’s a lot of work that goes into. A true affordable housing unit as far as income qualifying residents, they have to be Monitored regularly and and and redone on an annual basis There be a land-use restriction agreement and it it just because of the organic nature of the unit were constructing. They should fall within affordable ranges. And affordable is based state guidelines is relatively high So it’s we’re hoping that these may come in a little bit lower because serve on a shared lot. So the changes of the ordinance from the prior version. We reduce the maximum square footage to 600 fair 50 square feet, including the covered porches and balconies and we limited the 80 you to one bedroom. Bea’s board didn’t want to see a percent lot coverage. Established in the ordinance. But honestly When we started looking at some of these developments And I’m going to show you a map and a minute. And we started actually looking at the potential locations. It only appeared to me like a handful of lots might have been able to get the 6.50 Max and there would have to be something significantly Smaller run most of the lot But there are a lot of lots in existing subdivisions were there pretty much maxed out on their square footage with pools which sheds with the House. So there really isn’t a lot of room on a lot of lot Stephen construct the smallest of 80 years. So that I’m going to show you a map that staff prepared and this is potential 80. You location. So currently has propose with the coastal overlays. The blue represents plan development which currently unless they come back and ask for an amendment to to use. They can not They’re not eligible for 80 years. The yellow are the areas that could potentially get 8 years. But we did not look at home owner documents to see if there are any kind of restriction. So we expect those yellow areas to furthers shrink as we work as we would look at home documents. And then another another. The issue has been with the Bayshore area. So this map was prepared. The red outline is as Bayshore proper as defined

by the Bay shore neighborhood plan. And the only areas that I could see that were potentially eligible for a user. Those areas that are highlighted in yellow. So there is not all. There are some lots on there that appear to have room to be able to construct an 80 you. But there’s only a very small portion of Bayshore that would be able to have use because they’re in the coastal planning so changes to the ordinance from prior versions continued its its staff’s opinion that the proposed regulations and site constraints will further limit properties from getting a 650 square to you or from having an ad you at all. For in a one’s own zoning districts as discuss we’re proposing a 1000 square feet or 80% of the primary residence. Whichever is less. No limit of a number of bedrooms in a. Limits. The property to one 80. You are one grandfather guest House or prohibiting 80’s in the coastal planning area requiring a debt dedicated parking space. And although not specifically a drought of propose to address 80’s side’s concerns the Whitfield residential overlay district already requires a 950 square foot minimum floor area for all other residential structures. They cannot exceed. 25% of the required rear yard area and they cannot be located within the required yard. So under the current proposal, they would not be eligible to use. Section 4 ’03. 13 see 2 has been amended to prohibit the construction of the second year housing unit that was requested by the board at the work session because we didn’t want staff to have to go back to an overlay and potentially miss that requirement. So we added it’s of the rag. And unless Whitfield residents request an amendment to their overlay Any kind of secondary housing unit would be prohibited. Of course, the existing ones would be grandfathered in Section 5.19 to sunset guest houses and means legally converted an existing gusts house to an 80 you is in is being proposed. In order to do so they would have to meet all the standards that are included 4.80, use and we are going to allow mobile homes to be used in zoning district only and proposes revisions to section 5.31 32 mobile homes Here’s a few floor plans that are around us 6, 6.50, square feet. This is 5.75 with an optional covered porch. These are of course mobile homes, but they could also be stick Bill. Here’s another example of 6.25, as you can see, there’s there’s quite a bit living space. And for people who don’t have a lot of personal possessions. It would be more than adequate. And here’s another different rendering. This might be a mobile home. That could be use on some of a great one. Lots As we continue. We’ve amended table for one. To. Allow. To use in the planned development district with a footnote that says that they either have to be approved with the original plan development or they had to come in have to come back in for an amendment in order to have a to use added as a use. We’ve all already gone over the coastal planning area. Restriction and the Whitfield restriction. We’ve gone through most of this but the 2 highlighted at the bottom. In addition to what we’ve already discussed. Any unit that’s constructed would have to be comply in compliance with the Florida building code. So the reason why that is in there is because. There currently is nothing that says it’s somebody can’t use the container home if it meets the Florida building code and meet some architectural standards on the outside. So it does have to meet the Florida building code that would also mean that most likely somebody would have to purchase a brand new mobile home because most existing ones would not meet

the standards of today and they would therefore not be allowed to move them on to the property. And it also requires a notice to buy or be recorded at the applicant’s expense, which would basically put the next owner on alert that there is a as secondary housing unit that. You know, they’re not supposed to be both units are not supposed to be rented out So we’ll have to work on that language. We don’t have that Notice. The buyers actually finalized yet, but there will be something that will be there to alert perspective purchasers of the restriction on to you. So we went through guest houses which we are proposing to We’ve had a couple requests from citizens currently has has projected we would expect this become affective 30 days after the adoption hearing. Should it go forward on December 10th the effective date would be January 10th. The 2021, but we thought for those people who were really concerned about this would allow a 6 month period up to June 10th of 2021 for anyone that is still interested and particularly for those that may be in the coastal zone to get something before those restrictions go into effect. Don’t have this much concern with the the guest houses in the coastal zones because. Buy co they’re supposed to be only used occasionally know. We know that may be. Not how they’re being used, but for the most part we do have some restrictions on guest houses where 80’s are little bit more open for for rentals. And we’ve amended table 10 to to parking requirement. So that concludes my presentation and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Great presentation. Thank you. Miss T >> Yes, thank you bill. Great presentation and thank you so much for all of your hard work and all the planners who come before you start on this. And I think we’re getting there My first question is about the graphic that you showed for Bayshore that is really clarifying. We’re. These 80 years could be located and where they can tune. I love clarity. Is it possible that we could attach that has an exhibit so that it’s very clear in the future where they can go 400 >> I think it could be. I would like to revisit it, though, and just make sure that there were no additional units along the fringe areas I did kind of the zoning review of it and kind of zoomed in on areas, but there could still be a few houses here and there that might just speak makes stand. But I would want to revisit that map. And from it up. I don’t expect any major changes, but there could be a couple little tiny areas that might be added. Okay >> And then I I noticed in the latest draft that we do requirements for matching the colors and the architectural styles for to use of the primary residence. Can you explain how that will happen or or maybe you don’t know yet. I mean, maybe that’s still being developed. But will there be an inspection or will there be something submitted at the time of application >> How do you see that happening. Well, again, I think that we’re going to have to go back to our process manual and provide staff with some guidance and what’s with the requirements and how we need to review those. So I expect it will be more of a procedural thing that need to be worked out before we start reviewing applications >> Yeah, I agree. And the same for screening requirements and all of those things. So thank you for that. I did have a suggestion about opaque window because it is a little bit hard to understand that. And last time I I asked and you explained that it would be like them. The covering that you can put on like a bathroom window that prevents you from seeing in. But I think it might be a good idea to define what that means pick window sounds a little confusing. I think at first, yeah, OK about that. I I do have a question about section 5 11.18 print The seamers one. Where it says an accessory dwelling unit shall be limited to parcels which contain no more than one existing single family dwelling. Does that mean that

you could build accessory dwelling unit with counts. A primary residence. okay. So I think maybe that language could be a little bit more refined. Okay. Because might be confusing. some clarifications just for suggestions out there. We talk about in the Whitfield residential overlay, a secondary housing unit is not allowed. And I think it might be clear if we call that an accessory dwelling unit instead of a secondary housing just because it’s a defined term. I see what else they have here. Are we going to allow aid to use on nonconforming. Lots >> My opinion is that we are not by. And most of the language says conforming legal. Lots of record. And I think for the most part. And we look at code worm and sets a given unless there’s a grandfathering, but it is it is for legal conforming lots only >> OK, and, you know, I tried to think of all the different scenarios which you never can But if there were nonconforming structure, if the garage, let’s say we’re not conforming and someone wanted to build an ad. You above it >> How do you see that? I don’t see it as being allowed unless they were able to somehow bring that structure into conformance. Okay. Okay >> Let me see if there’s anything else >> Just another clarification as we go through a tweak this I did see an almond. Some areas it says to use are limited to 1000 square feet or 80% of the existing residents and in some areas it says that same language or whichever is less >> And maybe we could just make it consistent throughout, OK, yes, the intent was a was a 1000 square feet or 80% Whichever is less is what we’re going with. That was the last planners. Recommendation and that was for any zoning district which the board thought was too high, but they thought something should be a little bit larger in zoning districts. they want so we can clean that up. Great >> And then just one more clarity suggestion is the staircase is free to use. It appears have to meet standard setbacks and aren’t allowed as encroachments into the required yard, but they are everywhere else. So just for consistency under, you know, make sure that all sections of the code clearly state which is allowed okay. Okay. Thank you. Can actually I should mention I did enter into the record in additional public comment >> It appears that you all were emailed. Those comments later yesterday afternoon. It was generally in support of the ordinance. But there was a recommendation that you zoned properties to go to 1200 square feet. And this was from Kane and Associates. Yeah, from burning cane. And then I thought that was a good idea Actually, I would support that >> All right. Ines an Bill and I had an issue in my briefing about the guest House situation because I’ve received several phone calls from people primarily down around here that, you know, has plans to build a guest House. But, you know, they’re not ready to do it at this point. So I realize you said and by the way, I’m supposed to get a phone call about that. I had asked for that in my briefing. But I never got one to discuss this issue. So I guess it’s not important, but it is to May and some of the residents that I’ve heard from this comes back on December 10th right. Yes Okay. And we’ll look to see if if there’s any changes that we, the board still feels need to be made >> Because I got to tell you, I think guest houses unless you can be more specific in This is why wanted to have the phone call. And you know, to be honest, I don’t know what we’re talking about grandfathering. I’m in I think any property right now that is allowed to have a guest House should be left alone in that regard and be grandfathered in because there is a difference between a guest House and and you know, in an ad you. So I got an issue with that. I will not. I’m glad we’re not voting on it takes. I would vote for it. But and my other question to you also is mobile homes I’m kind of surprised to hear that because, you know, this board has been so strict on

and on mobile homes and Harvey’s being any sort of permanent that, you know, structure. So why and what is the difference place between in your in our code with you What’s the difference between a mobile home in an army can you help me with that because I don’t know why we would have that in there. To be honest >> Well mobile home is is going to be mounted, have some type of Foundation were an RV is usually on wheels and can be moved in and out of the we’re only talking about mobile homes in zoning district or not talk. And we’re not talking about them in any residential his own district. That seemed to be something that several citizens were requesting. And we did not see a problem with that on the larger lives. As far the call, I apologize commissioner I was on vacation this week. I understood that you have questions, but I did not. I it was not conveyed to me that I needed to call you So I apologize for that. Not a But not big voted on today Anyway. And talking about friends and talking about limitation. The county attorney can jump in if she feels that I’m expressing this correctly, but if we were to if we were to continue with guest houses that would be a way for people to circumvent the and build something we wouldn’t get any impact fees for it. We wouldn’t be got it OK. I see where you’re going I got. So that’s that’s kind of why plus, we can’t change the definition to to minimize the square footage. If we do any changes to the accessory or the guest House. We could not regulate them anymore as we currently are that personally, I don’t see where guest House would come into play when we’re talking to use because >> I got to tell you, 2 things from what I’m hearing, we’re making it extremely difficult For any owner of their property to even go forward and do this. I think we’re going way too far. But that’s neither here nor there. The other thing on on mobile homes versus Arby’s. I want you to know that a mobile. How even though you don’t see a lot of of nowadays. They’re still on wheels and then they’re put down in there. They’re on foundation’s. You can do the same thing was an RV there There is no difference in that regard. that’s why I just wanted ask that question because I’m thinking about in case of emergencies Hurricanes. Etcetera, they’re not really a great thing to have permanent. Right. So that’s why I was asking because it could cause damage if we had a major hurricane to. Other homes in the area So that’s why I was asking on but I will not support this as long as we keep those houses, you know, in that because number one, you know, I don’t buy the the issue of that impact fees. You know, this board has the ability to change that. If that was the real issue as to we were going to take guest houses and make them an aide to us because we don’t collect impact fees on guest houses. We could change that. The bottom line is it just seems like to me that we’re taking homes that already the residents are there and they have the ability to have special use of their property and without their approval. We’re just going to change that now and they can only build this size dwelling and it must have a bathroom and kitchen. You know, I just don’t like that They already own their homes or the property in to be able to do with it. As they see fit from when they bought the property. So I don’t like to hinder. Owners of, you know, our citizens that. And I just don’t think that’s fair. So I won’t support it as long as that’s in there. But, you know, it does come back on the 10th. So we’ll take it up then >> Which is food for there are ways where you could theoretically construct something very similar to a guest House. Even after a guest houses sunset, there is no limitation on. Adding in addition to your house with a separate entrance outsized Acts. But the size on guesthouses right now is pretty much unlimited. It’s a one foot less primary structure. But I don’t believe that your there’s any size limitations on additions. As long as you can meet all your setbacks, but well, bill, that’s a good point. But that being said, it’s not necessarily something and want to spend a lot of time on it today because I know we’re not going to get anywhere with it >> But. Today. You know, a guest House, maybe it doesn’t have to be a certain size. But at same time you know. We are restricting. You know, the

future people, the owners of the property now that want to build on their guess home because they do have. Guests that come in, stay. I mean, I can think of several people that I know that live on the water and they have a separate guest house for that people that come and stay and that’s what I’m talking about. that’s the people that I’ve had phone calls from. Our people along that line. And so they don’t want to be restricted. As far as what size it could be or or, you know, it having to have this or that they’re willing to build a building That is to our code. You know that they don’t want to be restricted like they are with the Navy. You so I mean, I don’t I. I don’t think that’s fair either. But anyway, perhaps we can have a conversation before it comes back on Okay. I want to clarify a couple things. One, a mobile home is licensed by the state and has to meet certain right field pass to meet certain building codes Then >> Totally different than an hour. The nrv is license factored him. That’s is a manufactured home and buy definite please clarify it is by definition >> The state uses manufactured home. But we use mobile home and it ties into it. Ties into manufactured homes that he’s even includes part models are Park homes that are up to a certain over certain square footage that we have trailer park. The reason brought it up. I mean, we have trailer parks today >> That when you go to that are not manufactured homes and they’re still out there. You can still you can move, you know, a mobile home from one location to another. So you you’re liable to have that type of situation that I’m referring to only if you have the sticker that is issued Help me out here. I’m not the expert. But this is what I know. And you guys are the experts, but you have to have a sticker. Yes, it says it meets the standard are no It’s cold leak. And our viewers a bit. Who’s the expert here clarifies in our view. It is being called just slash mobile home. It’s totally different. It is licensed >> By who their side standards and there’s another agency that could certify them as well. But they have very high standards that are tied to their certification and an RV is registered by the DMP you still have special requirements that a nor B has to have my only know because I just went through it right. I don’t know what the requirements for an RBI. But I do know what the requirements for a mobile home flash manufactured using the term interchange are is much more from the foundation full time Same thing. Same thing. term is used entertain to blaze you can enter you can do that. But if you go to a trailer park >> And a new look some of the mobile homes that are there They are not manufactured hymns. I know you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. mean, you can’t. Well, guess that there are lot of existing mobile home parks where we have substandard mobile homes >> But they have done in 5 years. I think if you look at any new were constructed mobile homes that are going into lot. They have to conform to totally different standards in the ones that are existing Let me ask you, then, bill, that question now is will save. You know, we all have questions to its end this. We got to clarify the t, Carol. We’ll wait. We have plenty of may I have no se have the the notes on this issue. We’re going right. If you have a mobile phone that I have >> In a mobile home park today. Can I just arbitrarily move it or is there an inspection that’s going to be done. If I want to move it, make it an ad you for cultural center >> It’s my understanding. I talked to the book, the building official on this months ago. You can not move an existxisting mobile home and place it at a different location unless it meets the current standard. okay. Maybe you could send me a list of what the standards because I’m really concerned about that from an evacuation >> You know, standpoint from a major storm surge and most of the existing mobile homes are not on a foundation. They sit on pilings and they have These are her like. Anchors that easily pull out out of the ground. The newer units have more of a substantial drawdown dacian, right. That holds it to the ground say they’re more like a house now than they were when most of the mobile homes are put into our community years ago. Maybe you could send me those standards plates. OK. Thank you, Carol >> Okay. I think we kind of wake-up base now, nobody

