Saints Row IV #002 – Die Pseudo-Stadt

hallowed are simply vida by signs for fear that is just it’s right a burger on the Jets omnia i met mr. Akuma yeah okay gambit carotid we wouldn’t president typical know whom America Sassoon CEO owned yeah it’s in feel fine and vice versa soy to pick up kyler Arnold is it open for us and tell off the raft on its respirator screen on my team are super see it as a fingers one we have this oh no miss the map right oh yeah macoupin done give me my one can you pick you have I did set aside to add advisor hahaha something sure smells tasty oh my god come before me the sitcom see a good good that gets bhai de ambas in ohms in here to San tanga roostertail yeah I said I’ll see a feeling of junkman since it’s all wrong hmm so I’ll give mine to African if you’re on a tight leash sudden you’re a gift of my window I’ll see a good Cesar hoodia he gets rolling we often forget is that at one is English Bonin the Dinka Hoffa and ya SS photo vilified best value for a girl died at sea for immunity what a glorious day Domna dum de dum tunnel morning dear oh we do a breakfast if enough oh my maccabi out of town for a few weeks he was wondering if you could check his mail for him oh and your friend Pierce called I’m sure he has some crazy new get rich scheme oh that Pierce such a card and someone named deck stopped by earlier I didn’t recognize him so I just sent him away does what son oh dude let go & fun pune dish on and off cougar singh oh I think I heard Timmy deliver the paper earlier did you fetch it dear sure thing Lara’s kind of soon so yes we do in confession oh my god you look oh my god Phil do another such fancy don’t have occurred just loosely oh my god that’s a server click damn a Bellanca me nervous oh I come in so Toya for the sorgan selected one see this amazing often air filter for plants mhmm somebody don’t even love this one tomorrow kiss did nibble order stupid aloft seats over the sauce Bieber eyes ago uh happy shaun deeb universes Washington for Mother’s status either found 0 Linda monocots of Tegan’s Toronto me that was a sticky one open hi diddly I neighbor I’d fled the hip and I met Flanders boo boo policies are 44 started it all to learn to their handsome huh that was obvious of us lose your forgiving no no what’s new in the world today dunno how to sing a snub me for son you ready to meet the fine people is deal Lord they don’t get in the car wait don’t I usually drive it’s your world go ahead 22 they’re good nice just surprised so time video shoot off in fuck hear how this floor boy they sure are anxious to meet you hey well you do have a quiz sense of humor is it just me or does everything look kind of weird now what’s that you

say just a nagging feeling like this is all can’t wait to get out to the lake this weekend I hear the fish are really biting the fish are what are you talking about don’t you worry now we’re almost there it’s okay okay hidden reserves wouldn’t be lesbian be there is definitely something wrong with this car well here we are why don’t you glad hand a bit we got our hearts but you can I boxes and a half mile e puter as all me me a ninny it’s like a slight amide some checkpoint nah non stick no oh can I get a picture my god some photos to me oh thank you kindly Oh looks like it’s terribly your public is waiting migrants pipe Watson ain’t dying on come on giving 49 oh my stars it’s the president hi son use that kind of language here in steel port me this is her but of course League kashif in trying to pull Vic you gotta get the fuck away from here so sir it’s on the lawyer too hello maybe 10 hello you want to come here Kenzie what is this Kenzie where are you finally listen to me no time to explain but you have to break free break free from what Kenzie the place you’re in isn’t real what does we don’t know do you need to stop I’m just driving ok good there’s a park nearby head there and give me a sec brace yourself raise for jesus H ok you some more time before I can get you out you’ll be really help me if you could just you know just be you be me the simulation is all about more pleasant create order all the things you hate go forth unleash how who love action see but it’s just not seasoned the simulation is resisting but just keep going okay fine coughs us sooner he’d uh oh oh um that’s what you need to do more to save her hold on him sending you something tonight you won’t find it evolves in even the device only open to find the cat now looking elegant the cap toe sucker here realistic gosh this is oh well god damn it much of a plan MS you’re doing great the simulation is oh