supports that it’s been the law for 10 years now >> house it’s true a guest House doesn’t have a stow the South and it does not. The only thing a guest House cannot have as a range. But I bridge, right. Have a microwave that he’s got the Let’s build a guesthouse Well, they’re stirring restrictions because I have friends that want to got to myakka. I have staff and meet with them to explain what the difference was because you can’t have like you so but you could have a microwave. You can Can you have not afraid Is that the electric 3.30, or something to 20 to 2020, OK So that there is a difference So, you know, I mean, all these people saying they want these yes House bill whether is don’t do an ad. You we’re not. We’re talking about 80 years The 1000 square foot. I don’t want to go higher than 1200. The whole purpose of this is a necessity unit. For and the original intent was for family members but we’ve discussed in the past. So I I’m still going to go with a 1000 feet. 6.50. It’s still what I support. With these ones being built. They KFI Utilities. Yes. Okay. And impact fees because it’s a new structure adding a card to the road. So you are adding impact to your property, correct Yes. Okay. You keep saying grandfathering in my world from all my years. I that’s the grandfathering is a nonconforming use. Right Right. So we’ll make it a legal nonconforming use. So disease or something because people sure, we can do people don’t know grandfathering, but it’s a legal nonconforming, right. Okay. Thank you. Let’s far not supporting us. I just don’t get it. We’ve been working on this 10 years. It was unanimous to bring it back with all the suggestions that we did. And you did bring before. So appreciate it People can still do a guest House, but they can’t have a range it’s not I little apartment but some people have another are some people under the Boulevard that for years garage. That was probably nonconforming. What happens to that after this. The been conform. I love you legally nonconforming and they have to register and actually what the one I’m talking about was one in your slides about 5 years ago. I actually know the later than on the House. Right. So do they have to register it or you just >> No, there’s no registration. It would show up. If you look to, you know, the property appraiser. It might be identified differently if that was a freestanding unit and maybe just included in the overall square footage if it’s attached yeah. And to say that we >> We want you be able to use your property as much as you want do how long it took us to get a little 650 square foot ad you on somebody else’s property. How many years we’ve been fighting this battle because a lot of citizens don’t want it and then if we you can build as much as you want to sign. step setbacks and whatever else you need That’s not what we’re here for today. Yeah. We’re going to talk about on the 10th there are new board members coming on side would respectfully ask that your staff sit down with each of Some may think they know more than others and they probably do no more than others. But there are some of don’t know anything about this. I would respectfully asked staff and our County attorney if they could have like a good briefing with them on this before this comes back before us and maybe the history of how we got where we are today, OK, thanks >> All I had some comments. I can’t remember that somebody else want to talk at the All right. but we clarify because I know we use to a permit, mobile homes on 5 acres in the ag’s owned by special permit >> Is that still in the I believe there’s an administrative approval it’s an administrative extension. I think it is can you come to the microphone, please un Please be on the record and state your name for the record >> Good morning again, Rob ones on manatee County building in development services. And and I have been sworn. You are allowed to do a mobile home on 5 acres in agriculture. So the property administratively. That’s what I thought. That’s what I thought because I you know >> Going to be a little bit nostalgic today. My last land use meeting. But I can remember back in the day when I work for the county and we

did special permits and I left the driveway of the country The you go look at a mobile home site and determine whether that was appropriate for him. All the while it was the toughest part was just to stay awake, driving all the way out there and the way >> also had to make sure they were screened at the bottom have the one foot over hand in the shelters and all that stuff, right. So that’s pretty much standard was there maximum size and these mobile homes to know about. Not that I know. and they’re built to much better standards Nowadays certainly it’s kind of interesting that we don’t see mobile home parks anymore >> And the major differences in our V cast early. They cannot stay there have to be on wheels. Have to leave cannot stay longer than 6 months mobile homes by the building code are considered Structures and they have to meet certain building codes right. When somebody you’re the expert, not me >> Yes, that’s correct. And that’s partially the reason I you had some discussions proposed a RV parks. And that’s been a big part of the discussions was that they could only be there for 6 months because of you know, hurricane season and potential flooding, so on and so forth So >> we don’t permit mobile home parks in the coastal area anymore. Is that correct. And that’s correct. Okay. So that’s taken care of in my in my opinion, do we allow mobile homes in one district today >> The minimum lot size for a mobile home would be 5 acres and that would be >> I believe you have to have every culture Lee’s own property. one is only one acre right. So under this provision you could have a house and a mobile home >> In up to a 1000 square feet on one acre lot in one >> believe that’s you can have to put up to a 1000 square feet >> In a one, but it cannot be a mobile home. OK, I wanted to get clarification of that, OK, so you can have a bigger because you have but not Aricept one, which is interesting because they have the same size minimum lot right >> We did discuss that and I can’t remember what the decision was. when we were talking about increase in square footage. We talked about a one in that I had brought up ourself one and it was decided that we didn’t want to do it an hour. A self-destruct. Okay >> Well, that’s because I was the I actually just looked up to zoning on a place like Braden words because I’ve been driving through going back to the break, her serve and drive to right it’s just a you know, it’s beautiful. Subdivision nice big lots. One acres of minimal, probably some of them are But I just thought, you know, they’re going to allow mobile homes. That doesn’t seem to make sense to me Difference between coastal planning area versus coast, high hazard versus coastal evacuation. Anyone want to take a stab at that >> So the cause of planning area. It’s my understanding that’s level a B and C evacuation zones. Coastal high hazard area. I think is the extent of the hour. Thus slosh model for level or a category one hurricane. And then the coastal high has area is very closely related to that. But I believe of properties. And the part of the property touches the coastal high hazard area that it is included in the back away. Shun >> So some place like tear see a clearly is in the coastal Plus, the planning area probably in the coastal a hazard Gas. A lot of tears SIA is I think because of where it is. So they where they be grandfathered in with guest rooms. Probably not be able to build an accessory dwelling unit, right. That’s correct >> However, they could do something somewhere go guesthouse by adding an addition >> Yeah. Just, you know, to the extent that’s true too When you get an addition on your home. That would be, you know, any size limitation just setbacks and you couldn’t do just couldn’t do the range which is what they have today So they are precluded from having that. It just says has to come in other regulations, it would have to meet all of the elevations and all of go with it. So we’re not precluding using it for a guest it just does not separate structure and they are grandfathered in. But you know what? Being grandfathered in coastal areas is is tough because if we’re having a star situation, you’re going meet all of today’s new coach and a lot of the floodplain stuff It’s likely to change as we continue forward. I would guess >> In addition, we did have a

from public safety to include the entire CPA. E at minimum the cta and coastal high hazard area. That’s largely in part to public safety. But it’s also in part to starting to plan for sea level rise Sure, sure. Good. Yeah. You know, the 650. How does that compare to like our neighbors Do we know what kind of. Size limits they are have an assessor dwelling units like Sarasota. I know. I have turned and I I think he’s city of Bradenton at 7.50. I think Sarah I have I don’t have that matrix with its probably in the staff Yeah. And let me grab a okay >> think it was like 3 or 500 >> Sara. So I’ll tell you how I feel about 6.50, maybe low, but it’s a way to get started You know, there’s. No question that the guys taking my place has a lot of knowledge on housing and affordable housing and you know, if there’s need to change that. I I think that there will be a good discussion, this is starting slow. As many years, has it taken. So we could certainly change as we go forward Assuming, you know, you have the experience of how this is So I don’t have any problem with Now, as far as the mobile home situation in the AG district. 1200,000. I don’t think it makes any difference from my perspective >> Sarasota County is 750 square feet. The city of Bradenton is a 1000 or 80% of the primary structure. There’s a lot of what are there’s a lot of different parameters for Hillsborough. But it looks like you might be able to get up to 900 square feet. If you are on certain side effects >> I would like to defer, quite frankly, to affordable housing task force and go with their recommendation. What was their 7? Help me if I said exactly something else that the last meeting on this. And you know, so a >> what was your recommended? The real recommendation was for 750 square feet. But not to limit bedrooms we I mean, you could increase to 7.50 and limit the number of bedrooms The again, the idea of what we heard from the board was you want to keep it small. They weren’t intended for a full family. They were intended for a granny flat or a kid or maybe a couple but not for a full family. So. I do have some concerns about increasing the number of bedrooms because I think we might end up with them much larger. Issue with with neighborhood conflicts than if we keep keep the bedrooms limited. Yeah. I mean that we could easily build these in my subdivision. We have no deed restrictions. We have acre. Lot >> This could happen in my neighborhood. The thing that concerns me is party We have one to Doris mess. Of course, we know we can’t regulate that we cannot limit short-term rentals. But that’s what it is. It’s a short term rental people come and go all season long. And that is my concern and we can’t limit that in an assessor dwelling unit as well. Right >> We can’t do. We can’t do anything right now. Accessory dwelling units can be regulated. As being temporarily use it. Maybe a problem to enforce. But at least there is a limitation on it where 80’s we can’t do anything about. Short term rentals or. Anything to do with the duration of the rubble >> Other questions. Steve, you got anything. Misty. go to Steve >> Push button. I have one more for we heard from a resident who lives on Brayton Avenue in the Whitfield residential Overland he made a good point that that St this particularly diversified with EW says office. You rehab facility, you have. Assisted living and single family homes and I don’t disagree with him that that’s probably an appropriate place for me to you. But I that regulating at the other side is you know, we’ve already eliminated the Wakefield residential overly at the request of the homeowners Association and it does become very difficult to add this sentence and check that out. So I just wondered

if staff had considered that what your thoughts were >> I. I just don’t see a logical way to do that. We had an overlay already established. We had a bunch of residents that were. Strongly opposed to any changes to their community. So it was in reviewing the land development code that we realize that proposing would not be able to be permitted there anyway. So we didn’t really per se change the regulation. The regulation was already there. 4 nothing more than 950 square or 600 950 at minimum was the requirement and Whitfield. So You know, the only way I could see that that would work. Is I I can’t see how we could address that without upsetting Whitfield. Residents. Yeah, I understand. I do. Thank you >> There’s no comments or questions. I’m going to go ahead and go to public comment. I have 2 people signed up to speak share and then some please come state your name for the record, you’ll have 3 minutes >> My name is Sharon dense And from Bayshore gardens Park and recreation district and in listening to the presentation this morning. I know, Lou concerned that the commission Is lumping. Bayshore gardens community and Bayshore gardens Park and recreation district is one thing and they’re not totally different. Bayshore gardens, Park and recreation district. But it’s created by manatee County. To provide recreational facilities for the community of Bayshore gardens which goes basically to Bayshore gardens Parkway We don’t go up to 57th Street That is not part of our community. And if we are being excluded because of the hansard area and our board has submitted a letter this morning asking to be exempted I’m not sure why we need to be kept in there. If we don’t qualify anyway and we are not Bayshore gardens community. We are totally separate. I’m that if we’re left in there that in the future, it can change. I know it could change anyway The exemption could be lifted But our community, I don’t believe can handle the cost of these units coming in when we are limited by manatee County itself in whatcan collect for revenue to support that The increase in. People moving in. We are required to provide. Recreation and facilities for the residents and their guests. Well, if you keep started use in their You’re adding people, but you’re not allowing us to add any way to accommodate these people that you’re moving into user facility and you created this. And these are the rules you created just under and I’ll be moremore than happy to down with any commissioner at any time too. Woolverton get I did not realize. That the commission was looking and it appears to me and maybe I’m wrong. That you were looking at us as Bayshore gardens and we’re not. We’re just absolutely not. And I think that that makes a lot of different in in the exemption in this. I said I delivered a letter this morning from the board. Asking to be exempted from this because for these reasons. And I I’m hoping you will reconsider leaving us in there. We’re nice community We’ve been in existence for a number of years and we’d like to keep our nice community the way it is and be able to afford the facilities for the residents and their guests as it stands right now. But we cannot increase because you had another House or not. We can increase the assessment We just increased people and have more and more for our pool and our other facilities that we have to take care of somehow. And if we keep and you know, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future I would like us to be exempt Yeah. Thank you. And thank you for considering and thank you having the hearings. And I appreciate all the work all of you do. Thank you. Thank you >> All Next, 5 lunch and know >> For the record a of wine

and I’m speaking on behalf of the affordable housing board said believe on that. I 10 minutes. I got a phone taken But here’s my spin on Is it and it’s submitted any paperwork unfortunately, yes, we have sent e-mails a month ago has been confirmed by the affordable housing board this essay and also never Asheville. I’m on the record >> Go ahead. Go Bobby, that provide that documentation. I have. I’m just going to dress the Bay >> A lot of a lot of has it that water, but nobody can stop them from building a two-bedroom 1000 foot addition right now. So that’s not a big deal. There. Here’s our concerns. And I have a phd in 80 years ago. Back with Carol and on time. This has been long and hard. So we need to move forward in this. And our board has worked long and hard and coming up with recommendations to this board that should be suitable for the community. After the board for the U n. We talked to architects. We have builders on the advisory board. We get the pulse of the community and they tell us that if you restrict. All the space, including porches and tax that you didn’t initially enhancement. Of that accessory dwelling unit. That’s the first thing. The second thing is 750 feet we’re hearing from developers now that have larger parcels that could include that in their new bills. And at 6.15, with one bedroom. They’re not buying it. It’s not as though we’re going to get a big influx Permits to blow these things out. It’s not going to happen I’m on the affordable housing board in the city of Brighton 10 years that had on the books. You don’t see any hysteria within the city districts and they call out I 75 so that concept that all we’re going to have slumlord to know what a game. Owner occupied. Big difference other thing want bring there’s a logical reason for this. If you limit it to one that you knew you what you want to care for your parents that are aging in place. And they snore my mom and Dad. You know, they don’t they don’t think they live in the same house but not in the same vengeance for the last 10 years because my that’s not so bad. So. This 750 would allow that. And quite frankly, I think you would have a legal challenge even at the 6 FT. Because of the fact Mister barnott I say here my minimum that badge and size a closet and their 10 by 10 and I meet the Florida building code. And now you’re going to restrict, you know, one bedroom that could be a problem. I think that could be challenged in courts. I would tread very carefully and that already so our recommendation from our board. Who have we We have done considerable amount of. Time and resources It’s 750 square feet. No restriction on the floor plan And conditions space only you’ll find that not everybody is going to be running down the permit don’t need to build these 100,000 plus homeless They’ll be a 100,000 plus in the nicer communities, we’ve got a on a large piece of property and they want to age for the patch in place They’re going need that extra bedroom. You’re not going to get a big blow a lot of time That’s at 7.50. I guarantee you siya Brady 10 were up to 1000 on the books 10 years. I think the average is like. 600 feet because normally the brain to lots of smaller. So I just think it’s a real disservice to the homeowner because now you’re taking the affordable housing component out of that. So why can’t the property do what they want at 750 square feet. The extra back make difference. And I bring this to me if your grandkids come down at with your son and daughter. Would you want to shut them all in one bedroom for 2 weeks or months. want to do that. I would want to do that. So I think we have to look at this logically and sensibly that the recommendations that are born abroad for it. You should be adopted. I don’t think again, you’re going to get big

get infection that >> sure. Thank you. Your time is actually up. We did not receive any letter from the affordable housing task force saying that you’re speaking on their behalf. There was nothing received in writing Went told me there was discussion at your affordable housing, but they did not a vote or submit anything. Okay They did not submit anything in writing that would request that you speak on their behalf. So >> Please wrap up all right Well, that that’s our recommendations. And I will I will get all those emails. I sent the board. That I do that I am these designated speaker just on the minutes that you did do that. So. I wrap it up anyway. Spot 7.50, no restrictions >> Is there anyone else who would like to address the board under public comment regarding this first reading of the 80 new ordinance. All right. Seeing no income for him close public comment >> Bland, you. You don’t. You know, I’m not going to dialogue that we we do have a phd in this been working on this for 10 years. We’ve been we started at 300 square feet to 500 square feet. You know, we’ve been here. We started at 300 last meeting. It was then it went up to 500. We all looked at with the surrounding areas we came up with 6.50 including ports. So you’re going to derail it. If we don’t all come together and and it’s you know >> In my city, unfortunately what they’re doing now is, you know, they’ve limited bathrooms >> And also the floor area ratio. So what are these buildings? somebody until sun Avenue and in Umbria has 9 bedrooms they’re not put in closets in the room and that’s not a bedroom. So you don’t think other people can get creative that You know, I appreciate all that. You’re doing. But you have to remember where we started. We compromise with off it. The various what the what the other places are doing. So I’m still sick. And with 650. And I want to see and I know we’re going to have that app. I have a feeling who knows with the Newport. They may just say go for do whatever you want and we’ll have a lot of angry citizens in this County. It’s taken 10 years. the closet I told you that there are ways the builders are doing it Trust me. Yeah. This 650 can have one bedroom with a walk-in closet, whatever else and I don’t know what they room. They could say it’s a little sitting room and it’s really about him. That’s what they’re doing on. Anna Maria Island unfortunately. Again, I appreciate all the hard organization knows where we started at 350 or 30500 square feet moved up to 500 an hour at 6.50. You know, we’re not the city of Bradenton were the entire about manatee County And I thought we all agree we thought that was a good compromise. But unfortunately we’re not to do anything today. We’re going to wait till the 10th. So we may get 1500 square feet or just anything you want your property to sun should be the setbacks. Who knows or maybe not. And that’s why I’m hoping that our staff. Gives the 3 commissioners coming in really good history of where we were and where we are. How many, you know, you know how many square feet. We started out and where we are today. So I still going to stick with 6.50 the one bedroom because as I told you, people are very creative at the last mean bill. I mean, John barnott told us what this is. 2 to 300 square foot to build one of these. So it’s not going to be low income. It’s not going to be maybe not even affordable, unfortunately, but it depends on what that person on set once around it for so it’s still very expensive to build this. Now. Plus are going to pay impact fees. An EFI apps etc. So. I wish you not You know, just set where you are because it may change and we may just have another large apartment right behind the House, which is what our citizens do not want. We’ve been hearing this for 10 years. So okay speak. Yeah And Glenn, thank you very much for your participation. And I served with Glenn on the affordable housing task force >> And so I’ve heard the discussions and I do really appreciate all of your comments. I just want to remind the board I served district 4 and district. 4 is the area that will arguably be most impacted it may be registered is equally impacted by this ordinance. And so what I’m charged with is making sure that the existing neighborhoods are protected while we add this new

opportunity and I want to do that. But it is a balance that has to be struck. And I have I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with neighborhoods and residents to make sure that we do no harm as we go forward and create more opportunities and that is a delicate balance. I’m really pleased with for this ordinance is I in support of the 650 square feet and one bedroom and primarily that’s because I see it already in my district. We have more people living in homes that we have the germs already. We have cars stacked up on the street and in the yards. And when you have that type of blight. A current brings down the whole neighborhood. So I’m here to protect the existing neighborhoods and allow creed opportunity for accessory dwelling units. And just say it’s a memory cards to the city of Bradenton. We are very different. The city of Bradenton allows a ton of very small area. We’re talking about pretty much opening it up to on incorporated. Manatee County with the restrictions that are shown in the ordinance. It’s it’s a much larger scale. And I think we need to remember that. As far as Sharon’s comments. They’re very good and. The graphic that staff showed us earlier today was of a larger Bayshore area. And I think the recreational district is probably a subset and fits within that area, which was all colored purple and my understanding is going to be that and staff will come from this at the next hearing the way the ordinance is currently written to use would not be allowed in the district anyway. But I do feel as I said before, for clarity reasons, that’s attached as an exhibit because FEMA maps are going to change. Things are going to change. Staff is going to have turnover. Things will become less clear. And so it’s always good to have that clarity on the record for what we want to accomplish. So I hope that we can use the boundaries of the beach or recreational district as the area that would not be allowed to have to use based on the way the ordinance as written Thank you >> lots of comments. Again, no vote today. I like the way the ordinance is written in terms of not excluding neighborhoods, quite frankly I think you we can an ordinance as you do that. I think make sense to exclude the coastal planning area for the reasons that we establish the post of planning area. You don’t want to add more people living in the coastal area, right. That makes sense. But I don’t like adding maps that could change. I don’t like adding exemptions which all they do is make your ordinance more difficult, more difficult to enforce. Generally more arbitrary. So I I don’t I like it the way it is. I’m fine with 750 square feet. That’s the recommendation. 750 was a recommendation from the 4 double I’m fine with that. But I’m not going vote on this. I just want to say that publicly. So good luck you on that and less as any other comments. The Knesset >> Yeah. I just in all fairness, you know, there’s a lot really kind of negative comments made about, you know, with the new board’s going to be in. And I just don’t think it’s fair. First of all, I was very positive letter on something you know, it can be Actually 2 of the members that I’m aware of or involved with affordable housing. So I’m sure they and I don’t have any idea what their thoughts are on this. I’ve not spoken to But you know, I think that the board coming in is just like any other board member that first get selected >> And they’ve got extensive background in real estate in and actually of finance as well. So I think they’re going to be a great asset and I’m looking forward to having them on this board. So I just wish that. The commissioners on this board can talk in a more positive manner about the commissioners that are coming on. Man chair >> I’m sure that was probably directed to me and that is not at all. And I’m not. But I said is any time you have new board on. I remember when Steve came on >> He was and he can’t believe how much information that we have to to go through every day. What I’m asking and this is not a slight to anybody I’m kind of like getting over all this. But this is not a slide over anybody. Knowledge is power knowledge helps you make decisions. If you don’t have all the knowledge and all the information you can make a decision that people that are coming of our cap great backgrounds. So they’re going to be fine with that. But still to make a decision that represents 411,000 people in this County. You’ve got to make sure you have all the

information. That’s what I’ve said. And I said anything else, I did not mean it that way. I’m just trying to make sure that we when we come to before this board, we all have the same information that saw okay >> We’re going to take a 10 minute and then we’ll be back I’m chair. We first vote in 11. It’s the same topic. Oh, yeah, I that motion love and item number 11 is just to be able to hold the hearing. Some of the secondary sound or 5 o’clock right. Correct. All right. Who said some 40 Carol And then seconded by misty anyone want to address the board on this issue that a lot of that to be have heard before 5 o’clock. All right See, no come for them to close public comment. All those in favor of bill. I’m sorry >> I just want to return back to item. 5 just for a second before actually vote on. Okay All those in favor of the motion signify by saying aye aye >> Those opposed nay chair votes. Aye motion passes, go ahead vote >> I just wanted to close in and tell you that I appreciate all the comments that will help make the ordinance better. And we certainly will work out a listen to the video and make sure that we make all those changes but was wondering if maybe we could get some consensus on the square footage and the bedroom limitation issues so that when we come back, it will be in a format that the board will be happy with >> Well, the reality bill, as you might have a different board. You’re going to have 3 different members. I’m not sure that havi a consensus of this let’s will go ago. I I heard I said I could set 7.50 Vanessa. I would mind 7 if they Reggie think it’s fair yeah. And then 6.50 you keep going to release 2, 1, 6, 50 Now. I do think I agree with Carol 100%. But. You know, even though we all come with backgrounds. We represent the people. The people need. I’ve not heard a concern of 6.50 from the people that maybe I just don’t hear from the people on this issue >> miss they have so I don’t see it as being an issue. I That’s why I was fine with 7.50 >> And it came from the affordable housing task force a recommendation. So it sounds to me like. That may change But I want to get that out so people know that in case they do want to write their commanders and say exactly know you’re you’re not listening to me and that’s our job. So. Okay with that. So I mean, 6.50, 2000, one use and I said 7.50 because it was the recommendation of the affordable housing past, but our recommendation of the last he was 6.50. So between 6, 15, 7.15. We’ll see the new board wants >> So you stand. Not that I’m OK with 7.50. Okay. I don’t know how say mass is to make whole 2 of us at 6.15 like it This person didn’t bother to give me. No, isn’t. My Good Madam chair probably just so that everybody is clear on how I feel really care. 6.50, versus 7.50, all that much But my biggest concern is that it should be limited to one bedroom. Right. And the larger the unit is the more likely it is that you’re going to have more people in there and that is what creates the problem for the existing I I agree with what better. Okay. So I mean, the reality is, is that the reason that we even started looking at a sus redrawing units >> Was to provide for affordable housing because we know we have an affordable housing issue in this community. I don’t see it getting better necessarily. We live in a beautiful area People want to live here, you know, and a lot of people want to live in urbanized area. So, you know, this is a way to try to accommodate. I have okay with going slow, but I sometimes I think we make 1, 9 people to death. we that is not the reason why this came before us. I’ve been here since day one. It was because of a >> 80 years were for. Like this bill said the granny flats and stuff and your kids being able to get out of your house and go to the ATM. That was the original intent of this. I’ve been here since day one >> I’ve been here since 83 that’s the I was here was brought up next was intent when somebody brought it to its racially. That’s and then we’re going quick, you know, it doesn’t matter what any of us on this board. None of us think at this point because we’re going to get 3 new commissioners >> So in all fairness to bill with what he’s asking just wanted to say that, you know, you might hear 7.50, today You might hear 6.50, but come December. 10th that could change. And that’s why I just don’t want you guys to do more work in it. I mean, it could I

don’t know. So that’s say perhaps the best thing to do is just to beat. We stay with what you have. And after as a rock and as a recommend adoption, that larger square footage. I don’t think step doesn’t have big opinion here between 6.54. He said that do you it’s not the square footage. I I tend to agree with commissioner servia. the unlimited does. Duehren’s does cause me a little bit of another. Okay. Yeah, well, I think we are >> Clear as we can be on this issue. So it will be coming back for a final vote boat on December 10th >> look forward to hearing what the board has at that time we are going to take a 10 minute break and be back in 10 ♪ We’re back in Just want make

an announcement. Many of you may planning long time planning commissioner Mary Shepherd, I guess we heard from her daughter Mary had passed Mary was a plan, a mission near here. So great soft. Spoken true environmental yeah. Herro kind of a but she was a planning commissioner from. What did you say, Bobby? 1987 to 2010 She served on the planning Commission that So it is amazing. You know, all through the updates to the comp plan and land development code. we extend our condolences to the family you know, Mary will be long remembered for her I was trying to manatee County a great place to live. All right. We’re going to move on to item. Number 6 at this time, which is PDR 19 dash 19 P if you go ahead and read that into the record >> Number 6 PDR 1919 P related to PDR 1414, p r 2 BK summer Woods health policy. Summer Woods. The land 19 10,000 11 The man preliminary site plan to about 400 88 knots, approximately 173 acres to an existing residential development for a total of 1050 units single family detached, single family, semi detached an approval of and that the stipulations for aside located 3 miles is of I 75 south of moccasin wallow road east of the future Lomonosov rest road on the west of 115 Avenue is fundamental in the PBR slash and steel plant them investigtion North center

overlay Sunday’s to on my last 299 acres. If showcase team regal principal planner. And it’s the case manager on the agent representing the applicant is Mister Mori’s >> Okay. Has there been any ex parte communication commissioners ♪ We’ll go ahead and move on to the applicants presentation >> Good For the record name is Matt Morris with numerous of seeing more sun see as well We’re as we said, talk about our summer once but yes, I haven’t worked Here to talk about our summer was project which has quite a of coming in requesting some one of the cases from you all as well the previous owner of the project Mister Reagan’s got some additional information. His presentation about some of the history with this project. So trying make a presentation a little more brief with regard to that. Has overseen road. We the projecoject is located Sout marks in less than a 100 15th Avenue. So it’s adjacent to the copper stone development, things. The moment was get that confused with copper leaf and all the other copper sheet there. the property owner is culturally and Partners. The project makers. You can see on the side here, the more the additional property we are requesting to be added the psp. The overall property is the 399.3, 4 acres. Then to be able to add in the 133.3 to the property. The current land use the property were here specifically discuss is vacant. There are portions of the summer was development the developed to have homes being built not point those out to Some subsequent sides years They have that information as well. We are here to request some changes to the road network in the weekly health and our phase 3 area which was previously approved as well Those to request an additional 488 lots which most of those are in the new area that we’re heading for up to a total of 1050 residential units being a mix of single-family detached, single family. Semi units. We are requesting to reduce the front setback for the units from 25 feet to 23 feet. This was actually part of a previous approval for the project. So I believe this is essentially restating and that really pressing them to voice as we move forward with these of modifications. And then we also have a request in for a reduced portion of our Southern property line from 35 feet to 20 feet. The 35 feet is a requirement for setbacks for an act of However, the property that abuts us in the South so when for what will be the parish weeks. DRI. So it is in the process being developed in transitioning into actual residential development. Which is the reason behind the request to go to the 20 feet. So they mention we’re self-mocking small west of 3. Oh, one Here’s all assumed inversion The area. You see highlighted in yellow is our phase 3, 4, area. The triangle portion of it is the area that we’re adding in a project. This is a copy of the approved. Same point. So this is a plan to all have seen before. We things as 1, 2, 3, So things One being on the East side of things to the middle portion of in phase 3. this piece over here. The air, the 133 acres again that we’re talking this trial. A piece of property up above phase 3 phase 2. This was the again, the copy, the previous approval for 562 units. So they were asking for requested an additional 488 units to get us up to 1050 This was from the previous approval showing the 23 front setback. Being approved for reduction from 25 feet down 23 feet. And this is our new a preliminary site plan. So we’re here about a year we were discussing trying to add in some density in 2 phases, one through 3. The time. It was part of the discussion with the board and we went back to the drawing board because as chance would have it about the same It was actually discussing Purchasing the portion of the property that were opposed to adding right which afforded us the opportunity to go back, come to the drawing board for phase 3, 4 area. We quite