no wait wait wait wait what’s going on kinzie us alone this is this one touch my worm that I could use a massage assistance oh don’t leave well enough alone could you you had to push push and push I hope you’ve enjoyed your last is it Oh tears are come too oh whoa ok but I’ll treat I’m impressed where the hell up fuck me I should have realized that prison of peace would never hold a sociopath like yourself I’m more of a puckish rogue rose by any other man are you trying to kill me or sleep with me Charlie see there you go those mixed messages again then allow me to be perfectly clear I am the architect of your reality I build what I want I destroy what your bravado means fighting back is pointless my friend there’s no better now under more pleasant things I’m going to place you in your new home try to run again and I’ll destroy your pitiful planet my friends each of you are guilty of crimes against the sin m pi but today is your lucky day today you get to be a part of a new work release program swear you’re fielding and I will empower you to be wardens of simulation 31 you’ll have one purpose torment the President of the United States online me on that the world is yours to timely ravaged indulge in your basis desire it makes no difference to me I just leave the prisoner alive I want them broken not dead go now I’m dyneema type estas el sur de musique de su know oh my god wow it’s different now where am I come in president can you hear me I hear y’all right only uh how am i hearing you considering I don’t have a phone I just pinched myself into your simulation and projecting my voice to the audio system you should be able to hear me from anywhere oh and you don’t have to yell okay cuz you chattering in my skull isn’t it homie Kinsey I’m unarmed get me out now I can’t do that until I back traced your signal to my body you tell the really first afire so you might want to go buy

a gun Pacifica looked I thought she said this sun damage shit where’s the nearest store again huh set your gps from the map in your hub hub oh that’s muscle it’s like a digital information pad you know like those mobile devices all the kids are these days awesome can I update my status on it no well i didn’t whatever so that’s what you are getting me out of here right eventually i’m still trying to figure out the vin system basic hacks like looking into the audio systems and hard trying to disconnect you and find your body that’s a bit involved I’m getting me into some decent clothes isn’t a basic hack on my list of priorities that doesn’t even make my top 500 if you were wearing this he’d make this a priority if I was wearing that I’d be asking you to shoot me in the head oh I just might them shit you call your TV Devils though okay that’s for bleep blood Gabe’s liking the entire White House is leveled I don’t know maybe a line phone buzzing so we have it seal up if there’s an attack who may be transformed into a giant tank are you serious could use some more stripper poles in the bedrooms two more you already had some stripper poles it was my first executive order Wow well what’s on kisses are awesome if you’re 50 come up with both walls there’s ever could push bar ok Shauna’s good he knows efficient we let it heat up on a quick you’re fine because you’ve done you about this you know proceeding Oh Oh long long so it’s mommy has come Sonoma only woman to find a reservoir oh my god my needs no sister no Scotch if I back we just yesterday you know I’m service so good be part so a slacker villamizar super light I certainly essence4u shown up windows inside pumped it’s unsettling nuggets is about a place you go so yeah isn’t yet seriously gonna let me buy weapons here I don’t know do you remember how to shop for yourself or did being president make you too good for that so let us plot coughing coughing oh I know offer dr

Colton okie oh yeah baby name eh mmm coughing up to ask you you this soo boss ocean wash lotion on fun I hope you got something useful cuz the cops are swarming your location time to remind them of the Second Amendment then yet swimming this place I don’t think the Constitution hold any detail they got me nothing boom good girls kick ass got every day no we’re the street of these bricks now what I keep my head down until you can pull me out of here not yet there’s a zimbit roll close to you that’ll need to be cleared out before that happens that is it the president for killing a few million we’re here actually miss press secretary that’s your best suggestion since I got here what can I say I’m good at my job if you were that good I’d be out of here should you meet your uncle something soil seen a screw loose she’s so pretty I auto just you yeah so on what it is some k seasons one and two kilos the authors of a war haha the push button so fun that examiner’s four voyages browser I’m probably gonna hear ya could belet’s before he infer ready chat session and ya won’t be seen on sun or violin I listen forgive either then eventually I show my and yeah I’m sure our furniture our chronometer finely milled I see it and she won’t talk I did mine what if english band was fighting all the way here dozens of added own make it super hits us I as a Vista race in my toe