extensively with public works staff, specifically regarding access to the project, make sure that that was being provided adequately. We’ve also been some fairly detailed discussions and have a developer’s agreement that is in process right now of public works for some caution during in impact fee take deals the county for the construction site restroom. so that will be something that would be done with this project as well just real quick with regard to access. We are proposing will be back up again. So the area that you see. In the dark gray, those are areas that have already received full final site plan construction plan approval. Our phase one is fully actually just asked a certificate of completion for the final phase, the phase one phase windy yesterday. So phase one is completely constructed from site infrastructure standpoint, we have homes being built phase One of homes being occupied phase one. Phase 2 were nearing completion of the infrastructure for phase 2 should be paving of most of phase 2 here prior to the end of the year >> And receiving certifications on fees to hopefully in early 2021. So in phase existing access points There’s a full access. Certain talk into the microphone. So full access here on the box of all. And then we’ve got a permit that emergency access at the end of this cul de sac going out to mark a slower road. What we’re proposing with phase 3, 4, Another full access to moccasin wallow road through our fans for area. The applicant will be constructing again through some impact fee agreements with the county will be constructing Sawgrass road from marks and lawn down to our Southern access point and we’re providing to additional access points on to Sawgrass as well. From a storm water we are adequate store Morton somebodys. We’ve been working very closely with public works again, as we move through the process. We are provided a sole floodplain compensation as well as providing no adverse impacts modeling. Also damage to the Buffalo Creek. The show’s again, the same request has already been previously approved for the reduction in the front setback over 23 feet. We also included the The single family semi detached typical what detail on here to provide the setbacks rooms which 20 foot front setback. 15 foot room So in conclusion of our request is to increase the number of This is occurring developing area in already developed area. We do feel that we need the strong communities by maintaining existing landscaping and up the funding radical change to the area. We do exceed the open space requirements by quite a bit actually providing 51% open space. Throughout the project lakes other landscape in our community, recreation area as well. You do complied with the applicable cumplan zoning and land development regulations or traffic study was completed and reviewed and approved by a public works with no concurrency issues as I said, there will be an lta coming before the board Hopefully sooner rather than later to memorialize all the agreements in discussions with regard to Sawgrass road an impact impact the agreement on that county staff does recommend respectfully request your approval as well >> All right. To the questions for that. All right. I do have a >> so with this revision to phase 3 and phase 3. Looks like it’s primarily in the 25 year floodplain. Is that correct? There is a portion of phase 3 of the 25 year floodplain. Yes. So you increase the number blocks being constructed 25 year floodplain from what you had previously >> I have to go back and review that. But I believe we’re roughly equivalent is far Jordan city in phase 3 most unusual in that city’s coming in phase 4 >> Okay. Just looked to me like there was more development area and phase 3 Then there was previously less Lake area. So how are you going to meet our comprehensive plan and our land development code that says you should not develop in the 25 year floodplain. How are you going comply with that requirement. So we’re providing through our again, our storm or mall in providing the cup to Cup play mitigation >> So we are complying with all this code requirements as far as how or where the modeling we’ve got to all. Our project about 69.2, 6 acre feet of flood plain encroachment. That’s for the entire project

>> Already just in phases one 2, we provided 62.9 6 acre feet worth compensation for that. So we have almost enough compensation for the whole project just in our faces wanted to. As mentioned, we have a significant about of a lake area that we’re providing the project about 55 acres Some of that is soulful point compensation. The n-word here who the 50% runoff rate reduction from the project as well so that we know that we’re even taking it a step further and do it. You know, adverse impacts modeling as well show that we’re not adversely impacting areas off site also. So we have, I guess 3 different belts and suspenders type approach on how we’re doing storm water is projected to make sure we’re not adversely impacting. Any additional properties are or first date back to one point and what study are you using determine the 25 year floodplain >> And the reason I ask is because our our code is very specific that you’re not allowed to develop in the 25 year. Floodplain. So we’re using the complain about them >> For that water should forget the top. My head it Buffalo Canal watershed to see Tom shaking his head. So we’re using that water should study to determine all the floodplain. Encroachments on the property in using that study as well. As basis for post development modeling to be able to show that we’re not adversely impacting anything offer site >> Okay. But this is a higher standard specifically says you cannot develop in the 25 year We’ve had this discussion unless there’s an overriding public interest questions not been brought forward to us to find an overriding public interest. Let me ask question But differently. Will this project to be developed in well homes be built in the post develop a 25 year floodplain no, not the All Any other questions? We’re going to go ahead. The staff presentation >> Madam chair on their way up. I just ahead, it’s not being done. But I did notice that their project now Priscilla should be happy about this high noon trail daybreak Glenn, really in the leak Rossi bonfire way. I know set this week they’re staying in the theme of Paris. Their streets. Maybe you want a great but I don’t know what stat plane is that I’m assuming was just snap, a plane To really not sure what matters to be snapped like moccasin however, you can go the whole thing >> of fire for deviating heard even go ahead. Jim. The names They’re a mean. They’re right >> All right. Good morning Commissioners I am jenrry go principal planner with building in development services. The case manager. I have been swarm these to be presenting BK summer Woods misses phases one through 4 >> us on last. August, 22nd of 2019. Your board recommended to continue this and they are back those recommended recommended improvements and those are the ones that you see Matt’s presentation. The development of summer Woods began back in 2000, 7. And has come back to us and some form or another either administratively or before you board for change is 6 times since then. Apologies in advance the parenting. A lot of the that man already Brought to you. field are very important to be taking a look at before you make a motion on this project. So let’s move on to the second side. Police Matter in this crime to the site and the including phase 4. There to the north. Also moxon level. Worse, just south of the mclure marks and lot development that you’ve seen recently. Moving clockwise across the the area. A lot villages of Amazon. Barbara Harvey elementary off to the East with a 100 15th Avenue east to our South is copper stone, which is developed Parish lakes is the DRI that has yet to be developed finishing up off to the West is the Sawgrass road corridor Next. Please. The aerial just gives you an idea will clear picture of the. Improved areas. What’s been a bill to this point and some of the approved plan. Final site plan

next. Please. Side by side. We have the future land use and zoning maps. This expansion of summer Woods is into a PR area of mcclure requires no additional rezoning. zoning classifications are pdm. You and just a little bit of agricultural off to the West The future land, use there you see is all us 3. Psp. That’s public use quarter of a highlands that runs through between phases 2, 3, Next Place. A history. As I mentioned, summer Woods has a history with a staying back over 13 years and we thought it necessary to provide at a cliffsnotes version. in 2000, 791.3 acres was rezone plan development residential with the 300, 2 unit mixed use residential development. In 2000, 9, a land development agreement was added to establish project concurrency 2000, 10 approximately 76 acres and it’s summer Woods for a total of 267.3 5 acres The border is only acres to PDR and approve the psp to increase the number of units from 300 to 562 single family detached residence with an optional daycare. And September 2014. The board approved a psp and land development agreement amendment to revise the unit types from 562 single family detached units to 376 single family detached residential units 186 single family semi detached units. So that introduced the what they call the cottages and a lot of products into the project Even the plan was last revised and roadway connection over storm water pipe connecting these were 250 Avenue East. In 2016, they came in administrative leave to amend the 5 Southern called the sex And the cottages and villas were taken out of the plan You know, was also amended phising the number of units in the first phase of the project from 281 260 units. Next Please. In December 2018, the psp was revised by removing the access to 100 15th Avenue East and replacing it with the cul de sac, an emergency access was provided from the new concept to moccasin wallow road a temporary emergency access was added North access marks. And while internal gate was added to Eastern section of phase one. So added it was a pedestrian access from the eastern most cul de sac to the sidewalk along the south side of moccasin wallow road. And as mentioned in August of 2019, the P S P was proposed for an increase from previously approved 562 units to a total of 7.50. The additional units consisted of a 188 single family detached and semi detached homes with the additional units changes to roadways and storm water management lakes were also shown vice psp. The application was withdrawn after recommended continuance by the board and is replaced with this application. Next Please. So the current request is for the addition of 488 lots to previously approved 562 for a total of 1050 blocks for single family detached and semi detached units and adds a 133.3 3 acres. And for phase 4 for a total project area 399.3, 4 acres. That’s for total of phases. One through 4. The additional 133 acres And at this request for phase 4. It’s part of their properties Ltd, which was rezone PDR with the county initiated rezone of 1990 those results are typically approved but no plans and no specific criteria are conditions. But we’re subject to the requirements of the LDC and comprehensive plan. Our staff report demonstrates that the The design reflected in phases 3, 4, of this version of summer Woods, a similar design and is compatible with the surrounding prove developments. As with prior apovals, the project, the density at 2.6 does not see the maximums of the established comprehensive plan and the proposal falls into conformance with the existing development worker. Next Please. I. The map just pretty much in the streets how when, when the face for area was

rezoned. I’m sure you’re familiar with the a county initiated rezone of 1990 and encompasses that area of floor on the Southside of moccasin wallow road, which is face for this project. Next. Please Finishing out the current request this amendment reintroduces, the single family semi detached residential product. That was the lead in the 2016 change in the form of Phyllis. And there are 2 specific specific approval request with this application. Left over from the 2019 application is the reduction of minimum front yard setback from 25 to 23 feet for frontloaded garages Staff is ensure that that design will correspond with similar designs that you seen ensure that there is. Enough distance in the driveway for a car and doesn’t the back of sidewalk. And the specific approval reduction in the minimum 35 foot wide setback required 4 yards adjacent to agricultural operations along the southern boundary of phase 3. AG operations have ceased parish lakes. At that property and beans this to be a unnecessary. temporary condition which will likely disappear with the future development to the south. And next, a just a picture of your previous previous approval back in 2018. Madam chairman, you mentioned the difference in phase phase 2 is considerably different. They came in and Ministry of Lee and changes there. Which was mentioned earlier in the presentation. Next. Please The requested modification The dark shaded areas phase wanted to we have received final site plan and have approve those. The plants are now in process you can see phase one. We have approved 200 and 98 lots face to a 189 lots phase 3 shows a 188 Phase includes that flexibility for the Villa 307 to 375 units. And next, please. Positive than negative aspects. The positive category. This development expansion. Is occurring on land previously zone plan development allowing the same densities approved with the existing summer was development are no further Rezoning is required. The amended plan or do introduces the end of road accessibility you all asked for moccasin wallow Road and with the partial construction of Cypress. Really 3 additional excesses have been had some words. Features that were requested and 19 application The added vehicular accessibility to the West Diverts trips from the previous access. A main access your tub after entry 100 15th Avenue East. And reenter do says the single family semi detached dwelling create a wider variety of housing types and the ability to potentially offer more affordable product In the negative We have this large subdivision potentially over 1000 last. And residents adjacent to plan development and the thoroughfares may experience potential impacts such as noise traffic and like where. Next. Please. getting that measures include adequate separation and expansive landscape open space will be provided to address compatibility with surrounding. Agricultural properties and residences Staff recommends the developer to add language to the covenants. Notice the buyer informants. The summer Woods residents of the potential of The presence of potential adjacent agricultural operations. And a proposed 54, 5, a 50 foot wide really buffer will help to minimize potential impacts related to increased vehicular traffic on the adjoining their affairs Next. Our conclusion and recommendation is that the design reflected in phases 3, 4, This Summer Woods. A similar in design and is and is and is compatible with the rest of summer Woods and the surrounding approved developments. As with the prior approvals. The project density does not exceed the maximum to stab list on the comprehensive plan. And falls into conformance with the existing development order You’re planning Commission 6 year-old favor this amendment and we recommend approval of the 7 stipulations

>> Thank you, Tim. Great presentation. So I know there’s a local developers agreement for this for the overall project is they are going to see an amendment come forward to include this and I’m assuming yes, ma’am. Okay Already in the process. Yes, it is because I notice that the school put a caviar on their approval of 5 years for schools. That’s correct. So that’s something that could be negotiated with this L D a >> And like the applicant to address that because know that they’ve been discussing things with any likely. And just one more question for Regarding in her neighborhood ties and that’s that I understand you guys are looking at administratively. It’s not something that the board accept that it is done. If possible. and required at the property line suspect Correct >> We have a plan we’ve we’ve heard you to plan a final site plan for 3. And we’re having a discussion with the a potential needed emergency access to the south of us >> Emergency access. Yes. And the reason I was bringing up is just trying to preserve the capacity on Earth airfares There were connections we have between neighborhoods and the less congestion. This unnecessary. We have our thoroughfares and protects or capacity. So it I’m just always hopeful that when there’s the opportunity that we extend those roads to the property boundary for future connection. So the trips between neighborhoods are easy to obtain >> Yes, and I I’d also like the applicant to there are emergency access is from phases. One through 3 that are already approved. just maybe mention which ones are staying, which ones are going with the additional 3 accesses that are being published with this plan. Thank you. Yeah, I guess my question or 4 times It looks to me like the entirety of phase 3 is in the 25 year flat flood plain. And we’re adding. A whole row of lots where there was like before. And now we’re also lot face for roughly all say 20% of that is in the 25 year floodplain as well >> I don’t see significant lakes. So I the applicant said, yeah, they’re going to love the 25 year floodplain But we we’ve been talking about you know, standards that are pretty strict developing the 25 year floodplain. And I know they had. Don’t mess I I confess I worked on this project out of the back when I was in the private sector, but it didn’t include these side I wonder how are we mitigate ing those significant impacts in the 25 year. Floodplain And again, I ask the applicant and told me and I’m not engineers, but he basically said, yeah, we’re good. We, you know, crossed all the T’s dot all the I’s. But I need to hear from staff that you have in fact, look at this and make sure this additional development in phase 3. And postponement phase 4 is in fact. Going to meeting the standard. I guess we don’t have that additional standard That we’ve talked what is it the show 24 hours ago whatever. It’s the big 8 That’s not been applied here As I understand it >> First up for the record times for summer. Of I have been sworn. Madam >> to begin with. Yes, this particular project The initials, an dates back to 2000, 7. Step did not include the requirement for a 100 year. Three-day story that as part of the drainage analysis for the project sense. For Donnelly face one the up kind of alluded to this has been constructed. And as first per million that construction phase one is complete face too. I think the Western portion of it is to remains under construction at this time. start some. Since I knew the questions. We’re going to come up by actually made a Wade afternoon site visit yesterday afternoon of this particular project. And let me start with. First up to 25 year. So first up, this is 25

year floodplain map and what the pens are identifying are the. Floodplain mitigation areas that are located right along Buffalo Canal itself Leave Mister Morris had indicated that a good portion of floodplain compensation for the U entire project doesn’t call. And was that the phases one through 4. Has been Already been. Designed and constructed with bases one in 2 of this particular project So. What it was just pointing and what the soap and what this point in that. Happens to be this particular floodplain compensation area which by the way, happens to be directly connected. And to the proposed amendments to the storm are designed manual. A floodplain compensation area that is directly connected into Buffalo come out. There is no berm separating this particular mitigation area from Buffalo canalis. The cannot starts Rice. Particular mitigation area will become Inundated and will be become part of over topping over the in addition areas, especially with the canal itself. Don’t let me turn to. This particular busy bat. And the reason why this particular map is really busy is because I literally threw N. The 1992 flood insurance rate maps which would have been used initially back when we have more than 10 and no communities for originally looking at designing Herman in constructing this project from 2007 onward. So at the time back in 2007, they would have annual utilizing the 1992 for Back in 2000. 10, the Buffalo Canal watershed management plan was adopted and happens to be the one and only watershed management plan. Of manatee County. That was incorporated into the 2014 flood insurance rate maps taking it a step further. Now And yes, I picked right. what you see from this particular map exhibit and some select locations are the 25 year and 100 year flood stages for the no network, which the no network for Buffalo Canal is quite extensive. Quite intricate intricate. And what you’ll notice is. Specially with those that are than northernmost notes as the 25 here in the 100 year flood stage is there’s very little differential it up. It might be a fight, might be attacked 10th or 2 tenths of a foot But overall, what you see on this particular map from the Buffalo Canal watershed study All inclusive is a 25 year and the 100 year floodplain delineation. Let me turn back to that previous slide. So the areas that you see. this particular map, those areas that were seated and to 99 to fry for orange, which is the plane. You’ll see that the floodplain delineation from the Buffalo Canal watershed study. Has truck. As Trump Couldn’t we for for this project area. But is also struck just south of Buffalo Canal. Vis-a-vis the parish likes to climb late Orangeburg properties to the south. So as part of the Buffalo Canal watershed study, which did also incorporate and to the. Watershed study, the drainage improvements that remain at the time about 4 row done. I 75 in which the county went through and why didn’t touch Anil the floodplain and this particular area and watershed as Frank over time So. With respect to this project, does the F Kent Brought up W they are utilizing the Buffalo Canal watershed studies demonstrate that no adverse impacts are crated both in 25 year and 100 year flood stages. Staff went back and and the staff report include 25 year floodplain medication and the storm water conditions. There is obviously requirement for Buffalo can afford to flow reduction requirement for a 50% reduction and the allowable pro-development rated discharged. And as I pointed out from, but the message from the site visit that the project is constructing floodplain compensation area start directly connected to the canals stuff >> Yeah. I was looking site plan. The summer Woods face 3, 4 shows a 25 year floodplain map and looks really significantly different. I don’t know why. You know this one that strike the green. You know what, that looks significantly different than

what you showed >> That’s actually the the map that is sort of plan that is included. Excuse me about the 25 year floodplain map that is included on a limb or site plan. It’s consistent with the war shooting on that particular map that have on the overhead which is the county 25 year floodplain to one nation which dates back to. I want say that’s also the case in 1998 25 year floodplain on a mission >> All right. So you’re telling us they’re meeting the standards that we are applying to the 25 year floodplain Yes, prep to utilize nation of the Buffalo Canal watershed management plan. And was alluded to earlier, that and post about my condition. There will be no lots for habitable structures that will be located and the posted on the 25 year floodplain. just one other question before she didn’t think about it today So >> They’re constructing I Sawgrass road. 2 lanes of that. Is that true? I mean, assume a King. That’s the plan for a development agreement that they’re going to constructing 2 lanes of Sawgrass doing now >> Yes, good morning. For the record Clarke Davis deputy director management for public works. And I have been sworn the. I believe that the site plan itself has Boulevard entrance from smaller their first entrance because that would be required as part of a side access improvement and we are in discussion with them for the terms of a local development agreement that would call for construction of the first 2 lanes of an ultimate four-lane roadway all the way to their southernmost entrance to grass. Okay. So they would read okay. Well, we have a difference of opinion actually just going put a small as part of the amendment to the O J >> out and would be designing the storm water to account for buildup condition for link construction of Cyprus that was my next question. Good Is this going to They commentating the storm water for that. So they’re going they’re going to design and permit and. Have it so that the next 2 lanes could be billed later. But they’re gonna build 2 mines. Subject to a development order that’s going to be updated because write this. But this is all new to have that much of Sawgrass part of this development. That is Sure and says all the right way for soccer asset, for Lane being provided prisons, some on site >> Whether it’s a 2 step process. So the local development agreement will take up a separate question judicial matter if that were to never happen there would at least be a 120 foot wide setback and dedication to the extent necessary to create the entrance. But if the agreement is adopted as execution has proposed bill also dedicate That fall within a 420 feet as shown on this planet designed to accommodate the full 120 feet. Yes, I will be continuation of what they started in. Essentially Phase 3. It face nation on this site. And that’s before you is part of what you could call summer Woods been previously dedicated. And so. The new triangle that’s face for that sits above that. Will account for the balance of the right way up to Knoxville road Okay >> That, of course, a lot of that is in the 25 year floodplain as well. So it has to be elevated out of the 25 year floodplain as well. So they will provide that floodplain compensation as well >> That is correct. And K plans. Already. That answers all my questions, anything else. So. What is the? Condition of Buffalo Canal We’ve added the high school that is more plan ready. This will be adding parish likes. I know we have access. You can keep it clear than we used to But we also know from our storm water that basically takes us what, 12 years to claim the canal >> Give or take. You knowknow, it’s not something that we do on a monthly basis. And what effect is all of this water that we’re putting at the top of Buffalo can now having down there on the bottom of. You know, down there and Imperial 8. And I like to see that non berm with the compensation That’s a good way to do it. as we this to flat piece of property, means you can manipulate the water much easier than you can donate slow P piece of property >> flat in Florida. Not really >> And I’m sure commissioner and my walking boots on yesterday. So I want good portion of Buffalo Canal and

from what I had seen yesterday. It is clear it actually you could tell, haven’t started been sprayed by our operations recently I’d also gone down to construction associated with Morgan’s one just to the east of this particular project for the for Crossing news that will be another substantial crossing right there. But as far as Buffalo Canal today from what I yesterday. It’s an open system. It’s been long maintained. Tree of Certainly as you alluded to when we had forward for the West from year when we had don’t want to Imperial lakes and obviously that in streets, a session with fish farm Road and from Warren road. That’s obviously areas where. We’re going to be unfortunately. Or hopefully not come early next week keep an eye our eye on. And in particular as we whether it’s an engineering staff for operations staff. As far as this hot spot locations on to flunk a noun and certainly together drainage systems and the county. And actually I can. And I can say to we’ve already got stuff out right now calibrating on the mainstream gay stations in manatee County just in case something happens over the weekend, early next week as far as Buffalo come out today Hopefully doesn’t have to convey lot of water. But if it needs to are ready for >> time. I’ve been here, I’ve always worried more about. The way we that we have. We know what we have problems. And yes, you can engineer great for what you engineer for 20 What doesn’t happen the bothers me. And I’m just afraid 1015, 20 years from now because we cannot extend Buffalo Creek get really making wire can do anything really pretty deep right now from 15 feet least so it always concerns me when we keep adding to the system Same thing with the road moccasin wallow. We have no money right now to improve moccasin wallow in front of his. Yes, we’re going to for land. It. Barbara Barber, Harvey back. But we’re talking about any thousands something homes that are being built And basically we have a not very nice. Tulane. Farm road That is connected to an Interstate that so it is full of semis and all kinds of wonderful traffic going there So these boys been things you know, I understand we’re going to keep moving. But these could problems later on >> Sorry. just ahead as As the lead to Washington’s management plan was adopted back in 2000, 10. So. Probably within the next 5 years or the next subsequent cycle of a Martian management plans that we want that or ending Buffalo Canal will be one of those states that will be first on the list that revisit for amendment to incorporate subsequent development that has occurred since the 2010 adoption date. So. I know it’s looking a long range, but certainly thinking 2025 full We’ll certainly be considering amended. Version of the Buffalo Canal watershed management plan that’s also looking at recently as far as not necessarily. We’re not necessarily to the point of looking at storm water master plan yet, but certainly I could I would say in the next couple of years, especially as we roll out the 3 subsequent Martian management plans and finish up the 3 that we have presently as far as peers boys and I’m not create that certainly staff will be taking on consideration of the project alternatives that of our current been identified for a couple of the marshes things but also. storm water master planning as far as improvements for. County drainage systems. We’re certainly looking at Buffalo Canal. One of the projects we’re looking at could be in coordination with swift by closer to us through a swarm 41 and I 2.75 as far as what properties us there. So certainly were we’re looking the watershed management plan It certainly is beneficial because we are integrating these developments into the water. She studying to do Have to demonstrate as pars just taking project or any other project in this area threes or 9 sewing or nuts that they are not for him adverse drainage impacts that they are not increasing the flood stages on phone >> And of course ice him since you-you mentioned its upstream, the flows to the West and that floodplain compensation is separate from the storm water management Right. We’re not going to mix stuff they were doing treatment for storm water

runoff with the floodplain stuff flowing into the Buffalo Canal. Right. That is correct Madam chair. The floodplain compensation or so. The water on the treatment and it anyway. Shun >> For the development. It’s all separate >> All Okay, we’re going to go public comment. Is there anyone in the public that would like to make a comment on this request. We’re summer Once >> Casing no income for close one Did we quasi judicial I mean, did anybody have any. He said that beginning of we you She Yeah. You did. Ex parte, OK. I didn’t remember. Yes >> OK, now it’s time for questions I somebody misty I think had a question for the applicant. So. A sample that you go to that Mike >> Because you need at Morris with Morris engineering. And Would you mind repeating what your question >> Just curious about lta that and to include this property and and does it address school capacity still in the process of >> Kind working with staff on that So that is something that we can talk to staff about and talk to the school board about him. If we needed make sure that something that’s included in there we can we can do that. So we’re still still working through that process great. Thank you >> Right now questions for staff, madam chair of the local development agreement Mister Davis described as not address school concurrency School currencies accepting the school was school was not a party to road improvement agreement. As want to clarify that >> OK, so is there an issue that we need to address regarding school capacity or do we feel comfortable that under our concurrency standard. The way I understand it is, though, after means school concurrency, you know, whatever the rule is in order to get that final site plan approval. The school board will make sure that they have capacity or they don’t approve the final site plan. Is that correct. Anyone one answer that I’ll ask her attorney Well, miss Davis has. ask our the transportation experts For the record Clarke Davis >> The school district specifically asked that we do not reserve could school capacity is part of our local development agreements. That’s done. At the time of a final site plan you very rare occasions find of potable water, wastewater agreement or component to the A’s. But in general, those concurrency components that are getting no determination and a final site plan are not addressed in a local development agreements and that schools and potable water wastewater solid waste >> And that’s all that’s fine with me just for the record, the school board has stated that no more than 5 years. And this project is obviously probably longer than 5 years so so madam chair, I don’t know why jet pack at the school. Concurrency to to get the tazer Gray’s 2 >> And what workout days for only get byes report on baseball or so. This might be a different document. Go ahead and used to looking at the 5 years. This doesn’t pertain to face what we’re looking at today, OK, Jim >> Yes, Madame chair, if I in your packet, there is a school report dated this is February 5th 2020 where a reporter from. The school board planner. it it does confirm the. The school school capacity. But it a reference they will review a final site plan which is in which will soon be a process >> they have authority right to say, hey, we capacity to We’ve got to do some sort of medication. You have to admit There. You have to pay to build a school or something. I or builds right provide students in the structure of the report is that it makes it a little bit confusing. They do reference. It is summer Woods faces 2, but they they are also analyzing it based on 1050 12 units, which is >> All of what we’re calling faces. One through 4 on the site plan. That’s before you today. So their concept of a phase 2 may not match up with place 100 the site plan and so in their preliminary analysis it appears that they believe will have a adequate capacity in the Associated districts, but they will make a

determination at the time of final site plan as well >> But you know, I some concerns that staff called out lack of the neighbor ties. But when you’re taking access to their affairs. There’s really no need for neighbor ties so that is neighbor tie and there’s you can’t get across the canal to the south. So I think there doing the best they can on that site plan >> Already. Well, now it is time for staff closing comments any further closing comments to staff has nothing further can pay applicant about nothing for the okay What is the pleasure the board on The recommended motion second. All right. We have the recommended motion all those in favor the recommend Recommended motion signify by saying aye aye >> And just like a bank lewd seem it is too much stimulation. The update memo >> Yes, including updated the water. I do want to say I appreciate staff. And knows just want to make sure that we cover the 25 year floodplain So I appreciate that. We’ve checked Commission Johnson by commissioner Johnson >> What say you what saying yes, yes, but it was the all those opposed nay vote. Aye motion All right. We’re going to how much of a lunch break you on our Yes, a mission to the turning. This mission clear that won’t be returning because of >> No arrests yet. Just want to say thank you for your service she’s so h*** o* this canvassing board. If you all have never done it. You really should. But you know what I really say. Thank you for since since I’m a backup us and I thank you. And you know, thank goodness there’s no issues in manatee No issues in Florida that we know of, right. We got through it or not. Florida dog We were on foot fairly call that my opinion. We just had very close races 2018 So I’m glad you’ve done a great job and we know you will continue do a great job done. Make us proud So thank you. And go do your you All right. We’re going to break our will be back. She would still do have 1 o’clock >> Absent today >> With

>> I was all right. Ready to

item number 7. Apr. 20, ’04, G

breaking point. Would you

please read that record

>> Item number 7, pediaq 20

seal, 40 Brown and find the and AIDS kind of company honor and I asked them, I love them and corporation on front porches. Bln to sera, sera to see the sero 7, 7, Approval of agenda than on the plan for a 323 single family and multifamily residential units Bryant located at the southeast corner of us. You know, one of 38th Avenue is and he’s going on on city 8, 0, 6 city street East Bradenton on more or less city. 5 point, Katie, because The case manager is Dorothy Rainey. This is 6 months to June ethers means is that you represent applicant with missus controversy of 2 >> Okay. Has there been any ex parte communication. We’ve point care. Steve bang on the line. Pilot. Steve, I knew ex parte. Okay. All right. We’ll go ahead and go for it to the applicant presentation ♪ There. Good afternoon >> Commissioners for the record, I’m Scott with love waters here on behalf of the applicant M a S development. I have been sworn. With me have Bob Smith, who’s our project planner. Also Michael Reese men with Georgia young, who’s the project engineer and George along with LT G, who’s our traffic consultant. I’m going to give a brief overview and then turn to get into the details of the request. Says the project site. It’s approximately 36 acres located at the northwest corner us 3 o one 44th Avenue. East >> You can see >> The site is surrounded on all sides by arterial and collector with 38th Avenue

east to the north and 30th Street east to the east. The site has a rez 9 future land use designation. You can see the summer as 6 to the north and the East and then Ris na tied to the South and then across through one to the West. You have industrial designated property. This is an infill site that’s long been planned for higher density. Residential uses which are appropriate here given its location on the 3 one corridor and especially now that it’s at the corner of this major intersection. Site is already zoned PDR. So we are we are not here before you today. On a rezone application. This just a request for general development plan approval for 323 residential units with flexibility is a unit type that’s the potential for multifamily townhome and single family detached. The site received the PDR zoning back in 2000, 7 with the approval of manatee co project that project. Predated the extension of 44th Avenue he’s So it included. You can see the property to the south There. That’s PDR. See on the map that was included in the project and a portion of that was later converted to the charter school soon. site plan approval has expired. So this site is a PDR without plan site right now. This is psp for the manatee. Co project was approved on the site. 4, 558 units with affordable and workforce housing and a mixture of housing types. That I made a Teco was approved There were concerns raised by nearby residents regarding the affordable housing as well as the location of units directly on the eastern boundary. And you can see. And long year This Island Ridge subdivision to the east and they have these units located directly There. We’ve addressed both of those issues on this project And so we think the residents see this is an improvement And with that I’ll turn the bus ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Thank you, Scott >> Good afternoon Commissioners for the record My name is Bob Schmidt on the certified land planner with land planning Associates. And I have. It’s warm. As Scott mentioned, we’re asking here for the approval of the general development plan only When the K*** contacted me about ideas for this property We knew we had a few options, one of which you’ll see at the site of the end. Would be straight rezone to residential multifamily, which allows all the types of uses that we’re proposing a lot of single family detached allows Townhome product and it allows multifamily single family attached. But knowing that we really have the entitlement in the zoning in place for plan development residential we thought it best to keep the zoning in place. As for approval of a general development plan. and I still believe that now show you why a little bit. Scott win over the history of the property and you see here that the manatee co project that was previously approved. Obviously one of the things that they’ve done the early in the process was the sensitivity of the with respect to location from a fully develop subdivision to the east Highland Ridge. we wanted to do something especially since we had a multi-family potential in the property buffering that area from Highland Ridge to the east. If I can go, which I know how to do now to the next slide. Here’s a general development plan. And I understand that it doesn’t show a lot of detail, but I want to I want you to focus on the location of the storm Water ponds. In the large There’s a substantial area there in the Eastern portion of the site that will not be approved will not be developed. In fact, a stipulation in the staff report that talks about 200 foot setback for any multifamily from the eastern property line. We did present this to the Highland Ridge homers Not a full blown a meeting because of covid Scott in. I met the president to the secretary. I’d like to thank Nancy Lorenzi knee and observer would burn. They they were involved in this project from the beginning and in fact. Got an e-mail recently

there they’d like to keep the name, the name of the project in tune with Highland Ridge.dge there’s a reason for that Highland Ridge is, you know, we. feel terrible Shepard and this was however, it was her property at one when Scott and I were on the site. Barbara informed us that Mary told them that this was the highest point in the county. At least Western manatee County. I think the ovations around 32 feet. So they’re protective of the name and we came in breaking point and one of the things that they suggest was can you please. I needed something that’s in similar to the neighborhood that and recognizes that the high point of the of the property. So she came up with the name high point Meadows we ran a passer by 11. they’ve been very good to work with their very constructive in their comments. It it was a pleasure meeting them and working with them. We need some flexibility, given market conditions and a key PDR and ask these unit types is I understand it’s a little confusing. I can tell you that the developer has kind of settled on a type of unit. But we didn’t want to like anything out for future market conditions, changes and so forth. So we’re not necessarily changing the application. But when the final site plan comes in. I think we settled on a a type of unit. And I see it since I planned, of course I can present that to you today. As Scott mentioned, this is near infill project consistent with the Reds, 9 future land use category. When does next slide. These are types that we propose and we know that bore like to see a picture of what’s being proposed. They’re a little bit generic, but it gives you an idea of the flexibility of the types of units that be the propose here got everything from single family affair. top right down to bill is in the middle. To town homes in the center Middle are the top middle. And also couple examples of multifamily in another single family. We believe that this project is consistent with the area. I have read the staff report and concur with its findings. we asked for your we had the slides apologize that go to the next like this is that this is a comparison that I mentioned earlier, we just put this in last night. If we’d asked for him at 9 on the left are in the center. There versus a PR to dp. You can see that density is no different You can see that the open space is actually increased And you see that the said the perimeter set back on the East. 200 feet, 100 feet to the Northeast where there are couple single family homes and then 50 feet to the north, South and West. And a perimeter roadway buffer because the PDR 20 feet instead of 10 we did provide the elevations. I don’t one of the things the board has stressed is superior design If you’re going to keep PDR, you’re going to do PDR what’s better about this in asking for a standard. You could enjoying district and I hope this answers your question. So with that I don’t have any further questions. We do have the proper discipline is here to answer any engineering related with Be happy to answer any questions. And >> All right. Questions for staff. I ask you happen. And forget that. She was 10 teams like be this happy to see the requirement for noise study you know, we have heard a lot of complaints lately about And when you’re up against 2 major thoroughfares and start to plan ahead for that. So I when I first looked at this project. I was wondering why the 50 foot setback and then I realized it’s not an urban corridor. It’s not a long urban corridor because if it was, then you may have pushed it to the street. But >> But you’re not there, correct. That’s correct. Your card or stops that for 44th Avenue stops at 3 o one, right. In fact, one of the things that we did look at was so we obviously would be commercial. Occasional criteria. We were to go with a mixed use that increases the Density of 20 units per acre And we would have to have commercial component. Our client didn’t feel that this was appropriate here that because of this, the speed of 3. Oh, one and 44th is difficult to access. That really to put commercial interior is probably not a wise thing to do, like Street east to 44th Avenue. So he settled and these options for a completely residential project high leverage folks we’re pleased with that. So I think it was a good could

compromise way around >> And I ask you about the specific approval for the front yard setback. Should you just kind of go through that and explain it >> The my letter is in the packet. But it’s the same thing that Nacho due Matt Moore showed you in the previous application. I worded a little bit differently. I I said that we’re asking for a 20 foot front setback. But in my letter in state said there will be 3 feet from the back of the curve to the edge of the property line for the total 23 feet. And we did work with Christine and that as we went forward. When I saw inside us. And let’s not exactly what my letter says, but I think it accomplishes the same thing >> Okay. And that was kind of my question. I thought that maps project had a 25 foot setback. When you added the distance to the sidewalk and the 23 foot setback. But maybe I misunderstood and I guess the reason for me saying that is just to ask is 23 feet sufficient to area to park the largest vehicle in the driveway and not encroach on the sidewalk >> That’s our goal. Right That is your goal. And my understanding is the answer that is yes. Resign ahead sent us an example of what had been done. Another project. We essentially. Cut and paste that. so. But what I I question the same thing Commissioner servia when I saw Mets 23 foot setback as well That’s not really what our says, but that’s that’s the explanation that I have for you >> Okay. And then the side or 5 feet for the detached. Is that I I have I I believe that that’s correct. And so instructions and my concern about that was just, you know, heard about the air conditioning units and things that go on the side yard and typically we have drainage easements along the side yard son. Do you think all of that is going to work of her really with a 5 foot setback yes, in fact, there’s a storm water condition. I think it says that stipulated in in the the staff report >> It’s that typical offset of the AC units where you’ve got to maintain the flow through the press, through the side yard and we have no objection to that. Okay. Those my quest Other questions >> I just have a couple to our Bob, the previously approved development today have a bonus density One previously protect can remember affordable housing density. But yes, they I get that number and come up Everybody like. But they did get a density bonus The ordinance >> Clearly states their request for workforce affordable housing and how did would apply. This got mention I think it was 500, 58 units or something like that. We’re asking for 3.23 albeit that we’re not developing south of 44 >> Okay. All right. So smaller side, right? they’re lining up your entrance with the round about there >> I have the entrance with the Roundabout commute affected or I can do. The 30 It winds up with Highland Ridge. And then the other entrance is there to the north is at the Roundabout 38 that Okay >> And screening along 3 o one will be accomplished. What kind of screening you’re proposing. One K one, 20 foot landscape buffer 20. And I’m sure we’ll have a barrier Whether it’s a wall or some sort of other fence type you know, I don’t matter about material, but now one of the things that the client asked me to do is get with the noise consultant and we have done that >> He has a proposal for from them that that issue has to be addressed it from the sideline. Yasser that that all works out so much better. And when there was a light, the roundabouts work out great. So yeah, it’s an area that I travel quite a bit. Happy >> all right. Other questions for the applicant. I got a staff presentation >> Good Dorothy Rainey misstep may have been sworn. I am a brief presentation. So before you have the breaking point mean, each candle company project. Which is a request for approval. The general development plan for up to 323 single family and multifamily residential units on PD are zoned property about 35.8 acres. The future land use categories as 9 and as was discussed their proposing 323 units based on the 9 units per acre. The zoning again, it’s PDR planned development

Residential. Aerials of the site. The site information and again, one parcel 35.88 acres zoned planned development Residential rezny future land use category and the main access points are off of 38th Avenue East by way of the Roundabout Northwest corner and one 38 Street as the applicant mention aligns with Highland Ridge an entrance on to 30th. The surrounding uses to the north is a church uses own neighborhood. Commercial medium. The fair Oaks subdivision which is owned or a set 6 and large lot residences zone day one to the south is vacant property and the charter school That’s within the PD. Our zoning of the original project because my 44th Avenue to the east is Highland Ridge subdivision, which is sonar us a 4.5 into the West is us. 3 o one right away as well as vacant land zoned light manufacturing on the other side of 3. One Residential uses the project was rezoned to PDR is part of a larger project of about 62.4 4 acres with approval for 558 single family and multifamily units back in June of 2000, 7 and the current request is for the maximum allowable person and then cities without density bonuses of 9 16 9 gross. The 16 men. There’s the site plan layout. You can see the general pot where the residential uses will be located in Brown and the Blues, of course, the storm water pond. Ponds and the green is the wetland and wetland buffer that will be preserved and protected Again. details or to access points one off 38th Avenue East one off 30th Street East The storm water facilities are proposed along these boundary of the site with the wetland and what about be preserved adjacent to the facilities in the residential development pond as he signed Brown is where all the residential unit development will occur. The positive aspects include that the sites already zone PDR and was previously approved with the gross density of actually not more than 90 million sprayed with the affordable housing bonus. The project will provide a variety of housing units to provide some much needed housing in the area. Negatives are that the site about us 3 o one which may have noise impacts to the residential uses to be developed on the site. Also no specific design layout has been provided with the general development plan to evaluate the project for compliance with section 4, a 2.6 half of the sea for superior design Mitigating measures on. There is a stipulation provided requiring that the noise study be conducted in to employ any it features to mitigate the noise impacts, then be to be incomplete it. We will have to be in compliance with whatever recommendations are provided with the final site plan Staff recommends approval of the general development plan in the specific approval item with stipulations provided All right. question for staff >> Okay. Then read a lot will go to public comment. Is there anyone like to address the board on this request. All right. Seeing no one come to close public comment staff Any additional comments. Okey doke let’s push aboard. The recommended motion second. All right. We have a motion and a second. I just make a comment Yeah. I think this is I’m sorry. I heard 2 voices for the owners. I don’t know Whose district the city even in midst of. Reggie’s veggies I think this is a good addition. You know, this property we knew was going to be developed. It’s a long 3 o one and the axis is so much more improved. I like the buffer very much across the street from the residential units. I think they’re going to appreciate that. I’m going to support motion. All those in favor of the motion signify by saying aye aye, Thank you I thank you. Thank you. All those opposed nay. Cannot sign motion don’t know. Just like, yeah. I we had to be that was more to do right. So where we ate. That’s what ate. All right. We need is you the years bh ventures go ahead read into the record please. I

don’t. Number 8. See serious You see 20. Sorry. I >> see 20 Sears 7 B H 1, 2 LLC Reese on the H 1, 2, o C or the land to serious here for were dashed seal. 0, 1, 1, re song from profession median You to the neighborhood commercial median and see them sun in these to look at it 2000 feet north of Cortez role on the West Side of 70 fees is treated with West and calmly not on 40 to eat. Well, 75th is to his West Bradenton o cedar Point’s 85 acres. He said what’s the use days MR Jay this that a year on the serious meets is there. It’s convenient >> Chairman in the ex parte communication this application. All right. Seeing no, come forward. We’ll go ahead and go to the applicants presentation. Thank you. Madam chair >> I appreciate president putting 2 cases back to back yesterday that lets me just another to do less to case that. But that’s Know it. It’s it’s nice to be able to do one after the other. Again. My name is Bob Schmidt. I’m a certified planner with land planning Associates. And I have been sworn my client could not be here But this is a pretty straightforward application. It is a rezone from PR him to ncm. And I’m going to use the old fashion overhead >> It’s old fashioned kind Only mention. Fashion >> Have. Sorry I didn’t see on the screen here. So this is just that to show you that This is at 4312 75th Street West close to the intersection of Cortez and 75th fact only about 200 feet north of Cortez. It’s next to the old CBS. It’s now the pink pineapple I believe this is just a ball up in that same area. You’ll see the building has been on. And I think it was built about 2005, 2006 This property is owned by Floyd Braxton I’m sorry, Ben Braxton in Floyd whole way That’s the bh. In the application and their accountants say manatee County for a long time. They’re getting close to retirement and want to lease or sell this property and it’s been difficult to lease it without people asking if they have said they have some retail component do any retail there And the answer is no wonder Perrin. the purpose of this is to allow a retail user to come in there. It’s can’t be a big, big retail users only 28 per square foot building and the parking is limited as you can see, the front, they still need to park in calculation But you can’t really put a heavy user look, I I I I assume depending on the seats, the restaurants will be difficult to put in there and so on and so forth. But more importantly, it is obviously Whether find commercial area This is the zoning map. And I just show this to indicate to you that the zoning to the south where the pink pineapple is has. seems only as well. So I think this is certainly consistent. It’s not going to change this site and physically change. Nothing is going to change with respect to building additions or anything like that because it really can’t. We are located in the Southwest Tiffany urban service area. I don’t have a user to tell you about because I don’t know who that’s going to be. But in any event, it does open it up for a couple more potential uses that they’re having some issues with potential folks looking at the property now so I find that the request consistent the comp plan or L D C we got approval from the planning Commission unanimously. And again, I ask for your pool here and with that, I’ll be happy answer any questions >> All right, I know Steve’s on and we both can attest This is a major, major Lee under utilized area because it has been a professional makes total sense. It’s like you said hundreds of feet from 44th, which is Cortez road. I think there’s a spot to the north of it. Her off and on for years and right across the street from its bonefish an the winn-dixie for those of you that know what we’re talking about. So I think it’s a you know, and feel and utilization and made its totally compatible with the surrounding uses >> Okay. I can tell question

about Are there questions for the applicant. sure go ahead, Steve, thank you >> You >> Know, my heroes isn’t very familiar with this site. These agree occasion you know, converted to a in neighborhood the. Probably headed North seems to me there’s a barrier there is in my right mistaken or have you looked all of stores >> You know, people being pull property North and 75th Street without disrupting on the traffic coming and bonefish as well pineapple. I think it’s >> yes, commissioner Johnson that. it’s a good What we have there now does not have cross access it and I don’t think that there’s driveway for my client’s property lines up well, with the with the spy next door. If there a way to get to the intersection to the north. I’m sure we would be more than happy to do it. this when this site was permitted, it was given its own driveway And that’s as far as I know That’s how it’s intended to stay. And I I don’t think there’s a prohibition of going left out of our driveway. I don’t think under is. But I concur with you. It’s not optimal, but it’s that’s the current condition and its as far as I know, it’s not propose to change >> near, especially during rush 75th coming back. North there and obviously a lot people during the dinner hour going bonefish, an winn-dixie across history >> All those commercial establishment stare you know, we’ve done a major improvement section 75th and were dashed >> I think change my Ashley is a great idea. You can see it’s only 2800 square foot building. certainly are not going to be able to be generating. I would not think traffic any low. That would exasperate the problem is already there now >> Yes, Really that the purpose of this is just to address some of their potential customers questions as to whether or not they can do certain things in the answer was no. So this will open it up. It might even stood stay office because an office is still permitted use in the neighborhood commercial district. they felt this was the best option >> Thank you, Bob. Thank you Okay. I only have one question and I don’t know if you know the answer >> The pink pineapple still open. Yes, it is. I think I never been enough, but I know you know, there’s that because it less my mother was close. I just hope they >> victim I I here’s by couple times and I see no cars side so I don’t know if they’d maybe became a victim of the covid problem or yeah. pretty vacant and I haven’t seen their tracks who used to Yeah, you know, the old tires. Oh, yeah >> Well, you know, it’s kind of toss-up Yeah, I hope not going show that they have >> Really cute stuff in there You guys have never been in there. You really shouldn’t they have really good huh? All right. Well, that she was for you unless you need I do not last time planning Commission forgot what the name of that business I think Natalie said it’s the pink pony up. did We’ll go ahead and go staffs presentation >> Since it’s still fun. so since we have says that ride on their site really que for niche >> Afternoon. Jay Cutler for staff and have been sworn presentation. O May 26 it’s not certain of Pearson. 2, 0, 0, bh ventures. The general site location as we’ve already discussed is corner of Cortez Road and 75th Street. just about 200 feet north of Cortez road. The request to read rezone from professional medium to neighborhood commercial medium. Future

land, use category. As Reza 16 with the. Coastal planning overlay and this Sarasota airport. Hi You can see the neighboring. Future land use Most notably to the West as Rice 9 and then our cross 75th Street. The current zoning it is professional medium on the adjacent, a zoning districts are professional medium and neighborhood commercial medium to the West. We have residential duplex district, 6 units per acre and across the street cross 75th Street is general commercial. The surrounding as you mentioned, the pink pineapple to the south. I did take some photos there. Just before planning Commission and it was open at that time there were scars there and see customers. Some personal service establishments as mentioned this fall our shop and insurance. So residential me on that and talked about the establishments across 75th Street. Site design details minimum setbacks 25 feet to the 15 feet to the rear intend to the sides. The site constraints floor area and the activity know this is being so close to 70 the street and Cortez is that is inside an activity notice maximum if they are, there would be one 0. As Mister Smith mention, there’s no indication of redevelopment. the current space is far below that maximum height of 3 stories in the required open space would be 15%. Existing is 2,800, 8 square feet so it says a figure of 0.1, 8, 5, you can see the the setbacks and building height there. As is just before planning Commission. Take some photos This is looking directly across the street. There is barrier to turning left out of this site. Left unsaid 75th Street heading North. Think find out was mention. Looking to the Northeast at the interests of bonefish. And then looking south of the intersection just to the north. Positives are the has frontage on 75th Street West It’s located in an activity known and neighborhood commercial is consistent with conference of plan and consistent with the commercial zoning districts. Negative aspects. The proposed zoning district could possibly will increase the allowable commercial uses which may potential for additional light noise impacts. To mitigate that the land development code does provide standards for specific uses and section 5.31. We do find it to be consistent with the conference of plan and land development code and staff recommends approval >> Okay. Questions for staff You know, the full access is there. And I know there’s a provided media never know for a fact goes >> Good afternoon for the record Clarke Davis public works. And I have been sworn Their access on 75th does not have any turn restrictions. It in the middle of it, right Turn lane with a left turn lanes extend back. I understand what commissioner Johnson is talking about in terms of that difficulty making turns their peak hour But. Something we can evaluate as regional thing, depending on what they they do with the project for the property in the future, OK, perfect. Okay >> go ahead. Go to public comment. Is there anyone that would like to address the board on this rezone application. And spars. Okay No one coming Close public comment. Staff of any closing comments. Applicant have any rebuttal >> Madam chair. No, no additional about it. But I since his last meeting for several commissioners. I want to say thank you very much for working working relationship over the past several years Commissioner trace commissioner benac commissioner Johnson. I just wish all best. Thank you Thank you. Thank you so much >> All It’s the pleasure of the board. I move the approval of the recommended motion Second. All right. We have a motion and a second, all those in favor signify by saying aye aye all those. I thank all

those opposed nay chair votes Aye motion passes this. The last known I will ever win a All right. We’re going to go There’s a report. And I actually asked for and I look forward to hearing reports from staff. This is what is the item number. You want to read the record what it item number 12 >> A report from the worse it up our way between the U.S. to want Mister rove was. So he’s going to percent >> Okay. Okay. I think you’ve ever seen good afternoon, commissioners. I’m not I’m sure. For the record. My name is Rob ones will with building in development services. And this is about the report for University Parkway between us 3 o one in shade Avenue. And Sir, go ahead and start my presentation first, I would like to thank Suzanne agger, Saul sheet. I think says is like our best researcher that we’ve ever had. She’s probably spent 20 hours on this thing least just preparing this and getting the all the information that I needed Researching all the documents It’s crazy. The amount of work that she’s done with it. But I’d like to thank her for that. with me is also code just in case we have any questions code related. But I’m going start my presentation. This reporter’s request about it Commissioners and there it was because report was requested by the commissioners regarding properties been outside University Parkway between us through showed up. So you go ahead and just to be some slides showing your and future land use and zoning. This is an aerial of the the area between shade and threw one Next slide the entrance was so we talked about a lot about the entrance way and at the end of my presentation. I’ve got a couple slides just telling about the entrance where little bit. What’s required in the entrance way But the blue area is the entrance way along University on the East Side of 3. Oh, one is a quarter mile from to the West. That’s required for entrance way. And to the east of us 3 o one as happened. So that’s the the blue area. Next slide is the zoning. You can see there’s of multiple zoning A lot of the properties that are in question today and that people are built what manufacturing zoning districts and have been for a long time There are some other plan development, commercial You PDR and I go through all of those. But there is one heavy manufacturing zoning that’s been there forever and ever for that to concrete plan This the future land use category the majority of it is in the mixed use future land use category one. 16 and I should just real happy Because of this. Not Susan put we thought this would be a good idea just to show what’s vacant out there and the pink areas are a vacant properties at this The rest of it developed just the areas along University it doesn’t some of the properties to the rear might still bacon and just aren’t capable concentrating on the properties that are long University Park with a front that. Some of the slow start and pictures that I took out there and I apologize this first picture isn’t like the same direction as the other ones that want run over up there. So this one is actually at the access of shoot straight and looking to the east and to the east you’ll see shade Avenue to see the the signal down to the to the left. There’s 2 properties One is currently under review That’s a pdc and it’s under review right now by staffer Karen, should pdc 1920 and I suspect you’ll see that some time soon. The other one is already approved. It’s You 1611 that’s an L that was approved by the board in 2000 16 for a 200 bed lf commute on a person. Next picture shoot straight. This is a shoot straight pdc on the Northside University that was approved by the board. Let’s see 7/30/2000, 15 and that was for a gun range and retail. Next slide. This is one that was discussed previously hearings this Sarasota honey, which is it’s called solar vision of one time also, which solar vision is to the rear Sarasota. Honey Sarasota County bottles, honey make soaps does things like that care products with honey most of the time they’re farmers markets. They do very little retail there. But that’s where

battle and manufacture their products. Solar vision moved in their 2000, 3 prior to that, we had a really hard time figuring out what was there prior to there was a day care there. One time and there were other commercial uses, but these properties along here, some of them are County water County sewer. So there’s not really anything established as far as bills through the county that we can even tell how far back the records. Guys. We have a little bit of trouble figuring out when this first started as a commercial business. The next slide is just showing you an arrow to the back of the service money. That’s solar vision exists right now. I’ve met with the owners of solar vision and the honey place They don’t both places and solar vision. Primarily due to wind attempting of pars Mensa on side of the majority of their work tinting Windows on residential properties or commercial properties. The next slide shows a compass self storage that was approved by the board. Let’s see 9/11/2000, 7 PDI in 5.18 that’s mini warehouse the 101,700 square feet. The next This is a big one. This one came up at some of the hearings. I think. this is they sell cars, but they also they’re they’re blinded design company and Edwards floor covering that was approved in 1997. But they did expand. In 2000, 4. To sell carers 2005 So let’s go to. Thanks a lot The 2004. They did a pretty out they did a prep basketball for sales and what they did was they said in the press notes. It says if you build less than a 1000 square feet of additional floor area. You can do with a building permit and at the same time they add they wanted to add the use of auto sales. And you can see that in the Prix at notes from 2000, 4 that they asked about art of sales. Next slide. Next slide is the building permit for the additional 1000 square feet. And if you look closely along University, you can see an outdoor display area. It doesn’t say vehicle outdoor display area just as outdoor display or some of that came in that building. Permit got approved. Code enforcement was called out for the cars they spoke with staff and staff said, hey, this is already been approved this this car that was approved in the building permit. So I’m just going to show you some aerials now with some photos and just give you little time once first one is 2007. That’s the aerial. What it looked like after the building permit when they first started their car sales. So now see the 2000, 15 or looks pretty similar. They haven’t really changed too much and you go to the real and that’s the the 2007 that removal a couple of trees and they started adding more pairs. And you can see the 2020 aerial as more cars, even as a car on the East side of the driver. That Sun. These are just the code enforcement records showing that they took care of the 3 remaining permits are they came in. They did the tree replacement that they needed to do with billboards. The next slide. I think this one’s just don’t don’t talk to them. And asked them why they wanted better exposure for the car. Lots of the cup of trees down and go work with them to replace the trees next slide is to the West the car lot in the bond company. This is inflict granite and stone. This was just approved in I actually generated a presentation today. This is a stone company. They they do basically wholesale. I don’t do much retail where people don’t come in and buy stuff from them. It’s really a wholesale business next slide This is the final site plan. I wanted to show this. I spoke with to commissioner benac yesterday and she asked me about the entrance way in the buffer requirements in the entrance where 20 foot buffer is required in light manufacturing. So behind the buffer included in the buffer is a storm-water facility. The code doesn’t really say that you can’t have a storm at a facility in the buffer. They have the right number of plants in the ball for the show, the buffer. But the stormwater facility. It was so tight that they added the stormwater facility in their best. Interesting about this is that overhead power lines so that understory trees that they utilized instead of canopy trees next slide. The next slide is the The oasis

that was approved by the board in 2000, 17. We get to my notes. I’m sorry. That was for 324 multifamily residential units. That’s right next to and from the stone. They share the same driveway coming in in front stone. Turns it off of their driveway. The next line This is just additional parking for the Lou. The oasis. I think when they were doing their sales in the beginning. The beginning that a model out there and that’s people to do their part. So it’s just overflow parking for them next slide. The next slide is a residential along kind of in disrepair. But not so bad that we would need to condemn. And I spoke with code enforcement. They’ve got a boarded up right now, but it doesn’t need to be torn down or anything. It’s just sitting there waiting for something to happen on that side. Next on Next slide is murder sports They sell everything cycles to four-wheelers to all kinds of stuff there. That’s been there for a long time. That was approved in 1987 the first day 8719. Iceland. This is our gust concrete. This is been some sort concrete company has been there all the way back to 1968. It’s an next slide is the entrance This just a slight tell you a little bit about the entrance was if you like. I can read purpose and intent to convey to the traveling public. A strong image that manatee County is a high quality place to live work and visit a letter be to provide standards and criteria by which proposed development needs interest rate areas will be reviewed. To protect and enhance the existing native vegetation communities and promote the use of his own landscaping another low on water landscaping materials and techniques that side These are just examples of additional requirements within the entrance way. So I just put these down out of the increased offers additional tree preservation increase wetland mitigation, additional landscaping. Additional access requirements but cross access easements and frontage roads to keep trip talking thoroughfares and additional signage regulations Commissioner benac also asked me a question controlled access local with Sarasota County for limited access points along University Parkway. That’s one of our requirements. you know, I can speak a whole lot about it But Clarke Davis is here. I spoke with him this morning and there’s any further questions about the limited access requirements. Clark can speak for that and without open it up to any questions you might have questions, Carol >> I when we built University health Park, actually that’s he was or. The person that we hired to get its own done Everything. In 98 to 2014. We were there. My husband was there. It I’ve seen all those places for years. We could never really see him until the gun range came and then a few more got visible invisible But it looks like some of those have been there for many, many years, correct Yes, they have. So am I now that unfortunately places already there. Now we have issues with the entrance ways or entrance way has been there for a long time. I think like the honey place that has solar vision as well >> they bought an existing commercial business and they didn’t know that that they might need to come into the county for like a change of use permit. So they’ve been there for years that started 3 places like that. They didn’t know about that entrance way requirement because, you know, once they started with their commercial business. The entrance would probably wasn’t even around man since I’ve been up here. I’ve never heard a complaint about any of those. I’ve like until 2000, 14 driving there every day But >> I’ve never had a complaint and yeah, ice. You know, unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks of not having a business license in manatee County because we will know where all those places where right now and we don’t work, you know, all the cities but we don’t or commissions Always thought that. But it would be nice because we want to know what businesses were back there. And then when they change, they have to go get another business license. And we we know that that would draw attention. but >> have you gotten any complaints regarding those businesses in that area >> I don’t believe so that that’s code enforcement other than the car lot think that they dealt when they started clearing trees and expanding the you know, 5 cars that they originally while ago because you mentioned billboard, he’s been gone that was they. They started that in those 7, they got building permanent. ’05, and they really started putting cars out there. As you

know, you know, 7, I will say that, you know, thinking about it. And speaking with code enforcement, we’re going to go out and speak with those folks just see if we can get that You know, 20 foot buffer that we really need that offer to make, you know, the county beautiful we’re going to try to work with them and say, hey, look, we need that fought for. So we’re going to work with those folks that are legally can’t make them since we’ve already given permits not to do that, right. It’s a code Their plan should have shown on the work with code enforcement. We’re going to see what we can do to come to an agreement but that difference the time to see if those requirements were in place when they put that business that they that were in place. Okay when they when they expanded and out of the car. Sales of the was in place, not just the car talk about all the other businesses. If you have any issues with them, right. The ones that are historic there since before I mean, those are a little bit different. like, you know, when you expand a business, you need to bring it up to code requirements like when you put those cars out front, they should have put the best for It was just we did not see it again. If we would had a business >> License. You wouldn’t know the one they That’s correct We’re gonna do it or else you’re actually working to try come up with an easy way to do a change of use where it’s not something scary that people need to, you know, they’re they’re afraid of to come to the county when you do a simple change of use. You come in and talk to us. We speak with public works. We speak with the fire district. We just make sure that there any need life safety issues. And, you know, it’s a less intense use that they had and try to work with people to do a change of use. Thank you >> OK, give you the shall know. I’ve worked here since 1983. I’m pretty sure the entrance way requirements came in. I know they were here when I still work there. Love to 94. the entrance way requirements are part of land development code them. I basically permitted every single use from a lot Woodridge on University Parkway all the way down to Shade permitted every single one of those. And guess what Every single one of them that every standard. Every standard, the co required 20 feet couldn’t take landscaping down according to what the coach. I couldn’t take the trees out. Had to meet a lot of higher standards somehow has this began to happen. And I do know this property was planted as the mobile home park back in the day. Jamie Skinner on the property where the apartments are now. fact, there was probably is junk yard and she on the other property was going to grow back there. All the frontage was plus all of those slots, Kentucky, they were all on dirt roads. They were single family homes. There were no business. Isn’t there. But yeah, they began to transition to businesses with no approvals. On their roads They started to build driveways. It was owned industry. That was the other weird part about it. Somehow they transition from the mobile home park to this industrial zoning, which is really where. I actually worked and got the comp plan change to do is mixed use. So Jeanne, could Skinner could do her big mixed use project member Andre Johnny came in We all talked about what beautiful mixed use Some of you may remember that was kind of fun. To work you got kind of watch this area transition storage place was built. So nice storage place. Then they started at businesses Businesses started moving into the storage place, which I didn’t think was permit. Yeah I didn’t realize you could change storage place in the businesses. But I guess they kept adding building permits and just changed into a Commercial development. Didn’t know that was allowed. Next thing I know you’ve got all these cars parked on the right away parked out in in the yard know improvements for president Trump coming from right now improvements. It all just all these cars may not be huge used car lot in this area. but probably just going to gripe about but I’m going because I have I have filed a code enforcement complaint Personally. I filed. Because when actually when I saw the and I think how the place drivers or something for a while to that wind’s been kind of interesting. You know, it’s kind of a country store and you might actually that one doesn’t bother me as much as the used car lot they can. It came in and then this metal building which I thought was prohibited the entrance way, but it was back in the day. We did a long battle buildings in the entrance way because they are unsightly right. Member Hunter its way to convey to the traveling public are now in beautiful manatee County We’re not gonna let you take down trees already happened So what comes forward. After everything. Those people that every hoop, those people

jumped through next door to get apartment complex bill that comp plan amendment Everything built their beautiful development. Back there. And what do they get The entrance and sharing their driveway. It’s a metal building says I did not know what the final site plan that they’re not supposed open to the public. They are. Yeah. I could go in there and get a countertop. I looked it up on the website. I don’t I never even understood they didn’t have a buffer. It’s a concrete retention. Built concrete. I believe pet for retention That’s their buffer. So yeah, my a drive-by cuts. It makes me that every time I see that That ugly metal building with no buffer. You have almost no trees because under a power line. So I’ll just say if we’re going to do zoning restrictions and for some otherwise don’t do And you brought this get rid of all asked me don’t don’t make some people don’t. And some people, though that’s not the way government supposed to work So there you go. I said I was just going to bring it up Throw it out there. I can’t do anything about it. I want to torture any anybody who got a legal permit to the county But I do want my County planners to be very careful before they shoot us. If you’re going to grant waivers, administratively. You better make sure you have the authority in the code to do so. got some of us might complain protest. Some of us private citizens. They complain even more. It’s honestly I’m not got very far this know. I remember talking to keep on about this life like I got complain that can’t get anywhere county There’s nothing you can do, right There’s nothing you can do it all was permitted. It’s just and it’s already been approved >> So that it would be a legal issue >> Yeah. Again, my my story and I said I was just going to come to complain us to make sure that, you know, we comply with the code. If we if we don’t need the code restrictions anymore. The Bronx. It’s not fair. It’s not you know Where the public says down there. I worked on that now, that was back in the day when normal Pino require double a sizable for double the size of trees at the time representing the developer. I think you can’t do that. They did the board step by M we build it. Guess what, I love it now. They’re somewhat students who do not that we didn’t get sued. Everybody did it and ever people developers will build what they need to build to sell their development and get them approved to the county Commission. I just don’t want us to arbitrarily. Oh, gosh and see them get into trouble I don’t want us to. I know we want to be helpful. We want to help people. But I do want to bend over backwards to give people, you know, SOF without requiring meeting. The said there you go. I said my piece I said I That’s about it >> Star up kid. Can I just say couple the storage building had no idea that they’re doing any other businesses in the storage work with code enforcement and we will find out if they’re doing business is inside the storage facility so that Edwards fleur company has built on to the Edwards flooring is a different building and the new store The big storage facility that’s different than Edwards floor covering. That’s where the car a lot of us. So that might on the same property know they’re 2 separate So that one’s the wholesale and retail they are exposed to be doing retail there. And that’s another thing that we can visit with code enforcement their specific also only and that’s what the approval letter says. So we’ll check on phone and has no care to those are as metal buildings. I I don’t recall metal buildings ever being member coming up in the entrance where requirements. I think that when you do a plan development and you’re in the entrance where I think that we would, you know, frown upon I’m buildings and would say, hey, you know, could you not to a metal building, but I don’t think there’s a requirement that says you can’t. Yeah. I know this from doing metal buildings for benderson. You know, we when we were doing the shopping center. We could have a metal building on that property because was in the entrance way. We could do a metal building. You got it >> You couldn’t have a back of the building facing Mandarin sway >> This you know, this plant on the entrance way to university Parkway to have one there. So I know that 6060, haven’t of cement plan. And it’s kind of cement plant been there since before the code. I mean, those people are grandfather together. Can those single family homes are all grandfather that are not sewer. No water. You know, they build them back in the day and on dirt roads. But then when you start transition and the businesses that becomes an amateur. You’ve got all of the commission is now involved. We’re all e-mailing Jeff Bauman going Please take care of 10 minutes read it Uses a they’re gonna miss me when I’m done, they’re not going to be happy. Go Mistake I just want thank you for

bringing it up and thank you, Rob, for the research because >> It may be, yeah. The most or one of the most important intersections and turns ways in manatee County and we should make it as beautiful as possible. That’s what the code requires. And I think some things have slipped through the cracks. There’s no denying that So what can we do hear somebody say that what we do so we can learn from this experience right. Trains new planners? Talk to your new planners. We can work in cooperation with the property owners there and try and get But we should have there because it is really important to convey that positive image that manatee County has a great place to work and live >> Very important. You have got word we are going up with the property owners rare event that happened we will be looking at this, including other roadways, a lot closer than we have core support guy that just got busted for having retail in the city now we’ll be able to afford to pay for the Packers. I just have say I don’t know why. Why was that limited there? I didn’t know that to just gave me letter had no idea >> Why can’t they do retail because in doing neighborhood Retail and how. And it’s just the general retail. They can’t write that they do countertops. Well, that’s all I’m going to buy a new countertop. Is that retail? >> I think we gear the port holes. So instead of opening it up ttle for one retail with where everybody can go And that’s I think that’s what the coach because the parking it probably probably something >> that. I will say for the record, I don’t care if it’s retailer holes out. There you go. You know, this is a technicality. You guys are over saying that’s not going to change appearance. I am strictly focused the appearance standards in the entrance way meeting those and understood the general retail is not allowed to round by do have one other question and that’s about the honey plays and all those bright yellow sign. Yet tax to the fence. So those are not in compliance with the code there or not And I urge everyone here to go on service and on his website and look and see what they do it’s right. It’s I was touched by what they do. It is not in compliance and we can take care of the signage >> That special people that work there just minutes ago, Nate yes. Okay. Just like everyone to look at that. But you’re right there. They’re not in compliance. They don’t have permits. But yes, don’t miss their their hand playing in their yellow. It’s just that more signs and they’re loud. They’re limited in the entrance way to the amount of signage you can have. And I’m sure they’re not permitted sign. They’re not. Yeah, yeah So that’s good. I’m glad to hear that. They’re great business helping people. But let’s make that entrance way Look nice. They’re not exactly >> I’ve met with them actually, the owner of the property was here this morning and had to excellent people Great people. They had solar visions on manatee Avenue for years and they moved the university Parkway. So There’s the owner of the property of solar vision and the honey, please. Thank you >> Mister Carter able poke right up the honey do list of signs. All Any other questions for staff. Okay. We’re not taking any action, but as long as you’re here, Sir, if you would like to see any comments. You don’t have to you we’re not really trying not to cause many problems is just, you know, we have to enforce our codes uniformly I’m not >> understand completely. What you know, what you did. That is an important corridor and it represents our whole County. And I appreciate, you know. Give us opportunity to to do what you know, you feels right thing. And we’ve been there a long time. We really don’t understand. You know, though. Everything that goes with codes and we’re pretty much in the dark with with that type of thing. Didn’t work. We’re definitely willing we want to that whole corridor. Not only look good for the county but for us as well >> Thank you. And I know staff will be very helpful in and work with you. talked to rob last night about your place It’s been a while since I’ve been in there, you the kind of venture YS or something in there for a while that was Yeah, that was appealed to me, but I hit it in there >> There’s been a couple of them coming on that. We’ve been there for over 15 years and we were on manatee before that, our business is almost 40 years old and thing >> All right. Well, it’s a great location. Lots of traffic, as we all know that drive universe than a regular >> Okay. like I said, any directions are whatever you guys think. What we’re definitely willing to. Okay We’re getting steady work together. We have your name for the record, per raible,

Curt Grable, Curt Grable hurt her ticket able yeah. They you’re able right. Okay. Okay Thank Thank you. Thank her >> All right. I told I was going to say my piece and I appreciate help bring it up today and no problem at all The kind of the most to say in this one. O P don’t do we have any other business >> Well, it is your last meeting. I appreciate both of you very much The new year First 3 months. Oh, yes, T black box in front of me yeah, but personal. I just want let you know that since you got up here, you’ve taught me a lot about water. made made it something that probably a lot of us never thought for except for Tom and his crew. I learned a lot from you on this and I will keep carrying the torch on as well as you can sign up now just your area But overall, have educated a lot of us on your experience also farming >> You know, I mean >> We haven’t had anybody on the board since I’ve been up here with your expertise. So and you’ve been a good friend you we have agreed on some things even though you read everywhere that we all do It’s not true. We voted against each other quite a bit. So I just want to wish you the and again, thank you And all these land use meetings for Khan attention to things and the fastest growing area of the county, which is North County. So appreciate it. And Betsy. My God, what are we going to you know the story, developed the code in this comp plan. Nobody here except for misty. And misty wasn’t here when it was written >> I guess the now you are you okay. Okay. Has the knowledge that you do. And I have loved the needs. You. Cohen and challenging staff because we’ve had so many different planners. And the department And I know they’re still working and getting things go We’ve got a good new team now But again. They don’t have the historical perspective to you to scene is here and others But you’ve been able to ask questions it’s not in my failing learned a lot. And appreciate your friendship too. And this is going to be real hard in the next couple weeks. Because you guys care about our County and you love our County you know, I will never forget and Steve Stephen, we’re from the same cloth in some ways from where we are, where we love. Steve, appreciate all your financial expertise, but also your common sense and a business cut to the chase and get things done. And then we have others that they want to keep trying it out to make sure the applicant’s answer questions so that our citizens feel better when we do tonight or approve something so I just want to say behalf of myself miss all 3 of you greatly thank you for your service to manatee County >> I’m not going to be like that, though. You know what I enjoyed those of you that Steve, though. I hope you’re still there. Steve. You know more about budgets than I’ll ever learn or want to know But you’ve been a lot of help Thank you. That’s a it’s been an honor. You and Iran together the first time we don’t always necessarily agree. But I do know I’ve enjoyed that Purcell a. The I’m going to miss you a lot At any rate. I don’t know how this board survived before Betsy, you and I got elected in 2012, but we’ll we’ll give it our best shot with the new boys that are coming on that truck commissioners. That are coming on. I think it’s going to be 2 of them were born and raised in manatee County so that, you know, some history they’ve been through leadership. They do have some background. you know, I think it’s going to be a different world for a while until those of us that are still here kind of get acclimated. But you know, I think everyone’s interested to see what Priscilla does from here and what that he does from because I t a have to work so anyway, curls and going mission >> Thank you. Thanks you got one not meaning to go. So this

is I know this is land use go by. Have one in the regular yes, I’m actually going back to using the >> I’ll just say that I agree with other really nice comments that are heard from you guys Steve, my favorite quote from Steve has the answers money now time in the quest to yeah, exactly. So that’s what I remember about City Hall is per. So I I and my short time here working with you. Just 2 years now I’ve learned so much from you and I appreciate that background that you haven’t I’ll tell you that’s really going to be missed on this board and and Betsy, that’s he’s been my friend and my mentor for a very long time. 2 long, 30 years. I think so. We will continue to be friends after after this. But thank you for your service >> Thank Mist. Thank you all for kind and Carol, before you guys get your little spiel. I just want to Kevin been awesome bridge. I have to say because of Senate in my little area but not publicly but I don’t know Georgia’s history and I don’t James Alston bridge his Graham father was Jack bass Marina on the island. My father was friends with him. His grandmother was my school bus driver manatee high school. Ruby bass his mother and father met Anna Maria elementary. And grew up together. The Venice or bridges in the fast. As I grew up with all of them. His parents worked for pregnant with Kavanaugh pine Avenue. In Ana Marie on top of our seed and can realize D. His uncle Aaron Mendelson bridge was a city commissioner with me and voted me in when I got appointed because somebody had in-home speech and I was a city commissioner with him and his other uncles. My father worked with. So when I started talking him, we put 2, 2, together. I said, oh, my God, this kid has and I got to quit too. This man has deep, deep roots in this community. I just wanted you to know if he has a major connection to his district. And I think he’ll do well. I don’t know. George is Yeah. Well, maybe he did. I guess it’s fair to say >> As close to Sarasota and manatee that are active both counties. I mean, like you say that, know, started upstairs were all righty us. Steve >> I’m here. Yeah >> Which got to speeches. I mean, we can cancel Tuesday’s meeting. Not good for I know But suspect you to be here for the last one you time. We’re just I’m sure so and that she did and. Let from the great problem when she left, she slaying huge me. Yeah, do miss land. You know, I like him either >> They are through quite a lot >> Betsy misty have a section for lewd and they usually only see in plan even though I know enough about them to be dangerous and still think the one-year more complicated in the U.S. tax you know, it’s it’s too I think from the standpoint of the public to be able to give it to And at the same time, the new people coming in. They have to be learning curve because so many decisions that we made in meetings the future of manatee County. Generations if you just really important. That But it put forward >> It’s not something guess is the best way you all just work with least get you to stand me now we can move whatever life brings down the road than the rest you all can manatee County >> Thank you. could keep it brief >> yeah. Land use has I started as an assistant planner with manatee County government coming out of college. I worked for 3 years for regional planning agency

in Michigan got laid off during the Reagan years. I was 100% in favor of that lay off by the way, I could move to so I really thought that was a huge waste of taxpayers money I can tell you that story some time. So. I was very happy to get the job with manatee County in 1983. I was all of 26 years old. Think about 26 years So spent 11 years with the county. And guess what, I got hired away by the private sector. You know, I was I was trained so well up manatee County really trained very well by very many people got to know a lot of people. It was it was a really great learning experience and they hired me because I knew about manatee County and I did almost all of my work in the private sector for the next 19 years in the private sector. Most of it was done in manatee County. Some of that down in Sarasota, North port when I was for benderson number for benderson up for about 18 months. But that was You know, that was after the big recession and things really just kind of trying to hang on to permits, try to keep things alive. Nothing was being built and the dragon Lady But, you know, Jason, to sing gave me that name. And I thought about this when he passed adjacent to saying called me the dragon Lady Everybody called to that. And you know Because I require them to put in a hedge next to his storage unit on 41. All right. So now I know what guys want to do this. People coming of. I did get a lot of cute little stuff dragons and candles and your people like to play that up when you become the dragon. Lady. And I was dragon. Lady. Couple Halloween’s. I said when asked about kind of fun. I would say I’m going to miss land use because it’s something I know a lot about but I doubt that I will. And I you know, you guys some tough issues. Manatee County’s a growing place and we have a defined urban boundary. What are you going to do. What are we going to do, how we can accommodate people. And I’ve always said and I can’t I can’t lobby the county Commission for 3 years I guess it is a 2 years a great 2 years. So I could go to work and go down the Sarasota. But try to figure out what was like. Yeah, take care of my heart to it’s been fun. I look forward to saying no, there’s no requirement that, you know, a thing about land use when you become a county commissioner. So I think you just do the right thing for the county right now. Tell you again zoning is a construction that was put together to try to save people’s lives in New York City. Well, you know what? It’s kind of been hijacked up in. Just remember you can you can make the right decisions for the people we maintain the quality of life. I know you going to do a great job Priscilla. You know, you’re agricultural background. It’s going to be asked on this board because you do understand the land so well where it’s paying understand people. So you are going to be us come with just a great perspective and Steve, you know your perspective and financing a lot of developments over the years you know, if think you’ve been there good times and the bad times for development manatee County. So you know what it takes. Sometimes to be successful. I thank you all for the opportunity. I have enjoyed serving on this board doing land use. But today, you know, I look forward to seeing what you all do in the future So thank God the citizens don’t vote for their manatee County commissioners because of land use they well, they she because of the way to vote on something I’ve been told that many a time and you probably have to this would be here night. But, you know, I know you all believe in private property rights >> I know you all understand that. We don’t do development and the county know how we regulate it. Yeah, we only regulate. Thanks to you. So you have to copy paste. Okay All right. Anything else? Sarah, looks like us to of the further you staff. We all good. Okay. No further business. We adjourned